Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Donald Trump and Muslim Immigration

     I'm beginning to think this Muslim immigration issue is worth examining.  I remember way back  around 1996 one of my sons was in public junior high school.  And during one of his classes, he told me that they were doing some kind of Muslim religious ritual called the hajj.  At the time, we were a Christian family, but we kept our beliefs to ourselves.  I immediately pulled him out of the school because I felt that was the wrong environment for him.  I was extremely pissed off because I could not imagine a public institution pushing a religion on the students.  The whole incident was nuts, and I couldn't figure out why they would do it.  I told other parents and it was like talking to a wall.  People are really stupid and they don't ask questions in order to understand an issue.
     Fast forward to 2015, there have been many violent incidents that have been perpetrated by Muslims, yet the press and the national govtards don't think that the religion is a problem. Muslims say it is a peaceful religion, yet there is much violence in the Quran.  I tried reading it and I stopped when I read: "Cut off the heads of the infidels."  And if we go on YouTube, there are many videos of people having their heads cut off.
     Trump has made the statement that he would stop all Muslims from immigrating to the United States until he can figure out what is going on.  He says there's something wrong and he wants to get to the bottom of it.  What is almost comical is the fact that the MSM  and the other Republican candidates are going apeshit over Trump's position and the candy-ass govtards are doing the same thing.  These ruling class slugs don't care one bit for the safety of the general public, they just care
about their own idiotic agenda.
     No religious group has any rights to come into a place and spread chaos and violence.  This breaks the commandment: "Thou shalt not kill."  But religions don't honor the commandments so they think they can kill whoever they wish, in the case of Muslims, "cut off the heads of the infidels."  I don't see where these people are a "peaceful religion."  But, just as in Islam, there are many other religious writings that call for the killing of other groups or races of people.  You can check it out for yourself by Googling the following:

  • violent verses in the bible
  • violent verses in the Quran
  • violent verses in the Torah
  • violent verses in the Old Testament
  • violent verses in Hindu scriptures
  • violent verses in the Talmud
There's no religion that doesn't have blood on its hands, but any group that advocates the cutting off of the heads of people who disagree with them is anti-social  to say the least.  Trump is correct on this and he seems to be the only intelligent candidate with a brain.  It's only common sense to keep people out who want to kill people.  Of course, the American people are so well-armed that it would be a real mess for the Muslims.  Which takes me to my next point.

I believe the corporations and the governments have instigated this Muslim nonsense in order to create chaos and to lead us all into yet another new world order shithole.  And they have been preparing the public for a long time.  I remember when Top Gun came out in 1986 and we all thought it was cool, but I was wondering why the place of these combat stories was in the Middle East.  We weren't at war with them and there wasn't the religious hatred going back and forth then.  But in 1989 Bush invaded Kuwait and "rescued" it from Sadaam.  Then Bush II invades Iraq and destabilizes the whole area.  The people's minds were softened with various war movies that were centered in the Middle East.

Israel is  massacring the Palestinians and the whole area is on fire.  Indeed, the Middle East is Satan's playground and it has been very ugly for a long time.  Trump, if he is being honest, seems to understand this and wants to keep that kind of chaos away from the United States.  I personally don't trust any politician, but it is comical to watch the MSM get so upset over Trump's stand.

The real problem with society is three-fold in my opinion: communist-socialist-fascist government, violent religions, and lying media.  These are the instigators of social disorder.  But the last thing we all need is more Muslims who openly say they want to kill the infidels.  Trump is correct in this instance, in my opinion.  But the worst problem is the communism and the governments who have built their organizations on it.  It can't be denied that communism is an abject failure and it is extremely evil.  Maybe this ISIS nonsense is a distraction to take the peoples' eyes off of the real problem of communist government. I can only speculate.  I don't really trust any politician nor any media reports.  Some are claiming these attacks are "false-flags."  But who knows?  But we do know that communism is the world's largest problem and until that is addressed, nothing else will go well.  Remember, all ten planks of the Communist Manifesto are in place in most if not all of the world's governments.

Living Socialist

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Is Marriage is a Part of the Natural Law?

      Is marriage a part of the natural law or is it another type of a social contract established by men and not by God?  People who believe in God will have little difficulty in believing that marriage is a part of the natural order, whereas, people who do no believe in God will think it is more of a social contract established by men within the various cultures.  The problem with the social contract version is that there is a multitude of cultures of which all will fight for the authority over the marriages.  The government and the religions will struggle over the ultimate authority over people in their quest for political or religious dominance.  However, I believe that the God who created everything made marriage a part of the natural order which in turn can be described as the natural law.
     The basis for my views on this does depend on upon the belief in the God who created everything.  Evolution is a scientific impossibility; therefore, there is no sense in debating the subject that has no scientific facts to back up their beliefs.  Having said that, I also disregard the religions as I do not think that they accurately describe God as their doctrines are so different, it would be difficult, if not impossible to discern what God said or didn't say.  The religious writings have been tampered with for so many centuries, that if they did contain anything of value, the veracity of the documents is always in question.  Thus, I rely upon the evidence of the natural law; believing in the God who created everything.  By relying upon what I can see, feel, and experience I believe I can get a more accurate account of what God intended for mankind.  I believe that paying more attention to the natural law, it is reasonable to think that there is little room for error.  Natural law is always true in and of itself; our perceptions and understandings may be different, but the truth always remains the same.  So the truth is always going to be the anchor for my thoughts.  I don't claim to know everything, but I do think by using the natural law, which is always true, is a more accurate way to understand spiritual and corporal matters.

Marriage and the natural law
     Marriage has always been a part of the natural law.  The natural law is that which was put forth by God and it is evidenced by nature.  Sex between a man and a woman will produce children, who in turn need their mothers and their fathers.  This cannot be disputed as it can be readily observed.  Morality is also a part of the natural law and the consequences of ignoring morality will get mankind into trouble.  We know it is immoral to murder someone or to commit adultery.  This cannot reside under a social contract because the results are the same for all men and women.  Morality is going to be as much of the natural order as gravity.  Just as gravity cannot be suspended or eliminated, morality also cannot be suspended or eliminated without getting some very bad results.
     Marriage is one of the foundations in forming a family.  The family is the glue for a healthy society and a happy life.  Some people don't choose to marry, so there's always an exception, but most people would like to have a happy marriage with children.  A good marriage will always produce a profound happiness that will endure until the death of one spouse.  These  marriages, however, need to be properly founded on the good moral principles of the natural order which God set forth for the enjoyment of mankind.  Thus, when sex occurs between a man and a woman, the act depends on upon the natural order which God established.  Marriage is critical in order to have a stable society.  Without it, society will create chaos and disorder.  All of this can be observed without reading any books.  There are plenty of examples of both the good and the bad which can be learned by simple observation of the facts.

Marriage as a social contract
     The problem with this idea is that a social contract comes from the minds of men and not necessarily from God himself.  Mankind has the bad habit of inventing all kinds of laws, rules, and regulations for almost anything, including marriage.  This idea has no real authority under the natural law.  These so-called "laws" are so convoluted that they are difficult to understand.  And even if some of them could be properly understood, the people in charge will do what they want regardless of what the law says. Their hypocrisy demonstrates their lack of a moral foundation.  Simply stated, a social contract has no moral authority unless it is in conformance with the natural order.  If the government and the religions make the rules, then, they can also change them to conform to the prevailing winds.  Since marriage is one of the natural foundations of the family as created by God, it only makes good commons sense and right reason to conform to it for the reasons I've already mentioned.
     Evolution is one of those ridiculous theories that has brain-raped children via public education for several generations.  The uprise in communism also came about around the same time period.  These two ideologies promote lower intelligence and cripple the minds of those who hear such nonsense.  Under a social contract, marriage is not as important because, after all, the people now defined as nothing more than animals.  Animals can go around and screw anyone they want because they don't seem to have the natural mandate for marriage.  Evolutionists and communists have succeeded in bringing down the marriage of a man and a woman, to the low level of an animal.  The porn industry also promotes promiscuity and damages family relationships.  But at least the animals stay within their natural order as they stay within their own kind.  Evolutionists and communists include all sorts of weird combinations for marriages, and under their system of government, almost anything goes.  This has promoted the destruction of the family.  If men and women are considered animals, then there is no moral foundation for them.  Who is going to make the moral choices for the animals?  Any worldly leader doesn't have the capacity to tell anyone what to do unless it conforms to natural law.

Marriage is an agreement
     Marriage is an agreement that the man and the woman enter into for a lifetime commitment.  This is essential in providing a stable society for the raising of children.  But it is an agreement under the natural law because just by observing the helplessness of young children to provide for themselves in their early years, the natural law demonstrates the need for parents and the family structure.  A good family is just as necessary for the living of life as the air for breathing.

Natural law is easier to use  
     Natural law is easier to use than any political or religious doctrine.  Nature contains the truth, and the truth is not relative, but it is the same for everyone.  Not everyone is going to understand everything all of the time, but if a man is patient, he can always get to a truth by observing what is there using common sense and right reason using the natural order or natural law as their guide.
     I think the reason some people have a problem with this is because it causes them to think critically.  Most of us have never actually used natural law because we were too busy using political and religious doctrines which are too numerous to absorb in 100 lifetimes.  On the other hand, natural law is easier to use and it is easier to make the correct judgments.  The governments and the religions don't want to use it as it would compromise their power.  There are many writings about the natural law, so this isn't something new.  But I think it is a wonderful resource for those who want to exercise common sense in their daily lives.

The Testimony of Nature to the Existence of God

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sex Before Marriage and Tim Tebow

     It has been reported for the last few days that Tim Tebow got "dumped" by Olivia Culpo because they were dating, but he wasn't willing to have sex with her.  It has been Tebow's desire to save it for marriage, and so far he's holding his ground.  Ms. Culpo, on the other hand, dumped Tebow (as it has been reported) and she is now moving on with her life.  I have mentioned this to a few friends and I got some interesting reactions.  One said: "You have to try the shoe on before you buy it."  This remark comes from a "Christian" who goes to church every Sunday.  But let's look at the natural law and not any religious books to find an explanation.

Fornication violates natural law
     While it is true that the bible forbids fornication (sex without the benefit of marriage) one can readily see in nature the problems it can cause.  Everyone knows that sex produces children, and children need both their mothers and their fathers--within the bond of marriage--in order to have healthy and stable lives.  If a child is missing a mother or a father, life is more difficult for the child.  When that happens, society becomes more unstable and the condition can produce more chaos, along with divorce.   So, Tebow's stance is on biblical or Christian grounds which Ms. Cuplo knew before she got involved with him.  In order for Tebow to be taken seriously with his "Christian" faith, there is no way he can have pre-marital sex and then claim to be a Christian at the same time.  Sex is too personal to have with anyone other than the spouse within the bonds of marriage between a man and a woman.  In the bible, it was considered a capital offense punishable by death.  In today's sexually chaotic world, few people are actually stoned to death for fornicating or adultery.  On the same token, we have almost complete social chaos with most of the governments and the religions in abject corruption.  Just knowing the physical consequences of having sex tells us without any religious teaching, that fornication is not a good thing for anyone: unwanted children, tumultuous relationships, precarious living conditions, and the rest.  Saving oneself for marriage is the most intelligent option for young people.  Ms. Culpo has done the opposite and had a previous relationship ruined.  Fornication destroys everything in its path and I hope more young people understand it.  Men and women aren't animals, contrary to what evolutionists think.  People exist on a higher level of common sense and right reason than do the animals.

Male chastity seems to turn off women
     In my opinion, women use sex as a way to control men.  Many of us men have thought or made decisions with the wrong head, and then suffered for it later.  Once a man submits to fornication, he has given up a lot of the control of a proper relationship.  The woman has given up her own dignity as an honorable woman.  Men don't like to admit it, but they don't think highly of a woman who is willing to go to bed with them.  And, men are immature in that they enjoy getting laid, but then disrespect the woman for doing what they (the men) wanted.
     I had a few opportunities to date in recent years and I simply told the women that I'm not going to have any sex with them until there is a marriage.  That immediately shut down the relationship and it has saved me a lot of aggravation.  I which I had done this when I was a young man.  I would have saved myself a lot of trouble.  Tebow is smart, in my opinion.  He has saved himself a lot of the drama that comes from ruined relationships through fornication.  Women should be delighted to meet a man like him, but instead, they run like the wind knowing that they cannot take control over him.

