Sunday, December 23, 2012

Power of the Commandments and Natural Law

     The most useful things that I have found in early Jewish and Christian writings is the idea that the commandments and the natural law are the most powerful tools that a man can use to his advantage.  I believe that the commandments that can be consistent with natural law are the ones that God himself established.  The reason is because a writing may or may not be true, but the natural law is always consistent and has worked the same way since the day of creation.  The natural law is always true; it works consistently and it is perfect.  It can be used to make informed decisions, good judgments, and it can also be used to root out the liars.   It cannot be distorted unless a man allows his mind to be twisted by other men with lies or misinformation.
     The other side of the commandments and natural law is evil.  We know that evil is weak and it always produces bad results.  And the problem with evil is that it seems to put us into a mental stupor.  This stupor clouds the mind and somehow allows it to make bad decisions.  This state usually comes to a man in the form of a temptation, and if that temptation is acted upon, there will always be a bad result.  These bad results show up in the form of bad government and bad religion.  People make bad decisions because many times they don't even know it is evil.  The result of bad choices is always the same: bad.  However, all of us have that "gut" feeling that something is either good or bad.  The problem is that we don't listen to that latent sense of justice inside of our minds and souls.  We tolerate stupidity as if it were intelligent and that it had something to offer.  But the fact is that evil and stupid offer nothing to anyone; only evil and failure are attached to it.
     The solution to evil and stupid is to disengage from it.  That is not always easy, but with a little effort in can be done.  I actively try to use what has proven to me to be effective in fighting against it.  I actually use the commandments that are confirmed by natural law.  I use them in this fashion because I know that the evidence of God is contained within nature and that nature is always consistent.  Natural law is something that is clearly observable and can be used as a hedge against evil things.  Whereas any writings are not necessarily true to the natural law.  I still use writings but I judge their veracity with the natural law.  And a writing is only secondary information to any fact or spiritual observation.  A thought or an idea must be confirmed with facts and truth.  Anything else will lead to error.
     In an early Christian writing (I can't remember which one) I had read how a man tested a spirit or an apparition.  If the vision's feet touched the ground then it was a man, and if the vision's feet did not touch the ground, it was a spirit.  But the other interesting statement was that he would repeat the commandments in front of this spirit.  If the spirit remained, he knew it was good.  However, if the spirit left, then he knew that the spirit was evil.  So, I got the idea that if I am being tempted with any kind of sin, if I repeat the commandment I'm being tempted with, the temptation goes away.  The results are remarkable.  They parallel these writings.  If I start talking about the commandments in a loud enough voice in a crowd, the people will start to vanish.  I've been known to do this to clear an area where I wish to be alone. I did this once in a crowd of about 20 people who were standing around some park benches.  I was talking to a friend about the commandments showing him how powerful they were and why it is worthwhile to keep them.  I used a fairly loud voice, and within just seconds, I cleared out the whole area.   Now, the people who don't mind hearing the commandments, those are the people whose company I enjoy, but the ones who can't take it are not the type of people with which I want to associate.   I've written about this in other articles, and the feedback I get from other people is that this worked the same way for them.  It is such an easy principle to understand, yet I never even thought about it until a few years ago.  Evil cannot stand the thought of anything good.  The good and the evil spirit cannot peacefully co-exist.  They are not compatible in any way, shape, or form.
     And this is how mankind can get rid of evil by advocating for the commandments and the natural laws which are always consistent and produce good results.  The natural law always produces good results, and as a former businessman, getting good results is really the whole point of having it and living a good life.  There's no point to anything if a man continuously gets bad results.  The political and religious systems that I know of always seem to get bad results no matter how well-intended they may seem to be.  However, the commandments and the natural laws always get good results and they improve the living conditions of all men.
     The next time you get tempted with doing some evil deed, stop for a moment, then repeat the commandment with which you are being tempted with breaking, and the urge to break it will go away.  There's no reason for any man to be in bondage to evil thoughts or evil deeds.  Even thinking about the commandments will get rid of the evil.  Try it, you won't be disappointed with the results.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Friday, December 14, 2012

Musings of a Text-tard

Updated 12/12/15

My Definition of Text-tard

  1. A person who has an unrelenting obsession with sending text messages to the extent that it affects their personality.
  2. One who walks the public streets, shopping malls, and drives reading and sending texts.  You know who you are so don't try to deny it.  You would look like a complete idiot, but it seems that almost everyone else is doing  it too.
  3. Will interrupt personal conversations with live people to answer some other text-tard's message.
  4. Someone who sends texts while driving--endangering anyone within a 100 mile radius of the car.  Depending upon how bad the accident is it would appear that no amount of potential carnage will stop a text-tard from sending the next message.  If only those pedestrians had stayed off the sidewalk! I've seen drunk drivers do a better job driving than a text-tard.
     I remember when I left prison in August of 2009 (violating a law that doesn't exist)  and as I walked the streets I couldn't believe my eyes.  I saw a lot of people just walking around with their cell phones and staring at them as if they were navigation instruments.  I really wasn't up to speed as I had been out of circulation for 60 months. When I got to the half-way-house, the clerk who was checking me in was constantly on her phone.  I first thought it was a part of their intake system.  I realized that she was actually screwing around with her friends while I sat there doing nothing.  I didn't remember if text messaging was around much in 2004 but it sure got quite popular over the years.
     When I was staying with my son, one day I needed to speak with him before I left.  As a courtesy, I knocked on his bedroom door and he didn't answer.  I thought it was odd and I tried the door--it was locked.  So, doing the only obvious thing I could, I sent him a text message, and true to his status as a text-tard he answered me right away.  Wow!  If I want the attention of someone, I can send them a text.  Why bother addressing the kid in person when I can just send him a text.  So I found myself becoming a bit of a text-tard myself.  You know the saying; if you can't beat them......
     Recently, I was having lunch with the same son, and we're sitting down at the table.  Now, I have to drive 50 miles one way to visit him, which means that it will cost me a least $15.00 in gas plus another $10-$15.00 for the lunch.  So for around $25.00 I can go out with my son and watch him with this stupid grin on his face texting God-knows-who.  I have to ask myself: Is this worth $25.00 and two hours of driving time to come and visit him?  He's a nice kid, but somehow I get the feeling that it would be better just to stay home, keep the $25.00 which would pay for a round of golf with a cart, avoid a two hour drive, and send him a text.  I would get more conversation that way than going out to lunch with him.
     Here's what I find interesting about being a text messaging.  Let's say you want to text someone.  So, I send a text and ask: "How are you today?"  I know that I've gotten on someone's nerves if they don't answer me within an hour or so.  If someone is really disgusted with me, I'll never get back an answer. What usually happens with me is that they must start feeling guilty by not responding, so I'll get a text maybe two weeks later and the conversation continues as if nothing else ever happened.  Then, when you're done sending texts, you just stop.  You don't say, Goodbye, see you later, hope to see you soon-- you just stop texting them as if you just dropped dead.  This is high tech?
     This has to be a recipe for disjointed relationships.  There is a beginning but no definite end.  Or, on the other hand, there's an end but no real beginning.  I may have started a conversation maybe two weeks ago, and now I'm getting back an answer.  But that time, I forgot why I texted that person in the first place. Once I remember, it really doesn't matter anymore.  I find it to be a strange way of communication.
     To be fair, I can also see the benefits of being a text-tard.  If someone wants to come over a visit me I can tell them to stop by or stay away.  And I don't have interrupt what I was doing for very long.  This gives me some time to clean up my mess in the house before someone comes over.  If I just need to send a short message to someone, I can readily do it with my phone.
     I'm not saying that being a text-tard is bad; it is just different.   When I pay my cell phone bill, it sends me a text telling me that I just paid my bill.  I already knew that....I just did it.  The really cool part about it is getting my bank balance.  Before I go and spend my money, I can double check my balance first. Good thing it's there because my account may have been debited due to a recurring charge on my card I started a two years ago.  This is really Dick Tracy stuff.  I don't do Twaddle or Schmuckbook so I'm not aware of all of those possibilities.
     Between emails and texting,  I'm thinking I don't have to deal with people much anymore.  Just send them a text and everything is coming up roses.
     Oh, I can also just let my spelling go down the toilet.  I can text things like: r u going to the store?  Think of all the keystrokes that will be saved by writing r u.  The one I like is: lol.  I know I've made someone happy when I get back an lol.  Maybe along with an: r u crazy lol.  My favorite is: ROFLMAO.  I'm not going to write that one out as most of you know what it means and this is a family blog.  Oh, consider the smiley faces!  They're so cute.  The problem is that I keep staring at the stupid things trying to figure out if there is a soul in the images that move.
     I sure hope they don't make these things for our pets.  You know how annoying it would be for my dogs to start texting each other from one room to the other.  Spot: "Hey, Angel, don't poop in the bedroom anymore."  Angel: "Spot, mind your own business, he ain't looking.  He thinks I'm so cute that he won't do anything."  The dogs in the neighborhood could all conspire together and start barking all at once at 3:00am in the morning demanding better living conditions.  The possibilities are endless.  What would really get my goat would be if the texting dogs got that stupid grin on their faces while they are becoming text-tards.  Let's hope that never happens.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Six Thousand Years

