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Psychology is Junk Science

Update: 01-11-19 
     Just when I thought I'd seen everything, I see this article about masculinity as being something that is harmful, which of course, is complete bullshit

  I was reading an article this morning about a woman who had to fight the authorities in order to keep her mother out of the custody of the "mental health" institution.  You can read her story here.
And if there was ever a good reason to abolish government as we know it today, it would be incidents like this one which violated the rights of mother in order to get more head counts into the system.

Nothing intelligent about psychiatry..
     My first experience with this subject was when I first attended college.  I was subjected to the most stupid and idiotic theories and I couldn't believe I was reading such trash.  I later learned that this junk science was another method the communists, socialists, and fascists use to enslave the people by using their minds and the conditions of their minds as a battering ram against them.  It is more subtle to inflict this upon the people than to simply bomb them.  Only a complete idiot with no scruples would think that psychiatry has any value or that it is a valid science.  In fact, it is rooted in the occult.  The reason is that it centers on the "self" instead of centering a man's life upon the God who created us all.  Yoga also accompanies psychiatry in the same way and makes people crack-brained.

The STATE, State, or state uses psychiatry as a control tool..
     In  the example of this lady, we find that the state is using its power to intimidate and force people into the system in order to increase their funding.  Usually, without any regard for the well-being of the patient.  She was threatened with physical violence if she didn't comply  with the orders of the mental health institute.  It is the old way of doing things: comply or die.  The state has no problem in exercising violence on those people who want to remain separate from the state.

Psycho drugs..
    When my younger son was in school, it was suggested to me that he be given Ritalin because he seemed to be "hyper active."  He was just a little boy and there was no reason for me to allow them to mess with his mind by taking drugs.  My immediate reaction was to physically assault the person for suggesting this, but I thought the better of it and simply withdrew my son from the school.  In fact, I homeschooled both of my sons for their safety and my own sanity.
     When I had my factory, I had to fire a young man due to his bad behavior.  I ran into him at the supermarket and he apologized to me and explained that he had been given Ritalin from the time he was eight years old; which in turn, produced a meth addiction.  Ritalin is a derivative of meth.  Here, the school system uses the power of the state to induce drug addiction and I believe that they do it on purpose so they have more patients.  It is part of the "new world order" genocide and they attack the most helpless people: the children.
     Then there is the use of antidepressants which are horrible and will produce the most bizzare behavior.  This is a honey hole for big pharma and they are inflicting another form of genocide upon the people.  However, it produces even more depression and it promotes more suicidal thoughts. These "meds" are also given to children in public schools which will destroy their lives.  People that I have talked to who have taken them say that they would like to "get myself back."  It appears that these drugs will destroy the proper relationship among mind, soul, and body.  Psychology an d those who suggest such treatments are crazy.  The best articles I've found about antidepressants is at the
Jim Stone Freelance website.  Anyone still crazy enough to consider these destructive meds should read these articles before taking any of these drugs.

Defenses against the psychos..
     My suggestion in defending oneself against these idiots is to simply use a conscientious objection to any treatments due to spiritual and moral beliefs.  Remember, psychiatry is indeed a fraud and your best defense against it is the conscientious objection.  No state or man has the right to medicate anyone against their will or incarcerate them because of their stupid opinions.  This lady in the example I posted did a good job in saving her mother from a horrible death.  Her mother is now 94 and still doing well.  People have to learn to stop taking shit from the state, State, or STATE.  Psychiatry is not science.  It is a system steeped in the occult and it should be avoided.
     They "Hippocratic Oath" is complete poppycock.  Anyone who swears oaths is a liar and this is a perfect example of it.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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