Monday, August 31, 2015

The Downside of Homosexuality: Part Two

     There are many reports and studies that show that homosexuals suffer horrible consequences from their sexual activities.  While I have discussed the moral issues regarding this activity (link at the bottom of this article), I think it will be useful to discuss this in the context of the natural law without using any research.  The reason I do this is to show how the natural law can be used to make important decisions about one's lifestyle.  If a man cuts off his air supply, then the obvious result is going to be suffocation and death.  Homosexuality is an unnatural activity that always produces bad results.
     The natural law is what God created and there isn't any argument about it because the natural law is true and is the state of the case.  We don't need writings to have it explained to us.  That's not to say that writings are not valuable, but the writings must reflect the truth and many of them fall short of the truth.

Purpose of sex
     Under the natural order, the primary purpose of sex is for reproduction.  The end result of sex in this context produces beautiful little children; assuming they have made it past the abortionist's knife.
While sex can be fun and satisfying, the only way it can be this way is between men and women who are married.

Homosexuality is hideous
     This is the kind of information I wish I had never known.  I could have lived my whole life not knowing about homosexuals.  The idea of a penis being stuck into the butt of another man is ridiculous and it goes against the natural order.  The anus is there to move body waste outside.  That's the purpose of an anus.  The penis is to inject sperm into a vagina in order to fertilize the female egg.
Homosexuality is an act of mockery of God's creation and it twists sexual activity into the most despicable act.  The physical consequences are going to be the various social diseases.  And in a lot of cases, the anus will not be able to hold the waste inside the body, and many homosexuals will need a
colostomy bag in order to gather the feces which needs to be eliminated.  This will involve some painful surgery and the disgusting chore of cleaning excrement from a bag.  This is outside of the natural order.
    Lesbians stick all kinds of things up their vaginas opening themselves up to many diseases.  The problem with all of this is that this activity has no benefit.  It isn't "sexy" but it is perverse and it is too gross to contemplate.

Emotional damage from homosexuality
     Some people choose this activity because they don't have love and they think they can get it from
the same sex partner.  The problem is that once they have gone out of the natural order, everything they do in this regard will always produce very bad results.  These people become very aggressive in their perversions.  And there's no matching the hatred that homosexuals have for themselves and others.  Homosexuals will become depressed and some will contemplate suicide.  Many do commit suicide because they cannot bear the burden of their own conscience.

Short life span
     According to a study referred to by the Family Research Institute, homosexuals have a shorter life span then heterosexuals.  They have a higher incidence of dying by murder and the average lifespan of a homosexual is 39 years old of AIDS is the cause of death, and 42 years old if AIDS is not a factor.
Only 9% made it to old age. (Link is posted at the end of this article.)  And this makes sense because promiscuous sex always produces one disease or another.  This is well known even among heterosexuals.  So we see that a monogamous relationship between a man and a woman is important for physical health, but also for emotional strength.  Men and women should feel secure with each other and marriage between them is the proper context for sex.

No benefit to homosexuality
     This may be the reason most governments promote homosexuality.  They know that it destabilizes society by making the family dysfunctional.  The satanic system of communism encourages homosexuals so that they can more easily control an immoral person.  The state has a more difficult time controlling those people who advocate proper morality under the natural law.  There is no happiness, no social standing, no children to raise, no grandchildren, and no joy in a homosexual's life.  But, that's the whole point.
     Being a homosexual is like being a turd eater.  There is no benefit and the dangers of disease is astronomical.  People who advocate this activity are extremely evil people who don't have a life.  Their lives are destroyed.  Some of them know it; some don't, but the facts show that their lives are completely useless.
     We don't need any writings to tell us this because we all know it and we were all born with a latent knowledge of the natural order.  And when that is violated, our conscience will kick in and torment us to our death.  That's how it works in the natural order and there's no argument about it.  And those who promote this to young children are completely twisted and they will bring about their own destruction.  Children should never be exposed to these people nor should they ever have to "learn" from them.
     Logic and common sense under the natural order tells us that homosexuals should stop what they are doing and live a normal live.  It's much easier on them to turn away from this activity; get married to someone of the opposite gender and have children.

