Saturday, December 28, 2013

Duck Dynasty Update

A & E forgoes the Kool Aid

      When it comes to pandering to homosexual activist groups, the entertainment industry is one of the worst. However, faced with the complete collapse of a 14 million viewer along with all the ad revenue generated, A & E thought the better of it and decided not to destroy themselves. This is a perfect example of how the market can take care of some controversies. In this case: money talks, bull shit walks. And there was plenty of bull shit coming out of A & E and the various activist groups. The most telling for me was the comment that came from GLAAD.

GLAAD responds:

GLAAD responds: “Phil Robertson should look African American and gay people in the eyes and hear about the hurtful impact of praising Jim Crow laws and comparing gay people to terrorists. If dialogue with Phil is not part of next steps then A+E has chosen profits over African American and gay people – especially its employees and viewers.”

      Many gay people are sexual terrorists. They specifically target children in the public schools system, and their perverted practice helps to instigate sexual child abuse. And if anyone stands up against them, they become excoriated as being “homophobes.” Homophobia is a good thing; not a bad thing . It will save a man and woman a lot of trouble, heartache, disease, and it promotes common sense when it comes to proper reasoning regarding the issue of sex and its proper place. Homosexual activity is a perversion, forbidden by most major religions, but it is contrary to the natural law. Same gender sexual activity is a perversion of nature and it is self-evident. There's no argument. However, in order to pervert society, this anti-social behavior attempts to justify itself. They attempt to twist the weak and feeble-minded people into accepting that which is completely unnatural.
      In addition, being “gay” is not the same as racial discrimination such as what happened to the black or “colored” people. Racial discrimination is a valid complaint, especially since nature dictates one's race and color and there's nothing anyone can do about it. To judge a man one way or another because of race is extremely stupid and idiotic. Whereas, a man judges another by that person's behavior. This is legitimate judgment because a man is what he does. Homosexual activity can never rise to the level of any moral value because it is completely evil. GLAAD clearly hides behind the “African-Americans” using them as a mask for their perverted agenda. And it has been my experience with the black I've known throughout the years is that many blacks are very “homophobic.” Race is a bogus issue in this case. The reason being that homos are sexual perverts which has absolutely nothing to do with racial discrimination; they are two separate things.

Supporting people who are right
      This incident was interesting in that many people complained to A & E about their decision to suspend Phil. His family also backed him up and this is very important. When trouble comes to a member of a family, it is up to the members of that family to back up the member under attack. They didn't cut and run like a bunch of gutless wimps.
      Hopefully, this incident will be over for Robertson, but I doubt it. These homo-Nazis are vindictive and relentless in their pursuit of evil. It is their goal to take away any of the pleasures of life and put in its place stupid and evil things. The intent of the homosexual “movement” is to destroy society as we once knew it, and replace it with a bunch of pussy-men and bitchy women. Neither one is useful to the other.
     But if people who want better things in their lives will have to stick together to protect themselves from the filth of the homos. In this case, just the thought of losing 14 million viewers for a TV network was just too much to bear at this time.  The market rightfully did a perfect job in mitigating this incident.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Duck Dynasty: This Quacks Me Up

Reality of homo behavior

    Recently, Phil Robertson, one of the cast of the extremely popular TV show Duck Dynasty, did an interview with Gentleman's Quarterly, and he gave his opinion on homosexuals.  While his description was a bit gross in its presentation, he was right on.  The idea of a man sticking his gadget in another man's butt is so offensive that it defies the imagination.  I've been known to make similar statements about homos and when you get that graphic, the disgust of the act becomes very apparent.  While the remarks are truly disgusting, they reflect the acts of homosexual men which is completely repugnant to the natural law.

Homosexuals a civil right issue?
     The network A & E suspended Robertson from the show in an effort to punish him for expressing his opinion.  His opinion was spot on, and most of the people in the country agree with him.  The other members of the cast have stood behind him, and now A & E is in a real fix.  With approximately 14 million viewers, it is obvious that if they tamper with a successful formula, they can go down to 14 viewers in very little time.  As of this date, the reports are showing that public support is on the side of Robertson, and the homo community (if you want to call it that) has lost a lot of credibility; and that's as it should be.
     This may be another case of suicidal marketing on the part of A & E.  Suspending one of the main stars of the cast will only hurt the show, but just like any other business, A & E is supposed to be making a profit for its owners and stockholders.  To take a show with that many viewers and then tamper with it just because a cast member gave an interview to a magazine, regardless of the content, is simply ludicrous.  Why jeopardize a market position when you don't have to?  A & E is making no friends with this move and the homo groups are just too small to make up for the demographics.  And if A & E supports the "LGBT" community, then they are just as much a part of the problem.  In my years of sales and marketing, I've never been able to sell products to a pissed-off customer.  And by suspending Robertson, A & E has angered 14 million customer who actually have money to spend.

Is criticizing homosexuals discrimination?
     The short answer is no.  Homosexual activities are things that are chosen; whereas, a person's race is something that they can't do anything about.  Whatever race a person has is not something that they choose.  Homosexual activity is something that a person chooses and it does not occur under Ithe natural law.  Homosexual activity destroys the person who engages in it and it ruins the good relationships they should be having with other people.  Whether homos know it or not, they are not well-liked by anyone because most people have a latent knowledge under the natural law that this behavior is just wrong.  Homos in general are rude, obnoxious, immature, and generally a scourge to society.  I don't even want to touch the office equipment they touch.  I don't want to be in the same office with them or any other kind of work environment as they are pushy and they promote their perversion.
     What is encouraging about this Duck Dynasty incident is that most people agree with Robertson's freedom to speak-out on this subject and bring in some common sense to this issue.  The homos are the ones who are destroying themselves, and they know it.  They know they will have no children.  They know they will most likely die an early death because of STDs.  And they know that the vast majority of people do not appreciate their disgusting life-style.  So, people who wish to separate from people with this kind of behavior are not discriminating, but they are exercising their options regarding with whom they associate.  I do not like to be in the same room with any homo at any level if I can help it.  I frankly, don't like anything about them.

Suicidal marketing........
If this situation wasn't so twisted, it would almost be comical; a real quack up.  But this is the corporate mentality: Shoot your own racehorses. There's no good deed that goes unpunished and no stupid move that isn't tried at least once. Usually, if it fails, do it again. I don't think A & E is going to recover from the loss of this situation.  I suggest that the executives at this network learn the difference between the meaning of a behavior and race.  Homosexuality is not a civil rights issue; it is a behavior issue just as Robertson so graphically pointed out.

