Sunday, June 24, 2018

Suicidal Marketing: The Red Hen

Just when I thought I had seen everything, it has been reported that Sara Sanders got kicked out of The Red Hen in Lexington, VA because she is a staffer for President Trump.  This is a perfect example of what not to do in a business.  You never, ever, never, never, mix politics or religion in a business.  People go out to eat, relax, and enjoy themselves.  It was completely outrageous that the manager asked Mrs. Sanders to leave but now she's getting the payback; and frankly, it is fun to watch.

As of today, there are over 15,000 reviews with most of them bad.  The photo above was posted by a reviewer.  The Red Hen managed to piss off a lot of people and their blowback from it is hilarious.  If you want to waste a little time and get a few chuckles, go to this link and read the reviews.  My guess is that most of these reviews were done by people who were never there, but the main point is that in this modern day and age, it is very possible to destroy your business with one bad marketing decision.

Frankly, I don't like going to restaurants that are owned by socialists.  You know that the food is going to suck and make you very sick.  This is the food that libtards would really like to serve to people with whom they don't agree.

Plato de Mierda

This is the typical socialist fare.  By the time the people get done paying their taxes, this is all they can afford.  This excremental dish is perfect for people on the go...(no pun intended)

Pigeon avec Vomi 

This is a classic French dish which also fits in with the top photo.  This is the type of cuisine that you would expect from a socialist.  Yummy, save the big chunks for me!!

Some say that is was right for her to ask Sanders to leave.  But what they miss is that the political people this offended are about 90% of her market. Queers or only 2% of the population.  Businesses run on numbers and this woman really screwed up.  I'm thinking that this one takes the prize for being the stupidest example of Suicidal Marketing to date.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Are There Any Good People in Government?

Are there any good people in the government?
     The quick answer is no.  The people who work for the government are liars, thieves, oath-takers, and murderers.  How can someone who works for the government consider themselves a good man or woman and then act like a bunch of idiots?  I've had some personal experience with govtards over the years.  Some of them seem to be just stupid, but most are evil to the core.  They have little to no morals and the government has no place in a civilized society.

Theft Through Taxation
     They steal the "money" that people earn and give it to other entities.  The govtards start needless wars when a good self-defense system would do just fine.  The thievery breaks the natural law, and once that happens, the resulting chaos will always get a bad result.  Many people don't have enough money to save because the govtards take most of it through the scam called taxes.

Justification through lying
     Lying is the key instrument of mind control.  When someone lies to another, then the person being lied to has false information.  With that false information, they may take the wrong action based on the lies.  Again, this will always get a bad result because an action was taken on a bunch of lies.  The main instrument of lying is the media so it is important to make sure all of us take action based on the truth.  Sometimes it is a real challenge to get at the truth, but it always presents itself.

Oath-taking is very dangerous
     I have written extensively on the dangers of the oath-taking.  I see as taking a can of gasoline, pouring it on oneself, and then lighting it on fire.  Few people realize that oath-taking is binding one's soul to a bond.  And then there is the issue of perjury.  Perjury is lying while under oath.  The problem arises is that people can make mistakes when giving testimony.  When this happens, they will have to prove they made a mistake or suffer the penalties of perjury.  All of the politicians, law enforcement, and voters swear oaths and this is the main reason we have so many problems.  The government is structurally intended to fail; and so far, it is succeeding.  The government has had over 4000 years to prove their worth and they have all failed.  The government is not necessary and the people can solve their own problems locally by taking responsibility for themselves, family, and friends.

The natural law rules
     Under the natural law, the people are responsible to stay within that natural order.  If they go outside of it such as working for the government, they become bad people.  The government doesn't solve any problems; it creates them.  If more people paid attention to the natural law, then there would be no use for the government.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Is It Moral to Work for the Government?

In asking the question: "Is it moral to work for the government?"  The quick answer is "no."  The reason for this is because the government operates on the principles of Lucifer and it is evil to the core.  And, no matter if one is on the left or the right, the fact is the government is on the wrong side of the natural law which is the true law of the land.

