Saturday, June 25, 2016

Vulgar Western Dog Owners

     I ran across a disgusting article about Iranian "authorities" taking dogs away from Iranian families because some local official says that it is "haram" to keep and care for a dog.  I was told once by a man I worked with who was from Morocco; he said that the dogs usually will bark at Arabs.  Dogs can pick up on assholes almost instantaneously.  My dog is especially good at it and he keeps people away from me that he doesn't like.  But Iranian "authorities" need to find something else better to do than to persecute dog owners.

Dogs are better behaved than people, especially rag heads
     One has to be a real dip-shit not to be liked by any dog.  Dogs are the most friendly creatures on earth, but it does make sense to me that the Arabs or Muslims don't like them.  Obviously, according to this article, there are a lot of Arabs and Muslims who do love dogs but they have to put up with the religious authorities governing every aspect of their lives.  This needs to stop. The govtards from all over the world should have shock collars put on them and when they get out of line, they should be zapped and then sent to Cuba.  A dog will generally love anyone and that is a great gift from God to have a nice dog as a companion.  In a world full of religious assholes, a dog is a nice change from the evil people.

Quality of a dog's behavior
     Every dog I've had always loved me.  I can tell.  It's the little things that a dog does that let you know that they love you.  When I'm driving my car, he sits on the center divider and leans into me, or he sits on the floor with part of his body on top of my foot if I'm sitting at the computer.  I remember a man saying: "If you want true love, get a dog."  He is correct, a dog will give a man or woman unconditional love.  This idiot Iranian official has put these families through hell by taking away their dogs.  People love their dogs, as they provide something that most people cannot give anymore, and that is love.  You'll never see a dog strapping a bomb on himself and then going into a group and blowing himself up.  But you will certainly see a lot of that done by the idiot ragheads.  They think they'll go to heaven and get seven virgins when they will probably go to hell instead.

Islam is just a nasty version of Judaism
     Islam is a very nasty religion that has its roots in Judaism. There are very violent threats against the "infidels"; cutting off their heads.  Of course, I don't like any religion because I think the leaders are a bunch of creeps that need adult supervision.   In addition, there are a lot of Satanists and Freemasons involved in these religions.  It doesn't matter which one we're talking about: Judaism, Islam, or Christianity.  These religions as they stand today serve the principles of Satan and not of God.  It's best to preserve one's mind and separate from them before they drive a person into utter madness.  This example of stealing a family's dog is a perfect example of the evil of the government and the religion.

The purpose of evil
     The whole purpose of evil people is to destroy the joy of living of other people.  That is the intent of the governments and the religions.  They want to take everything that is worth living for and then corrupting it for their own advantage.  This is why people all over the world hate their governments and they think that their public officials are always full of crap.  This incident of stealing the family dog is a perfect example of the idiocy of government and religion.

I Wish I Had a Woman as Nice as My Dog

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Islam Taught in Public Schools

     Way back in 1997 a very disturbing incident happened involving my older son.  He was being taught the "Haj" and they were imitating that religious ritual.  I wonder why this was going on but I just wanted to get him out of that school before they really screwed him up.  Now, his children are being taught that "Islam is the perfect religion."  I've done a search on this subject and I see that many people are concerned about this but don't really understand what is going on.

Has the government been taken over by Islam?
     The religious people are the most disgusting perverts and intolerable assholes the world has ever known.  Islam is no exception.  Islam belongs to people mostly in the Middle East, but it has spread quite prolifically within the last twenty years.  I've asked writers from other websites about this and I haven't received any answers so I'll come up with my own theory.

Will Islam start the next civil war?
     The only reason to teach Islam in the public schools is to turn the children's minds into the acceptance of Islam.  Islam is a very aggressive religion that does not tolerate the infidels; i.e. non-believers in Allah or Islam.  Most people in the United States identify with Christianity but it seems as though there is not much opposition to the teaching of Islam in the public schools.  With the refugees coming in from various places, I can see that an eventual civil war may take place which is being instigated by the governments; both state and federal.  American troops would probably be unwilling to shoot their own people but the Muslims have no problem with that.  As you can see, Muslims are just like any other religious group and if you disagree with their version of God, they will kill you.  These refugees, mostly men of a young age, will be more than willing to kill as many Americans because someone will tell them that Allah told them to do it.

Has Islam taken over the United States government?
     There's a reason Obama or Clinton won't use the words "radical Islamic" extremists.  They are afraid of something.  Could it be that the plan of this nation government is to convert everyone over to Islam?  If they are teaching this religion in the public schools, the only reason would be to twist the minds of the young people.  When the timing is right, the country could explode into a civil war that no one wants.  Why do members of other religions object?  My guess is that Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are based upon the same Abrahamic foundation which may or may not be true.  Given the poor quality of people within these religions, I can see why these other religions don't object.  Because they are cut out of the cloth of the Abrahamic foundation which unfortunately has not produced good results in world history.

Children should be homeschooled and people should separate from religion 
     After spending 25 years reading the Bible and other religious material, it is my opinion that people should separate from religion until they can find out the truth.  The truth will not be residing in any religion.  I still believe in God but I don't trust any religion as they are liars and they are deceitful.  This is also why children should be homeschooled.  Given the recent terrorist events throughout the world, it seems to me that all religions are culpable and the Muslims may be the cannon fodder for other religions in any coming civil war.  In other words, the Muslims will get screwed by being used by other religions.  I think it is best to just stay away from all of this nonsense if for no other reason than to preserve your sanity.

     I'm putting out this theory because I'm basing it on what I can readily see.  If anyone has more information as to why Islam is being taught in the public school system, I would greatly appreciate it.  Please leave your comments in the comment section at the bottom of this article.  I moderate the comments, so I would like to have any other information on this subject matter.  If you don't want me to publish your comment, please put "Don't Post" and I will not post it.

School Takes Christian Children to Mosques  Updated 12/30/16
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Stupid has Strength in Numbers

It's easy to be stupid
     When we look at voting results, we see the idiocy of the people by the politicians and the religious they choose to follow.  The idiots mind is much easier to maintain because it takes little to no effort to be stupid.  To be smart take time and effort to learn those things that might actually be a benefit to a man.  But stupid is easy.  All it takes is to sit on one's fat ass and expect someone else to handle your problems.  A lawyer is a good example of this.  Christ has been reported as saying to them: "Woe unto you lawyers...." and he even called them "...a brood of vipers."  Now, isn't it stupid to have a viper or a poisonous snake handle your affairs or speak for you?  The reason lawyers are so successful is that they get the complete trust of their victim, and if the lawyer does a shitty job, the client goes to jail and not the lawyer.  If the client is really stupid, he may pay the lawyer millions of dollars for the privilege of going to prison.  This is one example of stupid.  But it would take an effort to learn the ins and outs of the court system and to learn to file their own paperwork.
     Usually, stupid people have bad grammar, spelling, and cannot write much past the level of Dick and Jane and see Spot run.  In my opinion, stupid is self-inflicted but with some effort,  it can be defeated.

Stupid cannot be fixed
     Stupid cannot be fixed.  Just like the comedian Ron White said:  "You can't fix stupid."  Most people would agree that a communist political and economic system is just plain stupid.  You can't fix it. I never thought that a comedian's words would ring so true.  Not even Donald Trump can fix a stupid government should he get elected.  Hillary and her husband is a part of the reasons why the government is stupid.  The government's stupidity is "forever."  But the idiots flock to the polls every few years to elect their dummies to represent them in a very stupid system.  In addition to being very stupid, the government is also very evil.  Again, stupid has its strength in numbers.

These are the stupid things people do to destroy their lives
  • Elect communists, socialists, and fascists into their governments
  • Tolerate communists, socialists, and fascists
  • Allow themselves to be persecuted by the LGBT movement
  • Allow their children to be influenced by LGBT
  • Purchase home which they do not really own
  • Engage in promiscuous sex
  • Allow themselves to be treated like animals in a zoo
  • Ruin their lives with divorce
  • Taking drugs and engaging in substance abuse
  • Putting tattoos on their bodies thus destroying their appearance
  • Making war
  • Running up debt
The list goes on and on but the common denominator is that these things take a little effort to do because they are stupid.  And this is why the governments and the religions like to keep people stupid.  If they keep them stupid with their idiotic lies, they can control them for their own purposes.

Take control of your life by not being stupid
     When making decisions, it is important to make the effort to not make stupid decisions.  Have the patience to wait and think something through.  I would have saved myself a lot of problems if I had only taken the time to think things through to their most sensible conclusions.

     Stupid people chose it for themselves and there's no other way to remedy stupid other than to separate from it.  All of us do stupid things because we haven't taken the time to use right reason and common sense.  By taking a little more time and thought we can all make better decisions for ourselves and our families.  Remember, it takes no effort to remain stupid.  In order to be good as something, takes time and patience to make it happen.
     The main thing to remember is that the people in political and religious circles will manipulate you by lies using your stupidity against you.

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Religion:Tolerating the Intolerable

     It is a natural reaction for people to be alert when around Muslims or followers of Islam.  It is not the religion of peace and neither are any of the other religions that I know.  Both the bible and the Quran or Koran are very violent writings not fit to be read by the sane mind.  I'm not going to document that last statement because I don't want that trash on my website.  Just type in the appropriate search term in your favorite search engine: "Violent writings of the Bible and Koran " and you get all of the evidence you need.  There are legitimate concerns of the people as the refugees are starting to pollute society with their religion and violent behavior.  But the government doesn't care and I believe that they are intentionally attempting to start another civil war by their religious race-baiting using Muslims, Christians, Jews, and other religions against each other.  The best way to get otherwise normal people to kill someone else is to tell them that God or Allah told them to do it.

Islam is being taught in the American public school system
     For those of you who care, your children are probably being taught Islam in the public school system.  Around 1997, my son came home and asked me about the "Haj."  The schools had him participating in Islamic religious rituals in 8th grade.  Recently, that same son told me that his children who were going to public school were taught that Islam is the "perfect" religion.
Obviously, this would be a problem for most "Christians" but they are so milk-toast that it probably doesn't make an impression on them.  But there has been a concerted effort by the government to push Islam on the public school system.  Anyone with any morals should never send their children to public school for this reason alone.

All religions are of the Devil
     Islam has nothing on the so-called "Christian" religions.  The Roman Catholic church is probably the worst except for Judaism itself.  In fact, there are a lot of writings on the internet that say that the Roman Catholic church actually started Islam through the evil works of the Jesuits.  Again, I'm not going to post that trash on my blog, but you can do a web search asking the question: Did the Catholic Church and the Jesuits start Islam?  There you can get all the opinions that you want but what I look for is the underlying Satanic principles in all religions.  To be clear, I believe in the God who created the heavens, the earth, and all that live in them.  But I do not believe in religion any longer as I use the natural law which God created.  The lowest common denominator of these evil religions is the oath in swearing allegiance to their "faith."  Swearing oaths take  God's name in vain and no one on earth should be swearing them.  I think religious writings are too dangerous to use and I see a lot of problems with all religions.  All I have to see is the type of people they produce.  Having gone to many "Christian" churches, I haven't found one which stayed with the biblical teachings.  That leads me to believe that all of the Christian faiths are either apostate or they are pagan, either way, they are useless.  I don't have a problem with any religion if they are true, but the problem is that all religious leaders lie.  And the lie is the main tool of the Devil.
     I sat down with the Quran-Koran and I stopped reading it as I found "cut off the heads of the infidels" quite offensive.  I refuse to put that kind of thing in my mind as I don't want to delude my own soul.  The religions are the main instrument in getting people to kill each other.

Religions violate the natural law
     Again, the primary tool of religions is the lie.  Once someone has the false information and they take action based on false information, then chaos follows.  All actions taken upon false information will never produce good results.  So the main tool of religions is the lie, and the biggest one is: "God said it," or "God said it to me...."  Then, they write down this garbage and point to the bible and say: "That's the word of God."  Again, Muslims have nothing on the Christians when it comes to bullshit.  Then, Christians are to believe that the bible is the word of God when the religious leaders change the contents of the bible via new versions or by simply removing those writings that they don't want.  
     Then there are the Jews or Judaism which is the basic Satanic foundation that Christians or gentiles use.  Islam is also an offshoot of Judaism.  All of these religions produce bad people who violate God's commandments on a regular basis.

