Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Case for Home Schooling


     In looking back at my own experience with going to school, I can safely say that sending children to schools today is probably one of the most destructive things a parent can do to their children.  I have provided a link to an extreme example at the bottom of this article.  There are many reasons not to send children to school.  And that school as we know it is not necessary in today's world of computers and the free access to information.  There is nothing that I learned in school that I couldn't have learned some other way.  It is a complete waste of time to sit in classrooms for 12 years and then end up dumber than when the student started.  When someone is feed false information, they become less intelligent; not smarter.

Public schools paid by the state is communist
     The idea of a free public education is right out of the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto.  It's really a no-brainer that this communist idea is intended to promote the communist agenda to the children.  It is the foundation for indoctrinating every child into the acceptance of the STATE, State, or state and to blindly follow allegiance to this state regardless of the morality of it.  And the sad fact is that communism, socialism, fascism, liberalism, progressives, and even "conservatives" all promote the agenda of the state.  The state is the false god of the "new word order" and it is the state that is designed to destroy the minds of those who participate in it.  The state lies, steals, cheats, and misinforms the children and makes their minds dysfunctional by the stupid teachings of the communist system.
     Private schools are not much better.  I went to Roman Catholic schools and was feed very bad religious doctrines.  Given the problem of pedophiles in the Catholic church, I see no reason why any parent would want to put their children is such disgusting places.  I think the problem is that the parents are completely delusional when it comes to education.  The purpose of education is to prepare children for life in general; giving them the skills they need in order to work and be productive.  Sadly, a communist system will not accomplish that goal.  A communist school system only will promote the state and its own agenda, with very little for the young people who should be learning marketable skills.  Make no mistake about it, a free public education comes right out of the Communist Manifesto and little children should never be subjected to such bullshit.

Schools are hotbeds for sexual perverts
     This reason alone should be enough for parents to think twice in sending their children to school.  In the example in the link I posted below this article is an extreme example of why children should never be allowed to go to school.  They have become over-sexualized by the regular media and even their genders are coming into question which insults God and the natural law.  A queer has nothing to teach anyone and they are completely useless to themselves and others. I highly encourage that the reader reads the link and he'll see just how idiotic it would be to send children to schools.  And it is my opinion, that all public schools are just as bad in their own way because the underlying foundation of them is communist.  Communism is a complete perversion of the natural law which God created.  Communists use sexual perversion to weaken the family and to ruin the moral compass of the children.  Weakened families and destroyed children are easier to manage.

Subject matter of classes
     Most of the time spent in school is wasted time because the subject matter is not geared to help a child become truly educated.  And under a communist system, that makes sense.  Under a communist system, children will become indoctrinated to become completely amoral, and this is a very bad environment for anyone; let alone children.  Young people need to master the language and their math so that they have the necessary skills to be able to work.  There was little to nothing learned at school that was relevant to what I needed to know for getting a job or being productive as a worker.
All of those skills were learned on the job and not in any school.  Schools are mostly mental and moral retardation centers and they are not places to send children to be "educated."  No one is doing their children any good by sending them to school.

Destroying the family is the intent of socialists
     When it comes to the rearing of children, it is the parents who should have complete authority operating within the natural order.  In our society, we need to have parents who stay at home with the children to prepare them for the real world.  They need to learn how to make money and to lead productive lives, and they learn little to none of that sitting on their butts listening to some psycho-liberal teacher.  Socialists have nothing to teach anyone with the exception of showing people what not to do with their lives.  It is my opinion that the public school system should be shut down because it is controlled by the government, which in turn, weakens the population of the nation by their idiotic teachings.  Just look at how many people actually believe in evolution which is a theory with no facts to support it.  All of the time spent in science classes is completely wasted because of a theory that cannot possibly support any facts in biology, physiology, or any other of the "ologies" that claim to be science.  In today's world of education, much of the science is complete poppycock and it doesn't serve any purpose.

     The only way to avoid the government schools is to homeschool the children.  Then, when they are old enough, they can start choosing their education based upon their own interests and not the interests of the communist-socialist state.  Children need to learn skills that will help them to make money so that they can be productive people with happy families.  This is extremely difficult when dealing with corrupted schools with little to no morals.

