Saturday, April 23, 2016

Suicidal Marketing: Target Stores

Updated 05/18/16
(I have to admire Target Stores for implementing the perfect suicidal marketing scheme by promoting transgender occupation of the restrooms.  This is fantastic stuff here.  At the beginning of this controversy, Target's stock price was around $81 per share and today it is at $67.96  One of the main principles of suicidal marketing is to piss off your customers, and Target Stores has done a masterful job of doing just that.  How low will it go?  Who knows?  My guess is that it will probably go to around $30.00 to $40.00 per share, but that's just a guess.  I feel bad for the people who work there.  It really is too bad that the management continues to be such idiots.  Evil people have no shame.)

Updated: 05/14/16
     (At this writing, the petition to boycott Target Stores is up to 1,233,072  Their stock price is at $73.88  Again, I know I am repeating myself, but it is very important to any business not to piss off their customers.  As a sales rep for most of my life, I found it very difficult to get a customer back once I've lost one.  It didn't happen to me very much, but when it did, it really hurt.  Target takes the cake on Suicidal Marketing with their stupid "transgender" position.)

Updated 04/28/16
     (I have checked the petition today and the total petitions signed at this writing is now showing 982,993 and it is still going strong.  I believe in a few more days it is going to go over a million.  But the big thing that I see that the Target stock is now starting to tank.  Stock price a few days ago was around $82.58 and now it heading downward to $81.22 as of this writing.  While this stock pricing is not conclusive, my guess is that it is going to tank due to the lack of sales now and into the foreseeable future.  A company must maintain its good name in order to continually be successful.  If I was a Target employee, I'd be looking around for another job.  I don't think Target can recover from this public relations fiasco.  Agan, as I have said on this blog, boycotts work because they punish the evil doer with a strangle hold on the money.  I feel bad for the workers who have to work under a bunch of idiot management at Target.)
Updated: 04/26/16

   ( I had written this post just a few days ago and already Target has over 700,000 people and families boycotting it's stores.  I think this is going to have a profound effect on their sales.  I think the Target management on store policy have done the best job in Suicidal Marketing that I've ever seen.  They may outperform J.C. Penney's stock price catastrophe.  However, their stock prices are still holding up.  I expect that they will start to tumble shortly.)

     In another example of suicidal marketing, we can see the idiocy of the pandering to the LGBT transgender types who are nothing more than stupid idiots who are drinking the Kool-Aid of alternative sexual lifestyles.  Just as the Jim Jones "believers" drank the poisoned drink, Target Stores has now allowed transgender types to choose their own restrooms in their stores.  This social idiocy can be read directly from Target Stores here.
     Homosexuality and transgender people are extremely immature and they really don't have any place in society.  They have destroyed their own lives by taking the natural use of sex and putting it into an unnatural context.  Promiscuous sex always gets bad results; even fornication.  However, it is a definite agenda to the new world disorder freaks who are doing everything wrong.

Boycotts are effective
     Rather than complain about this company policy, people should simply boycott the Target Stores.  An economic boycott is the most effective and nonviolent way of making a protest.   After reading their policies, I wouldn't want to touch a bathroom door handle in one of these stores.  This company's stock at this writing 04/23/16 is at $82.33  Assuming that Target gets the same type of results as J.C. Penney, I expect that the company's stock should be in the low 30s within a year.  This will result in a massive loss of money and jobs.

Men and Women are born one or the other
     This natural law cannot be disputed.  No man or woman can change their own genders.  This idea is as stupid as it gets.  And the results of transgenderism is there for people to see.  I'd rather not look at it because it is completely disgusting.  People are being brainwashed by the evil one into thinking that they have a say in which gender they choose.  This is just another attempt of people who think that they have the power of God when they do not.  These are God wannabes, but the facts show they will never be God.  The stupidity continues and they push their perversions on other people by attempting the change the morals of the general public.

Suicidal Marketing 3.0
      The first and primary principle of suicidal marketing is to piss off your existing customer base.  One of the largest groups I've seen so far on the internet AFA is showing 317,000 plus who have signed pledges not to shop at Target until it reverses the stupid bathroom policy.  This is a huge number for just a few days.  And I expect this company's stock will tank.  Might be a good one to short sell.
     My theory is that this company will double down on their own idiocy and perhaps their stock will tank further.  J.C. Penney has never recovered from their Ellen DeGeneres fiasco.  While J. C. Penney blames their losses on Ron Johnson, the facts show that it was the introduction of Ellen Degeneres, openly lesbian, which started J.C. Penney's spiral down into financial hell.  The stock went from $36.00 to $6.00 and it is currently at around $9.00 per share.  J.C. Penney's is another example of a suicidal marketing program by promoting or pandering to the homosexual and the transgender nonsense.
      Target has taken the homosexual and transgender down to its lowest level.  By attempting to satisfy a minuscule minority of their customer base, the company has destroyed its brand and now the downslide of their stock will begin.  This is completely irresponsible to the customers and the employees of Target.  If I worked for a company that is this stupid, I'd be looking for another opportunity.  Maybe I should have called this article Titanic Marketing.

There is No Such Thing as Transgender
Suicidal Marketing: J.C. Penney's
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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Trump White House: Chandelier in the Outhouse

     I was talking to a friend this morning and I was telling him that having the Trump family in the White House would be like hanging a chandelier in the outhouse.  Trump has a nice family and the White House would be a step down for them.  Even Air Force One would be a step down from Trump Force One.  Then, Trump would have to deal with the idiots in Congress and the judicial system is in complete disarray.  The government is essentially communist-socialist and it operates in different parameters than running a business.

     There are too many socialists in the country now and we know by experience that socialism does not produce a good economy, except for those at the top that steals from the producers.  Socialists are the suckers and businesses, both large and small, are the producers.  None of the political candidates, including Trump, are addressing the real problem of the government.  It is communist and feudalistic and it has been that way from the beginning.  No one can fix it.  Trump would have to act like a dictator and bypass Congress in order to get things done.  When he runs his business, he usually has the final decision on all important matters.  He doesn't have to ask permission from anyone to do the things he needs to do in order to make any project a success.  With the communist government, he will have to get the approval of other people called legislators, most of whom are not successful business men.  Trump's success speaks for itself and there's no reason for him to pander to other politicians.  But being President of the United States is quite a step down for him.  He really doesn't need the aggravation.  But again, the problem with the government is the structural communism that is built into the political system, and the oath is the first thing that always leads to disaster.  Oath taking should also be abolished as it is a Satanic religious ritual.

     The main problem is the structural communism within the government and the legal system.  These entities operate on little to no morality and this is where the problem starts.  Each candidate says how he will structure the income tax instead of getting rid of it.  The income tax is also unconstitutional as it is a direct tax.  Any direct taxes would have to be apportioned if the were following the constitution.  The real solution to income tax is to abolish it and all other communist ideas that have crept into the economic system.

     For those of you who love Bernie Sanders, just know that socialism doesn't work for the benefit of the people.  Socialism does not provide jobs like a free market economy does.  In fact, it is the free market economy from which the socialist gorge themselves.  Then, they act like they are the ones who produced the good economy when in fact it was the free market that produced the wealth.
     Socialists are hypocritical pigs.  They point to rich people and point the finger at them when they themselves are bathing in the riches of the producers.  And how many jobs are produced by socialists?  One of the worst career choices is to work for any government as it doesn't require many skills.  A worker is going to learn bad habits working for the govtards and it does nothing to acquire needed skills and experience to progress in a career.  Men and women are not equal when it comes to having business skills.  Socialism drags down the economy and this is why the nation is failing.  Not even Trump can fix it if he leaves the socialism in the system.  Bernie Sanders would make things much worse.  The political system has always been there to destroy American men, women, and children.  It ruins their hope for a successful life by teaching them socialist garbage that does no good, but it inflicts pain upon mankind.

     Recently, Trump has been justifiably complaining about the choosing of delegates and the lack of popular elections in some state during the primary season.  The facts show that the voting system is crooked and it is only there to give the people the feeling that their vote counts for something.  That is only a delusional view of reality.  The political system is like what was present in Bolshevik Russa or the Soviet Union.

     The government, as it stands now, is very destructive and oppressive.  I think it would be better to start over and just have everyone operate under the natural law, respecting the privacy of other people.  People should be able to really own their homes free from property tax.  All services performed by the government should be done at the local level, voluntarily, respecting other people's choices that don't hurt anyone else.  The government has become too violent and too evil and something else needs to be done.
     Putting Donald Trump in the White House is the equivalent of hanging a chandelier in the outhouse.  To be frank, I like his style and I find some of his interviews and speeches interesting, but if he actually gets elected, he will have to abolish all of the structural socialism in order to have a good economy.  Socialism doesn't work and it will never work; all anyone has to do to know that is to look at it for what it is and internalize it.

Lipstick on the Communist Pig

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Moral Order of the Natural Law

     One of the most compelling reasons for using the natural law is that there is no room for error.  While most of us have been guilty of violating the natural law, many of us have never considered the natural order nor have we been taught to use it.  Throughout my life, I have felt the inner part of me wanting to conform to this law but the peer pressure coming from mankind seemed to be overwhelming.  I have spent a lot of time on politics, government, and religion studying the various systems of government and worship, and none of them are very consistent.  They are usually very confusing and they are not worth the effort.  But from where does the government get its authority?
How does the government get its authority? And do these governments conform to the natural law? Does any government have the right to override the natural law?  Is there a moral order in the natural law?

Defining the natural law
     My understanding of the natural law is the truthful interpretation of the natural facts that exist and that can be observed or experienced.  We know that the air exists but we can't see it, but if we don't have it any longer, we'll all die within a few minutes.  We know that there is a force called gravity and if it was no longer in existence, life would be completely different from what we experience today.  Thus, the natural law is what it is and it cannot be altered.  It was established by the creator who most of us call God.

Moral order of natural law
     There is a moral order contained in the natural law and that moral order is the same for everyone.  The proper moral order can be known by using right reason and common sense.  We know it is wrong to commit murder, to lie, to cheat, and to steal because we can see the bad results of breaking the moral order.   We also have the latent knowledge of the moral order.  This knowledge is developed as we mature.  There seems to be a cause and effect to everything so it is important to understand the natural order and to stay within its boundaries.   By staying within the natural law,  anyone can live a successful  and happy life.

The government destroys the moral order
      I remember attending the hearing in a federal court a few years back and the judge said to a lady who was a Christian, and he said that there is "no moral component to this."   At first, I was taken aback but the more I thought about it the more I realized that this man was telling the truth.   The legal system itself exits out of the natural law and the natural order by virtue of the oath and it is the oath-taking that starts all of the other problems.   It is the governments who are threatening the civilize social order.   The governments through legislation instigate laws and regulations  but they really do not have any authority to do it.  In fact,  The only way a government could establish authority is through consent of the people and by staying within the natural order.   I don't know if any time in history where this has happened .
      While it is immoral to steal money from people who earned it the government does indeed steal money from people through taxes from their earnings; income tax.   If a group of people surround a man and demands fifty percent of his pay--is that not theft?  But if they say they are the government and make the same demands, isn't that action still  theft?  Either way, the action is a theft and it violates the natural order.  When govtards are asked for the liability for any law, they will always dodge the question.  I suppose the reason why they do this is because they know they have no authority.  The authority of government is delusional.
     Another example is the participation in a war.  If a man can be held for murder, why is it that participants in war are not?  All participants are murderers unless it is a case of self-defense.  A nation or a group of people should be able to defend themselves from invaders, but in most cases today, the targets of wars are in some cases thousands of miles away.  The reason for most wars today is to impose communism upon every group or nation on earth.  But the horror of war is indescribable.  While I've never been to war, I've met men who have and they tell me that I didn't miss anything.  They say is was the worst experience of their lives and they wish they had never participated in it.  Especially now, given the corrupt government that we have today.

Most people don't get the moral connection
     I am astounded at the fact that people don't ask themselves about the morality of an issue.  It is immoral to break the natural law, yet, the people are so stupid that they keep doing it over and over.  And they think that they will be saved by a new leader or president which is only going to be their new slave master.  All races are the niggers.  Remember, nigger means the economically, politically, and socially disenfranchised.  And our niggerhood has been put upon us all by the powers that shouldn't be.

Definition of nigger

  1. 1usually offensive; see usage paragraph below :  a black person
  2. 2usually offensive; see usage paragraph below :  a member of any dark-skinned race
  3. 3:  a member of a socially disadvantaged class of persons nigger
s … all the people who feel left out of the political process — Ron Dellums>

  • It is frustrating to see otherwise intelligent people bowing down to the beast of the political system which is completely immoral.  And the reason is that these political systems are based upon slavery.  Communism is just an updated version of feudalism and the oath taking is the chain of slavery to the people.  If you like being a nigger, then keep swearing oaths.  Learn to say "Yes, Massa" while your at it.  I've written about the dangers of oath taking for over six years and it really doesn't seem to sink in with most people.  They are too busy trimming the leaves of the tree rather than digging down at the root.  Oath taking is an abomination and that is what is causing most of the worlds problems.  The oath is immoral and it causes more trouble that it is worth.  This is why secret societies like the Freemasons and other have the oath.  It is a conduit to Satanic activity.
  •      It is essential that the morality established by God for mankind is important to maintain or acquire if anyone wants a happy and successful life.  All of these oath takers will lead people to hell on earth and beyond.  The oath takers are slaves themselves and they are all doomed to failure.
         Remember, all religions seem to utilize the oath so it would be wise to just separate from them.  They serve no other purpose than to delude the minds of the "believers" even further.  By separating from these religions, the end result will be an improved life.  Things just get better by not swearing oaths or participating in rituals that use the oath.

         The moral order is within the natural law.  Most of us understand it because we were all born with the knowledge of it.  And this is why the conscience kicks in when we violate the natural law.  And there is no amount of drugs that can get rid of the pain of the conscience.  It is a lot easier to avoid the evil than to be continually persecuted by the conscience.
         I've written articles on oath taking and this is probably the most important evil that can be easily avoided.  It doesn't have to be difficult not to do evil.  Only a very ignorant and stupid man, woman, or child would swear any oaths.  Oaths violate the natural law which trashes the moral order.

    Swear Not at All
    Swear an Oath; Tell a Lie
    All Bad Thinks Flow from the Oath of a Man
    Stop Swearing Oaths
    Understanding Jurisdiction

    Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

    Friday, April 15, 2016

    Lying: In Your Face

         The most important tool of a Satanist is the lie.  The ways lies are used to deceive people is almost limitless.  Lies can be difficult to defend against because they can be mixed with the truth.  But lies mixed with truth are still lies.  The truth is present in order to give the lie some credibility.  The media, along with the government and the various religions combine to tell the grand lie and they do it right in front of our faces.  After studying the bible for over 25 years, I have come to believe that all of the religions contain lies but they are covered with enough of the truth to look reasonable.  That of course, would make all religions Satanic.  No religion can be valid if it doesn't reflect the will of the God who created everything; and none of them do.  They do not have any proof that God said anything.  However, the testimony of the natural order gives us enough evidence of the existence of God and that there is a natural moral order that comes with the creation.  Here are some of the things I used in order make intelligent and truthful decisions.

    The truth is always consistent
         The truth is always the state of the case.  It is the fact based on evidence that cannot be refuted.  In order to control other people, the liar uses fallacies in order to get the results that he wants.  All of the religions that I have studied say one thing, but then they change it around to suit their own purposes.  This never sat well with me as I used to think of religion as something that could help me achieve a higher moral standard for myself.  I looked to religion to help me improve myself.  But the problem I had was that the Bible would say one thing and the church would teach something completely different.  It would take numerous lifetimes to document all of the nonsense of religions.  However, I noticed that regardless of race or nationality, everyone is subject to the same natural conditions and so it seemed to follow that all religions are in conflict with each other and they don't seem to conform to the natural order.  The main reason is that they lie.  And they keep repeating the lie over and over again until the lie becomes the truth in the mind of the one who hears it.  If a religious leader is speaking or writing, I assume that they are lying until I can prove otherwise.  I do this the same way with the government officials.

         Worshiping a false god is a spiritual devastation.  There is really no purpose in it yet the religions do it openly on a daily basis.  The religion will tell a lie by saying something is God or that "God said it" or "it's the word of God".  The effect of this is to get people to worship the wrong God.  There's really no point in worshiping a god that doesn't exist.  In my view, based upon my observation of the natural order, there can only be one god.  I may not understand everything about the God who created us but I do understand that there can be only one.  I don't claim to know it all but the religions don't seem to have the answers because they deliberately lie about their own doctrines.

    Detecting the liars
          The liars are the ones who teach inconsistencies.  For instance, the governments will tell the people that they are free but then impose the satanic communist system upon people.  In fact, most of the Satanic Communist Manifesto is within most of the governments of the world.  They say they are for the "people" but then give the public at large the shaft.  The religious leaders do the same thing.  They say that something is "the word of God" and then teach something completely different.   These are the inconsistencies that should stand out to anyone who wants to take the time to get to the truth.
         Hypocrisy is also a form of lying and it is important for all of us to remain consistent with the natural moral order.  Saying one thing and doing another is a problem that most of us have and we should be diligent to make sure our behavior conform within the limits that God set forth.  There are no limits to the hypocrisy of the government and the religious leaders, however, it is important to recognize it and then take note of it.  Do not allow yourself to be influenced by these people.  What may happen is that you end up picking up their bad habits.  If they are truly sincere, then they will always behave in a seemly manner in conformance to the natural law.  So  then the quality of a man or woman depends on upon the quality of their behavior.  That's how I make my own judgments and it has always served me well.

    Oath-taking is suicidal
         Since taking the Lord's "name in vain," oath-taking is the spiritual equivalent of taking a can of gasoline, pouring it on your body, and then lighting it on fire.  I have written many times on this blog about the dangers of swearing oaths, but I'm not sure the information is sinking into the minds of the people who read the articles.  Oath-takers are liars; oath-taking is a form of lying.  This is why the legal system is so evil as it is actually a Satanic religious ritual.  You will hear legal types talk about the Bill of Rights and then casually take them away from you; and then say that you "volunteered."  The legal system deliberately lies by redefining words to make them look like they are saying one thing but they are intending a completely different meaning.  If oath-taking were allowed, it would still be impossible to take one in a legal proceeding because the person doesn't really know the real meaning of the words used in a courtroom.  This is another form of lying.  But again, they do this right in front of your face.
    Tips on detecting lies
         I try to keep my internal lie detector on at all times.  I always as for additional facts in order to make an intelligent determination of the truth of any matter.  And what is nice about actually using the natural law is that it is consistent and it will always get good results and truthful answers.  It is only the truth that will lead a man into making intelligent decisions.
         Also, I look for the contradictions.  When the facts are not in harmony with each other, then there is a problem.  Keep asking questions until you get the truthful answer, and don't be afraid to ask questions.  I think this is where people make the mistake of not finding the facts by not asking questions.  The only stupid question is the one that was never asked.  Asking questions is a great way of making a point without getting into an argument.  The importance of asking questions is really important in order to understand any issue.  Asking questions is one of the most important components of effective fact-finding.  Effective questions will throw off the liar in remarkable ways.
    When a liar has to account for his prevarications, he will act in very peculiar ways.  Remember, a liar may do his evil deed right in front of your face, so be prepared to ask questions to defend yourself from bad information.


    Stop Swearing Oaths
    The Dangers of Lying

    Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

    Monday, April 11, 2016

    To the Republican Party: "You've Had It, You're Done, You're Toast

         It has been reported that Ted Cruz took all of the Colorado delegates without the party members voting.  This may be a result of some kind of slimy rulemaking that only demented lawyers and party hacks could understand.
         A frustrated party member and I think a delegate was denied the opportunity to vote and as a result, he burns his Republican registration form.  In this case, to this gentleman,  I can honestly say: "I feel your pain."

         I ran for Congress back in 2002 as a Republican and I have never before seen such nonsense.  I was virtually shut out of any news coverage and I never made it past the primary.  What is interesting is that I was pointing to  the closing of factories due to NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO. Back in 2002 the job loss was horrific.  There was one big paper factory that was closed that employed 3000 people.  The video I made showed me standing in the huge empty parking lot pointing to the job loss as a result of my opponent's vote for NAFTA.  Although I won the Northern California Republican Assembly's endorsement, I was told by associates this encouraging remark: "You cannot win." I was told over and over again: "you cannot win" yet people were responsive to my speeches.  If there was anything in my life I had wished I had never done, running for political office had to be one of them.  In fact, once the election was over, I withdrew my voter registration.  I would have burned it too but I hadn't thought of it.
         So I was a life-long Republican too but now I don't vote and I think of the government as an unnecessary evil.  The government is based upon oath-taking which puts a curse on the whole process.  In my opinion, even the best intentions will never prevail because the government is structurally evil.  This is why they cheat.  I felt that I was naive in thinking that elections are going to be a fair debate of ideas and the best one is going to win.
         The big thing that people need to understand about voting is that the political class does not give a shit about the people.  They could care less and they will manipulate the voting structure to favor their interests.  The Republican Party GOP moniker should really mean: "Grand Old Pricks."  It isn't who vote but who counts the votes.  And the problem with the whole voting process is that it is skewered to the wishes of the political class.  No voter chooses anything with the exception of his own fantasy.
         The Constitution of the United States of America is a cursed document; thus, it will always get bad results.  Any document that uses oath-taking is going to curse the people who use it.  In my own research, there have been at least 154 (plus or minus) wars since the inception of the constitution.  In the Anti-Federalist Papers, many writers felt the government would get too big and would bring about tyranny. These writings are real eye-openers and should be studied in order to get a more complete of the history of the government as it is constructed today. The idea of putting the government over the natural law is ludicrous and I think that no government would be better than what we have now.  It is always the governments that start the wars and not the people.  It is always the communists that start the trouble and not the public at large.
         And in the early 1970s, Richard Nixon gave Communist China most favored nation trade status, helping to destroy our job base seven further.  Under Republican Ronal Reagan, there were numerous people in the administration that were under indictment and massive income tax increases in 1986,
    and of course, the Bush family was responsible for exploding the Middle East.  It was the Republican Party which helped to pass NAFTA which has been a horrific job destroyer.  In conclusion, the Republican Party is a grand piece of excrement that should be abolished and I don't think anyone should expect anything better.  Do not expect the immoral to become moral.  Don't expect the liars to tell the truth.  Don't expect the deceivers to be transparent.  Do not expect good things from an evil system.
         This gentleman who burned his Republican registration is not going to be the only one.  I did a similar thing by taking my name off the voting rolls back in 2002.  This should be a lesson to those who actually think that voting is a viable way of selecting their leaders.  Under a system like this, they are choosing their slave masters.  As this man said about the Republican Party: "You've had it, you're done, your toast...."

    Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

    Friday, April 8, 2016

    Religion is the Mask of the Devil

         For thousands of years, one of the easiest ways to cover up the face of evil is to put a mask on it.  In the case of religion, the mask is the church, temple, or synagogue of any religion.  The evil always works hard to deceive people into thinking something is good when it is not.  And it doesn't matter which religion is evil as I believe they are all flawed and they are unusable.  While they claim to be righteous, they actually teach the opposite in a very back-handed way.  A lot of people in the United States are freaking out over the problems with Islam but they neglect to point to the rotten "Christian" churches who inflict even more damage than the Muslims.  The Jews, God's alleged chosen people, have inflicted the world with communism as the authors of the Communist Manifesto were two Talmudic Jews.  Most Christians are in support of Israel that has a very bad track record for the rights of men, women, and children of Palestine.

    The good covers the evil
         Most of my experience with religion has been as a "Christian" and when I used to go to church, I was appalled by the conduct and hypocrisy of its members.  The most distressing thing for me was the contradictions of church doctrine and Biblical doctrine.  I hadn't found one "Christian" church that had consistent doctrines matching the Bible.  The idiocy that I had experienced in these churches was completely mindboggling.  When I think back on my participation, I really am embarrassed by it because all of it was nonsense.  I could write numerous books on the nonsense of these churches, but it is more believable if the reader takes the time to read the Biblical doctrines and then match them up with whatever church he is attending.
         I consider going to religious meetings similar to the act of pouring gasoline on oneself and then lighting it on fire.  The lies of the religious teachers are too numerous to list here but there are some ways to avoid getting screwed that I've listed throughout this blog.  But it is the good covering for the evil that makes some of the evil difficult to detect.  But if one is patient, he can see the evil for what it is if he knows where to look.  Evil people will disclose who they are as a warning.

    They don't wear black robes and costumes for nothing
         Most of these religious teachers wear black robes which represent evil and in some cases mourning.  And when I see religious leaders, many of them wear black robes and they will have red trim.  In fact, it appears that black and red are the colors for the Devil.  But any religious costume gives the observer the sense that his person is holy and represents God when the facts will show that they are evil.  The mask of the costumes make people think one thing and not notice the evil.  However, to the wise observer, he can use this as a warning that whoever is wearing the garb of a religious person is most likely an evil man and he should be avoided.  Remember, the costume is intended to impress upon the unsuspecting that he has the authority of God when he does not.  Anytime any of us encounters anyone wearing clothing like this should be aware that the religious clothing is the mask of the Devil.  Most religious leaders do this in one form or another.  But once people start realizing that costumes are just a mask, then they can avoid these people as if they were two-bit whores with leprosy and AIDS.

    Another type of mask is the lie they are about to tell
         Obviously, the lie is a type of physical mask.  It operates in the same way.  The lie will distort the truth and deceive the observer.  The best way to find out if they are lying is if there are contradictions in practice and doctrine.  The "Christians" are the most prolific with delusional nonsense.  If you pick any denomination, the Christians make the Muslims look tame.  Granted, Christians don't tie bombs on themselves, but they essentially do the same thing in a spiritual sense.  Idolatry is a great sin against the God who created us, and it seems that the intent of religion is to lure the unsuspecting into the vile practice of idolatry.  Again, this is the mask of the Devil at work.

    Atheists associate God with religion
         It is my opinion, that atheists associate God with religion.  I don't do that anymore.  In my view, God is one thing and religion is another.  I don't think atheists have thought through their atheism.
    I think it is impossible to look at the beauty and the complexity of nature, and actually think that it just came out of nowhere to exist from random events.  It is obvious to anyone that the creation had to have an intelligent design.  Therefore, it is reasonable to think that religion is used by the Devil to discourage people into thinking that there is no God.  Any honest man, thinking rationally, would eventually come to the conclusion that religion would be the last place to look for the wisdom of God.  God is not disorganized, confused, nor is he a liar.  God doesn't strap bombs to himself, saying:"Allahu Akbar!" God doesn't kill, he gives life to everyone.  God doesn't lie and distort the truth.  The truth is always available for those people who wish to discover it.  It is my opinion that atheists don't believe in God for the reason that they don't like religion.  I believe that most atheists abhor religion while still believing in God.  This is why I like using the natural law as my guide and standard for morality and behavior.  This way, I won't get confused between religious doctrines.  I simply observe the natural order and try to operate within those boundaries.  It's easy, and it's not confused by religion.

    The main religious culprits
         The main religious culprits are the Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity, Muslims, and Hindu.  These are the religions that infect the public with assorted doctrines of nonsense.  These religions are loaded with Freemasons and they work to destroy mankind under the appearance of being godly.,  All of these religions engage in oath-taking which is a common practice among all false religions.  Since these religions are based upon the doctrines of Satan, oath-taking would be one of the strongest conduits connecting the man to evil.  These are organizations where a person would be crazy to allow their children to be influenced by them.  Oath-taking is taking the Lord's name in vain and anyone who does it is a part of a Satanic religious ritual.  The whole legal system is founded upon oath-taking which should tell the reader that something isn't right.  Muslims, Jews, and Hindus get screwed by their religious leaders by the same method.  Remember, Satanists swear oaths.  Oath-taking is evil and I'll leave some related links about it at the bottom of this article.

    Remember the purpose of the mask
         The mask can come in many forms, however, its primary purpose is to deceive and to lie.  The mask is a lie.  It gives the false impression of authority when it has none.  People who wear them have their personalities changed when they put on the mask of a uniform.  The only authority anyone has would be the infliction of violence upon anyone who would disagree with those wearing the mask.  People seem to be mesmerized by the mask and it is the primary tool of deceit along with the lies.

    Stop Swearing Oaths
    Swear an Oath; Tell a Lie

    Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land



    Saturday, April 2, 2016

    Fornication and the Natural Law

         It has been long established by many religions that fornicating (sex outside of marriage) is against most religious values.  This has been the teaching for over thousands of years and it is a correct teaching.  However, in modern times, churches have lost their credibility to the point that they no longers serve any useful purpose.  Some people may want to make a correct judgment using the natural law which never lies.  Morality can be determined by using the natural law, thus circumventing religions which are very dangerous to truthful teachings.  The truth is the ultimate goal of people who need to know which way to turn on a moral issue.  Anytime any of us begins to operate outside of the natural world order, we then bring trouble to ourselves and anyone who encounters our mistakes.  Since fornication is a big problem with society, I want to cover some of the observations I would use to make a decision for or against fornication.

    Fornication has the strongest temptation
         Because of the latent desire for men and women to reproduce, the sexual urge is always present.  It used to be that parents would select the mates for their children, but that isn't done much in today's world.  Young people are left to dating and that's where the trouble starts.  Evil always preys on weakness and everyone is subject to it if left unattended.  The urge to reproduce seems to take on its own course, and the over-sexualization of young people through the various media is a recipe for disaster.  Most relationships between men and women are destroyed because of fornication.  The reason is that the act itself is evil and it will always produce bad results.

    Why is fornication evil?
         The reason it is evil is because unlike animals, men and women need the proper context for their sexual relations.  They both need the love and commitment to each other in order to have a happy life.  This love and commitment in a marriage will build the proper foundation for raising their children.  Since sex is the natural way to have children it makes sense that the sexual partners are husband and wife.  The husband and wife may have children and they need their proper relationship as the foundation for the lives of their offspring.  No one needs any books to understand this.  And, if one simply observes the bad results that others get through fornication, anyone can see that those results are bad.   Fornication and adultery will destroy the family unit because most men and women don't like sharing their husbands and wives.  I realize that there are a lot of perverts who like wife-swapping, but most people don't like it.  They know this is wrong and it can devastate the security of the family unit.  Again, anything that upsets the natural order never gets good results and this is why fornication is the biggest threat to the stability of the family.
         Fornication may also produce more abortions as couples may have a child that they do not want.  The fornication will then instigate the murder of the unborn by abortion.  So, again, the evil deed of
    fornication will also produce this bad result.

    It ruins relationships
         Having sex is very intimate and personal and it only belongs within the context of marriage.  There has to be the emotional support within a marriage between the man and the woman.  The fornication will compromise the emotional support because there isn't a lot of trust between the two people who are doing the fornicating. Fornication also destroys the dignity of the man and the woman.  There is a latent knowledge of each person that fornication is evil.  Yet, because of the sexual urge, the temptation is always there.  This is why I believe that young people should be married at an earlier age and they should be preparing themselves for careers that will support a family, instead of wasting time in the current school system.  Regardless of age, people should learn to refrain from sex until they are married; knowing that fornication will always get the bad results.

    Natural law is what it is
         While it is natural to have sexual urges, it is also natural to expect that children will be a product of that sexual activity.  Children cannot be left alone on their own; they need the mother and the father which is the best configuration of a family.  This is a natural law and it cannot be refuted.  The method that has worked for thousands of years is to have a proper marriage under the natural law.  People don't need a license or a big ceremony to be married.  They can simply declare themselves to be husband and wife and then carry on from there if they wish.  The natural law doesn't state what kind of requirements are necessary in order to be married.  As long as the marriage is done, it doesn't really matter what form it takes.

    Natural law is easier to use
          I have been a proponent for the use of natural law for a few years now and I can see the results.  I don't have to worry about reading the wrong book or believing in any lies from the various writings.  All I have to do is to observe the obvious and then plan my actions according to the natural law which cannot be disputed.  Now, there may be some areas that I don't quite understand but I know the answer is there somewhere, so I just wait for the understanding.  Fornication sets the wrong priorities.  Sex becomes the end result such as a recreational sport.  Whereas, sex within the context of marriage is fit and proper with the expectation of having children.
         Using the natural law requires the ability to think a few steps ahead of one's actions.  This can be difficult for some people as they are always using what other people think.  With the media being so corrupted and under Satanic influences, I can see why we have so many problems with this issue.  Learning how to think is extremely important, but if a person can do it, then it is much easier to make the correct choices.  All we have to do is to logically think about the different choices and extend the logical outcomes according to the natural law without being influenced by common knowledge or opinions.

    Fornication is Destruction of the Soul
    It Starts with Fornication
    Working with The Natural Law: Part Five

    Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land