Natural law is easier to use than religion
     The moral order is contained in nature and it can be said in a few sentences.  It would be stupid to worship a false God as there is no point in it.  It is wrong to take the name of God in vain (oath-taking) and it is important for children to respect their parents.  It is obvious that killing another man or woman by committing murder is wrong, yet the governments and the religions engage in murder every day.  Adultery and fornication are wrong along with homosexuality.  Given the fact that the governments support LGBT should tell anyone that these governments are demonic and Satanic.  It is always good procedure to never lie, steal, or covet anyone's property.  These are the main items which there are other laws that can be deduced by nature.  I believe that the natural moral order has enough that can be deduced by right reason and common sense that a man can live in prosperity and in peace if the natural moral order is followed.  Right and wrong can be known by using critical thinking.  There may be times where we are not sure, but using patience and proper reasoning will always get the correct answer.
     I believe that the religions of the world are there to cause trouble and not to solve any problems for mankind.  Take away religions and most of the wars would stop.
     Religion is stupid and intolerable.  I don't think God approves of any of it.  I used to be a "Christian" but I had never found a viable Christian church.  A group of religious beliefs that cannot support its own doctrine has to be false.  From the Roman Catholic church to the most fundamental church all have one thing in common: they lie.  To be a part of these groups will twist the mind and the soul.  Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are all evil in substance and the results of these groups are self-evident.  All of these religions are playing a dangerous game of "Follow the Idiot."   Instead of following God's natural laws, men want to follow idiots who cannot do them any good.  
     In using natural law, I don't get the clutter and inconsistencies that I received from religions.  Religions are places that cause trouble among men.  None of these religions should be tolerated by people using right reason and common sense.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Suicidal Marketing 5.0 Urban Bean Coffee Shops

     I always enjoy posting the decisions of small and large business that are destined to be a financial disaster.  Suicidal Marketing 5.0 is another great example of taking a perfectly good business and running it into the ground in a short period of time.  Most of this suicidal marketing is regarding homosexual and LGBT issues.  Most people are heterosexuals (the horror!!) and they don't give a rat's ass about homos, queers, Rump Rangers, Fudge Packers, lesbian, or transgenders (genital mutilators.)  In this case, Urban Bean Coffee Shop  is angry at Donald Trump calling him a "moron" and they are requesting that if anyone is a Trump supporter, they should take their business elsewhere as they don't want their money.  And I'm sure this is exactly what's going to happen.  I'll give them about 6 months and they should be filing bankruptcy.

Excellent example of Suicidal Marketing
     One of the first things you want to do when you have a perfectly good business but would like to commit financial suicide is to piss off  your customers.  There are many ways to do this but one of the sure-fire ways would be to shove LGBT or homosexual issues down your customers' collective throats.  Since the homos are only a small portion of the population, it only makes sense that the demographics in the Minnesota are are the same as the whole nation.  Which means that this company has the potential of completely pissing off over 90% of their customers.  This is masterful suicidal marketing.  If I wanted to screw up my own business, this would be a perfect way of doing it.

Another examples of Suicidal Marketing
     JC Penney's had done a wonderful job of screwing up the company.  And they did it with the homosexual spokes dyke Ellen Degeneres (French for degenerate) who joined the company in early 2012 with the stock price at around $42.00 per share.  Many people objected to her and the homo lifestyle depicted in their advertising.  As a result, the stock price as of this writing (06/14/16) at $8.05 per share.)  This kind of suicidal marketing don't get no better than dis.  If my math is correct that is an 80% decline in the stock price.  You can't have a better example and JC Penney's has done the best job of suicidal marketing so far.
     But then there is Target Stores.  They decided that transgender people could use the bathroom in whatever gender they consider themselves to be.  Now, notice that transgender populations are even smaller than the homos yet Target manages to piss off their customer base with this nonsense. The stock price when they announced this policy was around $81.00 per share.  It is now quoted at $66.74 per share.  That's a whopping 17% drop in the value of the stock in just under two months.  That's an estimated $10 billion loss of value to their stock shares.  I'm sure their major stock holders are thrilled with the management.

Politics and religion don't belong in the business environment
     People are always going to have different opinions on any issue, but I think it is foolish to attempt to push of political beliefs on the customers.  Granted, Urban Bean is just a small company, but the same principle is still in effect; pissing off the customer.  They may have great coffee but this little chain has a lot of competition.  I think it is stupid and dangerous for company management to delve into the political realm by chasing off customers by saying that they don't what Trump supporter's money.  In this case, Trump supporters are the back door into the homosexual movement and Islamophobia.  The natural economic law will take over as customers will take their business elsewhere.

     If you are an idiot and you enjoy losing money and putting your workers out of a job, then the Suicidal Marketing is for you.  Remember, the most important thing to do is to anger your customers and put them in a frenzy so that they will go over to your competition.  Making money is so overrated and with the Suicidal Marketing scheme in place, you will be guaranteed to be a failure and screw up your worker's jobs.

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Communist Candidates

10/13/17 Update  I wrote this article during the last election and it is important as to what has NOT been done.  In order for any government not to have a communist-fascist agenda, there must be an eliminatiion of things such as the income tax, property tax, public schools, central banking, and inheritance tax.  Or, an easier way to say it is to eliminate all programs which seem to comply with the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto.  Don't hold your breath.
One of the stark realities of this election season is that both Trump and Clinton are both communist candidates who will probably do nothing to rid the government of communist principles.
There are some things that would have to change in order for a government to function properly.  However, neither candidate appears to want to do what it takes to adjust the government for the benefit of the American people.  In fact, the value of any government comes into question given the poor results of a communist society.  If people had a higher standard of morality, then there would be no need for the government as people would abide by the natural law and solve their own problems between themselves.  But that would mean that they would have to take more responsibility for themselves rather than having the government do it for them.  When a society is weak and dependent on the government, society as a whole suffers.  No good thing can come from large government and today's version of the government shows the abomination in full bloom.

Communism that should be removed
     The United States government and the candidates running for office should be taking a big look at the poor results of the current communist state.  However, the liberal candidates will never address the problems because they are in fact communist.  Having said that, so are the conservatives and I'll give an example of this.

Income tax
     The income tax is the 2nd plank of the Communist Manifesto.  Trump, who claims to be a conservative  has stated that he intends to lower the income tax.  The problem here is that the lowering of the tax rate does little to solve the problem.  What needs to happen is that the income tax should be abolished completely.  The income tax is a communist style tax and all of the libtards go along with it and so do the "conservatives."  The income tax is a slave tax and everyone who pays it is a slave.  If the tax were just one penny, it would still be evil.  The result of the income tax is that it creates the market for loans and usury which always destabilizes society economically.  All of the income tax money goes to pay the interest on the phony debt to the Federal Reserve Bank.

Property tax
     In order to truly own their property, the titles to the properties would have to be in the form of allodial titles and the property tax would have to be abolished.  If the property tax cannot be paid, the state could come in and take the property away.  This also destabilizes society and the people are not secure in their own homes.  Much of the property tax goes to fund the communist schools who not only teach socialism, but they are now teaching sexual perversions to the children.  If the property tax is taken away, then the schools will close and that would be a good thing.  Children belong at home with their parents and not in school being taught by communist libtards and "progressives."

Lowering income tax
     If Trump could get elected and lower the income tax, the economy would do better but it   wouldn't solve the problem.  Income tax is a curse upon the land and it is a communist idea and it should be abolished.  I call it the Communist Jew tax as this idea was first put into a writing called The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels who were Talmudic Jews.  This is important to know that there is a religious overtone that stems from Judaism which is offensive to God's natural law.  Everyone understands that slavery violates the natural law and income tax is slavery.  The natural law says that a man is entitled to the fruit of all of his labor.

Voting solves nothing
     Voting is the Lipstick on the Communist Pig.  It gives the people the idea that their vote can effect a positive change in the system when the facts show that the system is rigged.  Even Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump know that the system is rigged to keep the same dictators in place.  And that's what politicians are; dictators.  I suggest that they all get shipped to Cuba and let them stay there for awhile until they repent.  In the meantime, it's probably better to stay separated from all of it and learn to be more independent because at some point the system will fail tragically and it will destroy society as we know it.  Until mankind learns to abolish all of the principles of communism, the problems will remain to be a scourge on mankind.

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Is Trump a Racist?

     I have to laugh at the MSM's reaction to the alleged racist remarks of Donald Trump about Federal Judge Curiel's Mexican heritage.  Trump's concern is whether or not he would be prejudiced regarding the Trump University.  Mr. Trump has plenty to be concerned about.  Judge Curiel is also a member of the racist hate group called La Raza (The Race) which has probably been a part of the protests at Trump's rallies.  If I were Trump, I'd be more worried about the La Raza connection.  None of the other mainstream Republicans seem to care about that, they are just focusing on Trump calling the judge a Mexican.  That's not a racist remark.  The man is of the Mexican race.  If he called him a "beaner" that might be interpreted as racist.  But now the MSM is rolling all over Trump.  If I were in Trump's shoes with this lawsuit, I'd have the same concerns about the judge being prejudiced.  Trump has a valid point.
     Neutered Newt Gingrich is criticizing Trump, but Neutered Newt was instrumental in passing NAFTA and helping to destroy the manufacturing and agricultural industries in the "United States."  Neutered Newt has done more to destroy life as we knew it here and he really has a lot of crust to criticize Trump for being concerned about a prejudicial judge.  The legal system does not like white rich guys so I think Trump's concern is well founded.
     Trump should just tell them all to go shove it where the monkey puts his finger.

Neutered Newt Gingrich

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land