Sunday, January 24, 2016

Bernie Sanders: The False Hope of Socialism

     Ever since The Communist Manifesto was written by Karl Marx and Frederic Engels, socialism or communism has been a scourge to mankind.  It is the most unintelligent, idiotic economic system that has ever been put in place by mankind.  The Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders, is an avowed socialist and he should never rise to any level of leadership.  Communism has always been associated with death and destruction, and in the case of the upcoming elections, Bernie Sanders may become the first Presidential candidate that admits to being a socialist.  At least, he's honest about it.  A vote for Sanders is to vote for one's own slavery.  Communism is a social slave system.  Socialism is as the excrement out of Satan's ass.  There is nothing good about it and people should not be deceived by its proponents.
     In recent years, I've learned to read faces a little better than in the past.  And as I watched Bernie Sanders debate Hillary Clinton last week, I saw the look of a very delusional and crazed man.  As a socialist, he cannot be a rational man and he almost frothed at the mouth at certain times.  Communists do this because their idea of an economy is so evil and stupid, it takes all of the arrogance a man can muster to spew out the bilge of socialism.

Purpose of Socialism
     The essence of communism and socialism is the same; one is just more violent than the other and they establish an economic slave system.  Socialism is a slave system because of the forced taxation.  And from time to time we see congressmen state that the income tax is "voluntary" when in fact it is a communist extortion racket intended to destroy the family and the general well-being of the public at large.   It promises to uphold the working man and at the same time it does just the opposite.  Only a free market can provide for a successful economy.  Communists know this as they depend upon the free market so that they have something to steal at the end of the day.  They know perfectly well that if they had a completely socialist system, little would get done and industry would grind to a halt.  They know that communism doesn't work.
     Communism is there to enrich the greedy communist pigs; the "elite."  And if people don't comply with it, the govtards will take their property and steal everything.  This kind of government should be abolished.  It doesn't serve the best interest of the people and it should go the way of the dinosaur.

Communism is a bad religion (not that there are any good ones)
     The Communist Manifesto was written by two Talmudic Jews in Marx and Engles.  This kind of Judaism is Satanic and it has no relationship to the God who created everything.  The Talmud is the most disgusting thing I've ever read and I would not be surprised that "Christianity" is just another bad offshoot of the Talmud and the Old Testiment. I hardly ever hear any Christians complain about communism. What I find odd, is that Jews accept socialism even though they are the ones who seem to prosper from a free market.  I could never understand why Jews would support a communist system and then bitch about the holocaust at the same time.  It doesn't make any sense.  Fascism is national socialism.  Why would Jews support fascism?  I've never received a straight answer from any Jew.
     I have read where 85% of the people in the Bolshevik Revolution were Jews.  So, as a result, Israel is essentially a communist country along with the United States government.  We may has well include England, Germany, France, and many others.  If a country has an income tax, it is communist.  There's no way to argue the point.  The modern communist governments amount to nothing more than slave traders.  During the time of black slave trading, Jews were a part of the action along with the non Jews.  All of the crap seems to fall in the same place: slavery.
     The last thing we need is more socialism.  If all of the governments of the world would throw out communism, the world would be a much better place.  As it stands, the governments of the world are nothing more than thugs who prey on the poor and the middle class to deprive them of their economic security.  If we could get rid of socialism, life would be joyful.

Evolution and Socialism
     What most people don't realize that it is the Talmud which calls non-Jews animals.  Evolution fits in that it attempts to convince people that they were ancestors of monkeys or other animals.  In fact, there is a term used in the U.S. Code which states: "man and other animals."  Evolution is not a fact it is just scientific bullshit with no facts to prove it;  just like global warming.  Evolution is taught in public schools (free public schooling is another plank of the Communist Manifesto).  Again, in order for people to think they are animals.  Animals are not people.  So, who are the "people" in the United States Constitution?  My guess is that they are the aristocrasy or elites imposing a bankruptcy, tax, and slave document upon the people in order to collect more money and to continue the slave trading.

Socialism is a hopeless economic system
     Americans do not need any more socialism.  Many of my friends were sent to Vietnam to fight communists but we have more of them in the government of the United States.  While Bernie Sanders is honest about his socialism, a man like that would be a bigger disaster than Obama; if that's possible.  Socialists destroy the social order with gay rights, LGBT, feminism, sexism, and they aren't worth a bear turd in the forest.  It's time to stop being stupid and recognize things the way they are and not what the media wants us to think.

Lipstick on the Communist Pig
Greedy Communist Pigs

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

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