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Nick Jesson on Irwin Schiff

Nick Jesson running for Governor of California
(I meant Nick around 1999 when I got involved in the anti-income tax movement.  In 2002, he was running for Governor of California and I was running for a congressional seat.  After our respective "lynchings" in the courtroom, we met again at Lompoc prison in 2008.  We were active in attempting to rid the country of the income tax which violates the principles of the Bible and the natural law.  A man is entitled to the fruit of all of his labor.  I called Nick a couple of days ago and asked him to write about his experience with Irwin Schiff.)

Good morning Al, I meant with Irwin back in 1997/98 (?) and invited him to my office to speak with the 25 people that were working with us at that time.
          Later Irwin and I had some time together and we talked a lot about how our government has totally taken over our Nation through illegal taxing of our labor. I could see that Irwin had worked long hours and many years researching the tax code. He did know what he was talking about and he felt as I did and that was to help save the future of our children and America. Both of us was so involved in trying to do something to stop this evil and corrupted government that both of us overlooked the main point. That point was/is that 99% of the American people just do not want to be saved and most of them do not care if they leave a free Nation to their children or not!! Instead, they only worry about themselves and nothing more.  
          Irwin was about 23 years older than me so I know that he saw many years more than I did of when our Nation was free and Christian based. So I believe that when Irwin started to expose the illegal taxing of our labor that there were still a hand full of men left in our country that was willing to do something about our government stealing our hard earned money from us. The problem was there just was not enough of them to do what needed to be done. Plus there was no Internet at that time so it was much harder to get the information in the hands of the men that still cared about the future of their children and this country.
        As time went on, Irwin was able to reach millions of people and exposed the truth about the corruption. However, by that time our country was so far gone that there was no saving it. Just to many people were more concerned about themselves than the future of their own children and our country.
      As everyone knows, Irwin ended up in prison three different times fighting for the freedom of our children and country. His last effort and fight cost him his life. So now I have to wonder just how many people know that Irwin is no longer with us and just how many people even care.
     In 2006, I once again meant Irwin, but this time both of us were in prison. We had been moved to a holding prison until the government made up their minds of where they were going to send us. When I first saw Irwin I did not even know him!! His looks had changed so much that if I had not heard him talking I would have just kept on walking by him; the same way for me. Irwin saw me, but I did not look the same as the last time he saw me.
     When you are put in prison for fighting for your rights and the freedom of our country it takes a lot out of you. You don't sleep, you don't eat but most of all you worry a lot about your own family and what is happening to them while you are locked up.
     Irwin was not well when I saw him so I knew then and there that Irwin would never see the light of day again in his home and with his family. 
     Once you are locked away the prison system does not care if you live or die. You are just a number to them. Over the two years that I was locked away. I saw three people die because the prison system would not take care of them. All three of them died in their beds. All three died without their family or friends with them. They died alone in a dark cold prison.
      I sincerely believe that one day every one of us will pay for not doing something to help those of us that were locked away for fighting for the freedom of our country and the future of everyone's children.
     In 2008, I was released and tried to put all of this behind me until I heard yesterday that Irwin had died in prison.
     For those that knew that Irwin had cancer, those people should have let as many people know as they could and those same people should have passed the information along to others. Then all of us should have marched on Washington and demanded that Irwin be released or else!!!!
        Irwin did not kill anyone, he did not steal anything, he did not rape anyone nor did he break any other law that I know of. What Irwin did was to take a stand against a VERY EVIL and VERY CORRUPTED government so as to leave some type of freedom for all of our children and their children. What did we leave Irwin? Think about it.
        By the way Al, do you have Peter's contact information? I would like to call him.  By the way, do not give up on God, he has not given up on you. Remember, he gave his Son to us so that we could live in Heaven. As for the churches, they are all 501 (C) (3), government run!! However, you still have your bible so keep reading.
         I wanted to write more but after I started to write I thought why? Nothing has changed and no matter what I write no one really cares. If you think about it, even out here away from prison we are still no more than just a number.
        While I was locked up I thought for sure that all the groups and people that I tried to help would contact my family and see if they could help. Not one person contacted my family to offer help!!! Not even the churches that we had been member's of. 
        Everyone that knew us knew that the government stole our business our home and all of our money. Yet not one person contact my family. Even after I was home again, no one contacted me to see if they could help. And I am sure it was the same for Irwin. So, it just is not in my heart anymore to do anything else for the people or the country.   Thank you and have a GREAT and very Bless day.

Comment by Al Thompson:

I think what was so surprising was the lack of interest in the population at large.  I managed to appear on 60 Minutes in 2001 yet most people either didn't care or they were too afraid of the IRS and their Brown Shirts.  Nick, Dick Simkanin, and myself had thriving businesses who had a lot of workers.
When we asked for the "law" that made us liable, there was no answer forthcoming from the govtards.  All three of us were put in prison without any evidence of liability.  The income tax as we know it is a communist slave tax and it comes from the 2nd Plank of the Communist Manifesto.  We all did our best to oppose it but the people are too self-absorbed to make the necessary corrections in society.  In all three cases, exculpatory  (evidence in the defendant's favor) evidence was withheld from the respective juries.  All three of us were railroaded had our businesses destroyed, families and marriages ruined, and reputations dishonored.  But the fact is that we won anyway.  And the reason is that the truth is what it is and no one; not even the govtards, can change it.  They can only hide the truth for awhile, but eventually, the shit will always come out of the horse. The natural law as God intended will never change.  The truth is the only good foundation for mankind; the lie is an abomination and it is very destructive.  Again, taxing a man's labor is slavery which is condemned by the natural law which was established by God.


Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

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