Saturday, August 5, 2017

Help! I Need a Kikapractor

Kikapractor: A doctor who treats the traumatic mental condition created from the idiocy of communist Jews inflicting their bullshit on the goyim and non-communist Jews. (I made this up.)

I grew up with Jews when I was a young man and I've never seen from them the whiney shit that I've seen from libtard groups like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).  The most notable Jew that I've met was Irwin Schiff who bravely battled the income tax in the 1990s and early 2000s.  In my opinion, a kike is a communist Jew.  The Russians knew them well when over 85% of the Bolsheviks were communist Jews.

Communist Jews can't take the criticism
I just watched a video by Paul Joseph Watson who is saying that the ADL will be participating in the censorship of controversial alt right videos which have been extremely popular on Youtube.  (I've posted the link below this article.)  They go as far as putting up a list of alt right Youtubers and suggesting that they are extremists and that they must be censored.  Of course, no communist kike will ever be censored because he is "special."  What is interesting, is that a lot of the people on this list don't say that much about the Jews but they do say a lot about the evil of communism.  I'm not familiar with most of the people on this list, but the nimrods at the ADL should grow up.  Political and social speech should never be censored.  The ADL doesn't have any problem with freaks advocating sexual perversions.  In fact, many Jews own and operate the porn industry which has almost totally destroyed societies all over the world.

Karl Marx was a Jew
Most people forget that Marx, the author of The Communist Manifesto was a Jew.  When it comes to the idea of communism, the Jews own it.  In fact, almost every country that bleeds under the tyranny of communism has a central bank, which is one of the "planks" of The Communist Manifesto. The interest paid to the central banks is collected through income tax.  Wow!!  What a gig!  The communist Jews collect interest (through the income tax) on money that they pulled out of their collective asses.  They create money out of nothing and then charge interest. And then they want us to feel sorry for them.  It's no wonder they got kicked out of over 100 countries throughout history.  No one on the ADL's alt right list, to my knowledge, advocates communism.

Religious delusions come from the Jews
I believe in the God which created the heavens and the earth but I reject most writings because I have no proof that they came from God.  Some of them may be true, but to sort through the religious bullshit has just been too much for me.  After reading the Bible for over 25 years, I believe that it is a big fraud and that is because of its roots in Judaism.  All of the Abrahamic religions are corrupted: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.  I think that the corruption comes from the Talmud which includes the advocacy of sexual perversion with little children.  I have no use for any "religion" that advocates harming of the unborn and little children.  Jehovah means the "God of war."  That would be Satan, and we can see the bad results from these religions.  They are all rotten to the core.  With the Jews, there is no peace.

Most of the media is owned by Jews
The Jews have no reason to complain about being left out.  However, the reason why they are not liked is that they act like assholes.  Not all Jews are assholes, but as a group of people, they are disliked because of their own bigotry, hatred, and persecution of non-Jews.  Again, this is the only group of people who have been kicked out of over 100 countries.  I've worked in retail in Beverly Hills which has a lot of Jews and it was the most disgusting experience I've ever had.  They are very immature and condescending to non-Jews.  It is the Jew's own behavior that makes him unlikeable.  And since the media promotes communism, it is no wonder why most intelligent people reject it.  And the MSM is losing control very fast as the alt right is much more credible.

Jews have been involved in slave-trading
Jews are some of the worst slave-traders in the world.  They stole many black people from Africa and brought them into the "new world."  And even today, they do it by their corrupted central banking system, insurance, and bonds.  Now, almost everyone is a subject of the communist slave system.  What is pathetic is that they think they are free.

Christian Zionists
The Christian churches are infected with Zionists so they are of no value to opposing the occult that comes with Judaism.  Christians and Muslims are partaking of the occult and their organizations are of no value.

Jew should stop whining about the past and grow up to be mature adults with morals
Anything that is bad about this world, the communist Jews will be at the center of it.  No one really likes them and they inflict their filthy feudal-communist government upon the whole earth.  Of course, if they didn't do that then people wouldn't have such a low opinion of themselves.  I have worked with Jews for many years and the results are a mixed bag just like any other group of  people.  But the whining from the ADL is really off-the-hook.  They attack anyone who doesn't like their communist system of government.  This is when people need to have a good kikapractor around.  The Jewish bullshit is piled high and the trauma inflicted knows no limits.

What treatments would a kikapractor render?
  • There are not enough drugs in the world to take away the pain of the Jewish communists so that won't help.
  • Maybe an adjustment of the lower back and buttocks would be in order as the communist Jews are such a pain in the ass.
  • Sever all communist political ties with Israel. 
  • Separate from all promoters of the rogue "state" of Israel.
  • Remove all traces of communism in all governments.
I know I'm dreaming but it is worth a try.  The constant whining of the ADL makes me want to puke it up.

YouTube Censorship

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