Watch the marketplace do it's job
     The bright side of this is watching the marketplace do its job very efficiently.  When anyone puts forth a product or service that someone wants, then that's were there is going to be economic success, regardless of what the dumb corporate executives say.  Good products and good service sells. If Duck Dynasty is a good product, then someone other than A & E might like to have the $400,000,000 that the show generates. The idiocy of A & E is breath-taking in its scope.
     When I was in sales, I always remember that my competitor's stupidity was always my best selling point, and in this case A & E is quite the sales asset for their competitors.  This quacks me up.  Some things never seem to change.  All I had to do is to keep my own stuff in order and be responsive to my customers.  You think A & E would do that?  No.  They just shoot their own race horses and then pander to the LGBT psychos when they (LGBT) can't provide any market share.  But the reason is obvious. LGBT is a psychotic-Nazi political tool that is intended to destroy mankind, and A & E is helping that goal by their whimpering and pandering to them.

Rage of the Homo-Nazis
The homosexual issue is a Nazi style political tool intended to destroy society. Marriage between a man and a woman is an essential building block for any successful society. The homo-Nazis continue to engage in religious persecution and they cannot stand to be criticized for their deviant behavior. And this is why I think A & E is pandering to these groups. They aren't men and women enough to stand up against the persecution the homo-Nazis dish out. The end result of this kind of pandering to these groups is a major reason people are getting sick of their programming. To suspend Robertson who is a proven success is a completely crack-brain idea. Who really cares if his remarks offended the homos? I'll betcha most of those 14 million viewers agree with Robertson's analysis. The backlash coming against A & E is encouraging and refreshing; for a change. Hit them where it hurts; in the pocketbook.

Why All Porn is Gay: This article is gross but it shows the depravity of sex outside of marriage and that there is a very specific agenda from the homo-Nazis to destroy the fabric and foundation of the family.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Income Tax versus the Natural Law

      One of the evilest taxes imposed upon mankind is the income tax. Most people don't realize it, but the income tax is the second plank of the Communist Manifesto which states: “A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.” At rates approaching 50% of a man or woman's gross earnings, I don't doubt that at these rates, we are seeing a heavy progressive and graduated income tax. So if a man works and earns $100,000, he will take home only $50,000.00 Now, as a former “tax protester” I know that these internal revenue laws are a thing of the past and that they don't impose any income tax on any man, woman, or child. I know this because their stupid codes say so. But before I get to that, let's find out how any communist gets the power or authority to impose any tax.

Authority to tax...
      The unfortunate reality is that the authority to tax comes from the barrel of a gun under man-made laws; it is established on violence. That authority becomes theft. Because under natural law, a man is entitled to the fruit of all of his labor. The fruit of the labor is the man, woman, or child who worked for it and not some intellectual retard from the government who lays claim to all or a portion of it. To have an income tax is to have a slave tax. The natural law comes from the God who created the heavens and the earth, and it properly reflects the proper morality by not offending its own laws. There can never be a lawful income tax; ever because it would violate the laws God put forth.

      The same thing is true for slavery. Slavery or involuntary servitude is forbidden by the natural laws. Of course, it is also forbidden in the scriptures and it is, in general, extremely vile and foul to the most basic sensibilities of most men. Thus, when a man has an income tax placed upon his head, he has become a slave. If anyone other than himself has the right to take what he earned, then truly, this man is a slave. Here, in the “United States”, our so-called freedoms are delusional if we are, in fact, slaves. Some may say: “Well, they don't take all of my money....” My answer to that would be another question: At what percentage of the income tax is it not slavery? That's the same question as: How does one become partially pregnant? The fact is that the income tax is a communist slave tax and it is repugnant to the natural laws that the creator put forth.

A voluntary tax....?
      And the “government” has the audacity to tell people that the tax is voluntary. Just recently, the commies in these committee hearings regarding the IRS scandals publicly announced that the income tax is completely voluntary. Yeah right! Again, they lie right to the public's collective faces. Try not volunteering like I did, and you'll get a free federally-funded vacation in a gated community. But why do we get conflicting signals from the government? But why would the IRS say it is voluntary? This used to puzzle many of us and we actually spent a lot of time studying the internal revenue laws. The problem is that the whole religious and governmental processes are just frauds and scams. The income tax is a cruel hoax and a scam of biblical proportions. My thinking that the IRS says that it is voluntary is if the tax is being applied to men and women. Anything else would violate natural law and no government has the right to violate that for any reason. God sets the rules of life and not the government. All governments would have to conform to the natural law in order to have any credible authority. Religions from my view of them put forth more delusions to help confuse mankind from his marvelous existence within the natural law. You know the famous line: “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, render unto God what is God?” Next question for practical purposes should be: What authority does Caesar have over God? The obvious answer to that one is: nothing. Just because Caesar establishes a tax, doesn't mean it is lawful.  And when you look at their writings in the code, you'll find that none of the codes apply to men or women; they only apply to legal entities, humans (not men or women), or animals and livestock. A legal fiction has no rights as he was created by another man. To the “government”, a man or woman is a beast, thus the word human. The income tax applies to humans who are considered beasts. My theory is that the ideas of evolution were specifically intended to make men and women think they are on the same level as animals. This way, the government can ween them off of the natural law and replace it with man-made communist nonsense.

      Natural law does not allow for theft nor slavery, and the income tax is both of those things. Remember, the fruit of a man's work belongs to only him; anything else is slavery. Natural law is what all of us were born into and no one violates it to their benefit. Whosoever imposes an income tax on any man, woman, or child is a thief. That's all you need to know. And the heads of the “governments” and religions who go along with it are communists, thieves, and slave masters. I don't care who someone thinks he is: the President of the United States or a janitor, it's all the same for everyone. The natural law is there for use to use for the enjoyment of our lives. Man-made laws are how we end up limiting ourselves into the whole host of demented ideas: communism, socialism, democracy, republics, war, religion, social chaos, rather than looking at the natural facts of our existence and operating within those obvious limitations. Under the natural law, the income tax is a scam because it steals the labor of mankind, and in the case of the United States, it is a forced system of the payment of usury which in and of itself is theft.

No argument with the natural law...
      When a man correctly uses natural law as the foundation for his life and actions, it is built upon a solid foundation that does not have any argument in opposition to it. The end result will be the good fruit. The reason for this is that the truth resides in the natural, and it is impossible to argue in favor of breaking the natural law. The fallacies and the idiocies of the trespass will always be self-evident.
Income tax is as ridiculous as having the Congress pass a law against gravity. Does anyone think that nature would comply? Governments as we know them today are quite useless and they are anti-social. The only time anyone can take any authority over anyone else is in the violation of the natural law. So then, our current social morals are backasswards when compared to the natural laws. Evil can never become good, and good is never evil. In other words, there really is no argument. And for me, as one who enjoys a good argument; this saves me a bunch of time. I simply reduce the argument or discussion down to the terms of the natural law. That's good enough for me as the rest of the arguments outside of natural law are inconsequential and just an exchange of opinions. Natural law is a fact of life; it is what it is and no amount of chatter is going to change it. Obviously, a person's understanding of the natural law will vary from one person to another, but the fact remains, that the natural law will always be what it is regardless of what anyone says about it.

Natural law removes the need or even the desire for government and religion....
      In noticing the existence of governments throughout history, we find that these organizations are primarily responsible for all of the wars. Point the finger at any government, do the homework, and you'll see that it is always either a government, religion, or both who instigate wars and confusion among otherwise peaceful people. Do they fulminate fury and hatred throughout the world and for what purpose? These things are intended to destroy the lives of men, women, and children. There is no higher or noble cause, it is just done to inflict misery upon mankind. The instigators then take control over other people's lives and then strip them of their productive labor via the income tax and other financial persecutions. Adherence to the natural law would get rid of income tax and even the stupid idea of it. The government just isn't necessary under the natural law, but people would have to learn to think for themselves and be responsible for their own actions.

Paying their fair share.......
      Paying their fair share under natural law is absolutely nothing. Under natural law, a man who works will keep all of his pay. If he wants to donate to this or that project, then he should do so by his own free will. But some will say: “Who will build the roads?” Someone will build them. And besides, we have enough roads. Under a voluntary system the roads would probably be completed on budget and ahead of schedule. But the funding of such projects should be voluntary. The idea that it is acceptable for “governments” to steal from one group of people and then spend the money on the wishes of another group is absurd and it is ridiculous.

Income tax violates natural law.....
      Thus, it logically follows that a tax on the fruit of a man's labor is completely repugnant to the natural law as it establishes an organized system of theft and slavery. There can never be any benefit to any “nation” who imposes the income tax on anyone. Remember, nothing good comes out of evil. And most of the nations who impose the income tax on their populations, do so that to the detriment of the population at large. Everyone loses when it comes to income tax because the underlying principle of it is evil because it violates natural law and it produces bad results.  In addition, they would have to raise their standards of morality in order to put a correction in place.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Government that Never Was

 "He will not be mocked!  This is not one nation under God.  It never was. Had it been, it would not have been!  The Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons!  You cannot serve two masters!  You cannot serve two masters!  Praise be to God, Lord Jesus Christ."
Reported quote from Congressional stenographer, Dianne Reidy October 17th, 2013
      A lot of people like myself have been saying this, but this came from a woman who--for whatever reason--blurted this out on the congressional house floor.

A Nation under God..

If you believe that the United States is a nation under God, I'd have to ask you: What god?  God isn't that stupid or evil to come up with a government (or whatever it is)like this one.  If anyone studies just a little bit under the mainstream media cover, he can see that there is the evil hand of freemasonry always present in the proceedings.  Freemasonry, according to Albert Pike in "Morals and Dogma", worships Lucifer.  The stenographer, Dianne Reidy, called it right and, of course, she is being excoriated by the media as being some kind of nut, when in fact, the real nut cases are in the "government."  Sorry, but any kind of government founded on the principles of Lucifer is not going to have any real authority under the natural law or God's commandments.  The nation under God nonsense is, in reality, a nation under the false god; presumably Lucifer.

Damnation from the oaths...

One of the worse things a man or woman can do is to swear oaths because it is a form of lying and a practice of idolatry.  The reason why freemasonry is evil is because all of their members swears oaths.  Once the oath is in place, nothing good happens.  I've written some articles on oaths and I'll list the links at the end of this article.  Any organization that is based upon oaths are on the wrong side of God's natural order and will always bring chaos, death, and destruction along with it.  It is just better to abandon oath taking completely. Anything that happens under an oath is a cursed process, including the legal system.  It may be the reason judges and lawyers act like morons most of the time; especially when their authority is challenged. They must have a latent knowledge of their own damnation.  All we have to do is to look at the poor results of oath-taking should be enough to know that it should never be done.  And on top of all that, the pushing of the oath by the government types is a form of religious persecution.

The Scourge of Usury....

The natural law and God's commandments forbid usury or interest.  Usury, interest, and a debt money system are an extreme form of slavery.  Whether it be mental or economic chains or physical chains, the facts show that these financial systems are satanic as they are a form of slavery.  If it is offensive to God, the freemasons and the occult will use it in order to destroy mankind.  And that is the goal of government as we know it today.  It exists to destroy mankind and the joy of living.  Governments promote the conditions of war, bondage, slavery, perversion, and confiscation.

Law of conquest

Most "nations" of the world reside in a form of conquest upon which they are ruled on the foundation of the law of war; which is no law at all.  There are no rights, no civil liberties, no free markets unless the powers over the war allow it.  These systems, called "democracies", "dictatorships," republics," and so forth all reside upon the foundation of the law of war or war powers.  Ownership of these nations is under a form of feudalism (which depends heavily upon the oath) which was never defeated by any group of people.


The govtards use war powers or violence to control the people and to weaken mankind.  This is done intentionally because most people in the world don't want any kind of war among themselves.  To live at peace with your neighbor is a part of the natural law and a part of the commandments in the Judeo-Christian traditions, yet the "nations" reflect very little of the lawful behavior.  However, it is the mind control that is the most devastating thing for normal people.  The freemasons and the other occultic religious groups stir the pot of confusion so that a man or woman doesn't even know the very basics about living in God's world order or the natural law.


Of course, a taxing system is a form of confiscation.  The level of the theft varies from one "nation" to the other, but the method is still the same.  Don't pay the tax and they will get violent.  Violence has always been the power source and the democracy or republican part is just a delusion to make people think that they have a choice.

Purpose of the rant

I am wondering why Mrs. Reidy went on this rant.  After all, this information is nothing new and I'm thinking this is yet another example of the satanic disclosure.  I find that the evil is always disclosed before it happens.  Maybe she really is a concerned lady that wanted to expose the truth.  But my question is this: If she disagreed so much with the "government", then why would she work there?  However, it is true that God would have never established a system of government like this one because it is built on an evil foundation; namely, the oath.  God would not bring forth something that stupid.  Governments that are built upon lies and distortions are in fact no governments at all, but rather a gang of liars, skanks, pimps, and thieves who wish to put their satanic world order upon everyone.  Regardless of Mrs. Reidy's motivations for this rant, she did speak the truth which was probably a first for the United States Congress.

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On Usury:
The Scourge of Usury

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Labor: The Real Inflation Part 2

      I want to give some more examples on how inflation can destroy the product of a man's labor and what can be done about it.  In my last article on this I gave a few examples as to how insidious inflation can be to the average beginning worker.  The main purpose of this article is to show the young person  how important it is to have some kind of a goal of achievement in mind when approaching the most menial jobs.  And more importantly, how to defeat inflation by understanding the dynamics of economic activity.
     I'm going to take some prices all the way back to when I started in life after graduating from high school in  1965 and I am going to show how much labor it takes to purchase a product or a service.  I am going to use the minimum wage charts from 1965 through 2008 in California instead of the actual figures that I presented in my first article.

Price of cars....

