Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dealing with Stupid People

Update 11-2-2021

(In this article that I wrote over 6 years ago shows how the people blindly followed Jim Jones into committing suicide.  Now, with the Covid 19 issue, millions of people will become ill from taking vaccines which are extremely dangerous to one’s health.  Maybe the Jim Jones incident was a rehearsal for what we are seeing now? WAT)

I was out again today looking at the chemicals being sprayed over the area where I live.  It is obvious to me that there isn't anything good about this and that it is going to destroy the health of many people.  This is being done right out in front and it's "in your face" chemical spraying.  Now, I'm not going to get into the merits of this because there are other websites who have done a lot of the research.  One good one is at http://www.geoengineeringwatch.com  But what I want to talk about here is the dumb people who just sit there and they don't ask any questions.  I've been a conspiracy observer for many years, but I don't have the tin-foil hat.  I believe that these conspiracies run much deeper and that it is much worse than a lot of us think.  But what is more, startling to me is the reaction of friends, acquaintance, and family I get when I bring up of any of it.  The stupid people actually think I'm the dumbest person alive when in fact they are the ones who don't make any effort to think through complex issues.

Giant Jim Jones Party
Image result for jim jones guyanad
Here we see the image of a lot of dead people who drank the Kool-Aid laced with poison, killing themselves in the process.  They blindly followed this religious leader and many did not question the ideas he was teaching.  This was an unspeakable horror story that is beyond description.  It is quite amazing what some people can do if they have the title of King, Mr. President, Reverand, Senator, or Fuhrer.  Give an idiot a title such as Reverand and you can get people to believe almost anything.

However, in the material I have regarding Jim Jones, I noticed that Jones did not believe in God.  But he put the name of Reverand before his name.  The reverend part was obviously the lie to get people to blindly follow him.  Jones also claim to be the reincarnation of Buddha, Jesus Christ, Lenin, and Father Divine.  He had younger people train in guerrilla warfare and had them read socialist writings which included The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx.  He had extra-marital sex with other men's wives.  He took a lot of drugs and his son attempted suicide with them.  In other words, this guy was a real piece-of-work but he put on the name of "Reverand" and many people blindly followed him.
They did not take the time to ask questions or think through their association with him.  In this Jim Jones case, the people who followed him brought upon themselves spiritual death, mental death, and ultimately physical death.  All because they refused to ask questions and to think for themselves.  The man didn't believe in God yet he called himself the reverend.

Most Americans and Europeans act like Jim Jones members
The chemtrail issue is an extremely good example of the stupidity of some people.  I point out these chemtrails to people quite frequently.  One guy about a week ago scornfully laughed in my face because he thought what I was pointing out was wrong.  I'm sure some people don't do this in my face, but they walk away not thinking about what I'm pointing out may be true.  I can see the chemtrails, I have recorded them with video.  When confronted with a major problem that everyone can clearly see for themselves, they just don't know what to say.  This fact is disconcerting to me.  And this is why morons like Jim Jones can get so many people to follow him; even to their deaths.

Stupidity is self-inflicted
While some people are smarter than others, I believe that it is true that stupid people have acquired their dumbness through laziness of the mind.  This is probably brought about by the various media sources.  But stupidity is self-inflicted nonetheless.  Stupid cannot be fixed as it stands on its own merits.  Stupid can only be alleviated by replacing it with something more intelligent.  But stupid cannot be fixed.  And Jones gave the people advanced warning about what they were getting into if only these people would have taken the time to think for themselves.

Here's an example:
Image result for jim jones guyanaImage result for jimmy swaggart satanic hand signalsImage result for nixon with satanic hand signals
Jim Jones                        Popular Satanist                        Richard Nixon Former President 
Anytime you see someone giving what I call the Two_Fingered Finger is time to separate from them  Don't look back, just stay away.  Apparently, this two-fingered-finger is a curse or an attempt to put a curse on the person receiving it.   When I see that from people I leave the scene of idiocy.
Image result for satanic hand signsImage result for jimmy swaggart satanic hand signals
Pope What's His Name                                        Pat Robertson

See, these people are telling you who they are with the hand signals, but just as a lot of stupid people will say: "Well, they are Texas Longhorns fans."  If I were to point this out to my friends and family, I would get a similar reaction.  People enjoy being stupid because it is much easier to achieve.  They don't want to face the facts that the governments and religions are satanic.

Ignore the facts

Most people are stupid because they ignore the facts which are clearly presented to them.  This is especially true when dealing with not only politics and religion, but also healthcare.  Why do you think doctors wear a white coat?  They do that to make us think they are like gods that know everything about your healthcare needs.  They give us nice little pills which cost a fortune, and then we have to deal with the side-effects.  We trade one problem for another without solving the underlying cause of the illness.  It makes more sense to treat the cause of the health problem along with the accompanying symptoms.  But it cannot be done with stupid.  Just treating the symptoms is stupid.  And people still vote for these creeps and go to their churches.  To vote for such people is to be completely oblivious to their inherent evil.

What is interesting is that these idiots disclose who they are with hand signals and other signs.  But most people are not aware the significance of their meaning.  In my opinion, a Satanist will always give a person a warning as to who they are and what they believe.  But if I mention this to people they simply poo-poo the idea and look at me like I'm the one who's crazy.

In addition, I rarely have people ask a question when I make some kind of disclosure about the "new world order."  They'll  have this blank look in their eyes like a deer in the headlights.  You would think that a few people would ask a question or respond with facts to contradict what I said.  I love to learn new things and increase my understanding because that is a good part of living.  To stay the same and sit around watching the boob tube is not a good way to live, but many people choose it.

