Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reasoning with a Liar

     After dealing with the government in various capacities, it should come to no surprise to anyone who has followed this blog that I think that they are all liars.  I think the same way about religious people.  However, I don't like to immediately suspect every person I meet as a liar, but I do have problems with attempting to figure out who is lying and who isn't.  But the main thrust of this article will be to examine our attempts to reason with a liar and how to handle it.
     When I encounter a government or a religious leader or person, I immediately assume that he is going to lie to me.  Rather than calling him a liar, I simply don't say anything.  I really don't want to speak to them, nor do I want to hear their nonsense.  Listening to people who lie will ultimately lower a person's intellect.  Thus, I remove myself from government and religious people.  Those are the ones I always try to avoid.  I have faith in the creator but not in religion.

How to reason with a liar:

     But let's say you encounter one of these people: How do you reason with them?   Sometimes I try because I think that the person is just using bad information and is more mistaken than a liar.   I hold out a little hope for these people.  But they still need to be able to change  their minds based upon the facts, and not some nonsense that someone taught them--but isn't true.  So, the facts, the truth, the state of the case is extremely important to gain any understanding of any issue.  All of us have various opinions about the same things, but those opinions are not facts.  The facts always rule the day.  So, when a liar is speaking, ask him what facts does he have that show that what he is saying is true?  Get used to asking for the facts.  This will usually get rid of a liar very quickly.
     The dynamic of a liar is interesting.  Obviously, they need a portion of the truth in order to make the lies that they tell believable.  The best lies are 90% truth and the other 10% lies  distort it.  A liar will always refuse to answer direct questions properly in order to get an accurate understanding of an issue.  Sometimes, they go as far as not saying anything at all.  They just let the lie stand and many times people forget about it as being a lie.  People who think upon the lie compromise their own mental state.  This is why when dealing with liars, the mind must be carefully guarded.  I am of the belief that one doesn't open up his mind to stupid or evil things.  That will always have a bad effect on his mind, and nothing constructive will come of it.
     Most of us tend to trust other people to tell us the truth, but that trust must be verified.  I have found that liars will always take advantage of that trust.  The various media does that on a grand scale.  I have found that once I have weened myself off the media, I cannot stand to look at it for any longer than a few seconds before having a bad reaction.  But it has taken me a long time to pry my brain away from it.  Sometimes, I have to look or read something that isn't right, so I limit that to just what I need to see what's going on, but even at that, I get my mind upset over reading nonsense.  My issue here is that I don't trust most sources of information because I cannot verify the facts.  Now, I am careful about believing anything when I can't verify the facts.

Is a writing a fact?

     Writings seem to take an authority all their own.  Religious writings is a good example.  Constitutions, laws, and codes seem to do the same thing.  Just because something is written down, doesn't mean that it has any authority.  Reading a writing that lies has the same effect on a person as if the lie was told to them directly by another man or woman.  The problem with writings is that they seem to take on an authority that they don't deserve.  Everything we read needs to be fact-checked before we absorb it as truth.  Many times, especially in religious writings, there are no facts to support the conclusion.  In addition, it would be impossible to check the facts because too much time has gone by.  So when I make any spiritual conclusions, I point to what the document says, but I always leave open the possibility that something else that I don't understand may be true.  Now, I only act on faith issues based upon what I can verify as truth and reasonable.  Given the sorry state of the world and the horrible relationships people have with each other, I would have to say that religion and government are the cause of so much tension.  Most of these writings will instill the lie, people act upon the lie, and then destroy themselves and others based upon that lie.  It is very difficult to reason a lying writing, just as much as a lying person.  I've tried it and had frustrated myself for many years.  I try to think independently and  cherry pick the good things and put them into what I believe is truth and leave the junk out.  When I do this, I get better results with everything.  The reason is that my thought process is less encumbered by lies.  If I have truthful information, then I can make intelligent decisions.  A writing must always be tested as to its veracity.  But a writing is really not a proof of anything without the accompanying facts.  Think of the writing as another manifestation of someone speaking.  The speech may or may not be true, and it is the same with a writing.  Since liars cannot be reasoned with, it would only follow that it would be unreasonable to attempt to get the truth from any writing without checking the facts.

Reasoning with a liar is like reasoning with an idiot:

     I have found that arguing with a liar is the most unproductive thing I can do with my life.  I really try to keep myself away from such things as I can feel my IQ being lowered when attempting to reason with one.  The problem is that when a liar speaks, his words don't mean what you think they mean; they mean something entirely different.  So, it only follows that when I speak with a liar, I have no idea what I'm talking about because the words the liar used are being twisted in my brain.  I'm not talking about someone who has a different belief or point of view, I'm talking about mostly government and religious people; and, any other liars I encounter.  To attempt to reason with such people puts the mind and soul in a bad place, and I think it is much better to just leave these kinds of people alone and let them dwell in their own corruption.  Nothing good ever comes out of a liar's mouth; their words are unusable and their ideas are twisted.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


Sunday, October 21, 2012

To Find a Good Woman

     I was reading an article about French women on Henry Makow's site (link provided at end of this article), and I could help but agree with the author about the condition of not only French women, but women raised in the western culture.  Having been married for over 32 years, divorced, and going out on "dates" I have decided to just forget about another marriage because it is just too mindbending to continue to attempt to reason with the unreasonable.  I would have to find a sweet little angel in order for me to get remarried.  And that hasn't been discovered at this time.
     So, men need to have some guidelines and women should also take note of the Book of Proverbs as to what constitutes a good woman.  I'm going to review the verses in Proverbs that relate to what a good woman would be like and I would be interested if there are any of these kind of women out there.  All verses are from the Geneva Bible starting at Chapter 31: 10-31

     Who shall find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above the pearls.

     A virtuous woman is almost impossible to find, but I know they exist somewhere.  Ladies, this is a good reason not to have sex before marriage.  You devalue yourself by having sex without the benefit and the anchor of marriage.  Now, virtue includes a lot of other things besides sex, but  in today's culture, sex before marriage is an absolute disaster upon the family and society in general.  Men, if you want a great wife, don't expect the person you're dating to have sex with you before marriage.  You will destroy the relationship, and I have seen the bad results people get from it.  Ladies, your value as a woman goes way up when you exercise good virtues.  This is the standard you should be achieving, and not the stupid things you learn in state schools.

