Friday, November 30, 2012

I Can Think!: Defeating Mental Slavery

     One of the hardest things for a person to be able to do is to really think for themselves.  The reason is that most of us have been brought up to abide in a group-think environment.  Little is taught about thinking for oneself, and a lot of effort has been put forth by the various medias to get people to think within a certain a "truth frame."  However, if one dares to think outside of that frame, then he is excoriated by the people who will suffer the most if people actually learned to think on their own.
These people reside mostly in politics and religion and are the least intelligent people in the world, in my opinion.  The reason is because they will readily accept a writing or someone's nonsense as truth and make it their own.  Then, having learned this bilge, they pass it on to other until the whole world's population has become so stupid, that they have lost their ability to think.
     Mental slavery comes from the continual inculcating of bad information into the mind.  Once the lie or error becomes a part of someone's "truth frame" a lot of bad things happen.  A mental slave is easy to control because will believe almost anything.  The reason is that when he believes lies, he makes bad decisions which will always put him in a position of weakness.  So that the powers that be completely twist the political and religious systems of the world to pivot around lies, error, and evil.  These three things will always contribute to the ruin of a man's life.  Stupid begets stupid.  Stupid, evil, and error cannot be fixed unless there's a complete change of heart.
     A mental slave believes stupid things: i.e. evolution, global warming, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, political and religious leaders.  The mental slave can only think in his "frame of nonsense."  We can see how even the slightest error or lie can have a devastating effect on the mind.  With today's media, the condition of almost complete intellectual chaos is present and without actively guarding the mind against it, can drive a person into a miserable life.
     One of my favorite writings comes from Philo who wrote: "For one kind of freedom gives fearlessness of body in respect of any dangers which can come upon it from men of still more powerful body; while the other produces peace to the mind, by putting a check upon the authority of the passions."   All men and women are tempted to commit evil; however, with a little effort evil can be overcome (at the very least) in the mind.  Because it is in the mind and in a man's soul the battle for evil or good takes place.  In order to destroy the lives of men, evil people put all kinds of rotten information out in order to make a man's mind go into chaos.  My idea of defeating this may be interesting for some because I am just like everyone else who has lived most of my life with inaccurate information.
     One of the most diabolical tools the evil one has is to have men and women base their beliefs on assumptions or presumptions.  The problem with assumptions or presumptions is that they are never disclosed.  So to base any truthful or intelligent thought to them is a complete waste of time.  A lot of this goes on in religion and politics, but the big problem is that these ideas are not based on the facts or the truth.  If I tell someone about the US Code, that assumes that the code is a part of a government, but in fact, it is a code of a corporation. These codes redefine words to mean something completely different and at the same time project a meaning that isn't intended.  A corporation code is more of a policy than a code or law.  Man's laws are so convoluted that they are not worth the effort to study as they are of no effect because of their capriciousness.  Only God's laws or commandments, in harmony with the natural law, are dependable for anything.  So, the mental slavery of mankind is brought about by using these corrupted laws written on dead paper.
     Of course, we have the same problem with religion.  I'm not sure how many thousands of religions there are, but everyone seems to conflict with one another.  It would be impossible, in my opinion, that God is that stupid to have all of these religions be in conflict with each other.  Whether one points to the Bible or the Koran, they point to religious writings which may or may not be true, so how would one know?  Of course, religious leaders will tell you that some of these writings are the word of God.  OK, then prove it.  They can't do it because the best they can do is to have an opinion.  Yet many millions of people throughout history have been murdered under the name of one kind of religion or another.  This too is a product of mental slavery.  The mental slaves will have no problem with killing another man, woman, or child in the name of God without proof the God's really wants him to do it.  Men believe too much in their leaders and they question little if anything.
     But if we can take the time to think an issue through, then we can take control over our own minds and use the power of reason to overcome the nonsense.  If someone says this or that, then ask them for the evidence to support their view.  What facts to they have to prove or support the truth of any matter?  You will be surprised that most of the time they'll have no facts and no evidence to support their views.  The main reason is that we have not learned to investigate an issue down to the core of the truth.  And by believing bogus information, we contribute to the destruction of our own minds.
     In religion, it is obvious to me that God wouldn't be that stupid to have all of these various groups of religions.  These religions are very instrumental  in destroying the reasonable mind.  While most of us believe in God the creator, the religions put forth their own version of truth, thereby, destroying the minds that listen to their nonsense.  While the Bible may contain a lot of truths, there are a lot of contradictory pieces of information that do not bear out the truth that the whole Bible is the complete and inerrant word of God.  Whatever truth it displays, seems to be always twisted by one religious group or another with the intention of destroying the minds of men.  People who do this truly intend to make life completely miserable for people who have to endure their disgusting and fallacious teachings.
     I try to figure out the truth and then just go with it.  I use God's commandments and the natural law as my guideposts.  I also use natural law to decide what are God's commandments and what aren't.  All writings to me are just secondary information.  The true law is God's laws and no one else's.  A writing may or may not be true, but the main thing is that I have learned to test the writings with the natural laws.  If the writing or any other form of media is in conflict with the natural law, then I just don't bother with it because I know that the bad information isn't going to do me any good.
     So after a few years of doing this, I believe that I am now in a better position to think more clearly.  If I need to know something, I take the time to research out all of the facts.  Once I have that information, and I am confident with its veracity, I then can use that information to my benefit. But what I found that was exhilarating with the fact that I could think in a more efficient way.  False information is much easier to identify for me now.  I have found that it almost churns my stomach when I turn on the television.  I do not allow that crap into my mind as I can see none of it ever did anything good for me.  Bad information is just that--bad and it is good for nothing.
     Another way I get this accomplished is that I look for warning signs.  Whenever I look at a video, book, or other writing, I look for satanic symbols.  If I see one, I just don't even bother to read, view, or listen to any of it.  I simply disregard the information and move on.  I do this with religious information. I have no more time in my life for stupid things.  But more importantly, I try not to let in my mind anything that is going to cause me any discomfort.  I look for things that are good and I want to stand aside from the evil.  This makes my life much easier.
     This is why I think it has been worth the effort to ween myself off of most of the media, as none of the information contained there had done me any good, even if I agree with a lot of it.  The problem is that I know I'm not getting the completely truthful story so I can really make an intelligent decision if I wanted to.  So I only work with information that I can reason for myself and get truthful answers.  Everything else, I just set it aside.  This way, I allow my mind to think in the way God intended.  Thinking about truthful things is the best way to go and it clears the mind.
     The benefits of clear thinking are that a person who thinks effectively is more difficult to control.  This is why the new age freaks who think they run everything want people to have no morals and encourage evil.  They control us through our own stupidity.  Our evil deeds weaken us to the point that almost everything we do goes wrong.  The best way I know of to counteract the evil is to learn how to think properly and reason things out so that we have good information upon which to work.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Patience: The Pilot of Peace