In 1965, the average price of a new car was $2350.00 In 1965 dollars.  In 2013, the average price of a new care is $31,252.  If you take the $2350 and divide it by
 $1.30 it comes out to 1807.69 hours of labor at $1.30 to purchase a new car.  If someone on minimum wage in 2013 wanted to purchase a new car, then would have to work 3906.50 hours in order to purchase the same new car.  Since a man or a woman only has so much labor in his inventory, it makes sense to look at your own labor as an asset, and it is important to get the most money you can from it.  Remember, in these examples, I'm not accounting for income (communist slave) taxes or interest on any loans.  In this example, it would take a wage of $17.54 to earn enough for a new car in 2013 counting hours worked as in 1965.  I'm taking the new price of $31,252 and dividing it by 1807.69 which comes out to $17.54 per hour.  So, between 1965 and 2013 it would take almost twice as much work to earn enough money to purchase a car using minimum wages as a baseline.  It isn't until you get up to $17.54 per  hour does it reflect similar economic conditions.

Price of houses

In 1965, a house would cost about $21,500.00  At $1.30 per hour it would take 16,538 hours of labor to purchase your home.  In 2013, at an average price of $318,900 at $8.00 minimum wage, it would take a whopping 39,862 hours of labor to purchase a home.  In today's market, it would take approximately $19.28 per hour to achieve the same conditions as in 1965.  It takes 2.41 times more labor to purchase a house in 2013 than it did in 1965.

Price of Gas

In 1965, the average price was .31 per gallon, and today it is hovering at about $4.00 per gallon.
In 1965, it would take 14.76 minutes of work to pay for one gallon of gas.  In 2013 at $4.00 per gallon
it would take about 30.76 minutes of labor to earn enough for a gallon of fuel.  That's a fairly consistent rate from the previous example as in today's prices at minimum wage, it would take a total of 2.08 time more labor to purchase that one gallon of gas.

Price of bread

In 1965, the average price for a loaf of bread was .21 and today's price is at $2.20.  When I was a checker in the 60s, I remember the bread being 6 loaves for a dollar.  But for what we are doing here, I'll use .21 which means that it would take 10 minutes of labor at $1.30 per hour to purchase a loaf of bread.  At today's minimum wage, it would take approximately 16.54 minutes to make enough for a loaf of bread.

Labor is the key asset

When it comes to economics, a man's labor is his main value.  The more money a man can make, the more he can get out of his hours worked.  In the cases I just reviewed, the minimum a man or woman should be making is around $20.00 per hour to live a nice middle-class life. Now, I don't include taxes and that $20.00 per hour is take home pay.  And since a man only has so many hours per day he can work, he is limited by the law of nature to just so many good productive hours in a day.

The skills pay the bills

I've use minimum wage as a benchmark for people who are on the lower end of the economic ladder in order to show them that their work is cut out for them, but it certainly is  possible for them to achieve higher goals.  When accepting a minimum wage job, the worker should understand that the job is entry level.  While working, it is important to learn how to manage the workplace to make sure that the worker is always considered an asset to the company.  Any kind of new skill or management techniques can go a long way to finding a better paying job.  However, everyone must start somewhere, but I suggest that a worker never be satisfied with the minimum wage as it can hardly pay the bills.

I believe it is better to have a better skill set than a college degree.  While the college degree may be helpful in opening more corporate doors, the fact is that the specific skills required for a lot of jobs are not taught in college.  The best experience comes from on-the-job-training which can greatly improve one's skills; thereby making the worker more marketable.  Any education should be intended to make the person ready for work and the courses taken should be relevant to the future job.

Labor is limited 

The amount of labor needed to purchase a product or service is almost double that of 1965.  So, the worker needs to know that he must simply make more money or what I call "digits" in order to pay for his own living expenses.  I believe that a worker must always be evaluating and adding to his own skill set if he wants to have a decent life ahead.  There's no point in complaining about prices because it is more productive to acquire the skills to earn more money.

Finding opportunities

Some people like the regular paycheck and enjoy working at large corporations.  While others like myself enjoy working for themselves.  The nice part about working for yourself is that you don't get fired or laid off.  Work opportunities may come and go, but I never fired myself; yet.  I suspect that it is better to be able to exist in both environments.  While I favor independent working, there are lots of people who do very well working for bigger businesses.  The main thing to understand that the only way to keep up with inflation is to either do without products or services or make more "digits" to pay for them.  Keeping up the skill set is critical in being able to find work opportunities.  It is better to work at almost anything that to sit back and rely on government handouts or handouts from the family.

When you work at anything, that the opportunity as far as you can go while you are there. If you work for McDonald's, then go for a management position.  While you may not want to work there as a career, any kind of management opportunities will help you learn basic business skills.  You'll need those anyway if and when you start your own business.  However, always keep in mind that the $20.00 per hour is the bottom end of a living wage scale.  If you can't see your way to that figure within at least a year at minimum wage, then I would start looking for something better.  But even a small amount is always better than nothing.

If you wish to work for yourself, then you will be able to be more flexible.  If you're low on work, then you can charge a little less and keep your business busy.  Many services provided by "employees" are now provided by independent contractors.  Just make sure that your skills fit the type of work you are looking for and if they fall short, do what it takes to acquire those skills so that you may prosper in your business.  Working for yourself is the easiest way to survive business downturns, especially when the unemployment rate starts to go up.  Continually filing resumes only to be rejected time and time again is a rough way to go.  However, even that is much better than doing nothing.

Knowing your goals

Keep in mind that achieving goals is extremely important for your own confidence and maintaining a way to achieve them.  You're always going to learn some kind of skill or lesson--good or bad--that you can take with you and add to your resume.  So, if you have one of those jobs that just doesn't excite you, just figure that this is an opportunity to exercise patience, and get as much out of the job as you can.  This is how you will be able to benefit in your own business, is by watching successful people do their thing to make a good living.  Notice all of the things that they do right and put them in your skill set.

Making it work in a tough economy

In order to keep my sanity, I read very little of the news or watch TV.  Life is challenging enough without adding the evil that comes from the media into my mind.  If there are people on the earth, there will always be some kind of economy, so just get busy and make your own opportunities.  Remember, it takes twice as much work for young people to earn enough money to buy the items listed above, so it is important that you make as much as you can for the hours worked.  It isn't until you get to around $20.00 per hour to get the same economic conditions as I had back in 1965.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Sunday, September 8, 2013

An Insult to Stupid People

"Government and religion insults the intelligence of the most stupid person on the face of the earth."  Walter Allen Thompson

     In watching all of the parades of delusions and lies out into the public recently, I have a difficult time even listening to anything other than a conversation that I am involved in or listening to music.  We have the president (community organizer gone wild) who has received the Noble Peace Prize try to justify an attack on the country of Syria.  And you have the weak and ineffective John McCain and Lindsey Graham promoting a war on Syria.  I don't need to get into all the details of this, but if you pay close attention, you will discover what you subconsciously knew.

Government people are professional liars...

