Sunday, January 20, 2019

Writings are Only as Good as the Truth They Reflect

     Most of us put too much authority in writings.  When we read something, we don’t really know if the material is true or false.  We don’t have enough facts to make an intelligent conclusion based upon what we’re reading.  In my opinion, reading and writing may be good for some forms of communication, but none of it is factual evidence of anything unless it reflects the truth.  In examining political and religious ideas, we have few facts--if any--to make intelligent conclusions. The people are easily indoctrinated into stupid and evil beliefs that have nothing to do with the facts.

Religious writings
     In my own understanding, no one has met the real God who created everything.  But we do know what is expected of us and what is possible within the natural law.  These laws apply to everyone regardless of their culture or heritage.  A belief is just that; a belief.  But just because everyone believes it doesn't mean that it is true.  I've been taken in by religions and they are not reliable nor do they produce anything good.  Oh sure, they have the outward appearance of righteousness, but deep down they are corrupted and rotten to the core.  I don't believe that any writing correctly reflects the will of the real God unless it conforms to the natural law.  This is a much easier approach and I wish I had learned this early on as it would have saved me a lot of trouble. 
     When I read anything, I’m always trying to determine if what I am reading is true.  Do I have any facts to support my conclusion.  Reading and writing are not necessarily facts because it has to be done by a man.  And my experience with writings is that they can be very inconsistent and misleading.  However, when you match the writing with the natural law, you can see right away whether or not there is going to be a problem.  Truth doesn’t favor one group over another.  The truth is never relative; it is what it is and we need be able to know the truth in order to function properly.
Religion is always confusing and it is taught by a bunch of miscreants who constantly lie and distort the facts.  Of course, they don’t know the facts because they go by faith in the writing but not always in reality.

Man-made laws
     These laws are even more confusing that religious writings.  The reason is that they redefine words to say one thing when another meaning is intended.  This happens quite frequently in most of the laws and codes in the “United States.”  The “United States” has about 25 different meanings in the US Code; perhaps more.  It’s been awhile since I’ve read any of it.  But the confusion is intentional making people rely on attorneys who are officers of the court.  These people will stab you in the back if given a chance because their locality is to the court system and not their clients.  Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen is a good example of this.  These laws are not usable for the sane mind so the natural law is what people should pay attention to and obey that instead of worrying about this or that code.  It’s one thing to have voluminous sets of codes.  But the big question should be: What facts does anyone have that these codes or laws apply to me?  The government refuses to answer this question in a responsive way.  But the natural law applies to everyone the same way and there’s no argument about it.  The governments will start wars and steal money from the people to finance their stupid wars.  But these wars are immoral and violate the natural law.  The use of force is only proper when one is defending himself.  But most people give too much authority to the writing without asking the primary question:  What fact do you have that show that these codes or laws apply to me?  If there are no facts, then there is no application.

News and the various medias

     One of the most time consuming and worthless things to do is to watch the MSM.  They lie so many times that it is destructive to the mind.  This can also be true of "alternative" media so the viewer need to be mindful of the continuing question: Is what I am watching or reading true?  Sometimes it is very difficult to tell the difference because the liars always use enough of the truth in order to make a lie acceptable.  I don't watch it very much because I get no benefit out of it for the time spent.  If there is no benefit; then there is no point in taking in bogus information.  Lying violates the natural law, so it is easier not to view the nonsense in the first place and thereby save our own sanity. 

Natural law is the true authority
     The natural law always take the true authority over everything.  If a government official ordered me to murder someone, I would have no moral reason to comply as that would violate the real God’’s law which is the natural law.  The problem with writings is that if they are not completely true in every way, then taking any belief or action based on falsehoods will never get a good result.  I don’t need a Bible to believe in the real God.  And I shouldn’t need a man-made law to rule my behavior.  I already have the natural law which is complete and good; it already exists in the real God's natural order.  I'm finding out that by simply making decisions based on the natural law, I can get much better results.

On Reading and Writing

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Friday, January 18, 2019

Carnivore-Zero Carb Diet

   I was doing some research on veganism a few months ago, and I came across people who were using the meat only diet or the carnivore diet.  After seeing the damage done to eating only vegetables, I saw that many people were eating the meat only or zero carb diet.  The most notable YouTube videos that were the most compelling were from Jordan and Mikalia Peterson.  Assuming they were telling the truth, I found their results were quite remarkable.  I've been battling weight for most of my adult life, and I have always been looking for a better way to do it.  I was never a vegan and I never considered it because the vegans I knew were very bitchy and hot-tempered.