(Updated: 04/07/16)
     Patience in the time of being injured is simply a wonderful quality to possess. I'm sure that most of us have a difficult time with patience. But the meek shall inherit the earth.  Patience is a quality and a virtue worth acquiring.
     I happened to come across the writings of Tertullian (197-220 A.D.) who was a prolific writer and commentator on Christianity and its relationship to the “world.” His writings are quite logical and he wrote with the ability to be a few steps ahead of the subject matter. Whereas one group of Christian writers exhort us to be patient, writers such as Tertullian have the ability to give us more details in order to help their readers to  actually acquire patience. And I want to visit the issue of
meekness and patience as I think it is an essential quality for a man to have if he wants to be consistently in God's favor.
     Tertullian writes about a man: “Innocent he was, and intimate friendship with God, and the husbandman of paradise.  But when once he succumbed to impatience, he quite ceased to be
a sweet savor to God; he quite ceased to be able to endure things celestial. Thence forward, a creature given to earth, and ejected  from to the sight of God, he begins to be easily turned by impatience unto every use offensive to God.” By being impatient, man loses his ability to have spiritual discernment. He cannot understand spiritual things because through his lack of patience, hurries his decision-making process, and usually makes the wrong  choice—because he wants it now. He wants the immediate fulfillment of his desires, without taking the necessary time to think things through and obtaining the necessary information to make a wise choice.
     At 69 years old, this writer is just now learning how to be patient. And being thrown in prison is the only way I could have learned patience, as my life was going too fast to make the proper
choices and decisions.  Unfortunately, I was never taught how to be patient, nor could I learn it because I don't remember anyone who was a good example of patience. Everything had to be done now, and life seemed to be going from one case of instant gratification to another.
     For instance, I never saved enough money to purchase my own car. I always had car payments and, of course, committed the sin of disobeying God by partaking in usury. This could have
been avoided by either riding my bike or using public transportation for a few more months until I had enough to purchase the car. As a result, I spent more money for the car and greatly offended God as a result. I then got a home loan after I was married and spent more and offended God again. Piling sin upon sin, I used credit cards and other loans because I felt the need to have everything now. Buy now; pay later; offend God in the process. But the worst of all of this is that participating in
usury is considered unjust gain; being the same as theft. It doesn't matter if a man is on the receiving end or the giving side of the loan; any loan with interest is an offense against God and it is
     The driving force behind loans is to satisfy the satanic desire provoked through impatience. It was my impatience in attempting to satisfy my wants before I could afford them. If it wasn't for impatience, the banks, and the loan industry would collapse.
     Then we can see how adultery and fornication are the products of impatience of satisfying the lustful desire. Instead of waiting upon God to send us a proper spouse, through our impatience we instigate unlawful sexual activity. Tertullian said: “Evil is impatience of good.” “None immodest is not impatient of modesty; dishonest of honesty; impious of piety; unquiet of quietness. In order that each individual may become evil, he will be unable to persevere in being of evil; love is patience in the face of hatred, anger, and murder; the truth is patience in the face of lies, error, and deceit.
Godliness is patience in the face of idolatry.”  It is writings such as this last one from Tertullian, that has been very instructive to me and has given me the proper way of looking at the problem of patience. Godliness when practiced by the believer, is patience in the face of idolatry. And it takes an
extreme amount of patience to just exist in today's world of almost complete idolatry.
     When a man loses his patience, he has lost his self-control and his self-restraint and many types of chaos can manifest themselves. At this point in my life, I am just now learning the proper way of patience. I've seen dogs with more patience than me. The people who are blessed in their lives are the ones who have been patient.
     Without patience, there is no hope of being able to keep all of God's commandments all of the time. But with patience, we can achieve all things and please God all of the time. In regard to losing property or possession, Tertullian states: “We ought to endure without heart-sickness the cutting
down or taking away. 'Covetousness.' The spirit of the Lord has through the apostle pronounced ' a root of all evils: (Modern Bibles state: the love of money). “Let us not interpret that covetousness as consisting merely in the concupiscence of what is another's: for even what seems ours is another's; for nothing is ours since all things are God's, whose are we also ourselves. And so, if, when suffering from a loss, we feel impatient, grieving for what is lost from what is not our own, we shall be detected as bordering on covetousness: we seek what is another's when we ill brook losing what is another's. He who is greatly stirred with impatience of a loss, does, by giving things earthly the
