Saturday, May 21, 2016

Feel the Burn

     Bernie Sanders' campaign slogan is "Feel the Bern" and I think this is very appropriate since Sanders is a Communist Jew who claims to be a "democratic socialist."  Now, the word socialist is interchangeable with communist.  And what the people who are voting for Bernie are not understanding is that the man is essentially a communist and communism comes from Karl Marx and Frederick Engels who were Talmudic Jews.  Of course, I think all govtards are communists because they have all of the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto in place within all of the governments of the world.  Most of the problems of the world are caused by communism.  Socialism and communism come from the pit of hell and those who like it should get on a boat or plane to Cuba and stay there.

Democracy is not freedom
     Someone said long ago: "Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding who is going to be for dinner."  In today's political systems, the stupid and unintelligent have the same power as someone who is intelligent and uses common sense.  The stupid's vote counts the same as the vote that was well thought out.  Democracy is intended to give the people the idea that they actually have a choice in choosing their leaders.  The problem is that the voting process is controlled by cheats and crooks and they manipulate the results to suit their agenda.  The end result is that the worst people end up as their leaders.  These leaders, in turn, put forward the agenda of their masters.  Thus, the system in place is that of a slave state where people, on a daily basis, have to endure some asshole from the government telling them what to do and when they can do it.  In a moral society, the government would not be necessary  This system is a proven failure.

Socialism is a parasite on the people
     Bernie Sanders is a communist who wants to take other people's money and spend it the way he wants.  And this is the problem.  The people who earn the money should be the ones to decide how their money is earned.  The people are entitled to keep everything that they earn with their labor.  Anyone who advocates an income tax is a communist as that idea is the 2nd plank of the Communist Manifesto.  If people what to live in a socialist system should do it voluntarily and leave the rest of us out of it.

Communism is a slave system and theft
      Democracy gives the illusion of choice.  If anything, the choice is of one's slave master.  A vote for anyone is a vote for who is going to hold the whip over the backs of the public.  The real power in this system is by force, violence, and deception.  The Bernie Sander's "movement" looks like a type of Bolshevik political process that killed over 40-50 million people in Russa.  The political system is doing everything wrong and a lot of people will suffer from the results.  The stupidity of thinking that someone can do anything good with an evil system is not being realistic.  You cannot get good fruit from the rotten tree of Marxism.  And while Bernie looks revolutionary, he really is just the same old shit wrapped up in a pretty (ugly)package.  He is the turd on the wedding cake.
     Socialism is immoral because it requires everyone to participate.  Socialism is an economic and political system that is a proven failure.  And even worse, it is a system of theft that violates the natural order as God created.  Socialism is the Luciferian mindset which is completely insane and immoral.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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  1. You write with fire but little regard for facts. Just one example Engels was not Jewish at all.