Sunday, November 27, 2011

The God-State

     Idolatry today is a massive problem that needs to be dealt with or it is going to destroy everything.  There is nothing good or fun about idolatry and it ruins the life.  Idolatry comes from Satan or Lucifer and it comes with the desire of man or evil to become God.  That is a pathetic aspiration, however, this is what people do to themselves every day, and they even listen to people tell them that they can be gods.
I'm going to examine just one small part of idolatry and show how destructive it is and give some suggestions on how to avoid it.
     The first commandment says that we are not to have any false gods before our Creator.  This should be an easy commandment to keep, but most of us have been subjected to horrible religions which teach almost everything else but what we need to know that will help us enjoy our lives.  And the sad part is that every time we commit one of these sins, we bring upon ourselves the wrath of God.  He knows exactly how to pay us back for our misdeeds.  The payback is really bad and it will manifest itself in many ways.  And when we commit sins, we defile those around us in ways that we cannot imagine.  According to the Epistle of James, all sin is idolatry.
     The most glaring example of a false god is the state.  Any state that declares that it is "the supreme law of the land" has a problem.  Only the Creator has the authority and the ability to declare the supreme law of the land.  Only God can set forth the workings of nature and the universe.  However,
man thinks that he can be a god by setting forth his own rules.  For example: people think that women have a right to abortions.  However, abortions are state sanctioned murder paid for with tax dollars in many cases.  But what about the rights of the man or woman being aborted?  Oh....didn't think of that?  The commandment against killing is always broken when it comes to abortion.  But the state has no respect for God's laws.  The state attempts to usurp God's natural order and makes our lives a living hell.
     There are other ways the state attempts to overthrow God.  God set forth the universe by his own oath, yet God teaches for men not to take oaths.  All the governments I know of operate on the oath.  The oath taken by a man is idolatry and it should never be done.  Most religions operate on oaths, which means that they represent a false god.  Any man who swears an oath is acting like a pagan.  Almost every government official has taken an oath.  All operatives in the courts in the United States have sworn oaths; which means that they are all liars.  Having been on the receiving end of the federal judicial system, I can verify that the whole process is nothing but lies.  It can't be avoided because it relies on the satanic system based on the oath.
     Somehow, these states think that it is proper for them to kill people and to start wars.  They cause trouble in almost every sector of the world and then kill their sons and daughters in lands that have nothing to do with them.  The people of the world have a very small moral structure to work from because the state sets a bad example.  In God's world, the state is nothing.  If the state doesn't honor God's commandments, then society is a complete failure and eventually God will destroy it.
     The state institutes a banking system based on interest and usury.  Based on any reasonable interpretation of scripture, it is well-known that interest or usury is considered stealing.  Yet, the whole financial systems of the world are built upon it.  And having a few hundred years to look back on, I can see the futility of a financial system based upon interest.  This is why the United States and any other state that uses this system will be considered a failed state, and it will descend into chaos.
     The state builds statues and idols as monuments to their failure.  The building of statues is simply idolatry and they are completely unnecessary.  And although most people aren't that dumb to worship them, some actually do it.
     What evil does is to first provide a need.  People like stability in their lives and the government gives it to them. The government provides various functions so that there is some kind of order and that people will be able to take their issues to an impartial court if necessary.  However, once the people's trust is acquired by the government, it then turns on its own people and it steals their substance and destroys their lives.  Why?  Because the state--being satanic in nature--wants to destroy the lives of the people.  It isn't there to do any good thing or righteous deed; it is there to destroy every man, woman, and child on the face of the earth.
     When I encounter evil, I don't have to look much farther than the oath.  Once I see that I'm off to do something else.  Because when these evil people say God, who they really mean is Satan.  Unless a state can conform to God's commandments, life will be completely miserable.
     The various religions actually conform to the state in that they disregard God's commandments.  This gives the state the needed mind-control needed to lull the people into a satanic stupor.  So it is not just a political problem, it is also a religious and spiritual problem.  All men are subject to the same God, just as they are to the natural forces of life here on Earth.  But when their minds are distorted into thinking that the lie is the truth, the evil seems to take control with no end to it.
     Keeping God's commandments which comply with the natural law are necessary in order to have a properly seated government.  Some might argue that it would violate the idea of separation of church and state.  The problem is that there is no such thing as separation of church and state.  The church is the state and the state is the church which is founded upon evil.
     The best method is to avoid any of these organizations.  They reek of the occult and they seem to always disclose their beliefs by using various satanic symbols and hand gestures.  Just stay away from them as they are intent on destroying themselves.

Stop Swearing Oaths
Understanding Jurisdiction
Swear an Oath; Tell a Lie

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Knowledge of Wickedness is Not Wisdom

     I was reading "The Wisdom of Jesus the Son of Sirach,or Ecclesiasticus" and it got me to thinking about the value of studying evil.  I've been a student of history for most of my life, and I may be called a "conspiracy theorist", but in reality, I think the better term for it would be "conspiracy observer".  As I watch current events unfold, my approach is more of an observer than a theorist.  A theory is something that may or may not be true, but in observing history, the theory part goes away and the facts speak for themselves.  Is it worth the time to study evil?
     After doing just that for many years, it is my opinion that it is not worth the effort.  There's too much time being spent on looking at evil, rather than trying to solve the problem.  I'm sure the "powers" don't mind everyone studying their evil but the problem for them comes when someone comes up with an alternative solution to the evil.

     Mankind (not human, I'm not human) operates his life with choices between good and evil.  The only study that I can see is to observe and verify the evil and then stay away from it.  Evil fouls my mind and I can't stand looking at it.  I'm at the point to where I just stay to myself because I don't want to be influenced by other peoples' evil inclinations.  I'm usually not a reclusive person, but lately I'm starting to get used to long periods of being by myself.        I don't get any smarter observing wickedness.  My character is not being built by learning evil.  My character is only improved when I manage to do good things, and leave the evil behind.  Looking at evil unsettles the mind, and being around evil people destroys a peaceful life.  And this is why I am at the point now to where I firmly believe in God, but I have completely rejected most religions.  I just don't think God is that stupid as to come up with so many variations of evil.  I think the religions that I am aware of are completely evil.  Governments are evil as they don't conform to God's commandments.  So there's really no point in studying any of it because it wastes time and the evil gets more attention than just enjoying life within the parameters that God gave mankind.      I try to use all of God's commandments and that is what restrains my own behavior.  This is a part of the natural laws, and we should be paying more attention to them.  Studying evil is like counting all the turds in the cesspool; no thanks.  Believe me, there are times when I get an inclination to break one of them, but through self-control I'm learning how to deal with the temptations.      I am deathly afraid of any religious rituals as I believe that it is quite easy to get caught up in idolatry.  I stay away from "churches" because I don't want to wreck my life.  Because my life is much better working with the commandments.  As I go along, I find it easier to keep them because I'm paying attention as to whether I should do something or not.  I focus my time on things that can do me some good, rather than spending time studying evil.        I agree with this verse in saying that there is no wisdom in the knowledge of wickedness or evil.  There is no point to knowledge of evil other than to know enough to stay away from it.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Neutered Newt Helped Cause the Economic Collapse

Update:  05/14/16
(I wrote this article about Newt Gingrich almost four years ago when he was running for President.  Now he is being considered as the Vice Presidential nominee under Donald Trump.  Newt is a communist jackass who was or still is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  It was Newt who was very instrumental in getting NAFTA passed in the Congress.  And Trump is considering this idiot?  This would be a litmus test in my mind to see if Trump is the real deal or if he is just another fake.)
 This is a good example about why the "new world order" psychos are planning our future as slaves and serfs.
     There was a big political debate in the early 1990s regarding NAFTA, GATT/WTO because these so-called "free trade" agreements were nothing more than a grand socialist scam.  In fact, you can find the term "free trade" in the Communist Manifesto.  What free trade really means is that free trade will never happen.  American companies who were burdened with high regulation in the United States would simply move their factories to other locations outside of this country causing severe unemployment.  Neutered Newt Gingrich and the "Government" was instrumental in emasculating this country's economy and now he wants to be President.  Other phoney conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy, Oliver North,  Michael Reagan, and many others were supporters of these trade agreements.  The power of conservative talk radio was used to push through this stupid agreement over the objections of millions of Americans who knew perfectly well that millions of jobs would be lost.  Limbaugh called us conspiracy "kooks".  Limbaugh was the kook.  And so if you like your unemployment situation, you can thank "conservative" talk radio.  The only conservative radio host that didn't support it was Michael Savage; if my memory serves me correctly.
     NAFTA was the first federal "law" or agreement I had ever read.  I couldn't believe it.  It was like Karl Marx wrote it from the grave.  It was so stupid, ignorant, and evil because it was a communist document that would destroy our economy.  Seeing these stupid bills pass was like watching our whole political system drink the Kool-Aid.   In fact, it hasn't done much good for Mexico either.
     Neutered Newt's NAFTA has emasculated manufacturing and agriculture, leaving more of a consumer economy.  The better setup for an economy is a strong manufacturing, agriculture, and consumer.  The United States was the strongest economy in the world, but now will wallow in decline, especially if this knucklehead becomes President.  Think about it.  Almost 42,000 manufacturing companies left the country leaving millions of people out of jobs.  Then, many of the small farms had to shut down because of unfair competition from Mexico and other countries.  With the high unemployment, consumerism took a big hit and the country is now in a big mess. Thank Neutered Newt, Bill Clinton, who are going around the country looking smart, but are in fact, very stupid.
     When I had my own factory, I produced products with the labor of my workers.  For example,
if I paid a worker $10.00 per hour I had additional costs; medical insurance, FICA, workman's compensation, and other expenses.  That could add up to about $15.00 per hour cost of producing our products.  At the time, I was quoted a price of around $2.00 to $3.00 per hour if I had my products made in Mexico.  If I took those same products to China to be produced, the price at that time was
.29  The economic incentive was to shift our manufacturing out of the country and send our workers home.  I didn't do it but it was tempting.
     Years ago, I really got pissed when I heard Hillary Clinton say that she can't be responsible for every under-capitalized company.  Well, if I could actually pay a worker .29 cents per hour, or even $2-3.00 per hour, I would be more competitive too.  At the time, the minimum wage was around $8.25 per hour.  American companies operating in the United States are operating under a major financial handicap and competitive disadvantage.
     The government, as we know it today, is completely useless, and if Republicans think that Neutered Newt is going to do a good job, just know that he is not capable of it.  He has a proven track record
of utter failure via NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO. He is a communist and as are all of the other "conservative" talk show hosts who supported these stupid trade agreements. Democracy is a system that ensures that the most stupid, evil, and insane politicians will occupy the seats of power, bringing destruction upon itself.  This is truly a kakistocracy which means a government by the worst people.
     In order to have a good economic recovery that produces good jobs, this country will have to restore what was taken.  Manufacturing and agricultural businesses will have to be restored.  If that doesn't happen, we will decline to a condition like we see in Zimbabwe.
     The only government that will work would be one which respects God's commandments.  Which would mean never allowing interest or usury to be used in our financial systems.
     There's not much more adversity this economy can take, and putting Neutered Newt as President will probably finish us off.  As for me, I would not vote for any of these people.  Just let it rot and start over.

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I Wish I Had A Woman as Nice as My Dog

   I was getting out of my car this morning, and my little Yorkie  stuck out her paw and scrapped it on my hand wanting me to pet her. She's so nice.  She does this a lot--though it's a bit annoying when I'm driving--because all she wants is some love and a little attention.  I pet her on the head and she's happy, and will lay down and sleep on a longer trip.
     A dog will give a man unconditional love; whereas, a woman may or may not keep you around depending upon the prevailing winds.  I don't have to buy my dog a food dish lined with jewels.
My dog doesn't get crabby and vicious for no reason because she loves me unconditionally.  My dog doesn't run up a charge account at Macy's, and she doesn't spend $50.00 to do her nails.  My dog doesn't take drugs, drink alcohol, or crash my brand new car.  My dog doesn't stand there and "bitch me out" for not being sensitive to her needs.  All my dog needs is a little love, attention, and her food.  Overall, the quality of life with my dog has far exceeded any relationship I have had with any woman.  If you want to know where you stand with a woman, just run out of money.   If you have a woman that stays with you when you're broke or in a setback, then you have a good one.   The value of any relationship depends upon unconditional love, and that's more evident with my dog.
     My guess is that animals are not subject to evil as people are.  Even wild animals seem to be more behaved than mankind.  Animals don't strap explosives on themselves and then go blow up other animals.  You don't see eagles or vultures flying over the elephants dropping bombs on them.  When was the last time you saw a socialist animal?  Animals don't shave their faces, armpits, or legs, put on makeup, they don't get pierced or get tattoos, take drugs, engage in homosexual activities,  nor do they cross-dress.  You will never see a male lion shave his mane nor his beard in order to look like a female lion.  You don't see them working on their "six pack" (I have a one pack).  You'll never see animals joining the freemasons or other satanic cults.  Animals have more freedom than people.
     So when some of you call a woman a "bitch" think about what you are saying.  The word "bitch" means a female dog.  So if you are going to use the word with its true meaning, you would actually be insulting female dogs, because the dogs have better behavior than many women.  You can blame a lot that on the feminist movement, but also, because men and women refuse to stay within their natural order of life, which are God's commandments.  I would never insult my dog by calling Gloria Allred a "bitch".  I'm trying to maintain a higher standard; I would call her a feminist but not a bitch.  The feminist movement has made many of our women unseemly wenches.  Raise the moral standards, and the problems will subside.  It's not like there's no solution.
     I love my bitch and I don't want to say anything to offend her.  My bitch is sweet, my bitch is lovable, my bitch is kind, my bitch is considerate, and she hardly causes me any trouble.  She doesn't mess with my mind; doesn't say yes today and no tomorrow.  She doesn't tell me she loves me today, but tomorrow she wants a divorce. My dog doesn't pole dance at drunken parties. My dog doesn't pick up "stud muffins" at bars. My dog doesn't make porno films.  My dog doesn't take me to court (you lawyers..don't get any ideas) and she doesn't make any unreasonable demands.  It is a perfect relationship as I don't have to entertain any of her relatives.  My dog is my friend and not my adversary.
    If I was ever to consider getting married again, the woman would have to (at the very least)  rise to the level of the behavior of my beautiful little dog.  Dogs and animals stay within the natural order in which God created; many people do not.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

'Never Stand For The National Anthem Again'

 After his hearing, Jesse Ventura said: "I'll never stand for the national anthem again."  This is a sorry state of affairs, when the former governor of Minnesota makes a statement like this; however, I've felt this way for a long time.  I've never said it, but I think about it quite often.

The reason for Jesse's feelings is that the government, or what is passed off as government, is completely lawless.  They certainly don't follow the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights is meaningless. This cannot be fixed.

If a man ever tries to use the court system this country, he will find it almost completely crooked, unless his case doesn't involve the government.  Going to court is like being in hell and asking the Devil for a glass of water.  There is no relief and there is little to no justice.  In this country, there are numerous instances that show that the operatives in the government do not have any respect for their own rules.  And as a result, there is no remedy for anyone who is offended by any government process.

