Sunday, January 23, 2022

A Good Spirit will Irritate Other Peoples’ Demons


I found this quote on the internet and I think it is very useful in understanding the opposition to the real God’s World Order and the Satanic “new world order”:

“Some people will never like you because your spirit irritates their demons.”

I keep reading this over and over and I’m finding that it helps me to understand the interaction among moral and immoral people.  Immoral people are the ones who never want their actions criticized.  If they are doing something bad or evil, they don’t like to have them exposed.  Moral people or people who are seeking out the proper morality on any issue will become frustrated that they are not appreciated by immoral people.

It is the evil that must reproduce itself over and over again in order to gain perceived power that it doesn’t have in the first place.  There is never any power in evil as it is the weakest position a man can take.  Evil is for losers and doing evil will always get bad results.  We can watch this happen with the vaccine mandates, regulations, and lockdowns as they begin to fall apart because their existence is founded upon evil; or lies.  The medical industry is imploding under their own bullshit.  

People who do evil are under the influence of demons.  The above quote gives me a better understanding of the dynamics of various relationships over the years.  When I have suggested a good course of action to someone who is influenced by evil or demons, they get extremely irritated.  The truth cannot be tolerated in the mind of a demon.  Only lies are tolerated.  And I think most of us have done battle with good and evil inclinations and perhaps it is the spiritual side that gets the most activity.

Perhaps this is why governments and religions are so worthless.  They don’t address the core of the problems of mankind like the natural order does.  They have put all of us on a continual merry-go-round—confusing our minds between good and evil.  If we question the teachings of government and religion, then they attack us as being enemies of their doctrines.

This reminded me of the time when I was in 5th or 6th grade I asked the principle of the school something like: “How did you get authority over me?”  The principle blew a stack, yelled at me and then called my mother down to the school.  My mother backed me up by saying that it was a fair question and she wondered why the principle got so upset.  Apparently, I upset the principle’s demon by asking the question.

If a man questions the evil of homosexuality then the homos will come out and attack him for being racist or a bigot.  Homosexuality is obviously immoral and the only way they can defend it is to produce more of it.  They know that they are wrong but continue to engage in their perversions because they have become slaves to the evil.

Go into a courtroom and ask the judge: “What facts do you have that show your laws apply to me?”  If you push for an answer to the question, eventually the judge will blow his stack and start yelling.  The reason is that the truth is irritating his demon.

If we are moral and tell the truth, then there is nothing to fear.  But if we share the truth with people who don’t want to received it; again, the reason is that the truth is irritating their demons.

I hadn’t quite thought of it in this way and I don’t know who came up with this idea but I do appreciate its wisdom.  Keeping the demons away is to choose the proper morality which is good over evil.  

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land 

Saturday, January 15, 2022

All Evil People are Slaves

 All Evil People are Slaves

No matter how “powerful” the so-called “elite” new world order freaks think they are, the reality is that they have nothing.  Things that are evil have no value and they aren’t worth pursuing.

Governments are based on evil because they lie about their own purpose.  If they say that the government exists to secure the freedom of the people, the reality is that it exists to make mankind slaves.  The new world order is attempting to invert the natural order with their demented view of how society should be.  The governments will ultimately fail because they don’t operate on a plain of virtue, they operate on an evil foundation which always gets a bad result.  

The solution to this is for people to take control over their own lives and do what is necessary to get the good results.  That would mean to correct all of the bad parts of their lives and replace it with good things.  If something is evil; then, just don’t do it.  Good actions have a nice payback but bad actions also have a bad payback.  

Evil people are slaves to their own depravity.  The evil elites almost always have bodyguards to protect them from the payback.  This is not a good way to live.  But they have brought it on themselves and with the vaccine pandemic scam, the payback is going to be horrific for them.  No one escapes the consequences of their own actions.  A man could have a trillion dollars in the bank but it won’t save him from the payback.

Thus, evil people are slaves to their own depravity.  No matter how “powerful” they think they are the evil that they did will follow them to their lives on earth and into eternity.  

It is very important to learn to do your own thinking and choose from right and wrong.  Right reason and common sense will make life much easier for everyone.  But if a man chooses the wrong, then nothing but chaos and evil will follow.  The problem here is that all of us have been taught to follow the order of society and not to question authority.  However, if any authority mandates something that is immoral, then the man has every reason not to comply.  Mankind always gets a better outcome when he follows and abides in the natural order.

Some of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in life is to not trust my gut feeling thus making bad choices.  We all have a latent knowledge of right and wrong and our gut will help us make the proper decisions.

Evil people ignore their gut feelings and then wonder why their conscience is always bothering them.  The conscience is relentless so it does make a lot of sense to simply choose the good and avoid the pain of the conscience.  Evil people—no matter how rich they are—will always be slaves to the rotten life that they have set for themselves.  They will live in fear for the rest of their days because they latently know that the retribution is coming their way to pay them back for their evil deeds.


Every Good Man is Free

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land 

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Are Hospitals Extermination Centers?


A few months ago, I lost a good friend to the Covid nonsense and the extremely poor medical treatment that he received at a local hospital.  It took almost 8 weeks to send him into eternity, but that was plenty of time to drain his insurance benefits.  He and I got along very well, although, he would disagree with me on some issues.  What was different about him is that after we would argue about something, he took the time to do his own research.  Many times, he would come back to me and say: “Remember when you said xxxxxx?”  Usually, he would say I was absolutely correct.  We never got into verbal fights and if we disagreed, we could still sit at the bar or restaurant and have a few drinks.

The last two times I spoke with him over the phone while he was at the hospital he told me that every thing that I had said about the bad medical system was twice as bad as I had stated.  But he was stuck in the hospital and was essentially a prisoner at this medical facility.  Visits from friends and family were very limited so it was hard for his wife to be an advocate for him with such limited visiting hours.  

Here’s what happened to the best of my memory.  About four or five months ago, he received a Covid shot from the VA hospital after I had told him never to get the vaccine.  Other friends of mine told him the same thing.  However, he was a reserve for a military branch of the Navy and apparently he was told that if he didn’t receive the vaccine he would have to resign.  He was 81  old and the last thing he needed was to take a jab from the poisoned needle.  He eventually told me that he got vaccinated a few months later and I got pissed.  He was very proud to be a part of the military although he had limited activity because of his age.  He was in the reserves.  But just like other employees from other corporations, he became a victim of the extortion tactics used by government and corporations to compel obedience.  I told him that he’s probably not going to have a good outcome.  Unfortunately, I was right.

It all started when he thought he was having a heart problem and called an ambulance to take him to the hospital.  When he got there, he was left by himself for 30 hours in a closet area before he got any “medical care.”  During that process, he tested positive for Covid.  If that wasn’t bad enough, he then came down with pneumonia.  He was trying to recover from the pneumonia when he got some kind of bowel problem which resulted in him receiving a colostomy bag.  He was also having blood clots that were coming out of his rear end.  It was decided that he needed a colostomy bag thus he needed surgery.  If the colostomy bag wasn’t bad enough, it started to leak creating the need for yet another major operation.

Remember, all this crap is being stretched out over 8 weeks and his stay at the extermination center tortured the poor man for eight weeks.  I cannot imagine the pain and suffering this poor soul received.  He was put on morphine, probably from the beginning, and that’s what they do because the pain from the medical care is too much for anyone to bear.  But the morphine demoralizes the patient and he goes into a state of despair.

This is a tragic example of a man who was lied to by the government, only to go to a hospital for a very slow execution.  Where is the government loyalty to this man when he needed it?  Since the government is a collection of liars, thieves, sexual perverts, and tyrants, the truth shows those very bad results.  But my friend believed in the "system" that failed him when he needed it the most. 

My friend got the "Covid" after he got the vaccine which in turn set the rest of the problems in motion.  He was subjected to the big lie that vaccines are a valid medical procedure.  Just to be clear, I oppose the use of vaccines under any circumstances.  To inject any of these chemicals in a perfectly healthy body is stupid and insane.  It is even worse if the patient has other medical problems.  Only a real asshole would suggest the use of vaccines.  I believe that my friend was murdered by the death-care professionals, but not before he suffered 8 weeks of unbearable pain and suffering.

No valid medical system should tolerate this demented kind of treatment.  It is so bad that we have to realize that they are doing this on purpose.  Reports are coming in from all over the world that show that the medical system is being run by a bunch of thugs.  Years ago I had an MD say: “Don’t go to the hospital, they will kill you.”  At the time I was shocked by her statement as it was a few years before Covid.  As it turns out, she was correct.  This crap has probably been going on long before the Covid.  The medical system as I understand it now is more of extermination death camps.  Sure, they do some good things.  After all, they have to make it look good.  But overall, these are places that people should think twice before using their services.


Abomination of Vaccinations: The Poisoned Needle

Murder by Morphine

Walter Allen Thompson has a  book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land 

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Government Destroys Morality


“The internal moral compass that normally guides individual behavior will no longer function when the state undermines incentives for moral conduct and blurs the distinction between right and wrong.” (The Rise of Government and the Decline of Morality by James Dorn)

I was browsing the internet and I found this quote which goes right down to the core of the problem.  The above quote is really good because it says most of it in just one sentence.  I go a little further in stating that the governments are centered around the Devil, Satan, and the Evil One,.  To be a member of any government in todays modern world is to be a traitor to God, family, countrymen, and friends.  The government pushes immoral policies to the point that most people don’t realize that they are evil and immoral.  

Dorn says it best when he writes about the “internal moral compass” because that’s the one thing that can keep us out of a lot of trouble.  This internal moral compass helps us to determine what is right and wrong.  We all have a latent knowledge of morality in our own ability to use right reason and common sense.  The “government” is destroying the whole concept of morality and it uses a “secular” excuse for spiritual and moral depravity which they enjoy promoting.  A typical example is having a bunch of queers and trannys make homosexual presentations in public schools; especially in the grammar and middle grade schools.  No parent should ever allow their beloved children to be indoctrinated by the pathetic and morally depraved school systems.  Nature shows us through common sense and right reason that homosexuality is perverted.  That’s only one example.  Governments start all of the wars because only evil idiots think that war is a good thing.

Anytime the government tells you to do something immoral, do not comply.  It will save you a lot of trouble in the future.  Think about whether something is right or wrong and then take the proper action based on a moral decision.  This will always provide a better result than if you can chosen the immoral route. 

I’m getting to the point to where I’m sick of documenting all of the bad things that I see because it doesn’t provide a good result.  All morality should be judged by the man or woman who considers it and weighs the good v. the evil; the right and the wrong.  To spend so much time documenting the evil is like having to spending a lifetime counting the turds in the cesspool.  It is more productive to choose the good over the bad and live a peaceful life.  Always ask yourself: Is it moral to XXXXXXXX?  Whatever you are considering, make it a point to judge your own behavior by morality.  Morality doesn’t change from one culture or the other; it is either good or bad.  This keeps everything simple and easy to understand.

If there were more people who understood this principle, no government would be able to exercise immoral policies.  I can’t recall anytime in written history where there were any governments that were organization which were based on morality.  Today, they are all corrupted and cannot be of service to anyone.  It is much better to simply choose the good and live a happy life.


Judge the Morality

Refusing the Immorality

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Natural Law is the Supreme Law of the Land