precedence over things heavenly, sin directly against God; for the Spirit, which he has received from the Lord, he greatly shocks for the sake of a worldly matter.”
     This passage has been a wonderful help with the loss of my personal possessions. When I was put in prison, I had no way of keeping very much of my property and personal possessions collected over a lifetime. I would sometimes wake up in jail in a state of panic; thinking about all that I had lost. I lost my business, I lost my home, and I lost most of my personal effects. But I had a two-sided battle going on in my mind. Truly, I was “heartsick” over the losses, but on the other hand, there was a
part of me that didn't mind the losses. But since all things are God's; and understanding it in those terms, I am just now starting to put it all in perspective. We do not truly own anything because
God created it. How can a man own the land—something that God created? It is impossible to own the land. A man may have a certain amount of control over it, but he certainly will never in his wildest dreams own land. And it is the same with possessions. So why be covetous over things that are not ours? Nothing is even within our possession without the will of God. Being sorrowful, heart-sick, or despondent serves no constructive purpose, and all it accomplishes is the torment and the trembling of the soul. Tertullian continues: “Willingly, therefore, let us lose things earthly, and let us keep things heavenly. Perish the whole world, so that I may make patience my gain! In truth, I know not whether he who has not made up his mind to endure with constancy the loss of somewhat of his, either by theft, or else by force, or else even by carelessness, would himself readily or
heartily lay hand on his own property in the cause of alms giving:  For who that endures not at all to be cut by another, himself draws the sword on his own body? Patience in losses is an exercise in bestowing and communicating. Who fears not to lose, finds it not irksome to give.” And since God also has told us to care for the poor, it should always be a top priority in a Christian's life to take care of them. Because what we give isn't ours anyway, it is God's, but under our charge to distribute the wealth readily to the needy.
     Understanding the principle of patience has been tough, but a rewarding lesson to learn. Realizing that nothing is really mine makes it much easier to accept the loss of property. But
also, by understanding this, the desire or covetousness disappears along with the heart-sickness of the loss. Tertullian explains the pleasure of patience when he wrote: “I will add somewhat touching the pleasure of patience.  For every injury, whether inflicted by tongue or hand, when it is lighted upon patience, will be dismissed with the same fate as some weapon launched against and blunted on a rock of most steadfast hardness. For it will wholly fall then and there with bootless and fruitless labour; and sometimes will recoil and spend its rage on him who sent it out, with retorted impetus. No doubt the reason why anyone hurts you is that you may be pained: because the hurter's enjoyment consists in the pain of the hurt. When then , you have upset his enjoyment by not being pained, he must needs be pained by the loss of his enjoyment. Then you not only go unhurt away, which even alone is enough for you; but gratified, into the bargain, by your adversary's disappointment, and revenged by his pain. This is the utility and the pleasure of patience.”
     In prison, a so-called “Christian” man was clowning around and called me a “slut-faced whoremongerer.” I asked him if that was the way a “Christian” should speak. He ignored me
and kept on calling me that, very pleased with himself for coming up with the term. I had just finished studying the above passage of Tertullian. He kept calling me the name and I decided not to
respond at all. I simply remained silent and said nothing. I took his enjoyment away.  A few days later, the same man started to ask me stupid questions. I simply ignored him and did not respond to the ridiculous questions. I stared back at him and said nothing. He kept blabbering making himself look foolish. In this type of situation, silence and patience is the most powerful weapon.  So it worked just as Tertullian said that that demonstrated to me the utility of patience; the pleasure was mine by not saying or doing anything. Tertullian explained further: “Where the injury is less, there is no necessity for impatience; but where the injury is greater there more necessary is the remedy for the injury—patience.”
     If the world's political leaders exhibited more patience, then there would be fewer wars. But war is from Satan, Satan is from hell; war is hell, and it is the impatience of the political leaders that promulgate the conditions for war. And impatience plays upon all of the elements of war: anger, hatred, envy, jealously, strife, murder, revenge, and lust for power. The effects of war destroy what God created by returning evil for evil.
     But let's take another look at how Tertullian explains the virtues and effects of patience: “So amply sufficient a depository of patience is God. If it be a wrong which you deposit in his care,
