Monday, February 10, 2020

Terminating the Coronavirus

Update 03-25-20
Published Research and Articles on Vitamin C as a Consideration for pneumonia, lung infections, and the Novel Coronavirus Infections (SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19

Update 03-18-20
Successful High-Dose Vitamin C Treatment of Patients with Serious and Critical COVID-19 Infection
Update 03-05-20
Vitamin C Saves Wuhan Family from COVID19

Update 03-04-20
Shanghi Government officially recommends Vitamin C for treatment of COVID19

Update 03-03-20
Vitamin C cured a man from swine flue.  60 Minutes video

Update: 2-28-20
Vitamin C and COVID-19 Coronavirus: Vit C Supports Immune System

Update: 2-23-20
The city of Wuhan is having 50 tons of Vitamin C shipped to the city.

Update: 2-22-20
Here is an update on what is happening in China with the Coronavirus.  It looks like the MSM is ignoring this possible solution.  Remember, there's no money in a cure.

Update 2-13-20

It is being reported that Coronavirus patients are being treated with high-dose Vit C injections.  It will be a clinical trial at Zhongnan Hospital in Wuhan, China.  Click here for the full story.

Original Post 2-10-20

There is something very evil and creepy coming out of China.  It is the coronavirus and the unbelievable fear that has the whole population of China on edge.  I don't remember any time in my lifetime that cities were being shut down and people restricted to staying inside under quarantine.  The airlines have canceled their flights and the whole Chinese economy is at risk.

What is even worse, is that this country is ruled by rabid communists who are not equipped to deal with such an emergency, if, in fact, it is a real emergency.  All the communists care about is making themselves look good and staying in power.  If the coronavirus is a biological weapon that was accidentally released into the population, it would show the utter evil of any government that uses biological weapons.  Whether this has been done on purpose may or may not be true, the fact seems to show that the Coronavirus is moving at a rapid pace.

When it comes to inflammatory diseases, I have been on the receiving end of some very bad medical care which only treated the symptoms and not the underlying cause of the disease.  If we had an honest medical system, there would be some better and affordable remedies available for diseases like the Coronavirus.  In almost every instance, I ignored what the doctor recommended and I did my own research and found alternative remedies that were more effective.  If I hadn't done that, I would have been dead many years ago.

This virus seems to be another push for using more vaccines which have damaged many people.  They don't seem to be effective and they infringe upon the freedom of choice of medical care for the patient.  My rule of thumb in these instances is to ignore government, most doctors, and media outlets and try to find a solution that actually works and gets good results.  Remember, a communist, socialist, or fascist always has the idea of reducing the population to more controllable levels.  This is Satanic and evil to the core and no one in government has anything of value to any of the people.

Here are some very important links that everyone should study and then make up their minds independently from the prevailing authorities.

Vaccinations, Vitamin C, Politics, and the Law by Thomas Levy, MD, JD

While I don't agree with the use of vaccinations at any level, if one is forced to get them, then this article has a list of supplements that can be taken to minimize the harmful effects.

Hospital-based Intravenous Vitamin C Treatment for Coronavirus and Related Illnesses
by Andrew W. Saul and Atsuo Yanagisawa, MD, PhD

When I went into the hospital last June with "heart failure" I had requested an IV of Vitamin C and the hospital refused to give it to me.  I also had a friend die who could have used this treatment.  The treatment is available now and anyone who gets this virus will have a very good survival rate.

Dosages and Treatments for Coronavirus Infections by Dr. Sircus

While the government and the media are saying that there are no treatments for this disease, the facts show that using supplements featuring Vitamin C will cure almost all patients.  Who would ever want a vaccine?  In my view, it is better to take the supplements that are suggested and avoid this virus altogether.  In general, there will be major health improvements rather than relying on worn-out allopathic solutions that treat only the symptoms but do nothing about the cause.


I have studied these methods myself and I think that they have a lot of value.  The remedy is inexpensive and the results are good.  It will be very useful for the reader to look into this rather than to sit in fear of the unknown, evil, and inefficient.

The Pauline Therapy

Walter Allen Thompson has a  book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land 

Monday, February 3, 2020

Murder by Morphine?

I have a very critical view of the medical industry.  For the amount of money spent, I don't see where people get much value for the expense.  There is too much emphasis on treating the symptoms instead of working on a cure.  Of course, if you're a cynic like me, you'll think that there is no money in a cure.  Cures are bad for repeat business.

Last year I met a man who had COPD.  We would walk the dogs together.  One day he called me and asked that I help him with a few things because he couldn't drive any longer.  In following his medical requirements I can safely say that I've never seen such a shit-show.  If I acted like these doctors when I was in business, I would go broke.  Yet, MDs have the highest suicide rate of any profession.  Maybe their consciences can't take the evil of what they are doing.

The main problem Dan had was that he couldn't raise his head.  His head tilted at about 30 degrees and that's why he couldn't drive.  He also had COPD and his breathing was very difficult at various times.  When he went into the pulmonary doctor, thee MD was very short with him and gave him few answers to his questions.  The main purpose of his visit was for him to get set up with oxygen, which this doctor didn't give a prescription.  As the doctor was ending the session or visit, Dan asked for the prescription.  The doctor off-handedly wrote the prescription while walking backward with his computer cart going out the door.  I couldn't believe it; this guy was a real shit stick.  In addition, Dan never received the oxygen equipment he requested in time as his condition worsened.

A few months earlier, I had been in the ER myself with pulmonary edema and I had the same type of difficulty breathing. I got out in two days and even walked home.  While I was helping Dan, I had purchased an oxygen saturation gage.  I had Dan use it and he showed 76-83 oxygen level and the least it should be is 95.  I suggested that he go to the hospital.  I'm still kicking my ass for giving this suggestion.