A Sexual Deviant Schools Ontario Children 

Monday, September 14, 2015

On Marriage Licenses

     Marriage is an agreement between a man and a woman.  It occurs in the natural order of life.  However, in today's world, people are taught to go to the county recorder or clerk and get a marriage license.  If a marriage between a man and a woman is within God's natural order, where did the STATE, State, or state get their authority to issue a marriage license?  My answer to that is that it doesn't have any authority and it is just another way to pull money out of the public at large.  It is also an attempt to play God and have more control over the "animals."
    The state has no authority other than what might occur within the natural laws.  The state may intervene when a murder occurs, but then any man or woman can do that with just as much authority.
     I also have a theory about this and it is a bit weird but I think I'm correct.  Under the United States code, people are considered to be animals.  No, I'm not making this up, I've known this for years.
I first learned of this from Al Adask many years ago and at the time I thought it was a bit amusing.
(You can read his article on it here.)  Given the fact that the United States Code defines men, women, and children as "animals" it started to make sense to my as to why children were taught about evolution.  Obviously, it was to make everyone think they are just animals.  The state controls the "animals."
     In the case of marriage licenses, animals can't get married and so it is my opinion that the reason for the marriage license is that it is special permission to do something that one normally cannot do.  With the blessing of the STATE, State, or state via a license, two animals can now get married.  The animals are called humans.  (Humans are described as "bipedal primate mammals.")  There is no such thing as humans.  Men, women, and children are not descendants of monkeys.  A human being means a man, woman, or child that is a  derivative of a monkey.  And in the Talmudic-Jewish-Freemasonic culture, the goyim and non-masonic Jews are considered animals.  Other types of Jews are not protected from these creeps.  So this idea of  mankind being an animal may go back thousands of years and the idea is Satanic in nature.
     I could delve into this more but the material is too twisted and it would take a lot of time to describe it.  But the main point is that the United States Code considers men, women, and children to be animals.  And this is the whole point of the persecution of people who object to this crap on moral grounds.
     I have watched others ask the question to a judge: "What facts to you have that your laws apply to me?"  They never answer the question.  And in my opinion, the reason is that they really don't have any authority other than what I described earlier in this article.  Their authority is the monopoly the state has on violence.
     Men and women do not need the authority from the STATE, State, or state to that which is natural under God's order.  It seems to be much easier for the couple to declare their marriage under their own authority.  They are the ones making an important life decision.  You don't need any formal wedding because once the declaration of marriage is made between the two people, the marriage is valid under the eyes of God.  Making empty vows "until death do we part" is ludicrous and is a form of oath-taking which should not be done because it is a form of taking the Lord's name in vain.  Taking wedding vows may be the reason why marriages are so difficult to keep together because they are starting off on the wrong foot.  Nothing good comes from oath-taking.
     I'm thinking of the lady who is keeping the marriage licenses from the queers in Kentucky.  People don't need a marriage license in the first place.  Certainly, society, in general, will never recognize marriages between people of the same gender.  It is ludicrous to even think any marriage like this is valid.  It is insulting to God and the natural order which he created.
     No one has any obligation to the state or anyone else to perform that which is immoral or breaks the commandments of God and the natural order.  This is a man's safe zone; good moral behavior always gets better results.  Any time a man or woman has to deal with the state or any religion, the best way to do that is to avoid them when possible and keep the higher standard of morality in mind at all times.
     This may be a good way for people to keep the state away from their marriages and personal affairs.  Since a man or a woman is not an animal, the state cannot take legal jurisdiction.   This is something to think about when going into a courtroom.  The clerk of any county doesn't have any authority over real marriages under the authority of God.  But the clerk may issue licenses to animals to marry.  Might be fun to bring in a couple of dogs to get a marriage license as they are indeed animals.

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I'm Not Human
Swear an Oath; Tell a Lie

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

Friday, September 11, 2015

On Assisted Suicide

     There has been a movement in California to allow doctor-assisted suicide.  However, the big problem with this is that it would violate the commandment and the natural law not to take a man or woman's life by murder.  Suicide is murder and this line should never  be crossed.  In the effort to establish the STATE, State, or state onto the throne of godhood, the California legislature in the assembly has approved a bill to allow for doctor-assisted suicide.

Life is precious
     No matter what circumstances a man may find himself in, there is always somebody somewhere with something worse.  Bad physical health is always difficult, but it can always be managed.  I see a lot of people with conditions that I myself find horrific, but they continue to live their lives the best they can.  But the main reason not to do the suicide is because it greatly offends the God who created us.  Suicide is never a way to deal with a problem.

