Saturday, December 28, 2013

Duck Dynasty Update

A & E forgoes the Kool Aid

      When it comes to pandering to homosexual activist groups, the entertainment industry is one of the worst. However, faced with the complete collapse of a 14 million viewer along with all the ad revenue generated, A & E thought the better of it and decided not to destroy themselves. This is a perfect example of how the market can take care of some controversies. In this case: money talks, bull shit walks. And there was plenty of bull shit coming out of A & E and the various activist groups. The most telling for me was the comment that came from GLAAD.

GLAAD responds:

GLAAD responds: “Phil Robertson should look African American and gay people in the eyes and hear about the hurtful impact of praising Jim Crow laws and comparing gay people to terrorists. If dialogue with Phil is not part of next steps then A+E has chosen profits over African American and gay people – especially its employees and viewers.”

      Many gay people are sexual terrorists. They specifically target children in the public schools system, and their perverted practice helps to instigate sexual child abuse. And if anyone stands up against them, they become excoriated as being “homophobes.” Homophobia is a good thing; not a bad thing . It will save a man and woman a lot of trouble, heartache, disease, and it promotes common sense when it comes to proper reasoning regarding the issue of sex and its proper place. Homosexual activity is a perversion, forbidden by most major religions, but it is contrary to the natural law. Same gender sexual activity is a perversion of nature and it is self-evident. There's no argument. However, in order to pervert society, this anti-social behavior attempts to justify itself. They attempt to twist the weak and feeble-minded people into accepting that which is completely unnatural.
      In addition, being “gay” is not the same as racial discrimination such as what happened to the black or “colored” people. Racial discrimination is a valid complaint, especially since nature dictates one's race and color and there's nothing anyone can do about it. To judge a man one way or another because of race is extremely stupid and idiotic. Whereas, a man judges another by that person's behavior. This is legitimate judgment because a man is what he does. Homosexual activity can never rise to the level of any moral value because it is completely evil. GLAAD clearly hides behind the “African-Americans” using them as a mask for their perverted agenda. And it has been my experience with the black I've known throughout the years is that many blacks are very “homophobic.” Race is a bogus issue in this case. The reason being that homos are sexual perverts which has absolutely nothing to do with racial discrimination; they are two separate things.

Supporting people who are right
      This incident was interesting in that many people complained to A & E about their decision to suspend Phil. His family also backed him up and this is very important. When trouble comes to a member of a family, it is up to the members of that family to back up the member under attack. They didn't cut and run like a bunch of gutless wimps.
      Hopefully, this incident will be over for Robertson, but I doubt it. These homo-Nazis are vindictive and relentless in their pursuit of evil. It is their goal to take away any of the pleasures of life and put in its place stupid and evil things. The intent of the homosexual “movement” is to destroy society as we once knew it, and replace it with a bunch of pussy-men and bitchy women. Neither one is useful to the other.
     But if people who want better things in their lives will have to stick together to protect themselves from the filth of the homos. In this case, just the thought of losing 14 million viewers for a TV network was just too much to bear at this time.  The market rightfully did a perfect job in mitigating this incident.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Duck Dynasty: This Quacks Me Up

Reality of homo behavior

    Recently, Phil Robertson, one of the cast of the extremely popular TV show Duck Dynasty, did an interview with Gentleman's Quarterly, and he gave his opinion on homosexuals.  While his description was a bit gross in its presentation, he was right on.  The idea of a man sticking his gadget in another man's butt is so offensive that it defies the imagination.  I've been known to make similar statements about homos and when you get that graphic, the disgust of the act becomes very apparent.  While the remarks are truly disgusting, they reflect the acts of homosexual men which is completely repugnant to the natural law.

Homosexuals a civil right issue?
     The network A & E suspended Robertson from the show in an effort to punish him for expressing his opinion.  His opinion was spot on, and most of the people in the country agree with him.  The other members of the cast have stood behind him, and now A & E is in a real fix.  With approximately 14 million viewers, it is obvious that if they tamper with a successful formula, they can go down to 14 viewers in very little time.  As of this date, the reports are showing that public support is on the side of Robertson, and the homo community (if you want to call it that) has lost a lot of credibility; and that's as it should be.
     This may be another case of suicidal marketing on the part of A & E.  Suspending one of the main stars of the cast will only hurt the show, but just like any other business, A & E is supposed to be making a profit for its owners and stockholders.  To take a show with that many viewers and then tamper with it just because a cast member gave an interview to a magazine, regardless of the content, is simply ludicrous.  Why jeopardize a market position when you don't have to?  A & E is making no friends with this move and the homo groups are just too small to make up for the demographics.  And if A & E supports the "LGBT" community, then they are just as much a part of the problem.  In my years of sales and marketing, I've never been able to sell products to a pissed-off customer.  And by suspending Robertson, A & E has angered 14 million customer who actually have money to spend.

Is criticizing homosexuals discrimination?
     The short answer is no.  Homosexual activities are things that are chosen; whereas, a person's race is something that they can't do anything about.  Whatever race a person has is not something that they choose.  Homosexual activity is something that a person chooses and it does not occur under Ithe natural law.  Homosexual activity destroys the person who engages in it and it ruins the good relationships they should be having with other people.  Whether homos know it or not, they are not well-liked by anyone because most people have a latent knowledge under the natural law that this behavior is just wrong.  Homos in general are rude, obnoxious, immature, and generally a scourge to society.  I don't even want to touch the office equipment they touch.  I don't want to be in the same office with them or any other kind of work environment as they are pushy and they promote their perversion.
     What is encouraging about this Duck Dynasty incident is that most people agree with Robertson's freedom to speak-out on this subject and bring in some common sense to this issue.  The homos are the ones who are destroying themselves, and they know it.  They know they will have no children.  They know they will most likely die an early death because of STDs.  And they know that the vast majority of people do not appreciate their disgusting life-style.  So, people who wish to separate from people with this kind of behavior are not discriminating, but they are exercising their options regarding with whom they associate.  I do not like to be in the same room with any homo at any level if I can help it.  I frankly, don't like anything about them.

Suicidal marketing........
If this situation wasn't so twisted, it would almost be comical; a real quack up.  But this is the corporate mentality: Shoot your own racehorses. There's no good deed that goes unpunished and no stupid move that isn't tried at least once. Usually, if it fails, do it again. I don't think A & E is going to recover from the loss of this situation.  I suggest that the executives at this network learn the difference between the meaning of a behavior and race.  Homosexuality is not a civil rights issue; it is a behavior issue just as Robertson so graphically pointed out.

Watch the marketplace do it's job
     The bright side of this is watching the marketplace do its job very efficiently.  When anyone puts forth a product or service that someone wants, then that's were there is going to be economic success, regardless of what the dumb corporate executives say.  Good products and good service sells. If Duck Dynasty is a good product, then someone other than A & E might like to have the $400,000,000 that the show generates. The idiocy of A & E is breath-taking in its scope.
     When I was in sales, I always remember that my competitor's stupidity was always my best selling point, and in this case A & E is quite the sales asset for their competitors.  This quacks me up.  Some things never seem to change.  All I had to do is to keep my own stuff in order and be responsive to my customers.  You think A & E would do that?  No.  They just shoot their own race horses and then pander to the LGBT psychos when they (LGBT) can't provide any market share.  But the reason is obvious. LGBT is a psychotic-Nazi political tool that is intended to destroy mankind, and A & E is helping that goal by their whimpering and pandering to them.

