Friday, December 16, 2022

Natural World Order


Natural World Order

With all of the talk about a "new world order" lately, I have to laugh that some people can actually think that they can change the natural world order into something of their own agenda.  The people of the new world order are evil and their allegiance is to what some religious writings call the "Evil One."  I believe there are conscious entities that go directly against the natural world order which the real God created.  I use the term "real God" because I don't trust any religious document any longer.  While some of them may have some good things to say, those good things are used to cover-up the evil.  The natural world order is perfect and it is easy to use if men, women, and children use their own power of right reason and common sense to make important decisions.  All of mankind is equipped with a latent knowledge of right and wrong; good and evil; making it relatively easy to make good decisions based upon the knowledge of good and evil, right and wrong, and between the truth and the lie.

Truth must be discovered first before any thoughts or actions are taken.  In addition, by making judgments of what is good and what is evil—then making good decisions accordingly.  This way, you won’t be deceived into making bad choices.   How hard is that?  Life would become more enjoyable thus producing a benefit for mankind.  Truth is the foundation of the natural world order and is a much better choice for society.

The nice part about the natural world order is that mankind doesn’t need a bunch of books to understand it.  We already have that knowledge of right and wrong internally, and all we have to do is to discharge a lot of what we have wrongfully learned and then execute truth with goodness into our own lives.  This is accomplished by using right reason and common sense.

The conscience is the best disciplinarian in helping us to make good decisions.  No one should ignore this because bad things can happen if a bad choice is made.  It is difficult to put the conscience away.  In fact, I don’t think it can be done.  All of the evil “new world order” people will have to deal with their consciences sooner or later and it will be quite difficult.

My suggestion is to put away the books and start using our brains and begin to think critically.  We don’t need a bunch of videos to figure things out.  Everything in nature has a purpose and it all fits together as it was created by the real God.  Sometimes we may get confused by observing contradictions in the facts.  Be patient and put the issue aside and wait for the truth to manifest itself.

We should be gaining virtue by eliminating bad thoughts.  I’ve had to cut back on my reading because  the material has become so gross, that it has been difficult to get it out of my head.

I try to just think about the natural world order by observing and enjoying it; the way the real God created it.  It has improved my life considerably.  I think it is better to spend more time fixing ourselves rather than constantly observing and studying problems.  There’s no point in studying a problem unless there’s an intent to fix it.  The natural world order fixes everything.

Walter Allen Thompson has a book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land