The Downside of Homosexuality
Family Research Institute

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Government of Thugs

     We are starting to see the election process and it is a discussion of who's up and who's down, who's in and who's out.  We see one poll after another with no clear view of any of the candidates.
The government as we know, is is just a collection of gang-style thugs.  And voting for these miscreants seems to give them the authority that they don't deserve.  Here in the "United States" we are subjected to the most intense surveillance and a collection of "laws" and regulations that is almost endless.  If a man violates or even misinterprets these "laws", then he could be subject to years and years of prison time.  The federal government has grown so large, that the problem may be solved when it collapses entirely, leaving the rest of the world in peace.  Of course, I could be delusional in my wishful opinion, but I don't see any other way this can be resolved.  To be sure, the govtards are communist thugs and they are not good for anything.  Society would be better off with no government than to suffer the millions and millions of lives that has been lost at the hands of the government.

Futility in voting
     Having been involved with the "system" in various levels, it is my opinion that voting doesn't do any good.  Ever since I have been watching elections, every candidate has been extremely ineffective while he has been in office.  And the reason for that is that the government is structurally communist in nature.  Anyone who goes against the communist principles is persecuted and called a "crazy."  Most of the candidates lose their moral compass when elected and the results of the government actions prove that these organizations are satanic and communist in nature.  The type of people who run a government like this are just thugs.  Voting for a candidate is like voting for the best person to rape you. It is like voting for your slavemaster.  The voter is brain-raped, brainwashed, mind controlled, indoctrinated, and by watching these elections is essentially having his IQ lowered to an unacceptable level.  No candidate, no matter how well-intended cannot do a good job that benefits
the people at large because the communist system is hard-wired for failure.

Communists rob from the poor and middle class
     It is the poor and the middle class which suffers the most from communism.  The elite can fly around in their private jets while the poor and middle class worry about keeping their jobs and paying their bills.  To become a public official is like being a traitor to God, family, and friends.  Communist govtards line their pockets with inflated retirement packages by participating in one of the worst systems of government ever known to mankind.

Who starts the wars?
     We all know the answer.  It is the government thugs who start wars and kill, maim, and displace millions of people.  Watching the way the governments operate, they act like a bunch of street gangs with badges.  Their uniforms give them the feeling of more power; when in fact, from a moral standpoint, they have none.  Any system which is built upon Satanic principles is completely evil and it has no moral authority.

Thugs in the legal system
     The saying: "Whoa unto you lawyers" is not without merit.  The legal process is completely corrupted and it is unusable.  The primary reason is that it operates on oath-taking which breaks one of the commandments of God: "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain."  Judges hide evidence from juries as a matter of routine and their long robes give the victim a sense that this judge actually has authority over him.  The authority that any judge has is thuggery and violence; and they use it.  The laws are written in such a way which are intended to confuse the reader and have them say one thing when another is intended.  This kind of distorted writings is just another part of the lying government system.

No morals; no freedom
     Without a sound moral structure in society, there will always be bad results with the possible collapse of civilization.  The thugs are running the system and they are destroying everything that is good in life.  It would be better to abolish governments like these and use another system that is based upon natural law.  Better yet, maybe we need no system at all and just use natural law.  Natural law would cover the basics and the rest people could choose their own methods of doing things without interference from the government thugs. The government is nothing more than an extortion racket operated by thugs.  Voting for these knuckleheads seems to give them the authority that they never had in the first place.  Without a strong moral order based upon the natural law, mankind will be doomed to live in communist, socialist, fascists, and feudal states which always produce bad results.

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Can't Fix Stupid: Gender Inclusive Pronouns

Image result for college dunce
     Just when I thought the communists in the education system couldn't get any dumber, I see a story about the University of Tennessee suggesting that students and faculty change the pronouns: he, she,
him, her to idiotic substitutes such as the following graphs:
Image result for gender inclusive pronouns           Image result for gender inclusive pronouns
     I suppose being one gender or another presents some kind of a social problem for the university.  This is stupid and the people who suggest it probably have more of an agenda.  This is extremely evil.  This is a deliberate attempt to confuse young people about their gender and it keeps the transgender issue in their minds.  This is a form of mental and intellectual abuse that is prevalent in most colleges and universities.
     This goes beyond anything that is reasonable and the fact is that it is an attempt to further brainwash the students and the faculty into accepting that which is extremely unseemly.  This university should be shut down and replaced with nothing.  Most universities and colleges are worthless craters filled with feces, and their excrement knows no boundaries.
     This is a frontal assault on the natural order of life that was created by God.  It is an attempt to destroy the differences between young men and women.