he is an avenger; if a loss, he is a restorer; if pain, he is a healer; if death, he is a reviver. What honor is granted to patience, to have God as her debtor! And not without reason: for she keeps
all his decrees; she has to do with all his mandates. She fortifies faith; is the pilot of peace; assists charity; establishes humility; waits for repentance; sets her seal on confession; rules the flesh;
preserves the spirit; bridles the tongue; restrains the hand; tramples temptations under foot; drives away scandals; gives their crowning grace to martyrdoms; consoles the poor; teaches
the rich moderation; overstrains not the weak; exhausts not the strong; is the delight of the believer; invites the Gentile; commends the servant to his lord, and his lord to God; adorns the woman; makes the man approved; is loved in childhood, praised in youth, looked up to in age; is beauteous in every sex, in every time of life.”  Patience is the discipline and the rule of the true Christian.
It allows the man to effectively rule himself, getting the mastery over his flesh and over sin. It gives the man power to take control of his own conduct and gives him the spiritual strength to get it
accomplished according to the will of God. Therefore, the exercise of patience demonstrates just how
much we love God. And when we are tested, patience will carry the day. If there is something that is lost, God finds a way to restore us. Patience is the godly exercising of our true Christian
faith. Certainly, God is the supreme example of patience; if he is patient with us, then we should honor Him in the same fashion.
     We were created by God to exercise patience.It is through patience that a man is able to keep the
commandments of God—all of His commandments. The virtue of patience is the vehicle that is used to fortify and strengthen a man's faith. In these incredible passages, Tertullian says that patience is “the pilot of peace.” Patience is the controlling virtue that establishes a man upon the proper foundation of God's will.  With a godly amount of patience, almost anything can be
overcome as it is the patience that gives us the power to do good, and overcome evil. Again, patience is a godly quality; impatience is of the devil. Jesus Christ said: “In your patience you possess your
souls.” (Luke 21:19) And it would follow that through impatience a man loses control of his soul. By exercising the virtue of patience, a man empowers himself because he is being obedient to God.
     By looking back on my own life, it has been my impatience that has instigated my bad choices. When I think about it, almost everything I did was done impatiently. And by not being a true Christian, it was not possible for me to exercise patience in a godly manner.  By exercising the virtue of patience, a man can achieve a level of peace in his life, that most people have never experienced. So then when a man is pressured to engage in a sinful activity, if he practices the virtue of patience, he can over come the temptation to commit sin. If patience produces peace; impatience produces war. Patience exists within God's natural order; impatience exist outside of it. War is the direct result of impatience. Even the most powerful nation on earth cannot resist the temptation for war when another nation defies its wishes. The defiant nation also exercises impatience in its behavior towards the most powerful.  Both nations act upon the foundation of impatience and belligerence; which in turn produces hatred, anger, envy, and strife. The logical outcome of these evil workings is war, war,
and more war. War is of the devil, as it destroys men of whom God created. And those who destroy what God created will be destroyed in similar fashion themselves.
     War does not result in the practice of patience, but it is used to promote the destruction of men's souls. Because those who participate in military operations are just as guilty as the one's who order these murders. But it is the impatient who stir up the people into a state of absolute madness. The murder and killing go on—on both sides because each side did not have the moral underpinning of
patience to resolve their differences.
      The powers that be have no faith in God the Creator, nor do they possess a godly patience. In fact, they are the ones who instigate the fulminations on all sides—inciting impatience which results in war. War is just another example of a bad religious exercise because it is satanic. On one had there is God's law; on the other is the devil's world with no law. There is no body of law that is usable if it is of the devil. The law of war is from the devil, and Satan rejoices at the destruction of man because the devil hates God. War is a bad religion because all men in the military have sworn an oath of allegiance to someone or something; putting themselves under a curse. And as all of the history of man has shown that he is not capable of pleasing God by exercising patience because the whole system of government in the world is not founded upon God our Creator, but it is founded upon the
devil's foundation of impatience and war. I cannot find anything good about any government and war.
     I cannot find anything good about any government that is based upon man's idea of freedom—
which can never be—because the only way a man can have true liberty or freedom is the one who can practice patience, and keeps God's commandments.