Mandatory suicide
     Doctor-assisted suicide opens the door to many other evil possibilities.  Given the rotten state of affairs in the medical field; and the fact that medical insurance has been taken over by the government, I can see a time when the government itself will issue a mandatory doctor-assisted suicide.  If someone is so sick that they can't function without a caregiver, then the time may come when these people will be given the Jim Jones Kool-Aid.  It's cheaper than allowing them to have the medical care.  

     With the use of anti-depressants, there will be a lot of people with suicidal tendencies that never had them.  Some people complain that they don't feel like themselves after taking anti-depressants.  And we can see how taking the anti-depressants are going to create another market for suicide pills.  The nonsense doesn't stop.  I could probably make up all kinds of rotten scenarios, but most people are missing the point.

Murder and suicide are immoral  
     If if these two things are immoral it means that they break God's commandment regarding killing and murder.  The government is supporting immorality.  There is no morality in government and they don't have the authority to authorize a system of murder.  Handing out suicide pills or assisting in a man's suicide is just as much as an abomination as if murdered by another man.  And there seems to be no end to the perversion of society which is called government.  This is why I call them govtards, because they are morally and intellectually retarded.  This kind of retardation comes from the public and private school systems by the constant inculcation of communist-style indoctrination.  Death and hell are the by-products of communism-socialism-fascism which is based upon the principles of Satan.

Too much emphasis on death
     There is too much attention paid to death when people should be learning how to live a prosperous life.  It doesn't make any sense for people to continually focus on death.  All of us have spent too much time on things that are evil and depressing, instead of enjoying the life that God gave us and abiding in the natural order.

Suicide violates God's law
      The proper way to handle everything is to judge something based upon the commandments which compliment the natural law.  When a man does this, there is no room for error.  The correct decision is made and the results will always better than making the wrong choices.  We don't need a book to understand this because through right reason and common sense, we can always make our choices beneficial to our own lives.  Suicide may become legal, but it will never be lawful and there's a big difference between the two.  The immoral government may be legal, but violating the commandments and the natural law is unlawful.

Walter Allen Thompson 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Questions On Judaism and Christianity

         In an article on Henry Makow's site called: Why are Christians So Naive about Judaism? The writer asks the question because he understands Judaism as a Satanic cult and that Christians readily accept Jews and Israel without properly questioning the relationship. He asks at the end of this article the following questions:

  • Whence comes the imaginary camaraderie between Christian and Judaism?
  • And why are Christians so ignorant-or timid?

 Biblical reasons
     Scriptural Christians, those who study the Bible seriously, understand that the Old Testament was looking forward to the Messiah, and Christians believe that the Messiah was Jesus Christ.  Judaism lays the foundation for the Christian faith.  The Bible teaches that the Messiah will be God himself in the flesh, and the Christians believe that Jesus Christ was indeed God in the flesh.  Christians will point to the resurrection of Christ as evidence that he was God.  Obviously, the connection is strong as it is profound.  What most Christians do not understand is that Judaism is a Satanic belief centered around the Cabala and the Talmud.  I didn't know this either until a few years ago.  My problem with Christianity has always been the inconsistency in teachings and doctrine.  They are all over the place and this leads to chaos within the "church."  I have read a few pages of the Talmud and it is the most disgusting thing I've ever read.  In any case, this is the main reason Christians and Judaism seem to be intertwined while looking opposed to each other.  Most Christians think of Jews in the Old Testament context and not the Talmud or Cabala.
Christians have been brain-raped by religious people
     I grew up as a Roman Catholic and then moved on to other "Christian" churches looking for an organization that actually followed the Bible.  I could not find one.  And after 25 plus years I forgot about it because I figured there was a reason and I simply didn't know what was wrong.  I knew something was wrong, but I didn't know what it was or how to deal with it.  I still believe in God but I question the veracity of all religions as they have proven themselves to be failures when it comes to establishing a moral society.  If you look at the TV evangelists, you can see that it would be difficult to buy a used car from them, yet, people flock to them because they love to hear their lies.  They will tell the people, "all you have to do is to believe in Jesus..."  But what they don't teach is how to keep the commandments.  They don't teach the reasons why the commandments are important.  Some of these nut cases will say that the commandments have been suspended.  These kinds of stupid teachings will always result in a dysfunctional society.  My position now has been to drop all the trappings of religion and revert back to the natural law as I can understand it.  I find religions too dangerous and could very well trap me into idolatry.  In the gospels, Christ taught people to follow the commandments, yet the churches do not teach them properly, and they twist the teaching by stating that Christ brought in a new dispensation.  This is why I don't read religious writings any longer, I just don't know what I am putting into my mind.

If Judaism is a Satanic cult, then what does that make Christianity?
     I think a lot of Christians ask this question to themselves.  If the Jews really wanted to screw up the goyim, they could have simply made up a religion like Christianity and then push it on the people and use it as a type of mental drug to suppress the masses.  In order to maintain control, they would simply destroy the minds of the goyim and I believe this is a possibility.  Christianity is deeply tied to Judaism so perhaps the rotten fruit doesn't fall far from the rotten tree.  Does anyone have any facts that Jesus Christ ever existed?  No.  It is based completely upon faith, but a faith has to be based upon reality.  Can I prove that Jesus Christ never existed?  No.  However, in worshiping Jesus Christ as God--if it isn't true--puts a man or women into idolatry.  I could see where the Talmudic Jew would enjoy doing this to unsuspecting people.  I have no problem with the idea of Jesus Christ, as longs as it is true.

Inconsistent writings
     Christians are inculcated with voluminous writings which may or may not be true.  I can accept whatever God intended, but since I can't ask him directly, I have to use my own brain to figure out how I should act.  I don't need a book to tell me that I shouldn't kill anyone.  I don't need a book to know it is wrong to lie or steal.  And if I break these natural laws the conscience imposes its discipline upon me.  I know this works because I can see it in my daily life.  Christians, by using writings, are subjecting themselves to a lot of nonsense and they are opening themselves up to having their minds twisted.  Just look at all of the various Bible versions.  All of them cannot be the word of God because with each bible version there is a clear degeneration of Christian doctrine.  Again, look at the bad fruit.  Again, is there any reason that people would receive a clean set of scriptures from the Roman Empire of Constantine?  I don't think so.

Not from God
     Any group of people or any organization that advocates communism, fascism, or socialism is not from God because communism breaks the commandments and violates the natural order that God created.  Israel and the United States are both communist countries because they have implemented the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto into their government organizations.  You can't argue this; it is a fact.  Thus, it is absurd for Christians to support Israel when its government structure is essentially communist.  Democracy is a joke.  People didn't vote for their own slavery.  Democracy is the lipstick on the communist pig.

     In answering the above questions, the Christians have been taught from an early age to support the Jews and Israel and they hear it every time they go to church; over and over and over.  They are like little children thinking Santa Claus is coming down the chimney.  I have no problem with Jesus Christ if the teaching is true; but, I would have a major problem if it is false.   Religions and government are the most destructive forces on the planet, and, I think it is better to avoid both of them. Religion has had at least 6000years to show its value; just look at the results.  God isn't that stupid.

Lipstick on the Communist Pig
Government and Religion are Obsolete

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Monday, September 7, 2015

Children Who Don't Listen

     One think that has always worked to my advantage is that I was always the type of person who asked questions in order to gather enough information on a subject.  Ever since I was a little kid, I was always like that and I haven't changed over my 68 years.  I will always look at anything with an inquiring mind and I think that's the way it should be.  Appearances may be deceiving, and I don't want to keep making mistakes because I'm too lazy to become educated.  And every time I became a slacker in asking the right questions, I can see that certain decisions I made based upon inaccurate information were the wrong decision.
     What I'm noticing in young people today is their inclination to just let anything go because they are too lazy to get the information.  I don't think they really want to know.  I tell them things that are for their own good and they laugh me off as if I'm some kind of nut case.

Planned Ignorance
     Children tend to believe other people rather than their parents.  For some reason, they'll believe some jerk in a black robe than their own mothers and fathers.  They'll go along with the common immorality even though they were warned about it.  This can be extremely frustrating for a parent and it becomes obvious when the children go to school and learn a bunch of crap that can't possibly do them any good.  But this is how the new world order freaks want it.  They want to break down the family at so many levels.  And the intention is to deliberately make the children intellectually and morally dysfunctional.  Children are now subjected to a sexual creep show in the media that would be unheard of when I grew up.  The intent is to completely compromise the family.