The heart of her husband trusteth in her, and he shall have no need of spoil.

     All men need to trust their women in a variety of ways.  Obviously, he doesn't want her with other men or committing adultery.  The man will have no need to do anything dishonest to gain material things, and he will always be stable with the virtuous woman.  But trust is so important and once that is compromised, it is hard for both men and women to trust their mates once it is broken.  It is better never to break that trust, but to continue in a fruitful marriage.
She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.

     This is the value of a virtuous or good woman.  She never undermines her husband and never does him any evil.  Here, the trust is reinforced with her good deeds.  How many men have a woman like this?  If you do, then life is going to be good.  You can't help having a great life if you have complete trust in a good woman who is your wife.
She seeketh wool and flax, and laboreth cheerfully with her hands.

     I can almost here the feminists going ape over this one, but the fact is that women who labor for the domestic well-being of the household are happier and don't complain about doing their work.  A woman's place should always be taking care of the home and the children, rather than being bothered by having to work at some corporation.  All she gets from the corporation is a check, but she gets back a lot of love from her family.  As we continue, a good woman is an economic powerhouse for the benefit of the whole family.

She is like the ships of merchants: she bringeth her food from afar.

     I take this verse to mean that she does whatever it takes to bring home food for her family.  Taking care of the household should be the primary job of any wife.  All of this has been distorted in our culture.  As I write this, I'm thinking that all of this must have occurred on another planet, yet here it is in Proverbs.
And she ariseth, while it is yet night: and giveth the portion to her household, and the ordinary to her maids.

     How many women get up to prepare food while it is still dark?  And the servants are also taken care of so that the women of those days had a very large responsibility to take care of not only their families, but she also took care of those who worked for her.

She considereth a field, and getteth it: and with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard.

     Here, the woman even does sensible economic activity.  It doesn't say she goes shopping at Macy's, she buys a field and plants a vineyard so that she can early a living from it.  Doesn't sound like the woman is being oppressed to me.  This sounds like the woman is engaged in her business with very little time to get into trouble.  Today, some women don't get their make up done until 11:30AM  It gets better.

She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms.  She feeleth that her merchandise is good: her candle is not put out by night.  She putteth her hands to the wheel, and her candle is not put out by night.

     Again, this is not a lazy woman who demands money but she carries her weight and keeps herself busy making her household a very pleasant place to live.
She stretcheth out her hand to the poor, and putteth forth her hands to the needy.

     This is a quality everyone should have as there would be no necessity for the state as we know it today.
She feareth nor the snow for her family: for all her family is clothed with scarlet.  She maketh herself carpets: fine linen and purple in her garment.  Her husband is known in the gates, when he sitteth with the Elders of the land.

     A man with a wife like this will always sit in honor because it is his wife, who he loves and trusts, that  is every bit an integral part of the family.  This is how men and women should compliment each other.  Most women wouldn't think about any of this, but our modern culture destroys even the possibility of a strong family because there are many women who should be at home with their families instead of working for a corporation.  Sometimes that can't be helped, but this is showing the optimal situation for a family.  It gets better.

She maketh sheers, and selleth them, and diveth girdles unto the merchant.  Strength and honor is her clothing, and in the latter day she will rejoice.  She openeth her mouth with wisdom, and the law of grace is in her tongue.  She overseeth the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.  Her children rise up, and call her blessed: her husband also shall praise her, saying, Many daughters have done virtuously: but thou surmountest them all.

     How many men can say that about their wives?  I'm hoping that some still can.  But the problem is our whole western culture is almost totally corrupted.  Men and women have such low expectations of each other, that this kind of living standard described in these verses is almost impossible to achieve without a complete change of heart by a great many people.  Notice how she does not "eat the bread of idleness..", in other words, she doesn't sit at home watching Ophra and eating Bon Bons.
Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vanity: but a woman that feareth the Lord shall be praised.  Give her the fruit of her hnds, and let her own works praise her in the gates.

      The value of a woman like this is self evident and it needs no other explanation or validation.  The profit from her works speaks for itself.  Beauty can indeed be vain but a woman who respects the power of God and keeps his commandments is a treasure far above anything I have seen or witnessed in all of the days of my life.
     Men and women really need to rethink everything.  The normal culture is "unsustainable" and it will lead to a complete moral decay never before seen in history.  I think we're on the brink of something really bad and it will be because of the evil everyone has committed with the vengeance coming from God.  It isn't going to be worth the price of not doing anything.  Women need to give the man is rightful place in life or she will never experience the joy of having a great family.  For a lot of us, we can't do much about it now with the exception to encourage something more fruitful in the future.
     The current modern culture regarding women is satanic and it should be avoided at all costs.  Our culture when it relates to men and women is a complete disaster and nothing short of living within the natural law will fix it.  Men and women fighting in their marriages is not natural.  If the two are really one flesh, how is it that they keep fighting with themselves?   I've never understood the problem with the exception of the feminist mentality.  It is probably true that this destruction has been centered around not only feminism, but through our faux educational systems.  Best to simply separate from all the bad things, and focus on rebuilding upon the natural law.


Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dumb or Dumber for President

     Last night, I tried to sit down and watch the debate between Mitt "the magic underwear" Romney and Barack "I forgot my birth certificate" Obama-Soetoro-Davis.  I don't know about anyone else, but just the idea of these two creeps running anything other than a lemonade stand makes me have nightmares.  I lasted 17 minutes before I had to shut it off because I felt that if I watched any more of it, I would be less intelligent and far more dumber than I am now.  I need everything I can get when it comes to intelligence, and I don't need the Presidential debates dumbing me down any further.  After decades of wasting time in school, I value whatever intelligence I have left.
     After watching a series of videos about Mormons and their magic underwear, and the fact that they take showers with one hand touching their shorts is something that would come from a Jim Carey movie.  Mitt may or may not have the magic underwear, but who in their right mind would vote for such a man?  This election is a classic example of the failure and the uselessness of voting.
     Can you imagine Mitt getting the call at 3:00AM.  And the first thing he thinks of is that he wants to make sure he's wearing his magic underwear.  "Mr. President, we are being attacked...."  Mitt: "Geez, were are my shorts?  I can't make a decision unless I'm touching them."  Mormons also believe that they can become gods, and this is the man who is going to be President?  I read an article by a lady who said it was wrong to sit out the voting, but when we look closely at this election, we can see that there is no such thing as political opposition.  It is always the same kind of losers day in and day out.  I don't believe in voting because it creates violent government.  No one is responsible for anything.  At least if we knew who voted to whom, we could sue them for the injury and collect some damages.  The only reason someone wants to run for anything is because they are psychotic losers who want to get better at it.
     It gets better; or worse, depending on the circumstances.  Because of the statist mentality, everyone in the country has to have a birth certificate in order to do business.  However, Obama, the president of supposedly the greatest country in the world doesn't have one or won't disclose it.  Personally, I could care less because I don't think anyone should have a birth certificate.  Think about it, you have to prove who you are when you already know?  How dumb is that?  What is your birth date? Sorry, I was too young to remember.  Obama has proven he is an utter failure, but he needs another term to finish us off.  I can hardly wait for $10.00 per gallon gasoline, 40% unemployment, and the rest of the jobs going offshore.  Obviously, Obama isn't the answer.
     I suggest just staying at home and sitting this election out.  It doesn't matter which turkey occupies the White House, because they are both losers.  Romney still supports NAFTA which helped to clear out of the United States over 46,000 factories. Is there going to be an economic recovery?  My answer is: With what?  Government is just too destructive to exist.  Voting for Romney isn't going to help anything and he isn't conservative.  Obama will make things even worse so why would anyone want to vote and condone this kind of behavior.     When anyone casts a vote, it is like saying:
  • Do it to me again. 
  • I like losing my job
  • I want more taxes
  • Food stamps are cool
  • Jobs are overrated
  • I like seeing our children get killed in useless wars
  • I think it's great that the military allows cross-dressing
  • I like the "new world order" freak show
     Of course, most people don't think this, but the continued choice between dumb and dumber; evil or even more evil, is just not a good solution.  Maybe it is time to let the "state" fizzle into its own corruption.  This kind of system is just too destructive to continue.  The "state" has had over 6000 years of written history to show that it is always going to be a failure if it ignores God's commandments and the natural law.
      Why do people keep voting?  Most of us have been brain-washed into thinking that we have a choice of who will be our leaders, when the exact opposite is true.  There is no choice for we the slaves.  Slaves don't have choices.  Slaves always have the choice of two evils.  To the government, the people are as livestock to be harvested.  When anyone votes, they are ensuring their own bondage.

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How Did We Become Such Idiots?


"The following essay has an interesting story. The author, a federal prisoner, wrote a very intelligent and insightful letter to us late last February. In it he used the term "idiot" in a very interesting way. In my response, I challenged him to develop the term into something interesting, descriptive and inclusive in such a way as to be informative and useful. What he came up with is not exactly what I had in mind. It’s better." (by the late Don Harkins)

[This article was published in the Idaho-Observer in May of 2009 while I was still in prison.  And while Don Harkins edited the piece, he gave me full credit for it.  What was interesting about this article is that he published it even though there were some things he initially disagreed with, but published them according to the way I had written the piece.  Unfortunately, Don passed away suddenly in September, 2009 after sustaining a very strange leukemia illness.  Don was a good man and an outstanding reporter who will be missed by his family, friends, and his readers. (WAT)

By Walter Allen Thompson:

"Why does he act like such an idiot?" 

How many times do we ask that question about other people—even about ourselves? There is no shortage of idiots and they are the primary reason it is so difficult (if not impossible) to live on Earth in peace and truth.

Defining Idiot:
1. A person afflicted with idiocy (extreme deficiency of intelligence, commonly due to incomplete or abnormal development of the brain). Idiots are incapable of learning connected speech or of avoiding common dangers in life. 2. A fool; simpleton—a term of reproach (Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary [1947]).Today the term "idiot" is most commonly used as a "term of reproach" while historic idiots are now described as "retarded" or "mentally handicapped." We will be using "idiot" and "idiocy" in the reproachful contexts in common usage today.
Foolishness, stupidity and ignorance are the product of influences that relentlessly attack our sensibilities, faith and equanimity every day of our lives. They attack the well-being of all men. Idiocy induces war and an enormous amount of suffering upon mankind.

The first idiot:
      Who was the first idiot? As a Christian(the non pagan variety), I will say that it was Satan. Here is a being who was in heaven, but swore oaths with other angels and sinned against his Creator—eternally damning himself because he wanted to usurp the authority of God (Read Book of Enoch). And when God created man in His own image, Satan was intent on destroying the lives of every man, woman and child.
      The choice between good and evil—free will—has always been a part of God’s creation. God did not create evil, but the tendency for Satan and mankind to choose evil has always been present.
Satan became an idiot when he disobeyed God, incurring His wrath. Since misery loves company, Satan spreads the misery by influencing mankind to disobey God’s natural order of life. The "new world order" was started with the first sin and it has continued to this present day. 

The march of the idiots:
     The new world order is the plan of the idiots who are responsible for the death and destruction of the millions (if not billions) of lives memorialized in written history. The reason is because the new world order exists completely outside of God’s natural order. Think of it as God’s natural order completely inverted or reversed: Good became evil and evil became good; darkness is light and light is darkness. In God’s order the strong and the wise came before weak idiots. In the new world order we can plainly see that idiots come before the wise because idiots love death while the wise man loves life.
      The worship of images, or "idols," is called "idolatry." The purpose of idolatry, the worship of powerless objects, is to destroy mankind by influencing man to disobey God’s natural order of life, thereby acting like an idiot.
      Recently, the monetary and banking systems have been involved in numerous crises and bailouts. When money was made of gold and silver it was strong. But paper debt notes are weak, producing the boom and bust cycles that we have today. Any monetary system that trades debt notes in exchange for goods and services is doomed to eventual failure. Why? The people who designed and are currently running the money system are idiots. In addition, the financial institutions are patronized and regulated by idiots.

