Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Trump Bashes Fox News

     One of the most amusing things I've seen in recent years is the dog and pony show called the debates.  Ever since the Kennedy and Nixon debate, people actually think that they have a choice in determining which way the government.  Most of these debates are incredibly boring and not very much substance flows from them.  However, Trump's decision to withdraw from the debate is his way of punishing Fox News and Megyn Kelly.  The reason is Kelly asked the most obnoxious question to Trump about his treatment of women and Trump took exception to it.

Mainstream media gets the shaft
     I think the joy of being a billionaire and running for President is that he doesn't have to kiss anyone's ass to get money.  He can simply fund his own campaign and do what he wants.  In this case, Fox News deserves to get the shaft.  They are an obnoxious bunch of neo-conservatives which simply means that we could actually call them neo-Bolsheviks.  Kelly's question was completely out of line and it was intended to slam Donald Trump.  Now, if this had been done to the quiche-eater Jeb Bush, he would have just whined like a little bitch and go on to the debates.

Media bashes Republican candidates
     The media has always been bashing Republican candidates.  Notice how black conservatives get hammered and completely compromised before they even get started: i.e. Herman Cain, Ben Carson.
According to the libtards, a man can be black but he better not be a conservative or they'll call him and Uncle Tom.  Running for president is like jumping into a cesspool and then having to negotiate with the floating turds in Congress.  Why Donald Trump wants to be president is something I cannot answer.  Just going through the campaign is enough to drive a person crazy.  But, in response to Kelly's assault, Trump has been pissed off at her ever since that day.

Trump has huevos
     Trump is showing that he has the leadership abilities and that he can operate independently from the media. By withdrawing from the upcoming debate, he's telling Fox News that he isn't going to take Kelly's bullshit.  Make Fox News pay for their dirty deeds.  This is fun to watch; I have to admit it.  Again, I take all of this with a grain of salt as Trump could be just putting a good dog and pony show in order to get someone else elected.  But I have to admit, he puts on a fantastic show and all of that will ensure that he will win the nomination and the election if he is the real deal.

Mainstream media is an intellectual cesspool
     What Fox News forgot was they can't bullshit a master salesman like Trump.  It cannot be done and the media is too stupid and arrogant to understand it.  It's not just Fox News.  All of the other networks work in the same fashion so that the people voting can me uninformed choices.  The problem as I see it is that there is no choice when it comes to voting for your slave masters.  If Donald Trump becomes president, he will be president of a horrific slave system that has been a scourge of mankind.  I would be more impressed if he started his presidency taking down all of the communist principles used by the govtards: i.e. income tax, true ownership of land, close the public school system, and remove the central banking system.  I know I'm dreaming but it's fun just thinking about it.

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Bernie Sanders: The False Hope of Socialism

     Ever since The Communist Manifesto was written by Karl Marx and Frederic Engels, socialism or communism has been a scourge to mankind.  It is the most unintelligent, idiotic economic system that has ever been put in place by mankind.  The Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders, is an avowed socialist and he should never rise to any level of leadership.  Communism has always been associated with death and destruction, and in the case of the upcoming elections, Bernie Sanders may become the first Presidential candidate that admits to being a socialist.  At least, he's honest about it.  A vote for Sanders is to vote for one's own slavery.  Communism is a social slave system.  Socialism is as the excrement out of Satan's ass.  There is nothing good about it and people should not be deceived by its proponents.
     In recent years, I've learned to read faces a little better than in the past.  And as I watched Bernie Sanders debate Hillary Clinton last week, I saw the look of a very delusional and crazed man.  As a socialist, he cannot be a rational man and he almost frothed at the mouth at certain times.  Communists do this because their idea of an economy is so evil and stupid, it takes all of the arrogance a man can muster to spew out the bilge of socialism.

Purpose of Socialism
     The essence of communism and socialism is the same; one is just more violent than the other and they establish an economic slave system.  Socialism is a slave system because of the forced taxation.  And from time to time we see congressmen state that the income tax is "voluntary" when in fact it is a communist extortion racket intended to destroy the family and the general well-being of the public at large.   It promises to uphold the working man and at the same time it does just the opposite.  Only a free market can provide for a successful economy.  Communists know this as they depend upon the free market so that they have something to steal at the end of the day.  They know perfectly well that if they had a completely socialist system, little would get done and industry would grind to a halt.  They know that communism doesn't work.
     Communism is there to enrich the greedy communist pigs; the "elite."  And if people don't comply with it, the govtards will take their property and steal everything.  This kind of government should be abolished.  It doesn't serve the best interest of the people and it should go the way of the dinosaur.

Communism is a bad religion (not that there are any good ones)
     The Communist Manifesto was written by two Talmudic Jews in Marx and Engles.  This kind of Judaism is Satanic and it has no relationship to the God who created everything.  The Talmud is the most disgusting thing I've ever read and I would not be surprised that "Christianity" is just another bad offshoot of the Talmud and the Old Testiment. I hardly ever hear any Christians complain about communism. What I find odd, is that Jews accept socialism even though they are the ones who seem to prosper from a free market.  I could never understand why Jews would support a communist system and then bitch about the holocaust at the same time.  It doesn't make any sense.  Fascism is national socialism.  Why would Jews support fascism?  I've never received a straight answer from any Jew.
     I have read where 85% of the people in the Bolshevik Revolution were Jews.  So, as a result, Israel is essentially a communist country along with the United States government.  We may has well include England, Germany, France, and many others.  If a country has an income tax, it is communist.  There's no way to argue the point.  The modern communist governments amount to nothing more than slave traders.  During the time of black slave trading, Jews were a part of the action along with the non Jews.  All of the crap seems to fall in the same place: slavery.
     The last thing we need is more socialism.  If all of the governments of the world would throw out communism, the world would be a much better place.  As it stands, the governments of the world are nothing more than thugs who prey on the poor and the middle class to deprive them of their economic security.  If we could get rid of socialism, life would be joyful.

Evolution and Socialism
     What most people don't realize that it is the Talmud which calls non-Jews animals.  Evolution fits in that it attempts to convince people that they were ancestors of monkeys or other animals.  In fact, there is a term used in the U.S. Code which states: "man and other animals."  Evolution is not a fact it is just scientific bullshit with no facts to prove it;  just like global warming.  Evolution is taught in public schools (free public schooling is another plank of the Communist Manifesto).  Again, in order for people to think they are animals.  Animals are not people.  So, who are the "people" in the United States Constitution?  My guess is that they are the aristocrasy or elites imposing a bankruptcy, tax, and slave document upon the people in order to collect more money and to continue the slave trading.

Socialism is a hopeless economic system
     Americans do not need any more socialism.  Many of my friends were sent to Vietnam to fight communists but we have more of them in the government of the United States.  While Bernie Sanders is honest about his socialism, a man like that would be a bigger disaster than Obama; if that's possible.  Socialists destroy the social order with gay rights, LGBT, feminism, sexism, and they aren't worth a bear turd in the forest.  It's time to stop being stupid and recognize things the way they are and not what the media wants us to think.

Lipstick on the Communist Pig
Greedy Communist Pigs

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

Corporate Communism

     One of the reasons that Donald Trump is scoring so high in the polls is not only because of his immigration stand, but also about his stand on unfair trade agreements such as NAFTA, GATT, and
the WTO.

"Competition is a Sin"
     A communist like to control the means of production.  They do this by imposing unreasonable regulations and wage requirements, that it is almost impossible for domestic manufacturers to compete.  And that's the whole point and it's done on purpose.  Large companies don't like competition so they make it almost impossible for competitors to be a part of the market.  These large communist-style corporations then take their factories offshore or to Mexico and Canada where the labor is less expensive.  This is how the middle-class workers are getting screwed by corporations that should be loyal to the people who helped build the company's products.

The Ford Motor Company
     Trump said that he would impose a 35% tariff on the sale of any car that comes into the United States.  That might be a temporary solution, but it would also be a good incentive to force the company to produce their products domestically.
     The Mexican auto worker earns about $26.00 per day and the average domestic autoworker gets
around $440.00 per day.  (Domestic wages are in two-tier categories so I used an average of $55.00 per hour.)  It doesn't take a quantum theory scientist to figure out that the price advantage is to manufacture in Mexico.  Trump says that Ford is planning a 2 billion dollar factory in Mexico, and many more American workers will be losing their jobs.  This is communism-gone-wild.  And it has been going on for a long time.

