Sunday, June 24, 2012

Breaking the Back of Evil

    Evil people seem so powerful, strong, and seem to get away with every evil deed to the point that it looks impossible to defeat them.  That our only way to survive is to be a good slave and just say "Yes, massa.." every time they tell us to do something.  The problem for evil people is that they are broken already, and if they have no room for repentance, a very hot place is waiting for them, assuming it is true that there is a hell.  I believe there is and that's a party I do not wish to attend.  Most of these whiny miscreants couldn't stand to be in a room over 80 degrees for very long, let alone be in hell for an eternity.  People who conduct their lives built upon lies are destined for a very sorry outcome in this world and in the next.  The evidence for this, in my opinion, is my inner sense of justice.  Creeps such as government and religious people seem to enjoy bringing misery down upon themselves and everyone else around them.  They cannot be worked with nor can anyone compromise with them.
They are just evil, and evil people have no desire to do anything good.
     The problem with evil people is that they aren't content to limit the idiocy to themselves.  They want to drag everyone else into their lunatic world of complete stupidity.  Because they base all of their actions on the principles of Satan, there cannot be any freedom when the true message of these people is complete bondage of mankind.  This is why government as we know it now is completely dysfunctional.
     One of the ways of breaking the back of evil is to never, ever, let any of their garbage into your mind.  This seems difficult at first, however, with a little patience, you can rid yourself of most of the evil.  The reason evil is so destructive, in my opinion, is that it tends to numb the mind from its moral anchor and it tries to gain control of it.   The more evil that is put into the mind, the harder it is to stop thinking about it.  This is why I don't listen to any political or religious people as I know I'm usually going to hear nothing but evil bullshit.  There is no point in listening to them.  Their evil is the source of their continual twaddle and there isn't any reason for me to listen to them.  I don't ever completely trust any writing unless I can verify the truthfulness of the content.  I'm tired of getting screwed by reading, observing, or hearing junk that is stupid.  I'm working to put it out of my life, so I am learning to stay away from trouble.
     When it comes to government, I take my moral stand on the commandments.  Anything else to me is just nonsense unless it conforms to the commandments, or at the very least, does not conflict with them.  Since there is no meaningful political opposition in the political system, I just disengage from the whole thing because it is pointless to actually think that one group can make a difference or do better than another.  If both groups are based on the principles of Satan (oath), there's really no point in participating such as in elections, because there isn't much of a difference.  The substance will always be the same: evil.
     Then there are the religious people.  Any religious group who doesn't emphasize God's commandments is not a valid religion in my view.  There can only be one "religion" or way to be with God, and keeping the commandments  is always the more productive way of doing things.  I think it is better to focus one's life on them, rather than continuing to live in a manner that offends God.   Of course, religious people tend to get involved with government and that's why I think the two evil groups work so well together in screwing things up.  Some religious groups don't think that keeping God's commandments is important.  So they continue in their error and the bad results can be seen by just looking at them.
     In fact, I don't like to join any groups for any reason.  If a person is in a group, that group can be too easily corrupted by just a few people.  I'm thinking it is better to limit one's relationships to God, family, and a few friends.  Even this approach is not without danger as evil always seems to want to try to get a toehold in our lives.  The commandments are the best defense against the evil.
     Government and religion do not have the motivation nor the ability to be of any benefit to mankind.  Both groups combined are the most destructive forces of the face of the earth.  There's really nothing good that comes from then that can't be done another way.  Both groups get too many people killed.  In the government's world, the suckers are starting to outnumber the producers.  They are as leeches and parasites who don't know when to quit.  They are in an economic feeding frenzy
and they are too stupid to let the host live.  Religions teach so many different doctrines, that it appears to me that God isn't that stupid and that their religions are not from God.  And any writing or scripture is only as good as the truth it reflects.  And if you notice, at the center of most of the chaos and turmoil that we see in the world, most of it rotates around government, religion, and most importantly: evil.  Nothing good seems to happen, and the reason is that evil never divides against itself.  So for people to intelligently figure out solutions to any problem, the last place that should be done is with government and religion.  The proper choices are rooted in the commandments.
     Now, it does serve some purpose to study history, world events, and religious doctrines.  However, at a certain point, there's not much value for the effort with the exception of knowing who or what to avoid.  For my own purposes, I use the oath as an indicator as to whether or not I want to get involved or even consider any ideas from a group of people.  Additional articles on the oath are: here and here.
     It will be the keeping of God's commandments that will eventually break the back of the evil.  Evil cannot exist unless it feeds off of the dead souls who feed it.  By keeping the commandments and abiding in the natural law, evil will wither away in its own nothingness.