Education is run by idiots
     There seems to be no limit to the idiocy and the moronic capabilities of the losers who call themselves teachers.  They teach complete poppycock which is totally useless and does not help a student get a job.  Instead, they suggest the most outrageous ideas and they aren't interesting at any level.
     For example, if you want to learn science, you'll have to endure idiotic theories about evolution.  If you wish to learn English literature, you'll have to read some of the most depressing material to the point that the reader is thinking about hanging himself.  You will also have to put up with learning psychology which is junk science.  In fact, most everything a student will learn in college will be completely useless in order to prepare him for a real job on the outside.  If you learn history, that will always be incomplete and it will not contain the whole story.  And none of it is going to help a person get a job unless the study involves the STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering, and math.
And even with those subjects, most of those can be learned online with a computer.  Going to a brainwashing center has no practical value unless the student likes to torture himself.

Taking education private
     All government schools should be shut down.  Any school which can survive economically should be teaching practical skills that can be marketed to businesses.  Young people should not be rotting in universities and colleges when they should be settled in a career and raising a family.  Young people should be married by the time they are around 18 and they should be able to work and support a family.  There's no reason to live a slothful life in a university learning subject matter that is not usable.
     Having a degree doesn't mean that the young person is properly educated.  He should master the English language, have practical math skills, and be able to communicate his ideas effectively.  He shouldn't have to sit around in the university prison camp-style learning a bunch of twaddles which will not earn him one penny.
     Thus, the "gender inclusive pronouns" is just another example of useless endeavors which will result in stupid.  You can't fix stupid.

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Our Enemy the State: A Book Review Part 1

          There was a book written by Albert Jay Nock called "Our Enemy the State."
The author passed away around 1945 and he had written this book during the depression and during the time that total socialism was being established in the "United States."  It was published in 1935.  I think that this book should be required reading for those people who wish to understand how government really works or doesn't work depending upon one's point of view.  I'm going to discuss the various points that Nock writes about and then where appropriate I will also discuss my own experience with the state and the problems I encountered.

Conquest and Confiscation
     The governments exist by utilizing the monopoly on violence.  The purpose of government is to conquer the people and the territory and then confiscate all of their property.  This is really the true intention of all governments.  These governments in and of themselves produce nothing and they depend upon society to support them.  However, given the evil nature of government, we can see that they are the instigators of social unrest.  They create problems among people where virtually none existed. By establishing a state under conquest, the confiscation now occurs by taxation.  Of course, without the monopoly on violence, the government couldn't maintain its power.  It has no intellectual nor does it have any moral authority.  Its authority comes only from violence.  It is conquest and confiscation; comply or die.  This is the true foundation of all the governments of the world as they are all Satanic-communistic in nature.  Their styles may change, but the substance is always the same: communist.

Collapse of civilization
     Nock looked forward to the collapse of civilization.  He didn't hold much hope for correcting the problem by having different people taking the reigns of government.  His idea was that once civilization collapsed, there would hopefully be some smarter people available to reconstruct it.  And now we see in our time today; 2015, the collapse of civilization due to a lack of any moral standards.  The government itself promotes homosexuality as a legitimate behavior when for thousands of years people have known it to be extremely perverse.  By allowing such evil to reside within society, the end result will obviously be a complete collapse of civilization.  We may be witnessing the natural progression of this collapse which started many years ago.

Govtards have little intellectual integrity
     I use the word "govtards" and this isn't used in the book.  However, I have personally experienced the evil and the stupidity of govtards.  I have seen judges hide exculpatory evidence from the jury ensuring my conviction on a law that never existed.  And it shows the lack of "intellectual integrity."
     Here is an example from the book:
     "Practically all the sovereign rights and powers of the smaller political units--all of them that are significant enough to be worth absorbing--have been absorbed by the federal unit; nor is this all.  State power has not only been thus concentrated at Washington, but it has been so far concentrated into the hands of the Executive that the existing regime is a regime of personal government.  It is nominally republican, but actually monocratic; a curious anomaly, but highly characteristic of a people little gifted with intellectual integrity."

