Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Trump White House: Chandelier in the Outhouse

     I was talking to a friend this morning and I was telling him that having the Trump family in the White House would be like hanging a chandelier in the outhouse.  Trump has a nice family and the White House would be a step down for them.  Even Air Force One would be a step down from Trump Force One.  Then, Trump would have to deal with the idiots in Congress and the judicial system is in complete disarray.  The government is essentially communist-socialist and it operates in different parameters than running a business.

     There are too many socialists in the country now and we know by experience that socialism does not produce a good economy, except for those at the top that steals from the producers.  Socialists are the suckers and businesses, both large and small, are the producers.  None of the political candidates, including Trump, are addressing the real problem of the government.  It is communist and feudalistic and it has been that way from the beginning.  No one can fix it.  Trump would have to act like a dictator and bypass Congress in order to get things done.  When he runs his business, he usually has the final decision on all important matters.  He doesn't have to ask permission from anyone to do the things he needs to do in order to make any project a success.  With the communist government, he will have to get the approval of other people called legislators, most of whom are not successful business men.  Trump's success speaks for itself and there's no reason for him to pander to other politicians.  But being President of the United States is quite a step down for him.  He really doesn't need the aggravation.  But again, the problem with the government is the structural communism that is built into the political system, and the oath is the first thing that always leads to disaster.  Oath taking should also be abolished as it is a Satanic religious ritual.

     The main problem is the structural communism within the government and the legal system.  These entities operate on little to no morality and this is where the problem starts.  Each candidate says how he will structure the income tax instead of getting rid of it.  The income tax is also unconstitutional as it is a direct tax.  Any direct taxes would have to be apportioned if the were following the constitution.  The real solution to income tax is to abolish it and all other communist ideas that have crept into the economic system.

     For those of you who love Bernie Sanders, just know that socialism doesn't work for the benefit of the people.  Socialism does not provide jobs like a free market economy does.  In fact, it is the free market economy from which the socialist gorge themselves.  Then, they act like they are the ones who produced the good economy when in fact it was the free market that produced the wealth.
     Socialists are hypocritical pigs.  They point to rich people and point the finger at them when they themselves are bathing in the riches of the producers.  And how many jobs are produced by socialists?  One of the worst career choices is to work for any government as it doesn't require many skills.  A worker is going to learn bad habits working for the govtards and it does nothing to acquire needed skills and experience to progress in a career.  Men and women are not equal when it comes to having business skills.  Socialism drags down the economy and this is why the nation is failing.  Not even Trump can fix it if he leaves the socialism in the system.  Bernie Sanders would make things much worse.  The political system has always been there to destroy American men, women, and children.  It ruins their hope for a successful life by teaching them socialist garbage that does no good, but it inflicts pain upon mankind.

     Recently, Trump has been justifiably complaining about the choosing of delegates and the lack of popular elections in some state during the primary season.  The facts show that the voting system is crooked and it is only there to give the people the feeling that their vote counts for something.  That is only a delusional view of reality.  The political system is like what was present in Bolshevik Russa or the Soviet Union.

     The government, as it stands now, is very destructive and oppressive.  I think it would be better to start over and just have everyone operate under the natural law, respecting the privacy of other people.  People should be able to really own their homes free from property tax.  All services performed by the government should be done at the local level, voluntarily, respecting other people's choices that don't hurt anyone else.  The government has become too violent and too evil and something else needs to be done.
     Putting Donald Trump in the White House is the equivalent of hanging a chandelier in the outhouse.  To be frank, I like his style and I find some of his interviews and speeches interesting, but if he actually gets elected, he will have to abolish all of the structural socialism in order to have a good economy.  Socialism doesn't work and it will never work; all anyone has to do to know that is to look at it for what it is and internalize it.

Lipstick on the Communist Pig

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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