Defeating Evil: Suppressing Anger

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Simkanin's Last Letter to Me

This is why most people in the "paytriot" movement are just a bunch of jackasses.  And I can say the same thing about "conservative" politics.  All show and no go.  People who encouraged us in the beginning and then fled after giving us bogus information.  Few  stories were ever printed about Dick Simkanin. Now, in your so-called elections, the socialist Mitt Romney is the Republican frontrunner after Rand and Ron Paul stabbed their followers in the back.  Again, if you want to be taken advantage of and destroyed by so-called "conservative" political types, just take a look at this letter from Simkanin.  As far as I'm concerned, they are all socialists.

August 22, 2010

"........But, now I got myself put back in prison because I did not report to the Probation Officer within 72 hrs of my being let go by the BOP.  I let a guy talk me into a process that would free me of the 3 yrs of Supervised Release.  He had some pretty strong reasons for being right.  And, in law, he is absolutely right, but, as you so elequently put it in your letter, "RIGHT" dosen't mean anything to the present gang in charge of Amerika.  Because I didn't report they gave me 7 years in prison.  My appeal will be on getting a gross punishment that dosen't fit the so-called crime.  --S.R. Violation  Beaumont, TX FCI is the armpit of the BOP.  Most call this Bloody Beaumont because of some of the past riots that have happened here.  This is a complex containing a USP, Medium, and a low.  I'm at the low.  They also have a Camp of about 300 people.  I came back in with 5 points and I'm going to try for a Camp ASAP.  I'm not expecting anything big from my appeal, but who knows, I might get some time off.  I'm tired Al. I'm tired of all this patriot stuff and what its done to our lives.  I lost a 5 million dollar Company, my marriage and my family has pretty much disowned me.  The only people who write to me are those who I've met in the tax honesty movement, and those who write regularly are about 6 people.  It will only be a couple more years and no one will remember us and what we were all about.  Knowing what I know today I might do it all over again, but, I certainly would do it quite differently.  My real consolation is knowing, in my heart, that I have not actually committed any crimes.  I have always looked for truth and righteousness both in mans law and Yahweh's law.  I have never tried to enrich myself at the expense of another, even the gov't itself.  I believe that you pretty much have done the same thing.
    Father Yahweh guides our paths by bringing certain individuals and info into our lives.  I am back in prison for a reason.  At the moment I don't know why, but, I trust my Heavenly Father for the reason.
    I will take your advice about laying low and not trying to make any more points.  I'm tired!  At 66 yrs old I've had enough of this insane gov't and I would like to have a few yrs to just relax and enjoy.  However, it's not really what I want, but, what Father wants for me.  Every once-in-while I read the book of JOB and it helps me to get back in reality and out of a depressed state.  I'm doing OK!  My goal now, Yahweh willing, is to get out of this place and stay out, even though I just hate facing that Half-way House and Supervised Release.  But hey, it can't be as bad as Bloody Beaumont.
    Thanks for offering to send me some reading material.  If I think of something I really want to read I'll let you know.  Please don't send me anything about mainstream Christianity.  It's been so watered down it's actually reverted back to paganism.  I read your article about "Idiot", it was good and it fits today's Christian........."


