Friday, May 13, 2016

There's No Such Thing as Transgender

     When I grew up, I had never heard of a "transgender."  And when anyone thinks about it a little farther than their nose, it is impossible to state that a man or a woman can change their sexual organs. This idea is the communist battering ram designed to destroy society as we know it, and to bring forth a Satanic edition and will destroy the lives of millions of people and ruin what's left of any morality.  The homosexuals did their part, and now they are trying to finish off the family with the so-called transgender issue.  And the idea of having the restrooms in public schools change their policies to include those who identify themselves as the opposite sex.  This is repugnant to the natural law and it will reap horrible consequences upon the society that accepts it.

What is transgender?
     Transgender is sexual mutilation: both physical and spiritual.  There is the stupid idea that a man or a woman is trapped inside the other gender's body.  This comes from demonic sources and the people who advocate it are demonic themselves.  I can't think of a more evil way to distort the sexuality of young people.  The idea that a man would want to cut off his private parts is completely absurd.  And to dress up as a woman is a complete dishonor to God and himself.
     Transgender nonsense attacks the basic foundation of morality and twists the natural law and tries to stand it on its head.  Transgenderism is just another way of lying which comes from the Devil.  This transgender idea is completely stupid and it is something that cannot be fixed.
     The idea that a woman can acquire a penis is ridiculous and absurd.  But the idiots in the federal government think that "transgenders" is a civil rights issue.  It is not.  It is a perversion issue and the government wants everyone to accept their idiocy.  This is a doctrine or an idea straight from hell and it proves that the government as we know it today is completely Satanic; especially since they push this idea upon the children in their communist public schools.  The government is as worthless as floating turds in the cesspool.

"Transgenders" are playing God with their own existence
     Under the natural order, men and women are what they are and they cannot be changed.  Of course, they can mutilate themselves and make a declaration that they are another sex but it isn't true.  The truth is that God established the sexes of mankind as to be man or woman.  The idea of changing this is the attempt to play God.  And this is a major part of all of the problems for mankind.  He wants to play God but he has no power to do it.  It would be much better for everyone concerned to simply accept their role in the natural order and stop trying to be little gods.  Transgenders are simply playing God with their own existence and they are creating a living hell for themselves on earth and beyond.
Thus, there is no such thing as a transgender; they don't exist in the natural order.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. AnonymousMay 17, 2016

    To the point! Congratulations, you are like a little island of sanity surrounded by a ocean of idiocy.

  2. I cannot rationalize with the transgender especially when they try to say they are the opposite sex because they "feel" that way, doesn't change the fact that your DNA clearly indicates your natural actual gender. You're right about one thing, you cannot reasonable argue with an idiot and you'll get no where...

  3. AnonymousJuly 11, 2016

    The reason the Communist government say there is such a thing as transgender, is not that they believe it themselves, its because it sells a lot of hormones and plastic surgery to the victims. Interestingly everyone remembers Baywatch but as woman they also altered their structure with implants and so forth butt injections ...Also Male bodybuilders ate steroids for tea lunch and breakfast.
    And Just because everyone says "oh what a hunk" (I don't) that is the same illness, just a in a socially acceptable format. So its really the pill pushers and plastic surgeons (criminals) who have to be curtailed and are using their practice in a corrupt way. It was supposed to be for people who had car crashes and so on. Remember anyone who alters anything about themselves through this artificial means is a trans being. So I don't believe that this phoney "Transsexual" concept should receive all the rap for this problem which is in truth across the board and existed before the next mental disease. You said you never heard the word transgendered growing up correct, but note their were males and female already transforming themselves into a new person and as said the social acceptability of this does not make it right. This is the root of the extended problem and was bound to leak out as it now has into a new phoney premise.