Friday, August 24, 2018

Make America Stupid Some More

Most of us are not as stupid as the dumb things we have been taught.  However, the evil of the government, religion, education, and the media have ensured that the general population is so dumbed-down that it looks like they will never recover from the Satanic stupor of idiocy which has been inculcated at a massive rate.  The government doesn't want people to think and reason for themselves by using common sense; but rather, they want the public to believe in every stupid thing that the government comes up with so that they can steal the productivity from the people.  The right and the left doesn't make any difference as long as the idiocy of the government is continued in perpetuity.  In the United States, you have the communist left and the communist right.  The problem is that they all promote communism.  The only reason for them to allow a type of free market trade is so that there's always something to steal from the people.  The political system is just a dog and pony show to distract the public from the true underlying problem.  Communism, socialism, and fascism are all forms of communism and these systems are stupid and destructive to a peaceful society.  And, in order to promote the communism, the political class lie to the public and then steal their substance.  In fact, the modern government systems of the world are based on slavery.  The only law that works effectively is the natural law which the real God established at the creation.  It applies to everyone with no exceptions.  It is the same for everyone and if it is disobeyed, the payback will follow.

The United States "government" is nothing more than a bad version of the Roman Empire.  In the distant past, this form of the government was called feudalism.  Now, in today's world, you have the same basic structure but they call it a Republic.  However, the facts show, that most nations are under the thumb of communism, socialism, and fascism.  Among these three the substance is the same but the styles are different.  I do not know of one country in the world that is not communist in the underlying structure.  And after 4000 years of the history of the various governments, we can clearly see that they have a complete failure to any society.  Most people want to simply live their lives in peace and take care of their families.  But the causes of war and social disorder comes from both the government and religions.  To continue with the idiocy of the government, there are always going to be new promises that will always be broken.  It doesn't matter which leader is supposedly chosen; mankind still gets the same old shit that has continuously ruined the lives of millions of people.  If a man supports the government he is a communist.  I know this might be hard to take for some of the conservatives, but they are just as bad as the leftists.  A man who is a statist is a communist.  Voting seems to condone the evil and it ensures that the most rotten people become political leaders.  The facts show that these leaders do not give a damn about anyone but themselves.  They only want to satisfy their own perversions at the expense of society as a whole.

In making American stupid some more, the government and religious leaders lie to the people.  The people have been given false information and in turn, they think and act upon it.  By acting on bad information, the people make bad choices and then they get the bad results.  I call this the "stupor" because mankind seems to be susceptible to subtle suggestions from the Satanists and the Luciferians in both the government and the religions.  The people are told a lot of good things in religious writings but in other places, the text of the writings seem to lie.  This causes confusion so that a man cannot make the proper judgments because of lying information.  This has been my experience throughout my life and it continues to be a challenge.

Evil starts with Satan, Lucifer, Moloch, or the Devil.  This is the foundation in order to make America stupid some more.  The political leaders swear oaths--which is forbidden because it takes the Lord's name in vain--and become the enemies of the people by implementing very destructive policies throughout the country.  A lot of problems would be solved by eliminating oath taking because it sets everything off on the wrong foot.  The government is so bad now that it appears now that many agencies actually get involved with child trafficking.  And for this reason alone, the existing governments should be abolished.  They always have been and always will be slave traders and the people are their slaves.  Anytime a man has to pay a tax on his income means that he is a slave which is immoral and offensive to the natural law which was created by the real God.

The religions are just as bad as the government.  There is no shortage of false gods.  I have studied a lot of religions and I think they are all bat-shit crazy.  And the main reason is that their leaders are liars.  They all seem to point to a false god which will not save anyone.  The common denominator between the governments and the religions is the lie.  Once the people have accepted their lies, all hell breaks loose and the people live in chaos.  I have experienced this myself after coming out of the Roman Catholic church.  However, after having done that, I found that the other Christian churches were also full of crap and they taught many things that don't conform to morality under the natural law.

For example, I remember receiving a version of the Geneva Bible, but there was a pagan symbol right on the front cover.  I also noticed other pagan symbols imprinted on the bibles and other writings which started to make me suspicious that the Christian faith had very severe problems regarding credibility.  I have noticed that Satanists always give us a warning by using printed or hand signals.  Are the publishers giving the readers a warning?  Is the Christian church just another Satanic religion or is the Bible a pack of lies?  If the Bible is the Word of God, then which god?  Why would an essentially pagan organization such as the Roman Catholic Church in Carthage publish a clean set of "scriptures?"  The first "bible" was issued at the Synod of Carthage in 397 by the Roman Catholic Church.  What always bothered me is the fact that this church was a mixture of paganism and Christianity.  The bad results that this book could cause is evident in the Christian church today.  There are multiple denominations-all with different doctrines which is not consistent with their own writings.  This causes confusion and chaos.  And it looking back on it now, I can see that it was supposed to be confusing as these churches and leaders were not of God.  All of us are subject to the same morality under the natural law.  However, the Christian church itself instigates enough immorality to completely compromise the godly social order which is disorder.  I wouldn't touch any of the religions with a ten-foot pole.  They are too evil and will get a man in a lot of trouble.  This doesn't compromise my belief in God the creator of everything, but I would not want to be around any religion for fear of having my mind compromised.

Thus, it is the religions as well as the government that help to keep America stupid.  The people weren't born stupid.  Most people would like to think that others would not intentionally lie to them.  But, the facts show is that all of the governments and religions lie to the people about spiritual matters.

Before doing anything, it is important to evaluate whether or not it is right or wrong.  Using your own common sense and right reason will save your life from a lot of pain and suffering.  If you believe in something that is wrong--whether or not you did it intentionally--the bad result will always manifest itself.  I think this is the best way to handle all situations.  If something conforms to the natural law then there is nothing wrong with it as long as you do the right and wrong test.  It is much easier to stay out of trouble.  If common sense doesn't prevail, then America will become stupid some more.


Walter Allen Thompson is the author of Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land