Republican Claptrap
     The leaders of the Republican Party are complicit within this communist system.  They cooperated with Bill Clinton when NAFTA was being passed.  The end result was the loss of over 40000 factories and 5-7 million jobs.  But, really, good jobs are overrated when one can just suck off of the government titty.  These trade agreements have helped financially destroy middle-class workers which ultimately unravels because of financial hardship. The republicans are just as bad as the democrats and any man who tries to correct the problem gets media-bashed or assassinated.  

Rush Limbaugh is a socialist masquerading as a "conservative" a.k.a neo-con
     Limbaugh (Jim Morrison?) had supported NAFTA to the chagrin of many conservatives.  At the time, we couldn't believe Limbaugh would support something so stupid.  He is a classic example of saying one thing and doing another.  Many other conservative talk show hosts supported NAFTA.  The only one who didn't support it (that I know of) was Michael Savage.  But again, Republicans are losers and they never were worth much.  They are a bunch of limp-wristed back-stabbers who support the communist agenda.  Trump's opposition to unfair trade agreements cuts to the heart of every American worker and he has freaked out the Republican establishment.  An economy prospers when everyone has the opportunity to work and support their families.  These trade agreements take that away and the American workers know it.  This is why Trump is getting strong support.

Government has no skills
     When a government is run by a bunch of communist pigs, the end result is what we have now.  Commietards have no skills  unless you think lying, murder, kidnapping, gunrunning, drug peddling, and a corrupted legal system are skills.  If Trump wants to be President, there would at the very least, be someone with the business skills to improve the life of the American worker.  The communist punks bullshit the public into thinking they are helping the American worker, but in reality, are giving them the shaft.

Is Donald Trump the real deal?
     I would like to take the man for his word but I do so with caution.  I'm worried that he'll do a "Ross Perot" and bail out of the election at the last minute. But, I judge a man by his actions, and Trump gets things done.  But my concern is this: How is he going to build another Trump Tower out of a toilet which is the government?  If anyone can pull it off, it would be Trump.


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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Death by Diet: A Book Review

     When I was told that I had lung cancer at Lompoc prison, somewhere around 2009,
I decided that I was not going to take conventional treatment. And that was because after watching my father in law suffer horribly from chemotherapy I decided that I was going to try something else and see if that worked instead.  An inmate gave me a book called Death by Diet by Robert R. Barefoot.  And what I learned was a game changer in the way I looked upon my own healthcare.

No Money in a Cure
     There's big money to be made with chemotherapy drugs.  At the time, my father-in-law had leukemia around 2003, the price of just one bag of chemo was around $5000.00  After a few of these sessions he was extremely ill and he essentially had no immune system left.  Of course, the oncologists sat in the hospital room and attempted to put even more drugs into his system.  All those drugs did was to destroy his overall health.  He was completely miserable and I suggested that he stop the treatments.  He did stop them and four days later he passed away.  The misery this man suffered was unbelievable.  In fact, I remember asking the two oncologists something like: "How does it feel to be on the losing team every day."  They had no answer for me.

Alternative methods in dealing with cancer
     I had heard about alternative treatments for cancer but it wasn't until I was informed that I had lung cancer did I do any more research on the subject.  Around December of 2008, I was told by the prison physician that I hand "rung" cancer.  Yes, he was Vietnamese and I kept thinking that this guy was such a crappy doctor that he must be former Viet Cong getting his revenge.  I declined his treatment and I declined to have them do a biopsy. because if there was cancer, I did not want it to spread.  I began to study the Death by Diet book and I decided that if there was a way to survive it, then I would give it a try.

Causes of Cancer
     One of the best points Dr. Barefoot made was that cancer is caused by poor nutrition.  The body can get into a bad acidic condition.  One of the worst culprits is the eating of refined sugar.  This will cause the Ph level of the body to go under the normal mark and this is the reason cancer can grow.  Cancer grows in the condition of a low level of oxygen in the body.  It has been known since the early 1930s that cancer is caused by a high acidic level.  However, once that is corrected and the body is returned to the proper oxygen levels, cancer cannot grow in an oxygen rich environment.  (So be sure, I am over-simplifying this so this is why the reader should buy the book.)  Barefoot's solution is the taking of coral calcium in order to raise the Ph level to an acceptable alkaline level.  Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline rich environment.

Remedy means a complete readjustment of the diet
      Since cancer can be caused by nutritional deficiency it only makes good sense to adjust the diet to give the body the chance to build up its immune system.  In Death by Diet, the main ingredient that Dr. Barefoot suggests is the use of coral calcium.  In my case, I didn't have coral calcium available to me but I did have regular calcium.  After about three to four months of taking calcium supplements,
I was given a CT scan.  They never gave me the results and since I am still alive, I'm assuming that the calcium helped.
     I did adjust my diet according to the suggestions in the book and I felt better.  Here is an important quote from the book: "cancer cells cannot exist in an alkaline environment, so if we put the body back into an alkaline state as it was when we were born, the cancer cells simply die off."  The reason calcium would work is because it helps to raise the alkaline in the body.  There are other ways to do this but all I had available to me was the calcium.
     About 8 months ago, May 2015, I was in my doctor's office and I received a chest Xray for something else.  The doctor questioned an area on my lung that could pose a problem.  However, after sending the Xray to the radiologist, there was no problem.  I told the doctor that it was probably residue where a lung cancer had been and I think I defeated it with the calcium.  I cannot conclusively prove it since I declined the biopsy; as there was no advantage in risking spreading any cancer further into my body.
     Death by Diet is an extremely interesting book with lots of facts and common sense.  After reading this book, I wasn't even tempted to try any conventional treatment for cancer.  There are also other treatments that use the same Ph principle. 


Walter Allen Thompson is the author of Natural Law:Supreme Law of the Land

Friday, January 22, 2016

Donald Trump and Domestic Manufacturing

     One of the most compelling things about the Trump campaign is his statement about making Apple manufacture their products in the United States.  Trump claims to be a "free-trader" but that word is also used in The Communist Manifesto.  However, in Trump's case, I might suggest that his reasons are honorable and that the offshore manufacturing of goods should be stopped until our domestic companies are at full capacity.  I don't have any confidence in any government to do the right thing, but perhaps Trump should approach this more as a dictator as he is in his own companies.
There's no question that Trump is successful, and the reason is that he's got the talent to make it happen.  I'm hoping that he's not bullshitting the people.  I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Domestic Manufacturing
     As a former owner of a manufacturing company, I understand the difference in labor costs.  I was approached by a Chinese factory sometime in the mid-1990s and I was quoted .29 per hour for Chinese labor to make my bags.  I was paying between $9.00 per hour to $15.00 per hour plus government mandated payments.  The cost of the materials were slightly cheaper, but it was the labor cost that was tempting.  My problem with it is that I would lose control over inventory and production, which in turn would make it a sales and marketing nightmare.  I was against NAFTA and the WTO for the very same reasons Donald Trump was against them.  While domestic manufacturers had to pay all of the government mandated insurances, taxes, social security, and other fees, the competitors for foreign countries got and still do get a free pass; no tariffs and no taxes.  And at the same time, I was unable to even begin to think about selling my products in China.  Not so much as the price, but the Chinese mandated that I must have a Chinese partner.  I couldn't work with a domestic partner let alone a Chinese one that was thousands of miles away.  The idiots who worked on these trade agreements have intentionally destroyed this country's manufacturing base.  Trump would like to fix that and he should if he gets the opportunity.  So, there is no such thing as free trade with China.  It is a one-way street: from China to the United States.
     Many companies have moved their manufacturing operations to Mexico and Canada for the same reasons; cheap labor and an escape from the regulations of the government.  In my opinion, the cost of labor is the real issue.

"Conservative" Idiots
      I have a good memory; sometimes.  I remember when people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and other "conservative" radio broadcasters were applauding NAFTA. Who would have thought that Rush Limbaugh was a socialist?  I couldn't believe that he was that stupid. It was the same thing with almost all of the radio show hosts; socialists.
      This was the first time I actually read government; codes and trade agreements. And NAFTA was a piece of socialist dog shit from the beginning.  No businessman in his right mind would have thought it was going to work.  In fact, NAFTA was so bad that the government was promising people to pay for retraining them when they already had good jobs.  Ross Perot rightfully said that people will hear that "great sucking sound" which was their jobs disappearing.
     The biggest problem with these trade agreements is that they seem to intend to destroy the American manufacturing and agricultural foundation, leaving only the service and consumer economies.  The problem with this is that a solid economy needs all four: manufacturing, agriculture, service, and the consumer to have a healthy economy.  However, American companies have been shut out of foreign markets while the foreigners are able to freely trade.  Trump has properly criticized this and he intends to fix the problem.

Trump is right but will he hold the course?
     I don't have any confidence in the political process and I'm not sure if Trump is bullshitting the public.  But taking his word for it, Apple wouldn't be the only company that would be pressured into manufacturing more of their products domestically.
     But under our current greedy communist system, millions upon millions of people will work for substandard wages which is the whole point of corporate communism.  They steal the workers' pay by shifting it to less expensive countries while domestic manufacturers struggle because of the communist inspired regulations.  The rules and regulations that domestic manufacturers have to pay always add to the cost of the products.
The government doesn't care about anything but its own interests
     These communist style governments like we have in Washington D.C. are of no help to anyone.  They create social chaos and they are themselves anti-social.  I don't know how Donald Trump can work with idiots like these; I really don't.  I think that the system is so corrupted that Donald Trump will have a minimal effect on it.  On the other hand, if there is anyone who has the overall skills to make good things happen economically, it would be him.  It would be a great thing to have companies like Apple manufacture their products domestically providing for more jobs.  A higher paid workforce is always going to provide for a good economy.  Would Trump be able to make it happen?  I think he can as long as he doesn't pull a "Ross Perot" and quit before the election.  Regardless, it is important that manufacturing should return and that more quality jobs will be the desired result.  If people have money to spend, then the economy will grow.

Needless Suffering of Americans

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

Monday, January 4, 2016

Even More Nonsense from Evolutionists and Atheists

     There are a lot of great videos critical of atheists and evolutionists.  The stupidity of evolutionists is breathtaking in its scope.  To what the interviewer ask the questions and then listening to the stupid and idiotic answers is quite comical.  But what is distressing, is the fact that the schools and colleges teach this crap and they are actually making the young people dumber than when they started.  I quit college around 1968 because I couldn't take listening to that nonsense.  And the reason is exactly what is presented in the following video.

Friday, January 1, 2016

More Against Evolution

      Here is part 2 from the last post called Against Evolution.  What this scientist is saying is what I figured out ten minutes into the subject matter in college.  Once I realized evolution was bullshit, I didn't pay any more attention to it.  I would have thought by now evolutionists would have figured out that they themselves have been brain-raped by the public school system.  I have also included a video I just found an extremely interesting interview with David Berlinski.  These two videos are well worth the time spent watching.

David Berlinski Explains Problems With Evolution


Against Evolution

     The first time I had a scientific lab class in college, I was first exposed to the idea of evolution.  It doesn't even rate the description of a theory, let alone to be put forth as a fact of the natural order.  There are no facts to support evolution and I'm posting a video of an "evolutionary biologist" who eventually realized that he really had no facts to support the idea of evolution.
     People who believe in evolution are either extremely stupid or extremely evil.  My interest in posting the following video is a perfect example of how someone who has believed something for so many years, finally realizes that he is mistaken in his views.  I have had many of these moments where I realized that a lot of the things I was taught from various sources where outright lies.  Evolution is simply bullshit.  I knew it when I was 19 years old in college and I know it now.  But I understand the old saying that says something like: If you keep telling the lie over and over again, people will start believing in the lie through simple repetition.  As I have mentioned before, evolution is a way to get people to think that they are animals which probably needs more discussion later.  All of the written laws from most governments are applicable to animals and not men, women, and children as God created them.  However, for this post--which is only a little over seven minutes--I think it is important to show that there are some scientists that are realizing that evolution is complete and unadulterated poppycock.

Here's another one I found that should be very informative.

Thanks to Ray Ogoraeck who posted this link for further study.  In my opinion, bullshit is the best word to describe evolution; however, for those who want more than that word, here's the link