Monday, July 29, 2013

The True Face of Government

     I hate to give Anthony Weiner any attention on my blog, but I do marvel at the arrogance of this "man" in attempting to run a political campaign with such horrible and juvenile behavior because of his alleged sexting of which he himself admits.

     This photo was taken when Weiner was in Congress.  This is the true face of the federal government.  This is their arrogance and their attitude.  Just take this face and you can paste it on any other govtard, and it will be a perfect fit.  His face drips with hatred and venom.  This putz doesn't like anyone including his own family.  But he is, at least, more open and honest than the other govtards.  And for some reason, people must love to see his shenanigans.  He is still placing 4th in the race for the New York City mayor primaries.
  • Contempt: he has no respect for anyone, especially those who may oppose his views
  • Arrogance: notice this putrid expression  
  • Conceit:  This guy doesn't think his poo poo stinks
  • Evil:  Since I see no good in the behavior of this man, the only thing he produces is evil
  • He has no shame
     In my opinion, this face is transferable to all government officials, judges, and lawyers in most parts of the world.  The reason is that these governments are founded upon evil principles and that they do not produce anything good.  War, violence, murder, idolatry, sexual perversion, usury, drug running, drug abuse, and lying-- a complete disrespect for the natural laws that God set forth for mankind's benefit.  But because people give these men attention and even vote for them, we have probably the worst government in the history of the world.  I can only speculate, but what we have now is total chaos and confusion because people like this are elected to office.  In fact, my thinking is that no government would be more peaceful than having idiots like Weiner as political leaders.  In my view, all political leaders are pimps and whores for the sickening "new world order."  So the next time you go and vote for any of these morons, think of Weiner's face.  They are just a bunch of Weiner-heads whose only goal in life is to completely destroy civilization as we know it.   It doesn't matter if the candidate is Democratic or Republican, they are all cut out of the same arrogant cloth.
     Weiner's face represents what the governments think about the people.  There is no love, no honor, no hope, and no one to look up to and to use as a good example.  Anthony Weiner is the true face of government.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Lessons on Racism

     One of my earliest memories of my childhood was when I was outside playing, and some of the other kids were starting to pick on me. I was five years old and while I was a friendly child, I had a tendency to be careful about who I associated with and I stayed to myself until I got to know someone better.  They were taunting me, so I remember standing up, squaring my shoulders, and I called them all a bunch of niggers.  Mind you, these were all white kids.  I didn't know quite what the word meant other than referring to black people, but the main reason I used it is because the word itself sounded powerful and I didn't know any other dirty words.  So, the kids who were taunting me ran to my mom who became completely enraged that I would use such a word.

Lesson #1; Never piss off an Italian mom

     I couldn't believe how angry my mom got at me.  I got chewed out from one end to the other for using the word "nigger."  This was the first time I experienced my mom's wrath. The only other time I got that treatment was when I didn't show up for dinner when I said I would.  I learned very quickly not to do that; it was just too much to bear.   She eventually told me that as a member of an Italian family, the KKK would burn crosses on her family's lawn, just because they were from an Italian immigrant family.  She proceeded to explain that the race or color of one's skin is not an indication of a man or woman's character.  This was long before Martin Luther King came along.  It made sense to me and I never used that word again as an attack on another person.  I learned my lesson, and racism was never a part of my life.  And besides, a racist who lives in Los Angeles area is not going to fair very well.  This was a shocking lesson for a five year old but I never forgot the incident.  I learned to treat people of all races the same as anyone else, and I judge people by their conduct and their character, rather than by skin color.

Growing up in Los Angeles

     I don't remember seeing very much racism in Los Angeles, because it seemed like everyone was from somewhere else.  I went to school with children from all kinds of racial backgrounds so it wasn't a big deal to most of us.  But the racism started to pick up during the "civil rights" movement and it became more of a problem.  Granted, I grew up in an area where I didn't see it, so I can only speak about my own experience, but to me it was just a big waste of time.  In my opinion, racism is a tool used to exploit people by the religious and political leaders.  It is the political leaders who fuel the fires of racism and not the people themselves.

Racism in prison

     When I went to prison for opposing the communist slave tax, I experienced racism in a way that I had never expected.
     I would get lectured by a black man on the horrors of white racism and I told him that racism is something only very stupid people engage in.  No one can do anything about their own race as they are born with it.  So to judge someone just using race as a factor, is about as stupid as anyone can get.  One day, I wanted to watch the Oakland Raiders game on TV.  The game was on in the "black" TV room.  Yes, only blacks could be in the room.  Since I was new to this kind of thing, I didn't take it seriously.  I pulled up a chair and I proceeded to watch the game.  The same black man who told me about white racism, now came up to me and said something like: "Thompson, you have to leave this room, this is just for black guys."  I came unglued, and I chastised all of them for the obvious hypocrisy.  I told him that he was just as screwed up as the white racists. I told him that he was as bad as the "white" racists.  It seems that people don't learn their lessons of life very well.
     However, I've also had the opposite experience.  In another prison, I was sitting at the "black" table.  I was new and I wasn't aware of it until some skin head nazi type came over and told me to leave because that was the "black's" table.  He was right, because the black guys were all standing around waiting for me to get up, but none of them had the balls to tell me why.  Rather than get my ass beat, I moved to a bench in view of this table.  Then, one of the black guys says: "Hey Thompson, if you would like to sit with us and have some good conversation, you are welcome to join us."  I got off my bench and joined the black guys at their "black" table and we got along just fine.  We argued about almost everything and we had a great time doing it.

Jewish racism

     Some Jews complain about racism then turn around and call non Jews "goyim" which means something less than a man or a woman; an animal.  This can also be seen in the idiotic teachings of evolution where the suggestion that mankind came from monkeys.   This kind of racism is inflicted upon all the other races by some Jews and it permeates through the political and religious classes.  These are the so-called elite Jews who do everything to make everyone's life miserable because of their psychotic control over society.  It is my opinion that the people who complain the most about racism are the ones who like to cause trouble among the races.

Avoiding racism
     The best way to avoid racism is to never engage in the subject matter.  Racism is just a tool of the elite psychos to fulminate hatred among the races.  In fact, I don't hardly ever see racism, but all we have to do is to turn on the media and we are always confronted with it.  Race, in and of itself, is not something that most people discuss because it simply is not important.  Any kind of racist trouble is usually instigated by a political or religious group; which in my mind are nothing more than idiotic organizations set up to cause trouble rather than peaceful living among all people.  You see, a man or woman cannot do anything about their race, but they can do a lot about their own conduct and behavior which in turn will determine the quality of their character.

Establishing good character

     Anyone who is a racist is demonstrating that he has very bad character.  No man can determine his race.  He has what he has and there is no way to change it.  For anyone to judge a man simply by his race is a very stupid person, and a person like this doesn't deserve anyone's attention.  Professional race-baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson clearly demonstrate the idiocy of the "civil rights" movement.  These people make race relations much worse than they need to be because they are fundamentally assholes.  Most people get along just fine as they just want to live their lives in peace.  These so-called racial issues are perspicuously intended to disrupt the peaceful natural order and to inflict more chaos and disorder by having more intrusive government.

Mixed Race Follies

    While I was in prison, and Barack Obama was running for President, and almost all the black inmates were for Obama, Soetoro, or whatever name he goes by.  Because I was an old man and could get away with this nonsense, I would tell them that Obama was a white guy; just a little darker than most.  This would really piss them off, especially when I told them that Obama is the first white President who claimed to be black.
     If I use the same criteria Obama uses on himself, I could make the claim that George Zimmerman is a Mexican because he too is of mixed race.  So,  Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson should to go after the Mexicans for the shooting of the thug who attacked him  I mean, it only makes sense to me.  While this is a bit silly, the real issue is that race cannot ever be a factor to make any kind of judgment about a man's character.  However, if he acts like an idiot, then he probably is an idiot.  So these so-called black leaders are constantly making white people the whipping boy for black people who otherwise wouldn't be racists in the first place.  Sharpton, Obama, Jackson, and many others use the issue of race to deliberately cause trouble when it otherwise wouldn't exist.  The purpose of these leaders is to fan the flames of racism; otherwise, they would be out of a job.  They create trouble where none should exist.

Avoiding Racist Trap

     This is a bit of a mental shift, but what I try to do is to avoid the issue of race altogether.  If a man acts like a jerk, then that's what he is and there's no point in pointing to his race. A jerk is a jerk; his bad conduct shows that he's a jerk.   Race really doesn't have much to do with anything other than the fact it is a fact that no one can do anything about it.  To me, a racist is a complete miscreant and it is self-evident.  Why would anyone want to consider one word that comes from the mouth of a racist?  A man's race doesn't mean anything, other than it may point to a part of the world from which he was born.  What difference does it make?  Each man and woman should be judged solely upon their own conduct and character.  However, the religious and political types just love to stir the racial pot to cause chaos among the people.  It is better to simply avoid any conversation regarding racism because it is always a none issue.  A man or woman's race is simply a part of the natural order so there's no point in debating such a stupid issue.  A man's race doesn't mean anything.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


Saturday, July 6, 2013

God's World Order vs. New World Order

    There are only two way's to do something:  it's going to be God's way or it is going to be Satan's way.  In God's way, there is love, peace, kindness, honesty, patience, and everything that is virtuous.  On the other way, Satan's way, we have hatred, war, lying, impatience, and everything that is evil.  One of the things I learned has been that it is the natural law and the natural order of things that teach us how to do things the way God intended.  The natural law is a form of God's word.  And while it isn't written anywhere, we all are born with the knowledge of the natural law.  It is unavoidable, and along with maturity, these laws make a lot of sense and they give mankind a guide as to how to live a life that is peaceful and productive.

Governments and religions of no authority

     Governments have no natural right to steal, kill, maim, assault, or force people to worship false gods such as a state.  If Congress were to pass a law that forbids the law of gravity, I'm sure no one would be impressed.  The "law" would have no authority and it would be ignored by almost everyone.  However, if Congress passed a law establishing an income tax, that too would violate the natural law because when a man works, he is entitled to all of the fruits of his labor.  This is also a part of the natural law, but all income tax "laws" are completely opposed to the natural law.  To force a person to pay over money for that which he himself did the work is an abomination and the idea of it comes from satanic principles.  Income tax steals the fruit of the labor from the man, woman, or child to does the labor.  It really is that simple.  Government policies seem to be in dire conflict with the natural law.
     There is no shortage of the variations of religions, but the problem is that the same God created everyone.
All people have the same physiological body functions and everyone has the same spiritual make-up that was determined by the creator.  It is impossible for all these religions to be correct, nor do they seem to teach doctrines that are in harmony with the natural order.  Sure, they teach the commandments, but they also teach a bunch of nonsense.  After sifting through the Bible for over 25 years, I have concluded that it is better to rely upon the natural law because no one can counterfeit God's natural law.

Natural law produces better results

     By using the natural law, a man can get better results which is the whole purpose of using common sense and right reason than he can with government or religion.  The reason is because nature doesn't change men's opinions.  Nature is the same 24/7 and has been the same since the beginning.  The only true god is the one who created the heavens and the earth and all life that it contains.  I have found that I always get good results when I stay where I am supposed to be which is God's natural order.  If I venture outside of God's world order, I not only mess up my life, but I then incur the wrath and a payback that comes with sinful activity.  I have never been one who enjoys the payback that comes from God.  So it is always worth my while to stay as far away from evil people as I don't want it rubbing off on me.  In my opinion, the only true religious doctrines are those which match up with the natural law and what is true.  The reason is that the natural law cannot be altered by any man.

Is blind faith enough?

     My experience with government and religion, I am at the point that I don't trust any writing unless I can prove it's veracity with the natural laws.  It is simply too easy to play around with words to promote a particular agenda.  The only agenda that counts is the one that God established within the natural law.  The various religions seem to be very destructive in having a constructive spiritual life.  At this point in history, it is very difficult to have any defense against evil when so much of our daily activities are confronted with it.  So we have to consciously on our guard and exercise self-control to be able to resist evil.  Evil must be resisted, or mankind will descent into a chaotic cesspool of bedlam.  Blind faith doesn't produce anything.  Most religious groups do not teach things like morals, virtue, keeping the commandments, and most of the religious writings are deficient in this area.  Oh yes, there are a lot of writings outside of the bible that have been more helpful to me in achieving a good standard of morals because they actually teach the reason why certain sins are bad.  I find these writings much more interesting and uplifting than what I find in the bible.
Is natural law taught?

     I believe that every man has a latent knowledge of the natural law.  Every since I was a young child, I knew when something was right or wrong.  I always remembered that when I did something bad, I was always paid back.  I never liked the payback, and the funny thing was when I was paid back, I knew what is was for.  The natural law doesn't need any writings; it is just there, but we have to unravel the brainwashing we all received for so many years.
     For example, a man joins the military and is sent into combat.  He is ordered by the commanding officer to shoot to kill anything that moves.  Let's say they are in the Middle East and come upon a family running for their lives, and now this man shoots the whole family and kills them.  The soldier knows this is against the natural law, yet because of his brainwashing, he commits the act which in God's eyes would have to be murder.  Unless the killing is in self-defense, there is no reason to kill anyone at all because no political or religious system is worth one drop of any man's blood.  Maybe the reason there are so many suicides in the  military in Afghanistan is because these men know that what they are doing is wrong.  Of course, having Barack Obama as a Commander in Chief is a total nightmare.  These young men are doing the old men's dirty work, and then after they've done it, they have a difficult time living with themselves.  War is directly opposed to the natural law.  Mankind was not created for such nonsense.  It seems to me that it is important to start over and re-establish our lives within the natural order and stop believing every thing that we are told.  We need to go out of our way and use common sense and right reason.

Natural law cannot be denied..

     Natural law, as opposed to the written law, cannot be denied, altered, or forged.  If a man-made law says that a man is not to murder another man, well, we already knew that.  This doesn't have to be taught.  If a man worships a false god, then to what purpose does that serve?  Imagine praying to something that doesn't exist.  Lying distorts the hearer's mind and that's why it is wrong.  By lying to a person, the hearer will actually loose a bit of his intelligence because he believed in something that was stupid.  You can see why the govtards lie so much because they are intentionally disabling the peoples' minds so that they can be controlled.  This is why I call governments and religions satanic because their primary weapon is the lie.  The lie, if believed, makes us all dumber for hearing them.  But that's precisely the point.  That's the government's job and duty to Satan is to lie.  There's nothing more to it than that.  Because it is the intention of satanic govtards and religious freaks to destroy mankind and every nice thing there is on the earth that God provided for us.  In other words, governments and religions as we have known them in our lifetime are evil on purpose.  And it is the natural law that exposes the evil.

Man cannot be unknowledgeable of the natural law..

     Most of us who have normal minds cannot be ignorant the natural law.   Another way may be that nature is a type of writing by the hand of the creator which cannot be altered.  The only way it can be altered is through lies and other distortions.  Nature itself communicates all of the parameters that we need to know in order to live a prosperous life.

Satanists don't really oppose one another as they are on the same team

     No matter how hard statist conservatives try, they have little to no success because the foundation of the state is the evil that won't divide against itself.  This is why there is no significant political opposition in any government.    While the style may be different, the substance is always the same: evil.  You see  conservatives and liberals give the same two-fingered finger identifying themselves as satanic occultists.  Thinking that there is any political opposition that can turn anything around is a false sense of security, because the political parties are all a part of the same demented process.  This is why govtards promote homosexuality because it goes completely against nature.  Given the puerile decision of the Supreme Court on same-sex marriages, we can readily see that the intent of the government is to plunder and to destroy the moral social order.  Again, they are evil on purpose.

Nature is not God

     Nature is not to be worshiped   How can the created be worshiped?  Nature is the evidence of the existence of God, and nature contains all that we need to know in order to live good lives.  Anyone can see the magnificence of the creation and all that it contains.  There is nothing better, nor is there anything more interesting than being a part of God's creation.  Man can do only those things which do not conflict with nature.

True opposition is God's World Order under natural law

     The only solution to all of the problems with mankind rests in his willingness to forego the evil and take on the good things of life that abide in the natural law.  For most people, this will take a major change in behavior and attitude.  If people forego evil, then governments become less and less relevant because their usefulness will diminish.  In fact, I can't see anything that the government does to keep people secure.  The governments of the world are the trouble makers.  All of the political systems are demonic and because they are founded on the principles of the occult, these political systems will never deliver the peace and tranquility most people desire for themselves and their families.  All they are doing now is getting a lot of people killed for stupid reasons.  This ought not to be.

Learning to cut the ties to evil

     The best way to destroy the new world order is to start with oneself in learning self-control, virtues, and obeying the natural laws.  This will take a lot of effort, but in the end it is worth it and will bring upon a man much better conditions for life.  There is no happiness nor is their any joy in the new world order.   The new world order is Satan's world order which is horrible.  One cannot get happiness out of evil; life doesn't work that way.  If you're looking for love and a nice life, it can happen only in God's World Order.  I suggest everyone just take the time to judge your own actions against the natural laws that God's established and then make your adjustments as needed.  In my opinion, churches are just other styles of idolatry and they are completely unnecessary.  I do not believe there are any religious organizations worth attending because what will happen is that you may pick up another bad habit.  It's better to live in the freedom of the natural law and enjoy life.

Power of the Commandments and Natural Law

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Monday, July 1, 2013

Alex Jones Goes Ape

    One of the interesting things about Alex Jones is that he reminds me of a very bad used car salesman.  To me, he sounds like he has gargled with Drano and his presentments are always suspect.  He was interviewed by the BBC which was the looniest interview I've ever seen.  This was material one would expect on Saturday Night Live.  This was a barrage of stupidity that a seasoned newscaster should never have  exposed himself.  However, true to form, he made himself to look like a complete idiot and unable to control his emotions.
     So, what really happened?  Some say that Jones was set up by the BBC and Jones fell into the trap.  Others say, that this was a deliberate move to make conspiracy watchers look like kooks.  Either way, Jones did a good job at compromising the efforts of those people who are attempting to get at the truth on so many issues, and this outburst really looked like he just did this on purpose.

Government as a satanic cult

If you have read this blog for any length of time, you will know that I think that government and religion as we know them today, are founded upon the principles of Satan, Lucifer, or the Devil.  Whatever you want to call evil, government and religion are at the center of it.  The evidence is the complete destruction of civilization and the complete disregard for the natural law.  And if you have read my article called: Two-Fingered Finger, you will come to understand that these occultists will openly identify themselves.  In the case of Alex Jones, he has been photographed giving the two-fingered finger. I know, some of you may think because he is in Austin, Texas, that he's a Texas longhorn.  But this hand signal has been used by other so-called "conservatives."  There are many political leaders who just love to give us the two-fingered finger.  Frankly, I appreciate the disclosure because now I know that I don't have to listen to anything that they say.  I am so tired of being lied to and I don't think it is an accident that the whole political system is so far to the left Joseph Stalin.  Karl Marx would be proud.

Is Alex Jones controlled opposition?

I don't know the man but based solely upon what I hear on his show, I would have to suspect that it is a possibility.  The problem is with our system of "democracy" that there is no political opposition to the established new world order.  If there was, we would be not so far down the road to hell as we are now.  Some of Jones' inflammatory remarks could start a lot of trouble.  He's another one who is all show and no go.  I'll leave it up to the reader to decide, but just watching his mannerisms leads me to believe that he is a flake.  And I think that his bizarre performance on the BBC was intentional to make people who seek out the truth look like a bunch of lunatics.  To that end, he did a great job.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land