Sovereign Rights
     If there were any sovereign rights, then they were lost during the civil war and the Reconstruction Acts.  Most of the state constitutions from 1878 forward were changed to conform to the new structure of government.  This is why we have the obnoxious 14th Amendment which was fraudulently passed by the "Congress."  The southern states were told by the north that they couldn't be a part of the nation unless they voted to pass the 14th Amendment.  If that was the case, then the south had no authority to vote on anything in the first place.  The republican or voting part of establishing government is just window dressing.  Democracy is simply lipstick on the communist pig.  The political class in the "United States" is actually the communist class and their church is satanic.

Extinction of social power
     Nock explains that the federal government absorbs the social power and "that the State dominates the nation because it represents it."  However, any nation that has communism, socialism, or fascism as their political foundation will always fail and bring disorder to society and civilization.  In my view, the reason is that these political systems violate the natural law or the commandments, and they violate them at every level.  Everything is a fraud and a lie when dealing with governments.  For instance: a lot of people think the Bill of Rights is something of value.  My answer to that is to try to use them.  My experience with it is that no one has any rights under such a system and I was able to experience that first hand.  Not only is social power absorbed by the State, but also the social power is destroyed.

To be continued.......


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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Psychology is Junk Science

Update: 01-11-19 
     Just when I thought I'd seen everything, I see this article about masculinity as being something that is harmful, which of course, is complete bullshit

  I was reading an article this morning about a woman who had to fight the authorities in order to keep her mother out of the custody of the "mental health" institution.  You can read her story here.
And if there was ever a good reason to abolish government as we know it today, it would be incidents like this one which violated the rights of mother in order to get more head counts into the system.

Nothing intelligent about psychiatry..
     My first experience with this subject was when I first attended college.  I was subjected to the most stupid and idiotic theories and I couldn't believe I was reading such trash.  I later learned that this junk science was another method the communists, socialists, and fascists use to enslave the people by using their minds and the conditions of their minds as a battering ram against them.  It is more subtle to inflict this upon the people than to simply bomb them.  Only a complete idiot with no scruples would think that psychiatry has any value or that it is a valid science.  In fact, it is rooted in the occult.  The reason is that it centers on the "self" instead of centering a man's life upon the God who created us all.  Yoga also accompanies psychiatry in the same way and makes people crack-brained.

The STATE, State, or state uses psychiatry as a control tool..
     In  the example of this lady, we find that the state is using its power to intimidate and force people into the system in order to increase their funding.  Usually, without any regard for the well-being of the patient.  She was threatened with physical violence if she didn't comply  with the orders of the mental health institute.  It is the old way of doing things: comply or die.  The state has no problem in exercising violence on those people who want to remain separate from the state.

Psycho drugs..
    When my younger son was in school, it was suggested to me that he be given Ritalin because he seemed to be "hyper active."  He was just a little boy and there was no reason for me to allow them to mess with his mind by taking drugs.  My immediate reaction was to physically assault the person for suggesting this, but I thought the better of it and simply withdrew my son from the school.  In fact, I homeschooled both of my sons for their safety and my own sanity.
     When I had my factory, I had to fire a young man due to his bad behavior.  I ran into him at the supermarket and he apologized to me and explained that he had been given Ritalin from the time he was eight years old; which in turn, produced a meth addiction.  Ritalin is a derivative of meth.  Here, the school system uses the power of the state to induce drug addiction and I believe that they do it on purpose so they have more patients.  It is part of the "new world order" genocide and they attack the most helpless people: the children.
     Then there is the use of antidepressants which are horrible and will produce the most bizzare behavior.  This is a honey hole for big pharma and they are inflicting another form of genocide upon the people.  However, it produces even more depression and it promotes more suicidal thoughts. These "meds" are also given to children in public schools which will destroy their lives.  People that I have talked to who have taken them say that they would like to "get myself back."  It appears that these drugs will destroy the proper relationship among mind, soul, and body.  Psychology an d those who suggest such treatments are crazy.  The best articles I've found about antidepressants is at the
Jim Stone Freelance website.  Anyone still crazy enough to consider these destructive meds should read these articles before taking any of these drugs.

