Thursday, March 31, 2016

Trump on Abortion: He Got It Right The First Time

     Yesterday, Donald Trump said that if the government outlawed abortion there would need to be "some kind of punishment" for breaking the law.  It seems as if everyone on all sides are going into fits and even The Donald himself seems to be backpedaling on his original comments.  In my opinion, he's correct if someone wants to accept the authority of government in the first place.  I'm not an admirer of government so I'm going to approach this according to the natural law.  I could care less what is legal or illegal.

Abortion is murder
     In observing the progression of the development of babies, anyone can see that by pulling out the embryo or fetus is murder.  The body inside of the woman is not the woman's but it is the body of the baby.  Under the natural law, that baby has a right to live.  The mother who may want an abortion is stuck with it and she should have thought about the consequences of fornicating in the first place.  Of course, if there were higher moral values, then there would not be a problem as few women would not be having unwanted pregnancies. The people involved in any abortion should be treated as murderers.

Sex outside of marriage is the demonic bait
     Fornication is the main cause of the alleged need for abortions.  And sex outside of marriage is extremely destructive.  What is important is to prevent the temptation for abortion by eliminating the reason for it.  Young people have become over sexualized and the idea of waiting until marriage to have sex seems to be an odd idea.  But all of the old traditional values regarding marriage and sex have been taken down to its lowest common denominator and it will take down civilization if it isn't corrected.  Fornication isn't worth the pain of having an abortion.

Legal vs. Lawful 
     The idea of legal means within the boundaries of the governing authority, whereas, lawful would be according to the natural law.  Legal is only good if it matches the natural law.  While it may be legal to have an abortion, it is unlawful to actually do it.  Murder is murder and there's no getting around it and this should never be debated.  There is no argument, and the way I saw Trump explain himself sounded completely rational to me.  The problem is that the media is hyperventilating because his views don't conform to the communist-libtard agenda of mass murder within the "United States."  Trump got it right this time and I hate to see him backoff from his original statement.

Fornication is Destruction of the Soul

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Page Family Update

     A few days ago I posted an article about the Page family and their ordeal in dealing with the various government agencies when dealing with adoptive children.  When I was five-years-old my mother had to deal with these same agencies as they wanted to remove me from my home.  On looking back, I can see that by removing me from the only mother I had known would have been an extremely traumatic experience.  Fortunately for me, that did not happen.
     When people adopt children, they bond with them quickly.  Any loving home would be better than being put in a stranger's home after four years in the Page's home.  I really don't have enough foul words in my vocabulary to describe how I feel about the government idiots who let this happen.

03/31/16 Udate
California Supreme Court Refuses to Intervene

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Monday, March 28, 2016

Is the Rule of Law Dead?

     When people talk about the rule of law, they are usually thinking about man-made laws which are instituted by the people who exercise the most violence in order to get the rest of the public to submit.  It has always been like this in my lifetime and it doesn't seem to get any better.  And maybe it isn't useful to expect that someone will come along and fix the problem.   After all, if someone does come along claiming to "fix it" will have to exercise the same acts of violence as the people that came before him.  Man-made laws don't seem to have any other authority over people other than their ability to kill or imprison someone because they disagree with the govtards.  The government and the religions that support them are evil.  They only care about two things: conquest and confiscation.  All political power comes from conquest.  The government is just another extension of military tactics designed to take the power of freedom away from every man, woman, and child.  And the type of people who are a part of the government are the most talentless thugs, homosexuals, child molesters, rapists, transgenders, and everything else that is bad about society.  These types of people are the government.  I suspect it has been this way from the beginning.  It is only recently, with the availability of more information that we are finding that the governments and the religions are complete frauds.

The rule of man
     In his desire to play god, mankind has formed governments because they do not want to put their confidence in the natural law which God created.  This fictional law is nothing more that a group opinion about what is right and what is wrong.  When these laws are written down in the respective countries' constitutions, we find that rarely are these laws delivered fairly nor are they consistent with the natural law.  These laws may even be inconsistent with their constitutions.  And in very bad cases, the governments ignore their own laws when a particular situation needs to be addressed within the current political situation.
     The income tax is a perfect example of  government lawlessness.  No man should have any amount of money taken from him that was earned by his own labor.  A man only has his own ability to labor and he is entitled to the fruit of that labor.  The can be observed in the natural law.  Anything less than this is slavery.  Even if the amount of the tax was a penny, the tax itself goes against the natural law.  If it is immoral to steal, then it is immoral to extort an income tax.  The government has no right to tax a man from his labor.  But these governments make the people think that they have to "pay their fair share."   If people wish to pay the tax then there's nothing to stop them, but if people don't want to pay an income tax, then they should be left alone.  Income tax is slavery, it is a tax that puts all people in the position of being slaves to the state.  Even to this day, the government will not disclose the taxing statute that shows that an income tax applies to anyone.  The problem is that the government has no power to steal other than resorting to violence.