    Someone took advantage of Dick and filed these UCC papers but I don't know who did it.  But whoever did is a schmuck and this is the bad result. So whoever the schmuck is I hope you learn from your stupidity.   I'm not sure you all know that Dick spent one year in the SHU which is like being in the hole.  The prisoner is typically locked down 23 out of 24 hours a day.  So when Dick finally got out, he didn't seem to be that sharp because he needed to readjust to the outside.  It takes awhile to get used to it.
    Anyone who uses UCC is asking for a lot of trouble.  I've seen men get over twenty years for doing it, or men in prison who keep thinking they'll be released shortly.  The problems is that there is no reliable body of law that is usable for the benefit of the common man; it's only for the ruling class.  And, it probably isn't too good for them either.  If you decide to use this system, expect something bad to happen.  I would only use these "laws" if I was forced to do it.  My good friend Dick was suckered into using this weird process and it cost him his life.
    Richard Simkanin was a very nice man and it is a tragedy that he had to die in prison.  I will always have the good memories of him for the rest of my life.

Simkanin Letter

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Malicious Soul Has No Life

    " For into a malicious soul wisdom shall not enter; nor dwell in a body that is subject to sin.  For the holy spirit of discipline will flee deceit, and remove from thoughts that are without understanding, and will not abide when unrighteousness cometh in.Wisdom of Solomon

     One of the lessons I have learned throughout my own life is that when I don't behave myself, I will always get paid back for anything evil that I have done.  There's not an easy way to describe this, but the fact is, every man who commits sin can expect an additional bad result for his actions.  Unfortunately, Jewish and Christian doctrines seem to be telling people on one hand to keep the commandments, and then on the other, it is impossible to keep God's commandments.  This just didn't make any sense to me.  If God's expects mankind to keep the commandments, then why would a religious group state that it is impossible?  My answer to this is that these religious groups are essentially pagan and they are not worth anyone's attention.
     If a man's thoughts are without understanding, according to the Wisdom of Solomon, "the holy spirit of discipline will flee deceit."  Self-control and self-discipline are the main ingredients to maintain a life that abides within God's natural order.  The "new world order" is simply that order which is established by Satan or Lucifer.  Any type of living conditions built upon the new world order is going to have all of the bad things that most men and women do not desire nor do they want:
war, economic instability, hatred, violence, fornication, homosexuality, idolatry, lying, stealing, usury, and murder.  These things make up the new world order and it is done to mankind on purpose.  Sure, some innocent people get caught up in the net, but most people could avoid the new world order by simply having the desire to stay within God's natural world order.
     One of my biggest challenges is to truly understand that most of the things that I read or observe are usually framed in lies.  Whether it is talk radio, television, and even the internet, trying to confirm information with the truth is a difficult task. Most lies have a certain amount of truth in them.  While I may see a writing about someone, I have really no idea whether any of it is true unless I can confirm it outside of the initial information I have received.
     The reason this is important is that errant information troubles the mind and the soul in ways most of us don't understand. Lying creates a very intense spiritual problem.  God's spirit cannot reside in a person who lies.  So it is important to always have the truth, and then simply work with that and discard all that are lies.  It's easy to say it in one sentence, but difficult in practice because all of us have been brainwashed into thinking one thing, when in fact, something else is happening.  And the continual reading of bad things distorts the mind because I believe that it wasn't created to know about all of the rotten things of the world.  Bad information needs to stay with the bad people who love to read about evil things.  This distorts their minds even more and completely trashes their lives when God intended for them to enjoy their lives.  God created man; Satan wants to destroy what God created.
     What I look for are the warning signals when I am about to go somewhere, or do something, or even think about an issue.  I look for the lowest common denominator that is most common to the evil and then I try to avoid it.  This is the part about self-discipline.  If I can determine it is evil before I take any action, I'm protecting myself from any future payback from being stupid enough to involve myself with anything evil.  This is what I look for:
  • Is a group or organization founded upon any oaths?  If so, I simply avoid them.  Make life so much easier.
  • Does the group or organization use occult symbols such images the five-pointed star, images of the sun-god, annu symbol (designs like the British flag), two-fingered hand signals, or all seeing eye?  I had a Geneva Bible given to me and right on the front of it was a pagan symbol.  This made me nuts when I saw it and I cut it off of the book. 
  • Do they say one thing and do another?  Do they lie?  If I see any of the above I have a fairly good idea that they are liars and I don't need to engage my mind in their words or deeds. 
  • Just because they make the claim of being Christian doesn't make it so, unless Christians are actually pagans.
     I don't need anymore information once I see these things.  I don't need to read any of their books and I don't need to engage myself in any of these activities.  If I have a choice, I do not want to buy their products.  Because the end result for me is nothing good.  In the case of the pagan symbol in the above photo: Is the group who put together the Geneva  Bible labeling itself as a pagan group?  Is modern Christianity simply a multitude of pagans trying to look righteous?
     What is interesting is that it seems like these satanic groups or people actually are disclosing who they are such as with the "two-fingered finger."  Certainly, many religious and political leaders disclosed who they are by doing it.  And as it turns out, the man has completely lost his credibility.  It is important to understand what is the truth, and then simply move all of the lies away from the mind.  Our minds cannot function properly on lies.  Lies will completely distort and compromise our own moral character.  Rather than sitting on the couch and listening to the nonsense in the media, it would make better sense to go out and take a nice walk outside.
     If you think that the political and religious systems are dysfunctional, why would you want to participate in them and corrupt your own mind?  It doesn't make any sense to me.  Wisdom is the building of good character and separating oneself from the evil of disobedience to God.  Wisdom makes everything work properly with no drama or stress.  Wisdom works every time.  Evil has no profit and the payback is unbearable.  Who needs it?
     Spiritual strength and even physical strength depends upon our understanding of the cause and effects of our current condition.  A society that continually disobeys God's laws has nothing going for it, and time after time, the true cause of our problems in general is not keeping the commandments which comply with the natural laws which were created.  Nothing else works, and nothing else will ever work better than them.  Strong self-discipline cannot work with someone who ignores the natural law.  Obviously, to me, the "State" is a complete failure in this regard.  Religions don't work as they distort their own teachings.  So we're left with those laws and commandments that are obvious in nature.  They were left on earth by the Creator.  They should be recognized for what they are and not added or subtracted from the truth.  Avoiding evil gets the job done and it adds to the enjoyment of life.  Heed the warning signs and things will get better.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Conservative Betrayals

