Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Government Monopoly on Violence

     One of the things most of us take for granted is that only the governments have the right to use violence.  Most of us have never asked the question:  Where does the authority of the government come from and what facts do they have to show that it is true?  If I decided along with a few friends of mine to rob my neighbor's house would we all not be considered thieves?  Yet, the government will find almost any excuse to relieve people of the money and property even without court orders.  They will attach your bank account and/or raid your property.  Are they not thieves?  Why is the government so special that they can do the most awful things to people and it is still legal?  Of course, the answer to these questions is that the government has no moral authority to do anything to anyone unless there is a violation of the natural law such as a murder or a theft.  But then, everyone would have a right to deal with a murder or a theft.  The government thinks that it has a monopoly on violence and they guard it jealously.
     The facts show that when a government decides to go to war or that they confiscate property, that they really don't have that kind of authority.  In today's world, they will point to the Constitution and say that the "people" are the ones who gave them the power.  However, the "people" cannot replace the natural moral order and violence should only be used in self-defense or in defense of innocent people.  If the government has a military in order to defend a nation, then it can only morally use that power of violence in self-defense and not to build an empire.
Reasons for the continuing violence
     The violence from the government comes from the fact that most normal people cannot tolerate communist style governments.  Communism and socialism are probably the worst styles of government mankind as ever devised.  In order to enforce such a horrible system, the governments must use violence against those who object.  This use of violence is the reason why all of the governments of the world have been able to deploy this Satanic form of government.  A peaceful group of people wouldn't consider such a thing.  In the normal course of living, there are only those rare moments when any violence is justified.  But in the communist state, violence is a way of life, especially for the people who work in "law enforcement."

The double standard
     If find it quite hypocritical when the government officers kill millions of people in order to establish peace.  None of the governments had any good reason to get involved in the World Wars where millions were slaughtered.  People have gone to war to fight communism when it was the communists that sent them there in the first place.

     There needs to be a higher moral order based upon the natural law.  The governments and the religions have been complete failures in providing for a peaceful world.  In fact, their existence is the reason for all the wars.  If it is wrong for me and my friends to go out and rob someone, then it should be the same way when people that call themselves the government does the same thing.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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