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Government and Religion are Obsolete

It is attributed to Jesus Christ that a man can tell a tree by its fruit.  If we take all of the governments and religions of the world, we can clearly see that they are complete failures when it comes to establishing and maintaining a peaceful society.  Most governments are satanic which in turn produce various forms of communism, socialism, and fascism.  It does't matter what the ism is because in substance they are all styles of communism.  Most religions I am aware of are deeply steeped into the occult and they are just as satanic as the governments; thus, there is no opposition to the brutal murdering of innocent people.  Religions fight with each other.  As of late, Muslims fight with each other as we can see in the Middle East.  Jew and Palestinians fight with each other, and they all think that God is on their side.  Catholics and Protestants which claim to be Christian have a long history of doing battle with each other.  In addition, most religions are dangerous places to take little children so that there is no other place but the home for the children to learn good moral conduct.  Have governments and religions become obsolete?  I believe they have and my thinking here is that they both should be abandoned and nothing would be a better choice than what we have now.  The only thing that I find that works well are the commandments which are supported by the natural law.

Governments are too destructive

Instead of providing a strong infrastructure to build a strong foundation for people do live their lives, governments start wars and then spend the lives of the young men who die for the lunatic old men.  The fact is, that in my lifetime, I haven't seen one war that was justified, and in looking at just the government of the "United States" we can see that it has constantly been at war with someone since the establishment of the Constitution of the United States.  If we look at just the results we are getting for bad government and bad religion, we can clearly see that aren't worth anything to anyone with the exception to the liars, thieves, and cheats who run these organizations.  It is the liars, thieves, and cheats who profit by stealing from the poor and the middle class.  They confiscate the fruit of their labor via income tax which is nothing more than a communist slave tax.  And most governments of the world have an income tax which effectively makes them communist.  Then, they go into other countries and destroy them.  After that, they come in with bank loans with high interest payments to rebuild and they make the whole nation slaves to the new world order.  And it is the young people who die in these wars with the false belief of patriotism.  They are dying for the money-changers and their greed for more power over the rest of the "slaves."  This is how it really works.

Income tax is communist

The second plank of the Communist Manifesto states: "A heavy or progressive income tax."  Under God's law or the natural laws every man is entitled to the fruit of his labor.  A man's ability to do work is a gift from God and no state, State, or STATE has the right to steal any portion of a man or woman's earnings.  And would you think the various religions would oppose these taxes?  No, evil will not divide against itself.  Because both governments and religions are satanic, as they condone the evil of income tax, and they never question the morality of it.

Banking system is communist

The fifth plank of the Communist Manifesto says: "Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank, with State capital with an exclusive monopoly."  In addition to the monopoly of currency, the idea of using usury (interest or compound interest) makes the state banking system even worse.  Interest is considered unjust gain, and it is a form of stealing.  But when was the last time you heard any religious or "conservative" person speak against interest and usury?  The only ones I know of would be some Islamic groups and that would be to their credit.  But most Christians get themselves involved in interest because they need to purchase things like cars and homes for their daily living.  The problem is that their pastors never speak out against interest.  But if there was no interest nor income tax, most people would have enough money for things without going into debt.  Remember, the debtor is enslaved to the lender.  This is not a good position for anyone.  But this system give tremendous power to the bankers, or so it seems.  In the Apocalypse of Peter, we can see that there's a special place in hell for bankers:
 And in another great lake, full of pitch and blood and mire bubbling up, there stood men and
women up to their knees: and these were the usurers and those who take interest on interest.
Whether this writing is true or not but it is obvious that the early religious writings condemned interest.  It is apparent that the "church" excluded this writing probably so as to not offend the moneychangers.  This is one of the main reasons why the governments are satanic.  And if another country is not yoked to the new world order bankers, they will find themselves being invaded and destroyed.  Libya comes to mind as their central bank did not charge interest.  No good deed goes unpunished.

Public education is communist
The Communist Manifesto states: "Free education for all children in public schools."  Public school system is a very efficient way to brainwash young people into being shills for the state, State, or STATE.  The "state" has the power to determine the curriculum.  This is why it is free as no sane person would allow their children to be raised as collectivists.  In addition, the state does its best to corrupt the morals of the young people bringing about an almost completely dysfunctional society.  They teach the acceptance of homosexuals as if it was their own religion while heterosexuals start to become the minority.  I hope that actually doesn't happen, but the fact is that the governments of most of the countries of the world are communist.

So, I think it is insane to believe that government and religion as we know them today have anything of value to add to society.  They don't.  Only the immoral and disgusting behavior is now being taught to our children.  And maybe this should be a lesson for all of us to understand that government and religion as we know them today should be ignored and abolished.  People need to learn how to be responsible for themselves especially when attempting to use right reason and common sense.  If a government confiscates over have of a man's pay, then that man is unable to maintain his own independence.  This is how the communist governments like it, they want the people dependent upon them.

Solution of separation

The solution to all of this is for people to separate their minds from it.  While it may be difficult at first, one of the main things to do is to question everything you see on TV, the internet, and anything that is written.  Remember, the main tool of communists is the lie and they will do it right in front of your face, and then claim that they didn't lie.  Reporters will try to tell us stories that only serve the new world disorder agenda.  They will hold up and esteem the most pathetic perverts such as LGBT and homosexuals.  They will try to ruin your family.  So the best was to get rid of the nwo is to stop feeding it.  Shut off the TV and be careful about what you read on the internet. The main stream media and even most media are just plain corrupted.  Even if they are religious in nature, it doesn't take much research to find their lies.  Be constantly aware that when a government official is talking they are probably lying, and when they tell the truth, it is only to support the lie.  It isn't very difficult to just turn these things off because there's little useful information.  The mental separation is very important.

I recommend homeschooling the children.  My experience with it is that it is far better keeping the children at home where they are safe than in a communist cesspool that is called school.  They just need to learn to read, write, and compute and the rest of the trash is just that; garbage.

Judge your own actions by the commandments which fit in the with natural law.  This one is the most important point.  We all need to learn to be accountable to God and to understand that we are supposed to keep his commandments.  Anything less than that will always get us bad results.  Judge your own actions and those of others by the natural law and then take positive action to abide in the natural law.

Government and religion are proven failures and the point is brought home with 6000 years of written history, each nation has been brought down by disobeying God.  The rules are the same for everyone, and it is a lot easier to stay within the natural law than to abide in written gibberish which is passed off as "law."  No constitution is the "supreme law of the land" but it is God's law which is evidenced by the natural law that has the final authority.

Don't be looking for a bunch of groups to do it for you.  All of us have to do it for ourselves.  My experience with groups is that there's almost always someone who will stab people in the back and ruin the group.  I think it is better to stay separated; this way, there's little chance that one will stab himself in the back.  Government and religions of the world today are here to hurt you; that is their mission and the whole reason for their existence. The only thing that makes sense to me to to simply separate myself as much as possible.

The Scourge of Usury

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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