Arrogant in their stupidity
The stupid person is usually quite arrogant in their stupidity.  Again, this is a self-inflicted condition that is difficult to explain.  The only way I can do it is to realize that stupid people use their arrogance
to cover-up their stupid.  Remember, stupid cannot be fixed so it has to be justified.  Arrogance gives them a false sense of authority.

Another place you can find this arrogance is in the legal system.  The judges and the lawyers think their shit doesn't stink.  The judge puts on a black robe to make himself look like he has authority, but the fact remains that he doesn't have any lawful authority (natural law) to make any judgments about anything.  The reason is that there is no authority under the natural law with a few exceptions such as murder and stealing.  There, they may have authority.  But they don't have the authority to punish anyone for breaking their pathetic "codes."  How people can tolerate these miscreants is something about which I marvel.

Stupidity is evil
This kind of stupidity is even in that people don't use the brains that God gave them.  And it is very stupid not to attempt to find out the facts about a matter and then guide his life after things that are true.  People get sprayed by chemicals all day long and they don't ask why?  When someone like me comes along they get really upset.  And I understand it now.  I think the reason is that since I made the effort to find facts, they have to cover-up their own laziness so they don't look bad.  But by doing that they make their stupidity even worse.  Their arrogance is the lie that they tell themselves to sooth their incessant conscience that haunts them.

Most people are like the members of the Jim Jones cult
Stupid knows no limits and there is no resolution to stupid as it never gets fixed.  The only thing a man can do with stupid is to separate from it.  Most people would rather drink the Kool-Aid laced with poison.  It tastes nice, but the poison in it kills.  Lies are as the poison in the drink.  Lies from government and religious leaders are the poison that goes into the minds of the stupid people.  I used to believe in the same garbage until I started to question things.  I questioned them over and over until I got to the ultimate truth.  Most people don't take the time to understand things and then they wonder what happened to them as a result of their intentional laziness.  Dealing with stupid has been very frustrating but I just have to accept it as part of the territory in questioning things I don't understand.

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Power of the Conscience

The first time I remember experiencing my conscience was the time I was a little boy around 5 or 6.  I was out playing in the front yard with my black cocker spaniel called Chris.  I had a football in my hand and for whatever reason, I threw the ball at the dog.  While I didn't hurt Chris, he must have wondered what that was all about.  My conscience tormented me as I remember it to this day.  It was a horrible experience for me as a young boy and the dog died a few months later from an unexplainable disease.  When I saw the dead dog laying in the backyard, I couldn't help but think that maybe I contributed to his death by being an asshole.  I've never been mean to a dog since that day.  But the torment from the conscience leads me to believe that the conscience is God's way of disciplining us in ways we would never imagine.  It would have been much easier on me to have not committed the evil.

Evil people don't get away with it
In other situations in my life, I've noticed that whenever I did something wrong, I always got paid back for it.  The conscience is a horrible thing to face when confronted with the evil that has been done.  All men, women, and children have a conscience so it is important for people to understand that there is no escape from it and no amount of liquor and drugs will soften the pain of the conscience.  So then the evil people of the "new world order" will suffer immeasurable damage from the conscience because of their evil deeds.  And perhaps those of us who find ourselves frustrated by bad government and bad religion can take comfort in knowing that the evil people will always get it back in spades.  I don't care if a man is the richest man on earth, if he is evil, he will suffer the torment of the conscience.  Some of you may think that they have no conscience.  The fact is that we all have it but may manifest itself differently at various times.  But the conscience always manifests itself to instruct men to do good and avoid evil.  The problem arises when we ignore our conscience
and do the evil in spite of the warning from the conscience.

Ignoring gut feelings..
It is important to follow one's gut feelings as that is probably the conscience telling us what is right and what is wrong.  However, when we ignore that feeling and make a bad decision, the conscience takes over and inflicts pain upon us because of our poor choices.  There is no way to avoid the conscience.  A man can drink liquor and take drugs, but the conscience will always be there to torment the man until he repents from the evil deeds or dies.

Evil people get away with nothing
There is no amount of drinks or drugs that can eliminate the effects of the conscience.  It is always the consistent taskmaster that we should always be aware of and be open to its correction.  Evil people bring more trouble to themselves.  Even in their complete arrogance, they think that they are special and that their evil actions are justified.  The problem is that the conscience will punish them right up to the level of evil they have committed.  The conscience shows no mercy in this regard.  This is one of the main components of the natural law that disciplines.  If we don't want to experience the torment of the conscience, then it only makes sense not to do anyone any evil.  Abide in the natural law and the conscience will take the torment away.  But if one starts doing evil, then the whole set of torments will follow.

Guilty conscience is not a mental illness
Psychology is junk science and it is of no help to people because it doesn't understand the mind and drugs don't help anything; especially antidepressants.  There's no one on earth that can completely understand the mind, but I suspect that a man who abides in the natural law is going to have a much easier time in life because he is respecting the life that was given to him by God.

All men have a conscience
Some people have told me that the evil politicians and religious leaders have no conscience.  I don't believe that because I think we all are born with the same things.  Race and appearance may be different, but essentially, we were all created the same way.  And while these leaders may be responsible for thousands of deaths and inflicting misery upon mankind, they will not get away with it.  At some point in their lives, they are going to realize the damage their evil has done and they will suffer from it.  They may be able to bury the conscience with liquor or drugs, but eventually the conscience will rise up again and torture them to the fullest.

