Monday, August 31, 2015

The Downside of Homosexuality: Part Two

     There are many reports and studies that show that homosexuals suffer horrible consequences from their sexual activities.  While I have discussed the moral issues regarding this activity (link at the bottom of this article), I think it will be useful to discuss this in the context of the natural law without using any research.  The reason I do this is to show how the natural law can be used to make important decisions about one's lifestyle.  If a man cuts off his air supply, then the obvious result is going to be suffocation and death.  Homosexuality is an unnatural activity that always produces bad results.
     The natural law is what God created and there isn't any argument about it because the natural law is true and is the state of the case.  We don't need writings to have it explained to us.  That's not to say that writings are not valuable, but the writings must reflect the truth and many of them fall short of the truth.

Purpose of sex
     Under the natural order, the primary purpose of sex is for reproduction.  The end result of sex in this context produces beautiful little children; assuming they have made it past the abortionist's knife.
While sex can be fun and satisfying, the only way it can be this way is between men and women who are married.

Homosexuality is hideous
     This is the kind of information I wish I had never known.  I could have lived my whole life not knowing about homosexuals.  The idea of a penis being stuck into the butt of another man is ridiculous and it goes against the natural order.  The anus is there to move body waste outside.  That's the purpose of an anus.  The penis is to inject sperm into a vagina in order to fertilize the female egg.
Homosexuality is an act of mockery of God's creation and it twists sexual activity into the most despicable act.  The physical consequences are going to be the various social diseases.  And in a lot of cases, the anus will not be able to hold the waste inside the body, and many homosexuals will need a
colostomy bag in order to gather the feces which needs to be eliminated.  This will involve some painful surgery and the disgusting chore of cleaning excrement from a bag.  This is outside of the natural order.
    Lesbians stick all kinds of things up their vaginas opening themselves up to many diseases.  The problem with all of this is that this activity has no benefit.  It isn't "sexy" but it is perverse and it is too gross to contemplate.

Emotional damage from homosexuality
     Some people choose this activity because they don't have love and they think they can get it from
the same sex partner.  The problem is that once they have gone out of the natural order, everything they do in this regard will always produce very bad results.  These people become very aggressive in their perversions.  And there's no matching the hatred that homosexuals have for themselves and others.  Homosexuals will become depressed and some will contemplate suicide.  Many do commit suicide because they cannot bear the burden of their own conscience.

Short life span
     According to a study referred to by the Family Research Institute, homosexuals have a shorter life span then heterosexuals.  They have a higher incidence of dying by murder and the average lifespan of a homosexual is 39 years old of AIDS is the cause of death, and 42 years old if AIDS is not a factor.
Only 9% made it to old age. (Link is posted at the end of this article.)  And this makes sense because promiscuous sex always produces one disease or another.  This is well known even among heterosexuals.  So we see that a monogamous relationship between a man and a woman is important for physical health, but also for emotional strength.  Men and women should feel secure with each other and marriage between them is the proper context for sex.

No benefit to homosexuality
     This may be the reason most governments promote homosexuality.  They know that it destabilizes society by making the family dysfunctional.  The satanic system of communism encourages homosexuals so that they can more easily control an immoral person.  The state has a more difficult time controlling those people who advocate proper morality under the natural law.  There is no happiness, no social standing, no children to raise, no grandchildren, and no joy in a homosexual's life.  But, that's the whole point.
     Being a homosexual is like being a turd eater.  There is no benefit and the dangers of disease is astronomical.  People who advocate this activity are extremely evil people who don't have a life.  Their lives are destroyed.  Some of them know it; some don't, but the facts show that their lives are completely useless.
     We don't need any writings to tell us this because we all know it and we were all born with a latent knowledge of the natural order.  And when that is violated, our conscience will kick in and torment us to our death.  That's how it works in the natural order and there's no argument about it.  And those who promote this to young children are completely twisted and they will bring about their own destruction.  Children should never be exposed to these people nor should they ever have to "learn" from them.
     Logic and common sense under the natural order tells us that homosexuals should stop what they are doing and live a normal live.  It's much easier on them to turn away from this activity; get married to someone of the opposite gender and have children.

The Downside of Homosexuality
Family Research Institute

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. Ain't that the truth! And when you say it exactly as it is, it's nasty! The media, Hollywood etc all try softening it with other terms. Ridiculous. You only have to look at your local craigslist ads to see what homosexuality is really about. I've yet to meet one that wasn't perverted, selfish and back stabbing. Same goes for lesbians. It's dysfunctional and against moral.

  2. I lived in Berkeley in 74 thru 80 and never met a happy gay. they were all twisted scary freaks,and the whole thing turned me off ever since. To many creepy memories of a very unhappy people,most of whom are dead now from aids and addiction. so sad.