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Dealing with Stupid People

I was out again today looking at the chemicals being sprayed over the area where I live.  It is obvious to me that there isn't anything good about this and that it is going to destroy the health of many people.  This is being done right out in front and it's "in your face" chemical spraying.  Now, I'm not going to get into the merits of this because there are other websites who have done a lot of the research.  One good one is at http://www.geoengineeringwatch.com  But what I want to talk about here is the dumb people who just sit there and they don't ask any questions.  I've been a conspiracy observer for many years, but I don't have the tin-foil hat.  I believe that these conspiracies run much deeper and that it is much worse than a lot of us think.  But what is more, startling to me is the reaction of friends, acquaintance, and family I get when I bring up of any of it.  The stupid people actually think I'm the dumbest person alive when in fact they are the ones who don't make any effort to think through complex issues.

Giant Jim Jones Party
Image result for jim jones guyanad
Here we see the image of a lot of dead people who drank the Kool-Aid laced with poison, killing themselves in the process.  They blindly followed this religious leader and many did not question the ideas he was teaching.  This was an unspeakable horror story that is beyond description.  It is quite amazing what some people can do if they have the title of King, Mr. President, Reverand, Senator, or Fuhrer.  Give an idiot a title such as Reverand and you can get people to believe almost anything.

However, in the material I have regarding Jim Jones, I noticed that Jones did not believe in God.  But he put the name of Reverand before his name.  The reverend part was obviously the lie to get people to blindly follow him.  Jones also claim to be the reincarnation of Buddha, Jesus Christ, Lenin, and Father Divine.  He had younger people train in guerrilla warfare and had them read socialist writings which included The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx.  He had extra-marital sex with other men's wives.  He took a lot of drugs and his son attempted suicide with them.  In other words, this guy was a real piece-of-work but he put on the name of "Reverand" and many people blindly followed him.
They did not take the time to ask questions or think through their association with him.  In this Jim Jones case, the people who followed him brought upon themselves spiritual death, mental death, and ultimately physical death.  All because they refused to ask questions and to think for themselves.  The man didn't believe in God yet he called himself the reverend.

Most Americans and Europeans act like Jim Jones members
The chemtrail issue is an extremely good example of the stupidity of some people.  I point out these chemtrails to people quite frequently.  One guy about a week ago scornfully laughed in my face because he thought what I was pointing out was wrong.  I'm sure some people don't do this in my face, but they walk away not thinking about what I'm pointing out may be true.  I can see the chemtrails, I have recorded them with video.  When confronted with a major problem that everyone can clearly see for themselves, they just don't know what to say.  This fact is disconcerting to me.  And this is why morons like Jim Jones can get so many people to follow him; even to their deaths.

Stupidity is self-inflicted
While some people are smarter than others, I believe that it is true that stupid people have acquired their dumbness through laziness of the mind.  This is probably brought about by the various media sources.  But stupidity is self-inflicted nonetheless.  Stupid cannot be fixed as it stands on its own merits.  Stupid can only be alleviated by replacing it with something more intelligent.  But stupid cannot be fixed.  And Jones gave the people advanced warning about what they were getting into if only these people would have taken the time to think for themselves.

Here's an example:
Image result for jim jones guyanaImage result for jimmy swaggart satanic hand signalsImage result for nixon with satanic hand signals
Jim Jones                        Popular Satanist                        Richard Nixon Former President 
Anytime you see someone giving what I call the Two_Fingered Finger is time to separate from them  Don't look back, just stay away.  Apparently, this two-fingered-finger is a curse or an attempt to put a curse on the person receiving it.   When I see that from people I leave the scene of idiocy.
Image result for satanic hand signsImage result for jimmy swaggart satanic hand signals
Pope What's His Name                                        Pat Robertson

See, these people are telling you who they are with the hand signals, but just as a lot of stupid people will say: "Well, they are Texas Longhorns fans."  If I were to point this out to my friends and family, I would get a similar reaction.  People enjoy being stupid because it is much easier to achieve.  They don't want to face the facts that the governments and religions are satanic.

Ignore the facts

Most people are stupid because they ignore the facts which are clearly presented to them.  This is especially true when dealing with not only politics and religion, but also healthcare.  Why do you think doctors wear a white coat?  They do that to make us think they are like gods that know everything about your healthcare needs.  They give us nice little pills which cost a fortune, and then we have to deal with the side-effects.  We trade one problem for another without solving the underlying cause of the illness.  It makes more sense to treat the cause of the health problem along with the accompanying symptoms.  But it cannot be done with stupid.  Just treating the symptoms is stupid.  And people still vote for these creeps and go to their churches.  To vote for such people is to be completely oblivious to their inherent evil.

What is interesting is that these idiots disclose who they are with hand signals and other signs.  But most people are not aware the significance of their meaning.  In my opinion, a Satanist will always give a person a warning as to who they are and what they believe.  But if I mention this to people they simply poo-poo the idea and look at me like I'm the one who's crazy.

In addition, I rarely have people ask a question when I make some kind of disclosure about the "new world order."  They'll  have this blank look in their eyes like a deer in the headlights.  You would think that a few people would ask a question or respond with facts to contradict what I said.  I love to learn new things and increase my understanding because that is a good part of living.  To stay the same and sit around watching the boob tube is not a good way to live, but many people choose it.

Arrogant in their stupidity
The stupid person is usually quite arrogant in their stupidity.  Again, this is a self-inflicted condition that is difficult to explain.  The only way I can do it is to realize that stupid people use their arrogance
to cover-up their stupid.  Remember, stupid cannot be fixed so it has to be justified.  Arrogance gives them a false sense of authority.

Another place you can find this arrogance is in the legal system.  The judges and the lawyers think their shit doesn't stink.  The judge puts on a black robe to make himself look like he has authority, but the fact remains that he doesn't have any lawful authority (natural law) to make any judgments about anything.  The reason is that there is no authority under the natural law with a few exceptions such as murder and stealing.  There, they may have authority.  But they don't have the authority to punish anyone for breaking their pathetic "codes."  How people can tolerate these miscreants is something about which I marvel.

Stupidity is evil
This kind of stupidity is even in that people don't use the brains that God gave them.  And it is very stupid not to attempt to find out the facts about a matter and then guide his life after things that are true.  People get sprayed by chemicals all day long and they don't ask why?  When someone like me comes along they get really upset.  And I understand it now.  I think the reason is that since I made the effort to find facts, they have to cover-up their own laziness so they don't look bad.  But by doing that they make their stupidity even worse.  Their arrogance is the lie that they tell themselves to sooth their incessant conscience that haunts them.

Most people are like the members of the Jim Jones cult
Stupid knows no limits and there is no resolution to stupid as it never gets fixed.  The only thing a man can do with stupid is to separate from it.  Most people would rather drink the Kool-Aid laced with poison.  It tastes nice, but the poison in it kills.  Lies are as the poison in the drink.  Lies from government and religious leaders are the poison that goes into the minds of the stupid people.  I used to believe in the same garbage until I started to question things.  I questioned them over and over until I got to the ultimate truth.  Most people don't take the time to understand things and then they wonder what happened to them as a result of their intentional laziness.  Dealing with stupid has been very frustrating but I just have to accept it as part of the territory in questioning things I don't understand.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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