Think of the torment a child molester must experience from his conscience.  I think that they are so arrogant that they keep doing it--doubling down on the evil--in order to attempt to justify their evil deeds.  The same thing goes for the other evil things that people do.  So if a man or woman doesn't want to be tormented by the conscience, the easiest thing to do is to stop doing the evil.  Once that happens, the conscience will let up and life can go on as normal.

Pay attention to the conscience
I think that this is the best guide to help people make more intelligent decisions.  The conscience cannot be denied and everyone has one.  From the richest to the poorest people, they all have a conscience and that is the best disciplinarian of all time.  It is better than government and religion and it is better than man-made laws.  Paying attention to it always gets good results.

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Good, Evil, and Patience

      I remember reading something a few years back that I still need to remind myself that there is no advantage to learning all about evil.  The verse is out of the Wisdom of Jesus Son of Sirach a.k.a. Ecclesiasticus: The knowledge of wickedness is not wisdom, neither at any time the counsel of sinners prudence.  When we learn evil or rotten things, we do not achieve wisdom in knowing these things.  Some of the evil we see or hear we cannot avoid, but that which we can avoid is better not to know.  The only reason to know evil is to know enough not to be involved in it.
     For many years, I have been studying conspiracy theories and so with every new thing that I discovered, some other rotten thing would raise its ugly head.  It's one thing keeping track of all of it, but now what am I going to do with all this knowledge?  What do I get out of it?  What good does it do for me to know all of it?  So was knowing all about these evil things benefiting me in any way?  Is there any benefit to me of documenting every turd in the cesspool?  I'd go from one meeting to another learning all kinds of things that have no practical value.  Evil is evil and there's really no benefit to knowing anything of it other than to stay away from it.  
     I think it would be more beneficial to the reader for me to share some of the things that I was able to learn while I was on my sabbatical with Club Fed.  What appeared to be a disaster--in a lot of ways it was--became a very productive learning experience.  I had to adjust to everything as my life was completely different.
     A big step in my learning occurred at the above verse.  Realizing that there is no wisdom in the knowledge of evil, lifted a big burden off of my mind.  It seems that just viewing things that are evil will completely distort the mind.  And if the mind is consistently exposed to lies, then the mind cannot operate properly because the information that is within that mind is wrong and distorted.  This is why we have so many problems as we don't know the correct information in order to make any intelligent and righteous decisions.  So rather than listing to the nonsense, I try to shut it out and not pay attention to it.  If we make decisions about anything with the distorted information, then we will drive ourselves nuts trying to make any sense of it.  There are so many sources for the intake of evil that I have to be careful in what I do so that I can keep my mind free from it.  I found that being isolated in a jail for long periods of time was actually a benefit to me because there was less nonsense for me to endure.  Being isolated for long periods gave me time to use my mind in a proper fashion because it wasn't distracted by a bunch of false information.
     I wanted to use the prison experience for my own benefit, and so I made it a point to readjust my thinking in a way that was more rational.  My opinion about things stayed about the same but how I deal with them has changed dramatically.  I soon realized that things that are stupid and evil cannot be fixed, so it doesn't make any sense to try to repair something that cannot be fixed.  In addition, it doesn't make any sense to learn any more of something that I can't do anything about under the circumstance.  Rather than frustrate myself, I simply began to stand aloof from those things that I thought were evil.
     So I turned inward and decided that I would try to improve myself by obtaining virtues that I didn't have --knowing that anything that I did in this area was going to be a benefit to me.  If I can't do too much about the evil of other people, I certainly could do something to improve my own character by learning and implementing virtues that will produce good things rather than evil.  When I pay attention to the details and actually build up my own character by learning virtues, I always benefit from it and I am never disappointed.
     One of the most beneficial things I have learned is patience.  I never have very much of it.  I was never taught how to be patient.  It's one thing for someone to say: be patient, the problem for most of us is that we never learned how to be patient.  The best instruction I have received was from an article by the early Christian writer called Tertullian.   I carefully studied the principles in this article that gave me the tools to acquire patience.  I can always do better, but at least I now know what I should be doing.
     If patience is of God; then impatience is of the Devil.  Tertullian says that patience is "the pilot of peace". And for me, this was an important lesson I had learned because by learning this I was able to get a handle on the torment inflicted by evil people.  I am able to manage it by allowing myself to stand out of the way and let God take the revenge.
     Evil people enjoy the pain of others; that's just the way they are and they enjoy the torment and the chaos that their evil brings upon a man.  The problem good people have is that it seems that they have to act like the evil people if they retaliate.  If I am provoked into a fight with someone and I take the bait, then I am just as guilty as the one who provoked me.  So then, it is much better to simply remain quiet and let the provoker spin his wheels. 
     For example: When I was in prison, I had a cell mate who took issue with something that I told him and he wanted to fight.  I had just finished this article and I chose not to respond to his provocations.  He would continue to bait me for about two to three weeks trying to get me to take the first swing.  He would start babbling and I wouldn't respond with one word; I wouldn't respond with one action.  I simply remained quiet, which was very difficult for someone like myself.  I would ask myself what benefit would I get if I pounded on him.  I would probably break my knuckles, get in even more trouble, and then I would get another few years for assaulting someone.  There was no benefit in it for me, but there was a lot of physical and spiritual risk.
     What happened is even more amazing.  This guy really hated my guts.  In a way, I was inflicting more pain on him because of my silence and patience.  But somewhere along the line his attitude towards me changed.  He started to become respectful, engaged in small talk, and even helped me help a friend who needed some paperwork done.  By the time this guy was released, he was treating me with respect and all of the other nonsense was avoided.  I was shocked by how well this worked. It showed me the value and power of virtue over evil.  Indeed, Tertullian's saying about patience being the pilot of peace is not only true, but it works.  It worked to my benefit.  Patience is more powerful than evil.  Evil is weak; patience is strong.  This was something that I saw with my own eyes.  That lesson learned made up for the 5years and 2 months I was in prison.
     Rather than trying to fix evil, I think it is best to separate from it.  This takes patience, but it can be done.  The evil will destroy itself, just by the very nature of its character.  I don't have to do anything.  I can see the value of letting God take revenge.  If I do it, then I may not give out enough or I may give out too much.  God is the one who knows how much revenge a man will get.  Since all of us need a place for repentance and forgiveness, it would be wrong to kill someone as their chance for repentance has been taken away.  And I think this is why God lets things go for so long because there is always that chance for repentance.  God's patience is eternal.
     "Evil is impatience of good." So that when we try to learn about more evil we don't get any good out of it.  The course of action would seem to be that it would be better to separate from it and let it rot under its own corruption.  The better choice would be to learn how to be patient.
     In the case I just mentioned, I exercised my patience by keeping my mouth shut and by keeping my hands to myself.  I simply withdrew from the evil and I got a good result.  I let the evil wear itself out.  In this case, the revenge was that the man was unhappy because he couldn't get me to retaliate, but his unhappiness and pain could be considered the revenge; but God did it, not me.  All I had to do was to remain silent and do nothing.  I do admit that it took a little getting used to but I was able to get it done in this case.
     There is very little instruction that I am aware of in any of the scriptures.  Tertullian, a prolific writer of the ante-Nicean Christian church did a good job in describing patience and so far it is the best writing I could find on this subject.  I know that most of what he wrote is true because I used it the way he stated it.  It works.
     To continue to study the evil in government, religion, and media upsets the mind and the spirit and there is no good to come from the knowledge.  Once it is identified as evil--as on the foundation of an oath--its serves no purpose in learning anymore of it.  It would be better to spend the time to learn how to be patient.
     I will be posting more on virtues and things we can do to improve our character and make our lives more useful to ourselves and to the God who created us. 