Defenses against the psychos..
     My suggestion in defending oneself against these idiots is to simply use a conscientious objection to any treatments due to spiritual and moral beliefs.  Remember, psychiatry is indeed a fraud and your best defense against it is the conscientious objection.  No state or man has the right to medicate anyone against their will or incarcerate them because of their stupid opinions.  This lady in the example I posted did a good job in saving her mother from a horrible death.  Her mother is now 94 and still doing well.  People have to learn to stop taking shit from the state, State, or STATE.  Psychiatry is not science.  It is a system steeped in the occult and it should be avoided.
     They "Hippocratic Oath" is complete poppycock.  Anyone who swears oaths is a liar and this is a perfect example of it.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

MGTOW versus Reality

     MGTOW is an acronym for "men going their own way."  This idea has sprung up because men have rejected feminism and the results that it has had on the quality of women.  MGTOW advocates seem to have a lot of good points on relationships between men and women, but what seems to be missing is the acknowledgment of proper moral behavior set forth by the natural law that was created by God.  While I find their writings interesting, this lack of a "moral component" doesn't do anything to correct the problem.  Men and women were not meant to be at war with each other, but it is the feminist movement that had done great damage to these relationships thus harming the family structure as a result.  But it cannot be blamed completely on the feminists.

Lack of sexual maturity
     Any kind of sexual activity outside of the bond of marriage between a man and a woman is immature and outside of the natural law.  Fornication will always produce a lousy relationship between the man and the woman; usually with the end result of a failed partnership.  It seems that MGTOW advocates don't want to talk about the bad results that come from fornication and adultery.
Recently, two people have been reported by police to have committed suicide because they were outed by the hacked website called Ashley Madison.  These people got very bad results for their adulterous activity.  Fornicators have the same problem; some of the bad results may not be so dramatic, but they are still very unpleasant.  Adultery and fornication are vicious beasts that can destroy a person's life.  These are satanic activities and the lack of control of the sexual inclinations are immature.  And because they happen outside of God's natural order, they will always produce bad results.

MGTOW is a bad result
    MGTOW exists as a result of bad relationships between men and women.  And while feminism is a disgusting philosophy, the main problem that sets up feminism is fornication.  MGTOW dooms the man to a life of living alone and without the prospect of having a family with children, along with the eventual grandchildren.  This, of course, falls into the trap of "Illuminati" new world order nonsense as fornication, adultery, and feminism serve to destroy the family.  Once the family is destroyed, then
civilization is ruined.  This has happened all over the world.  The main problem is not psychotic women nor sociopathic women, but it is the sexual immorality and the complete disrespect that men and women have for each other.

The dignity of women is lost
     Sexual immorality is the primary problem of the relationships between men and women.  Given the sexualized culture of today, we can see the damage it has done to the relationships between men and women.  A woman's dignity is lost in fornication and the maturity of a man is also lost when he fornicates.  MGTOW seems to miss this point.  Men weren't created in the natural order to be without a good wife and family.  But it is the sexual immorality that causes these problems because it resides outside of the natural order.  Men and women are not made to breed or to have sex randomly with a lot of partners.  It doesn't work that way.  The result of sex is going to be children at some point, and these children will need a mother and a father.  Men and women are not some species of animals.  They exist on a higher level than animals and are creatures set aside by God for a higher standard of living.  So it makes sense in the natural order that men and women are committed to each other until the other one passes away.  This keeps the family stable and intact.

MGTOW promotes fornication
     Most men want to have a sex life, so it makes sense to find a woman.  MGTOW will use fornication as a way to alleviate their sexual urges without the commitment of a marriage.  This will destabilize society even further because the payback from evil actions will always be bad as they never produce good results.

MGTOW is a bad excuse
     Many men do not want the responsibility of a family so they'll use the poor behavior of women as an excuse to run away.  While some of their reasons are valid, it is the promiscuous culture of today's society that ruins the relationship between men and women.  I think that the proper way to handle the problem is to wait and be patient until the right partner comes along and wait on the sex until marriage.  Another advantage to waiting before marriage is that if a couple decides they aren't right for each other, then they can still part as friends without the beast of fornication lurking over them.

Conclusion on MGTOW
     While I "feel your pain" and I understand the problems men are going through, the women are not the whole problem.  Women have to deal with immature men who want nothing more than sex and a good time.  This discourages women and then they fall prey to the evil themselves.  In other words, it is a two-way street.  Men and women should complement each other with both taking their proper place in the natural order.

Fornication is Destruction of the Soul
Working with the Natural Law: Part 5

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Planned Parenthood and Stem Express

I just read a report about Stem Express and the selling of body parts on WorldNetDailey's website.  And in the report a woman called Cathrine Dyer who was joking about sending aborted baby heads through regular channels of shipping.  She was joking about giving the other people at the receiving labs a warning; and, making sure the eyes were closed on the baby heads so they wouldn't scare the employees on the other end.

These medical people are sick and twisted bastards
Abortion is nothing more or less than a murder of an unborn man or woman.  There are no exceptions and it is these so-called exceptions that open the door for these grotesque murders.  And make no mistake about it, abortion is murder.  The natural law tells us that and there's no way of getting around it.  This embryo is a young man or woman.  That's the end of it and it doesn't matter if there's a rape involved or if there is a chance the mother could die giving birth.  It is still a creation of God and that should never be violated.  This woman from Stem Express is one twisted woman who has lost her moral compass.  Those of you who wish to attempt to justify this behavior should consider what could be done if it was turned around on you.

Post-partum abortion
Under the thinking of most libtards, abortion should be woman's rights issue.  A woman has absolute control over her body.  However, under the natural law, the embryo is not her's any longer.  It belongs to God and the young man or woman that is in the womb.  No man has the authority to take the life of that little child and those who do it are murderers.  However, if the libtards want to justify abortion, it could be turned around on them.  I can imagine the possibilities.  By using the post-partum method, all libtards, communists, socialists, and fascists could have their heads cut off and then put into medical labs as a method of showing what not to do.  It wouldn't matter what age they were because it is a retroactive type of an abortion.  This would save mankind all kinds of problems, but this is not a viable solution because that would also be murder.

Early Christian writings
Many say that the Bible has nothing to say about abortion.  It doesn't need to because the natural law tells us that it is murder.  However, there were a few early Christian and Jewish writings that said that abortion is murder: The Book of Enoch, The Didache, and the Epistle of Barnabus.  There are probably a few more I can't remember.  These were removed from use in the various religious organizations.  That's why I think religions are worthless as they really don't have a moral compass.

Bad Fruit of Abortion
This ought to be a lesson to those who advocate abortions because the aftermath is as bad as the abortion itself.  Baby parts are bought and sold in a ghoulish commerce that is fitting for all Satanists.
Just thinking about this is unsettling to a normal mind.  And the purpose of it is to destroy as many lives as possible.  Interestingly, there is no viable outcry from Christian churches, no demonstrations,
and very little opposition.  None of the other religions seem to be outraged by this story.  I could be wrong but I don't see any action from any of them.

Abortion is murder and there's no argument
Sometimes life deals us a tough choice but if these choices are properly understood, then people can make their own informed decisions.  It is the libtards, communists, socialists, fascists, and other perverts that take joy in the destruction of innocent and helpless lives.  Those of you who fall into this category, you should think again.  You can't put exceptions or excuses for abortion.  It is murder.  But murder is the enjoyment of most communist-Satanists and that's the whole point of their existence. And they are joyful in their arrogance.  This is why I call them sick and twisted bastards.  If. women would stop getting abortions there would be no market for this.  So it makes sense for the women to let the child live and take away the market for these abominations.  Planned Parenthood and this company Stem Express should be abolished along with any government which funds them.

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Economic Chaos is Caused by Communism

     Most people would be shocked to find out that their governments are essentially communist.  In fact, most governments of the world have had the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto in place for a long time.
     I remember a friend of mine had some visitors from China in the early eighties.  They were govtards and one was a former mayor of a major city in China.  I'm looking across the BBQ and I proceeded to tell them that communism doesn't work.  I went on to explain the reasons why it doesn't work for the benefit for most of the people.  I remembered this exchange after reading about how China is now devaluing their yuan showing just how insane is the central banking system.  Central banking is one of the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto.

Communism, Socialism, and Fascism are the various systems of slavery
     While the style may change the substance of communism is the enslavement of mankind.  A socialist wants "other people's money."  Socialism is an extremely evil system because it steals from the producers and gives to the suckers.  The problem is that there's never enough milk in the communist tit.  Eventually, there are not enough producers to support the suckers and if you're a sucker, you had better have a Plan B.  Because the economic system is going to collapse at some point and many people will have major difficulties keeping a roof over their heads and food on the table.

Natural law of economics
     Communism violates the natural law of economics.  The natural law of any economy is basic and anyone who wants to use their brains can figure it out for themselves.
  • Any economy needs an honest and consistent monetary system.  Central banking has not provided that for the people.  
  • Usury and interest are the tools that the banktards use to secure our economic slavery.  In evaluating Greece and China, their economies will fail because of their dependency on the central banking systems.  That, along with usury is a recipe for failure.  Usury violates the natural law because it is stealing.
  • Income tax is another tool that creates the market for these loans because it is difficult for people to stay on a budget when their money has been stolen from them.  Income tax defies the natural law because all people deserve to keep all of the money that they earn.
  • A free market should be the only price controls.  Government interference will always drive up the price on the necessities of living.
  • None of us has ever lived in a noncommunist environment nor have we ever experience a totally free economy.
  • Supply and demand will always dictate prices so it is important for businesses to supply products that other people want to buy.
Communism steals from the poor and gives to the rich
     Communism does not work for the people except for the elites and the aristocracy.  Communism feeds off of the working class and gives to the sucker class which includes the government.  The suckers are the ones who do not wish to work and become a burden on society without trying to find a job.  Government work is not a job and it is counter-productive to a successful society.  But part of the problem and a big part of it is the trade agreements such as NAFTA.  This  trade agreement reads like the Communist Manifesto and it has been the reason why factories have left the United States and have gone elsewhere to produce their products.  The communists in the government have made it so expensive for businesses to operate in the United States that they have to take production out of the country in order to remain competitive.  As a result, many people have lost their jobs and now find it impossible to find good jobs.  These people eventually lose hope and give up looking for work.

Communism needs capitalism in order to survive
     Since the suckers need the producers, the communist government allows a certain amount of freedom in the economy so that enough is produced for them to steal.  There's no point in communism if there is nothing to steal.  The problem comes from the fact that basic economic and natural laws are violated under communism and nothing will ever work properly unless communism is abolished.  This is why most people don't realize that they truly live under a communist system and that there is no way to make it work for the benefit of the people at large.  Capitalism is like the lipstick on the communist pig.  This leads to financial chaos that never seems to end.  Add to that all of the wars throughout history is like watching governments behave like a bunch of street thugs.  Government people are thugs.

China's financial problems
     I don't claim to be an expert on financial issues, but the fact that China is a communist nation explains the difficulty.  They have a central banking system and an income tax.  These two things are the most destructive things about communism.  The income tax limits the productivity of people because if the government has this income tax, they are effectively treating their people as if they were slaves.  So they have the same nightmarish scenario as every other country including Greece.
A Chinese factory worker gets about $1.36 per hour while the average wage in the United States is around $23.00 per hour.  You can see the incentive to move factory production to China.  However, this is not necessarily good for China because those people who make this extremely low wage cannot buy very much so there's not much money flowing in their economy.  While the prices in China may be lower than in the US, the fact remains that it would take the factory worker about 251 hours of work just to pay the average rent of $342.00 per month for a one bedroom apartment.  The Chinese worker at this level can't pay the rent even with the 12 hour work day.  You can see a chart of the economic conditions of workers in China here.  This isn't much of a life having to work under these conditions.  This will actually hurt the Chinese economy.  But the communist officials there probably don't care.  A worker who cannot meet his own minimum daily expenses will not perform well in an economic environment such as communism.
     The big losers are the people who live under such a system.  Central bankers and income tax provide for a slave trade environment.  This system has never worked well and this is why I think these governments should be abolished.  There is nothing to be gained by keeping them.

Global financial chaos 
     Since financial chaos can be laid at the feet of communism, it would only make economic sense to get rid of communism.  Communism empowers the state which violates the natural law which shows that it is theft to steal any part of a man's labor.  Communism allows the government to suck up a major portion of a nation's productivity and then use it for destructive purposes.  And all of the political games that are played always serve to support the communist system that has no real reason to exist.

Lipstick on the Communist Pig
Communist Slave Tax
Income Tax vs. Natural Law

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land