     I haven't met one of them who ever told the truth.  And if they ever did manage to tell any truth, it would still be wrapped up in a bundle of lies.  In fact, if they swore an oath, that in and of itself will expose the fact that they are liars.  Once the oath is present in any organization, that organization is cursed from the beginning and nothing good will come from it.  They swear to the air or some other false god that they will protect and defend one constitution or another and then they will turn right around and do just the opposite.  If any of us object to it, we are called hateful, terrorists, or intolerant.  But the problem with most governments is that they are structurally satanic and so nothing good will come from them.  Throughout written history, there have been so many wars that it is difficult to keep track of all of them.  War is satanic in its nature and it proves the failure of government or whatever you want to call it.  Nothing would be a fine replacement.  I looked up how many war the United States has been involved in and depending upon how many you count or where you want to start counting, I come up with about 158 wars in 237 years.  And of course there is a good reason for this.

Government people are evil......

     Almost every govtard that I have met was morally and socially dysfunctional.  Their god is the state, State, STATE; or, to put it another way, Lucifer, Satan, or the devil.  Because they took some stupid oath, the whole process is cursed.  Once it is cursed, it is like being damned in hell before one dies.  Oath taking is the most stupid and destructive thing anyone can do to themselves and it is just a matter of time when the payback from the creator comes. Taking an oath is the spiritual version of getting a can of gasoline, dumping it on yourself, and then lighting it on fire. The oath is the first mistake, and everything else that comes from it goes downhill from there.
     What I think is futile is to go over and over all of the things that the govtards do wrong because everything that they will do has to be wrong under the context of the oath.  Even if it appears to be right it will be wrong because they cannot get anything good out of evil.  Any truth or goodness that may appear will always be twisted toward the evil agenda.  That's who they are and that's what they are all about.  Their goal is to destroy mankind and anything good and pleasing in the world will be turned into evil and utter nonsense.  And in today's world, all we have to observe what's already there.  Their actions speak for themselves.

Religious people are evil....

     Religion is another component that entraps the people's minds as if another man has all the answers about God.  I don't think there are very many of us who do not believe in God, but it is the religions who purposefully destroy the minds of men with their inconsistent, evil, and lying documents.  I have been through most "Christian" churches and I find them to be more pagan than the pagans.  This is because of errant doctrines and inconsistent teachings.  However, there is the natural order which tells us everything we need to know.  We all have a latent knowledge of God and we cannot avoid it.  We all have a latent knowledge of right and wrong, good and evil, so we need to make sure we abide in the confines of the natural law.  All of us have a latent knowledge that homosexuality is wrong, yet other men will tell people--even children--that it's just an alternative lifestyle.  Most religions that I am aware of will not stand up to the homosexual-nazi community and so their children continue to get mentally and in some cases, physically abused.  Modern religions as I know them, are completely ineffective in opposing evil because their own doctrines are evil and misleading.  The only way I know of to avoid this crap is to stay away from government and religion to the best of my ability.  Evil is evil, and it is said that "evil will never divide against itself."

Insults the intelligence of the dumbest person on the earth...

     I've been aware of conspiracy theories for most of my adult life.  But it wasn't until 1991, when I got my first computer, did I realize the full extent of these conspiracies.  The problem is that most of this information is difficult to accurately confirm, and my guess is that these conspiracies are far worse than we think.  I don't think we've even scratched the surface of the volume of evil that has permeated this "country" and the world.  But it is important to search out the truth and live as honestly as we can.
     If a person isn't very intelligent but he's honest, this person is of more value to society than anyone who practices evil.  The dumb and honest person is smarter than all the lying evil pieces of feculent trash.  The dumb-honest person has more honor and character than the smartest evil government or religious leader.  His honor and character will far exceed the demented nature of the chronic liars.  The chronic lying that we see from government and religious people knows no boundaries.  Their lack of wisdom and discernment is like picking one's nose at the dinner table. In fact, the liar will eat the booger from his finger and then tell everyone about his good table manners.  This is your government and religious person.  I know that's a gross way of putting it, but I think it illustrates the point that govtards operate at such a low level of personal character.  There is no shame in their lies.  In fact, they are proud of their lies, especially those people who can remember what lies they told, to whom they told it to, and the date and time they told the lie.  These are the most evil people on earth, and they are all present in government and religion.  It's no wonder why many people don't like to talk about either.


Stop Swearing Oaths

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor: The Real Inflation

I was reading an article on another website about inflation and prices and how the price of things have gone up dramatically.  What I would like to do here is try to remember what I was paying when I left high school back in 1965.  Yep, I'm an old geezer; never thought I'd live this long.

So with help from the internet, I'll see if I can paint a true picture of what things really cost.  Remember, the money inflates and deflates but the labor is what always stays constant.  So, I like to figure out just how much labor it takes to buy a particular product from one year to the other.  Remember, it's the amount of labor it takes to make enough currency to purchase any particular product.

I used to work at a grocery store and I made around $3.75 per hour which was a good job at the time.  At least, that's what I made until 1971.  I'm going to use $10.00 per hour as that's the wage most young people seem to be getting at entry level jobs.

Gas:   .31 per gal  in  1965   
        $4.00 per gallon 2013

Hours Worked per gallon: It took me just 12 minutes of work to purchase one gallon of gas at $3.75 per hour wages.  At the time, I had a very good paying job as the federal minimum wage was $1.60.  For someone today who makes $10.00 per hour at 4.00 per gallon, it will take a whopping 24 minutes of labor to make enough money to purchase a gallon of gas.  How I figured this is by converting the $10.00 to .166666 per minute  and the $3.75 to .0625  In order for me to match the same value of my labor that I earned years ago, I would need to go out and get a job at the rate of about $20.00 per hour to be at the same purchasing power as I had almost 50 years ago.   The numbers I'm using would have to be take home pay; not encumbered by any taxes.  Remember, I'm not even counting the effects of usury and interest.

One Bedroom Apartment: $150.00 1971 LA area decent neighborhood
                                             $1350.00 in 2013

In 1971, it would take 2400 minutes of labor to make $150.00 or 40 hours which is usually one week's worth of work.  In today's world at $10.00 per hour, it will take 8103 minutes or 135 hours of labor to pay one month's rent.  For a young person or couple today, it will take almost 2.5 more labor to gather enough money just for the rent.  It will take three times more labor in 2013 than it would have in 1971. Which means that it is impossible for youngsters to pay rent or young couples to raise a family on just one income, paying interest, and income tax.  If you focus on the 40 hours of labor for the cost of the rent, you will need to take home $20.00 per hour in order to pay for an apartment and be within proper budgetary tolerances.  I was brought up on 25% of total income for rents or mortgages, but I hear it is now about 33-39%

A gallon of milk in 1971 was .95 thus it only took me 15.2 minutes of work to purchase a gallon of milk.  A gallon of milk now costs $3.43 and at $10.00 per hour, it takes only 12.86 minutes to earn enough for a gallon of milk.  So, in some cases, the amount of labor spent on the purchase of a gallon of milk is less than in 1971.  I suspect that this is because milk may still be a fair trade item which means that it is under some form of price controls.

I'll do one more.  I purchased a brand new Volkswagen in 1968 which is showing a retail price of $1699.  So, in 1968, it would take me about 453 hours to earn enough money to pay this price; remember, I'm not including any interest or communist-slave-income tax.  The same basic style of car today is $20,000  and it would take at least 2000 hours of labor to pay for the same basic car.  That same car takes 4.41 times more labor to earn, than it did in 1968. That's real inflation and it has to be measured by the number of hours worked to get a better picture of how inflation works.

Manipulated money supply....

A man  has a limited amount of labor within his life.  Since the currency system is based on fractional banking and usury, there is no way to properly measure inflation without taking into consideration the amount of labor it takes to purchase a product.  Many people have tried to have a stable money supply only to be destroyed by the federal govtards who wish to destroy civilization itself with it's worthless banking system.  With usury, the money system in any country is a true slave system.  The borrower is always the servant or slave to the lender.  Until  usury is put out of the economy, there's nothing good that will happen because usury violates the natural law in that it is a system of theft.  That, along with income tax; which is also a form of economic slavery, must be abolished if people are going to have prosperous economies.  Income tax and usury are the two fundamental economic curses that plague mankind through the feudalistic-communist governments that we have today.

Income tax and usury makes these numbers even worse

The amount of labor just to pay the interest on the above car is even more than the hours worked.  Clearly, adding the burden of income tax and usury(interest) is devastating to any group of people.  In my opinion, the income tax creates the market for usury because people run out of money as the govtards stole a portion of it by collecting an income tax.  Then, they turn to bank, car, and mortgage loans to supply the family with the things they need to survive or to establish a home.  The problem is that they then in turn, set the foundation for their own slavery.  This is how the new world order freaks want it to be.  This is intentional and it is the cause of economic disorder and their skewered view of a "global" economy.  In addition, not only does income tax create the market for usury, the income tax is the usury for the phoney bank debts spawned by the fractional banking system of the Federal Reserve.  And there is no economic adjustment that will stop the ultimate failure of the banking system which is under usury and income tax.

Your real asset is your labor; don't give it away...

Hopefully, after reading this, you can see just how valuable your labor is and it is important for people to get as much money as they can for it.  You only have a limited supply so your labor is your major asset that should not be squandered.  Working for yourself is one way to keep from getting laid off and I find that more to my liking.  I was actually afraid of being laid off working for a major corporation when I was a young man and saw my boss get fired right before his retirement kicked in.  I couldn't believe that corporate people would be that evil.  Many of them are that evil and it is best to be as independent as you possibly can and learn to market your skills.  There's nothing wrong with getting a $10.00 per hour job, but you had better be looking ahead and continually assessing your skills to make sure you are a person that has marketable skills.

Real  inflation

Real inflation is the amount of hours worked in order to purchase a product or a service.  The reason is that the labor of a man, woman, or child always remains constant whose value is determined by the market for such labor.  Under a communist system such as what we see today, these markets are manipulated to the advantage of the bankers and usurers; and it's time to abolish both and have a sound money system.  Abolishing usury would be the best place to start.

Labor: The Real Inflation Part 2
The Scourge of Usury
IRS: Communist Slave Tax

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Did Tim Tebow Forget How to Play Football?

A couple of months back on this blog, I gave my opinion as to why Tim Tebow may have been shut out of the NFL because of his religious beliefs. In my opinion, Tebow's inability to find a team is because the press, media, and senior management of the NFL are controlling the agenda to support the socialist-psychos of the new world order, which is a satanic cult that has nothing to do with a sporting event where people should be able to be entertained and not be hit with the inculcations of their Marxist-demonic drivel. Tim Tebow is the complete opposite of what the new world order creeps want on the football field. And I submit that the evidence of this shows by what comes out of the mouths of the sportscasters. 

Yesterday, Tebow was cut by the New England Patriots, even after the man won the preseason playoff game with two touchdowns and with 91 rushing yards. That's not bad for someone who can't play quarterback in the NFL. I have done some extra research on Tim Tebow, and based on my own experience with a rogue press, the sports media has intentionally done a hatchet job on Tebow because he has a faith in God and lives it. The fans love Tebow; but the press hates him because they hate likable people; but they love evil people.
Let's go through some of the nonsense that is claimed by these sportscasters and see if they are true. Because the real purpose in trashing Tebow is to facilitate the complete brainwashing of the viewers into the satanic agenda of the new world disorder.

Tebow is “polarizing”..............

I've only heard new agers, liberals, progressives, and other sportscasters freaks use the world polarizing. What this really means that if someone doesn't agree with their psycho-agenda of the new world order, or believes in God, or believes in having a good set of moral conduct that somehow this person is polarizing. Because Tebow is a likable man, the new agers can't stand the sight of him. Tebow believes in just the opposite than the “powers that be” because he believes in God and bring forth good moral conduct. How refreshing for a young man of 26 who is playing football in the NFL. Now, if Tebow was a tranny he would be extolled as a “courageous” he/she and we would hear about it almost 24/7. But since Tebow is claiming to be a Christian, but more importantly, attempts to live within God's commandments, he is treated like a piece of trash which tells me the media and the “powers” are terrified of him. So the persecution is on, and again, this may be another JC Penny style marketing blunder of the first magnitude because the fans loved Tebow. I liked him because he was different. Young people could actually look up to him. Tebow is a threat to the amoral state.

Tebow is a distraction....

What the press is really saying is that Tebow is making the new world order freaks look bad and we can't have that. We can't have the fans having this much fun. The fans can have fun, but only within the limitations by which we the immaculate press corps set for the population at large. For me, I don't believe much of anything on television because I am completely aware that the real purpose of any reporting of anything is being used for mind control. Remember, a liar will always distort the mind of another person, and that's why it is so dangerous. The truth is also dangerous to the liars, because the truth exposes the liars.

Tebow is a virgin. Wow! He is an NFL virgin. What most people don't realize that it is exactly what he's supposed to do if he isn't married. He's only keeping God's commandments in that regard. Oh no! We can't have that!  He doesn't even have any tattoos! For me, I think this is very refreshing and the fans have a better example than some of the other sleazy celebrities.

Tebow is a “flawed quarterback”......

My observation of the facts is as follows:
  • He wins games
  • He completes passes
  • He is a great runner
  • He is an outstanding leader on the field

If the reader takes the time to review the video I am posting, you can clearly see that Tebow is a very talented quarterback and that the people who are saying that he isn't NFL material are simply lying.  

Another reason the freaks don't like Tebow is that he is the product of a mother and father who decided not to abort him as his mother had prenatal complications. Rather than abort her child, his mother decided to continue the pregnancy. Planned Parenthood can't have that!  His mother made the correct moral decision.  Stories like that just can't be a viable part of their demented system. The feminist nazis must maintain their sick agenda, which seems to have been catered to by the NFL's front office. You can see just how much the media hates this young man. Tim Tebow is the complete opposite of the freaks agenda.  Tebow did not forget how to play football, this is simply a textbook example of the kind of persecution a man can encounter if he has high moral standards. This is a textbook example of deliberate mind control that targets anyone who is attempting to be of good moral character.  Tebow's treasure is in his faith in God and his good moral character and not the NFL.

After seeing this mess, I just don't want to watch football any longer because I can see the evil agenda that the fans and the players have to endure.  The only logical thing I can do about it is to not fund it.  So, I won't be going to anymore games and I just took the NFL software off of my cell phone.  This deliberate trashing of a young man early in his career is completely unacceptable and I don't want to be subjected to this kind of brainwashing again.  If Tebow was a black-homosexual-LGBT- latino-cross-dressing tranny with a counterfeit birth certificate and a fake Social Security number, he would be a national hero; hell, they may elect him president.  

The NFL doesn't deserve the quality of a man like Tim Tebow.

Walter Allen Thompson has a book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Confusion between Love and Sex

Sex before love?

 One of the problems I see with all relationships today, is that the act of sex is taking the place of love.  Love is something special that all people desire for themselves.  I don't think there is any man or woman on earth who does not want love.  But the problem is that sex, in many cases, has become the substitute for the love.  The proper context of sex is within a loving relationship between a man and a woman who are husband and wife.  Sex, outside of the context of marriage, becomes perverted because it isn't practiced by husband and wife who love each other, but it is practiced as some kind of recreational activity that produces nothing but heartache.

Love before sex

Love has to occur before the sex and love is not sex.  Sex can be the expression of love; sex is not love.  Sex outside of love and a lawful marriage serves no purpose as it twists the natural order.  Nature tells us that a man and a women must be bound as husband and wife in order for the sex to be meaningful.  Sex is not an end unto itself, it is simply the method God created for procreation and the expression of love within a lawful marriage.  Fornication destroys the relationship between a man and a woman.  Same sex fornication just ruins a person's life even faster than the fornication.  Fornication destroys the soul and it ruins the mind.  Sex outside of marriage can be extremely dangerous because of the various diseases associated with it.

Advantages of waiting until marriage

     It is much easier to break off an unsatisfactory relationship by simply not letting things go too far before their time.  Everyone is different, and sometimes, while one may feel love for someone, it could be that the feelings are not fit for a marriage.  If that happens, the relationship can be broken off but the friendship can remain because the line of intimacy had not been crossed.  Since sex is an extremely personal activity, it should only be practiced within the context of marriage.  Sex outside of the context of marriage between a man and a woman will do more damage.

Satanic Exploitation

Because a man and a woman have an intense desire for love, when they don't get it, they then use sex as a substitute.  This is not a good way to start off a relationship because the commitment isn't there.  The primary purpose of sex is for procreation, and this is why it is exploited by satanic influences.  Sexuality should be something between a husband and wife and not paraded on a stage in public.  When you see these kinds of displays, that's just a way for satanic exploitation.  Evil knows how to play on peoples' thoughts and desires and if we allow ourselves to be influenced by them, then they can take control over us.  Fornication will be just the start of it as we open ourselves up to other sexual perversions such as homosexuality.

Satan will exploit this weakness in a man's character, and it can actually put a man into a kind of stupor.  I call it a satanic stupor because it feels like it is a type of trance where we lose our moral foundation.  Some may simply call it a temptation.  But which ever way one looks at it, the influence to do evil is always present to tempt us into doing evil.  I don't know exactly why this happens, but it does and this is were discipline and self-control come in.  Once the fornication starts, all the other problems will come along with it.

What good does it do for you?

One way of looking at it is when I'm confronted with an opportunity to fornicate, I ask myself: "What good thing am I going to get out of this?"  I always come up with the answer of nothing.  I don't want to get that personal (having sex) with a woman unless she is my wife.  All that would do is twist my emotions and my feelings into something that is foreign to my way of thinking.  I'd rather avoid the fornication and think about other things that might actually do me some good.  Schools should be teaching no sex before marriage to a person of the opposite sex.  (I think the whole school system should be shut down because they have been degraded by the homos to the point that they are completely worthless and commit child abuse.)

Believe it or not, I ran into an old Jewish writing that stated that woman use fornication to get control over the man.  This is probably why fornication is so prevalent.  A woman can't physically or intellectually control a man, so the only thing she has left is fornication.  Fornication is the lure women use for bondage of a man.  So, it is worth a man's while to keep his rocket in his pocket and keep all sexual activity within the natural law and within the context of marriage.

Fornication as a political weapon

Sex outside of marriage severely compromises any society because the strength of it depends upon strong families.  Interestingly, the Russian government does not like the homosexuals being outspoken in their country.  So, even strong communist leaders know just what kind of trouble can come from it.  But I'm sure they still fornicate like most everyone else, but this fornication opens up a place for even more sexual perversion.  Once a society becomes lawless in this department, the population is corrupted and thus brings on big government.  This is the purpose of promoting fornication in movies, television, and various other medias.  It is a form of brainwashing specifically intended to ruin the young people, corrupt their future, and make them weak under the bondage.  Homosexuality is like a nuclear bomb when applied in any society, and this is why the Russians don't want it when the Olympics come their way.  Apparently, they don't want to endure the carnage that homosexuals bring into a society.  I submit that fornication is just as bad; just different.

Love and sex in the natural law

Thus, love and sex are proper in the context of a lawful marriage between a man and a woman.  That is the only natural way it can be.  Little children need strong families to be strong in character themselves.  We as men and women, cannot just let out children out in the wild like animals, they need more constant attention and this fact is self-evident.  We don't need any book to understand this principle.  The love and care of a mother and father will last through the lifetime of everyone concerned and we simply cannot allow ourselves to be drawn into the bondage of fornication.

The best way to have a relationship is to become great friends first, and then if marriage is what the couple want for themselves, then they should marry and raise lots of children.  Avoiding fornication will have a better chance of success, especially in later years.

Fornication Destroys the Soul

Walter Allen Thompson



Sunday, August 18, 2013

Chemo Carnage

We got the cancer but killed the patient

 About a week ago, I lost another person I knew to chemotherapy.  Notice I didn't say cancer.  The man died from chemo therapy and a stupid lung surgery which inflicted 8 blood clots, an infection that made him deathly ill, and he lost 30 lbs within a one month period.  In fact, I told him around mid May of 2013 that if he took the conventional chemo therapy treatment he would be dead before the end of July.  Unfortunately, I was right as he passed away on July 25th, 2013.

Attack the immune system?

The main problem with chemotherapy, is that it attacks the body's immune system and it does nothing to address the cause of cancer itself.  Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are the main treatments that so-called "modern science" uses to "cure" cancer.  These procedures only address the symptoms and not the cause of the disease.  I'm really sick of seeing such nonsense being passed of as advanced medical care.  This so-called cure may kill some cancer cells but it also destroys the immune system, and without a healthy immune system, it is just a matter of time before the cancer comes back with a vengeance.  In the attempt to attack the cancer, the source of the problem is never addressed.  And from the pharmaceutical company's perspective, there is no profit in a cure.  Since the medical system in the United States is a closed system, nothing but the worst solutions are used because there isn't any incentive for real cures.  The chemotherapy system had been in place since at least the 1940's, and the principle of it is always the same: treat the symptom, and ignore the cause.  This is true throughout most of modern medicine.  Doctors who dare to oppose the regulated treatments are persecuted by mainstream medicine, put into prison, and some are driven into madness because of the evil and stupidity of it.

When I was confronted with lung cancer a few years ago, I decided I wanted no part of conventional treatment.  And the reason is because I didn't want to make my demise any worse if I was going to die.  I watched my mom and father-in-law die and I could see absolutely no benefit to any of these treatments.


I have a hard time thinking that these doctors are just ignorant and stupid.  Some are, but in my mind, any kind of treatment that would severely compromise the immune system or spread more cancer throughout the body, is simply an expensive way of killing off the population.  It isn't as blatant as being shot by a firing squad or gassed in the ovens, but these treatments have an effect on people that is worse.  I see cancer treatments as a way for the medical psychos to not only kill more people, but I believe the purpose of it is to make them suffer and make them pay a lot of money for their killing service.  But this kind of failure is on a scale I could have never imagined unless I had experienced it myself.  Since the government is run by a bunch of morons from freemasonry; like a satanic cult from hell, it is no wonder that real cures for cancer go unnoticed as they are ignored in favor of failed treatments.  The "new world order" goal is achieved by making a lot of money, killing patients, and making them suffer.  This kind of treatment fits the satanic agenda of the people who enjoy inflicting death and suffering on others.

The purpose of this kind of medical practice is to kill, maim, and torture as many people as possible in the name of medical care; medical care is the smokescreen for the evil.  It is intended to destroy as many people as they can and make a ton of money from it.  I'm calling it the way I see it.  As I am writing this article, another friend I knew from years past just died of conventional cancer treatment.  The same scenario keep happening: discovery cancer, inflict medical treatment, and then patient dies.  I now believe that the infliction of conventional cancer treatments are intentional because: 1. There's no money in the cure, 2. The caregivers are just evil, and 3. the treatment addresses only the symptoms and not the cause of the disease.  In fact, physicians have the highest suicide rates of any profession as over 300-400 of them per year kill themselves. I used to think they were just stupid and didn't know any better, but I've come to believe that this may be the latest version of Auchweitz-light.

The treatment is especially cruel in that it gives the patient a false hope of survival.  If they manage to survive their treatment for over a few years, they will probably get even more diseases because of the destruction of their immune system.  What kind of moron would inflict a treatment for cancer that attacks the immune system?  Only and complete idiot would even suggest such a thing.

Premptive Mutilation

Some well-known female celebrities are having their breasts removed as a way to solve a potential problem before it starts.  The thinking is the same as shooting oneself in the head because he's going to die anyway. These self mutilations are completely unnecessary and there are a lot of alternative methods that can produce good results in treating cancers.  I think it is a pathetic testimony to the ineffectiveness of cancer treatments. Charities collect billions of dollars a year from various activities, and yet they still focus on the same old tired treatments; two of which will attack the immune system, and surgery tends to spread the disease even more. The body's immune system is essential in fighting all diseases, not just cancer.

The results are self-evident

As a former businessman, I have always had to look at the results of whatever activity I was doing. If I got good results, I would keep doing it until I found a way to do it even better.  If something didn't work, I would stop doing it and stop wasting my time on an effort that was ineffective.

For the past seventy years, these conventional treatments are almost always a failure and they get little to no good results.  And, it only makes sense that even if a cancer disappears; without a healthy immune system, the patient is going to die of something else prematurely, or the cancer will come back with a vengeance.  So then, the results to a normal thinking person show that it would be insane to take any of these treatments. But my view of this is that this failure is the intended result that the government and the medical system want. Governments, which in my opinion are satanically fascist, thrive on the misery of a failed medical system. Why else would they put doctor's in jail who were able to find a better way to treat diseases?  They are protecting their pocket book.  Many enlightened doctors are threatened with lawsuits and are continually harassed by the FDA.  But only the fascist govtards can get away with dispensing cancer treatments that destroy the immune system without being put in prison,.  It's a very convenient way to make more money and exterminating hundreds of thousands of people per year without it looking like Adolf Hitler 2.0  All they had to do is to poison the food supply, and they would get all the cancer patients they needed to make the big bucks.  They know that people put too much faith in their "medical professionals" and that they can't think for themselves.  The evil ones take advantage of this and make billions of dollars from their ignorance.  In fact, all evil always exploits a man's stupidity, weaknesses,  and ignorance.  Whether one is stupid or just ignorant, isn't as important as the fact that these things will always be exploited if you expose yourself to them.

Making informed medical choices

In the internet age, there's no excuse for being ignorant.  It is important to completely understand what kind of medical problem that you have and how to effectively treat it.  This is where you have to make your own choices and never let anyone coerce you into a medical treatment that may be dangerous.  I actually had a doctor tell me that my blood was thick and that I needed to be bled.  Mind you, this "treatment" is over 250 years old and killed George Washington to name a few.  I had gone in for high blood pressure and now the doctor wanted to suggest that I be bled in order to thin my blood. If that isn't a pantload, I don't know what is.  The locals here call it the Dr. Kevorkian Medical Center; now I know why.

This is what I do for myself when dealing with medical issues:

  • Does the conventional treatment address the cause of the problem?                 
  • Does the conventional treatment address the symptoms of the problem?           
My thinking here is that if the conventional treatment doesn't effectively address the cause of the problem, then I only have a part of the solution.  If only the symptoms of the problem are addressed, then there will be unresolved problems because the root of the problem is not yet solved.  Try to solve the problem yourself by being diligent in your research.   Even if you get just a placebo effect by using an alternative treatment, the fact is that it worked and it got you the good results.  Success is success and it doesn't matter as long as you have been able to secure good health.  I think anyone who does their own research is going to come out much better than just blindly believing someone because they wear a white coat.  The white coat is nothing, but it is effective in making the person think that the "doctor" is special.  The white coat gives him an aura of authority that he may not deserve.

Failure is intentional          

I believe that the failure of conventional treatments are intentional.  Just as the global warming ideas are just one big lie in order for the govtards to steal more money, conventional cancer treatments are intended to line the pockets of the doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies.  The carnage that they inflict on their victims is simply another way to control the population growth.  I think of conventional cancer treatments as postpartum abortions delayed by a few years.     

Obama's CommieCare      

With the new "healthcare" system, the last place I would want to go is to a doctor's office.  What I will be looking for is a cure for any of my own problems that may arise.  The abuses that will occur in what I consider an extremely defective medical system will only get worse.   All medical solutions are only solutions if they work; if they don't work, they are failures.

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of Natural Law:Supreme Law of the Land