Tuesday, March 7, 2023

The Joy of Life

 The Joy of Life

“The joy of life is abiding within the natural law.  Do good; receive good.”

(Walter Allen Thompson)

After writing my blog for over 13 years, I have decided to turn my attention to things that might help repair the damage done by government and religion.  We have thousands of years of history that prove that both are grand failures and all they do is promote the idiocy that we see in society today.  However, there is a solution that has always existed and that is the natural law which the real God created.  I’m going to try to share my experience with it and perhaps it may help readers to improve their lives.

The natural law gives us everything we need in order to live good lives.  We will always be successful if we use the natural law to our own advantage.  The joy of life becomes a reality when abiding within the natural law.  I have found that the less time I spend doing “research” the more time I have to think.  I have consciously steered my mind to think more in terms of the natural order rather than things like government and religion.  The key to the “joy of life” is to build up one’s morality and then try to keep the mind from thinking about rotten things.

We are never in a good place by constantly thinking about bad things.  That’s not to say bad things shouldn’t be noticed, but at some point the evil must be discarded in favor of more pleasant thoughts.  The good thoughts produce a good life.  I’m trying to put more time into things that will produce good results.  Knowing a bunch of evil stuff has a tendency to drag me down with it.  So I try to spend my time thinking about those things that can do me some good and are within the natural law.

I can’t control what goes on around me but I can control myself.  This is something that is of a great benefit.  I don’t worry so much about other people as much as keeping myself in line with the natural order.   I’m a lot happier trying to fix myself.  

Having the good thoughts produces good actions.  No matter what happens, the good choice will always be better than the bad choice.  When I make a good choice, I don’t have to worry about a bad result.  There is no real punishment for making a good choice.  The produces a lot of happiness for me and keeps the turmoil out of my life.

A big part of the success in this is to be able to pay attention to the conscience.  That is the big disciplinarian of the natural law.  We all have a conscience and it is extremely important that we abide with it properly in order to be truly happy.  We can do that by using right reason and common sense.  We don’t have to read a lot of books on the subject, it is something that can be observed and experienced.

The natural law has more authority than “government” or “religious” laws.  The natural law or natural order applies to everyone the same way regardless of country, culture, race, or religion.  Manmade law must conform to the natural law.  However, when they do, those laws are redundant.  All men, women, and children have natural rights and no government has the authority to interfere with those rights.

Another aspect of the “joy of life” is to be content with what I have.  I don’t have to worry about what I don’t have which means that I have more free time to do what I want.  The free time is more valuable to me than possessions.  

We are all responsible for our good or bad choices, so it is important to make sure we make good choices.  We must determine whether something is either good or bad, true or false, and then make our choices accordingly.  Remember, we’ll always get paid back from the choices we make.  The good choices will always reward us with the “joy of life.’

Walter Allen Thompson has a book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land