The rule of God is easier to understand
     When I look at the creation and all of the good things God has provided for all of us, it demonstrates that if we as men and women stay within the natural order, our lives will be more prosperous and free from the nonsense of the government.  Natural law trumps man-made laws.  Ultimately, all things must conform to the natural law or they will be destroyed.  That's just the way God created it so there isn't any point if working against it.  It makes more sense to work with it and forget about the nonsense of man-made ideas that don't conform to the natural law.  When we live our lives with the natural law, we become happier and can do the things that we want within those boundaries.

Satanic ideas break away from the natural law
     Evil thoughts turn into evil deeds and it is important to control the mind and not allow it to go down into the cesspool of Satanism.  The people who work for the governments actually are working for the Satanic system.  (If you don't think the government system is Satanic, just look at my article on the Child Protection Services.) Any government that demands oath-taking and income tax is communist and Satanic.  The people who work for the government are the biggest problem because they help to give the evil life.  These governments all over the world would have no power if the public at large used common sense and right reason.  It is the people themselves who feed their own slavery even while their slave masters tell them they are freemen.  Freedom is not allowed in man-made systems.  The predominant system of today is "democracy" which is just a mask for the communist system.  The voting part gives the people the idea that they have some kind of choice when it comes to the government.  However, history has proven that those men who are elected as president always support the desires of the political class and not those of the people.

The rule of law was never alive
     One of the things that most people don't realize is that there is no such thing as the "rule of law" as practiced with man-made laws.  I've seen judges lie directly to defendants and juries in order to get the outcome that they want.  I think of man-made laws more as company policies designed to maximize profits.  If you take the time to look up any government agency of your choice, you see that they will be listed as "privately held company".  You can see three of them listed at the end of this article.  I am puzzled as to why they aren't listed as government agencies.  I actually asked a federal prosecutor, what is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and he refused to answer.  He actually said: "I don't have to answer that."  I just wanted to see what entity was coming against me.
     I think that there is no law outside of the natural law and anything that attempts to usurp the natural law is a fraud.  This is probably why voting doesn't work because the political systems of the world are frauds upon the people.  The governments exercise conquest and then confiscation under the political system called communism.  The style of government in the United States is fascist and military.  Remember, fascism is a style of communism.  The communists allow capitalism to a certain extent, otherwise, there would be nothing to steal.  Because communism is not a productive political system.  However, the parasite needs the host to survive and that's why it appears that we have freedom when the opposite is true.
     What we think is the government, it is actually a corporation that establishes policies which they like to call "law."  So the next question should be: "What facts do you have that these laws or policies apply to anyone?"  I think using the natural law is a better choice and will circumvent this kind of nonsense.  What's nice about using the natural law on a daily basis is that it is difficult to mess it up.
Sure, I might not understand certain things, but the natural law is always consistent and dependable.  And just to be very clear, the natural law does not include evolution as that is one of the biggest frauds in the world.

The Authority of Natural Law

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

I used the business directory

Congress the United States

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Congress United States
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Supreme Court Of The United States

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Supreme Court Of The United States
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United States Department Of State

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United States Department Of State
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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Vaxxed the Movie

See the trailer at

(I was going to write up an article about what happened with the movie called Vaxxed, but Jon Rappoport has already done it so I am posting his article from his blog with his permission. WAT)

Vaxxed: How did they threaten Robert De Niro?


