Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Donald Trump and Muslim Immigration

     I'm beginning to think this Muslim immigration issue is worth examining.  I remember way back  around 1996 one of my sons was in public junior high school.  And during one of his classes, he told me that they were doing some kind of Muslim religious ritual called the hajj.  At the time, we were a Christian family, but we kept our beliefs to ourselves.  I immediately pulled him out of the school because I felt that was the wrong environment for him.  I was extremely pissed off because I could not imagine a public institution pushing a religion on the students.  The whole incident was nuts, and I couldn't figure out why they would do it.  I told other parents and it was like talking to a wall.  People are really stupid and they don't ask questions in order to understand an issue.
     Fast forward to 2015, there have been many violent incidents that have been perpetrated by Muslims, yet the press and the national govtards don't think that the religion is a problem. Muslims say it is a peaceful religion, yet there is much violence in the Quran.  I tried reading it and I stopped when I read: "Cut off the heads of the infidels."  And if we go on YouTube, there are many videos of people having their heads cut off.
     Trump has made the statement that he would stop all Muslims from immigrating to the United States until he can figure out what is going on.  He says there's something wrong and he wants to get to the bottom of it.  What is almost comical is the fact that the MSM  and the other Republican candidates are going apeshit over Trump's position and the candy-ass govtards are doing the same thing.  These ruling class slugs don't care one bit for the safety of the general public, they just care
about their own idiotic agenda.
     No religious group has any rights to come into a place and spread chaos and violence.  This breaks the commandment: "Thou shalt not kill."  But religions don't honor the commandments so they think they can kill whoever they wish, in the case of Muslims, "cut off the heads of the infidels."  I don't see where these people are a "peaceful religion."  But, just as in Islam, there are many other religious writings that call for the killing of other groups or races of people.  You can check it out for yourself by Googling the following:

  • violent verses in the bible
  • violent verses in the Quran
  • violent verses in the Torah
  • violent verses in the Old Testament
  • violent verses in Hindu scriptures
  • violent verses in the Talmud
There's no religion that doesn't have blood on its hands, but any group that advocates the cutting off of the heads of people who disagree with them is anti-social  to say the least.  Trump is correct on this and he seems to be the only intelligent candidate with a brain.  It's only common sense to keep people out who want to kill people.  Of course, the American people are so well-armed that it would be a real mess for the Muslims.  Which takes me to my next point.

I believe the corporations and the governments have instigated this Muslim nonsense in order to create chaos and to lead us all into yet another new world order shithole.  And they have been preparing the public for a long time.  I remember when Top Gun came out in 1986 and we all thought it was cool, but I was wondering why the place of these combat stories was in the Middle East.  We weren't at war with them and there wasn't the religious hatred going back and forth then.  But in 1989 Bush invaded Kuwait and "rescued" it from Sadaam.  Then Bush II invades Iraq and destabilizes the whole area.  The people's minds were softened with various war movies that were centered in the Middle East.

Israel is  massacring the Palestinians and the whole area is on fire.  Indeed, the Middle East is Satan's playground and it has been very ugly for a long time.  Trump, if he is being honest, seems to understand this and wants to keep that kind of chaos away from the United States.  I personally don't trust any politician, but it is comical to watch the MSM get so upset over Trump's stand.

The real problem with society is three-fold in my opinion: communist-socialist-fascist government, violent religions, and lying media.  These are the instigators of social disorder.  But the last thing we all need is more Muslims who openly say they want to kill the infidels.  Trump is correct in this instance, in my opinion.  But the worst problem is the communism and the governments who have built their organizations on it.  It can't be denied that communism is an abject failure and it is extremely evil.  Maybe this ISIS nonsense is a distraction to take the peoples' eyes off of the real problem of communist government. I can only speculate.  I don't really trust any politician nor any media reports.  Some are claiming these attacks are "false-flags."  But who knows?  But we do know that communism is the world's largest problem and until that is addressed, nothing else will go well.  Remember, all ten planks of the Communist Manifesto are in place in most if not all of the world's governments.

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Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Is Marriage is a Part of the Natural Law?

      Is marriage a part of the natural law or is it another type of a social contract established by men and not by God?  People who believe in God will have little difficulty in believing that marriage is a part of the natural order, whereas, people who do no believe in God will think it is more of a social contract established by men within the various cultures.  The problem with the social contract version is that there is a multitude of cultures of which all will fight for the authority over the marriages.  The government and the religions will struggle over the ultimate authority over people in their quest for political or religious dominance.  However, I believe that the God who created everything made marriage a part of the natural order which in turn can be described as the natural law.
     The basis for my views on this does depend on upon the belief in the God who created everything.  Evolution is a scientific impossibility; therefore, there is no sense in debating the subject that has no scientific facts to back up their beliefs.  Having said that, I also disregard the religions as I do not think that they accurately describe God as their doctrines are so different, it would be difficult, if not impossible to discern what God said or didn't say.  The religious writings have been tampered with for so many centuries, that if they did contain anything of value, the veracity of the documents is always in question.  Thus, I rely upon the evidence of the natural law; believing in the God who created everything.  By relying upon what I can see, feel, and experience I believe I can get a more accurate account of what God intended for mankind.  I believe that paying more attention to the natural law, it is reasonable to think that there is little room for error.  Natural law is always true in and of itself; our perceptions and understandings may be different, but the truth always remains the same.  So the truth is always going to be the anchor for my thoughts.  I don't claim to know everything, but I do think by using the natural law, which is always true, is a more accurate way to understand spiritual and corporal matters.

Marriage and the natural law
     Marriage has always been a part of the natural law.  The natural law is that which was put forth by God and it is evidenced by nature.  Sex between a man and a woman will produce children, who in turn need their mothers and their fathers.  This cannot be disputed as it can be readily observed.  Morality is also a part of the natural law and the consequences of ignoring morality will get mankind into trouble.  We know it is immoral to murder someone or to commit adultery.  This cannot reside under a social contract because the results are the same for all men and women.  Morality is going to be as much of the natural order as gravity.  Just as gravity cannot be suspended or eliminated, morality also cannot be suspended or eliminated without getting some very bad results.
     Marriage is one of the foundations in forming a family.  The family is the glue for a healthy society and a happy life.  Some people don't choose to marry, so there's always an exception, but most people would like to have a happy marriage with children.  A good marriage will always produce a profound happiness that will endure until the death of one spouse.  These  marriages, however, need to be properly founded on the good moral principles of the natural order which God set forth for the enjoyment of mankind.  Thus, when sex occurs between a man and a woman, the act depends on upon the natural order which God established.  Marriage is critical in order to have a stable society.  Without it, society will create chaos and disorder.  All of this can be observed without reading any books.  There are plenty of examples of both the good and the bad which can be learned by simple observation of the facts.

Marriage as a social contract
     The problem with this idea is that a social contract comes from the minds of men and not necessarily from God himself.  Mankind has the bad habit of inventing all kinds of laws, rules, and regulations for almost anything, including marriage.  This idea has no real authority under the natural law.  These so-called "laws" are so convoluted that they are difficult to understand.  And even if some of them could be properly understood, the people in charge will do what they want regardless of what the law says. Their hypocrisy demonstrates their lack of a moral foundation.  Simply stated, a social contract has no moral authority unless it is in conformance with the natural order.  If the government and the religions make the rules, then, they can also change them to conform to the prevailing winds.  Since marriage is one of the natural foundations of the family as created by God, it only makes good commons sense and right reason to conform to it for the reasons I've already mentioned.
     Evolution is one of those ridiculous theories that has brain-raped children via public education for several generations.  The uprise in communism also came about around the same time period.  These two ideologies promote lower intelligence and cripple the minds of those who hear such nonsense.  Under a social contract, marriage is not as important because, after all, the people now defined as nothing more than animals.  Animals can go around and screw anyone they want because they don't seem to have the natural mandate for marriage.  Evolutionists and communists have succeeded in bringing down the marriage of a man and a woman, to the low level of an animal.  The porn industry also promotes promiscuity and damages family relationships.  But at least the animals stay within their natural order as they stay within their own kind.  Evolutionists and communists include all sorts of weird combinations for marriages, and under their system of government, almost anything goes.  This has promoted the destruction of the family.  If men and women are considered animals, then there is no moral foundation for them.  Who is going to make the moral choices for the animals?  Any worldly leader doesn't have the capacity to tell anyone what to do unless it conforms to natural law.

Marriage is an agreement
     Marriage is an agreement that the man and the woman enter into for a lifetime commitment.  This is essential in providing a stable society for the raising of children.  But it is an agreement under the natural law because just by observing the helplessness of young children to provide for themselves in their early years, the natural law demonstrates the need for parents and the family structure.  A good family is just as necessary for the living of life as the air for breathing.

Natural law is easier to use  
     Natural law is easier to use than any political or religious doctrine.  Nature contains the truth, and the truth is not relative, but it is the same for everyone.  Not everyone is going to understand everything all of the time, but if a man is patient, he can always get to a truth by observing what is there using common sense and right reason using the natural order or natural law as their guide.
     I think the reason some people have a problem with this is because it causes them to think critically.  Most of us have never actually used natural law because we were too busy using political and religious doctrines which are too numerous to absorb in 100 lifetimes.  On the other hand, natural law is easier to use and it is easier to make the correct judgments.  The governments and the religions don't want to use it as it would compromise their power.  There are many writings about the natural law, so this isn't something new.  But I think it is a wonderful resource for those who want to exercise common sense in their daily lives.

The Testimony of Nature to the Existence of God

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sex Before Marriage and Tim Tebow

     It has been reported for the last few days that Tim Tebow got "dumped" by Olivia Culpo because they were dating, but he wasn't willing to have sex with her.  It has been Tebow's desire to save it for marriage, and so far he's holding his ground.  Ms. Culpo, on the other hand, dumped Tebow (as it has been reported) and she is now moving on with her life.  I have mentioned this to a few friends and I got some interesting reactions.  One said: "You have to try the shoe on before you buy it."  This remark comes from a "Christian" who goes to church every Sunday.  But let's look at the natural law and not any religious books to find an explanation.

Fornication violates natural law
     While it is true that the bible forbids fornication (sex without the benefit of marriage) one can readily see in nature the problems it can cause.  Everyone knows that sex produces children, and children need both their mothers and their fathers--within the bond of marriage--in order to have healthy and stable lives.  If a child is missing a mother or a father, life is more difficult for the child.  When that happens, society becomes more unstable and the condition can produce more chaos, along with divorce.   So, Tebow's stance is on biblical or Christian grounds which Ms. Cuplo knew before she got involved with him.  In order for Tebow to be taken seriously with his "Christian" faith, there is no way he can have pre-marital sex and then claim to be a Christian at the same time.  Sex is too personal to have with anyone other than the spouse within the bonds of marriage between a man and a woman.  In the bible, it was considered a capital offense punishable by death.  In today's sexually chaotic world, few people are actually stoned to death for fornicating or adultery.  On the same token, we have almost complete social chaos with most of the governments and the religions in abject corruption.  Just knowing the physical consequences of having sex tells us without any religious teaching, that fornication is not a good thing for anyone: unwanted children, tumultuous relationships, precarious living conditions, and the rest.  Saving oneself for marriage is the most intelligent option for young people.  Ms. Culpo has done the opposite and had a previous relationship ruined.  Fornication destroys everything in its path and I hope more young people understand it.  Men and women aren't animals, contrary to what evolutionists think.  People exist on a higher level of common sense and right reason than do the animals.

Male chastity seems to turn off women
     In my opinion, women use sex as a way to control men.  Many of us men have thought or made decisions with the wrong head, and then suffered for it later.  Once a man submits to fornication, he has given up a lot of the control of a proper relationship.  The woman has given up her own dignity as an honorable woman.  Men don't like to admit it, but they don't think highly of a woman who is willing to go to bed with them.  And, men are immature in that they enjoy getting laid, but then disrespect the woman for doing what they (the men) wanted.
     I had a few opportunities to date in recent years and I simply told the women that I'm not going to have any sex with them until there is a marriage.  That immediately shut down the relationship and it has saved me a lot of aggravation.  I which I had done this when I was a young man.  I would have saved myself a lot of trouble.  Tebow is smart, in my opinion.  He has saved himself a lot of the drama that comes from ruined relationships through fornication.  Women should be delighted to meet a man like him, but instead, they run like the wind knowing that they cannot take control over him.

Morality is the glue that holds society together
     High moral standards must be restored in order to have a successful civilization.  These cannot be taught by an immoral education system.  This is why the government should never be involved in any kind of education.  But people have become lazy and they don't want to "rock the boat" when addressing serious issues of morality and government.  The two ideas are completely at opposite ends to each other.  And we are experiencing the chaos in society because of a complete lack of a moral anchor, with fornication being one of the lead destroyers of society.

Sex is not a recreational sport
     Sex is something that should be respected more as a privilege of marriage between a man and a woman.  Sex will take the whole relationship and ruin it.  This has been my experience and I try to relate this to young people.  They think I just came down from another planet.  I keep telling them over and over, and they keep getting the same bad results, over and over.

Young people should marry earlier in life
      Young men should be able to support a family by the time they are 17 or 18 instead of going to university or college only to be taught by communist professors and teachers.  Libtards have nothing to teach anyone and it is my opinion that young people should be planning their lives around having a nice family.  The best part of life is raising a family.  Instead, many young men sit around playing video games into their 30s and 40s and will die old men without any family around.  Young people have a very high sex drive when they are young so they need to be married early.  I can see how college and university can delay intellectual maturity by attempting to reorganize society to the communist model.

Natural law supports all writings against fornication
     We can see that sex before marriage should be avoided.  Tebow made a good decision when he said no to sex.  Culpo, by dumping Tebow, made a big mistake and should have respected his wishes. She already had one failed relationship, she could have learned from that and done something different.  The primary reason for sex is to produce babies, who then grow to be young children, and then to adults.  It is a long process compared to animals.  The sex belongs only in a marriage between a man and a woman.  Sex within the confines of marriage produces a stable society.  This can be readily observed in nature and there's no argument about it.
     Refraining from sex before marriage is starting to take hold because the failure of society is self-evident.

Fornication is Destruction of the Soul
Courtship Vs. Dating

Walter Allen Thompson has a book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land