In the case of the TSA, it is simply another arm of a Gestapo mentality in our government.  The excuse is because of  "national security".  But it is my opinion that the government itself created the conditions for the so-call terrorist threats throughout the world.  The twin towers were obviously blown up.  The only group I'm aware of that could pull off something like that would be a government.  I remember a few years ago, a friend of mine told me that his Russian friend who lived in California, was thinking about going back to Russia to get away from the police state known as the United States.

I used to enjoy going to the airport and going on a trip.  But now, that's the last place I want to go and I refuse to fly commercial.  I don't need to go anywhere that bad to put myself through that nonsense.

The "Government" treats everyone like animals or livestock.  And the people in the government are as a cesspool: the big chunks rise to the top.  You can look no farther than Obama who is still in office even though he shows no valid birth certificate and may have a bogus Social Security number.  He couldn't pass even the most rudimentary security check, yet this knucklehead is still the President.

Reading and studying law is a complete waste of time.  I used to do it for years and years, and I really don't like to read any of it anymore because it doesn't mean anything.  Why read fantasy and try to accomplish something?  Why study something that is not?

Jesse Ventura found out the hard way, just like many of us who have tried to get a remedy in the courts, only to find out they are founded upon evil.

Walter Allen Thompson

Teaching and Power: The Fruit of the Tree

      One of the things I've learned over the years is that I have to judge things based upon truth.  If I make a judgement about a person, I have to do it based upon not only what he says, but also, by what he does.  The words attributed to Christ that essentially says that one can tell a tree by its fruit.  I wish I had known how to use this principle earlier in my life, but I'm glad to have been able to learn it.  I'm going to describe how this principle can be put to good use.
     I know that a bad tree cannot give good fruit or a good tree will not produce bad fruit.  If I apply this principle to people that I encounter, I am able to better judge them; mostly by their actions.  I try to never judge a man by his physical appearance with the exception of his face.  I don't look at the face if it is handsome or ugly, but rather, what expressions give away his inner countenance.  I remember meeting a man who had the most sour look on his face.  I took note of it and I always avoided him.  Later, he was caught doing three bank robberies in one day.  I knew by the expressions on his face that this was someone I didn't need to be around. In this case, I was right.
     People who lie always produce bad fruit.  When a person lies to me, he distorts  my own thinking.  That's why I now find politics and religious people so disgusting.  It seems like they aren't happy unless they are lying about something.  Thus, if you find any of them lying to you, there's no reason to engage them any longer.  There really isn't any reason to vote, nor is there any reason to go to their meetings.  Disinformation will always send a person down the wrong road, take the wrong turn, and get to the wrong destination.  The person is the tree; the fruit, in this case, is the lie.  It's a simple concept, but many of us don't use it.  We believe things that people tell us and then we get upset when we find out that someone lied to us.  People are what they do, and all one has to do is to observe it.
     Most governments and religions that I am aware of deserve to be flushed down the toilet.  These organizations are only the false authority for evil people to kill many men, women, and children.  People shouldn't define themselves from these lying despots and false teachers, but should define themselves and their morality from God's commandments; not from men's laws.  As we can see right now given the current events, that with government and religion being the tree, we can see the bad fruit coming forth.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

The Two-Fingered Finger

      One of the things I've noticed about all these jerks in government, religion, and the media is their tendency to use satanic hand signals.  I suppose this is a way the Luciferians warn or disclose to us who they serve.
     Usually, these hand signals are  either the middle finger and the index finger that are formed in the letter V, or the index finger and the little finger are formed into a horned shape.
     I actually appreciate that these people identify themselves right off the bat, so I don't have to find out who they are the hard way.  For instance, in recent photos of Herman Cain, he's giving the two fingered finger with both hands, just like Richard Nixon did back when he was president.  I'm assuming that Herman Cain must be some form of Luciferian or a freemason.
     In fact, there are many public and religious leaders who use these hand symbols and I hope they keep doing it.  I appreciate the disclosure so I can make sure that I can adjust my thinking when I encounter them when I am reading or see them on the internet.  I don't have to waste my time listening to their nonsense or bull shit.
    What are these people accomplishing by giving us the two-fingered finger? I interpret these hand signals as saying that they are arrogant devil-worshipers; they are simply in our faces with this garbage.  It doesn't matter if they are liberal or conservatives; many of them seem to be doing this.  We see actors, Hollywood stars, musicians, and supposedly successful people giving us the two-fingered finger.
    One day I had a Pentecostal freak walk by me and give me the two-fingered finger.  I asked him to stop doing it because it is a satanic symbol, and for him to stick it somewhere else.  As I turned my back and walked away, he started doing it behind my back.
     I was talking with someone about the occult one morning, and I looked down at her hand and she was giving me the two-fingered finger.  Which is very helpful to me because I know now to stay away from people who do it.
     I'm not going to post any of the pictures as they are readily available on the internet.  But these hands signals are a big help to people like me so I know who these people are and to make sure that I stay away from them, nor do I listen to anything that they have to say.  They are worthless wretches and even listening to their drivel can distort the mind.  They are losers and will always be losers as long as they keep serving the desires of Satan.
     That's why it is very important to be consistent in keeping God's commandments that conform to the natural law.  When you see the two-fingered finger, just know that nothing good is going to come from that person.  They have nothing to say that will do you any good.  If they manage to do something good for you, they will twist it into something evil.  The best thing to do is to appreciate the fact that they disclosed to you that they are of the devil and that you no longer need to engage with such people.

Updated: 10/31/15

     When we see these kinds of hand signals, I was told that in the case of the V sign, that is a curse directed at the person receiving it.  These hand signals from what I can tell do indeed seem to put a curse upon the ones receiving them.  The best thing to do is to separate from them and stay away as they will attempt to bring us all down with their stupid nonsense.  These hand signals are also warnings so we should be able to recognize a Satanist when we see one.  Once these people are recognized, the best thing to do is to stand aside and try not to engage them.  If they start asking questions, try not to say anything to them.  The reason is that they will control the conversation by asking the questions.  Remember, you'll be talking to an idiot who is extremely immature.  None of us need these kinds of people in our lives.  They cause nothing but trouble and they should always be avoided.
     When I was in prison, some inmates would flash me this sign and I would call them out on it.  They would back off and then do it again.  I'm thinking this is how they think they are putting curses upon people.  Most people in government and religion are spiritual perverts and anything they say should be taken as the excrement of a male cow.  I've saved myself a lot of trouble by not engaging those people who seem to gravitate toward the occult.  Again, if someone flashes you the two-fingered finger, make sure you stay away from them.  Nothing that they do will get good results.

Update: 06/12/16
Here are some more examples.
Hillary Clinton admits that ISIS is a U.S. government creation
Hillary Admits that ISIS was Created by the US Government

Donald J. Trump giving the Two-Fingered Finger

I suspected that the people who vote are going to get fornicated once again.  The only thing that changes is the calendar.

