Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Government by Assassination

     While many people like Donald Trump, the communists, socialists, and presumably some anarchists are threatening to assassinate him.  Anyone who is a socialist is a complete idiot and most socialists would love to kill Trump.  And the reason is that the people actually like Trump.  Trump has decided to participate in this election and the socialists are showing just how crack-brained they really are and they are of no use to society.  Personally, I think socialists and communists should all move to Cuba or Venezuela and leave the rest of us alone.

Socialist-communist assassins
     The idea of democracy fails when socialists and communists partake in the process.  If they don't like the results, they will have no conscience in killing anyone who gets in their way.  The socialists in the government hate the people and their only goal in life is to steal the substance of others and keep it for themselves.  Socialists are greedy bastards.  Just look at how Sanders looks.  He's like a frothing demon intent on picking the very last scrap of meat off of the bones of the dead.  If a socialist-communist-anarchist doesn't like the outcome of the vote, then they just kill the one they don't like.  So much for democracy.  I'm thinking it is time to disband all governments and let people freely associate with whom they wish, taking greater responsibility for their own personal actions.  People give too much power to the government and the idea of assassinating Donald Trump shows the complete evil of his opposition.

Communism and socialism power source
     The power source of communism-socialism-fascism is violence.  They have nothing else to offer but to give the public what they have to offer.  They will not kill you as long as you agree to be their slave.  Those of you who have gone to college have been indoctrinated by socialists miscreants and these communist teachers are playing the students like a banjo at the Grand Ole Opry.  Violence in not a proper solution for anything.  All it does is increase division and hatred among the people perpetuating the power of the socialist government by the use of more violence.  What is really sick about all of this is that the left causes all of the troubles and then the left comes back in with the so-called solution of more government power under the banner of "security."  And this theme plays out year and year; decade after decade.  The only thing that changes is the calendar.

Endless war
     This kind of situation breeds endless war and the evil seems to have no end.  Socialists are the worst kind of people on the planet.  I heard they attacked one of Trump's supporters who was in a wheelchair.  This is the kind of behavior I would expect from a socialist.  The legal system is of no help because they do are corrupted and demonic.  Socialism comes from the devil.

Fixing the problem
     I have never met a socialist that I liked; they are all full of shit.  What really needs to be done first to fix any economy is to eliminate the income tax and usury/interest.  These are the tools of the financial slave masters and they keep getting away with it by stirring the pot and keep people off point to establishing a solution.  There should be competing currencies without interest.  I don't know if Trump is the real deal, but to call for his assassination is wrong and it is evil.  The socialist bastards don't care about anything but themselves, and they probably  don't even care about that.

Government by assassination 
     There have been four presidents who have been assassinated while in office:

  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. James Garfield
  3. William McKinley
  4. John Fitzgerald Kennedy
     Also, there have been six assassination attempts:

  1. Andrew Jackson
  2. Theodore Roosevelt
  3. Franklin Roosevelt
  4. Gerald Ford
  5. Ronald Reagan
     The United States as a very violent history when it comes to assassination and assassination attempts.  I remember when Robert Kennedy was running for President and he was assassinated in Los Angeles.  The real powers-that-be doesn't like the competition so they will assassinate anyone who gets in their way.  But with this violent history, anyone can see that something more constructive needs to be done.  Instead of having these communist govtards telling everyone what to do, maybe they should just get on a ship to Cuba and take a permanent vacation.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Government by Idiots

     One of the harsh realities of living in this generation is the idiocy of government.  Many people think that the government is a necessary evil.  The problem is that it is still evil.  The governments of the world violate the natural law at every level.  They don't produce anything that is worth the lives that have been ruined because of the missteps of the government.  The government has no right to exist.  It is being run by the most outlandish psycho-idiots the world has ever known.  It doesn't matter if the are Democrats or Republicans, the facts show that the government operates on Luciferian principles and it is "not fit to exist."

Idiots voting for idiots
     In order to run for office in the government, one must be an idiot.  I did it once and I was so ashamed of it that I pulled my name off the voting roles the day after the election.  The process in running for a political office is about the same as trying to gather votes in order to become the town gutter-slut. The candidate has to stick his nose up some many peoples' butts that he doesn't have time to do the thinking that might result in some good ideas.  Frankly, I like Donald Trump, but I don't how he can stand running for President and associating with all those communists like Henry Kissinger and having to deal with the jerks at the Council on Foreign Relations.  The problem for Trump is that he has to work with idiots.  The longer Trump is around the idiots, the more likely he might start believing in their bullshit.  But having conversations with idiots puts an undue strain on the mind.  It is really frustrating when speaking with an idiot.  Their eyes glaze over and you know that they aren't listening.  So it is a waste of time trying to convince idiots who don't want to learn.
     It is easier to be an idiot and that's why many people are attracted to the government.  You don't have to think very much as the whole government operation is so compartmentalized the idiots who work there don't see the whole picture.  Working for the government means that a person will not develop many marketable skills to compete in the private sector.  To work for the government is to be a real loser; the perfect job for an idiot.  The perfect example of this idiocy is the stupid transgender issue regarding the use of public restrooms.  What is happening is that a purported civil rights issue is arising from a man or a woman who has sexually mutilated themselves; both physically and mentally.  Only an idiot would do such a thing.  It gets worse.  They tell little children in the schools systems that they can choose their gender and then make idiots out of them and ruin their lives.