Rage of the Homo-Nazis
The homosexual issue is a Nazi style political tool intended to destroy society. Marriage between a man and a woman is an essential building block for any successful society. The homo-Nazis continue to engage in religious persecution and they cannot stand to be criticized for their deviant behavior. And this is why I think A & E is pandering to these groups. They aren't men and women enough to stand up against the persecution the homo-Nazis dish out. The end result of this kind of pandering to these groups is a major reason people are getting sick of their programming. To suspend Robertson who is a proven success is a completely crack-brain idea. Who really cares if his remarks offended the homos? I'll betcha most of those 14 million viewers agree with Robertson's analysis. The backlash coming against A & E is encouraging and refreshing; for a change. Hit them where it hurts; in the pocketbook.

Why All Porn is Gay: This article is gross but it shows the depravity of sex outside of marriage and that there is a very specific agenda from the homo-Nazis to destroy the fabric and foundation of the family.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Income Tax versus the Natural Law

      One of the evilest taxes imposed upon mankind is the income tax. Most people don't realize it, but the income tax is the second plank of the Communist Manifesto which states: “A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.” At rates approaching 50% of a man or woman's gross earnings, I don't doubt that at these rates, we are seeing a heavy progressive and graduated income tax. So if a man works and earns $100,000, he will take home only $50,000.00 Now, as a former “tax protester” I know that these internal revenue laws are a thing of the past and that they don't impose any income tax on any man, woman, or child. I know this because their stupid codes say so. But before I get to that, let's find out how any communist gets the power or authority to impose any tax.

Authority to tax...
      The unfortunate reality is that the authority to tax comes from the barrel of a gun under man-made laws; it is established on violence. That authority becomes theft. Because under natural law, a man is entitled to the fruit of all of his labor. The fruit of the labor is the man, woman, or child who worked for it and not some intellectual retard from the government who lays claim to all or a portion of it. To have an income tax is to have a slave tax. The natural law comes from the God who created the heavens and the earth, and it properly reflects the proper morality by not offending its own laws. There can never be a lawful income tax; ever because it would violate the laws God put forth.

      The same thing is true for slavery. Slavery or involuntary servitude is forbidden by the natural laws. Of course, it is also forbidden in the scriptures and it is, in general, extremely vile and foul to the most basic sensibilities of most men. Thus, when a man has an income tax placed upon his head, he has become a slave. If anyone other than himself has the right to take what he earned, then truly, this man is a slave. Here, in the “United States”, our so-called freedoms are delusional if we are, in fact, slaves. Some may say: “Well, they don't take all of my money....” My answer to that would be another question: At what percentage of the income tax is it not slavery? That's the same question as: How does one become partially pregnant? The fact is that the income tax is a communist slave tax and it is repugnant to the natural laws that the creator put forth.

A voluntary tax....?
      And the “government” has the audacity to tell people that the tax is voluntary. Just recently, the commies in these committee hearings regarding the IRS scandals publicly announced that the income tax is completely voluntary. Yeah right! Again, they lie right to the public's collective faces. Try not volunteering like I did, and you'll get a free federally-funded vacation in a gated community. But why do we get conflicting signals from the government? But why would the IRS say it is voluntary? This used to puzzle many of us and we actually spent a lot of time studying the internal revenue laws. The problem is that the whole religious and governmental processes are just frauds and scams. The income tax is a cruel hoax and a scam of biblical proportions. My thinking that the IRS says that it is voluntary is if the tax is being applied to men and women. Anything else would violate natural law and no government has the right to violate that for any reason. God sets the rules of life and not the government. All governments would have to conform to the natural law in order to have any credible authority. Religions from my view of them put forth more delusions to help confuse mankind from his marvelous existence within the natural law. You know the famous line: “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, render unto God what is God?” Next question for practical purposes should be: What authority does Caesar have over God? The obvious answer to that one is: nothing. Just because Caesar establishes a tax, doesn't mean it is lawful.  And when you look at their writings in the code, you'll find that none of the codes apply to men or women; they only apply to legal entities, humans (not men or women), or animals and livestock. A legal fiction has no rights as he was created by another man. To the “government”, a man or woman is a beast, thus the word human. The income tax applies to humans who are considered beasts. My theory is that the ideas of evolution were specifically intended to make men and women think they are on the same level as animals. This way, the government can ween them off of the natural law and replace it with man-made communist nonsense.

      Natural law does not allow for theft nor slavery, and the income tax is both of those things. Remember, the fruit of a man's work belongs to only him; anything else is slavery. Natural law is what all of us were born into and no one violates it to their benefit. Whosoever imposes an income tax on any man, woman, or child is a thief. That's all you need to know. And the heads of the “governments” and religions who go along with it are communists, thieves, and slave masters. I don't care who someone thinks he is: the President of the United States or a janitor, it's all the same for everyone. The natural law is there for use to use for the enjoyment of our lives. Man-made laws are how we end up limiting ourselves into the whole host of demented ideas: communism, socialism, democracy, republics, war, religion, social chaos, rather than looking at the natural facts of our existence and operating within those obvious limitations. Under the natural law, the income tax is a scam because it steals the labor of mankind, and in the case of the United States, it is a forced system of the payment of usury which in and of itself is theft.

No argument with the natural law...
      When a man correctly uses natural law as the foundation for his life and actions, it is built upon a solid foundation that does not have any argument in opposition to it. The end result will be the good fruit. The reason for this is that the truth resides in the natural, and it is impossible to argue in favor of breaking the natural law. The fallacies and the idiocies of the trespass will always be self-evident.
Income tax is as ridiculous as having the Congress pass a law against gravity. Does anyone think that nature would comply? Governments as we know them today are quite useless and they are anti-social. The only time anyone can take any authority over anyone else is in the violation of the natural law. So then, our current social morals are backasswards when compared to the natural laws. Evil can never become good, and good is never evil. In other words, there really is no argument. And for me, as one who enjoys a good argument; this saves me a bunch of time. I simply reduce the argument or discussion down to the terms of the natural law. That's good enough for me as the rest of the arguments outside of natural law are inconsequential and just an exchange of opinions. Natural law is a fact of life; it is what it is and no amount of chatter is going to change it. Obviously, a person's understanding of the natural law will vary from one person to another, but the fact remains, that the natural law will always be what it is regardless of what anyone says about it.

Natural law removes the need or even the desire for government and religion....
      In noticing the existence of governments throughout history, we find that these organizations are primarily responsible for all of the wars. Point the finger at any government, do the homework, and you'll see that it is always either a government, religion, or both who instigate wars and confusion among otherwise peaceful people. Do they fulminate fury and hatred throughout the world and for what purpose? These things are intended to destroy the lives of men, women, and children. There is no higher or noble cause, it is just done to inflict misery upon mankind. The instigators then take control over other people's lives and then strip them of their productive labor via the income tax and other financial persecutions. Adherence to the natural law would get rid of income tax and even the stupid idea of it. The government just isn't necessary under the natural law, but people would have to learn to think for themselves and be responsible for their own actions.

Paying their fair share.......
      Paying their fair share under natural law is absolutely nothing. Under natural law, a man who works will keep all of his pay. If he wants to donate to this or that project, then he should do so by his own free will. But some will say: “Who will build the roads?” Someone will build them. And besides, we have enough roads. Under a voluntary system the roads would probably be completed on budget and ahead of schedule. But the funding of such projects should be voluntary. The idea that it is acceptable for “governments” to steal from one group of people and then spend the money on the wishes of another group is absurd and it is ridiculous.

Income tax violates natural law.....
      Thus, it logically follows that a tax on the fruit of a man's labor is completely repugnant to the natural law as it establishes an organized system of theft and slavery. There can never be any benefit to any “nation” who imposes the income tax on anyone. Remember, nothing good comes out of evil. And most of the nations who impose the income tax on their populations, do so that to the detriment of the population at large. Everyone loses when it comes to income tax because the underlying principle of it is evil because it violates natural law and it produces bad results.  In addition, they would have to raise their standards of morality in order to put a correction in place.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land