Vaxxed: How did they threaten Robert De Niro?
De Niro talked to Congressman about censored Vaxxed film
by Jon Rappoport
March 27, 2016
(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrixclick here.)
“On July 26, 2000, the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Associationpublished a review by Dr. Barbara Starfield, a revered public-health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Dr. Starfield’s review, ‘Is US health really the best in the world?’, concluded that, every year in the US, the medical system kills 225,000 people. That’s 2.25 million killings per decade.” (Jon Rappoport, The Starfield Revelation)
This is explosive.
This is about a film no one can see, because it exposes lunatics and destroyers in the vaccine industry.
Here is a quote from the Vaxxed producer and director, after their film was just axed from Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Festival (as reported by Jeremy Gerard, see: “‘Vaxxed’ Filmmakers Accuse De Niro, Tribeca Film Fest Of ‘Censorship’ In Wake Of Cancelation,”3/26/2016):
“’To our dismay, we learned today about the Tribeca Film Festival’s decision to reverse the official selection of Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe,’ said Andrew Wakefield and Del Bigtree (the director and producer, respectively). Robert De Niro’s original defense of the film happened Friday after a one-hour conversation between De Niro and Bill Posey, the congressman who has interacted directly and at length with the CDC Whistleblower (William Thompson) and whose team has scrutinized the documents that prove fraud at the CDC. …” (emphasis added)
Okay. So here is the sequence…
One, De Niro, who has an autistic child, decides to screen Vaxxed at his Tribeca Festival. It’s a film that reveals lies and crimes, and shows there is a causative connection between vaccines and autism.
Two, pressure is applied to De Niro, so he meets with Florida Congressman Bill Posey, who lets him know the film is right on target. Posey knows, because he and his team have many pages of documents from CDC researcher, William Thompson, who blew the whistle on vaccine-autism fraud in 2014.
Three, De Niro decides he’ll not only screen the film, he’ll introduce it himself, live, onstage.
Four, out of the shadows emerge people who put the screws to De Niro. What do they tell him? His career in film will end? His annual Tribeca Film Festival will go down the toilet? The medical treatment his autistic child is receiving will be cut off? He and family are now “not safe?”
Five, De Niro backs away and cancels the showing of Vaxxed.
He’s been taught a lesson. Don’t go up against the medical cartel. Keep your mouth shut. Suffer in silence.
Think about this. You can see a film about US drone strikes killing innocent civilians. You can see a film about criminal surveillance of the entire population. You can see a film about the CIA overthrowing foreign governments. You can see a film about mega-corporations spewing chemicals into towns, where children are born with defects and adults are dying of cancer.
But you can’t see a film that suggests a vaccine could be causing autism.
That’s too hot.
That strikes at a secret too big to tell.
That torpedoes a monopoly that must be protected, no matter what.
Censored. Blacked out.
To boil down the background: In 2014, long-time respected CDC researcher, William Thompson, made a statement asserting that he and several esteemed colleagues had lied about a key study they authored 10 years earlier.
The study actually revealed a connection between the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine and the onset of autism in young black boys—but that part of the study was censored.
In fact, Thompson said, he and his colleagues sat in a room at the CDC, brought in a garbage can, and threw out those pages of research. That’s right.
But Thompson kept copies of the pages. Congressman Bill Posey and a few other people have those pages.
Thompson says, through his lawyer, that he will not speak to reporters. He’ll work with Congress, if an investigation is mounted. But there is no indication Congressional hearings will ever be laid on.
Because this story is too big.
This is the subject of the film, Vaxxed. The betrayal of the people by the Centers for Disease Control.
You can bet your bottom dollar that the prospect of Vaxxed being shown at Robert De Niro’s own festival—with him on stage introducing it—raised alarms at the CDC. Loud ones.
There is a very good chance that the CDC reached out to someone, who in turn reached out to De Niro and whispered in his ear and caused the actor to pause for thought.
He paused, and decided to turn around. He decided the risk was too great. He laid down his sword, such as it was, and went dark.

First Amendment?  Never heard of it.

We now live in a country where the government decides, when it needs to, how to "protect the population" from "dangerous information."

In this case, the Hippocratic Oath is turned inside out.  It becomes: "First, do harm."

Vaccines can cause autism?  Well, sure, but don't tell people that.  Lie and keep lying, and keep calling it science.

Who cares how many children are destroyed?

Protect the medical monopoly.

Protect the vaccinators.

Don't let a film see the light of day.

But it will.  One way or another, it will be shown and people will see it and then they will know.

For the links to the sources of this story, click here.

Whistleblowers are suing
Use this link to order Jon's Matrix Collections.
Jon Rappoport
The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.
You can find this article and more at

1 in 68 Children are getting autism Posted 04/14/16

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Child Protective Services: Typical Government Thugs

