Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You Were Not Born That Way

     I remember back in the 1980s, I found it very odd that there were so many news stories about homosexuals.  I remember at least 3 to 4 stories a day on every one of mainstream media.  I couldn't figure out what the point of it was and why this perverted activity was being promoted.  And there many people who believed that a homosexual was born that way without ever presenting any facts that support that conclusion.
Primary Purpose of Sex:

Natural law and God's commandments show that the primary purpose of sex was not to display it in public, but it was intended to be the way to make babies; the procreation of children.  While there is a pleasurable part of having sex, the real purpose of it is to have children and raise a family. Sex should be a vehicle for the expression of love between and man and a woman in the context of marriage.  This is the natural order for sexual activity.  For mankind, sex between married men and women fits into this natural law.  For every homosexual, there will be some children who will never be born and provide love for their parents.  Every homosexual has absolutely nothing to look forward to in that regard.

Are they really born that way?

I don't think it is possible for homosexuals to be born that way, and the reason is that since homosexuality is an abomination to God, he would never make a man or a woman to be bound in homosexuality--a condition which God himself deplores. Only an idiot would make the statement that they are born that way. That doesn't make any sense and it cannot be observed in nature. Just the idea of two people of the same gender doing sexual acts is unspeakable.  It doesn't fit into any rational thought that would produce any beauty or happiness.  This kind of deviant behavior is produced by exposure to the perversion; then chosen by the free will.  We know when something we do is wrong; we don't need a book, and everyone should know that this is wrong and it will destroy their lives in immeasurable ways.  All sin does that, but homosexuality and fornication will destroy the soul.  Sexual perversion is a choice, and it is a choice that will be very destructive to those who engage in it.

The purpose of "born that way."

Since the satanic culture is intended to destroy mankind, the idea of a homosexual being "born that way" is simply an attempt to put up a smokescreen to justify the perversion and then take way the guilt of those who engage in it.  Instead of recognizing it as a problem that needs to be fixed, panderers to homosexuals do so because they are deliberately promoting the homosexual agenda so that people will ruin their lives.  This is a tragedy.  Most people just want to be loved and to belong somewhere, and it isn't going to happen in a homosexual environment.  "Born that way" does not justify anything because it just doesn't happen that way.  There are no facts to support that conclusion, but nature itself has the facts that show that this activity is extremely offensive and it destroys the life of the man.  Evil has its purpose.  Evil wants to destroy everything beautiful, nice, and that produces any happiness.  Evil is the conscious attempt to destroy a man's life by twisting his sexual identity to the point of making him completely dysfunctional.

Promotes child abuse:

Because of the questioning of one's sexuality, it is evident that the homos are targeting children in the most unseemly way.  They are targeted in schools at a time in their lives where children depend upon well-grounded adults to give them a good example as to how they should act.  Homos and those who pander to them make all kinds of excuses to show the children that this activity is actually acceptable. Some of the children, unable to defend themselves will get molested by these creeps and ruin their lives.  The "state" promotes homosexuals because the "state" is also structurally evil and satanic.  If you notice how destructive the "states" have always been, it isn't a big jump in logic to target the small children and make perverts out of them.  This is who they are and all they will be.  The only intent is to destroy mankind and make the ones that are left completely miserable.  The intent here is to sexually confuse children and to destroy their judgment and their lives.


To tell a homosexual that he was "born that way" is a complete and a very destructive lie.  It just doesn't happen, but there is a purpose to this.  It is intended to twist the minds of all of those who hear it.  This is why lying is so destructive.  No man is hard-wired to offend God.  Every man chooses for himself whether he will do good things or bad things.  When a man chooses bad thing, a very miserable life with come forth.  If he chooses good things, then life gets better because he is staying within God's natural law.  That is the way things really work and it is an abomination to tell anyone that a homosexual was "born that way."  It is a complete lie and without any facts.

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From Henry Makow:
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Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. for anyone capable of looking around, heterosexual conduct is far more dangerous to society than homosexuality. the sheer numbers in prison point in that direction. heterosexual criminals greatly outnumber any others. perhaps it's caused from worshipping that vicious god you people adore.

  2. According to the FBI, there are 3.98 hate crimes committed by each million heterosexuals annually against homosexuals, and there are 4.44 hate crimes committed by each million homosexuals annually against heterosexuals.

    Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) annual report entitled "Hate Crime Statistics." Table 1, "Incidents, Offenses, Victims, and Known Offenders by Bias Motivation."

    I believe it's because people do not follow the the teachings of a loving God. Bill J

  3. When I was in grade school almost 50 years ago there was a boy in the class that was very effeminate. He ran like a girl, threw like a girl and was more comfortable hanging around with the girls. I did not go to High school with him so I'm not sure when he "came out of the closet" but he did. I believe he was born different.

    In nature there are signs of homosexuality. I've had rams that weren't interested in breeding the ewes. Before any one throws the first stone they should rethink their position.

  4. Also, consider that homosexuality has existed for thousands of years, just as long as heterosexuality. If it has existed for so long, surely you cannot argue that it is unnatural? I know a lesbian couple, who have been together for two years. They are polite, caring, loving towards each other and are in no way different to any heterosexual couples I know. There is NOTHING wrong with this, and it is psychologically damaging to call a person 'satanic' for something that they cannot control.

  5., using your own logic, we can also say that murder has also been around for thousands of years, actually since Cain....therefore, it is a natural part of humanity and when someone murders, for whatever reason, we should just let them go their way, because after all, murder is such a natural part of being human, we should learn to accept it as ok. Which might work if you are the murderer....but if not, well, how would you explain the sheer numbers of people walking around, never having killed anyone?
    Yes, i can argue that that homosexuality is very unnatural. Two men or two women together CANNOT procreate...they bring nothing of value to the common table of the human condition except arrested development. How is THAT beneficial? Frankly, I don't care who you know that has successfully adjusted to their perversion so that it doesn't bother them anymore....those aren't exactly selling points. If raping dogs used to bother you, but now you've gotten over your angst....that isn't something you should brag about to the world , as if you've "overcome" some difficulty.
    Contrary to your false statement, this is a condition that can be overcome, I am a living testimony to that fact. I submit that it is more damaging to continue in one's own mule-headed stubbornness, and then to expect, no DEMAND that the rest of the world surrender their God-given intelligence and accept the half-baked SATANIC lie that...'oh, poor me I just cant change, I guess I'll just stay the way I am" ...Which is cowardice, at its finest. Again, not something you should be bragging about...and then calling the rest of the world shameful epithets because we resist being as deceived as you are. Hey, if you are OK with hitching your little red wagon to the queen's do that, ok? Having gone thru such "horrible" sufferings like coming out of the closet , one would hope that you would have at least learned something worthwhile. Alas, I see that you haven't, rather using this time unwisely to behave the opposite from what you expect from others. If this was a natural choice, then do tell me.....why were they named Adam and Eve, and not Adam and Steve???????
    As for being polite, and caring and loving towards each other, it would be necessary to re-define the words love, caring, because obviously, we have different viewpoints as to their respective meanings. Because this would cause confusion, I choose to not lean on my own understanding, rather, God's. And He has called it an abomination. You would be wise to follow suit, for those who mock His ways have never fared well in the past, why and how is now any different? There is another one of the redeemed who was once afflicted, and yes, I am calling it an affliction, because it is. His name is Sy Rogers, and he is on youtube. He is a passionate speaker who loves God. Because of the devastation that yielding to sin for many years can bring, Sy Rogers, although saved and redeemed, still has the "markings", if you will, of sin indulged in for a long time. However, he is more real, than any priest I ever saw come out of any seminary. This affliction isn't permanent, you DON'T have to be this way, it isn't a given.....unless of course, you WANT it to be like this.

  6. What would you say, Al, to people who try to use the claim that it CAN be found in nature IE when some animals hump the same gender animal (which I know is usually a dominant sort of thing). Anyways, I seem to have run into that often when the subject arises, that 'animals do it too' and that its been observed two of the same gender animals may 'pair' (become mates?). Looking forward to your answer, thank you.

    1. The problem homos have is that for a men and women to engage in such activity is completely unnatural because it also includes adultery or fornication. Sex in the natural order for mankind is for a man and a woman to be together under the bond of marriage. Animals do not have this and are free to do what they do. I've never seen "queer" animals. But, nonetheless, they are still animals and the natural law provides a much higher standard for men and women. Perhaps, this is why the homos use the animal example because they might believe that men and women are simply another species of animal. So to make the comparison between mankind and animals in the natural order is ludicrous.

      The reason for homos is probably to break down society in general and bring in an even more tyrannical government. If there are no more moral boundaries, a tyrannical government may be the only way to keep some resemblance of order: the new world order. Homos come in and make the problem for people who want families within the natural order, and they sow the seeds of social chaos. My experience with them is that homos are extremely nasty people. They may be nice on the outside, but inside they are a mess. I hope that answers your question.

    2. I think your view of homosexuals as nasty people, is quite immature, but overall, decent article.
      I especially like the part of "God didn't created you this way, since he isn't stupid". This what Bible states, and it is obviously false. Another reason, I avoid Bible. God is not an idiot, nor does he need uscosntantly owrshiping him with prayers in certain buildings. God can be worshipped, however one desires and wherever one desires. Simply, following natural law is much bigger proof of love to God, than cosntantly repeating how you follow him or her, throw this or that book.