Monday, August 7, 2023

Evil is Impotent


Evil is Impotent

When men are evil, their lives become impotent and worthless.  This is why I continue to stress morality and virtue as the ways to achieve success.   The word “impotent” essentially means to be powerless.  In my view, although evil people look like they are having the time of their lives, the facts show that they are in effect sad and powerless.  The reason is that the end results that they get by being evil does not empower them.  What happens is that they will get the horrible payback—a.k.a. karma.  Their lives will be a continual mess because they ignored the real God’s natural order of morality, and established evil instead.  If that something else is evil then it will be of no real power.  In the case of political leaders, they seem to be all powerful but if they are evil they are powerless—impotent.

Evil isn’t powerful.  It brings out the worst in people and there is no end to the depression and destruction that it causes.  There is no amount of drugs a man can take to remedy the situation.  Therefore, it is important to judge something before any action is taken.  There’s no point in believing in something that isn’t true.  So, we have to do the best we can and get the facts and then use those facts to make intelligent decisions.  The old saying of using right reason and common sense will make a big difference in achieving good results.

If a man makes a good choice, then the end result is going to be good.  All of life centers around the natural law or natural order, right and wrong, good and evil.  We don’t need to read a bunch of books in order to know that because we all were born with an inner moral compass.  The problem is that we were not taught how to use it.  Our minds have been turned into mush from reading and “entertainment.” When I can manage to think for myself, my view of things becomes much different that what I had thought in the past.  

My idea here is to avoid evil as much as I can and limit the amount of garbage that I put into my head.  As a “conspiracy” observer for the last 25 years, I have found that even though I know more about it than most people, I get the feeling that I’m just scratching the surface.  

I stay away from groups because they can be easily infiltrated with people who would like to destroy a good cause or they might try to drag me down the rat hole along with their evil actions.  So, rather than trying to change other people, I’m trying to be the best I can be and my own actions will tell the story.

Evil has no power to do anything good.  Governments and religions are based on oath-taking which is evil.  And we can plainly see in today’s world, that governments and religions are extremely destructive.  The reason is because they are powerless and they only way they can maintain themselves is to create even more evil.  There seems to be no end to it.  But if we watch carefully, we’ll be watching them destroy themselves because in fact; they are impotent.


Working with the Natural Law: Part Two

Walter Allen Thompson has a book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


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Saturday, August 5, 2023

Is Everything a Lie?

 Is Everything a Lie?

Just like other evil deeds, lying always gets bad results.  When people hear a lie, they may not know the difference between the truth and the lie.  If they take action on the lie, or they believe the lie, then they will always get bad results and have their time wasted.

The natural order is always in truth; there is no lie in the natural order.  Nature isn’t there to deceive us; whereas, liars do for their own evil purposes.  If the issue reflects the natural order then it is worth our time.  When I see or read something, I’m always asking myself whether it is true or false.  If I  can’t tell the difference, I set it aside until I get the understanding.

Lately, with all of the nonsense associated with Covid-19 we can see that scientists and doctors have lied to the public and continue to do so.  This is the one area of life that I didn’t expect  doctors could be so evil.

The lie destroys everything in its path.  It does no good for anyone, even the liar himself.  To lie is to destroy the life that the real God intended which would also keep us all within the boundaries of the natural order.  

Many years ago, someone asked me: “Is everything a lie?”  Obviously, the answer is no but there is a lot of false information to which we have been exposed.  Many times, the lie is clothed in the truth to make it look valid.  However, we should always keep a skeptical outlook and look for the traps.

In my younger years, I used to be a musician.  If I  accidentally played a note or a chord in the wrong key, it would sound like shit and everyone would know who did it.  Liars and evil people are like musicians who play in the wrong key.  It will always sound like shit and they always produce a shitty result.  Most government and religious people are like the bad musicians in an orchestra.  They are playing outside of the natural order and their lies distort the reality around them.

The best way to overcome the liars is to ask yourself whether something is true or is it false.  If I can’t prove it without question, then the issue should be discarded or put aside until more information is available.  Does the government have the authority to override the natural order?  Of course it does not.  No government or religion has any authority over anyone when it comes to the natural order.  And they can’t change the natural order to suit their purposes.

Government liars are like the musicians who play out of key in an orchestra.  Religious liars are the same way.  And of course the big pack of lies occurs in writings and videos.  Sometimes it is hard to tell if there is any truth in what they are saying.  We have to get the facts straight before coming to any judgment.  If we don’t have the facts, then maybe everything is a lie.  Our thoughts should be grounded in reality and not other peoples’ opinions.

While I still believe in the real God, I do not think any religion is valid because they don’t have any facts that show that their God is the real thing.  When I was a Christian, I used the Bible as my foundation for evidence of the existence of God.  However, my true understanding comes from the natural order by observation of the beauty of this world and the complexity of it all.  The Bible is simply a manmade document that may or may not be true.  Part of it may be true and then other parts not.  And given all the lies we have seen recently, I don’t trust anything that is written unless it is confirmed by right reason and common sense.  All of the religions allowed the genocide of the recent Covid vaccines to infect the people and many died or because severely compromised.  The religious leaders have been gutless miscreants with few exceptions.  

The best disciplinarian for us our conscience and the knowledge that if we do good, we’ll receive good in return.  If we do bad, then we will get paid back for our evil deeds.

The easiest way to find the truth is to ask the question: What facts do I have to show that XXXXX is true?  This is going to be the most useful tool to have when attempting to get to the truth.  The anchor of life is in the truth.

Everything that I have learned is now being questioned in my own mind.  It is a fresh start to having accurate knowledge.  Things that are lies are worthless and they are of no value.  

Walter Allen Thompson has a book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


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