Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Real Financial Problem is Usury

Usury is like a plague
Usury-interest has been a financial plague on mankind for thousands of years.  In many areas of thought, the idea of it is an abomination because it is considered stealing.  In my opinion, if it is stealing then it is obvious that it violates the natural order.  The natural order is what God created and set forth for mankind.  With the well-publicized financial problems with the country of Greece, we can see what turmoil is waiting for the global economies which engage in usury.  Usury is a horrible financial process which steals the future labor and productivity of the people by turning over the money from the producers to the parasites.  But in order to be a productive parasite; controlling the banking system yields the most power to any group of people.  The people who borrow from the moneychangers or bankers are essentially slaves to the financial system.  While the lifestyles may vary in quality, the reality is that the people who borrow are slaves.  The style of government doesn't really matter because whoever controls the banking system are the modern slave traders.

The Greek example
Even though the people voted not to accept the refinancing agreement their political leaders stabbed them in the back and are moving forward with a new loan program.  The problem with the debt is that it is a system of usury or interest that makes the loan bigger, thus making it almost impossible to pay back.  If the numbers in Greece are correct, they have a 200% debt ratio to their GNP(gross national product).  These loans will never be paid back and it puts the people of Greece in an impossible position.  The debt burden will destroy economic activity and ruin the lives of millions of people.  And that's the whole point.  The purpose of banking is to destroy the lives of the people.  Stealing is Satanic and usury is stealing.  The refinancing of Greece will be just kicking the can down the road to further impoverish that nation.

Democracy is a major problem
Just like communism, democracy doesn't work.  The reason is that if a group of people establish a set of laws or financial conditions that violate the natural order, the end results will always be bad.  No group of people has the authority to set rules that violate the natural order.  And this goes to the heart of the problem.  If stealing is evil; then usury is evil.  So the evil has to be corrected by allowing competing currencies under a free market environment without the use of usury.  Usury violates the natural order because it is considered stealing.  And there is no special group of people who are allowed to violate this natural order.  Democracy is like two wolves and a sheep deciding who is going to be for dinner.  Thus, if any number of government thugs tell someone they have to give them a part of their paycheck, by what authority do they have to violate the natural rights of any man, woman, or child?

Income tax is the forced payment of usury
During the Reagan presidency, there was a study conducted by the Grace Commission and their conclusion was that the money collected by the income tax went to pay the interest on the "national debt."  Income tax is a communist slave tax and the monies collected go to pay the interest.  These monies do not fund the "government."

Usury is a curse from hell
Usury destroys any economy.  It creates the conditions of war and it is the most oppressive financial instrument of the new world disorder.  Usury should be eliminated completely if the people want to have a healthy and vibrant economy.  When usury is practiced there is the usual payback that is always unpleasant.  As in the case of Greece, they will never resolve this problem by taking on yet more debt.  They would be better off establishing their own currencies allowing for an open market for competition.  This would provide the best foundation for their economy.  Usury is truly the economic curse from hell and ignoring this problem isn't going to help to provide a solution.  There is no justification for usury as it is an abomination.  Usury is stealing; stealing is evil; and, evil comes from the Devil.

The Scourge of Usury
IRS: Communist Slave Tax

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Monday, July 13, 2015

Voting Condones the Evil

Updated 06/19/16

The bullshit has just begun
True to the character of "democracy" we can see that no matter who is running, voting is always skewered to the establishment.  True, Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee but I don't think that he can do anything with a system that is evil in structure.  For him, it would be like getting elected to the national whore house.  If you notice, Trump gives the two-fingered finger right there on his website.  That "V" sign is not for victory, but it is a curse upon those to whom is is directed.  I remember Richard Milhouse Nixon using both hands giving the two-fingered finger.  I think these hand signals are a disclosure and a warning to people.  Given that the government itself operates on Satanic principles it does follow that those men and women who participate in the government are evil people.  The easiest way to tell is when they lie.  The lie is the primary tool of the evil one.  The governments use it and the religions use it.  Voter beware.  Does Donald Trump lie?  Well, didn't he say he was going to use his own money and he would be beholden to the donors, yet now he is doing fundraising for his campaign.  Frankly, if I had that kind of money, the last thing I would do would be to put my own money down on such a crooked process.  But, he told everyone he was self-funding and now he's not self-funding.  So, he prevaricates or "shadows the truth" just like Hillary only he isn't quite as bad; yet.  I could be wrong.  I do appreciate the warning so I don't have to get all excited over nothing.


Democracy is a disaster
Democracy is like two wolves and a sheep deciding who is going to be for dinner.  That saying is very true and what is unbelievable is that people even bother to take part in such a futile exercise that has consistently produced one failure after another.  The insanity of continuing to do those things that don't work is frustrating to watch.  There is no such thing as real political opposition in a system such as democracy because it is too easily manipulated in favor of the oligarchs.  Democracy does not account for a moral structure so it really is more of a mob rule at best.  At worst, it is a slave system which people are expected to obey "laws", "rules," and "regulations" that have nothing to do with complying with simple concepts such as the natural law or the natural order.

Voting for the same old tired choices
The people who are being paraded around as political choices for the upcoming presidential elections are all bought and paid for by the oligarchs.  These elections have as much credibility as a wrestling match.  The outcome is fixed and the "people" have no choice whatsoever because everything is set up before the event.  Even if the elections were fair, democracy will ensure that the evilest, insane, and unintelligent candidate will win the election.  The election of Barack Obama is a perfect example
of it.  Of course, if John McCain would have won, he would have had an administration similar to Obama; maybe worse.  Now we see the same old retreads running such as Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush,
and a whole host of psychos who think they want to be president.  If any of these people gets elected they will screw the public and the decline will continue.  I think it is better to never vote again.  Remember, the lesser of two evils is still evil.  There is no point in feeding the rottenness that comes from democracy.

It's easier to be stupid
Democracy ensures that the least intelligent group of people can make the most important decisions in an election.  Since it is easier to be stupid it only makes sense that the worst candidates get elected.
This is just the natural outcropping of stupid.  Since evil people are ultimately stupid, they tend to gravitate toward a political office.  But, even if the best candidates won, they would immediately sell out their constituents by establishing policies that benefit the oligarchs at the expense of the public good.  In today's world, it is my opinion that if anyone votes, they are as stupid as a box of rocks.  To continue to vote for people who are essentially traitors to God and their own families is completely insane.  If voting doesn't do any good, then why do it?  Voting almost condones the evil that is being done to the public at large.  Having no government would be better than democracy.  The government is completely immoral and it is worthless for the benefit of the "body politic."  Some will say that the government is a necessary evil, but the problem is that it is still evil.  I think it would be best to avoid evil on all levels which would lead to more peaceful lives.

People seem to rely too much on people who are pushing a political or a religious agenda.  Unless their ideas are backed up by the truth, there is no reason to listen to them.  And the immorality of the government and the religions are there to be seen and noticed by everyone.  It is the various media that want to control the minds of people by continually feeding them garbage dressed up as something good.  People who don't think are in a type of a stupor that obstructs their ability to think.  This is why I suggest getting rid of the television.  At least with the internet, we can control what programs we want to see or what items we want to read.  All of us need to do a better job in learning how to think for ourselves and getting better results.  Groupthink doesn't help because it always tends to get corrupted.  So then, any truth that is manifest is always distorted by corrupted and immoral people.

Voting Condones the Evil
Here's another way you can think about voting.  Since the governments of the world have most of the Communist Manifesto established within their governments, then one can only conclude that all politicians under these systems are communists.  It makes no difference if you vote for a Democratic communist or a Republican communist.  The fact remains that they are all communists.  It seems to me that it is a complete waste of time and effort to have an election or to participate in them.   The "authorities" promote elections to give the people the impression that they have a say about how the governments are going to operate.  When the facts have shown that once in political office, these communists do whatever it takes to implement the communist agenda against the wishes of the public at large.  The STATE, State, or state in whatever configuration you choose is a predator, vulture, and a parasite.  It is not there for the benefit of the people.  It is there for the benefit of the oligarchs and they are parasites.  Why feed any of it with your vote?

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Suicidal Marketing: Ben and Jerry's

I was looking on Debbie Schlussel's website and I see this article about Ben and Jerry's which depicts homosexual marriage.  Of course, the image is of two cows but the implication is there which supports the idea of homosexual marriage.

Mixing politics and religion in business
This is a recipe for failure.  When people go to buy a product or a service, they don't want to hear about someone's religious or political views.  The more I study both, the more I realize that this is the kind of material that should be ignored.  However, in this case, it shows how perverted they are and no one should be buying their products.  All of us have had homosexuality shoved in our faces and it doesn't stop.  