     How does patience get it done? Tertullian makes an interesting comment: “The shepherd's patience seeks and finds the straying ewe: for impatience would easily despise one ewe; but patience undertakes the labour of the quest, and the patient burden—bearer carries home on his shoulders forsaken sinner. That prodigal son also the Father's patience receives, and clothes, and feeds, and makes excuses for, in the presence of the angry brother's impatience.”

     “Patience undertakes the labour of the quest....” is a stunning remark. She gets the job done; she shoulders the load; she bears the adversity; she assumes the most difficult task.  And if I can point to a major flaw in my faith; impatience would most certainly be at the top of my list. I am now
understanding how impatience was a major flaw in my character, and that anything I tried to do to please God, fell short because of my impatience. Because in the process of being impatient, I ended up with the opposite results of what I had intended. And by impatience, I did things out of ignorance, because I was too impatient to learn how to do them correctly. Patience rules the flesh; she bridles the tongue. This is how we overcome the flesh—we allow patience to “undertake labour of the quest.”  Patience is long suffering. So let's take a look at the Shepherd of Hermas in Mandate #5: “Be thou long suffering and understanding, he saith, and thou shalt have the mastery over all evil deeds, and shalt work all righteousness. For if thou are long suffering, the Holy Spirit that abideth in thee shall be pure, not being darkened by another evil spirit, but dwelling in a large room shall rejoice and be glad with the vessel in which he dwelleth, and shall serve God with much cheerfulness, having prosperity in himself.” Not only is patience “the pilot of peace” as Tertullian states, but also by having patience will give the man mastery over all evil deeds. This doesn't say some—it says all. Tempering the angry temper is included in the following passage: “But if any angry temper approach, forthwith the Holy Spirit, being delicate, is straitened, not having the place clear, and seeketh to retire from the place; for he is being choked by the evil spirit, and has no room to minister unto the Lord, as he desireth, being polluted by the angry temper. For the Lord dwelleth in long-suffering, but the devil in angry temper. Thus, that both spirits then should be dwelling together is inconvenient and evil for that man in whom they dwell.” A man's body is his vessel and the spirit of God—the Holy Spirit—cannot dwell with the evil spirit at the same time. One of them has to go. But by exercising patience, a man can overcome evil and an angry temper.
     If patience can overcome an angry temper, then we can see how it can also bridle the tongue. If the angry temper is under control, then the tongue can remain quiet. Patience becomes the controller; instead of anger and a loose tongue. If patience can overcome the angry temper and bridle the tongue, then it can also prevent wars and other forms of murder. If young people learned patience properly, then they would be less likely to engage in premarital sex—fornication--which destroys the mind and
separates them from God. If more people searched the scriptures, then they wouldn't be so easily led astray by false prophets and false teachers.  Patience does not expect anything now, but it waits until
its proper time. Patience fills the heart with joy; being a delight to the believer.
     Patience allows enough time to learn things and understand them in their proper order. Patience allows for thoughtful consideration of all the facts and evidence; before it draws a conclusion. Patience establishes the proper amount of all of her essential elements to firmly establish a man in God's will.  Patience dissolves tension between people and she allows the mind to think properly.
     Another example of patience being the “pilot of peace” is in the area of revenge, or in today's vernacular; payback. We are taught in the true scriptures never to repay evil with evil; but rather to be long suffering. We see in Revelation: “If any lead into captivity, he shall go into captivity: if any kill with a sword, he must be killed by a sword: here is the patience and the faith of
the Saints.” (Revelation 13:10)
     As patience is indeed the “pilot of peace” we can see how patience is the instrument that keeps us away from God's prerogative; applying vengeance. And by not repaying evil with evil, a man leaves the vengeance to God and God alone. It is God who will repay and take revenge; the proper amount to the proper person in His own time. God does not need our help giving out vengeance as man is not capable of applying this kind of judgment, in a manner or fashion that would be approved by God.
Vengeance is God's territory, and men need the patience to allow God to do His work unobstructed by impatient men.
     One way I have found that works for me in exercising patience is to keep my mouth shut when I am tempted run off at the mouth. My natural reaction sometimes is to start flapping my mouth and become part of the conversational fiasco. When I remember to shut up, the other people become very
uncomfortable and sometimes say: “Why don't you say something?” Many times I don't even respond to that because I am attempting to exercise patience. But I still have to think about it. I don't do it naturally yet; I'm getting better, but I have to actively concentrate to exercise any control over my mouth.
     One of my problems was that I tried to think and speak at the same time, often with very poor results. Now I am aware of the problem; primarily due to a lack of patience, I am able to more readily bridle the tongue. And by paying attention to my own patience, I can pay more attention to controlling myself in a way that I had never thought possible.  Patience is indispensable to the Christian because the whole belief system is completely contrary to the way the world works. In the world, it seems that almost everything is a fight; a fight against God and His natural order of life.
And it is a constant struggle economically to stay ahead financially in a system based on usury. Compound interest is Satan's tool of slavery; financial and personal. Usury feeds upon the ungodly impatience. Do it now; get it now! Good economic principles are thrown out the window. There is nothing good about  usury—interest upon interest—and it separates a man from
     While current economic trends lend themselves to usury, the fact is that people should begin to control their desires to have something now, and simply wait until they can afford the things
that they wish to buy. This would greatly diminish the power of the bankers, and put the financial system within the boundaries of God's law. If a debt is incurred, no interest can be charged. Impatience satisfies the immediate desire, but it leaves the man wanting—in a spiritual sense—in the aftermath of the fulfillment. Therefore, he cannot ever be completely happy as his body, mind, and spirit are in conflict between God's will and the devil's will. But with the exercising of patience, a man can
achieve that happiness by always abiding in the commandments of God.
     And it is impatience that breaks down relationships between and among people. We do things fast—just to get them done; when it may have been better to take more time in making a
decision to act.  The decision to marry a particular person, if made hastily, can come out with disastrous results. Many times we make important decisions based on its expediency, rather than the wisdom of it. This is due to impatience, and the usual outcome of such decisions is confusion and disorder. Making any decision based on confusion will not come out well because the foundation of such decisions is not based upon coherency.  Likewise, disorder means that the knowledge needed to make a wise choice is unorganized and it is not complete. For the most part, my whole life was run based upon impatient choices.  As patience is the pilot of peace, we can see how much it will benefit as to exercise patience to the fullest extent possible.
     Patience “undertakes the labor the quest”--it gets the job done. Patience will produce the ability for a man to avoid sinful behavior. Impatience produces the evil that instigated sin. Patience gives us the ability to love our neighbor; impatience produces thoughts of murdering our neighbor. Patience
overcomes the temptation to engage in sexual sin; impatience commits the act. Patience gives a man the ability to work and prosper in his labor; impatience causes him to become a thief. Patience is a virtue of the highest order and it pleases God; impatience serves the devil.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land
Read Tertullian's Of Patience

Thursday, November 8, 2012

On Conspiracy Theories

     One of the things that I've noticed about conspiracy theories is that there is no end to it. 
Just when I think I've seen it all, something else comes up that's even worse.  For all of the conspiracy theories that I've seen, most of them are true but I suspect that the reality of them is much worse than what is disclosed.  Evil things have a way of lulling us all into a stupor and we seem to accept even the most outrageously evil conduct as normal.  We have the most evil, corrupted, psychotic, and mentally deranged miscreants controlling our "government."  If they ever tell the truth, it is only to further their evil agenda.

The purpose of evil..

     In order to understand what is going on, one needs to understand the purpose of evil.  And in many spiritual writings, it seems that the idea of evil is intended to offend God the creator and to destroy mankind.  In other words, anything that is deemed evil is specifically intended to to destroy mankind.  Government, being evil has no regard for the people who live under it.  It doesn't matter which government we are talking about; all of them are intended to be in complete conflict with the natural laws which the creator established with his wisdom.  Some people think our political leaders are stupid and inefficient and that they don't know what they are doing.  While that may be the case with some of them, the fact is that they know perfectly well what they are doing and the intent is do ruin the lives and to destroy as many people as possible.  The problems are put forth intentionally by the govtards and the religious people.  They both combine to make life as miserable as possible.  And there is a purpose in it.
     Evil weakens the mind, spirit, and body--even looking at it can be very unsettling.  Evil sets forth a spiritual and mental handicap that is difficult to overcome unless one is willing to override those things by intentionally avoiding them.  If a man wants a peaceful life it can be very difficult to avoid and separate from evil.  However, it can be done at the very least mentally, but physically, it is extremely difficult but possible without having to jump off the planet.
     Since it is my goal to improve my life rather than make it worse, I really do try to stay away from things that will get me in a bad position.  As a result of my efforts, I think I have been able to avoid and separate myself from things that will get me in trouble.
      When it comes to conspiracy theories, I know just enough to stay away from them and I have learned to separate my mind and spirit from such things.  Other people have written extensively about them, but I can't control what other people do, so I just have to focus on controlling what I do.  One of those things is that I don't pay anymore attention to these things because I can't do much about it.  But I can do something about how I live my own life.  That's the only thing that any of us can do.  Many of us teach good things but we get ignored, so we always have to maintain our own equanimity.  That's not always easy, but it can be done.

Warning signs:

     Rather than study conspiracy theories for the rest of my life, I look for the tell-tale signs of impending trouble.  I look for the following:
  • Satanic or occultic symbols:  Two-fingered finger, five pointed stars, masonic markings, swooshes, and a myriad of evil markings are available on the internet.  When I see any of these things on their advertising or media materials, I know that these people are not going to be ones that I am going to trust.  If they have these symbols, just know that you will get screwed at some point in the relationship.
  • Swearing Oaths: Anyone who believes in God the creator should never be swearing any oaths.  I've written three articles on this blog so you can find out the reasons why this is bad.  The main reason it is bad because no one has the ability to accurately predict the future 100% of the time, nor do they always know the truth of a matter.  Wherever you see the oath, you should know that there is nothing but trouble from that group or organization.
  • Religious Organizations: These are some of the worse groups you can participate in because they make claims that they cannot prove.  They don't operate under God's commandments or natural law, and they simply make up their doctrines as they go along.  Rather than listening to them, I would avoid these groups.  No matter what the religion may be, the fact is they don't even believe in their own writings because most of their leaders are liars.  Frankly, I don't think that God the creator is that stupid to come up with these religions.
     Just these three things can go a long way in helping a man or woman to avoid a lot of trouble.  Governments and religions are mostly based upon oaths, so you know that these are the kind of people you should avoid.  And this works well for me.  I don't need to clutter up my mind with needless turmoil by putting in senseless thoughts that go nowhere.  And evil is senseless.

Like the sinews of a dead man.....

     Evil has no strength, nor does it have any power.  One of my favorite passages from the Shepherd of Hermas says the following:  "Believe, therefore, on God, ye who by reason of your sins have despaired of your life, and are adding to your sins, and weighing down your life; for if ye turn unto the Lord with your whole heart, and work righteousness the remaining days of your life, and serve Him rightly according to His will, He will give healing to your former sins, and ye shall have power to master the works of the devil. But of the threatening of the devil fear not at all; for he is unstrung, like the sinews of a dead man."  Evil people are nothing, they live for nothing, and there is no good in them because they refuse to abide in the natural order.  Notice how the devil is described as unstrung.  The activities that we follow in studying conspiracies are as the "sinews of a dead man."  There is nothing for us to desire or want with people like this.  We can't control their lives as they are free to chose the evil.  The results of evil are self-evident; chaos and destruction.

Scuba diving the cesspool
      So my thinking here is that we need to know enough to stay away from it, but we don't need to scuba dive in the cesspool. We don't have to know every piece of crap that the new world order psychos put forth.  I believe that separation and avoidance are the best ways of getting rid of these kind of people.  There really isn't any point in even speaking with them because they have no intention of learning any common sense or any virtue.  Their lives are wasted on destroying other people and they take their joy in ruining the lives of other because that's just who they are and they won't change.  Some may, but most will not repent.  So, it is important to separate out and avoid them as much as possible.  I believe that the reality of the conspiracies are much worse than what we see described on various websites and blogs.  But you can control what goes into your own mind and your own behavior.  This is where the real battle lies.  The temptation of evil is there, but we still chose our own course.  Choosing good over evil will always get better results.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Value of Government

     I want to take a look at the economic value of what we know of government, and see if it is a good deal.  Economically speaking, is it worth the amount of money that we all put into it?  Does it give use value for the dollar spent?
     We'll be looking at this question from a perspective of a working family, mostly from the middle class, but also, from the perspective of someone who is considered rich in economic standards.  I won't be talking about the moral character of government because I've done that elsewhere on this blog.  I want to focus this as much as I can upon economic common sense if there is any left.
     Many years ago, I figured out that after taxes, anyone who made over $50,000.00 would have a total tax liability of around 63%.  These included:
  • Income tax: 28-33%
  • Social Security tax: 6.5 to 15.3%
  • State Income tax: 9%
  • Unemployment insurance (tax)just under 1% per employee
  • Property tax: Variable Depending on the value of a home.  8%(I'm going to use)
  • Excise tax..especially on gasoline: Combined state and federal .601per gallon 15gals per week   so on an income of 50 grand the tax just on gasoline runs about .0093756 or almost 1% just on gasoline alone.
  •  Sales tax:  Now about 8.75% in California
     If I use the highest numbers possible, I come out with about 76% of earnings going to taxes.  Obviously, depending upon income and expenditures, this figure can fluctuate.  Actually, my figure of 63% may be conservative.  Either way, these are just ballpark figures.  
     But the question is this:
  •  Is the government system that we have in place today worth the 63% of income?
  •  Is the Democratic and Republican parties worth 63% of your income? 
  •  Is the United States Congress and Senate worth 63% of your income?
  •  Is the US military worth 63% of your income, especially if you've had your limbs blown off in a war in some God forsaken land?
  • Is being sprayed with chemicals (chemtrails) worth 63% of your income?
  • Is being felt up and being sexually molested by the TSA worth the 63% of your income.
  • Was losing our manufacturing and agricultural base with trade agreements like NAFTA and TTP worth 63% of your income?
  • Is the high unemployment rate worth 63% of your income?
  • Is the judicial system of abject slavery worth 63% of your income.
  • Was "Fast and Furious" worth 63% of your income?
  • Is the pathetic public school system worth 63% of your income?
  • Was Waco and Ruby Ridge worth 63% of your income?
  • Was Bill Clinton and Monica worth 63% of your income?
  • Were all of the calculated wars worth 63% of your income?
  • Was George W. Bush worth 63% of your income?
  • Is the police brutality in the streets worth 63% of your income?
  • Is the communist economic system worth 63% of your income?
  • Are any of the candidates running for President worth 63% of your income?
     The results cannot be disputed.  I'm sitting here trying to find something good to say about our government but I can't.  Everything it touches turns into excrement.  Is it worth the money?  Can we do better?  I'm sure it is possible but it is a matter of choice.  No matter what the government does, you have to ask yourself: Is this worth 63% of my income?

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Friday, November 2, 2012

Chem Trail Friday

     I woke up in a very good mood this morning because I had a decent nights sleep.  I
walked outside and I saw what I have usually seen since 1997; chem trails.  If there was ever a reason to get rid of government, I think this type of thing is a perfect reason why.  I don't know who the fruit-loop is who though this up, but it had to be the most evil person on the planet or a combination thereof.
     This is a perfect example of govtards at their worst.  They are spraying a variety of chemicals and they are in effect medicating the whole country whether they like it or not.  This is the purpose of a good govtard.  Just do the most stupid and insane thing you can and then deny it even exists.
     I'm not going to get into all the details of  chem trails because others have done that, but what amazes me is how many people don't seem to care or understand and that their health may be in jeopardy.
     Recently, I pointed to the sky to a local store owner and he said it is the first time he has ever seen them.  But what was even more shocking is that many people don't even question it.  With this kind of system, what would stop them from spraying something lethal and kill millions of people?  Who is controlling the security for this practice?  Nothing really, but when this is brought up to the local govtards, they don't seem to be a bit concerned.  They never answer any questions about the practice or they come up with the ridiculous reason such as they are contrails.
     The same thing goes with fluoride in the water.  There are a lot of health risks to ingesting fluoride but most people don't question this deadly practice.  Now that there is going to be gubbermint health care, you can see just how disgusting the whole situation can become.
     For this reason alone people should be rethinking the value of government.  If the government is going to be this intrusive, maybe it is time to flush the whole thing down the toilet, start over, and simply allow people to live their own lives in peace.  Government as we know it has destroyed just about everything in its path, and God only knows how pleasant live would be without it.
     Am I advocating anarchy?  That term seems to be associated with groups of people I don't agree with entirely. I don't believe in violent revolutions.  To make any meaningful changes, people in general need to have a change of heart about a lot of things.   But people do better when they are free to choose who they want to associate with and participate in projects that they want to support.  As long as people respect other people and let them live in peace, I think that would be the better way to go.  Government as we know it today is a proven failure and there's really no sense in it.  If it is based upon an evil foundation, then what good is it?
     I can't say much about the intent of the chem trails, but given the 20/20 vision of history, we can see that any government that is so arrogant to medicate the population, has nothing good in its intention.   This kind of thing has been going on for decades.  But I have to ask the question: Does anyone really care?  I know some do, but from what I've seen, most people are in denial.
     What would happen if one morning we all walk outside and get sprayed with something lethal?  Then it will be too late.  I'd tell you to write your congressman but that would be like pissing up a rope.
     My take on this is that government as we have known it all of our lives has never been useful.  It's not a necessary evil; evil is not necessary.  If everyone abided in the natural "law" then life would certainly be more pleasant and we wouldn't have to deal with the govtards.  Chem trails are the modern day "black helicopters" and they are as dangerous to your health as one can imagine.  Who makes the decisions about what chemical gets sprayed?  For what purpose?
     As for the pilots who fly these routes, what kind of person are you who would spray your own family and friends?  This I cannot understand.

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Evil and Stupid: A Waste of Life

      When I look back on my life, I realize that I wasted countless hours watching or reading things that were stupid, evil, or both.  I have now come to realize that all these things were a complete waste of time and that I should have separated myself from them.  I would have had a better life.  I don't think the creator put us on earth to have a rotten time of it, but rather to allow us to enjoy our lives and be productive men and women.  Evil and stupid get in the way of us enjoying our lives.  So, the obvious thing would be to separate ourselves from those things, and enjoy the life that God gave us.  Evil and stupid are a waste of life and we should take extra measures in our lives to separate ourselves from them.
     Now, I seem to be doing much better in life because I try not to pay attention to most sources of media.  Because the content that is available is not meaningful, does not edify me, and it does not serve any productive purpose.  I have found that avoiding evil and stupid things results in a much more peaceful life.  I try to do my own thinking for myself, rather than trying to understand information that is either stupid or evil.

Evil and Stupid in Movies:

     Why would I want to go to any violent movie?  I think that these movies are extremely destructive to the mind, and I believe that is the intent of the people who make them.  The intent is to destroy the minds of young people and inflame their minds and souls with evil.  I have watched a fair amount of these movies over the years and I can't think of one good thing that I got out of them; not one thing.  Imagine the stupidity of it--going to a movie on a date and watching violence, murder, and mayhem--how romantic!  Rather than spending quality time together, people pay good money to go see evil and stupid.  These things are a waste of life.

Separating from Stupid and Evil:

     Today is Halloween 2012, and I was at the store and someone asked me what I was going to do for Halloween.  I told them that "I don't do Halloween" and I gave him the reason why.  I don't believe it is healthy for the mind and soul for a little child to dress up as a dead person.  Somehow, the whole idea of Halloween is grossly misdirected and stupid.  Why would anyone dress up their child as a ghoul or a vampire?  It is just demonic and satanic.  This is also a waste of life.  Children do not need to be exposed to nonsense like that, but this stinking holiday keeps going and going.  It lays the foundation of celebrating death.  This too is a waste of life.  If we could count the hours wasted on this garbage, that alone would be something to contemplate.  Is it several billion hours of life completely wasted on something so evil and stupid.  When looked at in those terms, one can see the damage done to the minds of children all in the name of just a little fun.  What's fun about death?  Again, this is a waste of life.
     I try to just mind my own business, but I will point out the stupidity of it.

Avoiding Liars:

     When I know I'm just going to hear a bunch of lies, I try to avoid any encounter with that kind of person.  My two big groups of liars are religious and government organizations.  Yes, I believe in God, but I can't stomach religion.  My faith is in the creator and not in any organization.  So by careful avoidance, I try not to waste my life on stupid and evil.  This really does work well and it makes my days more enjoyable.  I don't listen to stupid people or people who lie.  I try to completely avoid this kind of person because they have nothing to offer anyone.

Avoiding the waste of life:

     Whatever that I have under my control, I do my best not to get involved with stupid and evil because, as an older man, I don't want to waste any more of my life on such things.  And while I am tempted sometimes, the fact is, that by measuring my actions along the lines of the commandments and natural law, I find that my life is much better.  In order to get my mind out of the control of other people, I have to severely limit my intake of stupid and evil.  If I can recognize stupid and evil, then I know that it is the fruit of the corrupted tree.  After I see stupid and evil, I then look to who's causing it and why.  And when I look at it this way, I always see a government or a religious person causing trouble.  If there is anything bad in life, the first place I look for the cause is government and religion.  I see this over and over and there is no denying the root cause of the problems of mankind.  So I try not to waste my life being involved with either one.  So far, I'm very happy with the results.
     I have one more suggestion to help make life more peaceful.  I try to avoid groups of people.  Whether they be political, religious, or something else, there will always be something about the group that will be offensive to my moral values.  Rather than have to endure such things, I just stay out of these groups and if I had it to do over again, I would keep my wife and children away from them for a myriad of reasons.  Groups of people are dangerous.  If you must be in a group of people, just keep your guard up and don't allow anyone to start doing your thinking for you.  If you see something that is offensive, just know that there is probably going to be more coming down the pike.  I like to talk to people, I don't like groups because I don't trust them; especially government or religious groups.   I refuse to waste my life.  Our minds and our bodies are not made for that kind of idiocy.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land