Idiot worship:
      Most people know the histories of Hitler, Stalin, Mao-Tse- Tung and Pol Pot who destroyed the lives of millions. These leaders were idiots. Worse yet is how other idiots look upon the works of these men with favor. This kind of idiocy—murderous leaders and the people who support them—is apparent in our own political system. The same kind of idiots are in control of the United States. Through idiots in the mass media, the idiots in leadership animate the rank-and-file idiots to do their bidding. The idiots-in-charge derive their relative strength in proportion to the numbers of rank-and-file idiots willing to support—even fight and die—for their idiotic causes.
The idiots’ strength is the force of arms under war powers; it is easier to kill or imprison anyone who questions the motives of the idiots-in-charge. And the idiot’s message is this: "Let our strength be the law of justice."

Idiots have no license: 
      From where do the idiots-in-charge derive their authority? They are not ordained by God because God is not an idiot. They are not ordained of God (as in Romans, Chapter 13) because they break God’s commandments. The idiots have no license to sin or do evil; no one has the authority to usurp God’s law; any claim that idiots proceed with lawful authority is an utter farce: "For God made not death: neither hath he pleasure in the destruction of the living. For he created all things, that they may have their being: and the generations of the world were healthful and there is no poison of destruction in them, nor the kingdom of death upon the earth."
     God did not make us in His image to be idiots. I used to think that all men were born evil; they are not. The evil we do is chosen. If we were born evil, then God’s commandments would serve no purpose because it would be impossible to keep them. It is not only possible for a man to keep God’s commandments, but also He expects us to keep them. And this is exactly how we can abide in His natural order.
      The idiot will say just the opposite. "But ungodly men with their works and words called it to them..."
The idiot brings evil upon himself because he has contracted with evil to do evil; if he acts like an idiot, it is because he is an idiot.

How do we stop being idiots? 
     While sitting in a prison for the last four years, I realized that I have to stop doing what all the other idiots do. I discovered that my isolation from the outside world was becoming an asset to me because I have had more time to think things through. But all of my actions are my responsibility and there is no excuse for me before God if I do wrong.  I can’t just stop being an idiot without knowing how to guard myself from acting like one. My mind is something that I consciously set out to guard so that I do not lapse back into idiocy. My first line of defense is the eyes. I do not use them to offend God in any way. I don’t look at or read things that will cause my mind to become unsettled. I avoid all forms of material that is offensive to God’s natural order.  I use the same principle with my ears. I try not to hear anything offensive as it will disturb the strength of my inner peace. By consciously guarding my eyes and ears, I can effectively guard my mind and soul. As a result, I’m finding that I can enjoy long periods of time in silence without getting bored.
      The key to overcoming idiocy is goodness and virtue. We should be mindful about how we speak about and treat others. By exercising self-control, we can break the idiotic habits of saying and doing things that harm our fellow man. I actually feel good when I get the urge to say something idiotic and then hold my tongue. I’ll admit sometimes it is difficult but I feel good when I can suppress my evil inclination.
      What are our obligations to God? Solomon says it in one sentence: "Let us hear the end of all: fear God and keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man (Eccl. 12: 13-14, Geneva Bible).
The fear of God puts a man’s soul at rest because the man knows his duties to God and he practices them. There is no fear of hell because his obedience to God’s commandments is the source of his confidence, hope, faith and the love for his Creator. On its surface, the fear of God putting a man’s soul at rest seems to be a paradox. I think of it this way: The fear of God is as healthy as not putting my hand into a flame. God will punish evil doers, so why be one?  I don’t fear Satan; I fear God. God makes the judgment; I want to have His favor all of the time. I exercise my own self-control so as to not act like an idiot.

Idiocy’s opposite: 
      The opposite of idiocy is wisdom and with wisdom comes understanding.
"The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord: all they that observe them, have good understanding: His praise endureth forever" (Psalms 111:10).
Here are some of the aspects of wisdom that I am paraphrasing from the wisdom of Solomon:
Wisdom is glorious, does not fade, and seen of those who love her.
Wisdom is a treasure found by those who seek her.
Wisdom is the breath of the power of God; the worker of all things.
Wisdom moves more than motion; it is the pure influence flowing from the glory of the Almighty.
Wisdom is the unspotted mirror of God; the image of His goodness.
Wisdom is the brightness of his everlasting light; the knowledge of God, the fear of God and the understanding of God.
Wisdom is privy to the mysteries of the knowledge of God; is patient, and conversant with God.

The choice is ours:
    In light of the aformentioned, we can see that an idiot has no value to God if he dies an idiot. To be an idiot greatly offends God. Man was created in the image of God so when he acts like an idiot he, in a sense, defiles the "copy" of God and is, therefore, a degraded version of the original. The only true happiness in life is having the favor of God; nothing else is better. But there are those choices God allows us to make between life and death, good and evil and heaven and hell; between idiocy and wisdom.
      Most governments have failed because they were run by idiots with no regard for God’s commandments.  Religions of the world with doctrines other than that which God has promulgated are not valid and will suffer the same fate as failed governments and for the same reasons.
      Our problems today arise from people calling upon idols or false gods for answers. We turn to our enemies as if they are our friends. We look to idiots as if they are wise. We treat idiots with honor and treat the wise with contempt. We turn to darkness and live as if it were light. We call upon ruthless idiots to do good when we should know they are incapable of it. The idiots have the authority on earth because we, the idiots, gave it to them.

Are there any good people in government? 
I take the position that, if they take an oath of office (forbidden in the scriptures), then no, they cannot do good even if they wanted to; the structure of government is idiocy with evil as its foundation.  Oh sure, there are some seemingly good things about government but they are always twisted and perverted to do the work of evil because it was designed that way and is working perfectly. The real purpose of most governments is to promote and grow idiocy by enlisting legions of idiot evildoers to steal from the people.