Update: 07/02/16

Roger Stone is an author and former political operative for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump.  Here, he is being interviewed on the Alex Jones channel and we can see Stone wearing a shirt with the skull and bones emblem.  As I've said before, they always disclose themselves quite publicly.  People who use these symbols are disclosing who they are thus eliminating the need for a lot of research.  Just look for the hand signals or other symbols of evil.
Stone giving the Two-Fingered Finger Nixon Style  Remember, Nixon was a communist but had the public persona of an anti-communist.
Beware of the information you take in when it comes to politicians or their advisors.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


Sunday, October 30, 2011

To Circumcise or Not to Circumcise

Updated: 07/03/16
   There have been some political controversies regarding circumcision in California.  I hadn't paid much attention to it until I read an article on the internet about how circumcision is "genital mutilation" and that it compromises a man's sexual capacities.  Let's look at the problem in the spiritual sense as I don't know enough about the physical consequences.  To me, the Bible is a spiritual minefield because if you look at the conduct of its proponents, you will find a pagan influence almost every time.  In fact, when I received my Geneva Bible in the mail it had a pagan symbol right on the front cover.   How is it that the so-called Word of God has a pagan symbol on it?   So I cut it out, but I still wonder if there's something I may be missing.  I'm at the point now that I don't trust any writing unless I can confirm it some other way.
     When reading anything, I want to make sure that what I am reading is true and that it makes some kind of sense.  If the commandments say not to worship idols, then I know that it makes sense because there is no profit for me in worshiping anything that is of a lesser standing than God and man.  I also do not want to offend God; avoiding idolatry makes a lot of sense thus I believe the commandment.  I know by natural law that it is wrong to kill another man, steal from him, have sex with his wife, and covet his possessions.  I have a latent knowledge of these things from natural law and discerning between right and wrong.
     I don't think there is any latent knowledge within mankind to cut the foreskin of his baby boy's penis.  It doesn't make any sense to me.  In fact, it is altering what the Creator himself has created.  What would be the purpose of it?  I don't see any purpose.  And if it is done as a religious ritual and it is wrong, then the act of circumcision would be idolatry.  This would definitely offend God.  On the surface of it, it makes sense to avoid circumcision.  But it appears to be a command of God to Abraham: "Let every male among you be circumcised...."  What facts, evidence, or proof that God said this to anyone?  In this case, the Bible is a very bad pacifier loaded with idiocy, contradictions, and outright lies.  I don't believe God would say that and no religious leader has any proof that God said anything, let alone cutting off the foreskin of a little male baby.  The procedure is sick and demented.
     Just as there's no referral of circumcision in the Ten Commandments , there is also no direct referral to the commandment in Leviticus 19:27 which forbids the cutting or altering of a man's beard.  And I suppose the reason for that is because the act of cutting or shaving the beard defiles and alters what God created.  Cutting or shaving the beard would go against natural law which are the boundaries set by the Creator.  The man puts up a false front by shaving and it is effeminate.    I know it because I can see and observe it.  In my opinion, that commandment makes sense because God said through the Mosaic law not to do it.  The writing is supplemental to the natural law.  If both fit, then that's where I set my belief.  But in the case of circumcision, it doesn't make any sense and it directly attacks the masculinity of the man.  And that's the whole point of Satanic doctrine is to attack a man's masculinity.  And it could have the effect of making men sexually dysfunctional. Which would be an article for another day.
     However, we don't have that kind of evidence for the circumcision.  I cannot see any "natural law" reason for this practice, other than that the Bible says to do it.  But the Bible was created by men.  The only way the Bible is useful is to the extent that it sticks to the truth.  What if some pagan just inserted this commandment to circumcise into the Bible? What if some freaked-out freemason or satanist put it in the Bible as a pagan ritual?  How would we know the difference unless we checked it against the natural law?  In fact, if you look at my reasoning about the beard and use of the same criteria on the circumcision, you'll see that there isn't one form of supporting evidence within the boundaries of natural law.  Why would God make men like that and then have some of it cut off after only 8 days?  It doesn't make any sense to me as I consider this issue, and if I had babies again that were boys, I would not have this procedure done.
     Along with the shaving of the beard, circumcision defiles the man and compromises his masculinity.  And that is the whole point of paganism; to destroy what God created.  Circumcision appears to be as useless as infant baptism because the baby is not at the age of reason and he has no say in the matter.   Given the pagan influences in the Judeo/Christian organizations, it wouldn't surprise me that the act of circumcision isn't a valid procedure that came from the Creator.
     My suggestion is that people do some more thinking before they act.  Try to find out whether something is good or evil first; then make the decision.  If you are in doubt, then don't do it.  Set it aside until you get the wisdom on the issue.  You might be surprised to find that some things aren't as they seem.

     If you notice in Israel, many of the men do not have beards so it is obvious that they do not obey their own laws.  Most of their leaders have the shaved girly-face.  So, on one had they shave their faces and on the other, they cut the foreskin off of the baby's penis.  That's easy to do to a baby.  Rabbi Icutchapeckeroff has no problem mutilating a baby's penis because some jerk said, "God said it.."  God isn't that stupid and he isn't that cruel.
     The only intelligent thing to do in this case would be to wait until the man grows up and then if he wants a circumcision, then he can make that choice for himself, but to do this to little infant babies is just plain evil.  I don't think God said any of it.

Religion is the source of societal dysfunction
     This is a perfect example of why I do not like religions and I think all of them should be avoided.  There is no shortage of assholes wanting to tell other people what to do when the natural law has plenty of information to make such judgments.  Religion, in my opinion, is the Four-Legged Jackass: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Hindu.  Those are the main culprits whose aim is to destroy mankind and right now they are doing a good job of it.  I suggest people just separate from them and preserve their sanity.

Baby Dies During Circumcision

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


Saturday, August 6, 2011

It Don't Get No Stupider Than This

     I never thought there could be a "president" worse than George W. Bush; I was wrong.  Not that I would want to go back to Bush, but I now question the whole system of government.  It seems as though only the most evil and stupid people ascend (or decend..depending on your point of view) to power.
     I thought I had seen everything when I saw the Speaker of the House cry profusely on 60 Minutes.  Here is a man who would be in a position to negotiate major legislation, only to be prone to crying at the drop of a hat.  Think of how much confidence that must instill in the people who follow him.  Of course, he caves in to the President in the budget bill disappointing the well-meaning Tea Party.  However, that should be renamed the Pea Party since Obama wanted Congress to "eat their peas".  Obama got the Republicans to eat their shorts.
     Obama has to be the most intelligent president in recent history.  Think of it.  He becomes president even though he may not be constitutionally qualified because he may have been born in Kenya.  He then produces a counterfeit birth certificate that even the most rank graphic software user could recognize as a fake.  But the guy is still president. He is using a questionable socialist insecurity number, and no one investigates other than a few reporters. Don't sell Obama short; he has his shit together.  He said in his campaign that he wanted to reduce troop commitments but starts two more wars.  He wrecks the economy and then blames George Bush.  Heck, why not blame George Washington?  He discontinues the most successful space program in the Space Shuttle at a time when there is chronic unemployment.  But that's OK, the astronauts can hitch a ride with the Russians.  It don't get no stupider than this.
     Obama is of mixed race: black and white.  But since it is politically convenient, he passes himself off as a black man.  If I use his logic, I could just as easily claim he's a white guy. But he gets away with calling himself black.  You gotta hand it to Obama, there's almost nothing he can't do.  Only Obama could be the first black president when he could just as well claim that he's white.  We could say that Obama is the first black president who is white.  I wonder if Jesse Jackson would cry over that; no doubt Boehner would.  It don't get no stupider than this.
     The only thing dumber than this are the conservative talk show hosts.  Right now, they are criticizing Obama for the high unemployment.  The reason for high unemployment is the unfair trade agreements such as NAFTA and GATT during the Clinton administration.  Limbaugh, Hannity, Liddy, Boortz, and many others all favored these agreements.  Perot warned that there would be a "great sucking sound"  which would be the jobs that would be lost as a result of the trade agreements.  Perot was right.  If you want to attach blame for the unemployment, it couldn't possibly be Obama.  The blame should be put at the feet of conservative talk radio which helped push the socialist agenda under the cover of "conservatism".  If Obama was smart, he would blame the high unemployment on Clinton, Limbaugh, and Hannity.  In this country; if it is political, it is socialist.  It don't get no stupider than this.
     Clinton, Limbaugh, Hannity, and others lead the way to destroy your job.  There will be no recovery because there is not a lot with which to recover.  I suggest that if you want a job, start sending your resume to India, Mexico, or China.  They'll need English speaking employees.  You won't make that much, but their living expenses are lower.  It will all come out in the wash.  Just have your relatives get on a plane to India  for the holidays and you can have your family gatherings in Mumbai.  Employment in the United States is highly overrated.  This is great for tech support people when you buy your Dell computer that was made in China and supported in India.  Just think how happy Dell's customers will be when they learn that a Texan moved to India to support their computers.  It don't get no stupider than this.

Walter Allen Thompson

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Teaching and Power: Part Two On Fornication


With the recent sexual scandals of various politicians, we are seeing the attempt to completely undo the moral structure of this country by satanic forces.  Evil is evil, no matter how you look at it, and this writing will discuss the problem of fornication and examine just how destructive it can be.  Fornication destroys everything in its path.  It deceives the mind; it destroys the man, woman, or "partner."  It destroys marriages, and it devastates children.  And frankly, if it isn't turned around, it will destroy this nation just as if someone dropped a nuclear bomb on the whole country.
     Fornication is simply this: unlawful sex outside of a marriage between a man and a woman.  This is the hideous tool of Satan which completely distorts the good and lawful relationship between men and women.  The act of fornication degrades the woman and leads her into a life of hell on earth.  While those who engage in it may think they love each other, the act itself is truly an act of hatred and defilement.  There is no better way to dishonor each other.  It produces a false sense of love or belonging.  It overlooks the natural order of life as God created it, and it destroys everything.
     I don't want to start describing all of the different situations, but what I want to do is to give the reader some ideas on how to defeat the urge to fornicate.  It isn't that difficult, but this is not taught in many places and I rarely see any articles on this subject.
     Fornication is an offense against God.  The problem is that our sexual desires seem to get the better of us and we can act in an unseemly way if we let it control us.  Evil is nothing; it is weak.  It takes a man or a woman to commit a sin in order to give the evil any power.  When the urge to fornicate is present, most of us don't know how to avoid it.  Fornication can be done by thought, actions, or both.  I find it a lot easier to avoid if I don't look at images that could cause my mind to wander toward fornication.  If I get a bad case of the urge, I simply repeat the commandment: "Thou shalt not commit adultery" and the urge goes away.  It sounds simplistic, but I'm finding that the commandments are a man's best tool to keep himself out of trouble.  Life is much easier under the yoke of God's commandments.
     The urge to fornicate puts a man's mind into a type of satanic stupor.  The man chases the fantasy until it is completed, but there is no love at the end, only disappointment and heartache.  Sex has its place only between a man and woman within the bond of marriage.  In truth, fornication is an act of hatred toward the other person.  There is a place for everything, but fornication is dangerous and it is  extremely easy to be deceived by it.
     The sexual act of fornication includes homosexual activity.  If a man fornicates, he is essentially as a homosexual because both acts are sins against God.  If heterosexuals fornicate, they are not any better or worse than homosexuals because what they do are an abomination to God.  When I realize that my temptation to fornicate is as being a queer, I defeat the temptation  almost immediately.  But the best reason not to fornicate is so that we do not break God's commandments.  Most of the commandments are things that we are not supposed to do.  Really, how hard is it not to do something?
     The problem arises because we are always influenced by spiritual good and evil.  Evil is stupid and destructive.  There is nothing smart about evil.  Evil is the weakest and most hurtful part of a man's life.
However, the evil can be easily defeated, and the only way I know to get rid of its influence on me is to repeat the commandments.  Whatever evil spirit or influence I am experiencing goes away making my life a lot easier to live.  This works because the evil cannot stand to hear the commandments of God.  When anyone repeats the commandments, the evil leaves the scene.  So keeping the commandments at the forefront of our minds is the best way to defeat evil.  Remember, evil is stupid and destructive and its only true intent is to destroy mankind.  But by repeating the commandments( abiding in them), will give the man the best tool to overcome these incidious temptations.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Only Safe Place on Earth

     I am 64 years old, and I have always been the type of man who respected government, law, and religion.  Throughout my early years, I always looked up to political and religious leaders.  I always thought that they were special people who always had the people's best interest at heart.  I no longer think that because I can see the utter devastation that they have wrought upon mankind.
     I recently got into an exchange with a "Christian" who told me that it is impossible for a man to keep God's commandments.  This is the usual insane fare that is put upon most Christians and the thought of not being able to keep God's commandments is completely ludicrous.  It would mean that God is stupid (I know He is not) and extremely sadistic.  This line of thought follows satanic doctrine.  This kind of doctrine conforms more to a pagan religion more than anything else.  I used to call myself a Christian but I couldn't find a suitable church for me to attend.  I've tried most all of them, and upon checking their doctrinal statements, I just couldn't stomach going to them.  And every time I did go, I was always disappointed and felt lost and abandoned.  I didn't feel that God disappointed me, but I realized that I was missing an important understanding.
     I realized that it was important to keep the commandments and that God expected me to keep them.  And I realized that if I attended churches or religious services that offended God, then I would be committing idolatry.  Idolatry is a sin against God, so I decided that it was in my best interest to simply stay away from these groups because I didn't want to be offending God and committing a sin.
     As time went on, I began to understand that keeping the commandments can bring some interesting results, but there is a big payoff in understanding.  By taking the time for me to learn self-control, I was able to improve my life.  Not so much in material things, but in ways I think are extraordinary.
     When I am able to overcome a temptation, I feel a very nice sense of security.  I don't feel any guilt or any evil consequences.  And the best part about keeping the commandments is that I am not under the impending threat of God's wrath.  Those who commit sins are only hurting themselves.
     Keeping God's commandments is the only way I can feel safe.  I don't feel safe in any church or any political system unless I do so within God's law.  I know that if I don't break God's commandments, I will
always benefit in so many ways: spiritually, intellectually, consciously, and my mood is always cheerful.
     The folly of today's governments and religions is self-evident by the complete chaos that they bring to mankind.  Man's laws are so convoluted, that I have given up trying to figure out what they say.  I have driven myself almost insane trying to understand these laws.  But I do understand God's laws and those laws are what provides for my freedom.  I am free from the guilt of sin and I actually feel better.  If I commit a sin, I feel bad and my life is worse for it.
     To me, it makes more sense to speak about the beauty of the commandments and to learn how to exercise the self-control over our sinful inclinations by abiding within God's doctrines.  I don't feel safe within man's laws or religion, because they change and are modified along with the political whims or religious fads of the day.  I don't trust the written word as they can be altered to the agenda of the writer.  The written word must be tested against the things that are true and can be observed.
     I referred to idolatry.  Man has a bad habit of worshiping that which is created instead of the Creator who made the heavens and the earth.  Some religions teach that a man can be a god.  However, nature shows us that God created it and that there is no other way it can be.  Thus, worshiping the Creator is the only proper religion or frame of mind that can prosper a man.  There isn't any "force" to worship, it is only the Creator and that's it.  If there is such a thing called Christianity, then Jesus Christ would have to be God in the flesh; or it is just another pagan religion.  If I worship God the Creator, then I am effectively worshiping Jesus Christ assuming he is real.  I can prove in my mind that God the Creator exists, but I can't do it with Jesus Christ because of the corruption of the scripture.  The Christ taught in the churches is a completely different thing than the Christ of the scriptures.  I can't tell from the writing alone, I have to have more evidence to make a coherent decision of what to believe.  But I don't worry about it because I worship the Creator.  And if the Creator came to earth in a man's body in Christ, then I have no problem believing it assuming it is true.  But I refuse to worship anything that would be a false god, or an entity that is intended to deceive me.  I can only trust in the truth.
     Idolatry is in graven images.  I've wonder why so many "churches" and government locations have so many statues.  The US has the "Statue of Liberty" but these statues are only metal, wood, and other materials that are not alive.  They can't stop a bird from crapping on them; they can't stop a dog from pissing on them, and they can't stop anyone from smashing them into little pieces.  Yet, many people treat them as if they were gods.  And herein lies our problem: disobeying God's commandments is going to destroy us all.  Whether it is idolatry, sexual sin, murder, and lying, the fact is that all of these sins affect the whole of mankind.
     If a man fornicates, it affects his wife and children in the most unseemly way.  Children get confused, and the wife feels as if she has been torn apart inside.  What goes on in Vegas is spread over the whole land.  Our sins affect everyone and it destroys the life of mankind.  If people don't start to repent and turn their lives around, this country especially will be completely destroyed.  The  morality should be God's commandments.  Because when keeping these commandments, men will bring upon themselves the blessings of God.  Life will be good.
     So it is certainly possible to keep all of God's commandments all of the time, and if you don't know all of them, at least do those which you do know.  There may be some understanding some of us may not know, but we should be able to use our reasoning to understand God's natural law.  Any religion that says that it is impossible to keep God's laws are extremely stupid and are pagan, and they should never be given any attention.  Life is too short to abide within the wrath of God.
     It is easier to live a life under God's commandments than to continue in debauchery.  While I am sometimes tempted to write about all of the wrongs, I would not be imparting any real knowledge or wisdom.  The smart and intelligent man keeps the commandments and encourages others to do the same thing.  If we all did more of that, we would begin to live the way God intended.  The only safe place on earth is abiding within God's commandments.

