Friday, November 30, 2012

I Can Think!: Defeating Mental Slavery

     One of the hardest things for a person to be able to do is to really think for themselves.  The reason is that most of us have been brought up to abide in a group-think environment.  Little is taught about thinking for oneself, and a lot of effort has been put forth by the various medias to get people to think within a certain a "truth frame."  However, if one dares to think outside of that frame, then he is excoriated by the people who will suffer the most if people actually learned to think on their own.
These people reside mostly in politics and religion and are the least intelligent people in the world, in my opinion.  The reason is because they will readily accept a writing or someone's nonsense as truth and make it their own.  Then, having learned this bilge, they pass it on to other until the whole world's population has become so stupid, that they have lost their ability to think.
     Mental slavery comes from the continual inculcating of bad information into the mind.  Once the lie or error becomes a part of someone's "truth frame" a lot of bad things happen.  A mental slave is easy to control because will believe almost anything.  The reason is that when he believes lies, he makes bad decisions which will always put him in a position of weakness.  So that the powers that be completely twist the political and religious systems of the world to pivot around lies, error, and evil.  These three things will always contribute to the ruin of a man's life.  Stupid begets stupid.  Stupid, evil, and error cannot be fixed unless there's a complete change of heart.
     A mental slave believes stupid things: i.e. evolution, global warming, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, political and religious leaders.  The mental slave can only think in his "frame of nonsense."  We can see how even the slightest error or lie can have a devastating effect on the mind.  With today's media, the condition of almost complete intellectual chaos is present and without actively guarding the mind against it, can drive a person into a miserable life.
     One of my favorite writings comes from Philo who wrote: "For one kind of freedom gives fearlessness of body in respect of any dangers which can come upon it from men of still more powerful body; while the other produces peace to the mind, by putting a check upon the authority of the passions."   All men and women are tempted to commit evil; however, with a little effort evil can be overcome (at the very least) in the mind.  Because it is in the mind and in a man's soul the battle for evil or good takes place.  In order to destroy the lives of men, evil people put all kinds of rotten information out in order to make a man's mind go into chaos.  My idea of defeating this may be interesting for some because I am just like everyone else who has lived most of my life with inaccurate information.
     One of the most diabolical tools the evil one has is to have men and women base their beliefs on assumptions or presumptions.  The problem with assumptions or presumptions is that they are never disclosed.  So to base any truthful or intelligent thought to them is a complete waste of time.  A lot of this goes on in religion and politics, but the big problem is that these ideas are not based on the facts or the truth.  If I tell someone about the US Code, that assumes that the code is a part of a government, but in fact, it is a code of a corporation. These codes redefine words to mean something completely different and at the same time project a meaning that isn't intended.  A corporation code is more of a policy than a code or law.  Man's laws are so convoluted that they are not worth the effort to study as they are of no effect because of their capriciousness.  Only God's laws or commandments, in harmony with the natural law, are dependable for anything.  So, the mental slavery of mankind is brought about by using these corrupted laws written on dead paper.
     Of course, we have the same problem with religion.  I'm not sure how many thousands of religions there are, but everyone seems to conflict with one another.  It would be impossible, in my opinion, that God is that stupid to have all of these religions be in conflict with each other.  Whether one points to the Bible or the Koran, they point to religious writings which may or may not be true, so how would one know?  Of course, religious leaders will tell you that some of these writings are the word of God.  OK, then prove it.  They can't do it because the best they can do is to have an opinion.  Yet many millions of people throughout history have been murdered under the name of one kind of religion or another.  This too is a product of mental slavery.  The mental slaves will have no problem with killing another man, woman, or child in the name of God without proof the God's really wants him to do it.  Men believe too much in their leaders and they question little if anything.
     But if we can take the time to think an issue through, then we can take control over our own minds and use the power of reason to overcome the nonsense.  If someone says this or that, then ask them for the evidence to support their view.  What facts to they have to prove or support the truth of any matter?  You will be surprised that most of the time they'll have no facts and no evidence to support their views.  The main reason is that we have not learned to investigate an issue down to the core of the truth.  And by believing bogus information, we contribute to the destruction of our own minds.
     In religion, it is obvious to me that God wouldn't be that stupid to have all of these various groups of religions.  These religions are very instrumental  in destroying the reasonable mind.  While most of us believe in God the creator, the religions put forth their own version of truth, thereby, destroying the minds that listen to their nonsense.  While the Bible may contain a lot of truths, there are a lot of contradictory pieces of information that do not bear out the truth that the whole Bible is the complete and inerrant word of God.  Whatever truth it displays, seems to be always twisted by one religious group or another with the intention of destroying the minds of men.  People who do this truly intend to make life completely miserable for people who have to endure their disgusting and fallacious teachings.
     I try to figure out the truth and then just go with it.  I use God's commandments and the natural law as my guideposts.  I also use natural law to decide what are God's commandments and what aren't.  All writings to me are just secondary information.  The true law is God's laws and no one else's.  A writing may or may not be true, but the main thing is that I have learned to test the writings with the natural laws.  If the writing or any other form of media is in conflict with the natural law, then I just don't bother with it because I know that the bad information isn't going to do me any good.
     So after a few years of doing this, I believe that I am now in a better position to think more clearly.  If I need to know something, I take the time to research out all of the facts.  Once I have that information, and I am confident with its veracity, I then can use that information to my benefit. But what I found that was exhilarating with the fact that I could think in a more efficient way.  False information is much easier to identify for me now.  I have found that it almost churns my stomach when I turn on the television.  I do not allow that crap into my mind as I can see none of it ever did anything good for me.  Bad information is just that--bad and it is good for nothing.
     Another way I get this accomplished is that I look for warning signs.  Whenever I look at a video, book, or other writing, I look for satanic symbols.  If I see one, I just don't even bother to read, view, or listen to any of it.  I simply disregard the information and move on.  I do this with religious information. I have no more time in my life for stupid things.  But more importantly, I try not to let in my mind anything that is going to cause me any discomfort.  I look for things that are good and I want to stand aside from the evil.  This makes my life much easier.
     This is why I think it has been worth the effort to ween myself off of most of the media, as none of the information contained there had done me any good, even if I agree with a lot of it.  The problem is that I know I'm not getting the completely truthful story so I can really make an intelligent decision if I wanted to.  So I only work with information that I can reason for myself and get truthful answers.  Everything else, I just set it aside.  This way, I allow my mind to think in the way God intended.  Thinking about truthful things is the best way to go and it clears the mind.
     The benefits of clear thinking are that a person who thinks effectively is more difficult to control.  This is why the new age freaks who think they run everything want people to have no morals and encourage evil.  They control us through our own stupidity.  Our evil deeds weaken us to the point that almost everything we do goes wrong.  The best way I know of to counteract the evil is to learn how to think properly and reason things out so that we have good information upon which to work.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land



  1. Thank You Al -- I always enjoy your writings. Bill J

  2. Too much thinking can also be harmful. Almost everything I was taught as a child seems to be untrue. Now I analyze facts to the point I don't know what to believe in. At some point faith has to be injected into the mix.

  3. What approach do you take to determine what "natural law" is?