Sunday, April 10, 2011

Westboro Baptist Church: Burning the Koran..Quran.

     I have had some experience with Baptists and as a Christian, I find that their churches are nothing more than pagan counterfeits.  I believe this is true of Westboro Baptist Church, because of their constant taunting of Muslims, homosexuals, and other groups of people.  While these people are not abiding in the scriptures or the will of God, neither are these Baptists.  It is one thing to oppose those people who are in conflict with the natural law, but it is another to taunt them; giving them more credibility than they deserve.
     In the Book of Ecclesiasticus, removed from use by the pagans feigning Christianity, there is a very instructive verse: "Kindle not the coals of a sinner, lest thou be burnt with the flame of his fire."  It serves no purpose to burn a Koran just to agitate Muslims.  In the case of this burning, other people were killed and murdered and the pastor has received multiple death threats.  It serves no purpose to make demonstrations like this because people are going to believe what they want to believe.  The wisdom of this verse is saying in effect: "Leave them alone."
     My experience with Baptists as a group is that they act like a bunch of jerks, and this is a perfect example of a Baptist.  Rather than acting like a Christian, they act just like the people they are criticizing.  It would be in the better interest of Christians that people act like Christians rather than a bunch of idiots.
    This organization has put itself on the same side as the Muslims in that they are contributing to the chaos that satanic religions promulgate.  The demonstration does not impart any wisdom, it just imparts more hatred all the way around.  The continual hatred and killing of people is going to destroy us all if we don't get a handle on the problem.  The difficulty is mankind isn't keeping God's commandments, and as a result he is destroying the very life that God gave him to live and prosper. The Westboro Baptist Church is not contributing to the edification of anyone, but instead act like jerks and discourage even more people regarding Christianity.  They are acting just like the Muslims.  And perhaps, that's the whole purpose of Baptists; to make Christianity look bad.

Walter Allen Thompson

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  1. AnonymousJune 25, 2012

    they are acting just like muslims....? You seriously are one very confused poor soul. Go and read the Quran if you want to-it praises and mentions Jesus Christ more than the bible does!!!!!!!!!!!! And Islam is satanic.....? Trinitarian christendom - the idolatry of man worship-drinking of blood-eating of his flesh??????? And when christ returns, you will show him a idolatrous crucifix as a welcome sign??? It is your belief system that is well and truly satanic to the core. The bible is genocide made plain and simple. That is why Islam came into force-to stop your murder spree of all non-christians or should I say heathens. Go learn.