(Editor's Note:  I wrote most of this chapter from my book while I was in prison.  I had a lot of leisure time and that is the only reason I was able to notice this.  I had received the Book of Enoch and the Epistle of Barnabus.  I'm still not sure what to make of it as I have an inherent distrust of writings unless I can confirm there veracity.  My math comes out about the same as the Mayan's but my information came from an early Jewish writing and an early Christian writing.  What startled me is that the Mayan calendar stop and the Barnabus Epistle seem to be saying similar things.  But what would the Mayan have in common with Jews and Christians?  I put this in my book just because the information is there but I'm not sure what to make of it. My hunch is that nothing is going to happen on December 21st, 2012. It could all be a bunch of trash; I don't know.   I would appreciate it if comments were left on the comment section of this article at the bottom of the page so everyone will have access to them.)

Chapter 48
2012: Has 6000 years already passed?
      Many “Christian” writers say that the tribulation period—as noted in the Book of Revelation—is coming soon, while others say it has already happened. However, there may be more information available than what is contained in the various versions of the Bible. At what point in history is this event going to happen? Or did it already happen? I do not believe that it already happened because the prophecies in the various books are too extreme and simply have not yet occurred. I'm reluctant to go out on a limb and claim that I know when the tribulation period will start, as I don't want to be a false prophet. However, when I received copies of the Book of Enoch and the Epistle of Barnabus I realized that these books do seem to rise to the level of true scripture. Both of these books were removed from use by the “church” between 367AD to 450AD. Perhaps even earlier than that. But we do know that they were considered scripture at that time. I suppose that there was too much truth in these books, and that they didn't fit in with the state agenda of the very pagan Roman Empire. I'm going to write this out so that the reader may know what I see. Whether or not it is true, God only knows, but it is interesting and should be noted.
      Especially, since there is a lot of discussion these days about something big coming in 2012. My opinion is that I think this is correct. As we know in the Epistle ofBarnabus, he speaks of all things coming to an end in 6000 years. The 6000 year has to be put in the proper context. When Barnabus says 6000 years, he probably meant the 364 day year as mentioned in the Book of Enoch. Let's do the math: assuming the first day of creation was around 4000 B.C., and we add the 2000 years since Christ, adds up to 6000 years. Since the calendar we use shows only the time since Christ, the end should have been in the year 2000, and as of this writing we are in the year 2010. So one the surface, it appears that the 6000 years has already passed and that this prophecy would be incorrect. However, by synchronizing from the day of creation, the 364 days in the Book of Enoch and the 365.25 days of the Julian (pagan) calendar, we find that there are 7500 days ahead of real time per the Gregorian/Julian calendar. (6000x364=2,184,000) (6000x365.25=2,191,500) Subtract 2,184,000 from 2191500 and we have a difference of 7500 days. This is assuming that the Book of Enoch is correct and that Barnabus is correct with his number of 6000 years. So if we take that 7500 days and divide it by 365.25 we come up with 20.53 years that are left over. (Remember, the extra day becomes less significant as it gets closer to the end.) Let's take 6000 years subtract 20.53 and we get 5979.47 Now, let's add the 10 years that we are already into over the 2000 and we come up with 5989.47 According to these calculations we are in the 5989.47th year from the day of creation. If we subtract 5989.47 from the 6000 we now have 10.53 years left until the end of all things. From this point in time, it looks like the end of all things will be in the year 2020.5. But there's a problem, if we take into account of the 7 year tribulation period, then the beginning of the tribulation appears to be sometime around 2013.5. My estimate is that the tribulation period is going to be in our lifetime and that these writings were removed to prevent the believers to document their warnings of God's impending judgment.
     There seems to be a feeling of impending doom from the people who think the Mayan calendar indicates the end of the world. It is hard for me to believe anything from the Mayan's because it is a completely different belief system and I have no knowledge of it. My math could be off a little bit, but in my mind, whether the tribulation is coming soon or not, it seems to me the best course of action would be to plan for the worst. This is why repentance is so important and why keeping God's commandments is also important. What I have described here is is a theory, based upon the Book of Enoch and the Epistle of Barnabus. I don't know if it is true as it is a prophecy of sorts, and prophecies can only be reconciled only after the time they are supposed to be fulfilled. However, in my mind, this evidence is compelling and I find it extremely interesting.
     Will there be warning signs of the impending tribulation? In my opinion, I believe there are many. Read the words of Christ in the Gospels. And there seems to be yet more detail in the Book of Enoch: “And in the days of the sinners shall be shortened, and their seed shall be tardy on their lands and fields, and all things on the earth shall alter, and shall not appear in their time: And the rain shall be kept back and the heaven shall withhold (it). And in those times the fruits of the earth shall be backward, and shall not grow in their time. And the fruits of the trees shall be withheld in their time. And the fruits of the trees shall be withheld in their time. And the moon shall alter her order, and not appear at her time. And in those days the sun shall be seen and he shall journey in the evening on the extremity of the great chariot in the west. And shall shine more brightly than the accords with the order of light. And many chiefs of the stars shall transgress the order (prescribed). And these shall alter their orbits and tasks, and not appear at the seasons prescribed to them. And the whole order of the stars shall be concealed from the sinners, and the thoughts of those on earth shall err concerning them, and they shall be altered from all their ways, yea, they shall err and take them to be gods. And evil shall be multiplied among them, and punishment shall come upon them so as to destroy all.” (Book of Enoch Chapter 80) With all of the current controversy about “global warming” and “climate change”, perhaps the beast knows that his time is short. Notice that the conditions will be a continual slide into chaos. And as I write this article, the United States and the rest of the world is sliding into economic chaos. However, either way, this should be a wake-up call for those who have not repented. And for those who have, it is important to guard yourself from being seduced by evil and being cut off.
      While it may be interesting to study all of these prophecies, the fact is that we are totally dependent upon writings that may or may not be true. All of them have to be tested. We must always test our beliefs to make sure that we abide within the truth and have the favor of God. We can do that only by a healthy fear of God and by keeping His commandments. A man is better off by keeping the commandments than to be a “scholar” in the Bible who loses his soul in hell for promoting too many baseless theories that have no value. In the case of this prophesy of Barnabus, the only way we'll know if it is true, is if it happens. But knowledge of it won't do anyone any good without repentance. The only good it will do is to motivate us to get our lives in good order; amending our sinful ways. I want to suggest that there was a motivation for the beast to redo the calendar. Perhaps, it was to cover-up this prophecy. I cannot tell, but according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, it was the Jesuit astronomer Christopher Clavius who made corrections or additions to the existing calendar in 1572 A.D. Leave it to a Jesuit to screw everything up. I know that many who read this will start to speculate about a lot of things regarding the end times. But as you do, just keep in mind that you are not saved by knowing a bunch of “scholarly” drivel and speculation. You are saved by a knowledge and faith in God and Jesus Christ. There is only one God for everyone, and there's no room for various doctrines. Doctrines are either right or wrong, and in this case, the calendars were tampered with for a reason. The reason I suspect is that once the lie is injected into the lives of men, then evil freely flows without the correction of God's commandments. The theory I presented here appears to be correct; but we have to allow for error. If it is wrong, then it is wrong. But again, the evidence is so compelling that I felt it worthwhile to disclose it.

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Freedom of Virtue

     One of the things I've written about in The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments is how to make sure that we can stay within the boundaries of God's commandments and the natural law.  Written law is not always consistent to those we find in nature and God's commandments, so then every law that we advocate should be that of natural law because that is what God created.  I want to explore the dynamics of temptation and sin; suggesting some ways how evil can be defeated by relying on and building up virtues by improving character.
     When things have gone bad in my life, there was always some underlying flaw in my own character that I think that brought on the trouble.  If I replay my life, I can see where things that I've said or done that were bad, always came back to cause me more trouble; even if it was years later.  I think in God's world, there is some kind of system of payback that he has instituted.  Mankind, in my opinion, have a latent knowledge of this, but like a lot of other people, if I ignore this knowledge and then do something wrong, I usually get what I deserve.  I have noticed this throughout my life and it has happened so many times, that I know that it cannot be a coincidence.  The more I behave myself the better my life becomes.  On the other hand, if I start messing up, the conditions of my life will go down the toilet.  So I believe there is a cause and effect to a person's actions, and I believe that we should be careful about how we behave so that our lives can be as pleasant and productive as possible.
     So, the moral standards we should always adhere to are God's commandments and the natural law.
     I believe that all men and women are tempted to break God's laws, but we are not hard-wired to fail at resisting these temptations.  The temptations to break the commandments comes from evil spiritual pressures.  And it can come in many forms, but usually it comes from an urge to do something evil.  If the urge is strong enough, we will break one of the natural laws and then make even more trouble for ourselves.  Committing sins I think is like someone who takes recreational drugs and by so doing, brings upon even more trouble upon himself: addition, ruined family and finances, drunkenness, and a whole host of other debaucheries just because he started out with the drugs.  I believe the same thing happens with any sin.  Once it is committed, the downside or payback comes quickly.  So my thinking is that it is easier to simply get rid of the urges to sin that is effective and can be used at any time the temptations arise.
     But before I describe how to defeat the urge, I think it is important to understand that when we are tempted, our minds seem to go into some kind of stupor.  I could never figure this out, but it is like having a bad dream and I can't seem to get out of it.  It is important to understand that the temptation to sin will possibly induce this stupor.  It is at this point I try to become more aware of my situation and I then try to make sure that I keep up my guard and get ready to defeat the urge.  I start to realize that my mind is starting to go on autopilot when I don't want it that way.  It is a strange sensation, but I know that trouble is starting to come my way if I don't  actively do something to defeat the temptation, and do it quickly.
     Recognizing that temptation is a spiritual event, we are now more positioned to defeat it.  Where does the temptation come from?  I believe it comes from the Evil One or satanic influences that are designed to destroy the life of men.  Men, women, and children are constantly tempted to do evil things and the influence of evil in our lives will destroy life as God intended.
     What I do to defeat a temptation is to repeat the specific commandment with which I am tempted to break.  I will tell you that the satanic influence will remove itself from you almost instantly.  This works for me and I've had other people write to me and say that this works for them as well.  I never had thought about it unless I had read it in an early Christian writing that was not in the bible.  Sin and evil can be defeated, and the best way to do it is to use the commandments.  If someone or something is tempting you with breaking a commandment, then just repeat this commandment and the urge goes away.  I wish I had learned this earlier, and I also have to remember to do this myself.  It is amazing how I can get distracted on this even though I'm writing about it.  I have to be on guard not to be overcome by the demonic stupor.
     This is how evil is defeated.  It is easy, clean, and very effective.  This will also help people control their thoughts and be less susceptible to mind control.  Evil induces a satanic stupor, and it is a key element of mind control.  Making sure that the mind only accepts truthful things is the only way I know of to preserve the spiritual health of the mind and of the spirit.
     The freedom of virtue--doing good things--is much more enjoyable than the bad fruit of evil.  The good things that we do are beneficial to our lives.  There's no impending payback for our evil deeds.  There is no unsettling of our spirits and souls because of the evil we may have done.  Life improves as we manage to keep the commandments.
     I've mentioned this before regarding anger, but it deserves to be mentioned again.  In the Shepherd of Hermas, in Mandate 5 there is a verse that explains what is happening to a person when they start to get angry.  When we get the flushed feeling, anger, and then possibly violence can take complete control over a man.  So, here, at this point is where we should guard ourselves and not let any angry feelings take control over us.  We should be suppressing our angry feelings and not expressing them.  When we express our anger, we are in danger of making the whole situation worse.  Rather than involve ourselves with anger, it is much better to "stand aloof" from it and let it pass.  Knowing that I am being influenced by a demon or an evil spirit, I repeat the commandments in my mind--especially "Thou shalt not kill" and the anger goes away as fast as it came.  It really is amazing just how simple and effective this solution works.  No need for using psychotic shrinks, who teach just the opposite.
This technique should work on everything that is considered by God as a sin.  What's nice about this is that it puts the man back in control of his own mind and soul, while leaving behind the common knowledge of errant information.
     In order to be successful in avoiding evil things, it is important to understand that it is essential to actively guard your mind to make sure you can function properly.  This needs to be done every day and try to never let in evil things that can twist your mind into thinking about evil things that can never do any man, woman, or child any good.  The freedom of virtue is evident in the peaceful existence of a life without evil and stupidity.
     Freedom of virtue resides in truth, therefore it makes sense to always test your knowledge and information with the facts.  Once you have the facts, you will be able to make more intelligent decisions.  Virtue is produced by doing good things within the truth.  Good decisions are based upon truthful and accurate knowledge.

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Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You Were Not Born That Way

     I remember back in the 1980s, I found it very odd that there were so many news stories about homosexuals.  I remember at least 3 to 4 stories a day on every one of mainstream media.  I couldn't figure out what the point of it was and why this perverted activity was being promoted.  And there many people who believed that a homosexual was born that way without ever presenting any facts that support that conclusion.
Primary Purpose of Sex:

Natural law and God's commandments show that the primary purpose of sex was not to display it in public, but it was intended to be the way to make babies; the procreation of children.  While there is a pleasurable part of having sex, the real purpose of it is to have children and raise a family. Sex should be a vehicle for the expression of love between and man and a woman in the context of marriage.  This is the natural order for sexual activity.  For mankind, sex between married men and women fits into this natural law.  For every homosexual, there will be some children who will never be born and provide love for their parents.  Every homosexual has absolutely nothing to look forward to in that regard.

Are they really born that way?

I don't think it is possible for homosexuals to be born that way, and the reason is that since homosexuality is an abomination to God, he would never make a man or a woman to be bound in homosexuality--a condition which God himself deplores. Only an idiot would make the statement that they are born that way. That doesn't make any sense and it cannot be observed in nature. Just the idea of two people of the same gender doing sexual acts is unspeakable.  It doesn't fit into any rational thought that would produce any beauty or happiness.  This kind of deviant behavior is produced by exposure to the perversion; then chosen by the free will.  We know when something we do is wrong; we don't need a book, and everyone should know that this is wrong and it will destroy their lives in immeasurable ways.  All sin does that, but homosexuality and fornication will destroy the soul.  Sexual perversion is a choice, and it is a choice that will be very destructive to those who engage in it.

The purpose of "born that way."

Since the satanic culture is intended to destroy mankind, the idea of a homosexual being "born that way" is simply an attempt to put up a smokescreen to justify the perversion and then take way the guilt of those who engage in it.  Instead of recognizing it as a problem that needs to be fixed, panderers to homosexuals do so because they are deliberately promoting the homosexual agenda so that people will ruin their lives.  This is a tragedy.  Most people just want to be loved and to belong somewhere, and it isn't going to happen in a homosexual environment.  "Born that way" does not justify anything because it just doesn't happen that way.  There are no facts to support that conclusion, but nature itself has the facts that show that this activity is extremely offensive and it destroys the life of the man.  Evil has its purpose.  Evil wants to destroy everything beautiful, nice, and that produces any happiness.  Evil is the conscious attempt to destroy a man's life by twisting his sexual identity to the point of making him completely dysfunctional.

Promotes child abuse:

Because of the questioning of one's sexuality, it is evident that the homos are targeting children in the most unseemly way.  They are targeted in schools at a time in their lives where children depend upon well-grounded adults to give them a good example as to how they should act.  Homos and those who pander to them make all kinds of excuses to show the children that this activity is actually acceptable. Some of the children, unable to defend themselves will get molested by these creeps and ruin their lives.  The "state" promotes homosexuals because the "state" is also structurally evil and satanic.  If you notice how destructive the "states" have always been, it isn't a big jump in logic to target the small children and make perverts out of them.  This is who they are and all they will be.  The only intent is to destroy mankind and make the ones that are left completely miserable.  The intent here is to sexually confuse children and to destroy their judgment and their lives.


To tell a homosexual that he was "born that way" is a complete and a very destructive lie.  It just doesn't happen, but there is a purpose to this.  It is intended to twist the minds of all of those who hear it.  This is why lying is so destructive.  No man is hard-wired to offend God.  Every man chooses for himself whether he will do good things or bad things.  When a man chooses bad thing, a very miserable life with come forth.  If he chooses good things, then life gets better because he is staying within God's natural law.  That is the way things really work and it is an abomination to tell anyone that a homosexual was "born that way."  It is a complete lie and without any facts.

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Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land