The government violates the natural law by the following reasons: 
  •  They lie and distort the truth so that it is impossible for people to completely understand the government.  One method is that they redefine words to say one thing but mean another.  The lie disqualifies the people in government as being moral.
  • They steal money in the form of taxes; especially, income taxes.  A man should always receive all the fruit of his labor, but the govtards can steal up to 60% of the money he earns.
  • The government promotes sexual promiscuity, especially homosexuality which has totally destroyed society and the family.  It is almost impossible not to encounter the issue of homosexuality on a daily basis.
  • The government starts wars and then teaches military men how to be murderers.  A military should only be for defensive purposes.  This has a horrible effect on the men in the military and this could be the reason why so many commit suicide.
  • The government is a group of people who are oath-takers.  This is a form of "taking the Lord's name in vain."  In addition, it is the act of binding one's soul to a bond.  No man, woman, or child should ever swear any oaths, yet, almost every public official must swear an oath.  Signing documents under the penalties of perjury is also wrong.  Perjury is lying under oath. Oath-taking is the equivalent to taking a can of gasoline, pouring on oneself and lighting it on fire.
  • The government tries to set itself up as a god.  Anyone can see by its immoral actions that it was never founded by the God who created everything.
  • The government participates in the trafficking of children.  They are running a slave plantation and in their minds, we are the niggers.  You don't have to be black to be a nigger.  How can anyone with any moral standards work for a group of pedophiles, perverts, cannibals, and baby rapers? 
  • The government is communist and is of no value.
  • The government has been designed by Luciferian-type Freemasons who only have their interests in mind.  That interest is to destroy mankind and all of the good things he enjoys.
  • The government uses occultic symbols which effectively makes it a bad religion; not that there is a good one.
Violating the natural law gets bad results
The effects of violating the natural law have severe effects on the life of the one who does it.  The payback comes to haunt the offender every time he does the wrong thing.  The retribution will come and the results are very painful.  It isn't worth it.  The natural law exists for all of us to use for our own benefit.  The natural law is not written in a book; it is just there for us to use.  While some writings will reflect the value of the natural law, the ultimate authority is its inherent authority.  Morality is a part of the natural law and it should be respected.

It is best to separate from it
This can be difficult but not impossible.  If more people would refuse to participate in the immorality of the government, there would be fewer problems.  The problem is that the government is diametrically opposed to the natural law.  Sure, the government forbids murder, unless they do it.  Then, somehow it is legal for them to do it.  The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

Use the natural law
The natural law isn't a theory, it is simply the laws that God provided for everyone at the creation.  It is easy to understand and to reason for ourselves.  I suggest that people take more time to think things through before taking an action and decide whether it is moral or immoral.  If you're not sure, then wait until you find the correct answer.  Do not ignore your gut feelings as that may be your conscience.  Always choose the good and avoid the evil and life will be more pleasant and purposeful.  If the government workers look at this logically and with common sense, it is impossible for them to stay moral and work for the government.  Right-winger; left winger; it is all the same.  The government doesn't work for the benefit of mankind and people shouldn't work for it.

Natural Law is the Supreme Law of the Land 
Update on Lewis Arthur and accusations of a felony.

Walter Allen Thompson has a book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Tuscon Child Sex Camp Exposed?

I have been following the Tuscon Child Sex Trafficking incident and I am appalled at the conduct of the Tuscon Police Department, Craig Sawyer, and Alex Jones.  I will post a good recap of the incident as another writer did a good job and it seems to be accurate.   I don't have any other evidence other than what is being posted on the internet, but I am noticing some consistent reactions of the people who should be investigating this case.

Nothing to see here
This is the usual scenario when the government wants to cover-up the child trafficking.  Notice the restraints that were nailed to the trees.  The TPD was called out to investigate and then just hours after they investigated this the site was bulldozed.  This reminds me of the tactics of the authorities regarding the McMartin Pre-School.  The abused children said that they were taken through tunnels
and then ritually abused at some other destination.  However, the school building was also bulldozed and the evidence was covered up.  A few years later, a team of excavators uncovered the tunnels the children spoke about.  There is a consistent effort by the govtards to cover-up the evidence.  So, the ones who are doing the cover-up and the cops who remain silent are complicit in the sex trafficking.

Then there is Craig Sawyer who initially thought that the site needed more investigation and then decided that there was no evidence of any child trafficking, even though the photo about shows that the restraints on the tree could have been used as a "rape tree."  Someone convinced Sawyer to change his story.  This does not look good for his credibility.

The alleged Alex Jones also made a big statement that there is no evidence when the fact show that there is a lot of evidence.  For example, in the article I am posting below, shows that there is some dark hair coloring.  The only purpose for this, in my opinion, is that this hair coloring is to be used on blonde or light-haired children so they won't be noticed while they are being trafficked through Mexico.  I'm thinking that maybe these children are being stolen within the United States and they processed through Mexico.  But Alex Jones is making the statement that there isn't any evidence just like he did when he knuckled under to James Alefantis of the Pizzagate incident.

During my efforts to help Christian and Danielle Holm, none of the public officials were willing to do their job, unless their real job is trafficking in children.  In my view, based on other experiences in this area, I'm thinking that the government is one big child trafficking operation.  For whatever reason, Alex Jones refuses to report on it, just like he did with the Pizzagate fiasco.  Where there's smoke; there is fire.  But what is extremely consistent is the fact that the press and the "authorities" have not done much to stop this trafficking.   This is like being in hell because the hatred for what is right is evident by the actions of the government.

Are there some good people in the government?
No.  They are lying, thieving, people with no morals.  There's no such thing as a good cop.  If a cop thinks he's a good person, then he should resign from working for such corrupted people.  There are only two kinds of government persons: assholes, and assholes-in-training.  And it is the stupid American public that doesn't give a shit about the welfare of the children and society.  Hopefully, the people out in the field will find something and there may be some hope as there are a lot of people helping and trying to find the children.  Communities all over the country should be looking to fix problems like this one their own as the government appears to be a part of the action.  Especially the FBI.

Craig "Shillman" Sawyer and Operation Backyard Brawl

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


Monday, June 11, 2018

Documenting Every Turd in the Cesspool

In the coming few days or weeks--depending on how I am able to learn to use Youtube-- I am planning to make some videos that address the idea of living within the natural law.  That natural law is the one that was established by the God who created the heavens and the earth.  It does not include evolution because there is no evidence for its existence.  If you want to listen to the fairytale of evolution, then you can get that elsewhere.  I prefer to use just the evidence that I can see and the experience of my years to make important judgments that are intended to improve life.
As a conspiracy observer, I can say that I have documented enough turds in the cesspool to last me a lifetime.  The problem with that is that this information doesn't turn the problem around into something better.  The same problems go on for years and years and it seems as though few people really care about it or are willing to do something about it.  Problems are to be solved and not to be perpetually documented with no solutions.  However, I have found that by using the natural law on a daily basis has kept me out of trouble and it has vastly improved my life.  I try to focus on what works rather than an endless litany of problems.  While it is important to understand and know what's wrong, and I'll continue to do that, I'll be attempting to focus on the solutions to problems using the natural law.

The natural law cannot be counterfeited.  It cannot be altered.  It provides all of the answers we need.  And if I don't understand something regarding the natural law, then I'll just have to live with it until the comprehension manifests itself.  The morality that is contained in the natural is self-evident and this morality is what is important to guide the behavior of mankind.  Men, women, and children are not animals like some people like to think.  We are a special part of creation that many political and religious leaders want to destroy.  They don't like it when people are happy and satisfied with their lives.  But the whole point of living a good life is that which stays within the natural order.  To this end, I'm going to attempt to put together a video series which will hopefully steer people in the right direction.  I've screwed up enough times to know that every time I ignored my gut feelings, I suffered dearly for it.  Those feelings are a part of the natural law and paying attention to them is extremely important when making critical decisions.

Last, the problem of pedophilia has become enormous.  The morality of the people, in general, has become so low, that even legislatures are now considering lowering the age for consensual sex of minors.  When sexual activity is examined within the natural law, we can clearly see that this kind of activity is so destructive that it is like throwing gasoline over the children and lighting it on fire.  The governments and the religions of the world are too corrupted to be salvaged to be of any benefit in solving this problem.  The people must solve this problem and they shouldn't look to the government to do it for them because the government is a major part of the problem; not the solution.  I will be using my video channel for this as well.

The idiocy of the governments and the religions are well known and they have had at least 4000 years of history to prove their worth or benefit to mankind and they have failed.

Documenting every turn in the cesspool isn't of much value and many others have done that with little results to show for it.  I'm going to try to focus more on the natural law in the future. 

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Suicidal Marketing 2.0 Starbucks

(Update 06/21/18) Libtard trainwrecks are fun to watch
(Update 06/20/18)

As an old marketing and sales rep. for many years, Starbucks is going to have a free-fall in business shortly.  Maybe they are so big that it won't happen, but if the above photo is true, then they will have some major push-back from this one.

This is accusing white people of racism and I know very few racists from any background.  Most people get along just fine, but it is the communist-socialist-fascist corporate shit-sticks who keep stoking the flames of racism when it hardly exists.

Just from a sales and marketing perspective, Starbucks gets the prize for suicidal marketing.  Here are the rules of successful marketing.

Provide a product or service that people want 
Obviously, Starbucks has done a good job.  Having 8000 stores is impressive but their market should be protected by providing good service and not offending their customer base.  It has been my experience that once you piss off a customer--even if you didn't intend to--the customer will take his business elsewhere.  And that will be the case here.

Never piss off your customers
I've seen this over and over where a perfectly good company goes out of their way to be idiots.  As a white man, I find it extremely offensive that they would post such an insane comment: "We are closed today to educate white people about their racism."   By engaging in political and religious dialogue, a company can destroy its customer base in a short period of time.  The racism part is just a smokescreen to cover the ever-increasing plague of leftism, communism, socialism, and fascism.  This company uses the five-pointed star on its cups which is an occultic symbol.  Having that emblem on their cups makes me feel like I'm drinking the coffee out of a dirty container.  But that's me because of my own research.

A boycott is the most effective protest 
Starbucks pissed me off years ago so I don't go there any longer.  There are a lot of alternative places to get coffee and Starbucks should know better.  I'd hate to be working for management like this company as I would be extremely worried about my job.  But then again, there are enough dumb white people who will continue to take these kinds of insults and keep going back to their stores.

Suicidal Marketing 1.0 Starbucks 
Racism Hides the Communism

 Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land