Saturday, July 21, 2012

The True Supreme Law of the Land

     The Constitution of the United States claims that it is "the supreme law of the land."  But is it?  Are men, women, and children to look that the constitution as a complete document of law?  Does the constitution govern every facet of the lives of all who supposedly live under it?  Does any man-made law every usurp the authority of God's law?  Does any man-made law usurp the authority of the natural law, which in my mind is the same laws that are spelled out in the commandments.  I believe that the natural law and the commandments are one and the same.  Since all men of all cultures and races breath the same air, eat the same foods, drink the same water; all necessary for sustaining life, that it would be impossible for their to be different spiritual beings establishing various religions depending upon the whim of any man.  Thus, it would only follow that the God who created the heavens and the earth is the same God for everyone.  It seems to me that this God laid out all of his rules via the natural law, and not necessarily through some writing.  If a writing truly reflects God's will then it is usable, but if it violates the commandments and natural law, then it is not a true testimony.
     It is impossible to call any written document "the supreme law of the land."  But this evil idea comes from the mind of Satan; it does not come from the Creator.  Nothing that is created can do what God does, because man is a created being.  Interestingly, many religions make the claim that they are the only true religion, yet, most of them don't believe within their own teachings, let alone within God's law.  There are too many stupid doctrines that just don't make any sense in all of the religions.  Why give any of them the time of day?  When any organization or group of people want to control others and steal their substance, then they are attempting to operate completely outside of God's natural order.  It doesn't make any sense to give these people authority of any kind.  Yet, most people we see in government are the type of people you wouldn't want to babysit your children, let alone run whole areas of the world.  The problem is that we tolerate evil people and we put too much authority in written documents when we should be using our thought processes to see whether something is good or bad or conforms to God's natural law.
     Is it good or is it bad?  How many of us really think about that before we do something?  Most of us will tend to just go with the flow.  We do things without thinking about whether it is right or wrong; good or bad.  But if we take the time to think things through, I believe that we will save ourselves a lot of grief.
     So then, all things we do in our lives should never offend God's commandments.  If we really want to be happy, we should always stay within the boundaries of the natural law.  This is where we are safe and secure.  I don't feel secure anywhere outside of those parameters.  I don't feel safe in any groups because the are too easily compromised.  What I can do is to work on myself by being the best person I can be within the natural laws.  This is where I feel the best.  I don't have any fear when I am behaving myself.  And I am at the point to where I do not wish to speak or associate with people who are going to upset my equanimity. It isn't worth the trouble.
     Most of us know that there is a spiritual war going on and most of us have been completely defenseless.  This is why I suggest that people simply repeat the commandments when that latent evil rears its ugly head.  I find that whatever that spiritual thing is, it doesn't like to hear God's commandments.  The religions that I know of don't teach this.  Yet, the evil cannot abide within the commandments.  The evil cannot compromise a man or woman who has God's commandments in the forefront of their minds.  The commandments are the most important tool God gave us to get rid of the evil and to live prosperous and productive lives.
     God's laws get great results; man's laws do not.  I have studied a lot of the various man-made laws to the point that my only conclusion that it is almost a complete waste of time  The only reason to study man-made laws is so that one can learn how to ignore them and just focus on God's laws.  Laws don't matter to the lawless.  Government people are chronic liars and/or they are so misinformed, that nothing is going to help them.  I don't like talking to them as I cannot or refuse to interact with them because they lie in their writings and they lie in their speech.  Every time I speak to one of those people I can't get any rational response.
     Therefore, from this point forward, I will limit my writings to those things which are more productive and will help myself and others live a better life, rather than keep pointing out the flaws of government and religions as there is no end to it.  Other researchers are doing that, and I don't think it is necessary for me to continue to point it all out without remedies for the problem.  Even looking upon evil stains the mind.  Sometimes we can't avoid it, but the continual looking at one thing or another just doesn't produce better results.  The only value to that is that we can learn what not to do, or how to avoid certain problems.  No government on earth is "the supreme law of the land"; God's law is the supreme law of the land. 

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

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  1. Hello, Mr. Thompson.

    It is refreshing to hear of someone who has respect and admiration for God's law.

    You are using the phrase, "natural law", as a description of God's commandments. I appreciate this! Many use this term to basically describe 'democracy', or, 'mob rule', or their agenda of political and societal change.

    God's law is the only real 'natural law' we need. Of course, only those who integrate this law on the INSIDE will care. As you say, "laws don't matter to the lawless".