 Only one way out of idiocy: 
The only remedy for idiocy is to mend our ways and do good by being good and by providing others with the example of our goodness through the plain testimony of our actions. We are witnessing the last death-throws of this global idiocracy. We should step aside and stand aloof from it all, keeping ourselves within God’s natural order while adding virtues to our lives and exercising more self-control. If we guide our hearts and minds to maintain God’s natural order in our spheres of influence, then we will realize true peace. And pray for God to give the idiots a place for repentance. This is the true power of God.

 If it weren’t for idiots...:
     I will now close with an example of how things work when they are under the authority of God. The following was written about 100 AD by Bishop Clement of Rome in his Epistle to the Corinthians:
"The heavens, revolving under His government, are subject to Him in peace. Day and night run the course appointed by Him, in no way hindering each other. The sun and moon, with the companies of stars, roll on in harmony according to His command, within their prescribed limits, without any deviation. The fruitful earth, according to His will, brings forth food in abundance. At the proper seasons, for man and beast and all the living beings upon it. Never hesitating, nor changing any of the ordinances which He has fixed.
"The unsearchable places of the abysses, the indescribable arrangements of the lower world, are restrained by the same laws. The vast unmeasurable sea, gathered together by His working into various basins, never passes beyond the bounds placed upon it, but does as He has commanded. For He said, ‘Thus far shall you come, and your waves shall be broken within you.’ The ocean, impassable to man, and the worlds-beyond, are regulated by the same enactments of the Lord. The seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, peacefully give place to one another. The winds in their several quarters fulfill, at the proper time, their service without hindrance. The ever-flowing fountains, formed both for enjoyment and health, furnish without fail their breasts for the life of men. The very smallest of living beings meet together in peace and accord. All these the Great Creator and Lord of all has appointed to the smallest of living beings to exist in peace and harmony; while He does good to all, but most abundantly to us who have fled for refuge to His compassions through Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom be glory and majesty for ever and ever. Amen." 
Compare the words of Clement to the idiocy of evil men. What is our problem? Again, it rests on man’s desire to usurp the authority of God and to establish a "new world order" of idiocy and utter nonsense. God did not create evil; man does that for himself. We all must place ourselves under the authority of God and live in harmony and peace under his natural order. To do anything else is idiotic.

Walter Allen Thompson

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Power of Fear

     There are two kinds of fear: the healthy kind that can keep us out of danger and being injured in some way; and the other is a constant fear imposed by governments, religion, and the media.  Some of us have a healthy fear of God because we do not want to offend him in any way.  A healthy fear preserves our lives.  Being afraid of sticking one's hand in the fire is obviously healthy because it will keep the hand from getting burned.  Being afraid of standing near a ledge with a 100-foot drop is a healthy fear.  Being in fear of God means that we are not willing to compromise our spiritual lives and we do not wish to destroy our souls.
     But there is an unhealthy fear that is imposed upon us every day of our lives.  The fear of losing possessions, a job, status in society, or any fear that is completely unproductive.  There is no end to the types of fears that are put upon us as men and women by the government.  Fear of diseases, fear of war, fear of other races, fear of global warming, fear of evil, fear of other people for almost any reason--all of these things combine for an unreasonable way of controlling people by manipulating them with not only lying but the use of fear.
     Evil people use fear to control others into doing their wishes.  Fear of going to jail is a big one when it comes to enforcing slave (income) taxes.  Income taxes is one of the worst forms of slavery that is only beaten by usury.  Income tax uses people as if they were livestock to be fleeced.  The fear of going to jail if you don't pay is very compelling.  To me, I would be more afraid of being a slave than to go to jail.  That's just me, but fear is the guiding darkness that instills misery upon millions of people.
     The most powerful of evil people are those in governments, religions, and the media.  These people harness fear and lying as their weapons of choice against those who would oppose them  Evil people, however, are the ultimate losers because anything that they do will result in failure and extremely unpleasant results.  Normal people who do not like evil, try to separate themselves from them as much as possible, but the problem again is the fear.  Fear disables the mind and the spirit and it destroys life as God intended.  And I find that separating myself from these things goes a long way in helping me to establish my own equanimity.  I try not to read too much garbage that may have a bad effect on my mind.  But the main thing I try to do is to get rid of the fear of all of the other things.  For me, I can hardly keep track of all of the problems, let alone actually do something about them.  While in the past I have tried, I'm realizing that one solution to the problems would be for good people to separate out from the evil ones.  Living with evil people produces pain and suffering.  No good ever comes from it, because evil people are always afraid of something.  There is always some boogie man around to unsettle their lives.  The problem good people have is not realizing just how weak evil people can be.  While they appear strong--especially when using violence--ultimately they are losers.  Evil people destroy themselves by violating God's commandments and the natural law.  There is no good outcome for an evil person.  People who want to be good are constantly frustrated because they have allowed the fear of evil people to dominate their lives.  This can happen to people who study conspiracies for years and years, but they have no form of remedies that they propose.  They are always pointing to the excrement in the cesspool, but they do nothing to clean it up.  The reason is the fear is always present.  Fear disables any man or woman, and fear needs to be overcome before it can be eliminated.
     One of the ways I get that accomplished is that I limit what news and information that I take in and put into my mind.  I have noticed that if my mind isn't cluttered with nonsense, I have room to actually think in a constructive manner.  Why do I need to know about every misdeed on the planet?  The main thing I can control is myself and I do that by limiting certain types of information.  I only read just enough to know what's going on.  I would rather spend my time learning how to do something constructive than spending my time with information that I cannot use.
     Most governments and religions that I am aware of are completely evil and they do not have anyone's best interests in mind.  They are destructive in their doctrines and most of them are liars.
Most are satanic to the core and it is through lying, fear, and usury that they control people to the point of abject slavery.  My idea here is to avoid these people as much as it is possible.  Do not break any of the commandments.  The best you can do with these kinds of people is to make your interaction with them indifferent to the commandments.  They will always try to get you to violate God's laws at every turn.  They lie, steal, cheat, kill, and murder just for the sheer pleasure of being utter miscreants.  Their goal in life is the failure for themselves and everything else.  If your life is going well, then do not engage them if you have a choice.  They are not worth anything and dealing with people of such low character will only serve to harm you and your family.
     I suggest that if you are going to any church, that you take a second look at it.  I would get out of these churches, synagogues, temples, and whatever because they are spiritually evil and they will destroy your good judgment.  It doesn't matter what organization you are in, I would get out of them completely.  They have no authority from God at any level.  Their books are corrupted and they destroy life as God had intended.
     Mankind doesn't need any religious organization or written document to validate the authority of God.  That authority is in evidence through nature.  God being the creator, established the universe and nature to be a testimony to his power and authority.  Evil people try to usurp God's authority; destroying themselves in the end.  Do not follow these groups.  They are not worth the heartache.  They will steal your soul and make you pay for it.
     Don't let the evil people rule you by fear, because it is their best weapon.  Don't worry about things that you can't so something about; but rather, so things that are good and constructive; being pleasing to God.  There is no fear in keeping the commandments.  Evil people are simply losers who are awaiting an ugly outcome; don't be one of them.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Evolution: You've Got to be Kidding!

Updated: 03-06-23
     It has been over 55 years since I left college, and one of the most frustrating experiences I've ever had was sitting through a "science" class listing to an adult talk about evolution.  I had heard of it but I never paid much attention to it until I had the unfortunate experience to sit in a geology class and listen to the drivel that came out of the professor. Recently, a Congressman by the name of Paul Boun
made the comment that evolution is "straight from the pit of hell."  Assuming that there is a hell, and I believe there is, the Congressman is correct but I look at it somewhat differently.
     The purpose of pseudo-science of evolution is to make the students dumber than they were before.  I hadn't noticed this earlier on and I didn't know what the purpose was to teach it other than the theory was just plain wrong.  I rejected this before I had any religious beliefs.  I've always believed in God and evolution didn't fit anything that I have observed or studied.
     I left college for two reasons:  1. I was being taught communism and socialism in political science classes, and 2. I was being taught evolution which I thought was total idiocy. I don't know what those teachers were smoking at night, but their thinking was so off-the-hook in my view, I just couldn't take anymore nonsense.  It was a very liberating experience just walking off the campus.  I didn't even bother to cancel my classes.  But my mind was relieved from the constant inculcating of the satanic communist drivel that was pervasive throughout the school.  My mind cannot tolerate that kind of rotten material for very long.
     Evolution is as stupid as it gets.  Anyone with half a brain who can think past their nose should be able to see that this isn't even a good theory.  There are no solid facts to back it up, but just a bunch of  poppycock that has no facts in evidence to support this theory.  I could go through all of the "scientific" reasons why this theory is stupid, but I figure if I have to explain it to anyone, they must be too stupid anyway.  The only excuse for a belief like this is that children have been brainwashed into believing that they are a species of an animal.  This is a horrible lie but I do think there is a diabolical purpose in teaching this trash.

Did Man Come from a Monkey

     This is one of the dumbest ideas I've ever heard.  There is not one fact that supports this insane conclusion.  If you take the evidence, it is clear from the beginning that it is based upon assumptions with no evidence to support the conclusion.  I've had discussions with people about this and they talk about "empirical" evidence that supports evolution.  However, when I ask them to prove it, they offer a ton of  shuck and jive that is embarrassing to  hear.  Their evidence is based upon presumptions and assumptions with no facts in evidence.  And whatever facts they use can always be debunked because their "facts" are based upon nothing.
     And you'll notice that this crap is taught mostly in public schools.  Why?  At first, I just thought they were stupid and that was the end of it.  About ten years ago, I came to understand that governments and some religious people think that most people are just animals.  Here's one example of how the US Code describes man as animals:

(f) The term “food” means
(1) articles used for food or drink for man or other animals,
(2) chewing gum, and
(3) articles used for components of any such article. 
    They don't consider men, women, and children to be at their level.  They actually think that people below them are animals; to be fleeced (i.e. income tax) for the purposes and agenda of both the state and the "church."  This is why I believe evolution is taught in the schools.  In order to control the masses, the masses need to be taught the lie of evolution in order to be controlled.  This is why the word "human being" is always used because it means that it is a man who is a "bi-pedaled primate" which means a monkey.  I now know that I'm not human, and there there is no such thing as a human being because they don't exist.
     Evolution serves two purposes for the new world order agenda:
  • It attempts to lower the status of men, women, and children created by God to that of animals because that is what satanic people do.  They worship death and hell, and evolution is a big part of the lie perpetrated by evil people.  
  • The teaching of evolution makes people stupid and it guides their minds into a big lie.  Once a person believes in lies, it is much easier to manipulate them.  Mind control is simply utilizing the lie to destroy mankind.  In the new world order mindset, count on everything being twisted and unusable.
     Only a complete jackass would teach such a thing to innocent minds who don't know one way or another.  I've sat through classes of this garbage, and my first reaction was that they had no evidence for such a theory.  I was only 19 or 20 years of age at the time; with little religious training. 
     Lies disable the proper functions of the mind and that's why I've been writing about how to avoid them and how to discern the truth.  Don't let people in whatever media try to warp your brain by telling you a bunch of trash.  Check things out for yourself and begin to separate  from things that are lies and/or just plain stupid.  Evolution is not only one big lie; it is also stupid.  And you cannot work with stupid.
     To teach evolution to a young child is nothing more than another form of mental abuse.  But this idea also can rot the mind of an adult.  If you believe in evolution, you're mind has been severely compromised, and this is how you are being controlled.  It's time to get away from groups and learn to start thinking for yourself.
     Children need to be at home with their parents and not in school being taught by a bunch of lying psychos.  My idea of educational reform is to shut down every school and have the young people learn at home where they are relatively safe.  Think of the money that could be saved.  Let children learn things that can make them some money when their older, rather than sit in  mental abuse centers called school.

Walter Allen Thompson has a book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Truth: How to Use It

         I've been a conspiracy observer since I was eleven years old.  And after almost fifty years of studying this material, the question always arises: What do I do with this information?  Most people call people like me conspiracy theorists, but we aren't observing or speculating in theories, we are simply taking a bunch of facts and then we try to put them into their proper place and context.  Conspiracy observers or theorists (including me) remind me of my favorite cocker spaniel by the name of Lady.  Every time the UPS truck left our house, she would run after that truck and try to catch it.  My question is: What was she going to do with it once she caught it?  Same goes for conspiracy historians:  What are you going to do with the information?  What benefit is there in knowing all of this stuff?  How do I use it to my benefit?

     The truth is what it is and no one can change it.  I think it is safe to say that the new world order type of people are completely psycho and their only real interest in life is to make sure they kill us all.

They love death; and between religious and government psychos, there is no end to their destruction.  They are completely worthless to themselves, their families, and to God.  God created life; Satan wants to destroy it.  This is the struggle between good and evil.

     I don't write much about these conspiracies because many others do a very good job of it, and I don't think I'm going to contribute too much more than they already have.  But how do we use the truth?  How do we keep the new world order crap out of our lives?  How do we use the truth to our own advantage?

     Using the truth always has a beneficial outcome for any man who takes the time to discover it.  In my case, I have discovered that operating in truth keeps my life very simple and peaceful as I try not to allow any evil material into my mind.  For example: I got the not-so-brilliant idea the other night to do an article on the presidential elections.  As I started to listen to the debate, my mind completely rejected everything that was coming out of the candidates' mouths.  I saw--almost all at once--just how twisted the whole process can be and it was not going to edify me.  In fact, if I were to listen to such drivel, I would be making myself dumber and less informed than if I didn't listen to it at all.  Listening to political and religious nonsense is going to damage the mind, and twist it into places that many of us do not want to go.  It would be nice if there was another planet to go to for some peace and quiet, but so far that isn't possible.  But what I can do is to shut down my mind to garbage and just stay to myself.  Of course, truth can be used to distort the lie, but the truth will always manifest itself, and we need to learn how to identify it and then how to use it.

     When it comes to religious people, I immediately discard their remarks because I simply don't believe anything they say unless I can confirm the truth some other way.  Most of them do not believe in their own writings, so to me, it is a waste of time listening to someone talk about spiritual matters that they themselves do not believe.  The easiest way for me to identify them is to see if the men have beards.  Shaving the beard is forbidden in the bible and is considered a great dishonor.  Most pastors and rabbis have the girly-face look, so I don't need to bother listening to a word they say because they don't believe the "bible" in the first place.

     If I see a politician, religious leader, or who gives the two-fingered finger, then I know this is a person that I don't need to give any attention.  I'm actually grateful for the warning.  Once I see someone wave at me like that, I stay as far away from them as I can.  I know that no good relationship will come out of it.  I see many things in print with symbols of the occult.  When I see them, I stay away because nothing good is going to come from them.

     In utilizing truth, one of the things I do is to always look for contradictions and then I stay away from whatever it is until I get a complete understanding.  There's no point in moving on with something if the proper knowledge isn't there.  If the facts seem to be in dispute, then something doesn't deserve to be called a fact.  When looking at conclusions, the facts always have to support that conclusion.  When I'm considering any issue, the whole idea to arriving at the truth is to collect as many facts as possible and then make a decision.  When the truth is discovered, try to live within what you know is true and don't deviate from it if it has anything to do with you.  Don't try to alter the truth, just accept it for what it is but always be mindful to make sure you pay attention to your inner alarm when something seems to contradict itself.  When you see a contradiction, you know something is wrong.

     One of the things that have annoyed me is the constant views of satanic symbols on religious books and reading material.  I even have a Geneva Bible that had the Celtic cross with a bunch of disgusting pagan symbols on it.  My take on this is that the material contained in the book is probably tainted in some way so that I take that as a warning.  And of course, any writing should only be secondary information as anyone can say anything in writing, but each writing should be backed up by facts.  So my faith in God is not in any writings unless I can confirm the veracity of the writing with other facts.

     In using truth to my benefit means that I don't feel compelled to constantly study evil things.  The more I read evil things, the more my mind and soul is troubled. However, that doesn't mean to put ones' head in the sand, but to learn enough to know what is going on and then separate myself from it.   Rather, I simply try to separate myself from whatever it happens to be and I seem to enjoy life more.  I don't have a television, and I watch very few programs because I don't want my own thinking to become distorted.  I want to preserve my own intelligence; I don't want to destroy it.

     Truth doesn't do very well in groups.  Almost every group that I have seen gets corrupted by lying psychos.  Learn to think on your own.  Start with the facts and then come to a conclusion; rather than starting with the conclusion and then looking for the facts.  Use the deductive reasoning first; considering facts then coming up with the conclusion.  You can use inductive reasoning, but I don't think it is as accurate as deductive reasoning because it comes up with the conclusion first then tries to get facts to support that conclusion.    Fact plus fact plus fact should get you the proper conclusion every time.  

     Now, you may not like the immediate results.  In my case, I have come to the conclusion that I had been lied to all of my life and on many levels.  Lies always get bad results, and once I found the ones that I was interested in; I could hardly believe it.  But after the dust settled, I can say that I'm better off for discovering these truths.  I have tried to make my adjustments and move on with my life.

     To recap this article, there are some absolutes that are to be considered.  What are the facts? Is it the truth?   If it is the information is now usable.  If it is not, obviously there's no point in thinking about it.  Remember, the truth is never relative.  It is what it is and it stands on its own.  Lies are the ultimate mind control weapon.  It is better to simply limit if not eliminate most sources of information that don't do us any good.  I try to only use information sources that I know are reliable.  But even those, I still double check.  The truth is the source of freedom; use it.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Discerning the Truth

    Ever since I found out that there is no such thing as Santa Claus, I have always been the kind of person who wanted to know the truth of any matter or anything.  When I was 10 years old, I used to argue with other children that there was a Santa Claus making a complete idiot out of myself.  Once my mom told me about the scam, my first question was: "Why did you lie to me?"  I really felt like an idiot, and so I learned at an early age not to allow myself to be so gullible.  The only way I could make that happen is to find out what is the truth and then go about using it to my benefit.  I've been thinking about this lately as I've lived a fairly long time and looking back, I can see that a lot of what I believed was not true or was just partially true.

What is truth?

     The truth is a fact, a reality, it is the actual state of a matter.  A lie or an error is not the truth, and it isn't usable for anything unless one intentionally wants to create evil.  So the truth is what every man needs in order to make intelligent judgments and decisions in their lives.  For me, if I know what the truth is then I will be able to make better decisions.  The truth is not relative nor can it be compromised.  The truth stands on its own and it is there for all of mankind to use to his benefit.  The problems in life come when we make decisions based upon lies which will create misery instead of joy.  So a proper knowledge of truth means that we always have to be seeking it out, even if it puts us in unusual situations because it is the truth that provides the necessary elements of knowledge into our minds.  Once we have this proper knowledge, then we are able to make informed decisions.

How do we find truth?
     The only way I know of to find truth is through a thorough investigation and then base my opinion on the facts.  Remember, a fact is the actual state of the matter.  A fact is a truth; an opinion may or may not be the truth.  If something is an opinion, I treat it with the same consideration I use when investigating an issue.  I try to find the facts and then base my belief from those facts.  Even then, sometimes I have to reverse my view because there may be a new fact I didn't know about that would actually change the conclusion.
     Let's take for example the existence of God.  What facts do I have to prove his existence?  It is a fact that nature exists.  It is a fact that most all of nature is magnificent and beautiful.  It is a fact that nothing happens on its own.  It is a fact that none of us created ourselves.  My dogs did not create themselves.  But it is a fact that we are here living on earth.  It is a fact that we need air to breathe.  It is a fact that we cannot see the air, yet we depend upon it for every second of our lives.  And it is a fact, that everything in nature works together to sustain life in some form or fashion.  Someone created it. To me, I have enough facts to prove there is a God and that everything he created is good.
I do not see how it can be any other way.
     But to deny God, an atheist would have to say he doesn't exist and that he didn't create anything.  If you take that to the next logical conclusion, then everything that we see and experience just somehow happened by itself.  The problem with this view is that idea isn't something we can observe.  Something happening on its own cannot be observed.  If a man sits at the kitchen table and waits for something to "evolve" he will be waiting for a long time and he will never be able to witness the results.  That's because there is no such thing as "evolution."  If there was such a thing, we would be able to see it in nature.  It simply doesn't happen, but this kind of junk science is commonly taught in schools.  There are no facts to support the idea of the non-existence of God.
     However, there are a lot of facts that religions want to say that theirs is the only true religion.  What facts do they have?  Just like evolutionists, the religionists have no facts to support their individual claim.  They get their information based upon writings of some person who is now probably deceased.  There are many contradictions and errors in religious writings, so much so that it would be impossible to say that anything is the inspired word of God.  At best, any writing should be secondary information but it should be confirmed with facts from other sources.
     What I do is to match up a religious teaching with the commandments and the law of nature.  The law of nature cannot be broken.  I believe that a commandment must conform to the law of nature because it is the law of nature that is consistent and dependable.  Few religious writings can stand up to the test and pass the law of nature.  I believe that God or the creator has set things in nature for mankind to observe and stay within certain limitations.  So the true law of anything is that of the commandments of God and those laws of nature.  Everything must conform to the law of nature and mankind gets into all kinds of trouble violating it.  Thus, in order to get good results in life, these laws must be obeyed by mankind.

Is Truth Relative?

     The truth is never relative as it stands on its own authority.  Someone's perception of truth may be different from someone else, but unless that perception conforms to the truth, just the perception is enough to twist the mind into believing one thing when another is true.  We all get into a lot of mental twisting when it comes to government and religion as these subjects rarely deal with the truth.  I don't need a writing to know of the existence of God.  And when it comes to government laws, they are so convoluted that they are essentially unusable.  For instance: in government nouns are redefined to mean other things than the normal meaning.  If you don't check these definitions, you'll completely lose the meaning.  This kind of lying by "legislators" just adds to the confusion.  But no rational mind can understand that kind of gibberish.

How to Discern Truth

     What I do is to look for contradictions.  I learned this early in life in my flight training.  When flying on instruments, we learned to look at all of the instruments and if one was out of sync, we  had to cover defective instruments up because even if we knew the information was wrong, it still could cause a pilot to err.  The same is true with everything else.  When we put the error into our minds, everything thought based on that thought will now be incorrect.  Looking for contradictions will show something isn't right.
     Observe hypocrisy and understand it for what it is: hypocrisy is a lie in action.  People say one thing and do another.  Pay attention to what a person says and what he does.  If someone says: "I love you," and then punches you in the mouth,  you can tell that this person doesn't mean what they say.  Any kind of hypocrisy should be your guide for observing flaws in other people and it will show you where you need to improve.  If you see a man who does what he says, he will usually be an honest man.
     Writings tend to take on an authority that they don't deserve.  I would always verify any writing to what you can prove is true.  Of course, this is why I don't like fictions because they have a tendency to twist the mind.  If you can't prove the veracity of the writing beyond the writing itself, then it should always be held suspect.  This is especially true with science.  There are too many knuckleheads who call themselves scientists who will say the most stupid things about what they think they observe.  If you can prove their theories in your own mind, then you probably have the truth.
     Do not believe in presumptions or assumptions.  These are not areas of truth unless they are based on facts.  Most governments operate on the most outlandish presumptions.  Get the facts.  Even the word person in government or legal-speak can mean something totally different from what we understand.
     It has been my experience that the truth at times is somewhat difficult to uncover, but it is always there.  If I don't understand something, I simply wait until I get enough information to get the proper understanding.  But it is worth the effort because only the truth will give us the proper information to make good decisions.

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of  The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments.