Saturday, May 31, 2014

Homo Nuclear Weapons

The global new world order powers are attacking the traditional family in what I would liken to a societal nuclear weapon.  The homos are using their perversion as a battering ram against everything that is good and that is within good taste.  The slutty performance by Michael Sam during his NFL (not for long) draft used his kissing of his he-bitch to completely traumatize the people who like the NFL.  Then there is the article in Time magazine about the so-called new frontier on civil rights showing the picture of a transgender black man.  This was doubly offensive because the black people are especially offended by homosexuality.  This was intended to break the moral barrier of the black people as well as everyone else.  And then there's the story coming out of Pittsburg, Texas regarding Earl's Bait shop and restaurant who don't want to serve "fags."

Political purpose of homosexuals

Homosexuals have a definite anti-social agenda.  They want to break down the traditional values of the commandments and the natural law.  Because their activities are so perverted, most people don't like talking about it.  I didn't even know about homosexuals until I was about 14 years old and my first reaction was why would a man do that when there are so many nice women?  I was horrified at the thought.  But, I didn't understand that there is a political purpose to this and that the reason for it in my mind is very clear.

Spiritual battle

There is a spiritual battle going on and many of us fail to recognize it for what it is and how to prevent it from destroying our lives.  Nature tells us that homosexuality is completely unnatural and it is evil to engage in it.  Homosexuality will compromise a man's sexual equanimity and put thoughts into his mind that shouldn't be there.  The very idea of this activity is completely offensive to God as it offends his laws and commandments.  And that is the whole point of homosexuals; it is there to offend God at every turn.  What few homos don't understand is that if they sow to the wind, they will reap the whirlwind.  Payback is a bitch, and the worst of the payback will not come so much from other men, but it will come from God.

Satanic government

Since most governments and religions are satanic in their nature, it is easy to understand why these governments support the LGBT agenda.  LGBT is a satanic agenda and it fits in perfectly with the  government policies under the cover of "civil rights."  Every bad deed seems to like a legitimate or the color of righteousness when doing their evil deeds.  Adopting the "civil rights" aspect of homosexuals is a classic example of using the good to cover for the evil.  This is also laughable because they really aren't fooling too many people.  But they are fooling enough to make it look powerful.  People like me who stand up to this are called bigots and homophobes, when the fact is that homosexuality should have never been put in the forefront of today's society.   Just the thought of it is extremely evil.

Homosexuals tolerated in religions

I believe that most all of the religions that I've examined over the years are just satanic support cults to support the government god-state.  They hardly ever lift a finger to fight this moral cancer on society.  And the reason is because that they themselves are on the same evil side.  It's the only way I know of to explain it.

Homo Nuclear Weapons

Let's look at the tactics of the homosexuals again and think of each one of the tactics as a homo nuclear weapon that was created by evil people to destroy our civilization.
  • Promote the perversion
  • Attack the children by promoting this disgusting idea within the schools.  This is essential to the homos to brainwash and pervert the children's thinking on their own sexuality.
  • Create a sense of legitimacy by hiding the evil using it as a  "civil rights" issue. The civil rights is the shield for the evil.  Homosexuality is bad behavior under the color of "civil right" such as those that should have belonged to black people because of racism.
  • Attack opponents by calling them bigots and homophobes.
  • Attack masculinity and femininity by inverting the sexual experience
  • Invert morality to make the satanic look good and normal sexual behavior as evil.
All of these combine for the homo- nuclear arsenal.  These are the tools to totally corrupt society.  I don't think a nuclear weapon on a big city could do as much damage that what homos can do to a few generations of people.   Homosexuality is anti-social and the people who engage in it are extremely nasty people.  The ones I have met were not the kind of people I would want to be around.  I hated working with them because they were always promoting their perversion and trying to push it on me.

The ultimate political weapon

A weak society is much easier to control and this is why homosexuality is promoted as an alternative life-style.  A moral society would be almost impossible for the evil people to control because there would encounter moral resistance to any of their evil policies; i.e. usury.  What does usury have to do with homosexuality?  Both are very evil and both have attempted to worm their way into everyones lives.  The type of perversion isn't as important as long as it is evil, it will work to destroy mankind.
However, the homosexuals know that their perversion is the most destructive.  The LGBT garbage that is taught will encourage some people to cross the line of the natural law, making it so much easier for the elites to weaken and thus take control.

Homos destroy themselves

The upside of this is that the homos are in the process of destroying themselves as they are such incredibly nasty people.  They are foul-tempered because they know they are doing wrong and they cannot tame their own conscience.  There is always going to be a heavy price to pay for their moral free-for-all.  And this is why they are so unhappy and will do anything to justify their poor sexual choices.  They think by making this a civil rights issue, then their conscience will be soothed but the natural law, which everyone is subject to, will not allow it.  Their consciences will be tormented until the day they die.


I might suggest to homosexuals to reconsider their position and turn away from what they are doing.  There is no profit in it and it seems to me to be a big waste of time and a waste of life.  The act of homosexuality is so hideous, that it shouldn't be that hard to set it aside, and then look for a normal relationship, such as one with the opposite sex within the context of marriage.  Remember,
a homosexual has nothing because they are essentially losers by living their lives on the dark side.  Putting one's life within the commandments and the natural law is far more profitable and will produce true happiness.

The new world order psychos are using homos as a nuclear weapon upon modern civilization.

The Downside of Homosexuality
Pandering to Homosexuals

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Swear Not at All

  One of the key components of the new world disorder is oath taking.  I have written a few articles on the dangers of the oath, and I will include them at the bottom of this article.  I am at the point in my life to where I'm feeling my mortality.  The only place I feel safe anymore is within the context of God's commandments that conform to the natural law.  And as a result, I sometimes wind up in a situation that I never would have predicted and I was forced to make a definite choice between doing the right thing and choosing the evil.

Legal System

     The legal system is based upon oath taking and it is as convoluted as anyone can imagine.  Going to court is like being thrown into an intellectual hell; just without the flames.  Asking for the truth or the facts is like being in hell and asking Satan for a glass of water.  There is really no rhyme or reason to it to anyone who wishes to use right reason.  In fact, it is my belief that when a man or woman goes into court and swears an oath, he is cursing himself and at some point in his life he'll get the payback from God.  I for one really don't like the payback.

Summoned to a Deposition

     In late January, I was "summoned" (like a dead spirit) to a deposition that involved Joe Banister and me back around 2004.  I was put into prison for telling the truth about the income tax.  I don't want to get into the whole story on this case, but I was apparently required to present myself.

     Perjury is not only lying but lying under oath.  Since telling the truth is always my goal, there's no reason for me to have sworn an oath as it is offensive to my spiritual beliefs.  Therefore, I took the position that I was willing to testify but I wasn't willing to swear an oath.  Remember, anyone who swears an oath, testifies and makes a mistake, he would have to prove that his testimony is a mistake and not a lie.  That would be very difficult to prove.  No one in their right mind would swear an oath under those conditions.  Yet many people do it over and over again never knowing how much danger they are incurring.

Audio of Deposition

Here is a link to the audio on this deposition.  There are some dead spots on the audio as I was waiting for the attorneys to show up.  Please take the time to wait as the audio gets very interesting.

You will hear that the US Attorney tries numerous times to get me to swear an oath and then tries to get me to accept the word perjury as just lying.  You can hear me correcting him or letting him know that I know the difference between perjury and lying.  Again, perjury is lying under oath.  You will also notice how the attorney threatens me with jail time if I don't swear an oath.  I could make the case that he was attempting to use extortion to compel me to swear an oath by threatening me with jail.

The Ultimate Evil

This is oath taking nonsense is the satanic way of evil men attempting to be gods.  Only God himself has the power to swear oaths.  My recommendation is to never, ever, sign anything "under the penalties of perjury" or swear any oaths.  It will save you a lot of trouble.


It has been about three months since this interview took place and almost anything can happen. I haven't heard from any "court" yet.  No one on earth should be forced or threatened to swear oaths or else. All I know that whatever comes my way is not going to be as bad as God's wrath if I had sworn the oath.  It is my opinion that it is the oath that is the center of all of the evil upon the earth.  Government people have little respect for themselves let alone other people and this is a typical example of the attempt to use force and violence on me to get their own way.  The legal systems in most nations are hopelessly corrupted.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Suicidal Marketing: NFL Not for Long

Update: 09/14/17

I wrote this article over three years ago.  I was talking with a friend tonight and he was telling me he was an avid football fan but in recent years, he has lost interest.  We were talking about the NFL's ratings and the general lack of interest a lot of men have for the game now.  For me, it was the Michael Sam incident and the fact that all of the networks were pushing for the "normalization" of homosexuality in a man's game.  I watch football sometimes, but I have lost most of my interest in the game because of the mixing of political correctness.  The market for football may be declining because there are also so many other options for people to spend their entertainment time.  It will still take a long time for the game to be completely destroyed by the corporate communist psychos, but I have all the confidence in the world that they will destroy their own market.  That's why I call it "Suicidal Marketing."


     One of the funniest remarks I heard from the then coach of the Atlanta Falcons Jerry Glanville who was criticizing a bad call made by a rookie official.  Glanville said, ""This is N-F-L, which stands for 'not for long' when you make them f**kin' calls."   Given the recent fiascos involving the NFL, I'm thinking that the NFL itself will be "not for long."  

Pushing homosexuality on the fan (customer base)

   It is my opinion that Michael Sam will do for the NFL what Ellen Degeneres did for JC Penney's.  The NFL has managed to piss off most of their customers, because a lot of us guys enjoyed the faggot-free environment of the football game.  But now, after seeing Michael Sam smooching his he-bitch, I can see no reason for me to watch the NFL ever again.  The shocking image of a man kissing another man just doesn't work for me and I doubt that I'll ever watch another football game again.
     This appeared to be a staged event intended to promote the homos and twist the minds of the young people who enjoy the game.  This was a broadside against traditional moral values in any culture or society.
     Frankly, this really pissed me off and I'll never look at the NFL in the same way again.  This completely ruined my enjoyment of the game.  I don't mind saying it, because it is true and it will be interesting to see how the attendance figures start going down as this organization intentionally pissed off almost all of their customer base.  In fact, I don't see how any man could possibly watch or play football for an organization like this.  

Throwing the baby out with the bathwater

     In this case, I think it would be prudent because an evil line was crossed.  To promote homosexuality in such a manner means that the whole NFL organization is more of a satanic cult that promotes perversion.

Suicidal marketing

     Kamakaze or suicidal  marketing is getting to be one of the most popular sales models of the "new age."  And it goes something like this:

  • Piss off or anger the majority of your market.  I'm sure the NFL has intentionally done just that with the Michael Sam incident
  • Give the perverts center stage...  Just as Ellen Degeneres ran JC Penney to the ground with the lesbian-centered marketing program Penny's stock went from 41.505 December 31, 2012 to 8.88 as of today.  This company was one the decline even before Ellen (BE) but hiring her as their spokesperson seems to be the thing that may be the complete undoing of a successful company.  Now, it looks like the NFL is going to follow the JC Penney model. And with Michael Sam being the first openly "gay" player, it now becomes a "historic" moment, but the reality is that this is going to become a marketing nightmare.  I certainly don't want to see a bunch of queers play football.
  • Attack your own cash flow...  This is a no-brainer.  By pissing off one's customers, people stop making purchases at your business.  In this case, it looks like JC Penney's doesn't want straight people to buy in their stores.  The problem is that the perverts don't have much in the way of numbers to make up for it.  With plenty of other choices, JC Penney's may be a thing of the past.
  • Shoot your own race horses..  Given the recent lawsuits pointed at the NFL regarding dispensing of drugs and painkillers, it looks like the NFL has yet another soft spot.  Giving players too many drugs just so they can play is the perfect way to destroy a man's health.  I haven't given it much thought, but it does seem to me that maybe I shouldn't watch men destroying themselves and be "entertained" by it.
  • Denigrate your brand..  This is critical in destroying a perfectly good organization.  By promoting open homosexuality in their programs, the NFL has sullied their brand.  The same thing has happened to the Boy Scouts of America.  
Perfect execution

     The NFL seems to be starting a perfectly run suicidal marketing program.  Since the league is so popular, it may take a few years before it shuts down.  Time will tell if I'm correct, but it looks to me that the NFL is on the crest of a very steep decline.  Thus, the NFL will be "not for long" if it keeps up this nonsense.

Suicidal Marketing 1.0: JC Penney

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of Natural Law:Supreme Law of the Land

God's World Order; New World Order: Part 2 Looking at Results

God's Moral Order

I find it appalling that the moral level of life, in general, is at such a low level.  However, when I do encounter someone with a high moral standard, I look at the results, and it always looks much better.  The reason is that high moral standards fit in perfectly with the natural law, and in my opinion, one doesn't need to read anything in order to conform to it.  I believe we all have a latent knowledge of right and wrong, and it is our conscience that provides the discipline in order to keep us within our natural limits.  If the conscience is ignored, then we make more mistakes because we ignore the reality that is there for everyone.   But having a high moral standard a man can bypass the problems of the conscience because he has done nothing to set the conscience in motion.  I think that this is the key to recovering from the influences of the spiritual rot that comes from modern society.  The conscience is never provoked when we obey the commandments and the natural laws that God put forth as our guide to a peaceful life.  Once those boundaries are crossed, then we invite the pain of the conscience to torment us with the horror of our poor decisions.  Many people try to suppress the conscience by drinking too much or taking mind-altering drugs.  But the problem never goes away, and in fact, makes everything even worse.  Transgressing the natural law means nothing but more trouble for everyone concerned.  And it is all self-evident if we know what to look for and how to make proper judgments.  Judgments should be based upon facts, and those facts should always be in line with the natural law.  Any group of people who violate the natural laws does so at their own risk and they make everyone else's lives miserable.

Peace depends upon a high moral standard

I don't think very many men would join the military if they thought that they would become murderers.  However, that's exactly what happens if a man kills another man based on the order of some government or religious official.  Governments and religions that are run by immoral people are the cause of most of the wars.  An immoral man doesn't have the moral or intellectual capacity to make life and death decisions that can promote peace because he himself is immoral.  In fact, he may think of himself as a god.  The question a soldier should be asking himself is this: Am I just as guilty pulling the trigger or dropping bombs on innocent people as the man who gave me the order to do it?  Obviously, the man who pulls the trigger is just as guilty as the man who gave the order.  Governments retain just enough moral standards to look good on the surface, but when it comes to their own interests, they have no problem in killing anyone who gets in their way.  I believe this to be true of all governments and religions.  In those rare instances where someone has to defend themselves, there is no transgression.  But to put on a uniform and then go kill a bunch of people based on some psycho's order is completely immoral and outside of the natural order.  Thus, if people with high moral standards refused to join the military, then the military would have to be used for defensive purposes only and not to gain an advantage over other groups of people.  Low moral standards get innocent people killed or they have their lives ruined.


The results are obviously self-evident.  We are now experiencing an almost complete breakdown of the moral social order, and in its place, we are seeing the disgusting "new world order."  All we have to do is to look at the results; the bad fruit.  Thus, the government and religious groups are run by people who follow Satan or satanic-demonic forces.  However, rather than get too wrapped up in who did what, when and where, I think it is much better for a man to button down the hatches and to get his own life in order.  If more men became moral beings such as God intended, then perhaps there will be some reason for hope.  But to turn the corner to restore morality, it has to start with every man and woman who chooses to abide in the commandments supported by the natural law.

Satanists are losers

Understand, that even the richest satanist in the world is still a big loser.  His money, fame, and fortune are momentary, but the end result of his life is doom and failure.  His lack of moral standards will speak for themselves, and he might not realize it until it is too late.  However, the moral man is way ahead of the satanic loser.  That should be obvious to everyone, but with the use of lying and mind control, there is a demonic attempt to reverse the natural order.  And if it continues, it will kill us all.  It makes more sense to take hold of God's world order, make it your own, and learn to live within its confines.  I won't suggest any religions as I think that they are as corrupted as the governments.  Since we all have a latent knowledge of the existence of God, we should use our own right reason and common sense according to what is seemly within the natural law.

There is nothing to be gained by associating with losers, especially satanic losers.  There is no reason to get involved in any of their activities as they greatly offend the God who created us.  Everything associated with them is all for nothing, as any pleasure will always result in dire pain and suffering in the future.  It is best to just leave them alone and don't do those things which offend God.

Focusing on the results in keeping the commandments and the natural law

If a man or a woman has an urge for fornication but manages to overcome the urge and to hold their fire, then there are some obvious benefits.  One big benefit is he won't be subject to any sexually transmitted diseases.  That's a big plus.  Another benefit is that it won't offend God as the person had enough self-control to overcome the promise of a short-term pleasure with a long term pain.  The relationship can be developed without the distraction of sex outside of the marriage.  There will be no out of wedlock pregnancies and no reason for an abortion.  See, all of the proper things of life fall into order when the commandments are followed.  It is always the good results that will make a man's life much better so it only makes good common sense to stay within the boundaries of the commandments and the natural law.

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments