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Anger and Evil are Immature

     The one thing I can say about evil people or people who act evil is that they are completely immature and without reason.  This is why I don't even try to engage them when they are in this condition.  If I ever find myself in the same building with this kind of person, I start looking for the exits. Because I know that any inner-action with such a person is not going to be a productive experience.
     The problem is that most of us, including myself, have never learned to oppose evil.  Most of the time, we just take the crap and hope everything will come out well.  The problem is that people who are evil cannot function properly and they become completely irrational and immature because they have allowed themselves to be overcome by bad emotions.  This is demonic.  There's is no other way to say it.  Since evil is a product of the devil, it is important to recognize it when you see it, and then avoid it like a plague.  Anger is like the first temptation to commit murder.  There is usually no good thing that will come from this emotion, even when the anger may be justified.  The purpose of this article is to give some constructive ideas on how to effectively defend yourself and your family from this evil emotion.
     Anger, strife, jealousy, hatred, arguing, and other evil things are immature and there's no point in attempting to reason with anyone who is in this state.  It is like arguing with a 3-year-old in an adult body.  It doesn't make any sense to do this because I have never seen a good result, and I've had my share of experiences with this.  When it comes to a relationship between a husband and a wife, anger can devastate the whole family in just one swoop.
     For example a man who has been hen-pecked (bitched-out) for years, may explode and then hit his wife because he can't take it anymore.  Then, the government steps in and controls the rest of his life with family court and a myriad of sanctions--usually against the man.  The children see that their mother and father are now enemies, and the family is destroyed.  Anger and Evil's mission is accomplished.
     Psychology is in no position to help as it is junk science.  And the reason is that it centers upon the "self" rather than to look at God for solutions.  The "self" cannot do anything right if it tries to live outside God's commandments and his natural law.  They use acronyms to describe a behavior that is simply evil and immature.  The solution to the problem is simply getting control over these evil emotions and defeating the evil by not engaging in it.  It really is that simple.  And I'm going to present my idea on how to defeat the evil.
     The evil is weak and immature.  So if anger is an agent of evil, then to give in to the anger is going to put a person in an extremely compromised position.  Even if the anger is justified, that may bring on an action that is not.  These things have to be put in their proper place.
     For instance, I recently read a story in the local paper where a man got into a fight with someone who was talking with his girlfriend and the local sleaze-bag bar.  Now, whether he was protecting his girlfriend or just got extremely angry, he is now in serious legal troubles because he beat the man so bad that he had to be put into the hospital.  He's looking at around 10 years in prison, and major legal expenses.  Physical action should only be taken when necessary, and apparently, this was not one of those cases.  So he let his anger get a hold of him.  Then, he beat the man and almost killed him.  All of this, for talking to his girlfriend.  Anger and get out of control very quickly, and what was only a small thing, in this case, is now a major traumatic event for all concerned.  Here's the way to control this: when the feeling of anger starts, you can feel it.  Repeat the commandment, "Thou shalt not kill...." and the anger will go away as fast as it starts.  Then, whatever the problem happens to be, it can be dealt with in a more suitable manner.  Now, in my opinion, he should have never been in the bar in the first place.  I used to play music in bars, and I can tell you with first-hand experience, nothing good happens in a bar.  So, maybe the first step is to eliminate bars from your things to do.
If he wasn't in a bar, this wouldn't have happened.  There are some places people shouldn't go.  If you like to go to a bar, then go where there's at least a restaurant.
     Some people may find my solution too simplistic, and that was my initial reaction when I first learn this.  However, after using it a few times, especially when I had the opportunity to get into a fight in prison, this came in handy.  This works for sexual temptations, idolatry, lying,  and stealing.
The urge completely goes away because the demonic spirit, cannot survive with the spirit of God.
     The problem is spiritual and not mental. Demonic influences have always plagued mankind.  They try to get the upper hand by putting us in compromising positions through their temptations.  But these influences are easy to overcome if we recognize what is happening to us.  Mankind is created to live in peace and harmony with each other, but there's always the spiritual problem of evil.  The only way I know how to defeat it is to understand what it is and defeat it by not succumbing to the evil inclination.

Losing Hope

     There was an early Christian writing called the Shepherd of Hermes.  I learned from that just exactly what anger is and how it comes about.  I never knew that I actually had to guard myself against
anger.  Here is how it is described: "...the working of angry temper, how evil it is, and how it subverteth the servants of God by its own working, and how it leadeth them astray from righteousness.  But it doth not lead astray them that are full in the faith, nor can it work upon them, because the power of the Lord is with them; but them that are empty and double-minded it leadeth astray." It also expands on the elements of anger: "But angry temper is in the first place foolish, fickle and senseless; then from foolishness is engendered bitterness, and from bitterness wrath, and from wrath anger, and from anger spite; then spit being composed of all these evil elements becometh a great sin and incurable."  A person will lose all hope for a good life living under such conditions.   The most effective way I know to defeat this is to repeat the commandments when the evil rears its ugly head.  This has worked for me every time.  It clears the space around me so that I can function in a more seemly way.
    Not abiding in God's commandments is just asking for trouble.  It opens the door for even more evil and that evil is not easily controlled unless the commandments become the anchor for a man's body, mind, and soul.  Thus, I believe that these problems are caused from spiritual forces (for lack of a better term) completely outside the man.  They are the evil presence that tempt mankind to do evil things.  And I don't think anyone can argue with this because all we have to do is to observe it in action. The good spirit cannot live with the bad spirit.
     And when I think about it, I can't imagine just how damaging it is to a person's mind to be watching so much violence, sex, and other depravities and not have it affect their minds in a bad way.
These things fulminate evil in a man's mind--becoming very destructive to the person watching it and those who are family and friends.  These stinking movies and video games are the seeds of death.  Who needs them?  These things should never be looked at for any reason because this kind of material has a way of unsettling the spirit.  These things plant the seeds of destruction.  The fact is I believe God wanted us to enjoy our lives and not be miserable.  The commandments keep up in line with the creator's intent.
     Anger and evil are immature things that serve no useful purpose.  Anger does no establish any kind of good moral conduct because it is immature and childlike.  It is better to take some steps to clear the mind from them.  The media is intentionally attempting to destroy mankind.  There's no doubt about it in my mind.  The  intent is to depopulate the world, ruin the lives of those of us who are living, and do anything possible to offend God.  This is the satanic goal.  It is not inadvertent; it is intentional.  I have drastically cut down on what I see and hear.  I don't want to become a part of their intellectually diseased world.
    Finally,  anger destabilizes the man.  He cannot do anything good when he is angry and acting immature.  But unlike other things we have been told, anger is a spiritual problem--it is not mental.  Then the next step is knowing that we should resist the evil.  And of course, we resist it by not giving into the temptation.  The easiest way I know of to resist is to start thinking or speaking the commandment with which I'm being tempted and the urge to sin simply goes away.  How hard is that?
     (What I find interesting is that the writing: The Shepherd of Hermes, seem to have more practical value as to how to act like a "Christian" assuming there is such a thing.  Throughout the whole writing, the idea of repentance is thoroughly explained and I was absolutely delighted when I saw the writing.  Is it the word of God?  I don't know, I suppose if it reflects the will of God, it is at least truthful.  But I'm beginning to suspect that beautiful writings like this were left out of religious writings because they don't serve the satanic agenda.  Most of the writings that I have in the reference section of my website are of high value and they gave me a more practical way to conduct my life.)

Update: July 21, 2012

I've had at least two people write to me privately and said that they tried my method; which is so simple it is almost embarrassing.  They don't me it worked for them just the way I described it.  I always like it when I find something of value, and I think that this method can save a lot of people a ton of trouble.  If this is working for you, please put it in the comment section.  If you don't want to put it into that then you may send me a private email: tripleog2010 [at]

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