Morality is the glue that holds society together
     High moral standards must be restored in order to have a successful civilization.  These cannot be taught by an immoral education system.  This is why the government should never be involved in any kind of education.  But people have become lazy and they don't want to "rock the boat" when addressing serious issues of morality and government.  The two ideas are completely at opposite ends to each other.  And we are experiencing the chaos in society because of a complete lack of a moral anchor, with fornication being one of the lead destroyers of society.

Sex is not a recreational sport
     Sex is something that should be respected more as a privilege of marriage between a man and a woman.  Sex will take the whole relationship and ruin it.  This has been my experience and I try to relate this to young people.  They think I just came down from another planet.  I keep telling them over and over, and they keep getting the same bad results, over and over.

Young people should marry earlier in life
      Young men should be able to support a family by the time they are 17 or 18 instead of going to university or college only to be taught by communist professors and teachers.  Libtards have nothing to teach anyone and it is my opinion that young people should be planning their lives around having a nice family.  The best part of life is raising a family.  Instead, many young men sit around playing video games into their 30s and 40s and will die old men without any family around.  Young people have a very high sex drive when they are young so they need to be married early.  I can see how college and university can delay intellectual maturity by attempting to reorganize society to the communist model.

Natural law supports all writings against fornication
     We can see that sex before marriage should be avoided.  Tebow made a good decision when he said no to sex.  Culpo, by dumping Tebow, made a big mistake and should have respected his wishes. She already had one failed relationship, she could have learned from that and done something different.  The primary reason for sex is to produce babies, who then grow to be young children, and then to adults.  It is a long process compared to animals.  The sex belongs only in a marriage between a man and a woman.  Sex within the confines of marriage produces a stable society.  This can be readily observed in nature and there's no argument about it.
     Refraining from sex before marriage is starting to take hold because the failure of society is self-evident.

Fornication is Destruction of the Soul
Courtship Vs. Dating

Walter Allen Thompson has a book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Be Careful of the Payback

     One of the things that I've learned the hard way is the fact that life has a way of paying back a man for his evil deeds.  I've noticed this throughout my life that when I messed up it would always come back the haunt me.  I have been in situations that I shouldn't have been in and as a result, I received back what I put into it.  The best thing for anyone to do is to stay away from the occult as bad things will always happen to anyone who engages in it.

Heavy Metal Music
      As a former musician, I cannot see the attraction of this kind of music. The guitarists simply turn up the amps to as loud as they can and then play "power" chords.  It's the same shit over and over again, and it doesn't sound good.   There are a few exceptions in my case, but for the most part, this kind of music always dabbles in the occult.  For example, in the example of the Paris bombing incidents, young people were gathering in a concert hall to see The Eagles of Death Metal.  The name alone should have been a good warning.  And in observing the photos of the incident, I noticed that many of the concert goers were flipping the Two-Fingered Finger, smiling as if they were going to a joyful event.  The shooting occurred during the song, "Kiss the Devil" and the rest is history.  The lesson learned here is to never get involved with the occult as it is extremely dangerous and always produces a bad result.  I would think it would be insane to go to any heavy metal concert knowing that the whole concert will be steeped into the occult.  Even if there is no incident, the idea that this crap can get into the mind is very unsettling.  It is much better to remain separated from these things.

We always get a warning
     It has been my experience that we always get a warning and if we ignore these warnings then we are open to getting injured, which in turn can create a lot of damages, and in this case, a loss of life.  The hand signals are the best warnings of something that is not going to be good.  Sometimes, when I meet new people, they'll give me the "two-fingered finger" and that's all I need to know.  I simply stay away from them because these hand signals are intended to curse the one receiving it.  In addition, you will always see the various Satanic symbols associated with these groups.  These symbols are there for a warning.  Use them for your own benefit.  They are indicators of something evil and the best course of action is to remain separated from them.  We can save ourselves a lot of trouble by taking this course of action.  Life is more peaceful without the influence of the occult.

Recognizing the payback
     I think it is the conscience that tells us what is good and bad.  We don't really need any written works to tell us what is right and what is wrong.  I think God uses the conscience to help us make these decisions.  It is when we ignore our conscience and do the dirty deed.  Then, when we get paid back for it, we realize that there is a cause and effect.  Rather than going through all of that aggravation, it is much easier to stay away from the occult than to submit to the temptations and then get slammed with the payback.


Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Friday, October 30, 2015

Dumb Communists: One Child Policy

"But after years of strict, sometimes brutal enforcement by a dedicated government commission, China's population -- the world's largest -- is now ageing rapidly, gender imbalances are severe, and its workforce is shrinking."
Frederic J. Brown - AFP - Thursday, October 29, 2015

     I just got done finishing my article Living Socialist on this blog when I saw an article from AFP stating that the Chinese Communist government is abandoning its one-child policy.  The thinking of stupid communists is that without so many people the economy will prosper.  However, by attempting to be god, the Chinese state government didn't understand that the natural law will always provide for the eventual recovery of the natural order.  The quote in the sentence above says it all.
     Without children, the population is going to age and there will be severe repercussions from forced limitations of children on couples.  Children are the joy of parents, and it is for the husband and wife to decide how many children they can handle.  But, the communist govtards in all their stupidity limited each couple to one child with devastating results.

Population aging rapidly
     The Chinese government bit on the claptrap of depopulation and now they are going to struggle to fix this error.  Now they are going to allow 2 children per couple.  The problem with this is that the government should have no say in how many children a couple should have and this is the problem with all communist-socialists governments.  They think they are smarter than everyone else when the facts show their stupidity knows no limits.  If the Chinese government really wants to fix this problem, it would be better not to have any limitations on children.  Children are usually the key to a happy society as they are important to the future of it.  The communist pigs in all countries are attempting a depopulation policy which is completely insane.  As the Chinese population starts to die off, they can now see the danger of this idiotic policy of one-child.

Severe gender imbalance
     I hear it is very difficult for Chinese men to find suitable wives because many of the couples--limited to one child--elected to abort their females and to allow the boys to live.  This is incredibly stupid as it destroys the natural order of life and we can now see the horrible results.  Many men cannot look forward to having their own families because there aren't enough women to go around.
Communism is stupid and this is an extreme example of it.