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Working with the Natural Law: Part Five

Natural Use of Sex

     This article is going to be hard to take for some, but it is important to understand the natural way that sex was intended.  It's primary purpose is for procreation and it is not intended as a recreational sport. Sex is also an expression of love between a man and woman within the boundaries of marriage. Fornication, whether it be heterosexual or same-sex is not the proper way to engage in sex as the natural order clearly shows otherwise.  Most of us have been guilty of fornication and if we look back at these events, we can clearly see that these relationships almost always come apart at the seams at some point.  The prohibition of fornication seems to be completely ignored by today's society as all of us have been over-sexualized by the modern media.  As a result, it is rare to see someone who does not engage in some form of sexual perversion such as adultery.  Fornication destroys the soul.  What I'd like to do in this section is to point out some better ways to handle the temptations to fornicate and some adjustments society should take in order to stop this problem by rebuilding families.  It is my belief that fornication is one of the basic problems that causes untold trauma to relationships between men and women.  

Why is fornication evil?
I think the bible is correct when it says that when a man and woman come together, they become one flesh.  There is a spiritual and perhaps a physical bond that should not be broken.  This bond should be between a married couple (man and woman) and there's no room for anyone else.  I think that the power of this bond is underestimated by most people, but it is this bond which gives the couple a sense of belonging and security.  Fornication, on the other hand, does not give that, but just the opposite.  Since fornication is evil it always creates more problems than it is worth and it leads to unhappiness and instability.  Fornication is evil because it takes away the natural foundation for a productive and peaceful life.  Remember, fornication includes homosexuals and they suffer the same fate as the heterosexuals.  It is possible that the homosexual will suffer even more since the homosexual act goes completely against nature.  The penis is not designed to be put into another man's anus.  The fallout from homosexual activity is probably a bit worse than heterosexual fornication.  However, both are considered fornication and both produce very bad results.

     If we extend the idea of two become one flesh, then think of the horror of having multiple partners.  If the fornicator is one flesh with a partner one night, and then on another night is someone else, just think of the spiritual chaos this produces.  This is probably one of the reasons that some women can tell if their husbands have been fornicating.  They can feel it even though they probably have no other knowledge of it.  I believe that the man also has this ability to know when his wife has been having sex with someone else.  This adultery and fornication are a recipe for disaster and nothing good comes from evil.  In addition, there used to be a time when adultery and fornication were capital offenses punishable by stoning.  And there was a good reason for that because sex outside of the marriage destabilizes society and destroys the idea of a family.  

Young men and women should marry early
     It is very difficult to keep young men and women from having sex before getting married.  They have a strong sex-drive and it is almost impossible for them to wait for marriage.  By the time they get done with high school and then college, they have probably had multiple sex partners and have done a lot of damage to their own lives.
     Marriage should occur much earlier because these young people are physically mature to have children.  Society puts such a high value on education that doesn't educate.  The natural order tells us that young people should be married at an early age with the expectation of staying with their mates for the rest of their lives.  They should be raising their own families and they should be prepared for work.  Under the natural order, if they are physically mature to have children, then it would only follow that they are also mentally adequate to have children.  However, given the idiocy of the school system, the young person's maturity has probably been stunted by at least ten years.  An idiot has nothing to teach anyone and they inflict their nonsense on unsuspecting young people.  This is why I advocate home schooling.  But the best reason for young people to marry is to avoid fornication, thereby, saving themselves a lot of troubles later on.  