He goes into Hospital #1 and stays for about 5 days.  He is then sent to Rehab Death Center(I'm being sarcastic) where they started putting him on morphine.  I had a shit fit.  He went downhill very rapidly and was back into Hospital #2.  He stays in Hospital #2 and they continue to give him morphine.  He was not in any pain other than the difficulty of breathing.  While this condition is very uncomfortable, there is no pain associated with it that would warrant the use of morphine.  While under the influence of morphine, he became complacent and he didn't seem to care about what was happening to him.

He is then transferred to the Rehab hospital again, and they continue the morphine nonsense until he died.  On his second visit, I was followed around the hospital by a member of the staff because I had made the suggestion that they give Dan Vitamin C injections rather than the morphine.  Dan hadn't eaten much in four weeks and when he did eat it wasn't very much.  Patients like these need to be feed nutrients and not drugs like morphine.  Since I wasn't a family member, I didn't have the standing to force the issue.  It seems to me that the injection of vitamins and other helpful nutrients would be a lot better than shooting him up with morphine.

While this medical process is going on, I noticed how nice and polite the healthcare workers were but they were not interested in vitamin C injections.  The reason I suggested them is because of my studies on the subject and also a 60 Minutes story from Australia.  The man in the story had swine flu and was almost taken off life support.  But the family put pressure on the doctors and they gave him vitamin C.  He made a full recovery and he still can fly his airplane. (See link below)  I gave these healthcare workers the link to the article but none seemed interested.  When I suggested Vitamin C injections to one of the doctors for Dan, he said: "No."  The tone of his voice was pure evil.  I was really pissed but I held my temper.  Dan's family wasn't on the same page as me so I basically had to watch him slowly die.  In my view, without proper nutrition, no patient is going to live for too long.  Rather than giving Dan what he needed, they gave him morphine instead and greased the skids for him to slide to his death.  All while smiling and looking like they care.  I became traumatized by the stupidity and the evil of it all and I couldn't do anything about it.

However, it began to dawn on me that my mother died in the same hospital.  She had full-blown lung cancer and I didn't know much about alternative cures at that time.  The last time I saw her, she said to me: "You're trying to kill me."  I got upset that my own mother would say or think such a thing.  But now, over twenty years later, I'm thinking the same thing was happening to her.  Now I feel bad that I didn't recognize the problem.  Rather than giving cancer patients the nutrients they need to recover, the medical staff simply injects the patient with morphine and dispatches them into eternity.

In another instance, I told a friend about my experience with Dan and she proceeded to tell me a story which was similar.  Again, it was the injection of morphine into the patient to keep them quiet and to make them die.  This is not healthcare; it's deathcare.  While there may be a place for morphine in certain instances, what I have seen is truly pathetic.

Here is a quote from Dr. Ryke Geerd Hammer, M.D.: "The worst thing about the present medicine is that most patients with cancer, regardless of the pain (even in mild cases), are treated with morphine or morphine-like drugs.  At the critical part of the healing phase, one morphine injection can already be fatal.  It also changes the brain waves in a terrible way and totally demoralizes the patient.  The intestines get paralyzed and can no longer digest any food.  The patient becomes lethargic and doesn't realize that, in reality, he is being killed, just when he was in the healing phase, on his way to health in a few weeks.  If one were to tell a prisoner in jail that he will be executed in two weeks, there would be an outcry of sympathy, even for the worst criminal.  If you tell a patient that the execution starts in the form of a morphine injection and will end in fourteen days, he would rather stand the pain than be killed by the morphine.  If the patient looks back on the relatively short time in pain, he is thankful for the New Medicine and the trust he had in his doctor."

In Dan's case, he couldn't digest his food properly and they had to physically remove the waste.  This happened a few days before he went into the hospital.  Dan had started to feel better in the ER and was then moved to a Rehab facility.  And it was at the Rehab facility that he became progressively worse and passed away.  After the injections, Dan didn't seem to care about what happened to him as he was "demoralized" by the morphine.  I was thinking that I couldn't interfere with his free will to choose what was best for him.

Did I witness a murder?  If I look back on the facts, I'll have to say that I did.  I gave the medical staff the evidence that I had on the value of vitamin C and the link which is at the bottom of this article.  I'm still upset about what I saw and I can hardly believe it myself.  I'm acquainted with conspiracies but this one took me by surprise.  Is medical care a carefully planned eugenics program?  My view, based on the facts presented, that it is designed to cull the population, especially those who are on Socialist Security and Medicare.  But, in the meantime, the medical industry is making a ton of money providing healthcare which isn't very healthy.  I have to judge them by their results.

I was visiting some friends and one of them is a doctor.  I said something about going to the hospital and she said: "Don't go to the hospital, they will kill you."  I guess my mom was right.  She took good care of me and I feel like I failed her when she needed it the most.  Even though I was ignorant of what was going on at the time, doesn't make me feel any better.  Bad decisions always get bad results.

I believe that people should do their own research and then make more intelligent choices in regards to their health.  Don't expect a doctor to know everything.  If his treatment fails, you die--not him.

Vitamin C: The Miracle Swine Flu Cure

Walter Allen Thompson has a  book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land 

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Communist Nonsense

The clenched fist says it all when it comes from the retarded communists and socialists.  Socialism is the vilest political and government system known to mankind.  Voting is just another way of becoming a slave to a system that is completely corrupted.  Just like stupid, communism cannot be fixed.  It is a shitty system and has destroyed the lives of millions if not billions of people.  There is no such thing as "freedom" under socialism.  People live under socialism by conquest or the force of arms.

