Friday, July 27, 2012

Garbage In; Garbage Out

     Most of us have heard the saying: garbage in; garbage out and it does make a lot of sense.  And it would only follow, that if a man would put good things in then good things would come out.  However, when it comes to taking in things in media, most of us do not realize just how dangerous unseemly material and lies can be on a person's mind.  Some of the things that usually normal people look at or read is almost unbelievable.  The fact is that this kind of material will become manifest in the person at some point.  Depending upon the degree of the intake of garbage, will decide how bad the manifestation will be.
     Recently, we have seen how a young man allegedly went berserk, and shot up a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.  The problem as I see it is not just the horrid video games or movies, but it is the incessant intellectual ingestion of porn, lies, violence, child abuse, and a whole litany of evil things that work to distort the mind.  I want to give the reader some ideas as to how to avoid evil things and thereby improving one's life almost immediately.
     When I got thrown in jail for questioning the lawfulness of income taxes, I had the experience of being totally cut of from most media.  While there was a television going on almost 24/7, I didn't pay much attention to it because I had completely lost interest.  But what I learned was completely amazing to me.  I thought because I couldn't watch TV, read newspapers, watch the news, surf the net, that somehow I would have some kind of withdrawal.  I did not.  Actually, I rather enjoyed the peace and quiet in my mind and I realized that I had a mind and that I could use it.  I used it mostly to pass the time, but I was able to teach myself to stay focused on an issue so that I could see it through to its logical conclusion.
     While I was in this condition, I realized that keeping God's commandments was my primary duty as a man.  Solomon said: "Let's us hear the end of all: fear God and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man." (Ecclesiastes 12:13 GB)  These commandments are not only spelled out many places in the Bible, but they are also present in nature.  Nature is the creation of God and all of us are subject to nature, whether we like it or not.  But the commandments are the tools with which God gave us to use in order to stay within the natural course of life the way he intended for us to live.
So if that's the case, then the commandments should be the anchor for my mind and my soul.  There's nothing else that is going to work as well as these.
     Now, what I have tried to do is to cut off as much evil as I can.  This can be sometimes difficult, but what I have done is to shut down my mind and cut off the intake as much as I possibly can.  I don't get involved with anything that is going to put me in the position of evil.  I try not to even think about it as it always disturbs my countenance.  For instance, I had a conversation with a "government" official last week and I knew he was lying.  It took me about 24 hours to get rid of the evil that I felt coming from this man.  The reason for it is because I had allowed his nonsense into my mind.  This is why I pay no more attention to political things because there's really no reason for it as nothing comes out well in politics.  I'm not sure how to completely get rid of these kinds of incidents, but I'm thinking that it's just better to avoid these people.
     When a man talks to a liar, even listening to his lies begins to twist the mind.  Especially, when a lot of his lies are laced with the truth.  I cannot function this way and I refuse to listen to the nonsense.   Now, I don't assume that every man that I speak is lying to me.  But I am cautious about listening to people.  When I hear the nonsense start, I try to leave as quickly as possible.  Or, I may just shut them out of my mind.  And every once and awhile I put my hands over my ears.  But the purpose of this is to shut out the evil before it affects the mind.
     We have a lot of media that spews out filth: internet, television, movies, video games, and many other books and magazines that are extremely destructive.  What I've been able to do is to shut off most of this because I don't want to be exposed to that trash.  Since I spend a lot of time on the internet, I try to keep my intake of nonsense down to a minimum.  I read a few websites because they are at least intelligent, and the rest I don't even bother.  I have consciously have limited my intake of nonsense.  The result has been my own peaceful countenance which will produce more good.  When I don't have evil distractions, I do enjoy life a lot more.
     So I try to measure all of my actions with the commandments and the natural law, as they are my tools to do things correctly, and they will also point to the things that I've done wrong.  However, as I move through the later part of my life, I am much more peaceful because I know that obeying the natural law that God created is an effective--trouble-free--way of living my life.  Good things in, good things out.  This works extremely well and it is more powerful than any religion.  Religious rituals don't teach anything good, but keeping the commandments makes all the difference.
     I have had a few occasions that I could have done a few things very wrong, but using God's laws I was able to clearly see that what I was thinking about would be bad.  So it is important to understand, that contrary to the useless preaching of most "Christian" pastors, the commandments are extremely important and they should be at the center of our thoughts 24/7.  There is no bondage in the commandments, there is only the true liberty that they produce because living within them makes our lives much more pleasant.
     What's nice about this approach is that there is no religious preaching or rituals that get in the way.
The commandments are where the rubber meets the road.  All I know is that when I keep the commandments, everything works just fine.  There isn't any expectation of God's payback and life is generally more peaceful.  I don't worry about things as much as I know that somehow things will work out. 

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land
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  1. There is ample evidence to support Evolution. Like most critics of Evolution, you only have a superficial understanding of the theory, but think you are an expert. Do research from serious sourced that aren't dogmatically opposed to it.