Walter Allen Thompson

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Teaching and Power: Part One


When I named my blog "Very Dumb Government" I didn't realize how much material I was going to be able to write about; just within fifteen months.  Given the recent sexual scandals of various politicians and other celebrities, I have been tempted to throw in my two cents.  The problem is that it would not help anyone and just the act of pointing out what is wrong with government and religion would take just too long and accomplish nothing.
     When I was at my free sabbatical in a federally-funded gated community, I decided to make it a point to work with God's commandments and simply try to keep them the best I could.  Nothing else was working, so I asked for and received some of the early Christian writings that were not in the bible.  I found some very simple writings that were actually more instructive and actually helped me to improve my own behavior and gave me the strength to overcome temptations when they came my way.  I learned to have an incredible amount of patience when I didn't have any, and I am able to suppress evil thoughts when they come my way.
     So what I am going to do is post a part of the Epistle of Barnabus and the Shepherd of Hermas.  Then I will post more details in the future as to how and why these things are valuable.  The purpose of this is to help anyone who is interested in improving their life.  It has been my experience, that my life gets better when I keep the commandments.  Keeping the commandments is the only safe haven that I know of against stupid government and religion.  It is the only place where I can think rationally.
    I like to carry this in my pocket as these commandments have served me well in the last seven years.

From the Epistle of Barnabus

There are two ways of teaching and power; the one of light and the other of darkness, and there is a great difference between the two ways.  For on the one are stationed the light giving angels of God, on the other are the angels of Satan.

And the one is the Lord from all eternity and unto all eternity, whereas the other is the Lord of iniquity that now is.

This then is the way of light, if anyone desiring to travel on the way to his appointed place would be zealous in his works.  The knowledge then which is given to us whereby we may walk therein as follows:

Thou shalt love him that made thee,
Thou shalt fear him that created thee,
Thou shalt glorify him that redeemed thee from death,
Thou shalt simple in heart and rich in spirit,
Thou shalt not cleave to those who walk in the way of death,
Thou shalt hate everything that is not pleasing to God,
Thou shalt hate all hypocrisy,
Thou shalt never forsake the commandments of the Lord,

Thou shalt not exalt thyself, but shalt be lowly in all things,
Thou shalt not assume glory to thyself,
Thou shalt not entertain a wicked design against thy neighbor,
Thou shalt not admit boldness into thy soul.

Thou shalt not commit fornication, thou shalt not commit adultery,
Thou shalt not corrupt boys.
The word of God shall not come forth from thee where any are unclean.
Thou shall not make a difference in a person to reprove him for a transgression.
Thou shalt be meek, Thou shalt be quiet, Thou shalt be fearing the words which thou has heard.
Thou shalt not bear a grudge against thy brother.
Thou shalt not doubt whether a thing shall be or not be.
Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord in vain.
Thou shalt love thy neighbor more than thine own soul.
Thou shalt not murder a child by abortion, nor again kill it before it is born.
Thou shalt not withhold thy hand from they son or daughter, but from their youth thou shalt teach them
the fear of God.
Thou shalt not be found coveting thy neighbor's goods;
Thou shalt not be found greedy of gain.
Neither shalt thou cleave with thy soul to the lofty, but thou shalt walk with the humble and the righteous.
The accidents that befall thee thou shalt receive as good, knowing that nothing is done without God.
Thou shalt not be double-minded nor double-tongued.
Thou shalt be subject to thy masters as to a type of God in shame and fear.  
[Only within the context of the commandments; there's no obligation or license to break any commandment.]
Thou shalt not command in bitterness they bondservant or thine handmaid who set their hope on the same God, lest haply, they should cease to fear the God who is over both of you; for he came not to call with respect of persons, but to call those whom the Spirit has prepared.
Thou shalt make thy neighbor partake in all things, and shalt not say anything is thine own.  For if ye are fellow partakers in that which is imperishable, how much rather shall ye be in the things which are perishable.
Thou shalt not be hasty with thine own tongue, for the mouth is the snare of death.
So far as thou are able, thou shalt be pure for thy soul's sake.
Be not thou found of holding thy hands out to receive, and drawing them in to give.
Thou shalt love as the apple of thine eye every one that speaketh unto thee the Word of the Lord.
Thou shalt remember the day of judgment night and day, and thou shalt seek out day by day the persons of the saints, either laboring by word and going to exhort them and meditating how thou mayest save souls by thy word, or thou shalt work with thy hands as a ransom for thy sins.
Thou shalt not hesitate to give, neither shalt thou murmur when giving, but thou shalt know who is the good paymaster of they reward.
Thou shalt keep those things which thou has received, neither adding to them nor taking away from them.
Thou shalt utterly hate the Evil One.
Thou shalt judge righteously.
Thou shalt not make a schism, but thou shalt pacify them that contend by bringing them together.Thou shalt confess thy sins.
Thou shalt not betake thyself to prayer with an evil conscience.  This is the way of light.

The Shepherd of Hermes

I say to him, "Sir, these commandments are great and beautiful and glorious, (and are able to gladden the heart of the (man) who is able to observe them.  But I know not whether these commandments can be kept by a man, for they are very hard."  He answered and said unto me: "If thous set it before thyself that they can be kept, thou wilt easily keep them, and they will not be hard; but if it once enter into thy heart that they cannot be kept by a man, thou wilt not keep them.  But now I say unto thee; if thou keep them not, but neglect them thou shalt not have salvation, neither thy children nor thy household, since thou hast already pronounced judgment against thyself that these commandments cannot be kept by a man."

Mandate 1

     "First of all, believe God is One, even He who created all things set them in order, and brought all things from non-existence into being, who comprehendeth all things being alone incomprenhensable.  Believe Him therefore, and fear Him, and in this fear be continent.  Keep these things, can thou shalt cast off all wickedness from thyself, and shall clothe thyself with every excellence of righteousness, and shalt live unto God, if thou keep this commandment.

Mandate 2

     He saith to me: "Keep simplicity and be guileless, and thou shalt be as little children, and know not the wickedness which destroyeth the life of men."

Mandate 3

     Again he saith to me: "Love truth, and let nothing but truth proceed out of thy mouth, that the spirit which God made to dwell in this flesh may be found true in the sight of all men; and thus shall the Lord who dwelleth in thee, be glorified, for the Lord is true in every word, and with Him there is no falsehood."

Mandate 4

     "I charge thee," saith he, "to keep purity and let not a thought enter into thy heart concerning another's wife, or concerning fornication, or concerning any such evil deeds; for in so doing thou committest a great sin."

Mandate 5

     "Be thou long-suffering and understanding," he saith, "and thou shalt have the mastery over all evil deeds, and shall work all righteousness.

Mandate 6

"Do thou therefore trust righteousness, but trust not unrighteousness; but the way of unrighteousness is crooked.  But walk thou straight [and level] path, and leave the crooked one alone." 


     In the natural order of life, it is not supposed to be difficult at all to keep God's commandments.  But all of us have been taught just the opposite by satanic religions; some of them feigning Christianity.  If you take the time to read the full versions of these two writings, you will see that these writings are loaded with practical thoughts that make it much easier to understand what mankind is supposed to do and how to do it.  Getting control over our evil inclinations is a challenge, but we can do it if we set our minds to make it happen.  The true spiritual battle is between good and evil.  But remember, evil is incredibly weak.  It can't function in the face of good.  If every man refused to kill another man in war, then there would be no fuel for this kind of chaos.  If every man decided to stop fornicating, the evil would have no one to carry out this evil deed.  If every man decided to stop lying, all of the decisions would be founded upon truth rather than lies and error.  If all of mankind stopped taking oaths, most of the evil of the world would be gone.  Governments and religions as we know them now would go by the wayside.  As it stands now, they are almost completely dysfunctional.  Things would work much better.
     God's laws cannot be defeated.  They are a part of the natural law of the universe and they cannot be defeated successfully.
     While these commandments from the Epistle of Barnabus and the Shepherd of Hermas are important, they are not totally complete.  However, these writings give the reader a better understanding about the responsibilities of mankind to keep the commandments.
     These commandments actually work.  I am using them and nothing is better than knowing when to depart a bad thought, or getting angry in a situation that I have noen control over, and especially keeping me away from idolaters.  Most governments and religions are pagan in influence and are of no service to anyone but themselves.  And even then, they still lose.  Their power is only momentary, but God's judgment will be in their path.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Lie Doesn't Work for Good

     I am in the process of reading "Where's the Birth Certificate" by Jerome Corsi, and I cannot help but notice how the lie is so destructive.  "Where's the Birth Certificate" is very similar to the old tax protester question: "show me the law."  Many people like me believed in the "rule of law," only to be very disappointed when we came to find that there isn't any body of the law coming from mankind that is usable or dependable. The only law that I have found that works and is dependable are God's commandments; nothing else.  I hope to demonstrate that the whole governmental and religious systems are built upon the satanic principles of the lie.
     I have written quite extensively on this blog about the dangers of the oath and it is the foundation of the problem.  Any man who takes an oath is a liar.  The reason is that at the moment the man takes the oath, he has no idea if he can fulfill that oath.  So the very act of taking an oath means that he is lying right from the start.  Once the lie is in place, the rest is downhill, and nothing good will ever come from any thought or action based upon a lie.  Swearing oaths belongs to God and to God only because He is the only one who has the capacity to honor His oath.
     Lying is how people can manipulate others to do something that they wouldn't normally do.  If a man bases his opinion or perceived facts upon a lie, then all of his thoughts and actions will not have a good result, because they are based upon false information.  Many people ask why doesn't Obama just show his birth certificate?  Obviously, he doesn't want people to know what it says. I have no idea why he doesn't want to release a valid copy of it, other than there's something he doesn't want to make public.  Apparently, the law that establishes a liability for income tax is also a secret that the government doesn't want to disclose.  The only way the government can keep the lie going is to tell yet more lies to delay the manifestation of the truth.  Governments lie because they are in the business of stealing, putting people in prison, and killing them.  The whole purpose if this kind of government is to destroy mankind the way God intended; thus, the "new world order."  The old world order is that which is founded upon the principles of the Creator which is primarily supported by the evidence of nature itself, and supported by truthful scriptures.  The new world order is Satan's world order.  The government is working exactly as it was intended; to ruin and destroy the lives of men, women, and children.  Corsi's book is well written, but the effort is like documenting every piece of crap in the cesspool.  The possibilities are endless.  The problem is that government lies so much that it is difficult to keep track of them. In fact, I'm at a point to where I don't know how to sort out all the lies that they tell.  Of course, if you get in a jam with the government, you can always hire another liar who is called a lawyer.  Lawyers, being under oath, will almost guarantee that you will have a bad outcome.
     Lying in religion is no better; in fact, I'm of the opinion that bad religion and bad government go hand in hand.  Think about it, some guy puts on a fancy robe; judges do the same thing, in order to deceive the people into thinking that they have a civil or spiritual authority that they don't have under natural law. The robes and the reversed collars are there to make people think they are something that they are not.
     Christian groups argue incessantly about whether or not Jesus is God in the flesh or if he was something other than what the gospels say.  Some Christian groups say that there's no hell, some say that one has to be "saved" by baptism, or that there was to be a "rapture" on May 21st, 2011.  Others say one cannot be saved by keeping God's commandments.  So then someone is lying, and these lies are extremely destructive because they brainwash mankind with the deviant information.  Instead of obeying God's commandments, many "Christian" groups say that the commandments don't need to be kept; Satan thinks that too.  Anything from God that benefits mankind is always excoriated by evil doers.
     The Unite States Constitution is based upon the oath; oath taking is lying, thus, the whole system is cursed from the beginning.  Most religious groups that I am aware of use the oath, which means that they are also liars.  These religious groups are also cursed from the beginning and are of no service to anyone.  Any good that they do is always twisted to the promulgation of evil.  And all people need to do is to watch their pathetic behavior and understand that the evil is a natural outpouring of the cursed system.  From a satanic viewpoint, the system is working perfectly.  It is supposed to be screwed up; it is supposed to be rotten to the core.  Millions of innocent people die or have their lives ruined by evil government and religion.  Lies are constantly inculcated into people because of the twisted and cursed media outlets.  Very little truth comes out and very little is done to oppose the liars.
     The power of government and religion lies in their ability to steal, cheat, put in prison, and murder as many people as it can; because that is the purpose of government and religion under the oath.
     This is why we have so many problems in the world because of the incessant disobedience of God's natural law against lying.
     If I lie to someone, then the person who hears it starts thinking in a way that is untrue.  Through the course of his thought processes he then starts to see evidence contrary to what he heard from me.  He starts to question what I said, but since I'm his friend he's thinking that I wouldn't lie to him.  So he asks me a question about the first lie, I then tell him yet another lie to cover up the first one.  So he wastes time trying to sort this all out and accomplishes nothing.  If he buys the lie and then acts upon it, then his mind is destroyed and his actions go into error.  This is what bad government and bad religion do to people.  They destroy the mind and make it weak.  The destroyed mind cannot think rationally and operates in a type of a satanic stupor of idiocy.
     If lies were allowed in engineering, cars wouldn't go, buildings would fall down, bridges would collapse, and anything built wouldn't work.  Yet, we the people accept the lies of people in government and religion as if they were normal.  In fact, most of us at one time or another have believed in things that are not true.  Corsi's book is an extreme example of this dynamic.  Our minds and our lives are being destroyed by lies.  Whether we are rich or poor; or somewhere in between,  our minds are constantly being twisted to think along the lines of the new world order.
     The only sane reaction to the musings of religious and government people under oath is contained in two words: bull shit.  When any of them start to talk, I feel as if I am listening to gibberish.  Lying is gibberish and it weakens the mind.  In the case of Obama's birth certificate, just listening to his nonsense provokes the two-word response: bull shit.  Anyone who has examined the document released by the White House knows that any scanned document would not have any of the layers found on the one presented by Obama.  So we now know that Obama is a liar.  But you can't just blame him.  The whole "government" is like him.  If they were different, they would not allow him to continue as President.  The Constitution of the United States is just a big lie in and of itself, and by the inactions of Congress on this one issue, shows that the document is just window dressing.  The "Bill of Rights" is a complete fraud; total bull shit.  If you think that's harsh, try using them and see what happens.
     Remember, a half-truth is not the truth' it is still a lie.  I believe that the main cause of the problem is a spiritual problem; the oath. The oath is the bond to Satan. The whole process is cursed and nothing good comes from it.  The success of American people is not dependent upon the government; the success of the American people is in spite of the government, not because of it.
     I suggest that if you read Jerome Corsi's book: "Where's the Birth Certificate" that you then watch how the various media, law enforcement, and political principals ignore the clear facts of this issue.  None of us can stop these people from lying, but we can expose their lies for what they are, and all we have to do is to observe what is in plain sight.
            The best thing to do would be to remove the oath from the constitution and get it in line with God's commandments instead.  The world is getting completely out of control of any moral standards and God's commandments are the only things that will profit and benefit mankind.  The act of lying sets in motion the most unspeakable evil; it's time to start telling the truth.

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Westboro Baptist Church: Burning the Koran..Quran.

     I have had some experience with Baptists and as a Christian, I find that their churches are nothing more than pagan counterfeits.  I believe this is true of Westboro Baptist Church, because of their constant taunting of Muslims, homosexuals, and other groups of people.  While these people are not abiding in the scriptures or the will of God, neither are these Baptists.  It is one thing to oppose those people who are in conflict with the natural law, but it is another to taunt them; giving them more credibility than they deserve.
     In the Book of Ecclesiasticus, removed from use by the pagans feigning Christianity, there is a very instructive verse: "Kindle not the coals of a sinner, lest thou be burnt with the flame of his fire."  It serves no purpose to burn a Koran just to agitate Muslims.  In the case of this burning, other people were killed and murdered and the pastor has received multiple death threats.  It serves no purpose to make demonstrations like this because people are going to believe what they want to believe.  The wisdom of this verse is saying in effect: "Leave them alone."
     My experience with Baptists as a group is that they act like a bunch of jerks, and this is a perfect example of a Baptist.  Rather than acting like a Christian, they act just like the people they are criticizing.  It would be in the better interest of Christians that people act like Christians rather than a bunch of idiots.
    This organization has put itself on the same side as the Muslims in that they are contributing to the chaos that satanic religions promulgate.  The demonstration does not impart any wisdom, it just imparts more hatred all the way around.  The continual hatred and killing of people is going to destroy us all if we don't get a handle on the problem.  The difficulty is mankind isn't keeping God's commandments, and as a result he is destroying the very life that God gave him to live and prosper. The Westboro Baptist Church is not contributing to the edification of anyone, but instead act like jerks and discourage even more people regarding Christianity.  They are acting just like the Muslims.  And perhaps, that's the whole purpose of Baptists; to make Christianity look bad.

Walter Allen Thompson

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Arizona Abortion Law: No Baby Left Behind

     I  named this website: Very Dumb Government because I know that there is not going to be any shortage of material.  Apparently, there's a law that does not allow the abortion of children based upon gender or race.  I guess this is the new enlightened government.  No, we don't want to discriminate against race or gender, hell, let's just get everybody.  Did it ever occur to these morons that abortion is murder?  That abortion will stain everyone who is involved with it.  It is a disgusting and barbaric practice from the Devil's handbook.  This is why I think government is a waste of time and it completely destructive in terms of what it produces for mankind.
     Abortion violates the commandment: "Thou shalt not kill."  Murder or killing is not allowed by God's commandments.  This practice is the most vile and evil thing a person can do.  His conscience has been seared as Hitler's must have been.
     For a satanist, killing babies requires no courage; only cowardly actions by the abortionists.  It is easy to pick on a little child when it is in the womb.  The sins of this practice defile our land and put all of us under the wrath of God who tolerate such evil.  And the government, in all of its insanity, essentially says that murder is something that must be applied without discrimination.  White baby; black baby; Mexican baby: Asian baby;--it doesn't matter to the government, you can kill them all, just don't discriminate regarding race or gender.  I thought I had seen everything, but Arizona has really outdone itself this time.
     This is why I think the people in government are psychotic jerks.

Walter Allen Thompson

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm Not Human!

   I was thinking about getting a job at a corporation until I realized that I would have to go through "HR" which is the Human Resources department.  Here's my problem: I'm not human.  I could never figure out why I don't play well with corporations, but now I know.  I've been living my whole life thinking I was human when I wasn't. I never was human, I'm not human, and I never will be human.  I am not a human being; I am not a humanitarian.  I don't write about human interests because there is no such thing as a human being.  In fact, when I tell people I'm not human, they think I've gone off my rocker.  But words mean things and the words human being means something other than what most people think.
     The meaning of the word human is a man, woman, or child that is a "bipedal primate mammal".  In other words: a monkey.  The words human being means a man, woman, or child that is a derivative of a primate or a monkey.  It is the religious, government, and so-called educational systems that have used this obnoxious term to apply to a man, woman, or a child.  In fact, all of the laws will refer to "persons" which are in turn defined as human beings: monkeys.  These low life institutions refer to people as beasts and treat us as if we were livestock.  And of course, they have a word for us: human.  Rather than calling us slaves, they call us human.  Most people don't know the difference in terms so they are content to repeat what other people say.  Actually, that's how most of us learn our languages.
     So, now that you know that you are not human, some of the possibilities are almost comical.  I actually tell people that I'm not human without the explanation.  Since I have long hair and a long beard, I really get some odd looks.  Of course, I do this for my own entertainment and it keeps me quite amused.  Sometimes I will explain myself, but sometimes I don't.  Even though I like bananas, I do not consider myself an ancestor of any primate mammal.
     But if you're a government jerk, there is a certain method to their madness to labeling a man, woman, or child as some kind of beast.  And of course, with the ALL CAPITAL LETTERS (look at your driver's license) refers to a fiction.  The government forces us to assume the position of a beast or an animal and then steals what it thinks they can get.  This is just one other way how government and bad religion use words to destroy the status and lives of men.  To the government, we are just a bunch of beasts.  They, of course, believing in evolution, are just the elite beasts; but beasts nonetheless.  Here we see how they mislead people which make them a bunch of liars and miscreants of the lowest order.  Any satanic system is going to be used to destroy the lives of men, women, and children.
      So our government and religious systems are in fact nothing more than slavery but without the physical chains.  This is why the government wants to "educate" children so that they can re-educate the beasts.  They train us just like circus animals: jump, sit, roll over, stop, and go.  But the mental chains are always present.
The use of the term "human" inculcates upon a man's mind until he starts using this term regarding other men.  When in fact there is no such thing as a human being.  A human being doesn't exist.  A human being is a fiction.  A human being is a lie and a fraud.
     Whether you believe in God or not, the fact is that we are all creations of God: men, women, and children.  And we ought to treat each other as such and not degrade the status of mankind.
     Now, the next time you encounter someone, just tell them you are not human, and it may make your day.

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