Sunday, June 24, 2012

Breaking the Back of Evil

    Evil people seem so powerful, strong, and seem to get away with every evil deed to the point that it looks impossible to defeat them.  That our only way to survive is to be a good slave and just say "Yes, massa.." every time they tell us to do something.  The problem for evil people is that they are broken already, and if they have no room for repentance, a very hot place is waiting for them, assuming it is true that there is a hell.  I believe there is and that's a party I do not wish to attend.  Most of these whiny miscreants couldn't stand to be in a room over 80 degrees for very long, let alone be in hell for an eternity.  People who conduct their lives built upon lies are destined for a very sorry outcome in this world and in the next.  The evidence for this, in my opinion, is my inner sense of justice.  Creeps such as government and religious people seem to enjoy bringing misery down upon themselves and everyone else around them.  They cannot be worked with nor can anyone compromise with them.
They are just evil, and evil people have no desire to do anything good.
     The problem with evil people is that they aren't content to limit the idiocy to themselves.  They want to drag everyone else into their lunatic world of complete stupidity.  Because they base all of their actions on the principles of Satan, there cannot be any freedom when the true message of these people is complete bondage of mankind.  This is why government as we know it now is completely dysfunctional.
     One of the ways of breaking the back of evil is to never, ever, let any of their garbage into your mind.  This seems difficult at first, however, with a little patience, you can rid yourself of most of the evil.  The reason evil is so destructive, in my opinion, is that it tends to numb the mind from its moral anchor and it tries to gain control of it.   The more evil that is put into the mind, the harder it is to stop thinking about it.  This is why I don't listen to any political or religious people as I know I'm usually going to hear nothing but evil bullshit.  There is no point in listening to them.  Their evil is the source of their continual twaddle and there isn't any reason for me to listen to them.  I don't ever completely trust any writing unless I can verify the truthfulness of the content.  I'm tired of getting screwed by reading, observing, or hearing junk that is stupid.  I'm working to put it out of my life, so I am learning to stay away from trouble.
     When it comes to government, I take my moral stand on the commandments.  Anything else to me is just nonsense unless it conforms to the commandments, or at the very least, does not conflict with them.  Since there is no meaningful political opposition in the political system, I just disengage from the whole thing because it is pointless to actually think that one group can make a difference or do better than another.  If both groups are based on the principles of Satan (oath), there's really no point in participating such as in elections, because there isn't much of a difference.  The substance will always be the same: evil.
     Then there are the religious people.  Any religious group who doesn't emphasize God's commandments is not a valid religion in my view.  There can only be one "religion" or way to be with God, and keeping the commandments  is always the more productive way of doing things.  I think it is better to focus one's life on them, rather than continuing to live in a manner that offends God.   Of course, religious people tend to get involved with government and that's why I think the two evil groups work so well together in screwing things up.  Some religious groups don't think that keeping God's commandments is important.  So they continue in their error and the bad results can be seen by just looking at them.
     In fact, I don't like to join any groups for any reason.  If a person is in a group, that group can be too easily corrupted by just a few people.  I'm thinking it is better to limit one's relationships to God, family, and a few friends.  Even this approach is not without danger as evil always seems to want to try to get a toehold in our lives.  The commandments are the best defense against the evil.
     Government and religion do not have the motivation nor the ability to be of any benefit to mankind.  Both groups combined are the most destructive forces of the face of the earth.  There's really nothing good that comes from then that can't be done another way.  Both groups get too many people killed.  In the government's world, the suckers are starting to outnumber the producers.  They are as leeches and parasites who don't know when to quit.  They are in an economic feeding frenzy
and they are too stupid to let the host live.  Religions teach so many different doctrines, that it appears to me that God isn't that stupid and that their religions are not from God.  And any writing or scripture is only as good as the truth it reflects.  And if you notice, at the center of most of the chaos and turmoil that we see in the world, most of it rotates around government, religion, and most importantly: evil.  Nothing good seems to happen, and the reason is that evil never divides against itself.  So for people to intelligently figure out solutions to any problem, the last place that should be done is with government and religion.  The proper choices are rooted in the commandments.
     Now, it does serve some purpose to study history, world events, and religious doctrines.  However, at a certain point, there's not much value for the effort with the exception of knowing who or what to avoid.  For my own purposes, I use the oath as an indicator as to whether or not I want to get involved or even consider any ideas from a group of people.  Additional articles on the oath are: here and here.
     It will be the keeping of God's commandments that will eventually break the back of the evil.  Evil cannot exist unless it feeds off of the dead souls who feed it.  By keeping the commandments and abiding in the natural law, evil will wither away in its own nothingness.

Defeating Evil: Suppressing Anger

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. Mr. Thompson,

    Considering your dislike of evil, when a psychopath victim and abused woman fights her psychopath by exposing him publicly, tracking down 5 of his OTHER abused ex-wives, tracks down evidence to support their stories, and pushes non-stop against this one monster despite her own destruction and ennervation...

    Why, oh, why would you write a long soliloquy insulting that woman, rather than supporting her???

    I am referring to your post on

    I am in an extremely weakened and vulnerable position, taking on an extremely wealthy and powerful man (in his connections and influence). I have had $10,000 worth of legal threats sent my way. I am unemployed and very ill. And you basically stand with this evil man and further spit on me.

    Melinda Kellogg

    1. You are referring to this article on Henry Makow's site:

      My remarks there were directed at you only to the extent to where vegetarianism is an issue. Your relationship with your former husband is your business.

      The dangers of vegetarianism was my major concern, and not your relationship. In that, it is just a he said/she said. And the problem is that since your still "dating" him, that you are going into an area that I have no business commenting on.

      If he is so evil, then why do you date him I certainly wouldn't stand with him and I never would spit on a woman figuratively or otherwise. If you would eat more meat and get off this vegetarian thing, I think you would do better. And I certainly hope you aren't practicing yoga. I've seen a lot of people fall apart. If I attacked anything
      it would have been the vegetarianism and not you.


  2. I was wondering, you refer to hell here. Does that mean you are a Christian? Only you mention the Jewish law but not Jesus. Just wondering. I agree that if government lived by the law it would solve many problems, but by Jesus and the grace of God, by extension of salvation - we Christians follow the most fundamentally powerful commandments love God and love those around us. You follow those commandments and with the holy spirit you will follow the 10 moral commandments as well.

    Grace and faith demolish the law and build it back up even better.

  3. AnonymousJuly 10, 2012

    Just wanted to say thanks for your comments on H Makow; i finally learned, and also realized while learning, that God allowed me to put up with a BPD spouse for 6 years to honestly teach me a lesson about myself; and that was that I had a problem with anger as well. I couldn't control myself when my spouse would go into his tirades over, just about anything. I learned not to respond, but maintain the sense of who I am. The Lord (the spirit of the Holy God through Christ Jesus) allowed me to go on for this long, patiently waiting, waiting, waiting for me to get a clue. The six years were worth what I've learned. You're helping many people here on this blog. God bless~~~ p.s. and I have faith that my spouse will be delivered from this BPD!