Workforce is shrinking
     The workforce is not only shrinking, it will be the skilled labor that will be hurt the most.  Most jobs require men and women and some point in the working process, so the incentive should always be to have more children in order to sustain a healthy society.  But the socialist idiots have created this shrinking workforce and this can only get worse in the near future.  

Empty cities
     Add to all of this is the fact that China has many empty cities where few people reside.  I'm not sure why these places were built when they should have known that by limiting the population they could not possibly have inhabitants to fill up all of the buildings.  They are now going empty.  Leave it to a communist to ruin his own market.  Socialism is like shitting in your own nest.

Communism is the problem
     Socialist principles do not work.  This is an example of it being a proven failure.  Communism is not necessary and it always leads to ruin.  This should serve as a good lesson to other countries who think that socialism has any value.  It is corrupted as it is evil and it will always lead to a bad result.

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Living Socialist

     Socialism is one of the most chickenshit forms of government ever known to mankind.  It is the robbing of the poor and the middle-class and giving it to the rich.  Steal from the poor and give to the rich; that's communism.  The problem with socialism is that it is present in all forms of government on the entire planet.  The United States even has a presidential candidate who claims to be a socialist by the name of Bernie Sanders of the Democratic party.  At least, he is honest about it.    If the truth be known, all of the candidates are socialists whether they know it or not.  Due to the structure of the "government" everyone who is a willing member of it is a socialist.  Socialists are very stupid and ignorant people who must use force in order to keep their governments in power.

Socialism is strong through weakness
     The only reason such an asinine system can stay afloat is if the moral values of a country are degraded.  And through this weakness in society, the socialists take control of almost everything in the daily lives of mankind.  Through the promotion of the use of violence to support the state, these governments are actually promoting socialism.  Most people don't want anything to do with violence and will tolerate almost anything--socialism--in order to stay alive.  Communists, socialists, and fascists know this and they use this fear to their own advantage.  Millions upon millions of people have lost their lives due to the political leaders who promote socialism.  The real system is this: "comply or die."  This is chickenshit.

Socialism is contrary to the natural law
     Everyone needs to work and the governments of the world exploit that as they take the "fruit of a man's labor" in the form of income taxes and then use that money for their own agenda.  In the United States, the money collected for the income tax goes to pay the interest on the phony national debt.  Natural law tells us that a man is entitled to the fruit of all of his labor and no man has any authority to take that away from him.  However, this is done through fear and violence against those to speak up against it.   Income tax is the 2nd plank of the Communist Manifesto.   Income tax is chickenshit.

Socialism always runs out of "other peoples' money"
     A socialist govtard finds it difficult to earn money on his own, so he must resort to stealing it from other people.  Then, once they get this money, they waste it on useless programs in order to get even more money to waste yet again.  This cycle is absolutely useless to the public and it creates phony debts that can never be paid off.  And the govtards maintain control through the chaos that their own policies create.  This is also chickenshit.

Socialism is modern slavery
     The socialist system is one that is never chosen by the public.  The socialist is also a chronic liar.  They make it look like they are helping the common man when the fact is that the common man is being made a slave under the moniker of "freedom."  But the problem is that a socialist has no authority to require another man to be a socialist.  If socialism is so good, then it should be made to be voluntary and those who want to use that system can do it if they wish.  In fact, the govtards say it is "voluntary" except we've all seen what happens if one doesn't volunteer.  Out come the guns to put the people in line.  This is also chickenshit.

Voting for socialists
     Whether the candidates realize it or not, they are running for a socialist position in the government.  Some want to lower the income tax, but the problem is that the income tax shouldn't be there in the first place.  In order for a candidate to do a good job, he should advocate in removing all of the planks of the Communist Manifesto from the government.  Of course, if that was actually done, there wouldn't be much of a government left.  That might be a good thing.  But by voting, the man feels as if he has a choice in the matter.  When in fact democracy and voting are the mask on the communist pig.  The candidates say one thing and do another while making the public think they have a say in these socialist schemes.  This is chickenshit.

Religions support socialism
     When was the last time you heard a religious leader speak up against communism?  They don't do it because their organizations have a special tax advantage given to them by the government.  They don't want to bite the hand that feeds them.  Many people look up to their religious leaders only to be suckered into accepting socialism.  Just watch how religious leaders interact with the various govtards and you'll get the proper understanding.  Religious leaders provide another form of bait and switch.  This is also chickenshit.

Living socialist
     Almost everything we do in life goes to support the chickenshit socialist system.  This is also backed up by the chickenshit legal system which has no real authority to do anything.  Socialism is spawned by Satanic principles and that is why it is so chickenshit; mierda de pollo, merda di pollo, merde de poulet, Hühnerscheiße, and курица дерьмо.  Socialism has been responsible for the deaths of millions of people.  To support socialism is the moral equivalent to advocating the murder and theft of innocent people.  Socialism is not an enlightened political system, but it is a vain and corrupt ideology that puts the state before the natural order of life. To a socialist, the communist state is god. Living socialist is a good example of what not to do.


Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Monday, October 26, 2015

Natural Law Should Separate Man from Government and Religion

     The governments and the religions of the world are the two most destructive forces on earth, and neither one is necessary if there existed a moral society.  While there are lots of people with high moral values, they seem to lose them when being engaged with government and religion.
     We now live in a communist war society that is of no benefit to anyone; including the political ruling class.  The communist-socialist-fascist system is Satanic at the roots and the political systems seem to adopt this system.  The difference among them is only related to the style, but the substance is the same.  These political systems are structured in slavery; i.e. income tax.  If under the natural law a man is entitled to the fruit of all of his labor, then it is morally impossible to justify an income tax.  If a man is taxed just one cent on his labor, then that man is effectively a slave.  No one can argue this point, but what is troubling is that few people ever look past the “common knowledge” and try to figure out what is truly right or wrong.  As a result of this, mankind is stuck with this communist slave system.  While Americans are taught that they are “free” the reality is that they are slaves.  All of the people in the world are slaves to the communist system.  But the politicians tell them they are free.
     The politicians let the people vote, but the reality is that the communist system is upheld by all candidates and there is never any serious opposition.  And all of the religious leaders are in lock-step with these governments.  There is no power in voting; the power resides with the people who count the votes.  So the idea of voting is just a scam to delude people into thinking that they have a choice in the government when just the opposite is true.  Democracy is the lipstick on the communist pig.  There is little difference in substance when it comes to political candidates.  Again, the styles may be different, but the substance is always the same; communism.
     However, it is the natural law that provides the most promise to mankind because it was established by God-- the creator of everything.  Even atheists cannot argue against the natural law because the evidence can be seen by all who take the time to observe it.  In my opinion, I think atheists are put off more by the idea of religion but not necessarily the idea of God.  I can understand that as I find religions just as offensive as the governments.  They are very foul and they are useless in providing any opposition to the immorality of society.
    Unlike the various “bible” versions, there are no variations or no other versions of the natural law.  Natural law is what it is and it is there for everyone to understand.  And I believe this is where a man can operate within the truth because all men will get the same type of results from their actions.  The quality of life is much higher and the emotional stability from abiding within the natural law is much more satisfying.  While there are always temptations to violate God’s natural law, they are something that must be consciously opposed and fought every day. 
     Opposing evil is a daily chore.  No one is exempted from the temptation to do evil.  While I don’t know all of the dynamics of temptations, I do know that they exist and they must be defeated in order to preserve a good life.  This is why being conscious of the natural law, and using common sense and right reason will usually keep a man safe from the bad results of evil.
     Government and religious people have no life.  They are the real zombie types.  And the reason for this is that they offend God’s natural law on a daily basis, and they seem to have the notion that they are gods or that they created our lives.  Government and religions are a curse upon mankind.  Any government or religion that violates the natural law has no moral authority.  In addition, if I was to give them all a pass and use their “laws”, the evidence would show that they violate their own “laws” and they are hypocrites.  Their style is to say one thing and do another.  This establishes a completely disorderly society and we are now experiencing the bad fruit of it today.
     The good character of any man or woman is going to depend upon their ability to stay within the natural order, building good conduct and virtue.  The more character a man has the more he  will be able to defeat the evil consistently.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Dog Returns to His Own Vomit

     I was out walking my dog the other day.  We're having a nice walk and then all of a sudden he starts heaving and then he puked on the trail.  That wasn't so bad, but then he started to eat it.  Why puke it up and then eat it again?  Dogs are very nice animals, but they can be a little weird.  As he was lapping up his own vomit, it reminded me of the rotten political systems.  Every few years, there are elections.  Most political systems are democracies which give the people the illusion that they have a choice.  Regardless of who wins, they will do the same ugly things over and over again.  The public becomes outraged and they think that if they "vote the rascals out" that everything will be coming up roses.  But true to their nature, politicians will puke up the same old vomit of communism and then eat it again.  Albeit, they also expect the public to join in.

Democracy is the mask of the communist system
     The idea that people who vote are actually choosing who will run the country is completely deluded.  Democracy is the happy-face or mask on the feudal-communist-socialist-fascist slave system.  The mask of democracy softens the political blows by making people think that their votes are effective.  If people actually have any choices, it is only who will be their next slave master.

Democracy produces kakistocracy
     Kakistocracy is defined: "government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons are in power."  Up until a few days ago, I had never known this word.  But this is the true style of government.  Democracy produces kakistocracy because there are more unintelligent voters than there are ones who are intelligent.  In a democracy, the dummies make all of the important decisions of the body politic; if there really is one.  It is much easier to remain ignorant, uninformed, and stupid than it is to do research and use critical thinking.  People tend to want other people to make these judgments for them.  But if they are too stupid to think for themselves, how can they be smart enough to choose an intelligent candidate?  It doesn't make any sense.  So democracy is just a political scam to make people think they are choosing  their leaders.  And the end result is that the worst possible people are now the leaders of government.

Example of stupid politicians
     In 2002, I had the very poor judgment in running for Congress.  I was at a candidates' night and the incumbents and the challengers were there.  We were allowed a limited presentation in which I stated that I would read every bill on which I would vote.  A state assemblyman took offense and stated that he read a lot of the laws before he voted.  I asked him if he read every one.  He said: "No."
I proceeded to ask him how many bills did he read and he said that he read around 450.  Then I asked him how many bills were put forward for voting and he said: "...forty-five hundred."  I then did a little grammar school math and from what I could figure, he only read 10% of the bills that were passed that year.  Imagine, a state that has 4500 bills up for voting and the "leaders" don't even read them.  I thanked him for proving my point.  This is how it really works.  It is absolutely stupid to vote for anyone knowing that he probably won't read very many of the bills or other important paperwork.  Remember the line for Obamacare: "have to pass it before we know what's in it."  This is incredibility stupid and it shows to me that the government as we know it is unnecessary.  Only stupid people would vote for such idiots.  But they do it every election season.  I was so offended by the political process that I eventually took my name off the voting rolls; never to see a voting booth again.

Voter returns to his own vomit
     The voters puke up their political leaders and then have to eat the vomit of the bad results.  The bad results are self-evident.  Democracy is like a crack addict that doesn't get the message.  People vote and vote, year after year, with the same crappy results.  Maybe it is the fluoride in the water that makes people so dense in their thinking.  Maybe they've inhaled too many chemtrails.  But this nonsense has gone on for 228 years with no sign of it ending anytime soon.

Proverbial mistakes
     Just as the proverb that says a "dog returns to his own vomit" is the condition of mankind in general terms.  His  mind has been dumbed down to the level that he accepts almost any form of slavery.  He didn't vote to be a slave, but he does it because he can't think critically.  It doesn't matter what a candidate says, because if he doesn't do it then he is a liar.  Using common sense, right reason and critical thinking will always get good results.  These three things will go a long way to produce the necessary corrections that could eliminate government as we know it today.  However, as long as people have low moral standards these governments are going to get much worse as they will need to control the chaos.  High moral standards remove the necessity for government.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Courtship vs. Dating

      There aren't too many places where young people can get any information on the difference between courtship and dating.  One of the problems young people have is that they spend too much time in school learning things that will not benefit them economically.  And as a result, they'll spend almost 16 years of their lives, and maybe more, in education institutions which actually remind me of a prison camp.  Young people should be fairly set in what they want to do by the time  they are 18 and they should have been serving some kind of apprenticeship from the age of 14 and up.  So, a young man should be able to support a family by the age of 18 years old; give or take a few years.  And my reasoning is that young people get too horny and will fall into fornication and ruin their relationships.  Dating facilitates fornicating rather than having a courtship that helps them to determine whether a marriage is going to be beneficial.  A proper courtship, without sexual relations, should provide for a stronger marriage along with a successful career.  School should be essentially over by the age of fourteen.  Any other schooling should be career-specific, learning the skills that will prepare them for work.

     When I was a young man, dating was the method that we would use to go out with girls and then get laid.  The problem with this is that fornication destroys the relationship between a man and a woman.  Sexual relations are very personal and they cross intimate boundaries.  There is a spiritual bond between the two through the sex, and if these relationships break up, it is very unsettling to the spirit and the soul.  Of course, I'm giving an opinion here with a lot of years of experience.  If I had known then what I know now, I would not be wanting to fornicate.  Fornication causes many problems: unwanted babies, abortion, STDs, forced marriages, and continual arguing over many other issues.  Fornication sets the evil in place in order to destroy the relationship.  And of course, fornication will destroy not only the marriage, but it can economically ruin a man if there is a divorce.  In today's world, dating is very dangerous if it is going to lead to sexual activity.
     Fornication can also lead to homosexual activity and that is just as bad.  It can also lead to child molestation, and the transgender nonsense.  There are so many downsides to sexual activity outside of the bond of marriage that they are difficult to list.

Sex is not a recreational sport or activity
     In using the natural law, we can see that the primary purpose of sex is to produce babies.  Children are always the future of society, and a strong family structure is the security and joy of the parents and grandparents.  Thus, if the acts of sex produce babies, then those babies need both the mother and the father.  This arrangement is the best way but, it isn't always possible.  In general terms, those babies need a strong family structure in order to have joyful lives.  But in today's world, sexual promiscuity is put forward as normal and as a result, we are experiencing  quite a meltdown in society.  The marriage rate is low among young people and the divorce rate is through the roof.  Most of this is caused by the lack of high moral standards.  And the immoral governments make the whole situation worse.  Sex, under the natural law, is obvious.  It is to be done between a man and a woman who are committed to each other in marriage.  This provides a healthy environment for them to build their families.  This is what makes a successful society.

     Courtship may include going out on dates, but it is more.  The man and the woman can take their time to get to know each other with the ultimate goal of them deciding whether or not they would like to have each other in marriage.  They can find out if they can be friends but spending as much time with each other without the sexual relationship.  I think that this is more practical and the purpose of the time together should be used to evaluate each other as much as possible.  But I believe the friendship should be there first.  Then, if the relationship gets serious, then they should make plans for marriage.  The nice part about this is if the couple decides that they aren't right for each other, then the sexual boundaries have not been crossed and they can maintain a friendly relationship after the courtship.  I think that this is a much healthier way to determine if a prospective spouse is going to be the one that will last through the years.  I think better decisions will be made with the sexual pressure is off and the attention is turned to more important things.  I believe that there are a few couples who do this, but my guess is that the ones who do have much better marriages and stable lives.  And the reason is that they are staying within the natural law of the creation and the creator and that will always get good results.

Fornication is Destruction of the Soul

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Government by the Worst People

     Every day, I get a new word by email from  Today's word just cracked me up.
Here it is in all of its glory:

nounplural kakistocracies.
government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons are in power.

I have to admit that I had never seen this word in my life, but it does fit almost every government in the history of mankind.  All democracies always lead to kakistocracies.  Who is going to argue with that?  I'm having a hard time with pronouncing this word.  I tend to want to pronounce it "cacatocracies."  It is amazing how we have such low-quality people who are in "public" service.

Imagine, the govtards are spreading the seeds of kakistocracies.  Maybe Rush Limbaugh should call himself: "the doctor of kakistocracy."  The possibilities are endless.

Trump for President?

Updated 10/27/16  This type of thing is what bothers me about Trump.  I don't think anything is going to change until the American people are completely fed up with the govtards.
Updated: 07/19/16
     It looks like this video was somehow removed from this post so I'm putting it back up as it shows who these men serve.

It's my opinion that it is a waste of time to vote.  The jackass who the Satanists choose is the one who is going to be president.  And although I've enjoyed watching Trump's dog and pony show, I've had a difficult time taking the whole charade seriously.  However, the above video with him and Giuliani as a cross-dresser is enough for me to completely disregard anything that Trump has to say.  While I agree with Trump on many of his issues, the fact is that the government is communist; as all of the planks of the Communist Manifesto are present--in whole or in part--in what is passed off as the "government" of the United States.  Trump would have to dismantle and remove all of the planks of the Communist Manifesto out of the "government' in order for him to be effective.
     So what is the point of this video?  It doesn't really make any sense and this is certainly not entertainment.  Does The Donald like trannies?  Is The Donald a homosexual?  I don't think so, then what's the point?  I doubt it, but it looks like he is genuflecting to the homosexual lobby.  I could be wrong, but why would a man like Trump degrade himself with a video like this.  I find it completely disgusting and I would question Trump's judgment to involve himself with a video like this one.  It makes him look like he is pandering to the homos, queers, and child molesters.  Many child molesters are homosexuals or are just plain perverted. 
     If The Donald is going to pander to the Rump Rangers and the Fudge Packers, then he will probably be just as liberal or socialist as the rest of the pack.  Trump's unusual pandering to the Giuliani while he-she is cross-dressing, should act as a warning not to look at Trump as a savior; or anyone else for that matter.
     Videos like this one and the usual hand signals are warnings or disclosures about who these people are, and for some reason, we always get a warning.  The problem is that most of us don't take these warnings seriously and then we are disappointed when the person we thought was going to be good, turns out to be just as crooked as the rest of them.  
     With all the wing-nuts running for President, Trump looks like the only one who might do a better job for everyone.  But I find this pandering to homosexuals is really bad and it should serve as a warning that something isn't right.  Perhaps this is a signal to the rest of the NWO freaks that he is on their side and will fulfill their communist agenda.  Remember, the anti-Christ is going to be a queer; according to the plan laid out in the bible.  That is their plan and this is why homosexuality is being taught in the pubic (misspelling intentional) school system.  They are telling us who they are making it look like it's just a joke, but in fact, it is the real thing.

Updated:  04/22/16

     One of the things that really pisses me off is the pandering to homosexual perverts and transgender psychos who want to change all decency into devilish shitpit.  It was reported that Trump said that transgender people can use any bathroom they wish.  So, if the leaders of the country aren't going to demonstrate any morals then I think it is only fair for people to stop voting and stop paying taxes for nonsense like what we are seeing.  This voting cycle should be called "Perverts on Parade."  The government of the United States is that of a demented sorcerer and the candidates running for President are displaying their voo doo quite openly.
     I've always had some reservations about Trump and his stance on the transgender bathroom issue is ludicrous.  It shouldn't be an issue for anything.  When I worked with people in other corporations, every once and awhile a transgender would appear as a very bad nightmare.  Transgenders are bat-shit crazy and to think that they have any social status is completely ridiculous.


Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Nick Jesson on Irwin Schiff

Nick Jesson running for Governor of California
(I meant Nick around 1999 when I got involved in the anti-income tax movement.  In 2002, he was running for Governor of California and I was running for a congressional seat.  After our respective "lynchings" in the courtroom, we met again at Lompoc prison in 2008.  We were active in attempting to rid the country of the income tax which violates the principles of the Bible and the natural law.  A man is entitled to the fruit of all of his labor.  I called Nick a couple of days ago and asked him to write about his experience with Irwin Schiff.)

Good morning Al, I meant with Irwin back in 1997/98 (?) and invited him to my office to speak with the 25 people that were working with us at that time.
          Later Irwin and I had some time together and we talked a lot about how our government has totally taken over our Nation through illegal taxing of our labor. I could see that Irwin had worked long hours and many years researching the tax code. He did know what he was talking about and he felt as I did and that was to help save the future of our children and America. Both of us was so involved in trying to do something to stop this evil and corrupted government that both of us overlooked the main point. That point was/is that 99% of the American people just do not want to be saved and most of them do not care if they leave a free Nation to their children or not!! Instead, they only worry about themselves and nothing more.  
          Irwin was about 23 years older than me so I know that he saw many years more than I did of when our Nation was free and Christian based. So I believe that when Irwin started to expose the illegal taxing of our labor that there were still a hand full of men left in our country that was willing to do something about our government stealing our hard earned money from us. The problem was there just was not enough of them to do what needed to be done. Plus there was no Internet at that time so it was much harder to get the information in the hands of the men that still cared about the future of their children and this country.
        As time went on, Irwin was able to reach millions of people and exposed the truth about the corruption. However, by that time our country was so far gone that there was no saving it. Just to many people were more concerned about themselves than the future of their own children and our country.
      As everyone knows, Irwin ended up in prison three different times fighting for the freedom of our children and country. His last effort and fight cost him his life. So now I have to wonder just how many people know that Irwin is no longer with us and just how many people even care.
     In 2006, I once again meant Irwin, but this time both of us were in prison. We had been moved to a holding prison until the government made up their minds of where they were going to send us. When I first saw Irwin I did not even know him!! His looks had changed so much that if I had not heard him talking I would have just kept on walking by him; the same way for me. Irwin saw me, but I did not look the same as the last time he saw me.
     When you are put in prison for fighting for your rights and the freedom of our country it takes a lot out of you. You don't sleep, you don't eat but most of all you worry a lot about your own family and what is happening to them while you are locked up.
     Irwin was not well when I saw him so I knew then and there that Irwin would never see the light of day again in his home and with his family. 
     Once you are locked away the prison system does not care if you live or die. You are just a number to them. Over the two years that I was locked away. I saw three people die because the prison system would not take care of them. All three of them died in their beds. All three died without their family or friends with them. They died alone in a dark cold prison.
      I sincerely believe that one day every one of us will pay for not doing something to help those of us that were locked away for fighting for the freedom of our country and the future of everyone's children.
     In 2008, I was released and tried to put all of this behind me until I heard yesterday that Irwin had died in prison.
     For those that knew that Irwin had cancer, those people should have let as many people know as they could and those same people should have passed the information along to others. Then all of us should have marched on Washington and demanded that Irwin be released or else!!!!
        Irwin did not kill anyone, he did not steal anything, he did not rape anyone nor did he break any other law that I know of. What Irwin did was to take a stand against a VERY EVIL and VERY CORRUPTED government so as to leave some type of freedom for all of our children and their children. What did we leave Irwin? Think about it.
        By the way Al, do you have Peter's contact information? I would like to call him.  By the way, do not give up on God, he has not given up on you. Remember, he gave his Son to us so that we could live in Heaven. As for the churches, they are all 501 (C) (3), government run!! However, you still have your bible so keep reading.
         I wanted to write more but after I started to write I thought why? Nothing has changed and no matter what I write no one really cares. If you think about it, even out here away from prison we are still no more than just a number.
        While I was locked up I thought for sure that all the groups and people that I tried to help would contact my family and see if they could help. Not one person contacted my family to offer help!!! Not even the churches that we had been member's of. 
        Everyone that knew us knew that the government stole our business our home and all of our money. Yet not one person contact my family. Even after I was home again, no one contacted me to see if they could help. And I am sure it was the same for Irwin. So, it just is not in my heart anymore to do anything else for the people or the country.   Thank you and have a GREAT and very Bless day.

Comment by Al Thompson:

I think what was so surprising was the lack of interest in the population at large.  I managed to appear on 60 Minutes in 2001 yet most people either didn't care or they were too afraid of the IRS and their Brown Shirts.  Nick, Dick Simkanin, and myself had thriving businesses who had a lot of workers.
When we asked for the "law" that made us liable, there was no answer forthcoming from the govtards.  All three of us were put in prison without any evidence of liability.  The income tax as we know it is a communist slave tax and it comes from the 2nd Plank of the Communist Manifesto.  We all did our best to oppose it but the people are too self-absorbed to make the necessary corrections in society.  In all three cases, exculpatory  (evidence in the defendant's favor) evidence was withheld from the respective juries.  All three of us were railroaded had our businesses destroyed, families and marriages ruined, and reputations dishonored.  But the fact is that we won anyway.  And the reason is that the truth is what it is and no one; not even the govtards, can change it.  They can only hide the truth for awhile, but eventually, the shit will always come out of the horse. The natural law as God intended will never change.  The truth is the only good foundation for mankind; the lie is an abomination and it is very destructive.  Again, taxing a man's labor is slavery which is condemned by the natural law which was established by God.


Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Irwin Schiff: Dead in Prison at 87

 As a former "tax protestor" who has been in federal prison, it is with great sadness that I announce that Irwin Schiff, the grandfather of the anti-income tax movement and author of The Federal Mafia has passed away in prison from lung cancer.  He was an extremely interesting man who had done a lot of research on the income tax code and found that by any laws, the American man or woman is not liable for income tax.  Once he figured out that there was no liability, he took it upon himself to tell as many people as he could in order to make the government abide in the truth.  I had a few conversations with Irwin and what impressed me about him was that he was rock-solid upon what he believed.  I was coming upon this issue around 1999 so I would call Irwin and ask him questions.  Sometimes we would disagree on something but he was never arrogant and he always kept his mind open for the truth.  So, I want to talk about his character as a man and not so much on the tax issue.  I've done plenty of that on this blog, but I want to address this man's character.

He thought that governments should follow the law
     He thought that if a government was going to have any credibility and authority, that they should be obeying their own laws.  When it came to the income tax, most of us had found that there aren't any laws that make anyone liable for the tax.  He had tried repeatedly to get the government to disclose what specifically established the liability for the tax.  Common sense tells us that if a government refuses to disclose the liability there is something seriously wrong.  Irwin could not believe that the government would intentionally do something this evil.  I felt the same way, but after being essentially lynched in federal court, these government people are as bad as Hitler's brown shirts.  Based upon some of the comments I've heard about him and having my own conversations with Irwin, I got the feeling that he was having a hard time accepting that the laws mean nothing and that the government is composed of a bunch of crooks.  He felt that somewhere along the line the system would treat him fairly and that he would be vindicated.  The simple fact is that Irwin was a political prisoner, unjustly put in prison and allowed to die a miserable death.

The court system is of the Devil
     One thing that stood out to me was the fact that the federal judge in his case, told Irwin that if he even said the word "law" one more time, that he would be held in criminal contempt of court.  Irwin had to use that word in order to defend himself and for each time he said it he would get an additional three more months in prison.  I believe he received around 11 more months for just saying the word "law" in the courtroom.  In Irwin's case, the steamroll was on.  "Steamroll" was a term directed at me by a standby attorney.  He actually looked at me and told me I was going to get steamrolled.  He was right.  I was also informed that Irwin could not hear very well so he couldn't properly defend himself.
What the DOJ attorneys and the federal judge did to Irwin was a blatant fraud and ultimately turns out to be the murder of an innocent man.  Irwin did the best he could under the circumstances.

Irwin Schiff offered to testify in my trial
     I wanted Irwin Schiff as a witness at my trial.  When he showed up in the courtroom, it was like a whirlwind that came out of nowhere.  He was all pumped up and ready to go.  He even brought some books to use for reference.  The standby attorneys said to me: "You really don't want him to testify do you?  He's a loose cannon!"  That's exactly what I wanted as he knew his stuff and I was going to simply ask him where is the liability for the income tax.  However, that was not to happen as the judge would not allow his testimony.  Any exculpatory evidence in both of our cases was usually put aside to ensure a conviction.  What is extraordinary about this was Mr. Schiff was under indictment himself, and any testimony he gave at my trial could be used against him later.  Irwin didn't care, all he cared about was the truth and he was willing to expose himself in order to bring in defense testimony into my trial.  Nevertheless, I admired Irwin for his honesty and integrity when it came to the income tax and his willingness to expose himself to the impending cross-examination.  I will always have great memories of Irwin as he was sincere and honest in his beliefs.

Getting sick in federal prison
     Irwin Schiff was due to be released in another year and a half.  However, apparently he contracted lung cancer.  I don't know anything more about it, but I find it odd that about nine months before I left Lompoc prison for the half-way house, I supposedly contracted lung cancer.  Going to get medical treatment as a federal prisoner is awful.  I was waist-chained with handcuffs and then taken to the "SHU" or better known as the hole to wait for transportation to the hospital.  Then, the prisoner is paraded through the lobby area for other people to see.  Once in the treatment room, the prisoner is still handcuffed and then chained to the gurney.  This is a most unpleasant experience.  I had initially told them I didn't want any treatment or CT scanning and that I just wanted to be left alone.  The prison doctor told me that if I didn't agree to the scan, that he wouldn't release me to the half-way house.  It's my opinion that Irwin suffered the same treatment.  He was an 87-year-old man who was probably chained to a gurney and then left there for hours to suffer the lung cancer alone without his family.
I do find it odd that he and I both had lung cancer shortly before being released.  Did the prison system give us lung cancer as a going away present?  We'll never know, but something like this would not surprise me in the least.  After spending almost 6 years in jail, I can safely say that I've never seen so many assholes all in one place; I'm talking about the prison staff.  What a bunch of losers.  Sending an 87-year-old man to the hospital in chains is just over the top.

Irwin challenged the system and won
     While Irwin lost his criminal case, he was on the correct side of the issue.  I remember him telling me over the phone one evening that he didn't want to be quiet when he knew something was obviously wrong.  He said: "What do I tell my sons?  What do I tell my grandchildren?"  He was very concerned for their future and also for the rest of the country.  He put his whole being in front of the freight train.  While he got "steamrolled" he upheld the truth as he understood it  And that's the most important issue in all of this.  He understood the morality when it came to income tax.  A government should never lie to the people, but we all know it does that on a routine basis.
     What makes me want to vomit are the pundits, attorneys, and CPA's who point to people like Irwin and say that he was crazy, insane, and look at the horror he brought upon himself.  Irwin stood up to the immorality of the income tax and it cost him his life.  And those to ridicule people like him have no life.  But the truth is that the authority of government is established only through violence; laws mean nothing to them.  The court system is a Satanic process that is good for nothing.
     There are few men that I have known that I admire and respect, but Irwin Schiff one of them.

Update: I just finished watching this video and this shows the reason why this man was not allowed to testify at my "trial" which was more of a lynching.  I had the questions ready to go and I knew he would be a great asset in my defense.  But that was not to be because the courts are not fair nor do they dispense "justice."

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Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments