Friday, February 17, 2017

Children Stolen from Their Mother and Father

     With the disclosure of Pizzagate, I have been studying the problem of pedophilia and how it is affecting society.  I believe that this kind of evil has the potential to completely destroy mankind; much more so than a nuclear event.  These two videos show how the children react when they are taken by CPS type workers.  The videos speak for themselves and it goes to show just how the government is so corrupted.
     The natural law knows that a child loves his mother and father even under the most difficult of conditions. Children are born with a natural love for their mothers and fathers, that's just the way it is and this bond should never be violated.  Unless there is extreme abuse, the children should always remain with the mother and the father.  If there is a problem, then the family and friends should get together to solve any problems.  Relying on a government full of psychopaths is not the answer.  The government usually screws things up and this is a perfect example of what not to do.  Please take the time to watch these videos.
     These are not isolated incidents and it is looking like the pedophiles have a lot of influence in the government.  After looking at this mess for a few months, I can only conclude that CPS is more of a Child Procurement Service than a protection service.
     In most of these child abductions, the natural law is violated and the man-made laws are also broken.  The government is so dysfunctional that most people have a very difficult time living a normal life.  The main cause of any social disorder is the government.  The government looks on the people as they are livestock.  The government is nothing more than a slave-trading organization to inflict as much suffering on people as they can.  The government enjoys your pain.

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Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Monday, February 13, 2017

Free Baby Holm Part 4

Update: 02/13/17.

     An order came from the court for the Holm family to take a psychological evaluation exam.  In my opinion, this exam is intended to extract enough information from them as an excuse to keep the baby that the Department of Human Resources in Alabama kidnapped on Oct 11, 2016.  This is like a "comply or die" type of situation.  They are being forced to take this exam or they will lose any future custody of her baby child taken away from her just one day of the life of the child.  What the DHR has done rises to the most cruel and unusual punishment of the child and the mother.  Just like all government officials, the DHR are chickenshit little punks.  If they had a real police chief and a real sheriff, they would arrest the people who took the child, try them for kidnapping, and then have a public hanging if found guilty; including the judge.  But instead, just like most government effeminates, they are essentially blaming the victim by ordering a psych eval when the crazy people are the ones at the DHR and the judge who is facilitating this crime of kidnapping.
     I am posting the Holm's statement about their situation, and it is awful.  Psychology is sorcery and witchcraft and it has no value.  In addition, there is a chance that they will misinterpret the test and hold any information against the Holm family.  The judge is committing extortion in this case, but I suppose it is fine for a judge to do it but not any of us.  If we all did a fraction of the evil things the government does on a regular basis, we would be put in prison for life.

"For those who say comply, comply comply. The MMPI "license to parent test" has 600 questions, all subjective true and false in which we cannot elaborate on our answers. There are 2 options here. 1.) Take the test and tell the truth and be called crazy OR 2.) Take the test and lie and look sane. We follow Yeshua and cannot fabricate things on this test therefore we will be called crazy and be condemned. Put yourselves in our shoes. Our newborn infant was kidnapped off of his mother's breast at one day old for NO reason with no actual factual evidence. We are distraught. We are hurt. We are in pain. All 3 of us are being watched like a hawk, abused, tortured psychologically, falsely accused, ridiculed, mocked, laughed at, attacked, called names, called crazy, our beliefs are being questioned. How In the world do we get out of a TRAP of a test in OUR situation with true or false questions like these:
125.) I believe my home life is as pleasant as that of most people I know. (Our baby was kidnapped)
138.) I believe I am being plotted against (our baby was kidnapped because of false accusations and they are all lying about us together)
140.) Most nights I go to sleep without thoughts or ideas bothering me (our baby was kidnapped and he is being psychologically damaged)
144.) I believe I am being followed (we are being cyberstalked all day everyday)
145.) I feel that I have been punished without cause (no explanation needed)
146.) I cry easily (our baby was kidnapped)
148.) I have never felt better in my life than I do right now (our baby was kidnapped and we are in hell AKA Alabama.)
190.) Many people treat me more like a child than a grown up (we are being supervised like we are five) I've never been treated this way before now.
216.) Someone has been trying to rob me (our baby was kidnapped)
223.) I believe I am no more nervous than most others (everyday without our child is another day without our child)
234.) I believe I am a condemned person (self explanatory)
241.) It is safer nobody ( really knew....lies, lies and more lies against us)
251.) I have often felt that strangers were looking at me critically. (We are being stalked, watched, viewed, judged, all day everyday by many)
What in the world!?!?! And this is normal to do to parents that have had their life stolen from them, stripped away and beaten down??? How are missionaries who were serving Yahweh and surrendering to their creator and repenting from their wrongdoings and turning back to love to answer these questions truthfully to incriminate ourselves because of the truth of what is going on that THEY did to OUR family!?!?! They are trying to drown us and so many tell us to let them by just doing as they ask as though this is not a rigged game. This is the trial of our lives and the inner battle continues and grows. What would Yeshua do??"  Christian and Danielle Holm
Their religious beliefs are somewhat different than mine, but no matter what they believe, they are entitled to have their child.  This is the natural order of life and it is always the demons in the government who make our lives miserable and the government has no right to exist under these circumstances.  In addition, with the advent of the knowledge of child trafficking, pedophilia, and satanic ritual abuse, this makes it even worse for this poor family.  When we take the government and the religions of today in their proper context, they are of the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, or whatever you want to call them.  These are weak people who feed off of the innocence of little children.  When is this going to stop?  Hopefully, soon.  Our civilization will not survive much longer if our children, which are the future of mankind, are treated in such an evil way.

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Free Baby Holm Part 3

On Feb 3rd, 2017, Christian and Danielle Holm had a "court" hearing about the custody of their child which was kidnapped by the "Department of Human Resources" 18 hours after being born.  He was torn away from his mother's breast and given to foster parents for his immediate care.  I've described this it two other articles with links below.  Here is an FB post from Christian.

We don't have our baby. Our gift from God. We are completely being steam rolled by the powers of the judicial system. The burden of proof is on the accuser and not the accused. The judge was acting as a prosecutor and not a judge while mocking, laughing, ridiculing and name calling. He down graded us and our beliefs and tried to provoke us. The root of the problem here is that everyone has opinions and false accusations against us. Our rights were violated and we are being pushed through a system that allows preconceived ideas and no factual actual evidence of neglect. This seems to be more about persecuting me than having factual evidence. We were given many hypothetical views today of "what if" scenarios about our judgement and our right to parent. Now we are being forced to do services without any evidence or facts to enforce them. License to parent is coming real soon. Everyone that allows this type of tyranny will fall by self admission of not standing and watching it happen. We stood in the name of Yeshua and we follow the way. ~ Christian Holm

     This incident is a typical clash between morality and immorality, between God's natural order and the evil "new world order."  The people who run CPS and DHR throughout the country, continually commit kidnaps without any regard to the welfare of the children.  It is immoral and evil to steal a child away from his mother and father.  In this case, it seems as if the DHR is interested in the child for purposes of child trafficking.  In most cases, the children are in more danger than if they are placed in foster care.  In the Holm case, there is absolutely no evidence that Christian or Danielle Holm are abusive parents.  The State of Alabama and the Department of Human Resources stole the child.  The Holm family were living off the grid and they refused the social security number and vaccines for their baby.  The hospital called DHR and set off a chain of events that are horrible for both the baby and the mother and father.
    Those of you who think that CPS type agencies do a good service should think again.  In my view, these agencies should be abolished as they have ruined the life of the little boy and his mother.  This incident will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  If they really cared about the little boy, they would have let him stay with the mother until they investigated the situation.  There was never any danger to the child nor is there any potential.  However, the government doesn't like people who want to live a life mostly separated from them.  They don't want their slaves getting off the reservation.  To allow a child to be kidnapped like this is to again accept slavery, but in this case, it isn't the blacks who are the slaves, it is mostly white families.  And the reason for that is that apparently, there is more demand for white babies.  The government is way too destructive to be allowed to continue to operate in a peaceful society.  


Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land