Stop buying from these businesses
The best thing to do is to stop buying their products.  If they like pissing off 96% of their market, then let them do it.  I just wish I had a competing company as I would jump all over this.  There are many other companies that make ice cream so I would recommend not buying Ben and Jerry's.  Their approach to marketing is the same as having a Jim Jones party.

Debbie Schlussel's acceptance of the supreme court decision on gay marriage
I disagree with the idea that the supreme court and any constitution is the "supreme law of the land." Some conservative commentators like Debbie seem to miss the point.  Gay marriage is an abomination and it will incur God's wrath.  In addition, it will always violate the natural law that was set up by our creator.  So she accepts the supreme court decision as a "done deal."  But who put the supreme court over God's laws which are the natural laws?  There is no real authority for the supreme court to do anything, and in fact, their "ruling" is only an opinion.  Also, two of these supreme court justices were appointed by Obama who has no legal birth certificate to verify he's even the legitimate President of the United States.  Forget the constitution, they don't follow it anyway.  George Bush was correct when he said: "It's just a piece of paper."  Government people do not abide by the advertised principles of the constitution.  Besides, it is a bankruptcy, tax, and slave document.  And we can see the results of it in today's world.  No man made law can override the natural laws and when the attempt is made there is no real authority.  What I find disturbing is the seemingly blind acceptance of the authority of government as if it were God himself.  The state is the false god of the new world order and the supreme court has no authority to overrule the natural law.  

Suicidal Marketing?
I think this is a complete marketing disaster; however, I doubt too many people will notice it. Apparently, this company is having a Michael Sam moment and it will have a bad effect on their sales.  The image alone is enough to gross me out and I don't think people should buy Ben and Jerry's if they are opposed to having homosexuality shoved in their faces 24/7.  Will Ben and Jerry's follow the lead of J.C. Penny?  Time will tell, but the last thing a company should not do is anger their customers.  Heterosexuals are still 98% of the population.  To piss off 98% of your customer base is suicidal marketing.  


Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Theft is Now a Haircut?

Leave it to a banker who steals the deposits of its customers and then has the arrogance to call it a "haircut."  It has been reported in the various media that if Greece doesn't refinance their debt, that the banks will have no choice but to give its customers a "haircut" of 30%.  So, the people who worked hard for their money, being responsible for their own financial well-being will have to pay for the failures of the banking system.  And the failures of all of the modern banking systems are self-evident.  This is one of those evil features of communism as the bankers want people to pay for their screw-ups.

The worst mistake in modern banking is the use of usury or interest.  This practice has always been considered stealing, and being true to form, these bankers are planning to steal the depositors monies
because they want someone else to pay for the banks failure to practice intelligent money management.  All banking systems as we know them today are extremely flawed and the continual charging of interest is completely unsustainable.  While I'm not an economic expert, I do understand that the charging of interest doesn't work and it always produces instability.  That, along with uncontrolled spending by government always leads to financial chaos with boom and bust cycles.

Central banking is a communist-socialist idea
Since all governments in the western civilization are essentially communist in nature, we can see that without competing currencies, it is the bankers (moneychangers)who control the world's political leaders.  These leaders must always bow down to the bankers in order to get anything accomplished.
In the Communist Manifesto, we see the following: Fifth Plank: Centralization of credit in the hands of the State.  Most countries of the world have this kind of system and there's little to no competition by having alternative currencies.  Even the founders of the "government" of California saw the threat from banking.  In the Constitution of California 1849, we see the following: Sec. 34. The Legislature shall have no power to pass any act granting any charter for banking purposes; but associations may be formed, under general laws, for the deposite of gold and silver, but no such association shall make, issue, or put in circulation, any bill, check, ticket, certificate, promissory note, or other paper, or the paper of any bank, to circulate as money.  Sec.35. The Legislature of this State shall prohibit, by law, any person or persons, association, company, or corporation, from exercising the privileges of banking, or creating paper to circulate as money. 

What most people miss is the whole point of communism.  Communism isn't for the "people."  Communism is an organized monopoly which steals the resources from the land and from the people.  Communism eliminates competition and establishes a monopoly wherever it can.  In observing the history of communist governments, we can see that they have no problem in committing genocide in order to get their way with people.  And in the case of Greece, they have no problem stealing 30% of their depositor's money in order to pay the phony debt.  A good portion of that debt is accumulated interest that is impossible to pay off.

A "haircut" is an euphemism for grand theft.  This is no different than going into a bank and the teller pulls a gun on the customer and then steals his money.  This idea of a "haircut" is like amputating someone's body parts.  Since the money in these accounts reflects the time and effort of the people who earned it, it is an abomination to steal that money from them.  And I believe that this is one of the reasons why the people who wrote the California Constitution of 1849 made banking as we know it today illegal.  But this shows the futility of government itself as it can't stick to its own "laws."  Of course, they were also trying to protect the gold and silver trade which was a major economic factor in the early days of California.  But the lesson here is to understand is that governments are not capable of providing free and fair trade or a peaceful society.  The government is the problem and not the solution.  No one can really argue otherwise.   Abuses will always come from banking as we know it today and it is banking that causes most of the world's problems.  

Elimination of usury-interest is essential for a prosperous economy
Not only should interest be forbidden in any economy, the central banking system needs to be changed so that competing monetary systems will be able to provide alternatives for all of the transactions.  There should be no central banking system because we can see that it doesn't work.  Of course, those who try to make this happen usually wind up in prison or they are assassinated.  Those people who have viable alternative ways of providing an alternative money system are persecuted because they threaten the monopoly.  So the next time you go get a haircut think about the people in Greece who are having their savings taken from them.


Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Artificial Intelligence: We Already Have It

"One day, I believe we'll be able to send full rich thoughts to each other directly using technology. You'll just be able to think of something and your friends will immediately be able to experience it too if you'd like. This would be the ultimate communication technology"
"In the next 10 years, has the potential to help connect hundreds of millions or billions of people who do not have access to the Internet today," he wrote. "Research has found that for every 10 people who gain access to the Internet, about 1 person is raised out of poverty. So if we can connect the 4 billion people in the world who are unconnected, we can potentially raise 400 million people out of poverty. That's perhaps one of the greatest things we can do in the world.

I've heard of some dumb things in my life, but the idea of AI (artificial intelligence) is exactly what the name suggests: artificial.  It will always be artificial and there is no way a machine can think.  A computer can only process the information given to it.  But the suggestion that people could communicate with just their minds is completely ludicrous.  This reminds me of the god syndrome where computer geeks like Zuckerberg think that they can be like God; God wannabes.  

Let's say two people put on a device and start "thinking" to each other.  How dumb is that?  I suppose that these thoughts will be recorded and could be played back.  If this kind of thing is possible--I doubt it--I can only imagine the arguments that will ensue because someone thought something nasty about the other person.  However, the real benefit to Facebook and the government is the ability to find "dissidents" and then attempt to read their minds.  If there is one ugly thought from the dissident, he could immediately be arrested and executed for a thought crime.  I would be one of the first.  But the idiocy of an idea like this fits in perfect with the AI of the corporate techno brain trust.  If this could be done, then anyone with a bad thought could be punished by the govtards by sending an electric shock through the device for having the bad thought.  Talk about mind control!  Court cases could be started against dissidents because they had a bad thought and the possibilities are endless.

The computer geeks want this because the mind is the last bastion of privacy, and they don't like us enjoying it.  If they can find a way to record thoughts, then they can find a way to control them.  And that's what these AI communists want to do.  Of course, they could simply make up anything they want and then say their devices recorded it when in fact it cannot be done.  Frankly, anyone who uses Facebook already has artificial intelligence.  The arrogance and hubris of an idea like AI is truly amazing.  But, in thinking about it,  it seems to me that the artificial intelligence should be pinned on the socialists and the libtards.

This gets better.  According to Zuckerberg, in the above quote, many millions of people will be lifted out of poverty if only they could connect to the internet.  Oy!  The true cause of poverty is socialist-communist style governments, not the ability to connect to the internet.  People need to work to support themselves and their families, and the way to do that is to get rid of socialists and libtards from all points of "authority."  If there was a truly free economy, everyone could take care of themselves.  Connection to the internet is not going to provide an exit out of poverty.

Getting back to the AI, it is my opinion that the true intent here is to play God and to control mankind.  No one can duplicate what the real God has created, and artificial intelligence is just exactly what it describes; artificial, not the real thing.  And the claim that someone could accurately read another man's mind is ridiculous.  But, if they repeat the lie over and over, many people will believe it.  I can only imagine what kind of social disaster this idea could bring.


Walter Allen Thompson