Young men and women should never fornicate
     Sometimes I get the chance to counsel some young people and the first thing I tell them is to stop having sex.  They look at me as if I just landed on earth from Mars.  I tell young women--over and over--to stop giving men sex unless they are married.  Even they look at me as some kind of wack job (may be true)but I constantly warn them of the dangers of fornication.
     Because of our oversexualized society, young men have lost respect for women and all they want to do is to get as much sex as they can.  This temptation is like a trance or a stupor and it works overtime to destroy the man.  All fornication moves toward the destruction of the family and it ruins the dignity of the woman.  The woman, realizing that there is a lot of power that comes from the vagina, will use that as a weapon against the man.  Obviously, this is not the way it should be.  It puts the sexes at odds with each other and it is a disaster for both.
     Young people should be set with the beginning of their careers by the time they are 15 or 16.  That means that they should have already started training in something about 3 or 4 years earlier.  So, at about 12 years old, they should be starting to learn some useful skills that they can use to make a living.  They could learn how to start their own businesses.  There's a lot they could do, but the main idea here is to keep them from rotting their brains in the communist training camps called schools.
     Thus, it is  the public and even the private school system that promotes fornication because it stops the young people from acquiring needed skills.  Since the Communist Manifesto promotes free public schools, we can start to see the connections for the destruction of people and their families.  It is this communist school system that confuses children about their own gender by promoting LGBT doctrines which destabilize society even further.

How to correct the problem
     I consider the temptation to fornicate is a direct assault on my entire being.  But specifically, it is an attack on my soul and I always have to keep up my guard.  I try to remove all sources of anything that could get my mind to start thinking about fornication.  In today's world, this can be a difficult job.  What I'm finding is that if I am able to avoid all of the nonsense, it gets easier for me to stay within the natural order.  So, the real issue is one of mind control.  We as people need to learn how to control our own minds by being careful about what we put into them.  I've even gone so far as to repeat the commandment: "Thou shalt not commit adultery."  The idea of repeating the commandment is to drive away the demonic temptation and keep it away from me.  This seems to work well and it has never failed.  However, when the temptation comes along, I have to remember to do it.  
     Fornication imposes a form of a stupor on the person.  So, there's a stupor and then there is a conscience telling us that what we are doing is wrong.  When the conscience kicks in then that's when the real problems begin.  It is better to avoid fornication than to have to deal with the conscience.  And I suppose this is why people drink too much liquor and take many drugs.  They think the liquor or drugs will take away the pain of their conscience, but it never does.  The conscience is God's way of disciplining mankind and it works.  Just try ignoring the conscience; it never produces good results.

Avoiding fornication is a major improvement
     I think life is going to be much better for those who can manage to defeat the beast of fornication.  We can clearly see that fornication is another battering ram to destroy society and the family.  If the family goes down the toilet, then the rest of society goes with it.  And again, the collapse of society is perspicuously seen by observing it.  So far, the results are bad, but with a little effort this beast can be easily defeated.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Friday, June 26, 2015

Natural Law versus Supreme Court: Same Sex Marriage

Today, the headlines are about the Supreme Court of the United States allowing same-sex couples--homosexuals--to marry.  Of course, this goes against the natural order of life.  So, where does the "Supreme Court" get its power to override the natural order or the natural law?

By what authority?
The answer is very simple: it has no authority.  And, to use another example, if the court decided to suspend the law of gravity, I doubt the natural order would be complying anytime soon. What if congress decided to eliminate the air we breathe?   While the court may make a statement, the fact remains that no man on earth has the right or authority to go against the natural order.  Today, the "Supreme Court" shows just how stupid and evil it is by allowing same-sex marriages.  In other words, the supreme court and the accompanying government are "unfit to exist" and this reality is self-evident.  There isn't any value or benefit to the normal man, woman, or child by having this insane group of liars, thieves, and thugs called a  government; make important decisions.  The natural law shows that they are completely devoid of any morality, and as a group, they are a dysfunctional organization of crack-brained idiots.

No moral authority
Whatever endeavor that mankind wants to take, there has to be an underlying foundation of the natural law or the natural order.  God created this natural order and he has put in place everything we need to live happy lives.  However, the government sanctioned immorality which we see today will destroy the land; much worse than if it were attacked by nuclear weapons.  The government, which strays against the natural law will always be a failure.  The idea of American exceptionalism is a complete farce.  While it is true that Americans are an innovative group of people, the government retards the social progress of the people because the government acts as a parasite or a leech.  That seems to be the only function only function of government; parasitic maggots.

Democracy is idiocy by consensus
The reality of democracy is the fact that it gives the people the impression that they are in charge of their government when just the opposite is true.  Democracy allows for a group of people to get together and advance the most perverted social activity and put it into "law."  However, their law has no authority.  But they enforce their perversions through the delusion of democracy and by their monopoly on the use of violence to get their way.  The same-sex marriage is a perfect example of this.  Through the various media, homosexuality and same-sex marriages have been promoted to destroy the traditional family.  Homosexuals have tied their perversions with the issue of civil rights in order to put up  a false appearance of legitimacy.  The voters have no real choices as the candidates are screened by the puppetmasters.  In theory, it is possible for a majority of people to declare the evil and unnatural behavior as a legitimate social activity.  The facts show that homosexuality is twisted and it is very unnatural.  But with a democracy, the most insane ideas that would come from a government are now the "new normal."  If there was ever a time to reconsider the value of any government, this would be a good time to do it.

Government and religion of no authority
Government and religion have the most power over people, but they have no authority.  When a man speaks a lie; it is of no authority.  When a man attempts to change the natural order of life into something completely twisted; it is of no authority. When a religion teaches things that are not true; it has no authority.  When a government or a religion attempts to take the position of God himself; they have no authority.

Constitution of no authority
In my view, the constitution has no authority because it relies upon oath-taking.  I have written a lot about the dangers of oath-taking on this blog.  While there may be a lot of other reasons the constitution has no authority, the fact remains is that no man has the power to swear oaths.  Oath-taking is done by the new world order freaks.  Any time you see oaths being taken, you can count on a lot of problems following it.  And so, this supreme court is the bad fruit of a corrupted document called The United States Constitution.  No one has the right to attempt to change the natural order of life that God put forth.  There is nothing natural about homosexuality as it is an abomination.

Without government, there would be chaos?
This is the common theme of those who advocate government as a way of ruling men.  The problem lies in the fact that the government is a complete slave system and it causes chaos; it does not subdue it.  It resides on the dark side and there is no possibility of success until it resides within the natural order. It seems to me if the governments resided in the natural order, they would cease to exist.   There wouldn't be any reason for government.   The governments of the world have proven, time and time again, that they have no moral authority over anyone unless they reside in the natural order.

No authority to redefine marriage
Just as the supreme court would have no authority or power to stop the law of gravity, it only follows that it cannot redefine marriage to include same-sex couples.  Thus, their ruling is of no consequence and the homosexual is worse off for it because their lifestyle is unsustainable.  And they know it.  They will know it when their consciences kick in and torment them until they stop being homosexuals.  The supreme court ruling is a grotesque act by the government to lend credibility to homosexuals when they don't deserve it.  This is a loser all the way around.  However, the silver lining may be that people will come to realize that their government is twisted beyond all recognition and it should be abolished.

Legal system is a satanic process
The legal system is satanic because of the oath-taking.  That's all anyone needs to know and they should avoid the courts if it is possible.  The courts are steeped in idolatry and they make their stupid decisions based on false information and lies.  The oath starts the evil process and it is all downhill from there.

No authority to redefine God's natural order
These governments are nothing nor are they important.  All of them are useless for the benefit of mankind and they are more trouble than they are worth.  Governments tend to set themselves up as false gods with a false authority.  They have never had any authority to violate the natural order that God set forth.  The "Supreme Court" in this instance, clearly shows that the government is immoral and hideously evil.  The government, as we know it today, should be abolished and replaced with the natural law.  This would work to the benefit of all people.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Friday, June 19, 2015

Working With the Natural Law: Part Four

Against War and Murder

When people are born, the only thing they really possess is their own life.  Family, friends, and property come and go, but the possession of life always stays with the man until death.  Since life is a major part of the natural order the necessity for any writing against murder is redundant because it is obvious that when someone is murdered, it is wrong and anti-social.  The natural order that God set forth is intended to flourish and it is a major source of enjoyment to mankind.  However, the satanic mind and agenda loves war, destruction, and mayhem and the resulting carnage from it is a joy to evil people.  Murder is simply wrong and there's never any justification for it.  I'm not talking about self-defense, but when I use the word murder I am speaking about the unjust killing of another man, woman, or child.

Government and Religion

Government and religion are the two most destructive forces on earth.  These two groups of people assemble their organizations under the principles of Satan which is completely contrary to God's natural order.  This cannot be argued because all one has to do is to observe it for what it is and to understand it.  The problem is that most of us have been subjected to a lifetime of continual inculcation of violence and murder since we were children.  If any of us actually had to experience a war I would venture to say that few people would condone it.  Governments and religions take up the mantle of authority as if they were gods.  In fact the story has it that Satan wanted to be God, so it only follows that governments and religions are attempting to usurp the authority of the God who created us, and replace God with their pathetic organizations.  Government and religion are the two things in this world that should be put in the trash heap of history.  They are not a service to mankind, and any success experienced by nations in the past has been in spite of government and not because of it.

The key to understanding natural law principles is that they are established only by the God who created mankind.  There can be no viable other gods because they don't exist.  However, there is the force of evil and it always tries to impose a stupor on the good judgment of men.  Once in this trance or stupor, men do the most horrible acts when they would otherwise not do if they were in their proper frame of mind.  That's why mind control is so important to the evil one as he thinks they can manipulate men to serve his own purpose.

Military has no moral authority

The military has no moral authority to kill anyone other than for defensive purposes.  This idea that the military must go overseas and fight in foreign nations is ludicrous.  But here's another issue most people ignore.  Is it moral or within the natural order to participate in these wars?  If I'm in the military and I blindly follow orders to kill people; am I not a murderer?  The natural law says that I am, but man's laws say that I'm not.  Which one do I believe?  My decision has to be founded upon natural law.  And that tells me that I have no authority to murder another man, woman, or child.  How hard is that?  The evidence for it is in nature itself and in the horror of disobeying the natural law.  It doesn't make any difference if a man has a shiny uniform "dressed to kill."  There is really no moral authority in the government or the military to murder people.  The only exception would be in self-defense.

I don't think any soldier who has experienced combat will think that there's anything good in war.  But there is big money in war and murder and this is how government and religion maintain their power.  The satanic freaks can't have people running around living happy and fruitful lives.  Instead, they find all sorts of ways to destroy life as God intended by murdering people.

Government and religion have no authority to murder anyone

The natural law shows that murder is a very horrible act yet people use government and religion as an excuse to do exactly the opposite of what God had intended.  We as people should be live prosperous and unfettered lives, but it is the government complex that helps to promote the use of murder as a normal policy.  And few churches will ever criticize the government as they don't want to lose their tax benefits.

It doesn't matter which religion is in question, they all have various excuses to exercise life and death over other people.  The natural law does not allow for this so it only makes sense to stay within this natural order.

Suicide is the same as murder.  While life can be rough at times, it is still considered murder to kill oneself.  The rough parts of life will always pass, and this new world order will also pass.  No one should ever consider suicide because it is the killing of something that God created and that is an insult to him.

Abortion is also murder and the people who promote it are the most decrepit among us.  The purpose of abortion is to promote fornication and to destroy the family.  To this end, abortion advocates have been quite successful in their failures as people.  Abortion has been around for a long time as the prohibition against it appears in the Book of Enoch and The Didache--early Jewish and Christian writings--which were removed from use after about the 3rd century.  Both books spend a lot of time on the commandments and why they should be kept.

Murder is destroying what God created and it is the ultimate insult to him.  And anyone who joins a military has the potential to be a murderer or an accessory to murder.  If there were no military forces, then it would be impossible for the new world order freaks to start any wars.  However, the various medias glorify wars because that's what they do.  They make war against people to serve their satanic agenda.

Laying the foundations for a murderous society

The media are not the only ones responsible for the toleration of violence.  Video games have degenerated to such a low level that young people probably wouldn't be shocked by the real violence.  But it is one thing to see it on a screen, and another to see it in real life.  This along with the use of anti-depressants will combine for an ugly scenario of more murders.  This is why it is important to keep these things away from young children.  A young child using videos that depict violence is a disaster waiting to happen.  Of course, these videos will also induce depression, which in turn will cause them to become even more violent.  There's no such thing as a happy pill.  A pill cannot cover-up the underlying evil.

Controlling anger is the first step away from murder

The emotion of anger is the first step towards murder.  This is where self-discipline and self-control
needs to be exercised by each man or woman.  Most arguments are started by someone being angry and if the emotion is allowed to fester long enough, the possibility for a murder increases.  While it may be difficult to control all of it, the best choices when confronted with a problem are best made when the man is of an even and controlled mind.

Why natural law works

After studying many writings, the most intelligent ones refer either to the commandments and the natural order that God created.  The natural law works because it is the same for everyone.  No one has any special authority to kill another man, woman, or child.  However, governments and religion will claim authority from God to take the lives from other people when God said nothing of the sort.  In the course of the history of mankind, this idea has been a proven failure which cannot be denied.  It is always better to respect the lives of others and to put these governments and religion on the trash-heap of history.  To murder anyone under the "authority of God" is a very bad joke and the insanity of it cannot be ignored.

Working With the Natural Law: Part One

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Chemtrail Thursday

June 18, 2015 11:42AM
(Warning: I'm using foul language again.)

I was sitting by my window this morning and I saw this mess in the sky.  I'm not up-to-date on all of the issues of chemtrails, but if this is being done by the government, then I know it cannot be good. Because of the secrecy of the program, no one really knows what is being sprayed.  There are a lot of websites that deal with this issue and have more information than I do.  All I know is that there is no good reason to spray this crap into the air.  Given the genocidal nature of the government, it would surprise me if this spray is a plan to exterminate as many people as possible.  The environment doesn't need to be sprayed.  Where have the so-called "environmentalists" been on this issue?

I get a bit frustrated in that I just try to ignore this garbage, but it keeps coming back like a bad dream. My guess is that the intent is to destroy the normal weather patterns and turn the west coast into a dustbin.  There's no point in writing your congressman because they are a bunch of sluts and pimps
for the new world disorder.


Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

Monday, June 15, 2015

Working With Natural Law: Part Three

(Burney Falls, California) Photo courtesy of JD

In working with the natural law, it is important to understand that truth is always self-evident and that these natural laws apply to everyone without exception.  People are free to violate them, but there is also an expectation of retribution from disobedience.  I believe that temptation is like a satanic stupor and that the undisciplined mind or soul has little ability to defend itself against the evil.
In thinking about relationships, none is more important than a son or daughter with their parents.  Children should always have respect for their parents because they are the people who begot them.  While it isn't always easy to do, it is important to maintain that respect even when  there is some kind of disagreement.  A good relationship is important to the total stability within the family itself.  So then the commandment to honor the mother and the father makes good sense and the natural law confirms it.

It is observed in nature that the protocol is for the children to respect the parents.  Most children wouldn't think of biting the hands that feed them, but many children talk back or argue with their parents.  This ought not to be.  If, for any other reason, parents have been around longer and have more life experiences to draw upon.  Hopefully, that will help to impart wisdom for those children to use for themselves.

In learning to respect parents, children learn to respect other people and stay within the natural boundaries.  This helps to facilitate a stable society build upon good moral principles.  Without a strong family foundation, society, in general, will decent into an unspeakable decline.  It is important
for all people to realize that it is God and the family that is the center of life and anything that does harm to the family should be abolished.  It doesn't make any sense to have the same type of people in control of society that continually attack the basic moral principles that are associated with the natural law.

When governments and religions  attack the basic family structure, they are demonstrating their complete uselessness to society.  These organizations are worthless to society at large and they should be avoided.  But a lot of this depends upon having respect for one's parents.
The natural order demands that children honor their parents.  It is also important for parents to set a good example for their children.  The current rate of broken families is a shame, and it should not be.

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Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Is Shaving Queer?

I've been working on a new book on the natural law and I've been wondering how the masculinity of men has been attacked by the evil people.  I have had a full beard for about nine years, and the reaction to it was outrageous if not comical.  Fortunately, the beard is making a comeback and I don't take as much crap for it as in the past.  However, I'm thinking that the routine shaving of the face must have started in the pagan religions, as shaving was considered a mourning ritual.  I am of the opinion that the shaving of body hair; including the beard, is queer and effeminate.  And that the attack on a man's masculinity is the shaving of his beard.  Shaving the beard is as cutting off a man's
testicles.  It appears that the feminist movement was around long before modern times.  Shaving the beard was the first step in making men looking more like women.  I'm going to use the natural law as my foundation for truth and discuss the advantages of the beard and the reasons why I think it is queer to shave the face.

The beard is a natural part of a man's body

All men were created with the ability to grow a beard.  The beard is a natural part of the body and it serves a purpose.  To shave the beard means that the one doing it doesn't like or doesn't realize that his beard is the sign of his masculinity.  In my opinion, the shaving of any body hair (with the exception for medical reasons) denies the respect of the man for God's creation.  If a man is born with the ability to grow a beard, then it would serve him well not to shave it.  Truly, given the fact that men get pushed around by women or feminists, it is no wonder because they look like girls with the shaved face.  A full beard shows that the man wearing it is not a girly-faced effeminate, but that he is a man who is ready to accept his place in the world as a man.  The beard gives the man more respect from other people.  

Blind acceptance of shaving

I had a shaved face up until Sept 6th, 2006.  I was 58 years old when I decided to grow a beard.  I had decided that in order to live a better life, I would try to learn how to live according to the commandments which conform to the natural law.  At the time, I was also reading a writing from Clement of Alexandria Book Three which spoke of the horrors of shaving.  He called shaving "womanly" and "effeminate."  But when I was a young man, I took up shaving just like everyone else.  It was almost impossible to get a decent job wearing a beard.  So, most of us shaved our faces to be nice compliant slaves to serve the purposes of the corporate agenda.  By destroying the beard, most men have compromised their whole lives not realizing the power that the beard carries.

Power of the beard

It has been my experience that the beard gives a man an extra edge in terms of power and confidence. If you look at most of the world's political and religious leaders, few have beards. Most men have the shaved face.  The absence of the beard shows an attitude of submission.  That the man is not his own as God intended, but he has lowered himself to be submissive to the unnatural order of shaving.  I believe that this was the first step toward the emasculating of men by shaving of the beard.  It was the feminists first "shot across the bow" to guide men toward effeminacy.   And look at the world's religious "leaders"; they don't have a beard.  Neither, the pope, Naytonyahoo nor Obama have beards.  The reason for this is that they are submissive to the ones who control them.  All claim to be Jews, Christians, or Muslims, but the fact is they don't obey their own religious writings.  The meaning of having a shaved face is more sinister than I first thought.  It shows that these men have little regard for God's laws or the natural law. In my opinion, the absence of a beard proves a submissiveness to evil.  This is why men get pushed around so much.  There is a natural bad reaction to the shaved face. Women will naturally push a man around with a shaved face.  

Beard is a bimbo filter

I laughed when I heard a man say that his beard is a bimbo filter.  He went on to say that the women that don't like his beard are not going to be the type of woman he would want.  It turns out that my ex-wife said that I look like a "frumpy old hobo" and that if I wanted to be friends with her I would need to be shaved.  Look at what happened.  If I had a beard at the beginning of our relationship, I never would have married her.  Now, my beard keeps me out of a lot of troubles.  Few women like my beard, and that's just fine with me.  Some do like it, but dating at my age is not something I want to do.  But if I were to date women again, I would only want the woman who liked the beard.  Because I would have a better chance of getting a real woman.  The real woman would compliment the man with a beard.

The beard is a big advantage

The beard gives the man an advantage over the girly-faced man.  I'm trying to figure out a percentage, but that's probably impossible.  But I do know that things do go better for me in everything that I do.  Even when things go wrong, it is not a complete disaster.  Many men who play professional sports realize the power of the beard as it gives them a slight edge.  I have observed that when there is a match or contest with men of similar skills, the guy with the beard usually wins.

Is shaving queer?

If the beard is a symbol of masculinity, then yes, shaving is queer.  And it is the first step toward being run over by feminists.  Shaving is the first step toward homosexuality for a man. I would think that shaving opens a man up to be a homo.  But the most important thing is that it is an act of submission to the power of other men.  This is why we have such things as the "new world order."  How is a bunch of girly-faced men going to fight evil people?  How can they hold their moral ground with a face that's womanly?  The beard is a part of the natural order that should be respected.  I think it is a dishonor to the God who created us, to shave the face.

Remember the story of Samson.  He cut his hair and his beard--suffering horribly for it.  Even today, there are always those who would love nothing more than to cut off a man's beard.  Why?  Because that beard is a symbol of power and masculinity.  The beard is a part of nature that is assigned to men and it is best left alone--unfettered by social "norms."

Using the natural law and the natural order

I have found that when I make a decision as in the discussion here, that I always have a good outcome when I follow the natural order.  Mankind, created with a free-will  naturally has the option to do evil, which in turn produces bad results.  God produced the rules of the natural order so it serves our best interest to stay within that order.  This is the way to get good results.  Cutting the beard diminishes the power of a man.


Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land