Socialism and communism is for idiots
     These two items are structurally within the governments of the world.  This means that all of the world's political leaders are idiots.  It is even worse for religious leaders because they add God to the equation.  God isn't that stupid to install such an evil system.  It is a legalized system of theft and slavery that only an idiot would like.

All governments should be replaced with using natural law
     I think it would be better to start deconstructing the world's governments and let the local people take over their own affairs and voluntarily affiliate themselves with various groups for their economic well-being.  We have seen enough failures of government in the last two thousand years to know that these systems don't work.  Anything that can or should be done can be accomplished by people outside of "government."  It is getting extremely annoying to have a bunch of govtards running herd over the population; eating out their substance.  The natural law is what God created and it is the same God for everyone and the same laws apply to everyone. Natural doesn't include evolution.  No man or woman has any obligation to be ruled by anyone else; especially idiots.  If I want to put myself under the leadership of someone else then it is my choice, but I shouldn't be compelled to do it.  If people want to live in a socialist system, then they have that option; just don't force others to participate.  No one likes to be ruled by an idiot.

Idiots choose communism or socialism
     If you look at the results of communism: endless war, destroyed economies, cultures shattered, slavery, homosexuals, pedophiles, fornication, rape, abused children, drugs, genocide, government scandals, anyone can see for themselves that communism or socialism is the idiot's choice for the government.  Who are these idiot? They are the religious and the government leaders who cooperate with it.  Communism and socialism are stupid and they cannot be fixed.  No government can operate successfully using the principles of socialism because it is stupid and evil.  There is no such thing as a smart socialist; they are all idiots with an IQ of the average plant.
     All that a socialist wants is everyone under them to obey their orders and be good niggers.  Under a socialist type system, everyone is a slave; a nigger.  Think about that when you vote for you idiotic slave master.  If you like socialism, then learn to say, Massa.

Feel the Burn
Lipstick on the Communist Pig
Communism: Talmudic Jews Gift to the World

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Feel the Burn

     Bernie Sanders' campaign slogan is "Feel the Bern" and I think this is very appropriate since Sanders is a Communist Jew who claims to be a "democratic socialist."  Now, the word socialist is interchangeable with communist.  And what the people who are voting for Bernie are not understanding is that the man is essentially a communist and communism comes from Karl Marx and Frederick Engels who were Talmudic Jews.  Of course, I think all govtards are communists because they have all of the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto in place within all of the governments of the world.  Most of the problems of the world are caused by communism.  Socialism and communism come from the pit of hell and those who like it should get on a boat or plane to Cuba and stay there.

Democracy is not freedom
     Someone said long ago: "Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding who is going to be for dinner."  In today's political systems, the stupid and unintelligent have the same power as someone who is intelligent and uses common sense.  The stupid's vote counts the same as the vote that was well thought out.  Democracy is intended to give the people the idea that they actually have a choice in choosing their leaders.  The problem is that the voting process is controlled by cheats and crooks and they manipulate the results to suit their agenda.  The end result is that the worst people end up as their leaders.  These leaders, in turn, put forward the agenda of their masters.  Thus, the system in place is that of a slave state where people, on a daily basis, have to endure some asshole from the government telling them what to do and when they can do it.  In a moral society, the government would not be necessary  This system is a proven failure.

Socialism is a parasite on the people
     Bernie Sanders is a communist who wants to take other people's money and spend it the way he wants.  And this is the problem.  The people who earn the money should be the ones to decide how their money is earned.  The people are entitled to keep everything that they earn with their labor.  Anyone who advocates an income tax is a communist as that idea is the 2nd plank of the Communist Manifesto.  If people what to live in a socialist system should do it voluntarily and leave the rest of us out of it.

Communism is a slave system and theft
      Democracy gives the illusion of choice.  If anything, the choice is of one's slave master.  A vote for anyone is a vote for who is going to hold the whip over the backs of the public.  The real power in this system is by force, violence, and deception.  The Bernie Sander's "movement" looks like a type of Bolshevik political process that killed over 40-50 million people in Russa.  The political system is doing everything wrong and a lot of people will suffer from the results.  The stupidity of thinking that someone can do anything good with an evil system is not being realistic.  You cannot get good fruit from the rotten tree of Marxism.  And while Bernie looks revolutionary, he really is just the same old shit wrapped up in a pretty (ugly)package.  He is the turd on the wedding cake.
     Socialism is immoral because it requires everyone to participate.  Socialism is an economic and political system that is a proven failure.  And even worse, it is a system of theft that violates the natural order as God created.  Socialism is the Luciferian mindset which is completely insane and immoral.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Friday, May 13, 2016

There's No Such Thing as Transgender

     When I grew up, I had never heard of a "transgender."  And when anyone thinks about it a little farther than their nose, it is impossible to state that a man or a woman can change their sexual organs. This idea is the communist battering ram designed to destroy society as we know it, and to bring forth a Satanic edition and will destroy the lives of millions of people and ruin what's left of any morality.  The homosexuals did their part, and now they are trying to finish off the family with the so-called transgender issue.  And the idea of having the restrooms in public schools change their policies to include those who identify themselves as the opposite sex.  This is repugnant to the natural law and it will reap horrible consequences upon the society that accepts it.

What is transgender?
     Transgender is sexual mutilation: both physical and spiritual.  There is the stupid idea that a man or a woman is trapped inside the other gender's body.  This comes from demonic sources and the people who advocate it are demonic themselves.  I can't think of a more evil way to distort the sexuality of young people.  The idea that a man would want to cut off his private parts is completely absurd.  And to dress up as a woman is a complete dishonor to God and himself.
     Transgender nonsense attacks the basic foundation of morality and twists the natural law and tries to stand it on its head.  Transgenderism is just another way of lying which comes from the Devil.  This transgender idea is completely stupid and it is something that cannot be fixed.
     The idea that a woman can acquire a penis is ridiculous and absurd.  But the idiots in the federal government think that "transgenders" is a civil rights issue.  It is not.  It is a perversion issue and the government wants everyone to accept their idiocy.  This is a doctrine or an idea straight from hell and it proves that the government as we know it today is completely Satanic; especially since they push this idea upon the children in their communist public schools.  The government is as worthless as floating turds in the cesspool.

"Transgenders" are playing God with their own existence
     Under the natural order, men and women are what they are and they cannot be changed.  Of course, they can mutilate themselves and make a declaration that they are another sex but it isn't true.  The truth is that God established the sexes of mankind as to be man or woman.  The idea of changing this is the attempt to play God.  And this is a major part of all of the problems for mankind.  He wants to play God but he has no power to do it.  It would be much better for everyone concerned to simply accept their role in the natural order and stop trying to be little gods.  Transgenders are simply playing God with their own existence and they are creating a living hell for themselves on earth and beyond.
Thus, there is no such thing as a transgender; they don't exist in the natural order.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Natural Law is the Supreme Law of the Land

     One of the biggest problems of society, in general, is the idea of looking at the government as if it is a substitute for God.  The United States Constitution makes the claim of being "the supreme law of the land" yet its authority comes from men and not the God who created the heavens and the earth.  And the problem is that all religions seem to blend their beliefs with the culture of the STATE, State, or state blurring the lines between the religions and the nations.  The absurdity of this false sense of authority is obvious to anyone who is paying attention. The state is not God nor will it ever be, but that doesn't stop the states from developing a god-like sense of authority which is actually evil to the core.  I'd like to develop this point with a few examples.

Natural law doesn't need the government's
     If the Congress of the United States passed a law by which it suspended the law of gravity it would be of no effect.  The law of gravity is established by God through his natural order so an act of Congress is of no effect.  It doesn't matter if the law of gravity is in conflict with federal laws or codes.  The facts show that the law of gravity is still in effect and that any law suspending it is just utter nonsense.

Murder violates natural law
     When any government orders its soldiers to kill other people, we have the same problem as we did with the example of the law of gravity.  Killing people in all of the various wars violates natural law and this should be a good reason never to join the military.  While a man may find himself in combat, he has to defend himself but perhaps it would have been better not to get himself in that situation in the first place.  Just because a king or President orders a man to kill someone doesn't mean that the killing is justified.  Whoever is going to do the killing must make the proper judgment himself.  The military should only be used for defensive purposes only where there is no question of the lawful killing of an attacker.  Just because a govtard orders a killing doesn't mean that the one executing the order is without guilt.  The problem with wars is that they really never solve anything and they tend to start even more conflicts.  The communists will create wars and conflicts in order to take control over any group of people.  But they like to have other people do their dirty work.  They make other people violate God's laws which will make them just as guilty as the ones who gave the orders.  There is really no moral justification for any of the modern wars.  It would only follow that there is no moral justification to participate in any military operations which demand the murder of innocent people.  Obviously, war violates the natural order that God created and the fruit of war is always more war; especially when talking about the United States.

Murder in religious writings
      There are many examples in the Quran and the Bible where it is demanded that various groups of people should be killed.  There may be more writings that do this, but these two I mention I have personally read.  I had always wondered why these kinds of verses are in these religions of "peace." The inconsistency of these calls for killing people flies in the face of the natural law and the commandments.  This is another example why I do not take most religious seriously any longer.  There is just too much opportunity for these writings to mislead people into error, thus, destroying their lives.

Too much time spent on things that don't matter
      It is important to understand what is wrong with everything but it is more important to focus on those things which will improve our lives.  I struggle with this just like everyone else.  However, it is not important to know about every evil there is in the world.  After a certain point, there is no profit in examining every turd in the cesspool.  Our focus on life should be this: How to improve our decision making between right and wrong, good and evil?  I am of the opinion that if everyone used the natural law as God created it, we will all eventually come up with the same answers to our questions.  While we cannot see God, we can see the evidence of his creation and that is the testimony as to how things shall be.  It is more honorable to be virtuous, honest, loving, along with having good manners.  That is what really counts and it improves the lives of those who choose the way of goodness.  And one of the keys to getting this done is to know that the natural law as God created it is the last word as it is that natural law that contains all truth.  There is no man-made law that has any authority over God's natural law.  There is no declaration of "science" that can overrule the natural law.  And this is why I think the natural law should be used as a tool that was given to us by God.
     Just to be clear, natural law does not include anything regarding evolution.  Evolution does not exist and it is just another communist fairy-tale to make men and women think that they are animals.

Government and religion are a form of slavery
     I think the worst form of slavery is that of the mind.  And there is no shortage of poppycock that comes from these two sources.  The teachings of the government and the religions cannot override the natural law.  Man-made laws are never "the supreme law of the land."

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Trump, NAFTA: That Giant Sucking Sound

     Last night, I was watching Donald Trump thanking everyone for their support of his primary victory in Indiana.  Now, I hate the political system, and I chose not to vote because I just don't trust what I am seeing and hearing.  However, in this case, I heard Trump say something that I have never heard a politician say.  Trump has been critical of the "free trade" agreements because they were detrimental to the labor base.  Since NAFTA was passed in 1994, tens of thousands of companies left the country for either Canada or Mexico.  This has had a devastating effect on the public and it is probably the economic version of  a mass suicide.  Trump plans to pin the failure of NAFTA directly on Hillary Clinton to win the presidential election.  However, the support for the NAFTA abomination crossed all party lines and this showed me that the whole government is communist to the core.

Giant Sucking Sound
     Ross Perot warned the American public of that "giant sucking sound" which would be their job losses if NAFTA was passed.  Two years later, it was agreed upon and the jobs started to go to other countries: Mexico and Canada.  Over twenty years later, depending upon whose information is accurate, the net job loss range is at 700,000 to over 1,000,000.

"Conservatives" Loved NAFTA
     Right wing socialists such as Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, and many other supported the passage of NAFTA.  At the time, I thought these people had lost their minds. Even many union leaders supported this fiasco; true to their socialist leanings.   Rush Limbaugh called people like me who were concerned about the job losses; conspiracy "kooks".  Well, us "kooks" were spot on and the facts show that we were right.  Today,the United States is running massive trade deficits with Mexico and Canada.

Pin the NAFTA on the donkey
     When Trump said that he's going to use NAFTA as an example and pin it on Hillary, Trump will also be pinning it on the current Republican establishment as they were just as responsible for it as the Clintons.  I think Trump should easily win the election using this tactic because the people can now see how stupid this agreement was and how damaging were the results.

Trump's intelligence
     Trump's position on trade agreements should get him into the White House and I think he is a very smart man.  I think his children are equally intelligent in their own way and it would be refreshing to see some brain-wave activity in the presidential office.  But the problem is still going to be the structural communism that is in the government i.e. income and property tax.  The monetary system still has central banking and the use of usury is still present.  These things need to be addressed before there will be a true prosperity and economic freedom.
     I still don't know if Donald Trump is the real deal but another Clinton presidency will probably finish off this country as we know it.  Again, the real problem is the structural communism built into the system.  It would be wonderful if Trump could throw all of that out.

Neutered Newt Helped Cause the Economic Collapse

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land