Sunday, October 26, 2014

The God Defense

The one thing that evil cannot do is to overthrow God and his natural law or natural order. Mankind will try to make his own laws, but unless these laws conform to the natural law, there is absolutely no authority for that law. Any group of men cannot make rules for other men other than what is already present in the natural law. Those written commandments which conform to the natural law are also included. Other men can take authority over a murderer, thief, rapist, or a liar; however, these men cannot make rules i.e. legislation to compel other men to obey them unless they are conformed to the natural order.

For example: there is no body of man-made law which can impose any income tax on another man. If income tax is lawful; then so is slavery. Because the principles of the natural law are self-evident that if a man works, then he is entitled to all of the fruit of his labor. Whether he works for “federal reserve notes”, fiddlesticks, barter, or silver and gold he is entitled to all of it. No man can be compelled to pay any income tax or any other tax. Such compulsions by governments are a form of stealing.

If I were to gather 10 or 20 men and then go house to house demanding money from the people, then I would be considered a thief. If I tell them if you don't pay the money, then I'm going to steal your property and assault you personally; and maybe even kill you. This is extortion, and most governments of the world operate on such a system. But all of us have been raised to respect government when the reality of it is that the government is just another bunch of thieves who feed off of the producers. This is a form of communism which is a modern version of the old feudal system. It really doesn't matter when the facts show that people are being robbed of their production by greedy government people who are nothing more than communists. It seems almost impossible to defend oneself against the onslaught of government and I want to explore and suggest some methods by which one can defend himself whenever confronted by a govtard.

The Courts

The courts are the most corrupted system known to mankind. And it doesn't matter much which “nation” the courts are formed. The courts reek of the evil of oath-taking and it is this oath-taking that is the conduit of that evil. However, the refusal of taking any oaths is the best way to short-circuit their pathetically evil process. The courts are based upon the principles of Satan and operate under the rules of war. The best thing people can do is to stand back and let the system rot on its own. The product or results of these courts are self-evident in that they rarely “get it right” and many innocent people have their lives destroyed by them. These judges don't wear black dresses for nothing.

Words of Art

The words that are used in any legal process usually mean something entirely different than what the normal man would use with the most simple interpretation. Accordingly, simple nouns are redefined in the various codes to make things even more confusing. For instance, I have counted at least 25 different definitions of the term “United States.” So, depending upon which Chapter or Section one is reading, it is virtually impossible for anyone to understand the real intent of the code. Another example would be the term “person.” Most normal people understand the word to mean a man, woman, or child. However, it could mean a corporation, a trust, or some other kind of entity. Even the word government is rendered in court papers as Government right in the middle of a sentence. I would have flunked 5th grade English if I wrote my papers in this fashion. This is why I call “government” people govtards. They are morally and intellectually so retarded that it defies rational thought. In fact, I would guess most nouns used in the codes mean something completely different than what is normally understood in the language. This is why I take any writing with a grain of salt, because I can only understand the writing only within my own knowledge and understanding; and even that may be wrong.

Back to the Court System

The so-called court system is supposed to be an arm of the judicial branch of government. However, if you look up the court system in a business directory, you'll find that they are listed as private corporations. Here's an example: click here In this example, the 11th Circuit Court is listed as a privately held corporation. Geez, I thought is was a government branch. It gets worse, you'll see the same thing for almost all “government” agencies. So then the best that can be said of any “law” is that in fact, they are only policies established by the owners of the corporations. Policies can be changed at the whim of management; and when it comes to government, that's exactly what they do. Remember, most corporations are established to make a profit and these courts seem to make money from any poor soul that happens to get caught up in their net. When anyone gets a presentment from an attorney, they will get some of the most insane writings. In the heading it will be addressed to:

JOHN SCHMUCK DOE Here we see that this would not even pass 5th grade English. Of course the proper rendering of the name would be John Schmuck Doe. And in the body of the presentment, there proper English is used: John Schmuck Doe. In my opinion, I believe that the all caps “name” is an artificial entity such as a trust, and that the real man or woman is unknowingly being lead into the trap of being the surety for JOHN SCHMUCK DOE. Or in other words, John Schmuck Doe is the surety for JOHN SCHMUCK DOE. Look at your driver's license, bank statements, insurance policies, or military ID and they will reflect the same things. But, that's just my opinion as I do not know exactly how it works and the govtards will not disclose it. But there is a reason for the all caps rendering of the name and I don't believe its good.

Firing all attorneys

Just before the proceeding starts, I would say the following to the prosecutor: If you think you are representing me or my commercial affairs, you are mistaken and your are fired. I learned this from Rice McCleod who told me that he learned it from a practicing attorney. Apparently, prosecuting attorneys can represent the defendants. I'm not sure exactly sure how this works, but I would make it very clear that you do not want anyone—including the judge—to represent you. Remember, the judge may be representing you when he enters a “not guilty” plea for you. So in theory, it would be proper to include the judge in the firing or the discharge. If you have a stanby attorney, I would suggest that you fire him to because even though you are handling your own case, they will sit in the background and silently represent you. The idea here is to clear the decks and make sure that no one is representing you without your knowledge. I think it's best to get it out of the way right from the start. Now, others who have used this method have seen the prosecutor replaced by another attorney. I was dragged out of the courtroom when I used it and I was bounced around the elevator by U.S. Marshalls (Brown Shirts). So the results are variable, but the main thing you want to accomplish is to make sure you aren't being secretly represented by some esquire. Because when you are, you are also being subject to their oaths. It's just much better to be rid of them. Get used to taking care of your own business, rather than having someone else do it for you.

The Arraignment

In my opinion, this is the most critical phase of any legal proceeding. Remember, the players are demonic and they are after your ass, so don't make it easy on them. When you go into court and the judge says: “Please state your name for the record...” how are you going to respond? Under these conditions, you really don't even know your name in the context of legal speak or how it fits into the particular case. One way to respond would be to say: “I don't have enough facts to give you a responsive answer.” Another way to answer is: “I don't have to answer that, that's compelled testimony.” It is obvious by the all caps that the legal system never got past the 5th grade with their English, so how am I supposed to understand such gibberish? It gets even better or worse... When a judge asks you: “Do you understand?” The most sane answer would be no or I don't have enough information to give you a responsive answer. Now, the judge may lose it at this point, but you have to stay calm, because it is their nonsense that is causing the problem. If you say you understand the when you know perfectly well that you don't, you are lying and setting your own trap. People who believe like me might also say: I believe that these proceedings are satanic in their nature and they are repugnant to my spiritual beliefs and I do not wish to participate in any proceedings by reason of conscience. I've never used this so I'm not sure what the response will be but it will take the power away from the so-called court. If the judge asks why would you say such a thing, you can then respond that since the courts operate upon oath-taking, that is what makes it repugnant to my faith by reason of conscience. In addition, the vague usage of the language renders these legal proceedings to be unintelligible. Hopefully, it will end right here. You might get asked over 20 times “do you understand?” and all you have to do is say no. You really don't need to give a reason. They asked the question; you give the correct answer.

Understanding the Charges

Mr. DOE, you have been charged with a violation of Municipal Code: No.345958ww009i3857600w0r9t8394 Section 1234999
How do you plead?

My first reaction to this would be to ask the judge: What is a charge? And the reason for this is that in some of the older Black's Law Dictionaries there are multiple definitions of the term “charge.” A charge could be a debit on an account, encumbrance, lien, or a claim. It may also be an accusation. Again, to make any plea in this instance would be an uninformed plea with potentially dire consequences. So, if the judge doesn't answer the question: What is a charge? How could it be possible for anyone to then say he “understands” the charges when the judge won't explain? It is impossible. Some people think that when you say that “I understand the charges” that it really means in legal speak that I stand under the charges or that I am underwriting the charges. Regardless of what the term “charges” really mean, you can never truthfully say that you understand them. If you answer yes, then the steamroll is on and you will be the one being rolled-over. The judge is like a bad used car salesman who will attempt to get you to make a bad decision. Remember, these courts are corporations and it only follows that they are in it for profit. They make money on each conviction and that is their purpose for existing.

Heading for the exit

Now that the fury of the judge is going full speed, the idea is to get out of the courtroom without incurring a contempt issue or getting arrested. No one can compel a man to understand anything and this presents a problem to the court because they can't prosecute anything unless the man understands. So, before they have time to think, this is what I recommend:

Ask the following:

Am I free to go? Am I being detained? Does anyone have a claim or accusation against me? Generally, no one will answer these questions. If the judge gets nasty ask: Are you threatening me? Remember, if the court is a corporation, it could incur a liability if you are coerced against your will. If they break the natural law by putting you in jail, then you have a great case against them. You could also put in a claim into “risk management” for vindictive prosecution. However, I think it is sufficient to just get the hell away from them as the are demonic and using their system is like using the feces out of Satan's ass to try to get a remedy. If you don't get any coherent answers, then it should be safe to leave the courtroom and don't look back. Do not respond to them if they call you; just slide out the door and get out of Dodge.

Shifting the burden of proof

Regardless of the venue or the nature of the court, if they are going to make an accusations on you then it is up to them to prove it. The problem in most courts is that the judge and the prosecutor will work together to obstruct the process so that a lot of exculpatory evidence will be missing; especially when working with a jury. A simple question asked by many of us: “How does the constitution and the code apply to me?” They can't answer the question. They usually come up with the stupid answer: “The code applies because the code applies.” I've actually heard a govtard tell me this. One constantly must shift the burden of proof over to the accuser in order to even attempt to get a remedy. I suggest that people just stay away from them if at all possible because nothing good is going to happen when encountering a govtard.

The real remedy is the God Defense

I believe that the religions I have encountered have completely twisted what God the creator intended. All of us were born with the ability to know the difference between right and wrong. We were not born defective in that regard, and I believe that religion has twisted the reality so out of proportion, that to rely upon any religious writing is ludicrous. We have a latent knowledge of the basics which are present and self-evident in nature. We know it's wrong to kill people, to steal from them, and to lie. I think we would all be better off just focusing on raising our own moral standards, because government and religion will not help us do that. But if we simply follow the natural law that the God who created us established we could all do a lot better. The best defense is to use the natural law and the commandments against evil whenever we find it. Evil cannot stand to hear about the commandments, nor can it tolerate to hear about anything good. And that's why when confronted with a conflict with a government or religion, it is my suggestion that people simply use these commandments to the fullest and I'm certain they will get better results. The God Defense is simply the idea of using what God created for us and to abide in the natural law. It's the only thing works consistently.  If evil cannot overthrow the natural law and the commandments, then it only makes sense to use it.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Monday, October 20, 2014

Separating from the New World Order

There is no shortage of information on the "new world order".  There are a lot of websites which deal with the exposure of the evil doings of govtards and religious leaders; one is not any better than the other.  Their product is essentially everything that is bad and that goes against God's natural order of life.  The purpose of the new world order is to bring misery, death and hell upon mankind.  Most government and religious leaders are demented wretches.  While my language is harsh, the facts show that this description is as accurate as it is crude.  There is really no political opposition to the new world order because most groups are connected at the hip with it. The most prominent tool of the govtards is communism.  All of the countries that I am aware of are practicing communists, socialists, fascists, and "globalists."  Globalist means communism for everyone.  The new age movement is just another form of satanism.  The underlying foundation (if you want to call it that) of the new world order is satanism which has manifested itself in government through oath-taking and communism.  God's world order simply uses the natural laws with men and women exercising their natural rights regardless of what any government legislates.  Any government with any authority would have to respect the natural order and history has shown that they are not capable of it.  However, the new world order is weak as it appears strong.  It has nothing good going for it and those who are influenced by it will continue to be unhappy and miserable.  The purpose of this article is not so much to expose the new world order, but I'm going to present some ideas as to how to separate from it and minimize the influence that it has on our hearts and minds.

Separating the mind

There is nothing to be learned from a socialist or a communist. There is nothing to be learned from any government which violates the natural law and the natural rights that come with a man or woman's own existence.  The government doesn't have authority to do anything that would violate God's natural laws.  For instance: if Congress enacted legislation that suspended the law of gravity, it would have no authority because it doesn't have the power to do it. The law of gravity is what it is and no one can change it.  This is what I mean by natural law.  A man has the natural right to live his life in peace and to keep all of the fruit of his labor.  Whether he is paid in Federal Reserve Notes or fiddlesticks, the facts show that anything less than keeping all of the fruit of one's labor is a form of slavery.  So all of the things we have learned as children, have to be re-examined for their veracity and there will have to be many mental adjustments before any progress can be mad.  The mind has to be pulled away from this nonsense.  Most forms of media are completely useless and they are as open sewer lines into the mind.  There is a constant inculcating of satanic gibberish the fouls the mind and turns people around from God's natural order.  So the idea here is to limit the amount of intake until we can get the exposure to it down to a more manageable level. Here is what I do for myself to make sure I'm not taken in by rotten information:
  • I shut down the television completely and especially I avoid any of the mainstream media.
  • I read various internet sites, however, I do not trust any writing or any video that may lead me into useless information.  I do use the internet for research and I do read some news sites.  But I am very cautious as to not be taken in by bogus stories.
  • I do not go to any churches or religious groups because none of them believe in what they say they believe.  My experience in this has been with "Christians" who talk a good talk, but in their deeds, they are just as bad as anyone else.  But all religions seems to be like this.  They distort sound doctrines which instill high morality in order to make themselves look righteous. When speaking with any religious leader, one has to approach the man with the idea that he's probably lying.  I believe that God is the same for everyone and that none of the religious groups I am aware of reflect the true teachings of God which is self-evident in nature.  Once bad religion gets into someone's mind, it is very difficult to get it out; it can be done, but why go through it if you don't have to?
  • I work on matching my own actions to God's commandments which conform to the natural laws.  Only those commandments which conform to the natural laws should be followed and the ones that don't should--at the very least--should be put aside or avoided i.e. circumcision and the Sabbath.  Most religions can't agree which day the Sabbath is on and this is an example of the stupidity of religion.  Circumcision and the Sabbath are doctrines which cannot be reasoned with common sense nor can they be observed in nature.  Just because someone wrote them down a few thousand years ago, doesn't mean that they are true.
  • I do not vote for any reason as it seems to give the politician who wins more credibility than he deserves.  Voting is like contributing to the problem.  Voting for a bunch of communists isn't going to help anything.  And yes, whether they are "liberal" or "conservatives" they are all essentially practicing communists.  Some of the voters just haven't figured it out yet.  Democracy in its political form is like two wolves and a sheep deciding who is going to be for dinner.  Also, it is not a good idea to sign any form that requires any oath, and in order to vote, one must swear an oath.  Don't give the govtards the oath.  A lot of problems always follows oath-taking.
  • Do not listen to any politician as they are all controlled one way or the other by satanic forces. Most of them don't know the truth and even if they do, they dare not speak up against their leader: Satan.  
  • Listen to your conscience as this is one of the most practical ways to stay out of trouble.  If you're not sure what it means, pay attention to it anyway and refrain from the thought or action that may be provoking it.  I remember times where my conscience kicked in but I did the bad deed anyway and incurred the payback that always comes with bad actions.  Take control over your own self by using the conscience, commandments, and the natural law and things will go much better.
  • Keep your guard up and do not be taken in by anyone.  If you see someone who seems righteous and then gets caught up in idolatry, adultery, or whatever you know that there's a problem.  If they are giving satanic hand signals, or using satanic symbols in their literature, they are telling you what they believe.  For instance: I was sent a nice bible, Geneva bible, and right on the front of the cover was a pagan symbol.  It came from a Baptist organization.  Now, unless the written material I read can be verified, I simply put it aside as I don't want to have my mind twisted anymore.  Watch for revealing hand signals, and stay away from people who use them.
  • Separate away from groups and focus on reforming yourself.  Groups of people are bad because you don't know who is going to stab who in the back: figuratively and literally.  So it is best to make the observations and then separate from the evil whenever it occurs.  If you do join a group, just watch your back.
  • Do not sign any documents "under the penalties of perjury" and don't swear any oaths.  I've written a lot about oaths on this blog and as time goes on, I can see the value in not swearing any oaths.  People who swear oaths bring a curse upon themselves, so it is better to not do it at all.
  • Learn to be responsible for your own actions and be humble enough to admit mistakes.  Once the mistake is identified, then it is time to repent and to take action to make a correction. It doesn't work to anyone's benefit to keep making the same mistakes over and over again and expecting a good result.
  • Remember, there is really nothing to be desired nor is there any power in the new world order. It's just a bunch of crap that will destroy those who involve themselves in it.  Separate from them.
One of the easiest things that I've done for myself is to stop swearing oaths.  That seems to stop the progress of evil right in its tracks.  Make sure you don't sign anything under the "penalties of perjury."  Don't let any of their garbage creep into your life.  If you can keep mostly to yourself, chances are that you will not stab yourself in the back.  But by being separated from the influences of the new world order will render their teachings impotent.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land