     I'm not going to write much here about nutritional issues because I'm not that well-studied in the subject.  I've heard all sides but this one seemed to make the most sense.  I'm in the habit of using the natural law or natural order to make important decisions.  I wish I had known how to do this earlier.  But the carnivore diet makes sense because before modern times, most of the nutrient rich foods were animals.  While some vegans claim there is an ethical issue in killing animals, the truth is that is what we were designed to eat along with plants.  It is a part of the natural law so I decided to give it a try based on the Petersons' testimony.

     What I now eat is as follows: chicken, fish, beef, cheese, eggs, and lots of bacon.  That's it. And I've been eating like this for 134 days as of this writing.
     Here are the results from this test:
  • Improved mental clarity (some may disagree)
  • Improved mood
  • Sugar addiction is gone
  • I had pain in my right shoulder area and that's gone
  • Hunger is manageable and easy to control
  • I've lost a little over 18 pounds since the beginning of this diet and 47.5 lbs from two years ago
  • Macular degeneration is gone.  This was a big surprise.  I don't have any more floaters in my eyes
  • Sleep has improved
  • My teeth have stopped deteriorating as I lost three molars last year
  • I've had a chronic cough for over 20  years and now that's gone too
  • Bowel movements are limited to once a day, sometimes two.  Sitting on the can once a day is plenty
  • I can get up at 6AM and go through the day until 8PM without a nap
  • Energy level feels like I'm in my twenties; I'm 72
  • Type 2 Diabetes gone-actually did it before carnivore on the plain low carb Atkins type diet by losing weight.
  • I take no more prescription drugs

     I thought the Atkin's diet was good, but this is a little better and easier to stay on without relapsing into the old ways.  I've completely lost my desire for fruits and vegetables.  I'm not sure I want to eat them again.  I'm still considering it.  With all of the sprays being used in agriculture, it may make sense to stay on the carnivore-zero carb.  I like to drink beer but the last time I had one it made me sick and I stayed up all night trying to go to sleep.  I've learned to just stay away from liquor as I don't see any health benefits in drinking it.

     I'm trying to find some negative effects from this method and I can't find too many.  My social life is different as I don't want to go out and eat with friends because I don't want the temptation to eat the rabbit food.  I don't have the desire to have my nightly Margarita as all of my sugar cravings are gone.  The money I save from buying crappy food and eating out helps to keep me within my budget.  My meat costs are about $200.00 per month and I buy most of  it from the local butcher shop.  I save money by not buying things like bread, peanut butter, nuts, popcorn, pizza, and produce.
However, I am really perturbed to learn this at the late age of 72 and I'm wondering now if this vegan nonsense is politically motivated.  I think it is, but that's a subject for another time.

     Again, I look at the results; if it works, then I think it is useful.  I'm still learning about all the nutritional issues, but at the end of the day, it still comes down to results.  I haven't felt better for a long time if ever.  I'm actually startled but happy with the results.  I see no reason to change anything in the future.  If it is working;why fix it?


 Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Perjury Trap

     The evilest of "government" operations is the legal system.  It claims that it has a right over God's natural order when it does not.  When you engage yourself in any legal proceeding, it is, in reality, a Satanic proceeding from the pit of hell.  If you have been following the news, many people are getting subpoenas (demands to testify).  This is the legal method to get the target to bend over and grab his ankles and enjoy the legal rape that is going to occur.  This means that the target is expected to incriminate himself by answering obtuse and twisted questions from various atturdneys (misspelling intentional).  This process is a trap to get the witness to lie and make a mistake and then possibly prosecute him for perjury.

Perjury is lying under oath
    In the legal process, perjury is lying under oath.  Not just lying, but lying under oath. While people may be compelled to show up for the inquiry or deposition, there is no requirement for anyone to swear oaths.  It is completely voluntary.  In fact, swearing oaths is taking the Lord's name in vain.  It should never be done for any reason.  Because swearing an oath is the same as binding your soul to a bond; that's never a good thing.  If an attorney or any other govtard wants to ask you questions, you can do it but never under an oath.  Let's say you make a mistake and want to correct it later.  How are you going to prove you didn't lie and commit perjury.  Remember, perjury is lying under oath.  However, if you answer questions without an oath, you don't have the same problem.  A man can testify if he wishes, but never under oath as it is never going to have a good outcome.