Hand Signals
Thus, the hand signal of the clenched fist seems to be the disclosure to the rest of us that the person doing it is a communist.  It is the warning that the people are going to get screwed.  Socialism isn't something someone can choose.  Most of us have lived under this stupid system all of our lives while believing in the bullshit that we can choose our leaders.  None of it is completely true.  While there are various styles of socialism: communism, socialism, or fascism; the style changes, but it is always the same thing.  Communism, socialism, and fascism violate natural law on many levels.  It is a completely useless system and it is intended to be destructive.

In my view, it is counter-productive to keep studying this garbage as it all leads to the same bad result.  We can all prove this or that, but without any improvement in the results, nothing is going to change for the better.

Using Natural Law
In using natural law (no evolution), life gets better.  The way I see it, whatever I do which conforms to the natural law will always get the better result.  I don't have to read any books to know what is right and wrong.  I believe we all have a latent knowledge of natural law and we should pay attention to it.

There is no political or religious system that has any lawful authority over natural law.  The real law is natural law (no evolution) and it is the same for everyone.  The natural law is good because it gets good results.  It is important to make decisions based on right and wrong, good and evil, and common sense for the right reason.  If this is adopted by any man, he will always come up with a better result.

Hand Signals: The Two-Fingered Finger

Communism: Lipstick on the Communist Pig

Walter Allen Thompson has a  book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land 

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Should I Cut Off My Dog's Balls?

I was out walking my dog Oscar who is an “intact” animal.  In other words, he still has his balls.  What a novel idea!  He’s about 20 months old and is in perfect health.  I saw some people I knew and the first thing out of their pathetic mouths was: “you need to have your dog neutered.”  This pissed me off so I told him that I would be happy to do it to him.  I should have told him all he had to do is to lay down and I would perform the operation—without anesthetic.  Since I’m an advocate of not only admiring the natural order but I try to live within it.  It’s not that difficult and the results are always much better.

Neutering animals violates that natural order and I believe that it will always have a bad result.  Animals who have been neutered acquire all kinds of physical problems that are job security for veterinarians.  Just do a search on the damaging effects of neutering.  I lost my dog Spot at 6 1/2 years old to cancer and he was neutered before I adopted him.  Upon doing some simple research, some people claim that 60% of dogs die of cancer because of being neutered.  But the advocates neutering dogs say that the dogs live longer, but they have no proof.  If God made the dogs to breed, then it only makes sense to leave them alone to live their lives the way he intended, and not be subject to such asinine bullshit advocating neutering.  I can just see that somewhere in the future, some idiot will suggest that only certain people can breed and the rest will be neutered.

Personally, I think that if these idiots want to neuter these animals so much and they ought to think about neutering themselves.  Dogs live on a higher plain of life in that they don’t start wars, they don’t blow things up, and they aren’t slave traders.  They try to enjoy every day with their owners and they just want to be happy.  With all of the bitchy women who aren’t even suitable to date, I look at dogs as God’s consolation prize.  The world would be a better place if it had more dogs.

People who want to neuter dogs are as annoying as the vegans who go on a jihad.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this suggested to me over the short time I’ve had Oscar.  I’m thinking that his ball sack looks unusual in today’s sick and demented world.  Between soy boys and neutered male dogs, it’s just another way of attacking masculinity in general.

When Oscar gets horney, he’ll hump on a female dog and I have to control him.  I first put him back on the leash and then I tell him he has to buy the other dog dinner first.  It isn’t that difficult to control your dog.  People have become so lazy and self-absorbed, that they’ll mutilate their dogs just for their own convenience.  Where’s PETA when you need them?

Birth control of dogs isn’t the problem.  The problem is with busybody people who want to stick their noses in other people’s business.  I am very annoyed when I can’t tell the dog’s gender from behind.  When I go to a dog park, I have to look for the dog’s dick or lack of one to a ascertain its gender.

The way I see it, God made them the way he did and we should just leave them alone.  Dogs are a wonderful companion and they should be allowed to live naturally the way God intended.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land 

Monday, March 18, 2019

Render Unto Caesar?

     There is a saying in the Bible that says: "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's."  Many Christians and people from other faiths may think that this means to submit to the authority to the government; even if it is wrong.  Then we see in Romans Chapter 13 of the New Testament: "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God."  The problem as I see it is that being subject to the higher powers could blatantly disobey God's commandments and the natural order.  The whole Romans Chapter 13 is a big problem for me because I don't think it reflects the view of the real God who created everything.  Unfortunately, the governments and the religions of the world cause most of the misery to mankind through their unending wars, theft by taxation, child trafficking, child molesting, and other sexual perversions.
     People in the government don't seem to care or they lose track of their moral responsibilities before the real God who created a moral order for everyone to follow.  Just because a man is in a higher position of authority, does not give him the right to violate other men, women, and children on his whims.  The evil of any government is its willingness to violate people and destroy everything that is good about life.  They destroy themselves by swearing oaths and in turn destroy the natural moral order in society.  It doesn't matter which country, they all practice a form of communism which is just a rehashed version of the feudalism of the old Roman Empire.
     To put this another way I ask this question: "What does Caesar have over the real God who created everything?"  Of course, my answer is that Caesar has nothing and no authority to violate the natural order.  However, all of the governments of the world have violated the real God’s natural order since the establishment of governments.  It is a very dangerous idea to have people in authority of any government who are willing to shed innocent blood over political ideas.  But in truth, that is the whole point of government—to destroy mankind.
     The governments of the world are established on oath-taking which in turn violates the natural order as only the real God has the power to swear any oaths.  Mankind is not powerful enough; mankind does not have power over the creator.  This is a little detail that political figures seem to forget.  They get too wrapped up into themselves and they make big mistakes which costs people their lives.
     If the people want a government, then that government should never be allowed to violate the peoples’ natural rights.  The main problem as I see it is that mankind invented the government and it can never be perfect or lawful in the natural sense of things.  The power of the government corrupts the people using the power.  Thus, it may be better not to have governments and let the people organize voluntarily to defend themselves anyway they see fit as long as they abide in the natural order.  Caesar is a creation of the real God; Caesar is not God and he has no authority outside of the natural order.
    No one has any authority to violate the natural law or the natural rights of any man, woman, or child.  The problem with the government is that they leave out what is good and moral and put in their filthy trash and call it legal.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Friday, March 15, 2019

How to Detect False Opposition

      I was just reading an article from Henry Makow's site (link below) and he is talking about the right wingers being a form of a false opposition to the left.  The article is a good read but I wanted to add on to it by showing the reader how to detect any false opposition.  Now, this is going to be my opinion as I don't see much value in any government or religion.  Yes, I do believe in the real God but I don't trust any religion because they all seem to be a bunch of liars.  Here is what I use in order to detect a phony and my success rate is almost 100%.  Once the warning signs come up, I usually don't bother to read or view any of their videos.  Life is confusing enough and I simply use the natural law or the natural order to make sure I keep my own behavior in check and at the same time preserve my mind. (What's left of it.)

Truth or Lie
     If someone is a liar, then he will give out bad information.  Of course, they will clothe the lie with the truth and then put it forward.  Politicians and religious people continually do this and if you know what to look for, you can easily understand it.  
     The easiest way to detect lies is to look for the contradiction or the hyprocrisy.  For instance, many businessmen promote socialism which is purported to be a benefit for the working class, while they themselves live in luxury.  Socialists do this by establishing monopolies which they control.  Then they steal the worker's money by taxing the snot out of them.  In addition, they will say they are freeing the workers but the reality is that they are making them more of a slave than they were before.
     There are many other examples but the main thing to watchout for is the contradiction.  You have to judge between what these people say and by what they do.  If there is a contradiction, then there's going to be a problem.

     I've written a lot on this blog about oath-takers but I'll briefly review it again.  The world system of law and government are Satanic in nature.  The swearing of oaths violates the natural law that the real God created as it is "taking the Lord's name in vain."  Swearing oaths is to bind one's soul to a bond which should never be done.  And this is a trap of the legal system.  All politicians and most religious leaders are oath-takers so anything they say should be taken as possible twaddle and poppycock.  These are people who I would avoid and separate from them.  They can do you no good.

Satanic signs, symbols, and hand jestures
     One of the interesting things about Satanists is that they will always disclose who or what they are by these signs.  If you see these signs on their paperwork or anywhere else, just know you have been warned of the organization's evil intent.

Yoga, Veganism, and Evolution
     I've seen a lot of people with these beliefs who I might otherwise agree with their views.  However, these things are evil and they are designed to hurt the man, woman, or child who practice such things.  Evolution is so stupid that it doesn't warrant any discussion here.  But I see a lot of people who believe in these things and it really makes them suspect in my eyes. 

Use the Natural Law
     The real God put into place the natural law.  Rather than making bad and thoughtless decisions, it would be much easier to think about something before believing it or acting on it.
     For example, if there is a religion that says that their God is the one, true, and only God then they have the burden of proof to prove their statement.  Just in Christianity alone, there are many different doctrines, let alone Islam, Judaism, and Hindu.  Not all of them can be right; maybe none of them are.
By participating in a bogus religion will put someone in the position of being an idolater.  Practicing idolatry is not going to get us a good result in our lives.  I have found that when I stay in the natural order, things seem to go well for me.  But when I don't, then all hell breaks loose.  Nobody knows completely who the real God is but we know he exists.  That should be good enough for now.  And whatever he wants us to know is evident within the natural order.  We don't need any writings to know what's right and wrong.
     The fakers or false opposition will always depart from the natural order on one issue or another.  Or, they will contradict themselves.  They say one thing and then do another.  Don't be fooled by  them.  Look for the inconsistencies and you will get a better idea of who or what they represent.
     If you would like to know more about my views on the natural law, feel free to download a copy of my book on it.  It is free or you can donate if you wish.  I'd like to see more people turning to this line of thought because it is more productive.  Discussing all of the conspiracies and evil of the world gets old because there are few solutions if any, that come from government or religion.


The "Right" is Zionist Controlled Opposition 

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Rights Do Not Come from any Government

     There has been a lot of discussion over the years about the "people's" right to bear arms.  Most people think that the Constitution for the United States grants these rights to the general public.  However, in the natural law or natural order, anyone has the right and duty to protect himself and his family from anyone who would do him harm; even if it means by the use of force.  There is a big difference between the legal system and the natural law.
     The legal system is the rule of law put into place by people who claim authority over other people.  They make up their own rules and rarely do they hold themselves to the same standard.  We can see this daily in the news where one group of people are legally persecuted by the government, while others, who have done more horrific crimes, continue to be free from any kind of prosecution.
The legal system is a process that is evil and demonic and it is void of any virtue and common sense.  It is very arbitrary and deceiving.  Common words are redefined to say one thing but mean another.  The biggest problem is that this system, and even the Constitution, are based upon oath-taking which is evil unto themselves.  Rights do not come from manmade laws.
     However, natural law operates exactly how the real God intended it to be.  If the Congress of the United States decided to suspend the law of gravity, nothing would change.  Everything would be just as it is with no change.  The ultimate authority is that of the real God who created everything and not some dried up parchment from a few hundred years ago.  Right reason and common sense fit in perfectly with the natural law and the natural order is the benchmark to use in making any decision.  To put it all in perspective, the governments of the world are nothing but a big "nothing burger."  They don't have any authority other than what they can take by using violence against other peaceful people.   
     I think that most of the world's problems stem from government and religion as they both call for the annihilation of certain groups of people.  Most of the religious writings call for the murder of men, women, and children which would violate the natural law.  The government even supports abortion which is the murder of the unborn.  It is legal, but it is unlawful under the natural order of life.
     All of us have been subjected to living under the evil order.  Mankind should start to return to natural law and use it to his benefit.  All of us have made very stupid decisions over the years because of a lack of understanding of this natural order.  We should be listening to our "gut" feelings and do better in determining what is right and what is wrong.  Governments and religions are parasitic in their nature and they are not a benefit to society.  They are too destructive by reason of the continual lies and misinformation that they spew.
     The right to protect oneself is not dependent on any government because those "rights" are a part of the natural order which is self-evident. Trying to get the government to fix what they screwed up is not productive.  The government and religions are immoral institutions who are not capable of doing good.  Any good that they may do is designed to be a cover for their evil.  But the natural law works well every time but most of us don't know how to use it.  We've become too dependent on government and religion.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Why I Quit College

     Once I had finished high school, I just wanted to get on with my life and maybe find a wife and start my own family.  In the twelve years, I spent in school, there was little relevant education that I could use for any career that I might consider.  I did learn English and some basic math and the rest was just useless busywork.  I had wanted to be an airline pilot so I went to a flight school to learn how to fly.  That was fun as I felt that I was accomplishing something meaningful.  But then I looked at the requirements to get hired at an airline company, I needed a four-year college degree.  The degree didn't need to be relevant to aviation, it just had to be any degree.  This pissed me off so I went along with the program for a while and reluctantly started college the next semester.
     When I started the college classes, it didn't take me long to figure out that I was being indoctrinated into some kind of communist-socialist way of thinking.  I started these stupid classes in 1965 and life became shitty some more.  I had to learn junk science like psychology and evolution.  Each subject was complete twaddle, poppycock, stupid, puerile, but necessary for the communist form of government to destroy the minds of the young people.  To be fair, I did have one good English teacher and a good speech class.  Other than those two classes, the rest was a complete waste of time.  I also took Political Science which was a communist brainwashing class. But I hung in there for two years and I hated 90% of the experience.
     I remember sitting in Geology class listening to the teacher explain evolution.  I latently knew I was taking in a bunch of bullshit.  What is amazing is that even in today's world, people still believe in the stupid teaching.  I would keep asking the teacher for evidence of all of the transitional species and of course, there was no evidence coming forth.  The reason was that there isn't any.  I figured that out at 19 years old.  What kept nagging me in the back of my mind was this: "How does any of this nonsense prepare me for a flying career?  If a young person has to go to any school, it should be relevant to the students' talent, interest, and skills.  I already had my private pilot's license and I was wasting my time sitting in college when I could be going to a flight school and doing the job I wanted. 
     The English literature classes were an abomination.  I had to read the most depressing essays to the point to where I felt like I wanted to hang myself.  The purpose of these classes is to demoralize and to depress the student into the idiotic world of Satan.
     I continued to go to the college for about 2 1/2 years.  It was a 2-year college for an AA degree.
One day, I was walking to my first class and I said to myself: "F**k this.  I can't take this shit anymore."  I turned around and walked off the campus.  I didn't even bother to close out my classes because I didn't want to leave any opportunity for me to return.  If I didn't close the classes, I would fail them and it would be on my transcript.  In other words, I burnt my own bridge intentionally so I couldn't go back.  It was one of the best decisions I've made in my life.  I forgot about being an airline pilot--not only because of the four-year degree--but also I was too short so there wasn't any point in continuing that line of work.
     As a result of leaving college, I was able to gain more work experience.  At twenty years old, I could run a supermarket while the boss was gone.  I enjoyed earning my own money and I went on to have an interesting career in music and then in industrial sales.  During the early 80s, I was still working while friends with degrees were being laid off.  My life was much better outside of the communist-socialist influence of college.
     The main problem with any education is relevancy.  I shouldn't have to take a degree in political science or any other liberal arts in order to be an airline pilot.  One doesn't fit the other.  College should be for learning more complex subjects to where the student is prepared for a relevant career.
     In today's world, it should be easier for students to get the education they need without the time and expense of college.  If you want to be a computer programmer, then study that.  Almost anything can be learned online.  Colleges and universities are there more for indoctrination rather than education. 
     One of my most popular posts on this blog has been a Book Review: of Worthless by Aaron Clarey.  When I read the book, I wished I had read something similar when I was in college.  However, I instinctively knew college wasn't for me.  But the pressure from friends and family was enormous and I did cave into it.  One of the happiest days of my life is when I left the campus, never to return again.  That's one move I made that when I look back on it, was the best I could have done.
     Fifty-one years after leaving college, I can see the reason why the evil power-that-shouldn't-be wanted to keep young people in their intellectual cesspools.  I think the main reason was to help destroy the family unit.  I believe this has been intentional.  Now we have queers, lesbians, trannies, and "gender fluid" people who are being misguided by sick and demented Satanists.  Young people should be ready to have a family by the age of 18.  A young man should be able to support a family by that age and have his wife stay home with the children.  It would be better for the woman because her children will grow up while she's relatively young.  The woman could have a career after the children are grown.  Now, many women are "hitting the wall" in their mid-30s and they may never have a family because of the stupid idea of having a career before a family. 
      In fact, I think the communist-socialist agenda likes to destroy everything that is good about life.
Colleges and universities, given the resources they require, are not efficient methods of imparting knowledge on the students.  Most of them should be shut down in favor of more relevant education centers which would give the students a more meaningful curriculum at a better price.  The current Marxist education system we have now is more like a prison camp; only it's worse.  The schools give out homework whereas prisons don't have it.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Saturday, March 2, 2019

The Level of the Devil

     I have noticed that no matter what the government and the religious people say, nothing seems to get any better nor is there any improvement within the society.  For hundreds, if not thousands of years, there has been a steady decline in the moral standards and it keeps getting worse.  I've been frustrated in that no matter if people are right-wing or left-wing--or somewhere in the middle--nothing improves from a foundational standpoint.  Despite all of the various religions, society descends into the pit of hell in the complete immorality and the ineffectiveness of any opposition to the demonic "new world order."  The natural law dictates a certain level of morality and it is the same for everyone.  Just because someone has taken the authority of government or religion, doesn't make them exempt from the natural order.
     I'm going to explain the reason why this situation doesn't get any better.  One can point to all of the problems as much as they want but it doesn't seem to make any difference.  The problems get worse as there is no resolution nor any improvement in the morality of society. While it is important for the people to understand the problems and to connect all of the dots, there still needs to be positive resolutions to the difficult problems.  The only solution that I see that would work is to institute good morality and teach it to young people.  But a government and religious systems which are on the “level of the devil” will never work toward improvement in moral values.
     The level of the devil is simply this: it is the level of thought and actions which are rooted in the Satanic and the occult.  I have written extensively about the dangers of oath-taking and I think this is the leading cause of pain and suffering throughout the world.  People are pledging their lives to a demonic or Satanic system through the system of oath-taking.  What I believe happens is that the peoples’ minds become distorted and they exist in a type of Satanic stupor.  This might be the reason why people, when confronted with the truth, have a very difficult time understanding what has happened to them.  I think most people can’t believe it because it is so evil and most peoples’ minds do not want to go there; and rightfully so.  The problem is that our minds have been distorted through many years of indoctrination and false information.  Our responsibility as men and women is to maintain the moral order which the Creator intended.  Our perceptions must match the truth of a particular morality and all of us need to do better to stay in those boundaries.  Government and religion are not capable of staying within the proper moral boundaries because most of them—if not all—have oaths as their foundation.  Oath-taking, when taken by men, is evil and it is destructive.  We have thousands of years of written history to show that the oath is man’s biggest folly.  The only one who can keep an oath would be the real God himself.
     Once the oath is taken, everything surrounding and founded upon it is going to be evil, stupid, and destructive.  Nothing works to the benefit of mankind.  There is no benefit in evil.  Nothing good comes from it.  The destructive chaos is evident in the world today.  So, oath-taking should be avoided and that will go a long way to solving a lot of problems.  It will be one way to stay away from the occult.  The people in the occult are oath-takers and first-class liars, thieves, and murders.  They operate on the level of the Devil.  This is the easiest way to begin to understand the operations of evil.  Most religions operate on oath-taking and most religions are sanctioned by the state.  We all could live without these two things quite nicely.
     The importance of separating from these things cannot be overstated.  I've put some links below for further information on the subject.  Remember, the occult puts peoples' minds into a stupor which can be difficult to exit.  The mind control comes from all sides of an issue.  False opposition is always used and then when it is discovered, it tends to demoralize the people.  Don't let yourself be demoralized or discouraged because just by the simple act of separating from occult is a great start.  We can only improve our own morality and then set an example for others.  Groups tend to get corrupted, so it is important to work on improving our own moral conduct.  It's a bit of a daunting task at first, but it is worth the effort.

Swear Not At All
Swear an Oath, Tell a Lie
All Bad Things Flow from the Oath of a Man
Stop Swearing Oaths
Understanding Jurisdiction

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Monday, February 25, 2019

Is My Dog Jewish?

I’ve been noticing how some Jews will cause problems and chaos and then put themselves in the place of the real victims.  This is extremely annoying but it seems to work in their favor.

I was at the dog park and my little dog Oscar likes to mix it up with the big dogs.  He will go on the attack.  He will nip the big dog behind the ears and can even roll them over. But then he yelps as if he's the one being attacked. The other dog isn't doing anything to him yet, but Oscar yelps as if he's the one being threatened.   Obviously, I didn't teach him this maneuver, so I'm thinking that my dog must be a Jew.  It's the only explanation.  Or maybe the Jews learned this tactic from their dogs.  He's like the Jew who plows into a bus bench in Beverly Hills, kills 15 people, and then gets out of the car yelling "..viplash!!!"

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Free Baby Holm: Part 12 Final Thoughts

     I cannot imagine how I would handle something like this if it happened to me.  I think that the use of force would not be off the table.  The problem is that most of us are peaceful people and we don't engage in kidnapping like these various CPS agencies.  We haven't had to use force against any government for hundreds of years.  We have been programmed to put up with almost any indignity.  They pick on the most defenseless little people and then traffick them like slaves.  You see, to the government, all of us are considered livestock or animals.  However, the government, being a bunch of gutter sluts, is so arrogant that they think they can do anything to anyone and get away with it.
     I wish Danielle and Christian Holm the best for the future, but this has been the most rotten thing that I've seen in my life. I've seen some bad things, but this has had a lasting effect.  Some days I wish I had never been born than to witness such an injustice.  And when I try to talk to friends and family, they say: "I don't want to hear it."  They are too comfortable in their material world than to be concerned about someone's little baby.   What was interesting was the lack of outrage from the rest of the people in the town of Heflin, Alabama.  So-called Christians did almost nothing to help get the child back.  The longer the boy stays in foster care, the more there is a chance for abuse.
     The government is evil to the core.  Just look at the nonsense in Washington D.C.  That place has no adult supervision.  They act like a bunch of immature college grads at a frat party.  In addition, the government is a Freemasonic shithole that worships Lucifer.  It is no wonder no one cares.  And their religions aren't any better.  If the religions were good for anything, they wouldn't have allowed this kind of thing to happen.  Just think if it was your child.
     But don't worry, these CPS organizations are also stealing adults who have medical issues and they are taking control of their finances and property.  If they are willing to do this to little children, just think what they might do to you if given the opportunity.  Yep, someday you might get a knock on the door and you will be taken into some evil facility and have your property taken.  I think this is called "adult protective services."  You'll get serviced and processed and then there won't be anyone available to defend you.
     The government should be abolished.  It has had over 4000 years to prove its worth and it is a proven failure.  It should be replaced with the natural law (no evolution) and people should rely on strong moral principles to govern their lives.  This incident is as evil as it comes.  I have no respect for the government as it is of no service in helping people live peaceful lives.  The government is nothing more than a modern slave-trading and child sex trafficking organization and there seems to be no end to it.  One reporter, Liz Crokin, claims that 30% of the federal government are pedophiles.  Imagine that, 30% of them are the most perverted wretches on the face of the earth.
     The natural law will pay them all back and it will be ugly.  People just don't get away with such evil without receiving a horrible retribution.  That is the way the natural law works and it cannot be avoided.  There is a "special place in hell" for these people and their time is coming sooner rather than later.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Writings are Only as Good as the Truth They Reflect

     Most of us put too much authority in writings.  When we read something, we don’t really know if the material is true or false.  We don’t have enough facts to make an intelligent conclusion based upon what we’re reading.  In my opinion, reading and writing may be good for some forms of communication, but none of it is factual evidence of anything unless it reflects the truth.  In examining political and religious ideas, we have few facts--if any--to make intelligent conclusions. The people are easily indoctrinated into stupid and evil beliefs that have nothing to do with the facts.

Religious writings
     In my own understanding, no one has met the real God who created everything.  But we do know what is expected of us and what is possible within the natural law.  These laws apply to everyone regardless of their culture or heritage.  A belief is just that; a belief.  But just because everyone believes it doesn't mean that it is true.  I've been taken in by religions and they are not reliable nor do they produce anything good.  Oh sure, they have the outward appearance of righteousness, but deep down they are corrupted and rotten to the core.  I don't believe that any writing correctly reflects the will of the real God unless it conforms to the natural law.  This is a much easier approach and I wish I had learned this early on as it would have saved me a lot of trouble. 
     When I read anything, I’m always trying to determine if what I am reading is true.  Do I have any facts to support my conclusion.  Reading and writing are not necessarily facts because it has to be done by a man.  And my experience with writings is that they can be very inconsistent and misleading.  However, when you match the writing with the natural law, you can see right away whether or not there is going to be a problem.  Truth doesn’t favor one group over another.  The truth is never relative; it is what it is and we need be able to know the truth in order to function properly.
Religion is always confusing and it is taught by a bunch of miscreants who constantly lie and distort the facts.  Of course, they don’t know the facts because they go by faith in the writing but not always in reality.

Man-made laws
     These laws are even more confusing that religious writings.  The reason is that they redefine words to say one thing when another meaning is intended.  This happens quite frequently in most of the laws and codes in the “United States.”  The “United States” has about 25 different meanings in the US Code; perhaps more.  It’s been awhile since I’ve read any of it.  But the confusion is intentional making people rely on attorneys who are officers of the court.  These people will stab you in the back if given a chance because their loyalty is to the court system and not their clients.  Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen is a good example of this.  These laws are not usable for the sane mind so the natural law is what people should pay attention to and obey that instead of worrying about this or that code.  It’s one thing to have voluminous sets of codes.  But the big question should be: What facts does anyone have that these codes or laws apply to me?  The government refuses to answer this question in a responsive way.  But the natural law applies to everyone the same way and there’s no argument about it.  The governments will start wars and steal money from the people to finance their stupid wars.  But these wars are immoral and violate the natural law.  The use of force is only proper when one is defending himself.  But most people give too much authority to the writing without asking the primary question:  What fact do you have that show that these codes or laws apply to me?  If there are no facts, then there is no application.

News and the various medias

     One of the most time consuming and worthless things to do is to watch the MSM.  They lie so many times that it is destructive to the mind.  This can also be true of "alternative" media so the viewer need to be mindful of the continuing question: Is what I am watching or reading true?  Sometimes it is very difficult to tell the difference because the liars always use enough of the truth in order to make a lie acceptable.  I don't watch it very much because I get no benefit out of it for the time spent.  If there is no benefit; then there is no point in taking in bogus information.  Lying violates the natural law, so it is easier not to view the nonsense in the first place and thereby save our own sanity. 

Natural law is the true authority
     The natural law always take the true authority over everything.  If a government official ordered me to murder someone, I would have no moral reason to comply as that would violate the real God’’s law which is the natural law.  The problem with writings is that if they are not completely true in every way, then taking any belief or action based on falsehoods will never get a good result.  I don’t need a Bible to believe in the real God.  And I shouldn’t need a man-made law to rule my behavior.  I already have the natural law which is complete and good; it already exists in the real God's natural order.  I'm finding out that by simply making decisions based on the natural law, I can get much better results.

On Reading and Writing

 Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


Friday, January 18, 2019

Carnivore-Zero Carb Diet

   I was doing some research on veganism a few months ago, and I came across people who were using the meat only diet or the carnivore diet.  After seeing the damage done to eating only vegetables, I saw that many people were eating the meat only or zero carb diet.  The most notable YouTube videos that were the most compelling were from Jordan and Mikalia Peterson.  Assuming they were telling the truth, I found their results were quite remarkable.  I've been battling weight for most of my adult life, and I have always been looking for a better way to do it.  I was never a vegan and I never considered it because the vegans I knew were very bitchy and hot-tempered.

     I'm not going to write much here about nutritional issues because I'm not that well-studied in the subject.  I've heard all sides but this one seemed to make the most sense.  I'm in the habit of using the natural law or natural order to make important decisions.  I wish I had known how to do this earlier.  But the carnivore diet makes sense because before modern times, most of the nutrient rich foods were animals.  While some vegans claim there is an ethical issue in killing animals, the truth is that is what we were designed to eat along with plants.  It is a part of the natural law so I decided to give it a try based on the Petersons' testimony.

     What I now eat is as follows: chicken, fish, beef, cheese, eggs, and lots of bacon.  That's it. And I've been eating like this for 134 days as of this writing.
     Here are the results from this test:
  • Improved mental clarity (some may disagree)
  • Improved mood
  • Sugar addiction is gone
  • I had pain in my right shoulder area and that's gone
  • Hunger is manageable and easy to control
  • I've lost a little over 18 pounds since the beginning of this diet and 47.5 lbs from two years ago
  • Macular degeneration is gone.  This was a big surprise.  I don't have any more floaters in my eyes
  • Sleep has improved
  • My teeth have stopped deteriorating as I lost three molars last year
  • I've had a chronic cough for over 20  years and now that's gone too
  • Bowel movements are limited to once a day, sometimes two.  Sitting on the can once a day is plenty
  • I can get up at 6AM and go through the day until 8PM without a nap
  • Energy level feels like I'm in my twenties; I'm 72
  • Type 2 Diabetes gone-actually did it before carnivore on the plain low carb Atkins type diet by losing weight.
  • I take no more prescription drugs

     I thought the Atkin's diet was good, but this is a little better and easier to stay on without relapsing into the old ways.  I've completely lost my desire for fruits and vegetables.  I'm not sure I want to eat them again.  I'm still considering it.  With all of the sprays being used in agriculture, it may make sense to stay on the carnivore-zero carb.  I like to drink beer but the last time I had one it made me sick and I stayed up all night trying to go to sleep.  I've learned to just stay away from liquor as I don't see any health benefits in drinking it.

     I'm trying to find some negative effects from this method and I can't find too many.  My social life is different as I don't want to go out and eat with friends because I don't want the temptation to eat the rabbit food.  I don't have the desire to have my nightly Margarita as all of my sugar cravings are gone.  The money I save from buying crappy food and eating out helps to keep me within my budget.  My meat costs are about $200.00 per month and I buy most of  it from the local butcher shop.  I save money by not buying things like bread, peanut butter, nuts, popcorn, pizza, and produce.
However, I am really perturbed to learn this at the late age of 72 and I'm wondering now if this vegan nonsense is politically motivated.  I think it is, but that's a subject for another time.

     Again, I look at the results; if it works, then I think it is useful.  I'm still learning about all the nutritional issues, but at the end of the day, it still comes down to results.  I haven't felt better for a long time if ever.  I'm actually startled but happy with the results.  I see no reason to change anything in the future.  If it is working;why fix it?

 Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Perjury Trap

     The evilest of "government" operations is the legal system.  It claims that it has a right over God's natural order when it does not.  When you engage yourself in any legal proceeding, it is, in reality, a Satanic proceeding from the pit of hell.  If you have been following the news, many people are getting subpoenas (demands to testify).  This is the legal method to get the target to bend over and grab his ankles and enjoy the legal rape that is going to occur.  This means that the target is expected to incriminate himself by answering obtuse and twisted questions from various atturdneys (misspelling intentional).  This process is a trap to get the witness to lie and make a mistake and then possibly prosecute him for perjury.

Perjury is lying under oath
    In the legal process, perjury is lying under oath.  Not just lying, but lying under oath. While people may be compelled to show up for the inquiry or deposition, there is no requirement for anyone to swear oaths.  It is completely voluntary.  In fact, swearing oaths is taking the Lord's name in vain.  It should never be done for any reason.  Because swearing an oath is the same as binding your soul to a bond; that's never a good thing.  If an attorney or any other govtard wants to ask you questions, you can do it but never under an oath.  Let's say you make a mistake and want to correct it later.  How are you going to prove you didn't lie and commit perjury.  Remember, perjury is lying under oath.  However, if you answer questions without an oath, you don't have the same problem.  A man can testify if he wishes, but never under oath as it is never going to have a good outcome.

Oath-taking is the ticket to hell
     Most people do not consider the dangers of oath-taking.  I've written about this for over 9 years and I'm surprised when seasoned journalists or government workers get sucked into the pit of the legal system.  The subpoena is the primary tool of intimidation and it frightens people into submission.  Several people come to mind as I write this and the real danger zone is the oath.  The oath is the central glue that holds the "new world order" in place.  Without it, these entities would have no jurisdiction.  Think of it this way.  The oath is like the rope the court gives you to hang yourself.  And any document that you sign "under the penalties of perjury" does the same thing as by signing it assumes that you're under some kind of oath.

Natural law overrides man-made laws
     Under the natural law which the real God created, it is considered a sin to swear an oath.  Thus, there is no reason for anyone to do it other than their own ignorance and fear of the authorities.  In fact, it looks to me that we all "volunteer" to become slaves to the STATE, State, or state rather than simply obeying the natural law which will always get a better result.  Staying within the natural order
always better than blindly following unlawful orders that transgress the natural law.  There would be no need nor desire for any government if the people would follow this simple rule.  No oath-taking
    Think of it this way.  If someone from the government ordered you to kill someone, obviously, you would not be required to do it.  It's really that simple.  No government can require anyone to swear any oaths and if they try they have lost all authority.  That's something to think about.

Swear Not At All
Swear an Oath, Tell a Lie
All Bad Things Flor from the Oath of a Man
Stop Swearing Oaths
Understanding Jurisdiction

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land