    One of the worst kinds of government operations is the Child Protective Services.  These are extremely evil people and I want to post a link to the story from Taki's Magazine.  You may want to read the link first and then come back. The little girl's name is Lexi and she is being removed from her loving foster family and is going to be placed in another stranger's home, even though they are distant relatives.
     Regardless of the legal issues, under a natural law format, it would make more sense to leave the child where she is as she was happy.  She is yelling: "Don't let them take me...." and this is one of the most heartbreaking things I've ever seen.  It is not worth the trauma on the child as they identify with the parents that are taking care of them more than a blood relative.
    The CPS, in this instance,is kidnapping the child.  Notice the black case worker behind the father with her pagan hairdo.  The father is in a horrible position.  If he resists like a man, he might jeopardize the whole family.  If he doesn't comply, then he risks going to jail himself and his wife and children would be in danger as well.  This is an extremely difficult position.
    The government has probably destroyed the life of this little girl and they should be ashamed of themselves.  The facts show that this little girl was happy in the home and everyone loved her.  The legal system is not as important as the well-being of the little girl.  Yes, foster parenting is temporary, but in this case, the little girl settled in very well with this loving family, only to have her stolen from them.

The court system is evil 
     Government agencies will always try to work around the legal system especially when the family could put in for a legal remedy.  In this case, these govtard assholes (I'm trying to be nice), came in late on Friday where there would be no legal remedy available.  The father carried the little girl to the car and put her inside. He wouldn't have done that if there was no threat of government violence. There is no excuse for this kind of evil, and I'm sure there's a special place in for the workers at the CPS.
     No one should ever be subjected to the court system in any country.  They rely on the principles of Lucifer, and this is a perfect example of it.  In this case, the state is the supreme god, and none of those people are worth anything.  And the reason the legal system is of Lucifer is because it is founded upon oath-taking which is forbidden in the commandments.  No one should be taking the Lord's name in vain.  In using right reason, there should have been a working out of the problem between the families involved, instead of kidnapping the child.  As with all government agencies, no good deed goes unpunished, and this foster family got brutalized in this instance.
     This isn't the first instance I've seen of the CPS kidnapping children.  These bastards tried to take me away from my family when I was a small child.  I was perfectly happy with where I was but they tried to remove me from my home.  The CPS are nothing more than chicken-shit little bastards.

Future dangers for this child
     Of course, since the state thinks this little girl is their property, they may find that she becomes depressed, and they may arrange for her to be put on Ritalin or antidepressants.  Then, it would be very difficult for anyone to recover from antidepressants.  But, this is the purpose of the government as we know it as it is extremely destructive to the general public at large.

Bring Lexi Home
World Net Daily Article

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Take the Guns Away from the Government

     Most of the violence caused in the world is not from the population at large but it comes from the various governments.  If you look at the history of communism, socialism, and fascism you will see a body count in the millions of people.  Yet, it is the "government" that wants to confiscate all of the weapons of the general public.  If the government were true to its concern for violence, then it would only follow that it should disarm itself.  Nothing is more dangerous to a social setting than someone in a uniform with a gun.  Once they put on a uniform, they get the feeling that they are a god and they can kill almost anyone and get away with it.  Just in the numbers of dead people caused by the government, I can make the case that all governments should be disarmed.  If the government is so concerned, then it should only follow that they should not only disarm the public but they should also disarm themselves.  Obviously, that will not happen anytime soon.  But the basic principle is there.

Where does their authority come from?
     How does any government get the authority to commit murder?  The only justification for killing anyone is only in self-defense.  A well-armed population can do the job without the expense of money and lives by having a government that is so blood-thirsty.  However, the facts show that these governments have no authority for anything and their only power source is the use of violence in order to get their way.

Death by Government
     Years ago, I read a book called Death by Government by R.J. Rummel and the numbers he disclosed are staggering in the terms of needless deaths and destruction.  Here are some numbers that show just how evil communism, socialism, and fascism are and why these governments should turn in their weapons:

  • 61,911,000 Murdered in the Soviet Gulag State
  • 35,236,000 Murdered in the Chinese Communist Ant Hill
  • 20,946,000 Murdered in Nazi Genocide State
My source of information here

     Under the communist influence, millions upon millions of people have been murdered and their families destroyed.  And it is because the communists or socialists of the world are intrinsically evil and just bat-shit crazy.  These kinds of people should never possess weapons of any kind because their poor track record is self-evident for all to see.  This is why I call communism a failure.  This horrible governmental system was founded by Talmudic Jews.  The Israeli state is socialist which really means communist.  The United States government is Israel's bitch and they seemed to be joined at the hip in terms of communism.  The democracy part allows people to choose their own slave masters.  Under the communist system, everyone is a nigger, animal, or livestock which under this system anyone can be slaughtered because they aren't special like the Talmudic Jews.  Remember, it is the Talmudic Jews who teach that non-Jews (goyim) are animals.

Federal agencies with police power
     There is no shortage of federal police that has some kind of "law enforcement" power.  In an article listing the various agencies,  it shows there over 70 agencies that have armed divisions.  If you look at the photo in this article, you can see that they are well-armed and they are ready to kill anyone who gets in their way.  These people should give up their arms and get a real job.  If a man has nothing better to do than to push other people around, then his life is useless.  And this is a perfect example why a lot of people during the time of the ratification of the constitution were opposed to it because they were concerned that what we see no would be the end result.  The colonies were doing    quite well before the constitution.  Suggested reading is the Anti-Federalist Papers.  Regardless of the political implications, no one has the right to murder anyone over any kind of political or religious system.  And herein lies the problem, the government is run by murderers because if people don't obey them, they can be killed.  One one has any authority to murder anyone for any reason other than self-defense.
     This is why I advocate natural law because it is the system that God the creator established for all of mankind.  It is easy to follow and impossible to counterfeit.  Anyone who tries to teach against it will be exposed as a fraud.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


Fornicating Destroys Relationships

     There is nothing more devastating to the proper relationship between men and women than the act of fornication.  Because fornication assaults the benefits of marriage and sets the stage for social chaos because it never works out for the good for anyone.  I am writing this article at the tender age of 69 years, and I see the carnage that fornication has done and if I had it all over to do again, I would do none of it.  And even today, as I watch the young people, they engage in fornication as if it was some kind of recreational sport, and they have no idea of the bad results that will come as the natural payback for fornication plays out in their lives.  A few years ago, I told a room full of young people that it was wrong to fornicate and they looked at me as if I came from another planet.  As the years went by, some of them got married, only to have a child or two, and then get divorced over stupid reasons.  The problem here is that they did not plan to be married couples; marriage became more of an afterthought rather than a conscious plan to marry and have a nice family.  The young people now are over sexualized, but the same thing happened to me too when I was their age.  Women have lowered their dignity because of the fornication and they have also embraced feminism which is a direct attack on the idea of having a nice family.  Men are now in rebellion and they are engaging in MGTOW(men going their own way.)  Not wanting a family seems to me to be a short-sighted view of life that can have some horrible consequences in old age.  But it is fornication that ruins everything and I'll examine it in more detail.

Relationships between men and women
     The relationship between men and women has become a nightmare.  Many women have chosen the feminist way by wanting a career thus eliminating the need for a husband.  Of course, many feminists have fornicating relationships with men, and in some cases, women.  Because fornication violates the natural law, it is obvious that it is important for young people to avoid it and they should consider it a very destructive force in their lives.
     Fornication violates natural law because the primary purpose of sex is for a truly intimate relationship and the possibility to have children.  These two things involve a great responsibility between the two people.  A commitment between these two people should be the idea of a marriage.  And history has shown us that when the marriage and the family are broken down, society takes on more evil than it could have ever imagined.  It is the healthy marriage that is an essential ingredient to a successful society.  Most of the social problems are a result of the bad fruit of fornication and broken marriages.

MGTOW ignores the real problem with relationships
     I listen to some of the YouTube philosophers talk about the problem with feminism and women in general.   However, the problem of fornication is never addressed, instead, it is usually advocated while at the same time, criticizing the feminists.  I think this is really stupid.  With the immaturity of the men, they contribute to the problem just as much as feminists.  What woman in their right mind want to marry a "metrosexual?"  The old-fashioned way of approaching marriage has always been a benefit to those who keep their sexual activities within the natural law and outside of fornication.

The purpose of fornication and evil is to attack one of the main sources of happiness for mankind
     The happiest time in my life was having a nice family.  I enjoyed every day and it was a time in my life where I always had to be on duty to make sure the family was safe and prosperous.  The family establishes a purpose and all of the activities that families do were a lot of fun and life was good.  Now, the stinkin' communist femtards are helping to destroy what is left of the family.  Socialists, libtards, and progressives are the most useless pieces excrement on the face of the earth.  Animals are better behaved than a libtard.  But the purpose of this should be properly understood.  The evil of fornication is intended to ruin the good things in life and to establish a demonic state which is anti-social.  If there is no fear of God, then there are few constraints against doing evil.  It is much better to not engage in anything which violates the natural law, and fornication sets off a myriad of bad things.  Think of fornication as pouring gasoline on oneself and then lighting it on fire.  It is best to stay away from it and all of those things that can steer the mind toward it.

Fornication is Destruction of the Soul

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Information on Chemtrails

Solving Problems with the Natural Law

     When it comes to following the governments and the religions, I am always frustrated with all of the inconsistencies.  The governments make rules and regulations which they themselves break and the religions lay out doctrines which may or may not be true.  I've been blogging for over six years and I am noticing that the articles that I write about the natural law seem to get the most reads and comments.  I have found that by understanding the natural law, I am able to get better results in my own life with little to no drama.  Natural law is not a theory as some people would like to call it.  But is the direct result of God's creation and it cannot be overthrown.  Sure, it could be misunderstood, and I don't claim to know everything about it.  But I do know that mankind has attempted to overthrow God's world order and establish the idiotic "new world order."  The insanity of tracking such nonsense became very frustrating for me.
     I have found that many writings are inconsistent with the established natural order and this causes a multitude of problems.  Problems cannot be solved based upon false information.  A liar has nothing of value to say.  Because, even if he says the truth, it is difficult to figure out where the lies begin and where they end.

Starting over
     What I am doing now is to keep my mind open for anything that is true and then use that information to make sure I have the proper understanding.  If I don't understand something, I will put it aside until I am able to make a good judgment based upon right reason and common sense.  I don't have any problems challenging long-held beliefs; because a belief is just that, a belief.  But is the belief grounded in facts?  Is there enough evidence to support the belief?  It is frightening that much of what we all believe is the result of what we learned as children and young adults wasn't true or the information was tainted by someone else's agenda.  Most of the false information comes from the government and the religion.  The styles may change from one to the other, but the facts show that they are inconsistent and that they are deliberate liars.  The people who control the system are chronic liars so they cannot be trusted.  This is why I use the natural law and the commandments which are in harmony with the natural law as my guide and as my knowledge of right and wrong.

What is a fact?
     A fact is a truth. The facts or the truth is the state of the case.  A fact is not guided by an opinion as it stands on its own.  Thus, the facts need to be gathered first before a truthful conclusion can be formed.  The best method to do this is by asking: who, what, when, where, why, and how.  Here's a courtroom example: "What facts to you have that show that the vehicle code applies to me?"  Surprisingly, in most cases, this question cannot or will not be truthfully answered by any judge.  I did this on a traffic ticket and they dismissed the case.  The truthful answer would be: We don't have any authority over you but we do have a gun pointed at you so you damn well better do what we say or else.  The authority of all governments and religions is violence which obviously goes against the natural order or natural law.  Most governments are communistic in nature and nothing really good comes from any government which is founded upon oath-taking and communism, and this is an observable fact.  The laws of nature are facts and there's no arguing with it.  If the Congress of the United States passed a law that suspended the law of gravity, do you really think nature would care?  The natural law doesn't care what any group of men say.  It is what it is and it doesn't depend upon mankind to define itself.  And that's a fact.  Rather than look to man-made institutions, I think it is better to rely upon God's natural laws in order to know what is truly right and wrong.

The governments and the religions that violate the natural order are a fraud
     Since the lie is the main weapon against mankind, the governments and the religions consistently lie to their people in order to set forth their agenda.   I have saved myself a lot of time by separating from these two things as much as possible.  I have concluded that it is a complete waste of time to be involved in either of these two things: government and religion.  I have had better results in making my own judgments based on the natural order and using the commandments that are in harmony with the natural order.  I make better decisions and I keep myself out of trouble.  People cannot make good decisions based upon fraudulent information.  And most people don't want to make the effort to discover the truth, because, without it, all thoughts and actions based upon lies will be for nothing good.

The natural law cannot be overthrown
     Nature and all it contains is the direct result of the creator.  And we are born with the knowledge of right and wrong.  It is like a latent knowledge and the soul is governed by the conscience.  Once the conscience is offended, it torments the man or woman constantly.  The discipline of the conscience is impossible to avoid.  People should take heed of their conscience when considering getting involved in something that they should not do.

Asking the obvious questions before taking action
     I believe that the natural law that was formed by the creator is the one that should be used as it cannot be modified or counterfeited.  When considering anything, I think the best course of action is to ask yourself: "Is my action conforming to the natural law or natural order?"  If it doesn't conform, it is best to avoid it.  This is too easy.  I don't need to dress up in any robes and do laps around any church or temple to know whether my decision is good or bad.  I don't need to read any books to know the difference.  While some writings can be helpful, is seems that they are laced with errant information.  Reading such material can cause a lot of confusion.  However, in just using the natural law as the foundation of life, I think I can come up with the correct answer if I am approaching the situation honestly.  I am a lot happier using the natural law as I use it to solve any problems that I encounter.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land