Arrogant in their stupidity
     What is so troubling is how they can become arrogant in their own idiocy.  They accept the most ridiculous conclusions from their brain-dead teachers and they think it is fact.  And the evil ones will always use this type of deception because it works.  Lying works for evil people because it creates chaos in the mind.  The young people think they are smarter than every one else and that they "know everything," when in fact they don't know shit.  In fact, most stupid people are arrogant.  The arrogance puts on a mask to cover-up their stupidity and laziness.  Most people don't want to take the time to learn the necessary lessons of life.  Their arrogance is just another way to make an excuse for their lack of inquiry into a matter.  If I take the time to learn something and then try to share the information with them, they don't seem to care and they keep doing the same stupid things.  But I'm the bad guy for pointing it out.
     Trying to reason with a govtard is like trying to reason with a toddler.  They seem to have lost their ability to judge right from wrong.  So, if the govtards demonstrate this lack of character, then the young people will follow suit.  And they do this because they are too lazy to learn.

Stupid has its own bad results
     There's no question that young people need to ask more questions and do more listening.  Since it is their lives that are at stake, it is important for them to get the truthful information in order to make an intelligent decision.  Young people don't know everything although they'll tell you garbage that they learn in school as the truth.  Young people need to understand that the whole system is geared to make mindless slaves out of them, and to destroy their lives with false information.  This problem is insidious and the only way to avoid the effects of it is to always ask questions.  Once the truth is found it is important to then use it.  Truth is not only to be admired, but it is there to use in a practical way for the betterment of everyday life.  Children need to listen and seek wisdom and not the idiocy of common knowledge that isn't true.

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments     

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Tim Tebow Released by the Eagles: Why am I Not Surprised?

     Almost three years ago, I posted an article on this blog about how I thought that Tim Tebow was being shut out for his religious beliefs.  Today, we find out that he was again released by the Philadelphia Eagles.  Coach Chip Kelly said that Tebow need to take more "reps" and "needed more playing time."  He also said that Tim had a good last game.  However, it is my opinion that even if Tebow was 100/100 pass completions with 1500 yards gained, they would still kick him out because of his good moral behavior and also the fact that the fans loved him.  His presence on the team would almost guarantee a sold-out stadium.  Tebow was vying for the third string quarterback position and the jersey with his name out-sold all of the other players.  Why is that?  It's because people genuinely like the man for who he is and he plays an exciting game of football.

NFL is a closed club
     The NFL is a booming business.  The game of football is very popular.  But given the Satanic half-time performances in the past years, I'm thinking there must be an Illuminati type group of owners who must actually enjoy the pain they are inflicting on Tim Tebow and the fans that like him.
There's no other explanation for this move.  It's like the Roman Circus which always are intended to uplift the authority of the state.  They keep the people busy with a bunch of nonsense while they are destroying civilization.  This is the mindset of the NFL owners, in my opinion.
False Hope of Making the Team
     What I think is going on is that the new world order freaks have a unique opportunity to torment Tebow by giving him a false sense of hope of making the team; any team.  They let him play in a few exhibition games; Tebow does his best and performs well and then gets shafted in the end.  But this isn't just an attack on Tim Tebow, but it is an attack on people who have a set of high moral principles.  These does not fit in well with the communist-corporate scheme.  This cut from this team may be demoralizing to Tebow, but what about the people who enjoyed him as a man and as a player?  They get the same bull shit.  I believe that this is being done on purpose.  The NFL is basically saying "screw you" to Tebow and the people who like him without saying it directly.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
     I think Tebow's experience is a perfect example of the evil powers mocking the Christian kid.  Since the man has a well-defined set of virtues, this does not fit in well with the NFL owners. After all, you can't have any virgins playing football.  The fans love him; the owners appear to hate him.  He does well in football games and then gets cut.  I thought he did very well considering he hadn't played in any NFL game for over two years.  It is my opinion, that this has been done on purpose.  I can't prove it, but the circumstances prove it in my mind.