   Just recently Rand Paul announced that he would be endorsing the frontrunner of the Republican Party, Mitt Romney.  Rand Paul would have otherwise supported his father Ron Paul, but since Ron wasn't going to get the required delegates, Rand decided to join the Romney camp.  It has been reported that folks such as "Constitutionalists", Tea Party, and other conservative groups feel betrayed by Rand Paul's decision to go with Romney (Mitt the Magic Underwear).  And their reasoning makes a lot of sense, they don't want another socialist-communist-fascist in the White House.  Most people what to be left alone and to keep the money that they earn.  They are tired of useless wars, and many people now would be satisfied if they just had a decent job.  I'm going to try to put this all in perspective so that the average "conservative" can understand what is going on and why putting anymore attention to this political system is a waste of time.
     The government as we know it today is completely dysfunctional, senseless, evil, and does nothing to benefit mankind.  The success of anyone is in spite of the government, not because of it.  People who have good jobs still have to struggle to pay their bills because they are taxed at over 50% of their income.  We have seen in the past that when taxes are lowered, the business climate gets better and most people go back to work.  So, why do conservatives like to eat their young? I'll try to answer this as honestly as I can.
     First of all, the government is structurally evil and socialist the way it is set up now.  All officers of the government have sworn oaths (forbidden by scripture).  Once the oath is a part of the government, everything will turn into nothing good.  I could never figure out how conservatives would represent over 75% of the population, yet the government is saddled with more socialists than a Kremlin cocktail party.  Any conservative that gets elected--then swears and oath--has now put himself into bondage with the "state" as his feudal overlord.  In other words, he is a slave.  Whether one is a conservative slave or a liberal slave, he is still a slave to whatever entity to which he performed his oath.  More importantly, the oath consolidates all parties involved into one big political imbroglio which is loyal to Satan.  (Note the photos of Ron Paul giving out the Two-Fingered Finger.)
     Secondly,  the political system has a mask of legitimacy, honesty, and integrity.  This is extremely important and it is the only leverage an honest man has in a courtroom.  The mask performs the function of disarming true opposition.  Conservative talk radio does an excellent job in providing a certain portion of the mask.  However, when something happens which is important and meaningful,
the usual response from conservative talk radio is to completely ignore the subject and carry on with the usual useless information.  The Rand Paul incident is a perfect example of this.  Some of the shows I've listened to haven't covered it. The courts and legal system also provide the mask for justice.  However, if looked at carefully,  judges will hide evidence from the jury on a routine basis in order to help the "Government" get convictions.  The wooden panels in the courtroom, long flowing black robes give the impression of justice, but the reality is that the black robe is an evil satanic symbol.  But it is the back-stabbing conservatives are the ones who do the most damage.
There is no criminal alive and in prison who has done as much damage to society than a judge who cheats on behalf of the government.  My guess is that most of them do it because they are liars.  They lied when they took their oaths.  But most of all, they lied to get into office, and then stabbed their supporters in the back.
     The mainstream media appears to be a propaganda arm of the "government."  They will never honestly report on any so-called political opposition.  There is no such thing as true political opposition in our government systems today.


     In my opinion, conservative political groups are phoney and they are socialists. They are a major
component of the mask. Conservative talk radio and television personalities are really socialists dressing themselves up as opposition.  They worship the state as if it were God himself.  But the state can only operate well if they have that mask of honesty and integrity.  Given the fact that it was the state who got rid of 42,000 factories with NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO with the support of the so-called conservatives.  Pseudo-intelligent political discourse is a part of the mask, for the evil that is intended.  This is double-tongued.  These trade agreements were effective in destroying the economy as a nuclear blast.   It is the state that establishes the income tax which is one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto.  It is the state that destabilizes life in other countries.  And of course, it is the state who destroys meaningful opposition and gets weak men like Rand Paul and Marco Rubio to do their bidding.  The state is evil and all one has to do is to observe it; the evil is self-evident.
     The best course of action is to stand back and let it rot in its own corruption.  I use God's commandments and natural law as my guideline as that seems to work better.  I try to measure all my actions with it.  The results I get are better.  There are a lot of things that I thought were important that are now insignificant in my life.  I don't join any groups.  I don't go to any churches because their leaders cannot be trusted and most of their doctrines are inconsistent. Groups are just too dangerous to join because they are too easily corrupted.  I have to rationalize everything in my own mind according to God's commandments and the natural law.  When I read something, I check it to make sure it is true.  And I keep an extra eye on my back so I don't get stabbed by a "conservative."
     Voting just makes the problems worse because it gives the state some legitimacy when none should exist.  Voting only allows the voter to choose his slave-master; but the voter is still a slave. If someone is looking for change coming from "conservatives" in the political system, they are going to be sorely disappointed. In addition, any political leader who wanted to make some meaningful changes were either assassinated, threatened with it, or their families.  I think it is time to look beyond the plantation.

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Simkanin Letter

New Letter from Dick Simkanin

[This was a letter from Richard Simkanin who had been put in prison.  I noticed that it was on my old blog so I'm going to include it here for everyone to read.  Dick was a good friend of mine and I still miss him as he passed away December 28, 2010 in Beaumont Federal Prison, Texas.  I made the introductory comments, and I think many of you should have the opportunity to read what my friend said to me.  This was written to me from the Ft. Worth Federal Medical Center.  At the time he wrote this letter, he had heard about my divorce from my wife of 32 years and the general problems my stand against the income tax had caused my family.]

This letter made me weep, not in sadness, but in joy knowing there are men like him, who are fighting for truth. That has always been our goal, and all of us realize the risks we have taken in the past, and those risks we may take in the future. 

I'll comment on his letter after you read it. I'm going to edit some things out regarding the discussion of his case. The rest is just as he wrote it.

27 Jan, 04 D.D. 


My dear beloved friend, Al. I am so sorry to hear about your loved ones and their attitude about your courageous stand for what is right. No matter what they say to you, you are right. Don't ever forget that. 

The newspaper says I'm looking at 129 years sentence. I'll tell you right now, I ain't giving them 129 years. I'll be 60 years old in July of this year. I've decided to hang around until I see the outcome of my appeal. If the appeal goes south, well I really don't want to be any part of the New Amerika anyway, in prison or out. 

I have now been in prison over 7 months, and believe me, this unit I'm in, it seems like 7 years. They call this the Jail Unit. It is sealed off from the rest of the prison population(aobut 1200). This jail unit contains on the average about 90 inmates. Of this 90 most are sent here from all over the Southwest-South for mental evaluations. You can just imagine the type of people running loose in this unit. There are people who crow like roosters, bark and whine like sick dogs, talk to themselves all day long, hide out all day long, walk in circles from sunrise to sunset, can't speak a word of English, people coming off of hard drugs, murderers, rapists, bank robbers, dope dealers and smugglers, and all kinds of drug related crime. The population is about 50% Mexican, 40% Black, and the rest white Anglo. 

Prision has its own way with your mind. Prison gives the occupants NOTHING, but it takes everything it can. The only relief from prison is sleep, so one tries to sleep as much as possible. 

Like I said, prison has it's own way with your mind. In prison, you have a chance to think, analyse, and form conclusions, there's nothing else to do. Actually you could sit around and play cards and dominos with the above types all day long. 

Al, the only way this corrupt court system will be fixed, is when God Himself fixes it. And I truly believe He is working on it, but in His time, not ours. 

If I get out of this gov't hell hole, I will devote the rest of my life to IIChronicles 7:14 (If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.) 

Al, the judicial system is totally corrupt. We are not going to win. The game is fixed. I know and you know what the organic law says. We have not committed any crime. We are both fighting the good fight and we will both suffer. Remember, we suffer not in vain. Right is right and truth is truth. It is only when we agree to participate in crime that we become criminals. So, I will not become a criminal to stay out of prison. I know that sounds funny, but it's true. 

My next step is the 5th Circuit, appeal. Arch McColl is receiving input now from some 40 attorneys across the country. Every day Tom receives a not from a couple of attorneys, different one each day. He say it's like a coming out fo the closet party. More and more and more attorneys willing to say the Fed Tax System is being Grossly misapplied. 

Here's something I just found out a couple of weeks ago. Congress (legislative Branch) collects taxes. Opps, Gross Constitutional violation. Powers granted by the Constitution, actually deligated, cannot be redelegated to another branch, period. So by what authority is the Executive Branch collecting money??? Userpation of power, some might call it Treason. And there are several oversvations that have been right under our noses and we haven't seen them. 

But the lawyers coming out of the closet are starting to put some real light on things. We'll see what happens! I contend that attorneys in general are not very bright people, but the one's at the top of the list are extremely bright people. I also contend that when we get enough of these brighter people to admit the truth, the rest will follow and down comes the IRS thugs. 

So I can tell you for now is hang in there, fight the good fight and don't give an inch. We are right. 

I love you my friend. You do not realize how much strength I have received from you. You have been a blessing to me from God. Someday, some way I hope I have a chance to repay you. 

Well, I better stop writing or I'll have to use 2 postage stamps to send this. 

Don't take that to mean I don't have any money, I'm OK with my commisary funds to last for awhile. 

>>There's a new sound! Somebody's walking around quacking like a duck.<< Never a dull moment in this place. 

What's the status with Lynne Merrideth? 

Are there any other new battles out there starting up? 

Thank you for asking about Carole. She's doing a lot better and visits me once a week. Last week she reminded me that she hasn't and doesn't intend to forget about "for better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness and health, until death." 

God bless you my friend and let me hear soon from you. 


Al's comments on this letter: [Sometime on 2004]

Obviously, my emotions run the gamut on this one. Dick, is one of the nicest gentlemen I've ever met. I love this man and I respect him because he is a man of honor and integrity. He's still only a man, but he is a man of principle, warmth,and compassion. 
Dick said: "I really don't want to be any part of the New Amerika anyway, in prison or out." 

This was a stunning remark from him. I've been feeling the same way lately, observing the actions of the "government" as nothing more than a new age freak show. It's my opinion that this nation is going to collapse under the garbage of its leadership. That's why Dick has taken the stand that he has, because he wants to see a better life for those people who will live after we're long gone. If any of us cared about ourselves, we would have simply paid the tax and live our own lives in peace. However, Dick and I realize that by doing the latter, we would be living in our own delusion of freedom, when the fact is we would be nothing more than corporate slaves helping to perpetuate the new world disorder. 

"Prison gives its occupants NOTHING, but it takes everything it can", said Simkanin. Yes, that's true, and if functions the same way that our "government" does. The "government" takes everything it can, and leaves us nothing. The whole country has been put in prison. It is the prison of the mind, and the lack of truth. Our government functions as our slave masters and it happens because we consent to it. 

We consent by turning a blind eye to the suffering of others. We consent by getting our "fair share" while we turn away our compassion for other peoples' suffering. We consent when we continue to elect morons into public office who will never protect our rights. We consent by pleading into their non functional, law merchant courts. We consent because we think this could never happen to us. We consent because we willingly turn our eyes away from God's law. 

It is supposed to be the job of government to protect the rights of the people. Why do we continue to vote for this kind of injustice? My suggestion is to never again vote, until we get a valid republican government back in functioning order. I'm ashamed that I ran for Congress. Had I won the election, I'd just be a sales rep. for the new world order. I probably would have been thrown out anyway. 

I disagree with Dick's hope that attorneys will see the light. The only way I could accept that, is if many attorneys turned in their bar cards. My view is that attorneys are dangerous vipers, and if one wants to stay out of the snake pit, he certainly doesn't want to hire a viper. Hiring an attorney is like sucking on a pacifier; the problem is that it doesn't give any milk. 

The "court" system is a pit of snakes. It is an intellectual hell hole that serves the unseemly rot that it generates.  Their damnation does not slumber and the actors will reap the whirlwind. 

I am honored to be called a "beloved friend" of Dick Simkanin. I hope, that maybe someday, Dick's message, and yes, my message will not fall on deaf ears, but will fall upon the ears of those who want a better life for the people of this nation. 

