Friday, June 15, 2012

Conservative Betrayals

   Just recently Rand Paul announced that he would be endorsing the frontrunner of the Republican Party, Mitt Romney.  Rand Paul would have otherwise supported his father Ron Paul, but since Ron wasn't going to get the required delegates, Rand decided to join the Romney camp.  It has been reported that folks such as "Constitutionalists", Tea Party, and other conservative groups feel betrayed by Rand Paul's decision to go with Romney (Mitt the Magic Underwear).  And their reasoning makes a lot of sense, they don't want another socialist-communist-fascist in the White House.  Most people what to be left alone and to keep the money that they earn.  They are tired of useless wars, and many people now would be satisfied if they just had a decent job.  I'm going to try to put this all in perspective so that the average "conservative" can understand what is going on and why putting anymore attention to this political system is a waste of time.
     The government as we know it today is completely dysfunctional, senseless, evil, and does nothing to benefit mankind.  The success of anyone is in spite of the government, not because of it.  People who have good jobs still have to struggle to pay their bills because they are taxed at over 50% of their income.  We have seen in the past that when taxes are lowered, the business climate gets better and most people go back to work.  So, why do conservatives like to eat their young? I'll try to answer this as honestly as I can.
     First of all, the government is structurally evil and socialist the way it is set up now.  All officers of the government have sworn oaths (forbidden by scripture).  Once the oath is a part of the government, everything will turn into nothing good.  I could never figure out how conservatives would represent over 75% of the population, yet the government is saddled with more socialists than a Kremlin cocktail party.  Any conservative that gets elected--then swears and oath--has now put himself into bondage with the "state" as his feudal overlord.  In other words, he is a slave.  Whether one is a conservative slave or a liberal slave, he is still a slave to whatever entity to which he performed his oath.  More importantly, the oath consolidates all parties involved into one big political imbroglio which is loyal to Satan.  (Note the photos of Ron Paul giving out the Two-Fingered Finger.)
     Secondly,  the political system has a mask of legitimacy, honesty, and integrity.  This is extremely important and it is the only leverage an honest man has in a courtroom.  The mask performs the function of disarming true opposition.  Conservative talk radio does an excellent job in providing a certain portion of the mask.  However, when something happens which is important and meaningful,
the usual response from conservative talk radio is to completely ignore the subject and carry on with the usual useless information.  The Rand Paul incident is a perfect example of this.  Some of the shows I've listened to haven't covered it. The courts and legal system also provide the mask for justice.  However, if looked at carefully,  judges will hide evidence from the jury on a routine basis in order to help the "Government" get convictions.  The wooden panels in the courtroom, long flowing black robes give the impression of justice, but the reality is that the black robe is an evil satanic symbol.  But it is the back-stabbing conservatives are the ones who do the most damage.
There is no criminal alive and in prison who has done as much damage to society than a judge who cheats on behalf of the government.  My guess is that most of them do it because they are liars.  They lied when they took their oaths.  But most of all, they lied to get into office, and then stabbed their supporters in the back.
     The mainstream media appears to be a propaganda arm of the "government."  They will never honestly report on any so-called political opposition.  There is no such thing as true political opposition in our government systems today.


     In my opinion, conservative political groups are phoney and they are socialists. They are a major
component of the mask. Conservative talk radio and television personalities are really socialists dressing themselves up as opposition.  They worship the state as if it were God himself.  But the state can only operate well if they have that mask of honesty and integrity.  Given the fact that it was the state who got rid of 42,000 factories with NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO with the support of the so-called conservatives.  Pseudo-intelligent political discourse is a part of the mask, for the evil that is intended.  This is double-tongued.  These trade agreements were effective in destroying the economy as a nuclear blast.   It is the state that establishes the income tax which is one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto.  It is the state that destabilizes life in other countries.  And of course, it is the state who destroys meaningful opposition and gets weak men like Rand Paul and Marco Rubio to do their bidding.  The state is evil and all one has to do is to observe it; the evil is self-evident.
     The best course of action is to stand back and let it rot in its own corruption.  I use God's commandments and natural law as my guideline as that seems to work better.  I try to measure all my actions with it.  The results I get are better.  There are a lot of things that I thought were important that are now insignificant in my life.  I don't join any groups.  I don't go to any churches because their leaders cannot be trusted and most of their doctrines are inconsistent. Groups are just too dangerous to join because they are too easily corrupted.  I have to rationalize everything in my own mind according to God's commandments and the natural law.  When I read something, I check it to make sure it is true.  And I keep an extra eye on my back so I don't get stabbed by a "conservative."
     Voting just makes the problems worse because it gives the state some legitimacy when none should exist.  Voting only allows the voter to choose his slave-master; but the voter is still a slave. If someone is looking for change coming from "conservatives" in the political system, they are going to be sorely disappointed. In addition, any political leader who wanted to make some meaningful changes were either assassinated, threatened with it, or their families.  I think it is time to look beyond the plantation.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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