Moral people shouldn't be in the NFL
     When I try to justify watching a football game, I have a difficult time with my conscience because I may be watching someone get seriously injured.  So, maybe it is better for Tebow to find another line of work and I can find something else better to do than watch football games.  He has all the skills of a quality quarterback, but perhaps he may get seriously injured if he stayed in the game.  The danger of concussions is enormous and I don't think that kind of an injury is worth the price of playing the game.  This may be God's way of telling Tebow to go find something else better to do.  He has his foundations for charity and perhaps he should spend his time there.  But it is obvious to me that the NFL owners don't want him on any team.

Are they really doing it on purpose?
     In my opinion, that's exactly what I think they are doing.  They got people all  excited about Tebow being signed, and now they are rushing to point to Tebow's artificial failure.  This is mind control stuff that normal people won't realize it is happening to them.  Could I be wrong?  It is possible, but I doubt it.  It is my experience that they are keeping him in the spotlight to mock and torment the man.  The sports press are like vultures descending down on a piece of meat.  I think that the NFL should collectively stick it where the monkey puts his finger.  As for me, I'm going to continue to avoid watching any more football.  They can take their bread and circus and......well, I already said it.

Did Tim Tebow Forget How to Play Football?

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Contempt of Satan

     The main story today is the fact that Kim Davis, a Kentucky county clerk was kidnaped by the United States Brown Shirt Service(Marshal).  Her horrible crime was to refuse to issue a marriage license to a couple of rump rangers(fags).  Her along with four other clerks were held in contempt of court.  Having been in this position (contempt of court) a few times myself, it should be a good lesson for these people in understanding what is really going on here.

Christians should never swear oaths
     These clerks claim to be Christians, yet they swore oaths of allegiance when they took public office.  It is written in the gospel of Matthew 5:33-37 and in James 5:12 never to swear no oaths.
Since they were public officials under oath, the federal judge had jurisdiction over them and had the clerks arrested.  Had they not been under oath, the judge couldn't make anyone do something that is repugnant to their spiritual and moral beliefs.  I'm sure this may be an inadvertent error on their part because many so-called Christian organizations give all kinds of stupid teachings that contradict the clear meaning of the gospels. Judge Bunning said: "Her good-faith belief is simply not a viable defense," said Bunning, who said he also has deeply held religious beliefs. "Oaths mean things."  Her offense was not fulfilling her oath of office and not so much by not issuing a license to a couple of queers.  
     It would be a profound statement if Christian govtards quit their jobs all at once.

No moral component
     I've heard from a federal judge Larry Burns state to a potential juror in open court in Idaho that "there is no moral component to this."  He was referring to the court process as the juror because carrying a Bible with her.  The govtards do not operate on morals because they don't have any and this is the kind of trouble other Christians are going to have as this homosexual nonsense works its way through the courts and society.  In the case of Mrs. Davis, she was put in jail not so much as she refused to issue the marriage license, but because she violated her oath to enforce the laws of the STATE, State, and state.
     Obviously, the best thing for her to do is to quit the job and to never swear any oaths again.  Unfortunately, this is a difficult lesson to learn as she probably has never been to jail previously.  Again, Christians or anyone else for that matter should never be swearing oaths.  Swearing oaths opens the door to a lot of evil.  Most religions support the oath, but the reality of it is that the natural order established by God doesn't allow for oath-taking.  No Christian should ever work for the state under any oath.  Oath-taking violates the commandment to not take the Lord's name in vain.

The state wants to be God
     This is why the government is so insane and evil.  Since these various governments are founded upon oath taking, that in and of itself is Satanic.  It always produces bad results.  And the level of evil, wars, and murder is extremely high due to the automation and technology of war.  Satan is the god of war.  Only God himself has the power and authority to swear any oaths; no man has that because he is not capable of knowing the future, nor does he have the proper facts to ensure his oath is true.  I don't know of any Christian church that teaches this doctrine correctly.

     Mrs. Davis should still be commended for her stance against issuing gay marriage licenses.  She stood on her moral principles but the pressure may be too much for her.  We'll see how it goes tomorrow. Her jailhouse photo should be a badge of honor because she stood her ground against the federal govtards. But the major legal problem she has is the oath due to her being a county clerk. The constitution is not "the supreme law of the land," but rather God's natural law is the real supreme law of the land.  Oath-taking is Satanic and that's all the reason not to do it.  Mrs. Kim Davis is in contempt of Satan; which is the proper standing.
     I've written about oath-taking on this blog many times and I'll post a few of them at the bottom.

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Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land