Al Thompson 


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Why Boycotts Work

     Unless a company has an unlimited supply of cash to go along with their stupidity, their efforts will always fail if they offend their customers.  The company JC Penny may make an interesting example of what not to do in marketing.
     I have a sales/marketing background and the last thing you want to do is to offend your customer base.  However, with the trend of patronizing homosexual groups, large corporations are pandering to various perverted people who are only a small fraction of the market.  Why do they do this?  The only reason I can think of is that somehow, Satanists have garnered control of the upper management of the company, and one of their new items of "interest" is their Gay Father's Day promotion featuring two men with two children.  This is a double-down on their horrible use of Ellen Degenerate who is the spokesperson for the company.
     I will not trade with JC Penny for this reason.  They are "on-your-face" with their psycho promotion of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender lifestyle; which should be called death-style.
     Appealing to the government in attempting to limit this exposure to the children and other people is futile, because most of the government people are queers, or they are complicit with the promotion of the homosexual agenda.  In short, they are trying to convert the whole country into a homosexual hell-hole.  This, of course, is mind-control at its worst.  But from the government's point of view (albeit stupid) they want the people queer so that they can have more control over them.  Modern government is nothing more than a slave trading outfit at the same time using the idea that men and women are "dying for our freedoms," when the fact is they are dying for absolutely nothing more than the "new world order" psychopaths.  The governments of the world are instruments of evil; inflicting mental and in some cases physical bondage upon the people; at the same time telling them they are free.
     The only recourse we now have is to vote with our wallets.  Recently, some nice Jewish fellas made a TV series called Good Christian Bitches (GCB).  This was the most obscene example of baiting someone by their religion. The series was cancelled mostly because it probably didn't have the viewers, but most importantly, many people across the nation refused to buy from their sponsors.  Good Christian Bitches was cancelled, and I believe it was the economic pressure that got the desired results.
     JC Penny is going to be a perfect example of a corporate Jim Jones Kool-Aid party, where the participants ensure the death of themselves and their company.  Penny's has always catered to the middle class of which 75%-90% believe in the following:
  • Belief in God
  • Belief in marriage between a man and a woman
  • Belief that homosexuality is wrong
     However, Penny's seems to cater to the most perverted and insane group of people in order to "stay up with the times."  No one can stop JC Penny's in what they want to do with their marketing, but it does show an arrogance and a complete disrespect for the main part of their market.  From just a marketing point of view, this is absolutely insane.  I've never seen anything like it.  It would be like
flipping the finger at your main customer base, and then asking them to buy from them.
     But for those of us who are extremely offended at this company and others like it, we have the most efficient and powerful tool at our disposal to rid ourselves of these rotten companies.  That is our money.  In any economy, it is the money that is the lifeblood of a corporation, and if the money stops coming in, the whole apparatus can come crashing down.
     Your dollars are your ballots.  These are the most effective ways to get something done.  If you don't like any company, don't do any more business with them.  I don't want to do any business with any corporation which promotes a death culture such as homosexuality.  Don't complain about the mainstream media and then go watch the networks you have been complaining about.  Use your dollars as something more than just purchasing products.  Spend your money with people who you know to be honorable and provide good products and a competitive price.
     I prefer to do my own personal boycott because I don't have to join any groups.  Some people may want to band together to send emails, write letters, and be more active.  Whether you want to go it alone or join a group of people, either way, the boycott is the most effective way that I know of to stop offensive corporations from gaining more power.
     If you don't like the political candidates, then look up who is donating to them and then stop buying from them.  See, this is easy.  A few searches on the internet will turn up all kinds of companies that support something that you don't agree with.  So if you want to be effective, simply stop buying from them.  Make it a point to do a little investigation on their background.  If you exercise some due diligence, you can be effective in not feeding the beast.
     Be careful not to fall asleep at the wheel and forget your purchasing standards.  Think about what happens with the money that leaves your wallet.  Think about the agenda the company supports.  In the case of JC Penny, it is obvious to me that this company does not deserve my business.
     If you check the internet, you'll see hundreds if not thousands of instances where some companies have reversed course and have withdrawn support for unpopular projects.  The reason why they withdraw is because they don't want to lose customers.  If they lose customers, they lose money.  Take away their money, and they can't influence anything.  Money talks.
     The boycott is the most peaceful and accurate way anyone can use to affect change.  No one gets killed, no political party is established, there's no place to hide; the boycott is the most peaceful revolutionary tool available.  Look at what's happened to CNN.  Their ratings are down the toilet because people don't want to listen to what they have to say.  I stopped watching them a long time ago for the same reason I won't buy from JC Penny.

When Boycotts Don't Work

     Recently, Rush Limbaugh radio show was the target of some advertisers wrath because of what Limbaugh said about Sandra Fluke being a slut for wanting free contraceptives from the government.  Some of his advertisers withdrew their ad spots in an attempt to punish Rush.  In this case, the opposite effect happened.  Limbaugh's show is extremely popular and it plays well to the people who make money.  Withdrawing their ads had the effect of shooting their sales people in the back.  In this case, the boycott didn't work because the product was so popular, no one really cared what these companies thought about his remarks.  They begged to get their ad spots back, but they were replaced by new advertisers.


     The money flow is everything in a business.  If the business isn't making money, then its existence will always be in jeopardy.  The consumer of the product or a service will always control the money supply, although in very small amounts.  Let's say I used to spend $1500.00 per year at JC Penny for clothing and other goods.  If I stop buying, then that's $1500.00 they don't have in their cash flow.

Update: 01/11/16

     I wrote the above article on June 2, 2012  The J.C. Penney example says a lot about the futility of attempting to cram homosexuality upon the general public.  Around Feb. 4th, Penney's defended their move to make Ellen Degeneres the spokesperson for the company.  From just a sales and marketing point of view, this is like drinking the Kool-Aid.  Here is a comparison on the stock prices of J.C. Penney:

Feb 6, 201240.7141.2940.6541.273,751,50041.04

DateOpenHighLowCloseVolumeAdj Close*
Jan 8, 20167.317.367.057.1716,079,5007.17

Is Campbell's soup next?  The poor stock performance reflects the reality of the market and the population's disgust with the company.

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments