Monday, May 20, 2013

IRS: Collecting the Communist Slave Tax

Updated: 08-12-22

From the second plank of the Communist Manifesto

"A heavy progressive or graduated income tax........."

     While the ding bats in Washington are complaining about how the IRS misuses it's "authority" for political purposes, the fact is that the income tax is a communist tax.  The concept of the income tax is a principle right out of the Communist Manifesto.  And while these congressmen feign outrage at the IRS, the fact is that the IRS is doing what it is supposed to do.  It is a form of the Gestapo, and many people fear this organization.  Of course, many Presidents in the past have used the IRS as a political weapon, so it is no big deal that Obama is doing the same thing.  The real outrage should be that the income tax exists at all.  And the reason it is a slave tax is because most people must work in order to support themselves.  Thus, any fruit of their labor should be theirs and theirs alone.  Men, women, and children are not property of the state.  They were born with a gift from God which is the ability to work and to earn their keep.  The income tax takes away that gift from God and attempts to put all of mankind under a form of slavery.  Income tax takes money from one group of people such as the producers, and then gives the money to the suckers or non producers.  This is done under the threat of violence.
     As a former "tax protester", I too asked the question "show me the law" that imposes an income tax on me.  Of course, we never get a responsive answer from the IRS and we are stonewalled at every turn in attempting to determine what exactly imposes any liability upon anyone.  And in recent times, Marc Stevens asked IRS lawyer "Kimberly Clark"  may questions about facts that show that the constitution and the codes are applicable to his client.  What facts do you rely upon that shows that a person has taxable income?  What facts do you have that the internal revenue code applies to me?  These are crucial questions that should be asked when dealing with the IRS.  But they will never responsively answer these questions.  Thus, when they take someone to court, they put on their dog and pony show to distract the attention away from their burden of proof, and shift the proceedings to make the defendant prove that he doesn't owe any tax.  This is deadly, and many people, including myself have been put in prison because we refused to accept the lie.

Income tax and communism is a system of theft

     Who is it that has the authority to take money from one group of people and then give it to another?  The real answer is: no one.  Income tax violates the natural law and common sense.  If a man works; then he keeps his money; otherwise, he is a slave.  Now, he isn't a slave as in physical chains, but he is a slave because need must participate within an economic system with other people.  Since money is used for exchange of goods and services, anyone who forcibly takes money from a man, woman, or a child is a thief. Thus, those people who run the government are thieves and they are arrogant people.  Why?  Because they like to steal money from other people and then use it for their own agenda.  If I work for money, then I am entitled to the full amount.  Anything less is a system of slavery.

Forced payment of interest

     Lending money with usury or interest is considered stealing by most religions, especially within the Judeo/Christian belief systems.  Yet, you will hardly ever a rabbi or a "Christian" preacher teach against it.  In fact, most of the people in their churches have mortgages and they are disobeying God's commandments.  In the case of income tax, it is a forced payment of interest on the "national debt."  All income tax money goes to pay interest and none of it goes for the operation of the government according to the Grace Commission Report 1984, ""100% of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal Debt ... all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services taxpayers expect from government."   So we can clearly see that the imposition of income tax is actually in direct violation of God's commandments: "Thou shalt not steal."  And in an early Christian writing called the Apocalypse of Peter, there is a special place in hell for those people who lent money with usury.
     Income tax as we know it today, is completely immoral and violates God's commandments.  Whether a government says this or that, the fact remains that it is in dire conflict with the commandments and natural law.  To steal money from the man who worked for it is an abomination even it it is the "government" that is doing the stealing.  After all, who gave any man the authority to steal money from another man? The people in government think they are gods and this is why I call them assholes.  Sorry for the language, but nothing else is accurate to reflect the abject evil of government as we know it today.  They promote the income tax through violence and intimidation, and not because a man has some kind of a legal duty.  If anything, under God's laws, a man has a duty to obey God's commandments, which would mean he doesn't have any obligation to pay any tax if he doesn't agree to do it.

Governments who fall short of the commandments or natural law have no authority

     Whether it is income tax, unjust wars, idolatry, lying, or swearing oaths, these offenses towards God the creator will bring havoc upon the land, and this is what we are seeing today.  No one in government has any right to violate God's commandments.  They are not Gods and they do not reflect the will of God.  To violently steal money from people who work is an abomination.

Violence is not authority

     Violence has nothing good going for it.  It produces even more distrust and hatred, and it is the tool of the miscreants.  Only a completely satanic system would bomb defenseless men, women, and children for some kind of political or religious idea.  God created everyone to have their own being and all men, regardless of race, must live within the natural order.  Once the natural order is breached, life becomes miserable.  And this is what we are experiencing today. The government is so evil that is infects everything that it touches.

Governments must conform to natural law

     A government should never violate the natural laws or the commandments.  However, today's governments think that they are God's "agents" or have a "divine right", but if that were true, they wouldn't violate the commandments like they do now.  Income tax is a direct violation of the natural law, and there is absolutely no justification for it whatsoever.  Man's laws can never successfully usurp God's laws.  If Congress passed an Act to Outlaw Gravity, do you think nature would be impressed?  Or if the President issued an order that the sun should not rise until an hour later, do you think the natural order would comply?  All of mankind is expected by the creator to live within that natural order and there can never be any laws that usurp that order.

Income tax is communist

     The income tax is a brutal tool of the communist form of slavery.  Congressmen and other govtards that think the people have any "faith" in the income tax system are even more delusional than the people upon whom they inflict such a tax.  As we watch the scandal of the IRS unfold, we will see just how corrupted that system is and there will be no reforms done to fix any problems.  This will continue until the income tax is terminated.  And that's what needs to happen.  If the income tax was terminated, the economy would pick up steam, families could support themselves, and unemployment would all but disappear.  But the purpose of income tax to to make "wage slaves" of the people for their working years.  So, until the people stop accepting their own slavery, the same old thing will continue.  Just remember, if you support the use of income tax, you are a communist.  And to be a communist or a socialist is to be a very despicable example of a man or a woman.

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Walter Allen Thompson has a book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


Monday, May 6, 2013

Suicidal Marketing 1.0: J.C. Penney

     Having been in sales and marketing most of my career, I have always known the fundamental principle of not offending or pissing off my customers.  Whether it was when I owned my own manufacturing company or whether I was just a sales rep, it was always obvious to me that you never offend your customers.  However, I have seen corporations shoot themselves in the foot by making ridiculous rules for their sales reps as if they were shooting their own race horses.  In the case of J.C. Penney, this company screwed up so bad, that the results were even worse than what I expected.  I have never seen such a marketing implosion of a corporation that was so massive in its size as the one with J.C. Penney.

      Let's look at the facts:
  • From February 2012 to the day of this writing, the stock fell from around $35.00 to $17.26 on the day of this writing.
  • Ron Johnson became the CEO who was formerly the head of Apple's successful computer stores.  Did Ron Johnson all of a sudden forget how to do retail?  I don't think so.
  • Ellen Degeneres outspoken lesbian and a general pain-in-the-ass becomes J.C. Penney's spokesperson offending at east 80-90% of their market.  People with good morals, families, and who work for a living were offended at this choice along with the offensive advertising.  Here is a nationally known corporation promoting the homosexual agenda in some very unseemly ways in their advertising.
  • Same store sales have declined from 25%-30% and maybe even higher.  Any sales decline like this is absolutely devastating especially if it is self-inflicted.
  • J.C. Penney trimmed 43,000 much needed jobs because they simply cannot afford to keep them given their dismal sales figures.
Offensive Marketing 

    Some are blaming Ron Johnson because he doesn't seem to know much about retail.  I just don't believe than anymore than Tim Tebow all of a sudden forgot how to throw a football.  The real culprit in the sales decline, in my opinion, is having Ellen Degeneres (French word for degenerate--they tell you who they are) as their spokesperson. Many people were offended by this display of pandering to the homos and many people decided to stay away from the stores.  The company paid a very heavy price for their stupidity and it look like the corporate equivalent of a Jim Jones punch bowl party.  But would they admit that?  No.  They try to blame it on the lack of coupons and discount sales.
    It gets worse.  Now they are putting out even more idiotic advertising "apologizing" to the people and they are almost begging them to come back to the stores.  In looking at the comments section of this YouTube link, other people are blaming the decline of sales and stock prices directly on the choice of their spokesperson.  I wonder how much money are they willing to lose in promotion of the homosexual agenda?

Pushing the homosexual agenda

    It seems to me it would have been much easier to have never allowed a politically explosive issue has homosexuality to become a part of their marketing program.  Most people who are heterosexual are sick and tired of having homos push and shove their agenda down our collective throats.  Most homos are obnoxious, nasty, and they are extremely perverted in their behavior.  These people are sick in the head if only because they are proud to be perverts.  But the people who would normally spend their money and JC Penney were extremely offended by this ad campaign and they stayed away from the store in droves.  People stayed away because they were upset over the homosexual message.  The easiest way to protest this nonsense is to simply stay away from the store, and this is exactly what happened.  Most people are just sick and tired of hearing about homosexuals and their stupid agenda.  The only intent for this is to destroy the family and thereby destroying society.  And that's what is so idiotic that JC Penney would offend 70-80% of the customer base that would normally shop at their store.  This is what I call Suicidal Marketing 1.0

Boycotts work

     What happened is that people were so offended by the use of homos in their marketing, that they simply stopped going to their stores.  And really, that is the best way to protest; just stop spending money in stores that offend your sensibilities.  I always used to shop at JC Penney and I haven't spent a penny there since this all started.  There were some organized and unorganized boycotts, but the fact is their sales went down because people just aren't going to support a company with such low moral standards.  If I find a company that is offensive to my moral beliefs, I simply do not spend any money there if I can get the items somewhere else.  With all of the choices in retail sales, I can generally find the same items at another store that doesn't offend my sensibilities.

Who's next?

     Professional sports have been relatively homo free with the exception now of the NBA who had a player who "came out" as a homosexual.  Will the NFL be next?  Will they drink the poisoned punch of the homosexual agenda?  Professional sports are popular because these games are the one place one can go and forget about things for awhile.  But once these sports leagues decide to promote the homosexual agenda, they should expect the same percentage of sales losses that we've seen with JC Penney.  It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out.  Suicidal Marketing 1.0 is all about destroying your own market and JC Penney is a textbook example of what not to do with your sales and marketing.

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments