Sunday, December 25, 2016

Free Baby Holm

    [This baby is the definition of cute.]
      There is nothing better than having your own children and watching them grow up to be adults.  This beautiful little baby was born to Christian and Danielle Holm on October 10th, 2016 and then was kidnapped by the Alabama Department of Human Resources on October 11th, 2016.  Imagine if you were the parents of this child and watched helplessly while he was stripped from his mother's breast and taken away by the social worker goons.  The cops held Danielle's arms while they stole the baby from her as she was nursing the baby in the hospital.  This is the kind of thing I would expect from those communist countries like Russia or China.  The problem here is that there were no legal or lawful grounds for them to take the baby away from this married couple.  The Holm family is poor by normal standards because they have chosen an off-the-grind lifestyle that most of us wouldn't do.  However, that is not a reason to steal the baby.  Danielle has had three miscarriages and when she finally gave birth to this little boy, she had him ripped from her arms to be put in a foster home.  She has been able to see the baby yesterday for 2 hours.  I'm not sure how this case will progress, but it goes to show the useless of the government and that the government only cares about its own interests.  The more babies the government steals, the more money it makes through various federal grants.

Refusal of social security numbers and vaccinations
     All parents have the right to refuse the socialist insecurity numbers and vaccinations which may cause autism.  Some of the statistics now show that 1 our of 50 boys who receive vaccinations may become autistic.  The Holm family declined the vaccinations for their own reasons and that decision should be respected.  But, the government, in this instance, decided to play God and kidnapped their baby.  They did it under the color of law.  A kidnapping is a kidnapping no matter who does it.  I've checked some of their paperwork and there are no grounds to take this child away and put him in a foster home.  The judge, in this case, was to have a hearing and then quickly removed herself from the case for unknown reasons.  My guess is that the public pressure was building and she couldn't take the scrutiny.

Just like the government crooks
     From what I can determine, the govtards are trying to find an excuse for taking the baby after the fact.  They are trying to insinuate that Christian Holm is psychologically unfit to be a parent.  The govtards are scrambling because they have an extreme liability which could hopefully put them out of business and put some social workers in jail.  As we will see, this is not an isolated problem.  This happens all over the country and the pattern of the CPS activity shows that they pick on the poor people and place these children in foster care.  And it is looking like poor white babies are in high demand at the CPS around the nation.

Audio of the hearing
     Here is an audio of the hearing and I think that this couple handled the situation extremely well under the circumstance.  This is a Facebook link  Click Here  You can see that the govtards could give a rats ass about the parents or the baby.  To be honest, the parents handled themselves a lot better than I would have done if I was in their position.  And it is the cruelty oft the government that knows no limits.  I have been of the opinion for a long time that the government is nothing more than a Satanic cult, and this incident, unfortunately, is more common than most of us believe. For more information on this case go to Medical Kidnap.

The government Satanists are all about perversion and hatred
     The proof of the Satanism is evident in their actions.  The government is pure evil; from the top to the bottom.  What kind of man or woman would pull a baby off of the mother's breast while she's nursing?  Apparently, this has been going on for quite awhile and I found out about it through the Medical Kidnap website while I was studying Pizzagate.  The people in the government are perverts, Satanists, and grand assholes.  I have an old saying that there are only two types of government workers: 1. assholes, and 2. assholes-in-training.  If people join the government as a career, they might be doing it with good intentions, but after a few months or years, they will lose their moral compass.  The Satanic stupor will drag them down into the abyss and totally destroy their own lives.
The government has no problem in starting wars and killing millions of people, so it isn't any big deal to them to torture this family by stealing the baby and then collecting money for it.

People can handle their own affairs
     One thing that is evident is that people will respond and handle their own affairs and intervene when necessary.  Family, friends, and neighbors can handle almost any situation.  The purpose of government is to establish a slave state with themselves as the masters.  This system doesn't work to the benefit of the general public.  And with society at such a low level at morality, it will perpetuate the evil.  The people need to evaluate everything that they do: whether it is right or wrong, good or evil.  These judgments that are made should be in line with the natural law which God created.  And the natural law in this instance dictates that the baby needs to be with his parents.

#freebabyholm  Facebook hashtag
Babies Should Never Be Separated from Their Mother

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Twisted Sexuality

     Twisted sexuality is a major problem in society and the start of it is fornication.  Fornication means having sex with someone other than your husband or wife.  Many couples think there nothing wrong with having sex before marriage and I believe it is evil and it destroys the relationship between a potential husband and wife. The biggest problem is that fornication will lead to other sexual problems.  I've gone over this in other articles which I am posting at the end of this article.
     In looking at society today, we see a blind acceptance of homosexuality.  Homosexuality is just another way to fornicate but it is just as bad and doesn't even follow the physical natural order.  The body was not made for that kind of sexual activity.  What's even worse is that the ratio of young boys being sexually abused by gay men is about 150:1  In other words, a queer may molest around 150 boys in his lifetime.  With the recent exposure of the Pizzagate issue, we are seeing how common it is for the people in the political class to engage in sexual abuse of children.  There is no right to be a homosexual.  A man can choose to be a homo but he will pay the price for the bad decision.
    However, the biggest problem which is fueled by twisted sexuality is pedophilia.  This is the natural outcropping of sexual immorality.  By discarding morality, the society today doesn't have the proper moral guidelines.  All of the various media promotes promiscuity to the extent that young people don't think there's anything wrong with fornication.  Then they may try homosexuality and it will degrade further into child abuse.  Pedophilia can also involve murder and cannibalism.  Yes, this is disgusting.  But the facts are showing that there's no good thing that comes from twisted sexuality.
And in recent weeks, after the disclosing of the Podesta emails, there seems to be some evidence of a horrific ring of pedos that is worldwide.
     Here is an example of just how twisted this gets.  TwitterPedos  This is why I find faggots or queers to be a disgusting bunch of miscreants.  There's no excuse for this and it is going to lead to a complete breakdown in society.

Fornication is Destruction of the Soul
Pedophilia More Common Among Gays

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Curse of the Oath and Hand Signals

      After spending almost a month studying the Pizzagate issue it is my opinion that people need to learn how to stay away from Satanic influences.  I am of the opinion that the Satanic problem is much worse than any of us thought as most of us are too busy trying to get through our own lives, make a living, and raising our children.  As in most Satanic activities, everyone gets a warning but most of those warnings slip through because we either don't know or we are not paying attention.  The oath and the hand signals are the two most prominent ways that you can observe as to whether anyone is involved in Satanic activity.  I have written a few articles about both and I have posted them at the end of this article.
     What I learned from the Pizzagate issue is that these freaks are much worse than I would have imagined.  To murder little children and then cannibalize them is an evil that is off the charts.  Just studying this trash in the last few weeks took a toll on me and I will never forget it. The images of the Satanic "spirit cooking" were off the hook.  But I want to suggest some things for people to avoid these demonic people.  Just being around people like this can corrupt the mind and the soul.  These Satanic assholes give us a warning and we should heed the warning and separate from them.

The oath
     If anyone takes an oath, they are actually cursing themselves.  This is the last thing anyone with half a brain should do.  The history of the oath goes back thousands of years and it is important to the governments.  Most governments demand that their officers and workers swear oaths and this is the main spot where the trouble starts.  All people in government who have sworn oaths have taken themselves over to the dark side.  Many religions including the Roman Catholic church operate on oath taking even though the Christian gospels forbid the practice.  The Roman Catholic church considers people who refuse the oath "heretics".  Pope Innocent III said that they were not only heretics but that they deserved to die.  Perhaps this is the reason there is little concern coming from the "Christian" churches  over Pizzagate as all of them have jumped over to the evil via oath taking.  So, either the Christian church is completely corrupted or it is a total fraud and the gospel forbidding oaths is the warning.  Either way, this is a major problem that can be easily solved.  Just stop taking oaths or signing any paper under the penalties of perjury.  Remember, perjury is lying under oath.

The hand signals
     The hand signals are another way Satanists disclose who they are mostly by using what I call the Two-Fingered Finger.  I have these flashed at me almost on a daily basis and when someone does that to me I consider it their attempt to put me under a curse.  Most politicians will flash these hand signs giving you the warning that they are of the devil.  It is possible that they don't understand what they are doing but I don't give them the benefit of the doubt.  With all of the communications we all have available, I doubt that they wouldn't know.

Satanists are assholes
     The type of person who would produce art depicting the torture and abuse of little children are complete assholes.  They are evil to the core and they actually enjoy the pain of innocent children.  That's  all the evidence anyone needs.  Because if they are engaging in cannabilism then there are no bodies for evidence.  It is best to avoid them and the safest way to do that is to refuse to take oaths
and look for any possible Satanic symbols and keep yourself and your family away from them.  Please take the time to read the articles below and get up to speed on this issue as it will save you a lot of trouble in the future.  Remember, from what I've seen, they always give you a warning.

Swear Not At All
Swear an Oath, Tell a Lie
All Bad Things Flow from the Oath of a Man
Stop Swearing Oaths
Understanding Jurisdiction

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

PizzaGate and Fake News

     PizzaGate is real and there is a lot of circumstantial evidence to implicate a lot of "powerful" people who are involved.  I use the word "powerful" but the fact is that these are weak and immature people.  I lived in Southern California during the McMartin Pre-School incident and the same type of cover-up is being done now using the word "fake news" as was done in the McMartin case.  What is going on now is what some call a "citizen" investigation.  There are hundreds if not thousands of people who are doing their own research and they are working with some troubling evidence.  While this is just an investigation at this point, the facts are freaking out people who are looking into it.
     As with the McMartin case, the fact I've seen are enough to turn my stomach.  After looking at such material, I am convinced that there is a place called Hell, and these people who are involved are going to have a very hot afterlife.  I've never seen evil like this as during the McMartin case, we didn't have the internet to look things up.  Now, with the exposure of the Wikileaks emails, we can see that it is a big possibility that there is a very large child sex trafficking operations that may be global.  However, the main goal would be to make sure the children are safe from these people because the government isn't going to convict too many of their own perverts.

Fake news
     The MSM is claiming that the people who are investigating PizzaGate are proffering fake news.  When a group of people is investigating something it can only be fake news if the claims are untrue.
The main source of the evidence are the various emails that were "leaked" and they are extremely troubling in their Satanic content.  No one who is doing the investigation now saw this coming nor were they prepared for viewing the extremely perverse material.

Pizzagate investigation
     It is interesting that the MSM are trying to debunk the investigations as being fake news when fake news has been their product for many years.  The reaction of the MSM is giving the investigators more reason to believe something really evil is going on, not only in the United States but all over the world.  Even Joe Biggs from Infowars has had his hours cut back and it looks like he's being sanction by Alex Jones.  If there was nothing to these allegations, then why all of the fuss about doing an investigation.

Sex trafficking, sexual abuse, and cannibalism
     If the children are being used as a commodity for sex trafficking, then it would support my theory that the governments of the world should be completely abolished.  If people in the government think that child sexual abuse should be acceptable, then these governments would have no right to exist.  Nothing on earth matters if innocent and beautiful children are being subjected to this kind of evil.  This is why the pizzagate issue has grown to biblical proportions.  We cannot have a moral and stable society with these Satanic creeps holding the power of the government.  I have no idea where this all may lead, but I do know that the cover-up is about the same as the McMartin case.  Yes, they were acquitted but the reason was some of the government lawyers who withheld evidence.  This is typical of a coverup.  How many well-known people in the media are involved in the ritual sexual abuse of children.  Apparently, there is big money to be made in the trafficking of children and the hope for good results will be in keeping the children safe from these creeps.
     Once the children are horrifically abused, it appears that they are eaten by the perps.  That's a very convenient way to get rid of the evidence.  It also appears that many parents are selling their own children into these sex rings.  Again, it is the very low moral order that is responsible for this horror.

     At this point, this pizzagate is an investigation and I wouldn't want to falsely accuse anyone.  But Satanists have established their religion on the backs of innocent children.  It's no wonder witches were burned at the stake.
     I can only imagine the pain inflicted upon a little child and the damage done to them if they survive.  There is no society on earth that can survive this kind of evil.  This is worse than a nuclear attack as it infects the spiritual core of mankind in a very destructive way.
     I've posted some links at the bottom of this article.  The Ritual Abuse is a recap of the McMartin case, especially about the underground tunnels which are also mentioned in pizzzagate. The other is the testimony of a 15-year-old survivor of ritual abuse.
     This will be an excellent example of how the government and the MSM will go into full cover-up mode.  And the fact that they would cover up such heinous crimes against children really lets us know what they might do to us.

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Government Monopoly on Violence

     One of the things most of us take for granted is that only the governments have the right to use violence.  Most of us have never asked the question:  Where does the authority of the government come from and what facts do they have to show that it is true?  If I decided along with a few friends of mine to rob my neighbor's house would we all not be considered thieves?  Yet, the government will find almost any excuse to relieve people of the money and property even without court orders.  They will attach your bank account and/or raid your property.  Are they not thieves?  Why is the government so special that they can do the most awful things to people and it is still legal?  Of course, the answer to these questions is that the government has no moral authority to do anything to anyone unless there is a violation of the natural law such as a murder or a theft.  But then, everyone would have a right to deal with a murder or a theft.  The government thinks that it has a monopoly on violence and they guard it jealously.
     The facts show that when a government decides to go to war or that they confiscate property, that they really don't have that kind of authority.  In today's world, they will point to the Constitution and say that the "people" are the ones who gave them the power.  However, the "people" cannot replace the natural moral order and violence should only be used in self-defense or in defense of innocent people.  If the government has a military in order to defend a nation, then it can only morally use that power of violence in self-defense and not to build an empire.
Reasons for the continuing violence
     The violence from the government comes from the fact that most normal people cannot tolerate communist style governments.  Communism and socialism are probably the worst styles of government mankind as ever devised.  In order to enforce such a horrible system, the governments must use violence against those who object.  This use of violence is the reason why all of the governments of the world have been able to deploy this Satanic form of government.  A peaceful group of people wouldn't consider such a thing.  In the normal course of living, there are only those rare moments when any violence is justified.  But in the communist state, violence is a way of life, especially for the people who work in "law enforcement."

The double standard
     If find it quite hypocritical when the government officers kill millions of people in order to establish peace.  None of the governments had any good reason to get involved in the World Wars where millions were slaughtered.  People have gone to war to fight communism when it was the communists that sent them there in the first place.

     There needs to be a higher moral order based upon the natural law.  The governments and the religions have been complete failures in providing for a peaceful world.  In fact, their existence is the reason for all the wars.  If it is wrong for me and my friends to go out and rob someone, then it should be the same way when people that call themselves the government does the same thing.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Pizzagate, Satanism, Complete Corruption

     There is a very evil scandal that is simmering under the surface of the mainstream media.  It's called Pizzagate and it is some of the most awful material I've ever had to deal with since the McMartin Preschool incident in the 1980s.  Everyone can look up #pizzagate and get all of the information that they need.  This scandal was started as a hack of John Podesta's emails, who of course was the campaign chairman of Hillary Clinton.  The emails suggest a large ring of child sex trafficking, child sexual abuse, Satanic rituals, and cannibalism.  I have a fairly thick skin, but the information is so rotten, that it has shaken me to the core.  The Satanic rituals involving young children and even small babies are so bad that people have a difficult time accepting the facts.  I don't know any facts other than what I have read.  Assuming that the information is true, this society is in for some real trouble.  Again, I don't want to put this information on my blog as it is too evil for me to post, but I want to suggest how we all got to the point and suggest some ways we can overcome the problem.

Satanism is the root of the problem
     People have been worshipping the devil or lucifer for thousands of years.  Whether you believe them or not, the fact is that they believe it and they act upon that belief.  The idea of Satanism is to destroy mankind and any good thing that God has created.  The end result of Satanism is hatred, death, and hell.  And the ultimate in evil is the abuse of little children for the pleasure of the perverts.  The perverts think that by abusing the children and drinking their blood, that they will be able to live longer than most people.  They are after the young blood and they take joy in the pain and suffering of these children.  It is important for every parent to be aware of this problem and be extra careful who is around their children.  However, some of the problems are in areas people don't want to address and I'll go through them here.

The government is completely Satanic
     The governments of the world are like a group of gang-bangers who torment the peaceful people of the world.  In order to join the government, people must swear oaths of loyalty to them and the oath is the opening for demonic activity.  My saying is this: "Swear an oath; go to hell."  The oath is the doorway to hell, and if you don't believe me just look at all of the governments of the world and you will see that they are filled with sex traffickers, perverts, homosexuals, fornicators, child molesters, and even cannibals.  These governments have no right to exist but it is our low moral standards that seem to feed these evil governments.  I have repeatedly warned people about the oath and Satanism and they don't seem to get it.  It's one thing to know the problem of sex trafficking but it is another to understand what causes it.  It is the disobedience of God's commandments and his natural law that causes all of the problems.  The government operates outside of the natural law and so the child molesting is the bad result of the government's evil doings.

Religion is the product of Satan
     When I was a Christian, I was always puzzled as to why all of the Christian churches I attended were so corrupted.  The bible would teach one thing but then they would do something else.  I was raised a Roman Catholic and then I studied every other denomination and they were all corrupted.  None of them produced the results of a group of people that should have high moral standards.  I found that the pastors lied, committed child abuse, cheated on their wives, and when I would confront them on their error they would just walk away or tell me that they would get back to me.  They never did.  My conclusion is that I don't think God is that stupid to come up with doctrines of these churches.  And if you follow the history, you can see that there are some very bad results and the system of Satanism is communism.  All of the countries of the world are communist.  They are unfit to exist.
     Many people consider Judaism a Satanic cult.  Christianity is built upon Judaism so it would make sense that it too is Satanic.  I think of Christianity as Judaism for gentiles.  The Roman Catholic church was created around the third century and their doctrines parallel paganism.  I remember asking myself the question: How could a corrupted church like the Roman Catholics come up with a clean set of scriptures?  They can't and they wouldn't.  The proceeding churches use many different translations with different doctrines.  The main problem I have with these religions is that they do not reflect the natural law that God created.  It only makes sense to me to worship the God who created everything and not worship a counterfeit.  Every time I went to church I always got the nagging feeling from my conscience that I shouldn't be there.  I stopped going to church and eventually decided that God is real and the rules of life are in a natural law.  Nature is not a god but it is the creation of God and there is a natural order by which we all should be living.  If we break that natural law we will always bring trouble for ourselves.  Once I started using the natural law then my life felt normal and in its proper place.  The natural law is so much easier to use and it doesn't need to be written down.  We all were born with a latent knowledge of right and wrong.  The main problem is that the governments and the religions confuse everything.
     But the worse flaw in the religions is the child abuse.  The Roman Catholic church is a hotbed of pedophilia and the evil of it is legendary.  Anyone who puts their young children in a Catholic organization is asking for trouble and heartbreak.  It is much easier to keep the children away from these groups as they are not of God but of Lucifer.  No church is a safe place to leave your children nor are they safe places to attend.  Many of these churches operate on oath taking, especially the Catholic church.  And it is not just the Catholics.  All of them that call themselves Christians have severe doctrinal problems.  While the bible has a lot of truth to it, it is peppered with contradictions and outright lies.  The bible is produced from the minds of men written down, whereas, the natural law is easily observable and there are no contradictions; it is the same for everyone.

The evil of child abuse
     Child abuse is the worst thing that can happen to anyone.  All of the evil of our lives must be put aside as all of the sins open the door to hell.  The governments who do not address this problem have no authority for anything.  If they cover-up the problem, they are just as bad as the perps.  I strongly suggest that those who can handle this study take an interest to help solve the problem.  This cannot be allowed to continue.

Understanding Jurisdiction (Oaths)
Google and Youtube #pizzagate for information
Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent 1545 AD (This is still valid church doctrine.  Do a word search of "oath" and you'll see that they are oath takers.  This is one of the sources of Satanism.)
Stop Swearing Oaths

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Political and Ethnic Cleansing for United States?

    I just saw this video at Henry Makow's website and I thought I would post it here.  I don't have any facts other than what is said on the video.  This is certainly strange but not surprising given the communist turd of Barak Obama.  There are going to be more attacks on young women, murders, and just outright chaos if this continues.  This is a good example of the uselessness of the government.  It appears that the government is intentionally using these people to create chaos and then they will ride to the "rescue"  the problem they created.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I'm Not Human: Part 2

I ran across an article by Bob Unruh of Worldnet Daily regarding a Christian woman's "fear of the beast."  She believes that the use of biometrics is a precursor to the 666 in the hand or on the forehead.  (The link to the article is at the bottom.)  She objected to the taking of the photo and it was eventually ruled that she is a "non-person."  The problem here is that she lost her case in a summary judgment and she was unable to renew her license.  The legal system is a morally corrupted process by which few people can get any remedy.  Lawyers are deceitful and expensive and they have their own system which is confusing to the normal man or woman.  And in order to understand the legal process a man must know the definitions of each particular section of the "code" in order to have some kind of knowledge of the proceedings.  In this case, the court ruled without any testimony and only documents.  And they did this for a good reason, they were covering their collective asses as to the true nature of the legal system.  This lady inadvertently stumbled on an extremely thorny issue.  Actually, she should be happy that she is a non-person because a person is essentially a slave and not a man. But that makes it difficult to operate in the modern world which keeps demanding ID for the most normal activities such as renting a hotel room, opening a bank account, and writing checks.

The authority of the state
     Few people will challenge the authority of the state but government as we know it has been a curse to mankind.  And part of the reason these so-called laws are difficult to deal with is because people don't really understand what they say.  The easiest way to defend yourself is to simply ask:  What facts do you have that show these codes apply to me?  Surprisingly, they will never provide facts that the codes apply but they have no problem giving you their opinions.  I could write a separate article on that alone, but I want to use this example to show how the codes are worthless pieces of trash which are good for nothing. The facts show that the government operates as a private corporation called the United States and the codes are merely company policy.  It is not a government like we all learned in school.  All of the government agencies and departments are all private companies.  They operate under the force of arms: conquest and confiscation.

Definition of person
     The normal man will interpret the word person as a man, woman, or child.  And since this case was in Oklahoma, I looked up the definition of the word "person" and it states: "Every natural person, firm, copartnership, association or corporation." Title 47 Motor Vehicles Section 1-144 Person  Most people will assume that "natural person" means a man, woman, or child.  However, the meaning is quite different.
Black's Law Dictionary Revised 4th Edition
 In Black's Law Dictionary 4th Revised Edition, the word natural person is defined as a "human being." There can also be artificial definitions such as associations or corporations.  The problem arises in that the word "human" does not include a man, woman, or child as defined by the natural law or as God created it.  The word human includes the definition of a "bipedal primate mammal."  Or better stated a monkey.  Since the state considers the people animals, these animals must have licenses and ID tags in order to do normal business.  In other words, the state is like a slave trading organization.  There's no freedom in any of this and the problem is that hardly any of us have ever taken the time to read the forms that we sign.  We sign our driver's license applications under the penalties of perjury and perjury is lying under oath.  So, in my view, the oath is a bigger problem than the biometrics.  Once the application is signed, the applicant is saying that he is a "human being" and an animal instead of a man.  In this case, oath taking is also a violation of the doctrine of Jesus Christ which I have covered in Part 1.  Here real objection should be to the swearing of the oath.  Oath taking is a ticket to hell and almost everyone does it. It isn't necessary unless a man wants to swear his loyalty to Satan or Lucifer.

Is man really an animal?
     This may be one reason the school systems teach the children that they are merely animals.  The idea of evolution is so absurd that I can hardly believe that anyone would believe in it.  But there is a purpose to this.  The Talmudic Jews think that gentiles are nothing more than animals.  And since communism is a product of the Satanic Judaism, it only makes sense that these morons will indoctrinate the children to make them good little slaves.  What I'm seeing here is the consistent Satanic doctrine running through the whole governmental system and it is evil to the core.  It's no wonder that sexual abuse and trafficking are so rampant and the "government" does little to stop it.

The legal system is corrupted beyond words
     I have been through the various court systems and they are crooked.  The judges wear the black robes for a good reason.  The black robe is to warn you that you are going to get fornicated and go through a Satanic proceeding.  While I sympathize with this lady for not wanting to take the "mark of the beast," I think the real problem here is oath taking.  I recommend that she doesn't sign anything "under the penalties of perjury" because she is suggesting that she is under oath.  If the gospels are to be believed, then oath taking is forbidden by Christians.  So either these people are completely ignorant of the problem or the Christian religion is pagan.  Either way, this is a major problem which I have written about for years.
     As world history unfolds, it seems to me that the United States and Israel are joined at the hip.  The Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church appear to be Judaism for gentiles.  The government and religious leaders consider all men, women, and children as animals and this is why these leaders act like idiots.
     Refusing the taking of oaths is a very simple way to keep your life peaceful and within the natural order which God created.  No man should ever swear an oath.

Fear Of the Beast: Your driver's license is shared with entire world
I'm Not Human: Part 1
Man and Other Animals
Understanding Jurisdiction
Goyim are Animals-Talmud and the NWO

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Why Liberals are Such Idiots

     One thing I can say about libtards is that they are completely consistent in their idiocy.  They lack no talent when it comes to being stupid.  They support the doctrine of communism which has proven itself to be a complete failure and their idiocy in advocating it knows no limits.  I've said many times on this blog that the communist is a Satanist.  The Satanist builds his doctrine from Judaism, along with all of the Abrahamic religions.  When a young man gets "educated" in college, he is being indoctrinated into Satanism which is always manifested in communism.  While many politicians soft-peddle the doctrine by calling it socialist, the fact is that a socialist is a communist.  A politician who runs a government with communistic doctrines is a communist himself.  Those people who enforce communist doctrines are liars, thieves, cheats, murderers, and kidnappers.  They are evil people and it is difficult to convince them that they are one the wrong side of life.

Natural law is the only valid law
     All life is based upon natural law the way God created it.  There's no argument about it.  It is there for all of us to observe and it applies to everyone equally.  There are no exceptions.  We simply cannot override the natural law and any attempt to do it will result in failure.  Just to be clear, the natural law does not include evolution because it is a doctrine of complete nonsense.  But the natural law can be seen and it is there to teach us right from wrong if we take the time to think through an issue in order to reach an intelligent conclusion.  We don't need any writings or books to be able to understand our own role here on earth.  All we have to do is to assemble the truth by knowing the facts and we have all of the understanding we need.
     No government can ever justify going outside of the natural law, and when they do it, people always get chaos and disorder.  No government is necessary if its end product is evil.  If it is evil it is good for nothing.  And in my lifetime, I have never seen or known of any government who could stay within the natural order.  And when they don't, their failure is there for all to see.  Once their failure is noted, the libtards attempt to put a happy face on their evil.  This is why they act like idiots.  I've never met a liberal who was not an idiot.  In fact, I would put all of the political class in the same "basket of deplorables."
     For instance, in the natural law, people would be able to own their own property(no property tax).  It is the property tax that takes away full ownership of the property.  If a man doesn't pay his property tax, then he will lose his property.  But the idiot libtards like the property tax because they can use that money for "education" but in reality, they are simply using the property owner's money to indoctrinate the students in the doctrine of communism, Satanism, and sexual deviation.  Libtards are absolute morons, and they push this nonsense on the general public.  It is the taxes collected that help to spawn even more evil within the society.  Thus, the government perpetuates itself by using conquest, confiscation, and tyranny.  This is what the political class is all about.
     Police officers enforce laws that go beyond the natural law.  The United States has the most people in prison than any nation on earth.  There are so many laws that it would take a lifetime to read them all, let alone understand them.  Yet, the political class says that we're supposed to know and obey them but they themselves, i.e. Hillary Clinton disobeys the government's own laws and so far has not been prosecuted for those violations.

They whine when they don't get their way
     Remember a libtard is a communist which means that they are also Satanists.  They like to murder people in useless wars, they steal money from hardworking people, and they control the money system.  Satanists are extremely immature and they are extremely evil.  They teach perversions in public school and most of the teachers should be put in jail.  So, when Donald Trump won the election, the libtards went berserk.  Some colleges are providing therapy dogs and play dough for the most extreme whiners.  This is pathetic.  And, in my opinion, the reason libtards are idiots is that they cannot face the facts of their own corruption and failure.  Communism is an extreme failure and no man or woman should ever approve of a system of government that murders millions of people.  A libtard has no intellectual reason to impose communism on anyone, yet they do it on a daily basis and they should be vigorously opposed.  There's no point in being nice to a liberal because if people are nice they will take advantage and move on their corrupted agenda.  It is better to call them out for the failures that they are and opposed them at every turn.  They are immature little devil worshippers and they should not have any authority over anything.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Follow the Leader

     One of the most frustrating things about government and religion is this idea that people should follow the leader and then blindly accept their instructions as if they were "God's word."  No one really knows what God's word is outside of the natural law.  It is this natural law which gives a man the proper information in order to make acceptable judgments.  The problem is the modern man is not taught how to think for himself.  He has been raised to obey his masters, and obey he does.  If he attempts to break out of the groupthink, people will say that he is an idiot or a crazy person.  And having a thought or an opinion that is different from the groupthink will get a man in big trouble.  I have had this experience and it is frustrating to know the facts on an issue and t hen have people say that I'm crazy.  However, as each day passes, I realize that the crazier they say that I am, the more I understand that my efforts are having an effect.

The government is completely insane
     The rational mind cannot accept the operation of the government.  When I was a "tax protester," I   got to that point by reading the tax code.  I read parts of it over and over again and I came to the conclusion that the income tax was a fraud.  I was ordered by a federal judge to fill out the income tax forms, and I agreed as long as it conformed to the law.  So, before I filled them out, I sent a fax to the DOJ and requested the law which made me liable for the tax.  A few days went by and I received a court document calling for my arrest for simply asking for the liability of the task.  I thought that this incident was completely insane and I marveled at the stupidity of it.  And just recently, we've seen how Hillary Clinton violated so many "laws" and the FBI covers it up.  This shows how the government is good for nothing.  It is the government which starts the wars, it is the government who steals the money through taxes and usury, and it is the government who is a major player in the corruption of the morals of a civilized society.  The main problem with the government is that the people operating it are the ones who are guilty of  enforcing the immoral laws.  It doesn't matter which government as all of them are run on Satanic principles.

The guilt falls on the government operative
     The people who implement the government policies are as guilty as the idiots who give the orders; maybe even more.  If a soldier is given the order to kill people and then does it, isn't he just as guilty as the one who gave the order?  Of course, he is because he executed the evil order and then committed murder.  Or the policeman or "law enforcement officer" who arrests(kidnap) or kills a man on the orders of a judge.  Isn't he just as guilty as the judge?  Under the natural law, he is just as guilty.  This is why the government as we know it is not functional in preserving a civilized society.

The people in government are not exempt from the moral order
     A man who works for the government is completely outside of God's moral order.  He has no more authority than anyone else in the real world.  But they have turned the natural order of mankind and turned it upside down.  Most people don't notice this because they have been told what to do since they were children.  And, in the process, they have produced the mindless population who like to "follow the leader."  Leaders are only good if what they propose is good and moral.  Anything else is very dangerous and will always get bad results.  The natural moral order applies to everyone regardless of what they think or believe.  That's why the natural law is so much easier to use.  All a man has to do is to take the time to think things through before taking any actions.  However, this can be difficult when in the company of evil-doers.  A man can get caught up in the excitement of the moment and then take the wrong action.

The same old excuse
     I get exasperated when I heard a govtard say: "I'm only doin' my job" as if it is an excuse to do the evil deed.  My answer to that is to get another job.  If most government operatives did that then there would not be enough people to man the government and it would collapse under its own corruption.  To be a dishonorable man with a nice retirement isn't really a good way to live.  The government operates on bad religion and it serves the false god.  The root cause of bad government is communism and every government is founded on Marxist-Luciferian principles.  It is no wonder that we have the chaos and turmoil that inflicts so much suffering on mankind.  The government should be flushed down the dung-heap of history and people should start learning to think for themselves, using the natural law as their guide.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Monday, October 31, 2016

The Shit Always Comes Out of the Horse

     As an observer of the natural law, the old saying: "The shit always comes out of the horse" is ringing true when it comes to the workings of the federal government and the legal system.  All of the evil actions anyone does has its payback and the people in the federal government are subject to it just like everyone else.  They think that they can get away with being rotten people, but the facts are showing that at some point it is going to reach a critical mass.  The people who are a part of the federal government are going to be paid back for their evil deeds because of the natural order.  No one has to lift a finger against them because the govtards will destroy themselves.
     During this election cycle, it seems that there is a scandal a day with no end in site.  And if Hillary Clinton gets elected we may have multiple scandals a day.  And in today's world of fast communications, it isn't as difficult to find information.  I want to examine what might be the end result from all of the controversy about the elections.  I'm thinking that the usefulness of the government really has to come into question as we see one rotten thing after another and seemingly with no consequences on the perps.

Everyone is subject to payback
     All of us instinctively know that when we do bad things that evil things will follow.  We all know this.  I call it payback and some people call it recompense.  Bad consequences always follow the evil deeds.  People who work for the federal government are accessories to the criminal operation called the Government.  And with the FBI's Comey incident about Clinton's emails, it appears that there is going to be a massive payback that will manifest itself in ways I wouldn't dare to speculate.  All I know is that every evil deed will lead to the unwanted payback and every federal worker will find this to be true.  Just like the gravity that holds everything in place, the payback is also a part of the natural law and it cannot be avoided.

The government is structurally rotten
     No matter who gets elected, people tend to think there will be a change for the better.  In this regard, the voters have been almost always disappointed with the results.  And the fundamental problem is this idea of having a government.  The problem is that the government has little to no moral standards and that any action is justified as long as it preserves the government's agenda.  It only makes sense that if the government is structurally evil then the people who run it are just as bad.  Granted, many people in the federal government don't really know just how bad it is but in today's world, there's really no excuse for ignorance given the ability to look things up on the internet.  Just like the shit coming out of the horse's rear end, the evil will flow from anything called the government.

Constant war and threats of war
     The government has involved itself in so many wars that it is difficult to keep track of them.  I counted over 154 wars since the passage of the Constitution of the United States in 1789.  The government has murdered millions of native Americans and has involved itself in wars all over the world.  The American people do not condone such things, but with the manipulation of the mainstream media, the people are deluded into thinking that war is fighting for our own freedom.  The facts show that all of these wars have been quite useless and have spent the lives of millions of people for no reason but to further its Satanic agenda.

Evil is destroying everything
     And because of the low moral standards, the people of the world are destroying their own lives thinking that they are having fun and a good time.  The natural order doesn't allow for that and the evil must be expelled from the natural order.  I'm thinking with this election, we're going to see some nasty stuff because the people have tolerated this evil for too long.  The evil cannot reside successfully in the natural order of life.  The evil is like the shit coming out of the horse's ass.  The evil cannot be tolerated in the natural order and it will come out one way or another.  This is going to be a very difficult lesson for the moral people to learn.  The evil is broken and good for nothing.  And there's no point in looking for a "lesser evil" to solve any problems.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Monday, October 24, 2016

Communist Assholes

     One of the things that bother me about the government people is the fact that we don't recognize them as a threat to our existence.  All government workers are communist assholes or assholes-in-training.  The whole world system is communist and all governments have been inflicted with this curse. It was designed that way as communism is the system of choice in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  And it doesn't matter to gets elected to what because at the end of the day the system will be completely communist.  The 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto are in place in all governments and this communism is a curse on any civilized society.

Communism is the Satanic political and economic system of all governments
     The people think that because they are allowed to vote, that there is going to be a change for the better.  The problem is that it hasn't happened in my lifetime.  The situation always gets worse from one election cycle to the next.  The culprit is the rampant communism.  The best that can be said about the election is that the public gets to elect their slave masters.  The government is exercising a master-slave relationship with the general public.  These elections don't really need to be fixed because the underlying communism is never challenged.  In order for real financial change to occur, the central banking system would have to be abolished and allow for competing currencies.  The money supply should never be a monopoly.  Political leaders who attempt to change the central banking systems are usually assassinated.  Communism has no morality. It does no one any good to be nice or polite to a communist.  Rather, it would be a wake-up call if people treated them with truthful and blunt language.

Communists, socialists, libtards, and progressives are people to be scorned
     Communists and people like them are nasty people.  They should never be treated with respect.  In addition, they are downright dangerous.  Their thoughts are as useless as tits on a boar hog.  But I have hardly ever seen any criticism of communism even in the alternative news media.  And by not attacking Judaism and communistic principles these media outlets are just as corrupt as the MSM.  They put up a false sense of security by making it look like a solution is coming when there is none.
Even if Donald Trump is elected, he will probably do nothing to change much of anything.  The facts show that the taking a part of anyone's income is a slave system.  While lowering the rate of income tax is good, the better thing to do is to completely eliminate it.  However, all planks of the Communist Manifesto should be eliminated from every government because the communist system is immoral, demonic, and it creates a very unstable society.
     Anyone who is going to attend any college or university should think twice about it because it is going to be an evil indoctrination of communistic principles rather than a good education.  Teachers and professors who are libtards have absolutely nothing to teach to anyone; unless it is a lesson on what not to do.  They are worthless scoundrels who don't have anything else to do but to destroy the intellect of the young people.  They don't deserve anyone's respect or honor.  It is better to separate from them as no good comes from being engaged with any communist.

How to get under the skin of a communist
     One of the best ways to get under the skin of a communist in government is to ask them this question: What facts to you have that your laws apply to me?  They cannot answer the question.  Man-made laws cannot apply to another man as no one has the authority with the exception of a violation of the natural law which applies to everyone equally.  The authority the communists use is the threat of violence in order to get people to do what they want.  If you don't pay your taxes they will steal your property, and maybe even kill you.  That is all done violently.   The communist slogan should be: comply or die.

Not recognizing the real threat
     Most people think that in the United States we have lots of freedoms.  However, the facts prove just the opposite.  Under the natural law, we all have plenty of freedom to do what we want as long as it doesn't harm other people.  But with the government laws, most of them actually violate the natural law and this is where the trouble starts.  The government thinks it can go out and just arrest whomever they please and that they have the moral authority to do it.  The fact is that many of these arrests are kidnaps.  This has happened to me a few times and the "officers" who arrested me had no warrant, no probable cause, and no authority to violate the natural law which God created.  And believe me, these "officers" do not give a shit whether they are doing the right thing or not.  They just care about their salary and their retirement.  They could give a rat's ass about anyone's rights.  Once this happened to me a few times, I finally got the message.  I really have no rights and if you think you do go try using them.  But all of us were indoctrinated into the fantasy world of  "civics" which was nothing more than a bunch of political lies to hide the truth of the underlying communism.  As a result, the government is the biggest problem in society today and not the lack of it.  If every government official followed the laws as they are written, it would still be a massive problem.  And the reason is that the natural moral order is violated by the government laws which makes their laws null and void.

Send them to Cuba
     I  think it is better for all concerned that any communist, liberal, fascist, socialist, progressive, or nazi that lives in the United States should be relocated to Cuba.  If they like communism so much, then they should enjoy what it has done for Cuba.  Venezuela is also becoming a communist hell hole.  The purpose of communism is to destroy society and to ruin life for all people.  The communist hates people and they are always full of shit.  They are nasty people who don't care about anything but their stupid socialist ideas.  All of them should be encouraged to relocate to Cuba and see how they like the end result of communism.

Lipstick on the Communist Pig
Greedy Communist Pigs

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Friday, October 21, 2016

Symbol of the Eagle

Barnabas 10:4Neither shalt thou eat eagle nor falcon nor kite nor crow. Thoushalt not, He saith, cleave unto, or be likened to, such men who nownot how to provide food for themselves by toil and sweat, but intheir lawlessness seize what belongeth to others, and as if they werewalking in guilelessness watch and search about for some one to robin their rapacity, just as these birds alone do not provide food forthemselves, but sit idle and seek how they may eat the meat thatbelongeth to others, being pestilent in their evil-doings

     In the history of mankind, the eagle has always been a symbol of a predator.  And in the context of the alleged words of Barnabas, we can see that the lesson here is to not be like men who steal from other men.  And today, the government people continually steal from the people because they are too lazy to go out and get real work.  They are unproductive bastards who not only steal money, but they involve nations in endless war.  The governments' existence is certainly not deserved in the natural order of life.  And as in the above photo, mankind is like the poor animal run over by the new world order being plucked like a dead chicken until every bit of meat is consumed.
     It is important to understand these symbols if only to know from what to remove yourself.  If you see the eagle displayed anywhere, just know that it is your warning that something bad is in the works.
     In my opinion, the symbol of the eagle gives the warning that those who display it are communists which are just a warmed-over version of feudalism.

This quote came from the Epistle of Barnabus.  It's no wonder it was removed from use in the early Christian Church.
Two-Fingered Finger

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What to Not Look For in Tonight's Presidential Debate

     As many of you will be watching tonight's debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I would like to point out the problems with the government that will not be addressed by either candidate.  In my opinion, the election process is just another dog and pony show that gives the people a false hope against any future change for any improvement.  Both candidates will ignore the true culprit that is destroying all of us, and that is communism.  It doesn't matter if it is communism, socialism, or fascism as they are all feculent political systems of the lowest order.  I'll go through a few of these communistic principles.

Income Tax
Donald Trump wants to lower the income tax but the better move would be to eliminate it and replace it with nothing.  The economy would take off like a rocket as people would become more motivated to work and not have up to 60% of their income confiscated by the communist left.

Property Tax
The property tax provides the government with a back-handed way of actually owning the property but giving the so-called "property owner" the appearance of ownership.  If you have to pay property tax on anything, you don't own it.  If you don't pay the tax the govtards will confiscate your property.
What needs to happen is that property tax must be also abolished.  Let whatever the property taxes fund, such as schools, collapse into the gutter where they belong.

Free public education
Public schools should be closed and with no income tax, everyone should be able to afford adequate education if that's what they want for their children.  The fact is that the schools aren't really free because the expense for them is attached to the property tax.  It's better to reset the whole educational system by allowing the free market to fill the void.

Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank and Usury
The Federal Reserve Bank and all of its associates should also be abolished.  Banking as we know it today is no even legal if one uses the constitution as the basis of law.  In 1849, the California Constitution doesn't allow for banking or the use of bank notes and if we took this law seriously, the whole monetary system is illegal and it is a fraud.  I will reproduce the text:

Article IV

Sec. 34 The Legislature shall have no power to pass any act granting any charter for banking purposes; but associations may be formed, under general laws, for the deposit of gold and silver, but no such association shall make, issue, or put in circulation, any bill, check, ticket, certificate, promissory note, or other paper, or the paper of any bank, to circulate as money.

Sec. 35  The Legislature of this State shall prohibit, by law, any person or persons, association, company, or corporation, from exercising the privileges of banking, or creating paper to circulate as money.

 Of course, central banking is another plank of the Communist Manifesto and these four communistic principles will not be addressed tonight.

Lipstick on the Communist Pig

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Here is a Real Scandal

Update: 03-07-19 

I just remembered that around 2001-2002 I visited the Secretary of State in California.  I went to the voter registration office and I had just one question.  I asked the clerk: "What does U.S. citizen" mean on the voter registration form.  She said: "No one ever asked me that before."  But she was determined to find out.  About 10 minutes later she came back and visibly confused or upset and she said: "It means that the person is a 14th Amendment citizen."  I thanked the lady and left and I wasn't sure nor did I comprehend the implications.  The constitution or the "supreme law of the land" is fake and it is a fraud.  All of us have been drawn into this fraud--unknowingly--and have signed legal documents under the "penalties of perjury."  Perjury is lying under oath.  People should never swear oaths and I've covered this extensively on this blog.  Most of the problem started with Abraham Lincoln, a contemporary of Karl Marx, who established the first income tax back in 1861. As you should know, the income tax is the second plank of the Communist Manifesto. To try to completely understand the evil and all of its implications can cause brain damage.  But the facts show that the 14th Amendment was a fake and a fraud but it is being used by the government to steal the resources of the people.  It establishes another form of government but they still call it the "United States."  Which incidentally, has at least 25 different definitions in the U.S. Code.  There is a corporate overlay posing as the government but the facts are showing that it is more of a private corporation all knitted together.
     With all of the various government scandals competing for our attention, one of the biggest con jobs is the Constitution of the United States.  Most people think that this document secures our freedoms, but the facts show that it has been an instrument of tyranny and fraud.  If I look at our government today, we can see that it is run on a set of laws that are very difficult to understand and to completely comprehend at the most basic level.  The reason why it is difficult is that the documents lie and most people cannot work with bogus information.  Most people don't have time in their lives to be studying such nonsense.  So they trust their "leaders" to do the right thing and we can see that they are essentially a bunch of crooks, thieves, and thugs.

Laws have no authority other than violence
     In my studies as a former income tax activist, I started reading the "laws" and "codes" more carefully and I came to realize that these laws have no authority other than the use of violence against those who dare to question them.  One of the worst examples of this was the counterfeiting of the constitution into something that was more acceptable for the new world order communist freaks.  The most egregious example of evil is to modify a document that claims to be the "law of the land."  The facts show that only the natural law as God created it is the real law of the land and manmade laws must conform to them.  The natural law is more dependable is it cannot be counterfeited.  It is the same for everyone.

The original 13th Amendment
      Somewhere around 1809 to 1812, there was an amendment passed by Congress called The 13th Amendment. Now, I'm not a fan of the Constitution for the United States because it requires oath-taking.  However, I'm going to use this example to show just how crooked political leaders can be and how offensive government is to the rational mind.  Here's the text of the original 13th Amendment:
"If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them" Journal of the Senate

  Under the original 13th amendment, lawyers, attorneys, or judges who carry the British title of nobility of "Esquire" would lose his citizenship.  This amendment was someone's stroke of genius in that it would have gotten rid of those "brood of vipers" called "Esquires."  In my opinion, this was a peaceful way of getting rid of the British influence within the government.  As the legal system stands now, it is just another arm of British tyranny and it exists to this very day.  I believe that all lawyers who want to practice law must do use under the title of nobility called Esquire.

Original 13th Amendment removed, new 14 Amendment magically becomes 13th Amendment
     Here is a certified copy of this original 13th Amendment I received from the state archives of Colorado and a certified copy of a legislative journal from Colorado.  Notice the date of this journal is 1867.  And the anti-slavery amendment listed in the 1867 version was listed as the 14th Amendment instead of the 13th Amendment.  This is like Abbot and Costello's "Who's on First."  But it is well documented and historians have done a good job in covering up the arbitrary removal of the original 13th Amendment.  They removed the original 13th Amendment, then moved the original 14th amendment to become the 13th amendment, and then put in the abomination which is currently listed as the 14th Amendment even though it was never properly ratified.
     The 14th Amendment as we know it today is shown here in 1870.  It appears that the 14th Amendment was not lawfully passed and it is a fraud.  Most liabilities or alleged liabilities to the federal government arise from the 14th Amendment.  Now, the words "citizens of the United States" mean a 14th Amendment citizen which is a complete fraud.  In fact, I've heard IRS agents say that the liability for income tax arises from the 14th Amendment.

    Talk about conspiracies!  The Constitution of the United States, in just a few years in its existence, was unlawfully modified (by their own rules) and then pushed upon the American people and this is why we have so much trouble.  The basis of law is a big lie and a complete fraud.  If they did this to the Constitution I can only imagine what they've done with the Bible.  A lot of us income tax activists know about this fraud, but if we say anything, we're pointed out like crazy people.
     In my opinion, this switch is much dirtier than the things that the Clintons have ever done. Because this counterfeit amendment went a long way to alter the basic form of government.  The constitution at that time was not as revered as some people think.  The reader can look up and get a copy of the Anti-Federalist Papers It just goes to show that the politicians of that day were completely corrupted and that corruption is still being used to this day.  I contend that when a group of people starts swearing oaths, nothing but trouble will follow.  We have plenty of history to support that statement.
     So, when we speak to government officials, we really don't have the proper context because the constitution as we know it today is a fraud.  No one can speak intelligently while using such a corrupted document.  The Bill of Rights has been turned into a Bill of Privileges where the masterful government gives out privileges rather than respecting a man's rights.  If you don't believe me, try using them in court and see what happens.  This is a harsh lesson about the quality of people that we have had in the government in the past and it reflects the ongoing bullshit we'll have to endure in the future.  This scandal dwarfs all of the others because it counterfeits the whole process of the government that was previously instituted.  Remember, it is the lie that is always the primary weapon of the govtards.
     This is why I'm more interested in the natural law because no man can change it nor can he counterfeit the laws.  No government would be better than what we have now.

The Original 13th Amendment along with the original 14th Amendment which was the anti-slavery amendment
The result of the switcharoo
Finding the Truth in a Field of Bullshit

Address of the International Working Men's Association to Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States of America

Presented to U.S. Ambassador Charles Francis Adams January 28, 1865 

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Friday, October 14, 2016

Finding the Truth in a Field of Bullshit

       In trying to deal with political issues, people for years and years have tried to make sense of all the machinations of the political parties and of the forming of policies.  And it is almost impossible for any politician to stand up before a crowd and say that he's going to do this or that.  He may not be able to do anything unless his puppetmasters allow it  Democracy is a stupid system that allows the ignorant, deceived, and mentally lazy people to make political choices.  This is why the communism is so successful throughout the world.  They have enough idiots to vote for their political leaders while giving the voter the illusion that they are choosing them.  At best, they are choosing their own slave masters.  Nothing is different with the Trump and Clinton race for the outhouse.  It's all based on unadulterated bullshit because the government assumes authority over men and women that it does not deserve.  The government has no authority other than what the natural law would give it.  If the government operated just under natural law, it would cease to exist in the form it has taken today.
     In order to be able to function properly, all men need to know the truth of a matter before taking any action or settling their thoughts.  If the truth is not known then men do not have enough correct information to make any decision on anything.  The Satanist continually lies, and since communism is a Satanic system, the lies flow like an endless river of bullshit.  I want to show a few examples of how our government lies and then covers it up with even more lies.

Lies are the tool of the Evil One
     Lies are the main instrument of false knowledge of the new world order.  All governments that I know of use the lie as their primary tool for deceiving the public.  No government has the authority over another man in the natural order unless the issue is a murder, theft, lying, or some other violation of the natural law.  But it is the manipulation of words and language that perpetuates the fraud  of most governments.

The United States is a Corporation
     Most people think that the United States means a country or a body politic whose leaders are elected in fair elections.  However, the United States is a corporation with no more authority than the manager of your local Wal-Mart.  Here is the text and I've provided a link:

(15) "United States" means--
 a Federal corporation
an agency, department commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or
an instrumentality of the United States.

If the people truly wanted to know who controls things, it might be a good idea to find out who owns the United States and who are the stockholders.  I have read a few articles on it but it is still a mystery as to who owns the corporation.  In addition, notice the use of the capital letter in defining the Federal corporation.  This is an improper use of grammar and it suggests that it has another meaning other than what we are reading.  I've seen a lot of this nonsense in the US Code, which isn't really the law, it is just corporate policies.  The only authority it has is the guns and violence inflicted upon the general public.

The citizens of the United States
     Most people do not realize that when they sign the affidavit for voter registration, they are actually saying they are citizens of the United States.  However, what these voters don't realize is that they are saying that they are 14th Amendment citizens which put them under a slave status.  I found this out many years ago when I went into the Registrar of Voters in Sacramento,  and I asked the clerk to get me the definition of  "citizen of the United States."  She told me no one had ever asked her that question before and she told me she would find it.  It took her about 15 minutes to come up with it and she had a troubled look on her face.  She told me that it means "14th Amendment citizen."  She looked a bit upset as I thanked her and left the building.
      The 14th Amendment was never properly ratified by Congress so that amendment is a complete fraud.  There is a whole story about that which is available on the internet.  This one item alone makes the Constitution of the United States a big fraud and it has no value at law.  The best that can be said about it is that it represents a policy of the corporation and not of a body politic.  Remember, there is no moral or lawful authority in any fraud and the "constitution" is a big fraud.

Man and Other Animals
     The definition of person in the US Code can be a corporation, trust, or any other artificial entity.  But one of the biggest frauds is that man has been defined to be an animal.  This may be the reason for the teaching of the idiotic theory of evolution but it does make some sense from the Satanic point of view.  If they can get the people to think of themselves as a species of animals, then they can treat us just like any other form of livestock. This is the reason the "rights" have turned into "privileges." This is one of the main reasons the government is so tyrannical.  The idea of men being animals actually comes from the Talmud.  Just more bullshit coming from the Communist Jews.
(1) The term "drug" means (A) articles recognized in the official United States Pharmacopeia, official Homoeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States, or official National Formulary, or any supplement to any of them; and (B) articles intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in man or other animals; and (C) articles (other and food) intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of man or other animals; (Bold type my emphasis)

The term "person"
     One of the worst ways the legal system screws with the people is by calling a word a "term."  Once it becomes a "term" the definition of the word is changed to benefit the purposes of the psychos who wrote this code.  And that's probably why they call it "Code."  It is difficult to understand.  If you are in any court, it would be a good practice to get the accusers to define each and every word of an indictment before proceeding.  This would drive them to, even more, insanity than they already have.
Here's a perfect example of this from Title 26 which is the Internal Revenue Code of which the internal revenue laws were repealed in 1939.  (There's no end to the government bullshit.):

The term "person" as used in this chapter includes an officer or employee of a corporation, or a member or employee of a partnership, who as such officer, employee, or member is under a duty to perform the act in respect of which the violation occurs. 

Notice here that it never states a person to be a man, woman, or child.
Also, in the Code of Federal Regulations we see this:  

(a) Person.

The term person includes an individual, a corporation, a partnership, a trust or estate, a joint-stock company, an association, or a syndicate, group; pool, joint venture, or other unincorporated organization or group.  The term also includes a guardian, committee, trustee, executor, administrator, trustee in bankruptcy, receiver, assignee for the benefit of creditors, conservator, or any person acting in a fiduciary capacity.

Again, we see that this does not include any man, woman, or child.  The word "individual" is also defined somewhere in the regulations as a nonresident alien.  The idiocy just doesn't stop.  If anyone walks into a courtroom, you can see the various traps that they set for people.  It is truly disgusting.

Title 18 was never passed properly by congress
      All federal prisoners are there illegally and unlawfully.  The federal court system is corrupted beyond belief.  Title 18 was not passed by congress according to their own rules and you can see a brief recap of it here:  Of course, the people in the government don't give a shit about the lives they have helped to destroy because of their illegal and unlawful actions.  Again, Title 18 is one of the biggest frauds of them all.  Of course, there are so many of them that it is difficult to keep track.  But the thing to remember is that all Satanic systems of government are built upon lies.  Terms become words and words become terms.  The confusion is intentional and there's no reason to try to work with it.  Something this corrupted is just not usable.
     There is no authority in any organization that is built upon a fraud and the government is actually a private corporation or a series of corporations.  It is a never ending field of bullshit and it is best to stay away from it.
     One last thing that needs to be mentioned.  I have written extensively about the bad effects of taking oaths.  The whole Satanic system starts with the oath.  Oath-taking is evil and no man, woman, or child should ever take them.  Taking the oath is your first step into hell.
     If the government is a fraud it is because it is based upon lies.  It is not structured to do anyone any good except for the communist thugs who run it.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land