Oath-taking is the ticket to hell
     Most people do not consider the dangers of oath-taking.  I've written about this for over 9 years and I'm surprised when seasoned journalists or government workers get sucked into the pit of the legal system.  The subpoena is the primary tool of intimidation and it frightens people into submission.  Several people come to mind as I write this and the real danger zone is the oath.  The oath is the central glue that holds the "new world order" in place.  Without it, these entities would have no jurisdiction.  Think of it this way.  The oath is like the rope the court gives you to hang yourself.  And any document that you sign "under the penalties of perjury" does the same thing as by signing it assumes that you're under some kind of oath.

Natural law overrides man-made laws
     Under the natural law which the real God created, it is considered a sin to swear an oath.  Thus, there is no reason for anyone to do it other than their own ignorance and fear of the authorities.  In fact, it looks to me that we all "volunteer" to become slaves to the STATE, State, or state rather than simply obeying the natural law which will always get a better result.  Staying within the natural order
always better than blindly following unlawful orders that transgress the natural law.  There would be no need nor desire for any government if the people would follow this simple rule.  No oath-taking
    Think of it this way.  If someone from the government ordered you to kill someone, obviously, you would not be required to do it.  It's really that simple.  No government can require anyone to swear any oaths and if they try they have lost all authority.  That's something to think about.

Swear Not At All
Swear an Oath, Tell a Lie
All Bad Things Flor from the Oath of a Man
Stop Swearing Oaths
Understanding Jurisdiction

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Vegan Jihad

Vegans are one fry short of a Happy Meal. I’ve known for years that they can be quite bitchy and hot-tempered.  But when someone I knew started to promote veganism, especially the “ethics” of the idea I became curious as to the reason for it.  While they say they don’t like the killing of animals, the facts show that there are only two sources of food on the earth: plants and animals.  Since all of us were created to live on the earth, there aren’t a lot of choices when it comes to food; it’s just plants and animals.  As I looked into the merits of the vegan diet, I was appalled at some of the things that I found.

It seems to me to be a form of a political or a cult movement designed to weaken mankind with what can only be seen as a diet that will probably bring on an early death.  It seems to be a complete brainwash which is intended to harm people.  I suggest that the reader do a search on YouTube using the words “ex-vegan” and there will be many personal testimonies to the physical and mental damage caused by the vegan diet.  I’m going to list the damage done by the vegan diet as described by former vegans which has a devastating effect on the health of the person doing it.

Physical and mental effects from the vegan diet as described by ex-vegans:

  • Becomes more sensitive to everything
  • Get more allergies
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Hyper sensitive to foods
  • Spinal and back problems
  • Decline in muscular strength
  • Can’t handle hardly anything
  • None of the problems get any better
  • Cult-like religious movement associated with the vegan diet
  • The body cannot live properly on a vegan diet
  • Never met any healthy vegans
  • A vegan will eat its own body
  • Body being eaten by itself
  • Women lose their periods
  • Vegan agenda? Why? To destroy mankind; reduction in population
  • Will lead to early death
  • Induces psychosis
  • Crippled and now on disability
  • Vegans tend to have a lot of heavy metals in their system
  • Fruitarian diet people feel cold and weak
  • Designed to fail
  • It gets worse over time
  • People in the twenties seem to promote it but over time they will destroy their own health.  This is an intentional method to destroy the mind
  • Short temper and depression
  • Vegan leaders are liars
  • Ankle bones exploding
  • Knee and joint problems
  • Skin problems; itching
  • Mind separating from the body
  • Unable to handle stress
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Bones crumbling
  • Sick, fat, stupid, and dying
  • Bloating, fatigue, hair loss, teeth yellowing, diminished mental clarity
  • Suicidal  anxiety, and severe depression
  • Many vegans practice yoga which is another problem
  • Gall stones or gall bladder attacks; extreme pain
  • 24/7 nausea and back pain.  Pain in the legs, poor digestion, acne, tooth pain
  • Vegan eats raw steak and his nausea ended.
  • Arthritis, emancipation, facelift, synthetic breasts, and mental issues
  • Malnourishment
  • High carbs and low protein
  • Some vegans drink piss. Purportedly to get Vitamin B12
  • Neurological problems, couldn’t use the mouse on a keyboard, foot dragging
  • The excuse vegans use for these problems is that the body is expelling all of the toxic problems
  • Mind being detached from the body
  • Impacts everything in a negative fashion
  • Obsession with poop and anus
  • Rinsing out the asshole
  • Premature aging

The  vegan diet is so destructive that it is hard to imagine that it has any benefit to anyone.

People who promote this diet are hurting a lot of people and I think that it is promoted in order to keep the hospitals full, doctors busy, and to thin the existing population.  I believe that the vegan diet is a form of genocide because it is so destructive. 

I was at my doctor’s office a few months ago and the PA that was seeing me said she had broken her ankle but it wasn’t healing; she was a vegan.  I was telling her that being a vegan is not good for health.  She then admitted that other doctors told her to eat meat so her bones would heal.  

In fact, the AMA (American Medical Association) passed a resolution encouraging hospitals to serve more vegan meals and to eliminate processed meats.  This appears to be an evil organization whose mission is to destroy mankind with their crappy medical treatments.  They didn’t put the serpent on their logo for nothing.  Once you see any Satanic symbol anywhere you have to be very careful and just stay away from them.  These are very evil people that do not have our best interests in mind.

Even the United Nations is suggesting that people move away from eating meat and dairy products as it may, among other things, help the alleged problem of climate change.  This of course is utter bullshit.

After seeing all of the testimonies from ex-vegans, I cannot see any reason why anyone would want to go with this diet.  There are only two types of foods on the planet: plants and animals.  And it is the animals that have the best nutrition and provide a necessary part of any diet.  I think it is dangerous to go vegan because these plants are being sprayed and have been genetically modified.  Chemicals have been spread over the vegetables so this alone would prevent me from trying the vegan diet.  In addition, I wouldn't want to destroy my health.

While I was researching veganism, I heard about the carnivore diet and I'll write another article as that's something that I'm still doing with excellent results so far.
Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Suicidal Marketing: Gillete andToxic Masculinity

      The stupidity of large corporations like Gillette is something to behold.  The main thrust of their recent commercial attempts to address "toxic masculinity."  I just viewed the video and it is stupid beyond anything that I have seen.  The word stupid is being kind and this is a perfect way to lose customers by pissing them off.  While this controversy is popular right now, I thought it might be good to show the advantages of growing a beard as opposed to shaving.

Shaving is gay or effeminate

     I have learned to use the natural law or the natural order to make intelligent decisions.  I don't really care about custom or culture.  Men, when they reach a certain age, will naturally grow beards.  Women and little boys and girls do not have beards.  The mature man will not shave his face but he will keep his beard and let it grow naturally.  Most men, including myself, never questioned the idea of shaving.  At the age of 14, I started to shave and never thought anything of it.  It wasn't until 13 years ago did I realize that it would be better to have a beard because I read a verse in Clement of Alexandria about shaving is effeminate.  And rightfully so because the natural order shows it.

Purpose of shaving

     As seen by the Gillette commercial, there is an attack on masculinity.  I believe that the idea of compromising masculinity probably goes back thousands of years.  The only reason to have men shave their faces or any other body part is to compromise their masculinity.  I believe that there is masculine power in long hair and by cutting it, the man loses that power.  The story of Samson seems to ring true.  The Satanists love to compromise their masculinity because they like to invert God's natural order.  This has been true throughout history.

Reasons to grow a beard

Here are the reasons why I think it is important and a benefit to a man to grow a beard:
  • Projects the natural power of a man; it's very masculine
  • It is an extension of the nervous system and men who have a beard will get much better performance in whatever they are doing because they have the extra edge of the beard (see link below this article)
  • Beards look better.  Look at some before and after pictures of men with and without a beard.  The beard wins every time.
  • Beards filter out germs and diseases thereby giving the man better health and less frequent flu and colds
  • Some younger men say that the beards serve as a "bimbo filter."  In other words, they don't want a woman who dislikes beards
  • Snowflake soy boys and feminist women hate the beard and that's all the more reason to grow one.  If they don't like it, then that's a good thing

The hidden purpose of shaving

     In my opinion, the reason for shaving is to have men emasculate themselves by looking like a girl.  Think about it, there's really no other purpose for shaving.  I consider it the first step to being a homosexual, transvestite, or a pervert.  It is the natural way of showing that the man is immature.  If a man wants to shave, then maybe he should go to Victoria Secrets and get himself a nice pair of panties and a training bra.  If a man has a full beard, then he is showing the world that he is a part of the natural order that the real God created.  The benefits are too numerous to mention.

Suicidal Marketing

     I've had a long career as a sales rep in a few industries and the main thing we all knew was to never piss off your customers.  Once you lose customers, especially over something this stupid,
it is almost impossible to get them back. But we can see a pattern here with other corporations who seem to despise masculinity.  JC Penny's with Helen DeGenerates who is a lesbian.  NFL tried to main stream homosexuality with Michael Sam.  In addition, the NFL did not allow Tim Tebow to thrive as he was too masculine.  Target Stores installed transgender bathrooms.  And it appears that Gillette just drank the cool aid and committed a marketing blunder of biblical proportions. The whole trust of most of the corporate world is aimed toward homosexuality and against masculinity.  I think that the men who don't have beards should consider growing one.  The beard is a part of the natural order and there's more of a benefit in having one than most of us realize.  

Friday, October 5, 2018

Judge the Morality

The problem most of us have is taking the time to determine if something is right or wrong. The people in the government will lie and say they are right when they are wrong.  We should be judging the morality; or lack thereof, of any of our own actions and that of the so-called leaders.  The people in law enforcement should always ask themselves these questions before taking any action; the same goes for the people in the military.  The big problem with the government is the order followers.  No one should ever obey an order that is immoral.  If this was done properly, there would be little or no use for any government.  The reason is that the idea of government is completely immoral and it is going to be the death of us all.  It is out of control.  It is the governments that start the wars and not the general public.  War is something that hardly anyone wants yet the idiots in the government like it because it puts money in the pockets of the corporations; and, they love the power.

The problem can be fixed by everyone holding their moral ground in the face of evil.  This will work; it always does.  Not everything is rotten, although it seems like it because of the sheer volume of the evil.  If the government is evil, then why obey it?  Just do what is moral and right and forget about all of this nonsense as reading about it doesn't seem to solve anything.  Fixing society means that the people should fix themselves first and the rest of the problems will eventually go away.

Evil has no value
The evil people always think that they can get away with every bad thing that they do.  However, the end result of their evil deeds really amounts to nothing of any value.  Even if these results look good to the perpetrators, the underlying evil will destroy anything that appears to be good. Again, this shows that evil has no value.  Evil actions always diminish the quality of life; evil is the arsenic in the punchbowl.

The payback always comes
And after all of the evil deeds there comes the payback or the retribution. This will be the unintended consequences that will be put upon the evil-doer and no one gets away with anything.  That’s the reality of the natural law and there is no man woman or child on earth who can change it.  The worst of the payback is the fact that the evil man will be a slave to his own corruption.  He becomes the slave to the evil.  Call the evil Satan, Lucifer, or the Devil—it makes no difference—evil is evil no matter which way one looks at it.  It is the bad result of making bad choices.

Results of goodness and virtue
It is always easier to operate under the natural law (the law that the real God created) because it is consistent and easy to understand.  Good choices always get a better result than a bad choice.  The benefit of a good choice is that you don't have the constant gut nagging of the conscience.  It is the conscience will always give us the proper indication of what is right and what is wrong.  And when we violate the conscience, we always bring discomfort to ourselves and the consequences can be severe.  It is much better to get it right in the beginning and avoid the pain and suffering later.  The moral and ethical considerations are important as we all have a latent knowledge of them.  We may not always understand them right away, but with a little common sense and right reason, we should eventually get the correct understanding.  In some cases, we will have to forget about all the bad information we learned previously and start over.  We have to reset our intellects to accommodate the truth.  It is very dangerous to keep recycling all of the bad information that leads to poor results.

Taking the time to make it work
Here is a list and a method I use to use the natural law to my benefit:
  • Do I know the truth?
  • Is it right?  Is it wrong?
  • Is my view a matter of fact or is it my opinion?
  • What is my gut feeling on the matter?
  • Always act on the good and reject the bad.
  • Don’t let other people influence you until you have made an independent judgment.
  • If you aren’t sure of something, then put it aside until the understanding comes.

Who is the one who controls your actions?
The problems in modern society are so numerous, that there isn’t any hope that any government or religion can fix.  However, it makes sense to me that it is easier for each man, woman, and child to fix themselves using common sense and right reason.  The rules of the natural law or natural order are such that they are the same for everyone no matter what they believe or think.  The morality of mankind is the same for everyone; the rules don’t change with the variations of culture or nationality.  We can’t control others but we can control ourselves.  I think all of us can make great improvements in society by fixing ourselves first.

Walter Allen Thompson has a book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Friday, August 24, 2018

Make America Stupid Some More

Most of us are not as stupid as the dumb things we have been taught.  However, the evil of the government, religion, education, and the media have ensured that the general population is so dumbed-down that it looks like they will never recover from the Satanic stupor of idiocy which has been inculcated at a massive rate.  The government doesn't want people to think and reason for themselves by using common sense; but rather, they want the public to believe in every stupid thing that the government comes up with so that they can steal the productivity from the people.  The right and the left doesn't make any difference as long as the idiocy of the government is continued in perpetuity.  In the United States, you have the communist left and the communist right.  The problem is that they all promote communism.  The only reason for them to allow a type of free market trade is so that there's always something to steal from the people.  The political system is just a dog and pony show to distract the public from the true underlying problem.  Communism, socialism, and fascism are all forms of communism and these systems are stupid and destructive to a peaceful society.  And, in order to promote the communism, the political class lie to the public and then steal their substance.  In fact, the modern government systems of the world are based on slavery.  The only law that works effectively is the natural law which the real God established at the creation.  It applies to everyone with no exceptions.  It is the same for everyone and if it is disobeyed, the payback will follow.

The United States "government" is nothing more than a bad version of the Roman Empire.  In the distant past, this form of the government was called feudalism.  Now, in today's world, you have the same basic structure but they call it a Republic.  However, the facts show, that most nations are under the thumb of communism, socialism, and fascism.  Among these three the substance is the same but the styles are different.  I do not know of one country in the world that is not communist in the underlying structure.  And after 4000 year of the history of the various governments, we can clearly see that they have a complete failure to any society.  Most people want to simply live their lives in peace and take care of their families.  But the causes of war and social disorder comes from both the government and religions.  To continue with the idiocy of the government, there are always going to be new promises that will always be broken.  It doesn't matter which leader is supposedly chosen; mankind still gets the same old shit that has continuously ruined the lives of millions of people.  If a man supports the government he is a communist.  I know this might be hard to take for some of the conservatives, but they are just as bad as the leftists.  A man who is a statist is a communist.  Voting seems to condone the evil and it ensures that the most rotten people become political leaders.  The facts show that these leaders do not give a damn about anyone but themselves.  They only want to satisfy their own perversions at the expense of society as a whole.

In making American stupid some more, the government and religious leaders lie to the people.  The people have been given false information and in turn, they think and act upon it.  By acting on bad information, the people make bad choices and then they get the bad results.  I call this the "stupor" because mankind seems to be susceptible to subtle suggestions from the Satanists and the Luciferians in both the government and the religions.  The people are told a lot of good things in religious writings but in other places, the text of the writings seem to lie.  This causes confusion so that a man cannot make the proper judgments because of lying information.  This has been my experience throughout my life and it continues to be a challenge.

Evil starts with Satan, Lucifer, Moloch, or the Devil.  This is the foundation in order to make America stupid some more.  The political leaders swear oaths--which is forbidden because it takes the Lord's name in vain--and become the enemies of the people by implementing very destructive policies throughout the country.  A lot of problems would be solved by eliminating oath taking because it sets everything off on the wrong foot.  The government is so bad now that it appears now that many agencies actually get involved with child trafficking.  And for this reason alone, the existing governments should be abolished.  They always have been and always will be slave traders and the people are their slaves.  Anytime a man has to pay a tax on his income means that he is a slave which is immoral and offensive to the natural law which was created by the real God.

The religions are just as bad as the government.  There is no shortage of false gods.  I have studied a lot of religions and I think they are all bat-shit crazy.  And the main reason is that their leaders are liars.  They all seem to point to a false god which will not save anyone.  The common denominator between the governments and the religions is the lie.  Once the people have accepted their lies, all hell breaks loose and the people live in chaos.  I have experienced this myself after coming out of the Roman Catholic church.  However, after having done that, I found that the other Christian churches were also full of crap and they taught many things that don't conform to morality under the natural law.

For example, I remember receiving a version of the Geneva Bible, but there was a pagan symbol right on the front cover.  I also noticed other pagan symbols imprinted on the bibles and other writings which started to make me suspicious that the Christian faith had very severe problems regarding credibility.  I have noticed that Satanists always give us a warning by using printed or hand signals.  Are the publishers giving the readers a warning?  Is the Christian church just another Satanic religion or is the Bible a pack of lies?  If the Bible is the Word of God, then which god?  Why would an essentially pagan organization such as the Roman Catholic Church in Carthage publish a clean set of "scriptures?"  The first "bible" was issued at the Synod of Carthage in 397 by the Roman Catholic Church.  What always bothered me is the fact that this church was a mixture of paganism and Christianity.  The bad results that this book could cause is evident in the Christian church today.  There are multiple denominations-all with different doctrines which is not consistent with their own writings.  This causes confusion and chaos.  And it looking back on it now, I can see that it was supposed to be confusing as these churches and leaders were not of God.  All of us are subject to the same morality under the natural law.  However, the Christian church itself instigates enough immorality to completely compromise the godly social order which is disorder.  I wouldn't touch any of the religions with a ten-foot pole.  They are too evil and will get a man in a lot of trouble.  This doesn't compromise my belief in God the creator of everything, but I would not to be around any religion for fear of having my mind compromised.

Thus, it is the religions as well as the government that help to keep America stupid.  The people weren't born stupid.  Most people would like to think that others would not intentionally lie to them.  But, the facts show is that all of the governments and religions lie to the people about spiritual matters.

Before doing anything, it is important to evaluate whether or not it is right or wrong.  Using your own common sense and right reason will save your life from a lot of pain and suffering.  If you believe in something that is wrong--whether or not you did it intentionally--the bad result will always manifest itself.  I think this is the best way to handle all situations.  If something conforms to the natural law then there is nothing wrong with it as long as you do the right and wrong test.  It is much easier to stay out of trouble.  If common sense doesn't prevail, then America will become stupid some more.


Walter Allen Thompson is the author of Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Suicidal Marketing: The Red Hen

Just when I thought I had seen everything, it has been reported that Sara Sanders got kicked out of The Red Hen in Lexington, VA because she is a staffer for President Trump.  This is a perfect example of what not to do in a business.  You never, ever, never, never, mix politics or religion in a business.  People go out to eat, relax, and enjoy themselves.  It was completely outrageous that the manager asked Mrs. Sanders to leave but now she's getting the payback; and frankly, it is fun to watch.

As of today, there are over 15,000 reviews with most of them bad.  The photo above was posted by a reviewer.  The Red Hen managed to piss off a lot of people and their blowback from it is hilarious.  If you want to waste a little time and get a few chuckles, go to this link and read the reviews.  My guess is that most of these reviews were done by people who were never there, but the main point is that in this modern day and age, it is very possible to destroy your business with one bad marketing decision.

Frankly, I don't like going to restaurants that are owned by socialists.  You know that the food is going to suck and make you very sick.  This is the food that libtards would really like to serve to people with whom they don't agree.

Plato de Mierda

This is the typical socialist fare.  By the time the people get done paying their taxes, this is all they can afford.  This excremental dish is perfect for people on the go...(no pun intended)

Pigeon avec Vomi 

This is a classic French dish which also fits in with the top photo.  This is the type of cuisine that you would expect from a socialist.  Yummy, save the big chunks for me!!

Some say that is was right for her to ask Sanders to leave.  But what they miss is that the political people this offended are about 90% of her market. Queers or only 2% of the population.  Businesses run on numbers and this woman really screwed up.  I'm thinking that this one takes the prize for being the stupidest example of Suicidal Marketing to date.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Are There Any Good People in Government?

Are there any good people in the government?
     The quick answer is no.  The people who work for the government are liars, thieves, oath-takers, and murderers.  How can someone who works for the government consider themselves a good man or woman and then act like a bunch of idiots?  I've had some personal experience with govtards over the years.  Some of them seem to be just stupid, but most are evil to the core.  They have little to no morals and the government has no place in a civilized society.

Theft Through Taxation
     They steal the "money" that people earn and give it to other entities.  The govtards start needless wars when a good self-defense system would do just fine.  The thievery breaks the natural law, and once that happens, the resulting chaos will always get a bad result.  Many people don't have enough money to save because the govtards take most of it through the scam called taxes.

Justification through lying
     Lying is the key instrument of mind control.  When someone lies to another, then the person being lied to has false information.  With that false information, they may take the wrong action based on the lies.  Again, this will always get a bad result because an action was taken on a bunch of lies.  The main instrument of lying is the media so it is important to make sure all of us take action based on the truth.  Sometimes it is a real challenge to get at the truth, but it always presents itself.

Oath-taking is very dangerous
     I have written extensively on the dangers of the oath-taking.  I see as taking a can of gasoline, pouring it on oneself, and then lighting it on fire.  Few people realize that oath-taking is binding one's soul to a bond.  And then there is the issue of perjury.  Perjury is lying while under oath.  The problem arises is that people can make mistakes when giving testimony.  When this happens, they will have to prove they made a mistake or suffer the penalties of perjury.  All of the politicians, law enforcement, and voters swear oaths and this is the main reason we have so many problems.  The government is structurally intended to fail; and so far, it is succeeding.  The government has had over 4000 years to prove their worth and they have all failed.  The government is not necessary and the people can solve their own problems locally by taking responsibility for themselves, family, and friends.

The natural law rules
     Under the natural law, the people are responsible to stay within that natural order.  If they go outside of it such as working for the government, they become bad people.  The government doesn't solve any problems; it creates them.  If more people paid attention to the natural law, then there would be no use for the government.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Is It Moral to Work for the Government?

In asking the question: "Is it moral to work for the government?"  The quick answer is "no."  The reason for this is because the government operates on the principles of Lucifer and it is evil to the core.  And, no matter if one is on the left or the right, the fact is the government is on the wrong side of the natural law which is the true law of the land.

The government violates the natural law by the following reasons: 
  •  They lie and distort the truth so that it is impossible for people to completely understand the government.  One method is that they redefine words to say one thing but mean another.  The lie disqualifies the people in government as being moral.
  • They steal money in the form of taxes; especially, income taxes.  A man should always receive all the fruit of his labor, but the govtards can steal up to 60% of the money he earns.
  • The government promotes sexual promiscuity, especially homosexuality which has totally destroyed society and the family.  It is almost impossible not to encounter the issue of homosexuality on a daily basis.
  • The government starts wars and then teaches military men how to be murderers.  A military should only be for defensive purposes.  This has a horrible effect on the men in the military and this could be the reason why so many commit suicide.
  • The government is a group of people who are oath-takers.  This is a form of "taking the Lord's name in vain."  In addition, it is the act of binding one's soul to a bond.  No man, woman, or child should every swear any oaths, yet, almost every public official must swear an oath.  Signing documents under the penalties of perjury is also wrong.  Perjury is lying under oath. Oath-taking is the equivalent to taking a can of gasoline, pouring on oneself and lighting it on fire.
  • The government tries to set itself up as a god.  Anyone can see by its immoral actions that it was never founded by the God who created everything.
  • The government participates in the trafficking of children.  They are running a slave plantation and in their minds, we are the niggers.  You don't have to be black to be a nigger.  How can anyone with any moral standards work for a group of pedophiles, perverts, cannibals, and baby rapers? 
  • The government is communist and is of no value with the exception of the oligarchs.
  • The government has been designed by Luciferian-type Freemasons who only have their interests in mind.  That interest is to destroy mankind and all of the good things he enjoys.
  • The government uses occultic symbols which effectively makes it a bad religion; not that there is a good one.
Violating the natural law gets bad results
The effects of violating the natural law have severe effects on the life of the one who does it.  The payback comes to haunt the offender every time he does the wrong thing.  The retribution will come and the results are very painful.  It isn't worth it.  The natural law exists for all of us to use for our own benefit.  The natural law is not written in a book; it is just there for us to use.  While some writings will reflect the value of the natural law, the ultimate authority is its inherent authority.  Morality is a part of the natural law and it should be respected.

It is best to separate from it
This can be difficult but not impossible.  If more people would refuse to participate in the immorality of the government, there would be fewer problems.  The problem is that the government is diametrically opposed to the natural law.  Sure, the government forbids murder, unless they do it.  Then, somehow it is legal for them to do it.  The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

Use the natural law
The natural law isn't a theory, it is simply the laws that God provided for everyone at the creation.  It is easy to understand and to reason for ourselves.  I suggest that people take more time to think things through before taking an action and decide whether it is moral or immoral.  If you're not sure, then wait until you find the correct answer.  Do not ignore your gut feelings as that may be your conscience.  Always choose the good and avoid the evil and life will be more pleasant and purposeful.  If the government workers look at this logically and with common sense, it is impossible for them to stay moral and work for the government.  Right-winger; left winger; it is all the same.  The government doesn't work for the benefit of mankind and people shouldn't work for it.

Natural Law is the Supreme Law of the Land 
Update on Lewis Arthur and accusations of a felony.

Walter Allen Thompson has a book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land